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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  September 20, 2019 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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>> thank you so much for joining us. live in the knot bay with more on the warning from pg&e. which of course was born out of the devastating wild fires. >> this add rise ri. power safety power public safety power shut off. now what's interesting. we have never seen a one of these notices come so soon before the fact. it presents a change in policy. >> dry grass, warm weather. electrical power lines. a new normal of the fire tri ankle. sp materialize next week. prompting an early warning on twitter. >> be prepared. >> an early report about elevated fire conditions that might cause the utility to cut power in an area ranging from the bay area. east to the foothills.
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a public safety power shut off. it's the first of the year. it's not the first of the year in the region. you can ask east napa about that. remember june 8? >> no power. no internet. nothing. >> last june. pg&e cut power. the emergency shut offs happen, communities might go as many as 48 hours without power. this year, we asked pg&e for notification as early as possible. today, they got one. with 100 hours notice. twice the normal lead time. this when the area remains in threat level 2. a 4. >> we're not 72 hours out. at the 48 hour mark. the fourth level. we start contacting customers and let them know this could happen. even the fourth level it's a potential. >> we don't want anybody to be
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caught off guard. we want the tools and resources available. >> the next question. what's the best way to prepare. fill up your car. charge batteries. have extra money. of course we have already done that.ake country. right? >> great preparation tips. let's look at a live picture from the tower cam. san francisco just sunny right now. you will notice. it's the theme across the entire bay area. as we head into the last weekend of summer here's sample of the high temperatures for tomorrow. it's going to be warm from coast to inland. 75 half-moon bay. san francisco 79 degrees. warm in oakland. 84. heading into walnut creek hot 91 degrees. temperatures will be well above average for this time of the
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year. the second half of the weekend will feature changes. >> see you in a few. reminder stay on top of the weather any time. >> it was a rude awakeness for many in san francisco this morning. after power went out in a number of neighborhoods. you can see them in red. 22,000 pg&e customers were left in the dark. we have new details and now know the culprit was an excavator which hit a major feeder line. >> live from that location in the dog patch neighborhood. you were affected by this. >> definitely. 7:58 a.m. and made me think many times we take things for granted. such as lek tlisty. running water. so power was fortunately restored. before noon. and right now you see behind me they are striing to quickly fix that line.
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>> it was this excavator that hit a power line. the construction company doing work near 22nd and illinois street. when that kind of work is done, companies are supposed to call pg&e 811 line. >> we confirmed that the construction company contacted 811 and did a review. it's unclear what happened after that. >> anvil said the crews never found a designated marked spot from pg&e. where they were digging. when the operator hit the feeder line, it affected equipment inside this substation near the site. the distribution center. this outage impacted some metro stations. my favorite bookstore was in the dark. >> when i got to work i noticed whole foods was closed. i thought something was off. and we had to reboot everything. >> in some cases mother hood was
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interrupted. >> i had milk in the fridge for her. frozen fruit. >> a few establishments never lost power. >> i came here to utilize the fact we had a fan going. and serving food and drinks. >> they were lucky. pg&e says 22,000 customers were left in the dark. we know that number is usually higher because two to three people maybe living in a home. >> thank you. we sent out this notification in the morning. on our news app. when news of the outage broke. we continue to send updates until it was resolved. if you want alerts like this, the app is free. >> tensions are escalating in the middle east. united states announced it's sending more troops to saudi
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arabia. this in response to the recent attacks on oil facilities the u.s. blamed on iran. the troops are primarily for defense purposes and to send a clear message that the united states stands by its allies in the region. hours after the announcement that new economic sanctions against iran had gone into effect. >> around the world today people took part in a global climate strike. some of the clouds numbered in the hundreds. others in the tens of thousands. estimated 100,000 gathered in berlin. >> another 250,000 marched through the streets of new york sfi. here in the bay area students at berkeley walked out of their classrooms part of the global day prof test. >> thousands protested in san francisco. we begin the team coverage. >> there were a will the of students and parents down here
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today. linking arms. it wasn't a matter of i'm out of school, the students were serious about the message. >> thousands of young people filled the streets of san francisco. as part of the global climate strike. a look from sky 7. around noon today. parents said they pulled kids out of school for the lesson in real life. >> the house is on fire. it's time to panic. i agree. >> it's urgent. things are dying. like coral reeves are bleaching and the world is not the way it used to be. it's depressing. the generations before us got to have such a beautiful world. we have to fix it. >> this youth march. past nancy pelosi, u.s. senator feinstein, black rock. bank of america. amazon and pg&e. before ending up at plaza.
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>> traffic will be crazy. >> police stopped traffic along e wadee cars back up and other cars idle to make way for the protest. >> i just found out about it. if i knew i wouldn't be here. >> youth are afraid for the future. and the fact they have acted to walk out of school. on behalf of the planet. and their future. it's a beautiful thing. >> i feel like i'm powerful joining in this. >> i won't have a life if there's no planet. >> protect it for the people. >> it was all about the next generation. >> it was a teachable moment for many of the young people. >> thank you. protestors took to the streets in south bay. >> live there with more.
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>> big rally just wrapped up here in san jose. you can see what's left of the crowd. many people marching from the station here to city hall. hoping to amplify their voices. >> in san jose, a gathering point this afternoon for those calling for change. >> we're really truly in a climate crisis. leaders don't want to take action. >> demonstrators took to the streets to demand action. part of the youth driven global climate strike. joining millions around the world. >> this is the single most important issue for me personally. my friends and community. this is the one issue that regardless of where you are you can really rally behind. >> many are doing what they can to make an impact. professor has spent his career researching climate change and dynamics. his team created green ninja.
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the science curriculum in california that focuses on climate change and environmental stewart ship. it's piloted in 20 school districts in the state. >> the climate is changing. we're seeing in california more wild fires and drought. and that's caused by human activity. >> in the eyes of many, this movement under way showing there's so much at stake. >> it's inspiring to see young people care about their future. and standing up for what they believe in. that's what this is about. >> this demonstration just one of many happening across the area today. in the south bay there is one more happening tonight. at city hall at 6:00. >> all right. from a navy base to home base. part of the effort to build a better bay area. a look at the transformation under way at treasure island. more homes are built there. >> walmart will no longer sell e
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cigarettes. it's explaining lt decision and keeping regular cigarettes on the shelf. >> remember the billionaire who promised to
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finding solutions to the housing crisis. too many people too few homes being built to meet the demand. >> you have seen the signs announcing new housing for sale. i have the update for you. navy base to home base. >> you can see a new san francisco neighborhood taking shape. nestled between the two spans of the bay bridge. homes are build for 24,000 new
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residents. >> 8,000 homes. 2,100 will be affordable. >> the director is over seeing the massive renovation of two island in the bay. that links the two spans and treasure island. right next to the bridge. >> manmade. built on top of sand shores to host the 1940 golden gate exposition. a huge fair inviting the world to san francisco. treasure island was supposed to turn into an airport when the fair closed. with war looming the u.s. navy seized the manmade island. there were navy personnel. it became the headquarters for the naval fleet during world war ii. naval station treasure island closed in 1997. the navy sold the island to the city of san francisco for $108
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million. since then the city has been working to clean up toxic waste and garbage left behind. now much of the work being done is focussed on the future residents. >> the old infrastructure is obsolete. and beyond the useful life. we're building out a tremendous amount of infrastructure. part of the redevelopment. >> before new roads can be laid the island has to be made higher to account for sea level rides. dirt, taken from the building of a newest tunnel was brought in to help stabilize the ground. >> the intention is account for one hundred year storm surge and 36 inches of sea level rise. >> when completed in 2035, treasure island will be a much different place. military housing will be torn down to make way for 300 acres of open space. the buildings once part of the
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exposition will be a business district. trees planted by the navy and removed to make way for construction will be replaced with native trees and plants. topping off a public with 360 degree views. condos will offer breathtaking views of the bay. >> on the first phase will be 260 condos. >> will is heading up the development partnership. that will build the neighborhood. on treasure island there will be a combination of retail and residential development. starting at six stories. >> high-rises from 150 feet to 450 feet tall. the icon tower. which you'll see from the bay area. >> work has just begun on a ferry terminal. from the building in san francisco and just feet from home. >> from there everything will be a ten to 15 minute walk to get to your unit. >> the first phase of housing is
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expected to be complete by 2021. >> now don't expect to drive much if you decide to live on treasure island. they are encouraging public transit. they are considering a fee for driving onto the island. fewer cars more people. >> walmart plans to stop selling e cigarettes at all stores once the current inventory runs out. the retailer made the announcement today. citing growing concern and uncertainty about vaping products. more than 500 people have been diagnosed with vaping related breathing illnesses and an eighth death reported. health officials haven't confirmed the cause. the current inventory can last until january. it will continue selling traditional cigarettes. >> yesterday the trump administration reversed the decision to deport immigrants receiving life saving medical care in the u.s. bay area activist who led the charge is getting praise from
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the community. she was visited by assemblyman and the president of the children's hospital today. tharng thanking her for testifying in front of congress two week ago. they will resume considering deferred action requests for immigrants. >> you remember the billionaire paying off the student loans 2019 class? >> he's expanding his gift. he will cover the expenses of the education loans taken out by their parents. many of the loans exceed $50,000. the total gift now adds up to $34 million. smith hopes the students and families can informs in their future without the cloud of debt. >> the ek kquinox is on monday. we have a list of the best pumpkin patches and corn mazes
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in the area. as well as information to help you celebrate halloween. every day in october. we love it so much. celebrate it daily. check out the community events page online. >> fall is here. it will be 100 degrees. >> that's how it works around here. >> it gets -- live doppler 7. it was a beautiful day today. no fog. i want to show you temperatures because they are pretty much everywhere in the 70s. and the 80s. right now. it is 76 san francisco. 78 oakland. 82 in san jose. 87 fair field. you can feel the warmth out there. compared to 24 hours ago. these temperatures are up five degrees. san jose six degrees higher. we'll continue the warming trend
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towards tomorrow. here's a live look from the camera. you can see there's just plenty of bright skies. here's a look at the travel forecast saturday sunny and warm. light winds low 80s to 90s. if you're getting out of town. the forecast for hawaii scattered shoirs 88 degrees. new york city 84. sunny. chicago the first half starts out sunny. second half chance of thunder. 81. l.a. bright skies warm weather. 88 degrees. speaking of warm it will be warm enough to hit the beach. a live look. blue skies warming trend continues tomorrow. autumn arrives monday. we have heat and high fire danger following on tuesday. and wednesday. first thing in the morning we'll start off clear. there maybe ach or two ofat p fog. it won't materialize. comfortable to start the morning. for the afternoon, it's going to get hot in the south bay. 90 degrees in san jose.
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92 gilroy. 84 santa cruz. on the peninsula you'll need plenty of water. it is going to be warm. 86 redwood city. 75 half-moon bay. nothing but clear skies in downtown san francisco. 79 degrees. warm in the sunset district. 75 south city. in the north bay the temperatures soar as well. into the east bay mid-80s from newark. oakland 84. fremont. warmer than average for this time of year. 93 concord. 94 fair field. here's a look at the 7-day forecast. temperatures go up a few degrees and most areas. warm to hot for the saturday. mid-70s to mid-90s. it will turn cooler as fog rolls
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in sundays. mid-60s to low 90s. fall begins monday. and we'll switch the pattern around. gusty offshore winds. those are the down sloping winds. in the hills will crank fire danger. also crank the temperatures. >> mid-70s near the beach. >> all right. comfortable weekend. and we sizzle. >> thank you. coming up. >> two completely different things so that early retirement we planned. it's going ok? great. now i'm spending more time with the kids. i'm introducing them to crab. crab!? they love it. so, you mentioned that that money we set aside. yeah. the kids and i want to build our own crab shack. ♪ ♪ ahhh, you're finally building that outdoor kitchen. yup - with room for the whole gang. ♪ ♪ see how investing with a j.p. morgan advisor can help you.
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this weekend. >> surfing there. the competition und they took $12.8 billion from big tobacco. juul marketed mango, mint, and menthol flavors, addicting kids to nicotine. five million kids now using e-cigarettes. the fda said juul ignored the law with misleading health claims. now juul is pushing prop c, to overturn san francisco's e-cigarette protections. say no to juul, no to big tobacco,
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coming up at 6:00. the news i team digs into confrontation at his door. he survives, his dog did not. you'll see this in neighborhoods around the bay area. 4,000 trees are coming down for your safety. >> imagine this. buying a house in the bay area. with just an $8,000 down payment. an east bay manmade it happen. all coming up at 6:00.
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>> that sounds like a dream. we'll see you then. >> the world top surfers competing this weekend in a small california town more than 100 mile frs the ocean. amazing. >> this is a surf ranch. in kings county in the central valley. it will be the site of the fresh water proevent. part of the world surf league championship tour. >> look at the waves. 36 men and 18 women competing. this is manmade. so is the technology and machine to create amazing waves that surfers will catch. >> we're able to manipulate this machine and how fast and slow. and we're trying to give everybody the best wave they can ride. >> the surf ranch is the brain child of kelly slater and sur sr league champion. >> it's impressive. >> really cool. you can wait 30 seconds or 30 minutes for the right wave. this you set the settings and
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hit the button. and go. it's awesome. >> world news is next. tonight, the suv plowing right through the inside of a mall. the suv first slamming into a store entrance, driving right through it, and then right into the mall itself. shoppers running for cover. tonight, the suspect under arrest. what we're now learning. also tonight, the deadly bus crash. at least four dead. the bus flipping over. authorities say everyone onboard injured, some in critical condition. some were ejected, and all of this not far from a national park. the deadly disaster still playing out in texas. hundreds of high water rescues. children stranded in school. and the barge breaking loose, slamming into a bridge, all part of a busy interstate. the patriots dumping antonio brown late today. the nfl star accused of rape. and did he try to intimidate a second woman who came forward? the player himself just


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