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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  September 17, 2019 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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now at 5:00, tragic new details on a boat crash that killed an 11-year-old boy near angel island. his father facing charges in the death. also this morning, president trump pays a visit to the bay area, and he's not the only top republican in town today. >> good morning on this tuesday, september 1th. >> you're never more than seven minutes away from our accuweather forecast. here is mike. thank you, kumasi, reggie. hi, everybody. tracking high clouds. that's it on live doppler 7. much quieter morning as we expected. temperatures up to 16 degrees
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cooler thanks to the dry air moving in. this is the embarcadero in san francisco. it is dry outside. let's talk temperatures. you need to dress for mid to upper 50s now through 7:00. there's even a few upper 40s in the napa valley. mid-60s at the coast today. we'll have low to mid-70s. 71 to 75. very comfortable at lunch at noon. breezes pick up this afternoon and increase in sunshine as the high clouds melt away. 75 to 79. all of us in the 60s by 7:00. i'm tracking another chance of wet weather. we'll talk about it coming up. here is frances. >> mike, a new crash just reported westbound 4 at bailey. we will track tha for you and see what's going on out there. also an accident as you make your way off the dumbarton bridge to newark, eastbound 84 parkway. a car apparently was driving so fast it flipped over off the freeway. it's not blocking any lanes. emergency crews are there trying to clear the crash. i checked out the speed sensor, 71 miles an hour.
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where traffic has been a crawl is out of tracy. westbound 205 to westbound 580 and also an earlier crash cleared as well off to grant line road. as we check out the drive time for you, tracy to castro valley is now 48 minutes. >> all right, thanks, frances. happening today president trump is visiting the bay area for the first time in his presidency. >> that visit is shrouded in secrecy but protesters say they are ready anyway. abc 7 news reporter jobina fortson is live at moffitt field where air force one will touch down in a few hours. jobina? >> reporter: good morning, reggie and kumasi. this is president trump's first visit to the bay area since being in office. in 2016 his supporters were attacked by demonstrators. come 10:00 a.m. today there's a group of people that are expecting hundreds to show up at a park here in the south bay and they will all work together and
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prepare to protest again. we can expect to see chicken trump and baby trump as air force one touches down here at moffitt field. the backbone campaign behind baby trump collected $2,500 to fund the balloon's flight from san francisco. it will start at lincoln park and send protesters out to the president's fund-raising event wherever it is. the faa issued a flight restriction on the baby trump balloon. >> you see this on an attack on our right to protest. we will be inflating baby trump anyway. >> some people on the left have proven that they are not willing to let people gather peaceably and hear the candidate of their choice. >> reporter: the president is expected to be in the bay area for three hours today, possibly stopping in san francisco before heading to southern california.
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reporting live from moffitt field, jobina fortson, abc 7 news. another member of the trump administon wil be in the bay area today. >> housing and urban development secretary ben carson will be in san francisco to discuss the homeless crisis. abc 7 news reporter amy hollyfield is live along the embarcadero. amy? >> reporter: hi, good morning. the trip for ben carson is supposed to be a fact-finding mission about the homeless issue. mayor london breed has said this city will continue to add shelter beds. she has plans to build a navigation center right here at embarcadero and bryant street here in the city. president trump has said what they are doing to our beautiful california is a disgrace. he says calling all the homeless living in tents a disgrace in san francisco and in los angeles specifically. mayor breed blames federal policy for some of the issues and says carson needs to know
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what effect the federal government is having on the city. >> i think that has had a direct impact on homelessness. no new section 8 vouchers. no new funding for building projects like we did with willie b. kennedy. a lot of the investments we've gotten we haven't seen since the obama administration. >> reporter: the white house has nod said if carson will be meeting with mayor breed. he and the president are expected to visit los angeles also during this west coast trip. reporting live in san francisco, amy hollyfield, abc 7 news. >> thank you, amy. new details about a boat crash that killed an 11-year-old boy. >> that boy's dad is facing charges. investigators believe 57-year-old javier burillo was intoxicated. chris reyes has the latest from
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san rafael. >> dispatch center received a call from a man indicating that a child had been severely injured in a boating accident. >> reporter: it happened here between tiburon and angel island sunday. the call came from javier burillo, his two sons were in the boat. >> the boat was transiting the strait and apparently hit a wave or a sudden gust of wind and an 11-year-old and a 27-year-old were thrown from the boat. >> reporter: police believe the boat ran over burillo's two sons hitting them with the propeller. the 11-year-old died from his injuries. the 27-year-old was taken to marin general hospital with lacerations. police searched burillo's home in the community of belvedere in marin county. he was arrested sunday evening and faces several charges including vehicular manslaughter with a vessel. monday afternoon police cars were still parked in his driveway.
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>> the officers determined they had probable cause for intoxication. >> reporter: burillo is a well-known, well-liked member of his community. one neighbor called this a tragedy. his bail was set at a million dollars. i'm kris reyes for abc 7 news. a civil lawsuit against pg&e will start in january to determine whether the utility is responsible for the 2017 tubbs fire. a judge gave 18 plaintiffs priority under a rule that allows elderly and ill people to have their cases heard first. an attorney says they should be rewarded for the building of their property so they can have a sense of closure. remember that chance of snow we talked about in the sierra? it's already there. look at this. a light snowfall from yesterday. the resort says it's just 70 days since they closed for the last season.
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squaw is predicting a november 15 opening. there was a dusting on highway 267 near the northern edge of lake tahoe. oh, my goodness. it's crazy. we're cool but we're not that cool. we don't have any moisture in the air to talk about this morning. 51 in castro valley. mid to upper 50s for the rest of the shoreline. alameda warm eaer at 60. starting at san francisco down into the south bay, pretty much the same thing in the east bay until you get to brentwood. check this out in fair field. napa, 50. pretty close. a dry golden gate bridge with nearly calm conditions this morning. so more sunshine in our beaches today. no humidity if you're going to be out and about and on the bay no small craft advisory. here is a look at the east bay valley starting off at 57. high clouds.
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71 by 11:00. we'll touch 80. get the sunglasses ready on the peninsula. we'll hang out in the mid to upper 70s this afternoon. 67 at 7:00. for the south bay 57, also, jumping to 70. mid to upper 70s from about 1:00 to 5:00. look at that evening on tap. sunshine at 7:00 and 67 comfortable degrees. another chance of showers coming up in my accuweather seven-day forecast. i'll see you for that. here is frances. a new crash in sunol, a roll over on 680. that was just reported. likely some injuries and we'll let you know if it's causing slowing. there's also an accident earlier reported westbound 4 at bailey a few minutes ago, actually, off to the right-hand side. it is blocking the right lane. traffic is slowing approaching bailey at this point. and we've been tracking a crash westbound 580 that cleared off to grant line road. traffic has been very heavy out
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of tracy this morning. so we check out the drive times for you westbound 580, tracy to dublin is 42 minutes. that westbound 4 ride that is showing some slowing is still green. 16 minutes and the ride in the north bay southbound 101 is 16 minutes. here is a live shot of 101 in san rafael. traffic on the right-hand side is southbound and that is fine right now to the golden gate bridge. southbound 680 looking good through walnut creek at this point. peak wildfire season is almost here. there is a concern about an exposed gas main in contra costa county. trees surround 40 feet in the park. the county's deputy fire chief told pg&e it is a safety hazard. there have been two fires within two miles of the pipeline within the last 90 days. pg&e says the pipeline is safe. they will monitor possible
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it's 5:13. if you're just joining us about to go out the door, the 7 things to know today. president trump is visiting the bay area for a fund-raiser.
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the exact location of the event has not been publicly announced. protesters plan to fly chicken trump and baby trump balloons. federal housing secretary, this is number two, dr. ben carson will visit san francisco to talk about the homeless crisis today. san francisco leaders like mayor london breed have blamed president trump's policies for making homelessness worst. number three, the chp is trying to determine why a man was walking on highway 92 it in hayward when he was hit and killed by a pickup truck. the man was pronounced dead at the scene. number four, fher of an 11-year-old boy killed in a boat crash near angel island is facing charges. investigators believe javier burillo was intoxicated. burillo is out of jail on $1 million bail. number five, a look at a dry sfo this morning where it's partly cloudy and 60. oakland and san francisco, spot on today. the rest of us two to four degrees below average under dry sunshine. and number six, traffic is especially slow right now on westbound 4.
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as you make your way through pittsburg to bailey because of a three car crash. number seven, if you owe the san francisco public library overdue fines, good news. they've been wiped away. the now officials say they will no longer charge overdue fines. "jeopardy" host alex trebek is sitting down about his battle with cancer. t.j. holmehas the details. >> reporter: t.j. holmes here on the set of "jeopardy" where they're taking a class photo with the champions right now. you see that guy dead center, that's alex trebek, back for a 36th season after telling the whole world he's been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. here is your "gma first look." did anything happen this summer that gave you more optimism or less about you beating this thing? >> well, thing i suppose that givese the most optimism is,
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hey, i'm still here. hey, guys, i'm 79 years old. i had one hell of a good life. and i've enjoyed it. the thought of passing on doesn't frighten me. it doesn't. >> reporter: you will hear more from mr. alex trebek in our exclusive one-on-one coming up at 7:00 a.m. on "good morning america." i'm t.j. holmes in hollywood. it might be time to look in your kitchen cabinets this morning. >> a recall is under way for more than 120,000 bags of flour produced by general mills. the recall affects five pound bags. it's due to possible e. coli contamination. general mills launched the recall on its own. the company says you should look out for a package that has a better if used by date of september 6 of 2020. you can find out more on our website, if you're looking for a part-time job or extra cash
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around the holidays, u.p.s. is hiring 4,000 pple here in the bay area looking to hire drivers, drivers' helpers and package handlers and those jobs include both seasonal and permanent positions. u.p.s. says that about 35% of the people hired on a seasonal basis now hold permanent jobs with the shipping jintd. a japanese fine dining above the transit center. the chief and his business partner signed a lease for the 10,000 square foot space. the restaurant joins 13 other businesses including phil's coffee. no name or opening date has been announced yet. more details are expected to be released early next year. there's a new job opening for starbucks addicts. >> if you want to be a qualified applica applicant, you have to love coffee. and be willing to commit to
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buying from local coffee shops, you have to be willing to share your experience on social media and then blog about it. says it's trying to get more people to frequent local businesses. we'll post a link on our website, would you do it? >> i have to admit i'm a starbucks loyalist. >> you can't for a month, though, reggie? >> they're going to pay me? i can do anything for a month, mike. >> absolutely. >> if you pay me. >> even those of us who don't like coffee. not a big fan but i would do it for a month and i could tell what's a good cup of coffee since i don't care for it that much. you put all that stuff in it and it doesn't become coffee anymore or is it a bunch of calories and caffeine. yes. 55 in san jose. looking at 87. look how dry it is this morning. .13 of an inch of rain, more than half our total for a month of september and that was just yesterday. ought to be a gorgeous sun rise.
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sunny this afternoon, breezy and temperatures are below average. a chance of showers again tomorrow and summer heat when autumn arrives next week. we have some 80s around fairfield, concord, morgan hill, mid to upper 70s just about everywhere else. we do have mid-70s to about 70 in san francisco. tonight look at the clouds. yep, they're going to keep us milder with upper 50s to low 60s. also some green patches up across the north bay. that's the next chance of showers rolling in. notice it's not quite as widespread and not quite as heavy. the cold front sweeps through about the same time frame as yesterday moving into the heart of the bay at 9:00 in the morning. scattered showers and drizzle out there possible. by noon this one does slow down and takes longer to push through. we're start to go see the chance
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of wet weather go away. slower moving weaker front with less rainfall won't be as widespread and that's why we don't have a storm im35k9 scale. it will drop our temperatures back into the 60s and 70s. look at saturday, sunday and monday, our hottest day. hi, frances. hi, mike. looking forward to the autumn weather. an overturned crash eastbound 84, cars going too fast apparently flipped over. it did land off the freeway. traffic still fine moving lou the area despite emergency crews. sunol, another overturn crash. it is looking like it's slowing right at the scene as you make your way eastbound towards livermore. very slow, very heavy but the typical delays. slow into the altamont pass. there was an earlier crash that cleared as well.
5:21 am
we're seeing a lot of brake lights through pittsburg because of an accident blocking the right lane. it's causing a slowdown. antioch to concord has grown to 22 minutes. westbound 580 tracy to dublin is 45 minutes. a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza shows things are backing up as well at the tolls at the overcrossing. >> frances, thank you. abc 7 news has made a public commitment to building a better bay area. looking for improvements to the issues we face living here. >> and a new place for the homeless to get cleaned up. this is the clean start mobile hygiene. inside the unit are two full bathrooms and people will be given 15 minutes to take a shower. the unit is equipped with three washing machines and dryers. this is a way to help them stay clean which can be a major obstacle for people out on the street. up next, what amazon is
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doing to push certain products your way. and the stars lace up their dancing shoes for the season premiere of "dancing with the stars." why 12 out of 30 point score is a win. when it comes to your clothes, the easiest way to save money and help the environment? i'm michael finney and this is a "7 on your side" quick tip. no doubt you've heard from environmentalist who is say we buy too many clothes and way too many throwaway clothes. they're right. there's another issue. washing our clothes. we wash them too much. we wash them after every wearing and, instead, we should wait two, three, even four times unless your clothes have been right up against your body. so think in terms of socks, underwear, maybe a tight fitting shirt. if you want to help the environment and save some money when you're sorting your recyclables, think about sorting your laundry, too.
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deeper dive into that chance of some wet weather. here we are tomorrow morning at 4:00. you can see not much measurable rain. as we head throughout theday, less than a tenth of an inch. half moon bay sees a little bit more as there will be some drizzle to contend with. this storm is not nearly as gin t i amount of rain nor to all of our places. not all of us will get rain tomorrow. ♪ i want to let it ride out a little bit more. ♪ >> i was waiting for the beat to drop. okay, this is a song by ozzy osbourne. this is his first hit, top ten hit in 30 years. he had collaboration with post malone called take what you want debuted at number ten. his last top ten hit was in
5:26 am
1989. >> yeah. so billboard says this is a record for the longest gap between top ten hits. >> okay. >> pretty good. >> i would need to listen to it more. >> it was an emotional moment on "dancing with the stars." >> saylor brinkley was on after her mom broke her arm in rehearsals. ♪ brinkley cooke earned 18 points. that's the second highest score of the night and, oh, oh -- >> now, reggie, reggie. >> at the bottom, former white house press secretary shawn spicer danced a salsa to the spice girls and ended the night with 12 points and is second to last. >> did you see the vegas odds? that's one up from where everyone thought i would be. that's a win!
5:27 am
>> did he not make friends with the costume department or something? twhafs th what was that? >> i think it's bright and energetic. >> okay. all the teams will return to the floor nex monday. at the end of the night one of the couples will go home. it airs monday nights at 8:00 p.m. right here on abc 7. >> it just matters that you try. >> that's what my dad always used to say after little league. and you know what he was doing, he was lying. we're coming back with another 90 minutes of news including a hotline to help out with bedtime. how it hopes to help your kids get some sleep. and the president is traveling to the bay
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now at 5:30, president trump just hours away from his first visit to the bay area since
5:30 am
becoming commander in chief. protesters are ready to greet him. >> health concerns over e-cigarettes hit closer to home. a person from the central valley is now the seventh vaping related death in the u.s. oil prices soar after the attack on refineries in saudi arabia. gas prices are about to follow. >> it could be trickier to use a cold as an excuse to call in sick. bay area researchers are one step closer to finding a cure. >> that is the best news ever. i've had a cold now for -- >> two weeks. >> 16 days? >> you need to be in the trial. >> stanford, please call me. >> did you bring that back from new orleans? >> i think i did. i was cursed. >> you went to the wrong shop. >> no one around me has gotten sick. someone put a voodoo curse.
5:31 am
september 17th, let's take a look at what's going on. i can't believe you've had a cold that long. >> whoop! >> let me move. >> she's also cursed. frances almost tripped over the set. are you okay? >> yeah. thanks. >> wow. it's almost like the commute yesterday. oh, my goodness. let's talk about what's going on weatherwise. here you go, some high clouds. that's it. and that's what we're going to see when we watch the sun come up. very colorful sun rise. you can see from pier 15 right there, our exploratorium. not much going on outside. it is cooler. you may need a coat. mid-60s at the coast. 62. 71 to 75, bright and mild at noon. 75 to 79, bay and inland. below average this afternoon. all right, let's get back to frances and hope the commute is moving better than maybe you just did.
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yes, it's moving better than me. i can be quite clumsy. a look at some drive times for you westbound 580 tracy to dublin, 52 minutes. there was an earlier crash along that stretch. westbound 4 antioch to concord, 29 minutes. i'm waiting for this to turn red because we have two accidents along that stretch. that's a three-car accident still blocking possibly the right lane. you can see traffic crawling there out of antioch towards bay point. really heavy out of tracy because of a crash. we're tracking another accident in sunol. it's supposed to be near northbound 680. it looks like we're seeing slowing in the westbound direction. opposite where the crash is. we'll keep you posted. the chp is trying to determine why a man was walking on highway 92 in hayward when he
5:33 am
was hit and killed by a pickup truck. this happened just before midnight. the man was pronounced dead at the scene. chp says the truck's driver remained there and the crash tied up traffic for a while. the road reopened this morning. president trump will visit the bay area for the first time in his presidency. >> it is shrouded in secrecy but protesters say they are ready. reporter jobina fortson is live at moffitt field where air force one will touch down in a few hours. >> reporter: good morning, reggie and kumasi. lunch with the president costs anywhere from $1,000 to $100,000 per ticket. this is his first ticket to the bay area since taking office here. republican national committee woman says there is a tremendous amount of bay area support for president trump, chicken trump and baby trump balloons will be on display as air force one tups down. the group vigil for democracy
5:34 am
will start at lincoln park in los altos and send protesters out to the president's fund-raiser event wherever it is. >> the seven trillion location will be a quick ten-minute drive to go there and protest where trump is raising a lot of money. >> it will be a ray of sunshine for those who seem to have been forgotten by the optimism we get when i travel around the country. >> reporter: in june of 2016 during president trump's last visit here some of his reporters were attacked by demonstrators. people are hoping for a peaceful situation. reporting live, jobina fortson, abc 7 news. >> thank you, jobina. president trump won't be the only top official in the area today. secretary ben carson is expected to visit san francisco to discuss california's homeless crisis. carson should be aware of the effect it is having on the city.
5:35 am
the mission district added 60 new beds. she has seen a decreased commitment from the federal government. san francisco will continue to expand services and add new shelter beds. >> an adult is the seventh vaping related death. >> tulare county officials says the person was being treated to a lung illnesselatedo e cigarettes and that perso died on saturday. health officials say there are three reports of similar illnessness tulare county and 63 cases statewide. the dangers of e-cigarettes prompted governor newsom to issue an executive order to crack down on youth vaping including signs at retailers and labels on packaging. also a $20 million public awareness campaign on the dangers of vaping and increased enforcement to remove illegal vaping products. he is looking at raising the tax on e-cigarettes.
5:36 am
the cdc in response to the spike in deaths and illnesses will work around the clock collecting data and helping local officials. the emergency operations center has dealt with more than 60 public health threats since 2001. new developments in the case of the hillsborough heiress accused of killing the father of her children. the san mateo county district attorney has decided not to call a key witness to testify in the trial. steve wagstaffe revoked a plea deal with olivier adella. he says adella violated conditions of their agreement. kaveh bayat and tetchy any li are accused of killing green, li's ex-boyfriend. now it's possible the d.a. will prosecute adella for green's murder. >> he was to have no contact with witnesses and he was to not engage in the use of social media to reach out to anything connected to the case.
5:37 am
those are the areas he violated and caused to us say we're not going to utilize his testimony in the case. >> opening statements pushed back to next monday. saudi arabia says it'll invite international experts to help in the investigation into an attack on the worm's largest oil refinery. the saudis say all indication are iranian weapons were used in saturday's attacks. iran denies it. the supreme leader khamenei says this morning there will be no talks with the u.s. at any level. there had been speculation he might meet with his counterpart. global oil prices pulled back a bit overnight from a 20% spike following the attack. analysts say that gasoline prices could jump 10 to 25 cents a gallon in the next week or two. san mateo county officials say there may have been a mountain lion sighting.
5:38 am
a neighbor reported seeing the cat in the area of hacienda way in millbrae. officials say when it was spotted the animal ran no a nearby hillside that was wooded. no other neighbors reported spotting the cat. we could be a step closer to a cure for the common cold. and building a better bay area by going from renter to buyer. an east bay community considers new protection from evictions. at 5:38, a live look at the golden gate bridge. we can see it. a nice little treat here in the morning. a check of the weather with mik nicco. a gorgeous shot there all due to the lack of humidity, lack of clouds leading to a lack of rain at least today. 17 degrees compared to yesterday. let's see if you need a coat in the south bay, mid to upper 50s,
5:39 am
cupertino and morgan hill. mountain view 58. downtown san jose, milpitas at about 57. the same thing at newark. look at that. 49 in fairfield. san pablo at 57. 50 degrees now. a look at the dry san ma at this o san mateo bridge. green, green, and green. it's going to be good today. at least weatherwise. we'll talk to frances in a second to see otherwise. the east bay, 58 with high clouds at 7:00. we're in the 60s through 11:00. sunshine at 7:00. you can see a reoccuring theme. morning high clouds and temperatures in the 50s in the north bay. we're 70 by 11:00 and near 80 at 3:00. some morning high clouds over san francisco. no low clouds. 58.
5:40 am
68 at 11:00. by noon in the low 70s through 5:00. 66 with sunshine at 7:00. all this sunshine today hard to believe we have another chance of showers coming up tomorrow. we'll talk about that next. first want to bring frances in and talk about -- i was peeking over your shoulder. not as much red. >> not as many accidents out there. since you did mention rain, we could see another bit of a different story tomorrow. >> hopefully not a repeat. hopefully everybody got it out of their system yesterday. >> slow down and give yourself extra time. there's a high wind advisory issued for the benicia bridge and as you continue the ride on southbound 680 still looks good through walnut creek. a crash has been reported in lafayette. the bay bridge toll plaza is backed up to the foot of the
5:41 am
maze. one accident is coming off the dumbarton bridge. a car actually flipped over -- it's on the right-hand side. it's not blocking lanes and traffic moving at 71 miles per hour approaching the scene. not causing delays. another overturn crash in sunol on the connector ramp from northbound 680 to eastbound 84. this should not be blocking lanes. westbound 4 still a crawl because of a couple earlier accidents as you so that early retirement we planned. it's going ok? great. now i'm spending more time with the kids. i'm introducing them to crab. crab!? they love it. so, you mentioned that that money we set aside. yeah. the kids and i want to build our own crab shack. ♪ ♪ ahhh, you're finally building that outdoor kitchen. yup - with room for the whole gang.
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let's open the door and see what waits for our kids heading off to school today. mid to upper 50s, dry. dress warmer this morning. 61 to 69. cool to comfy under sunshine at 1:00. after school sunny and mild from 64 at the coast, 76 to 78 around our bay and inland neighborhoods. around the state today check this out. we still have a chance of showers in eureka, even some thunderstorms and 67 degrees that will move to chico as we head to the evening hours. no snow today.
5:45 am
70 in monterey. down in the desert. now looking at tahoe, look at this, 29 degrees friday morning. below average this weekend. part of our commitment to building a better bay area focuses on issues like housing. an ordinance that could protect tenants from being displaced called the tenants opportunity to purchase. owners would be required to offer their tenants a chance to buy the facility before it's demolished, discontinued or sold to a third party buyer. they will discuss at their meeting tonight. teens at stanford and ucsf have announced a major effort involving temporarily disabling a single specific protein. when disabled it stops cold
5:46 am
viruses and other diseases from spreading in the body. >> traditional antiviral drugs target the virus itself. the virus is very smart and can mutate its way around it. what we do we make the host for these viruses so it's difficult to mutate around. >> now temporarily disabling the protein and they can start human trials. a cure for the human cold could happen soon. an iconic part of berkeley has become controversial. a stretch of shattuck avenue has been known and the gourmet ghetto since the 1970s. that nickname is on banners lining the street. the word ghetto has a lot of history attached to it, not all of it positive. that's why the co-owners have sent a formal request to the north shattuck association asking to eliminate the term. >> especially to black and brown people in america, it's salt in
5:47 am
the wound. that's not how we treat each other. >> wrecking ball coffee coast s e roasters has gotten some pushback. the north shattuck association is open to discussion on the nickname. apple's new arcade gaming service debuts thursday. you can check it out now if you're running the ios 13 operating system. it is a monthly subscription service available through apple's app store. you can try it free for a month before you get charged for it. apple arcade will cost you about $5 a month. the future might come as soon as next spring in paris. you're looking at flying water taxis that are being tested in the french capital. planners say the water taxis can zip you along the river seine and that might be faster than sitting in traffic. the taxis could start carrying passengers in the spring. >> i don't understand why you don't want to get in the taxi with me, reggie. >> here is my new criticism of this. i don't think that it matches
5:48 am
the surroundings. >> i agree with that. it's not the mood you really want to set on the water. >> no. it's the most beautiful city in the world, i think, and now you have some george jetson in the water. >> you can use it somewhere else. >> that would be great. like a modern looking city. like a singapore or something. bring it on. >> you would get in? >> i'll get in. >> okay. we're friends. >> paris, i'm going to toss my baguette in and curse it. >> better than the beret at it. the baguette is biodegradable. all right. let's talk about what's going on weatherwise. hi, everybody. east bay hills. just so much calmer up here talking to you today knowing we have no rain to worry about. a gorgeous day on tap. more rain on the way for tomorrow. let's jump right in. mostly sunny, cool and breezy with mostly sunny this morning. increasing sunshine today. a few high clouds out there. a chance of showers returns
5:49 am
tonight through tomorrow and building heat begins friday and that means when autumn arrives monday it's going to be one of our hottest days in the forecast. 70 at san francisco. upper 70s to near 80 including santa cruz. mid to upper 70s. tonight look at the cloud cover. the humidity will be up once again. there will be drizzle around for most of us during the morning commute. the best chance of showers overnight will be in the north bay. watch the showers start to slide into the bay at 9:00. this cold front is following the same time line as yesterday's. it kind of slows down as it's moving lou. scattered showers. by 5:00 a randm shower in the south bay. everybody else is starting to clear out. this is not going to be a repeat
5:50 am
of yesterday. first just know it will be in the 60s and 70s. our coolest day moving forward. 90s return inland. 80s to the bay saturday, sunday and warmest monday. frances? a live shot of the bay bridge toll plaza. for headlights, it's getting more crowded now. down to the maze and we'll check out the san mateo bridge. the traffic westbound leaving hayward. 101 is looking good on the peninsula. on the east bay side 880 is slow. the typical slow and go from 238 down to whipple now as you make your way through hayward under the speed limit. there's an overturn crash off the dumbarton bridge in the eastbound direction. it's been out there for a while. they're trying to clear it. it's not blocking lanes.
5:51 am
i was making sure it's not causing any delays. still green there moving at 71 miles an hour. >> thanks, frances. new at 6:00, the key to raising productive children. a silicon valley educator says parents need to give kids more responsibility in their lives and education. i mean, if you haven't thought abfrankly, you're missing out. uh... the mobile app makes it easy to manage your policy, even way out here. your marshmallow's... get digital id cards, emergency roadside service,
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even file a... whoa. whoa. whoa. whoa. whoa. whoa! oops, that cheeky little thing got away from me. my bad. geico. it's easy to manage your policy whenever, wherever. can i trouble you for another marshmallow?
5:53 am
let's talk about the a's. first pitch under sunshine, barely. 67 degrees under the stars. we'll drop down to 62 at the coliseum. slipping into tahoe, the storm will eventually bring us a chance of some wet weather.
5:54 am
not everybody gets totals and they're not even close to yesterday's totals. that's why we don't have a storm impact scale on this quite yet. you can see less than a tenth of an inch. a chance along the coast where there will be drizzle in areas we could have higher amounts. like yesterday morning, we'll deal with some drizzle. unlike yesterday we won't have the heavier showers roll through all of our neighborhoods as we head from the mid morning into the afternoon hours. scattered showers. let's get back to frances and find out about the morning commute. a few slow spots because of some accidents. westbound 4 heavier than normal because of two crashes along the way. win is in pittsburg and one in bay point. the one in bay point they're trying to clear from right lanes. also as we check out the ride through the sunol grade, slow. in the northbound direction, north 680 to eastbound there's a
5:55 am
crash, a roll over crash. it's not blocking lanes. westbound 580 drive time from tracy to dublin almost an hour now. and westbound 4 has been especially slow because of those two accidents i just told you about. antioch to concord the drive time is now 36 minutes. amazon has plans to boost its network of delivery lockers. the company wants to double that number by next year. the goal is to speed up prime shipments. there are about 10,000 lockers in the u.s. speaking of amazon, they've made another change. the next time you search for products on line, see what is topping your search results. amazon has adjusted its algorithm to feature items more profitable for amazon and that might mean favoring their own brands. walmart is accepting car seat trade-ins. if your car has outgrown their
5:56 am
car seat you can get a $30 gift card in return. there is a two car seat trade-in limit per household, though. walmart is accepting those trade-ins from now to september 30th. disney's bedtime hotline is back. for parents who are struggling to get their kids to go to bed, mickey is a phone call away. >> dait's time for the nighttim walk so i'd better go. good night, pal. i hope you have sweet dreams. >> cute. there are bedtime messages from woody, jasmine and elsa, yoda and spider-man. i want to hear the yoda one. it runs through the end of the month. disney is the parent company of abc 7. there's never any respect for my two new faves, chip and dale. there's two of them, they
5:57 am
interact. they're fun. and they're kind of sassy. >> nobody needs that before they go to bed. we need to calm the kids down. >> that's right. they would be like, hey! you go to sleep. >> i need it to wake up. they should do a good morning call. >> they would be perfect for that. >> we have to think of everything. who is most at risk and what parents should know this morning. an 11-year-old boy killed in a crash on a boat. why his father is now facing serious charges. >> reporter: a member of the trump administration is expected in san francisco today to look at the
5:58 am
face buried in your phone. stop! look up. look both ways. let's start looking out for each other again. it's a busy world out there. and we're all in it together. go safely, california.
5:59 am
face buried in your phone. stop! look up. look both ways. let's start looking out for each other again. it's a busy world out there. and we're all in it together. go safely, california. good morning, everyone. it is tuesday, september 17th. >> 6:00 a.m. and you're never more than seven minutes away from the accuweather forecast. mike, what do we have in store? it's much calmer. check out winds, five miles per hour or less and high clouds out
6:00 am
there which will make a gorgeous, colorful sun rise. 56 under the drier air. as we head throughout my 12-hour planner low to mid-60s at the coast today. 71 to 76. that's the bay from noon to 4:00 down to 67 at 7:00. 75 with sunshine and much brig er at noon. inland 80 at 4:00. this is a one and done. it sounds like you may have a better commute today than yesterday. here is frances. >> much better today though there is another crash in the sunol area. this is on the calaveras off ramp. it looks like they're going to temporarily shut down the off ramp right now. we're seeing in the southbound 680 degrees through the sunol


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