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tv   ABC World News Tonight With David Muir  ABC  September 20, 2019 5:30pm-6:01pm PDT

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and go. it's awesome. >> world news is next. tonight, the suv plowing right through the inside of a mall. the suv first slamming into a store entrance, driving right through it, and then right into the mall itself. shoppers running for cover. tonight, the suspect under arrest. what we're now learning. also tonight, the deadly bus crash. at least four dead. the bus flipping over. authorities say everyone onboard injured, some in critical condition. some were ejected, and all of this not far from a national park. the deadly disaster still playing out in texas. hundreds of high water rescues. children stranded in school. and the barge breaking loose, slamming into a bridge, all part of a busy interstate. the patriots dumping antonio brown late today. the nfl star accused of rape. and did he try to intimidate a second woman who came forward? the player himself just tweeting. the firestorm surrounding president trump, and a phone
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call with a leader believed to be ukraine's new president. did the president bring up his potential 2020 challenger joe biden? president trump was asked that today. the global climate strike. thousands of protests, 150 countries. young people leading the way from new york to london to sydney. the young student terrified who calls 911 right after he gets off the school bus. you'll hear the boy describing the bus driver. saying she was drunk and went through several red lights. many children on that bus. and the surfer and the great white shark right off the east coast. good evening. it's great to have you with us on a friday night. we have a lot to get to. the terrifying scene inside a mall. shoppers running for cover. but we do begin with that deadly scene, the flipping over in southern utah, not far from bryce canyon national park.
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several killed, at least a dozen critically injured. several ejected. the bus rolling other on the highway. no one on board escaped this unharmed. at this hour, they've airlifted victims from the remote scene. here's matt gutman. >> reporter: tonight, the ntsb is launching a team to investigate how that bus flipped on a gradual curve and rolling and ejected passengers. four were killed and as many as 5 critically injured when the bus filled with 30 people suddenly overturn on the road leading to picturesque bryce canyon. the force of the crash nearly shearing off the roof of the bus, causing catastrophic injuries. shortly after the crash, stunned passengers sprawled across the two-lane highway. medics and bystanders doing triage. trying to warm up the wounded with those space blankets. helicopters lifting the most seriously injured to hospitals. artifacts of what started out as a pleasant tour littering the
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road alongside shattered glass, water bottles, oranges, and clipboards flung from the bus as it tumbled. >> just a horrific scene. matt gutman with us tonight. matt, any word on the survivors who were airlifted to the hospital? we know this was a very remote area. >> reporter: extremely remote. that's one of the reasons why the ten-person in the team isn't scheduled to arrive until tomorrow. no obvious reasons for the crash but to give us a sense of violence of the accident, authorities tell me every single person on board the bus was transferred to a hospital. >> matt, thank you. the other scene unfolding late today, inside a mall in a chicago suburb. a terrifying scene there. the driver of an suv smashing through the entrance of a sears store this afternoon. the suspect then driving right into the mall. you see him there. you can hear shoppers screaming, running for their lives.
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the driver under arrest. here's marcus moore with what we just learned. >> yo, this is not happening right now. >> reporter: tonight, the terrifying scene in a chicago suburban mall. panicked shoppers running for cover. an suv driving through the middle of the mall in a horrifying incident. tires can be heard screeching in the mayhem. >> oh, my god! >> reporter: 911 calls going out with reports of injuries. >> a trailblazer driving through the mall right now. unknown injuries. >> reporter: the woodfield mall in schaumburg, illinois, going into lockdown. >> people just got up and ran, left their phones, their dishes, whatever they bought, just started running in different directions. >> reporter: police with weapons drawn searching for the suspect, emergency vehicles surrounding the shopping center. the entrance to the sears store, obliterated. tonight, the male suspect is now in custody, seen being led away in handcuffs. initial fears of an active shooter turned out to be false. confusion in the chaos. tonight, authorities grateful no one was killed. luckily, the injuries are only minor.
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>> marcus with us from the scene tonight. marcus, any word on a motive? >> reporter: the suspect was taken into custody inside the store. witnesses say at that time he did not resist arrest and also showed no remorse. witnesses also saying he answered the initial questions about the incident with a simple yes or no, offering no explanation for what he's accuse of doing at this mall. >> thank you, marcus. now to the state of disaster in several counties in texas tonight. more than three feet of rain in some places. one barge slamming into a bridge on a busy interstate. water rescues around the clock. several people including a baby brought up on a ladder to escape a flooded freeway. and at least two barges breaking free, badly damaging that i-10 bridge. what a scene today. now we are watching severe weather alerts for the plains and the midwest just as we head into the weekend. clayton sandell again tonight. >> reporter: tonight, the race to rescue residents trapped by
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imelda's floodwaters. boat after boat bringing them to to land. j.c. hendley rescued ten families. >> the water up in there is probably a foot, foot and a half. >> reporter: the sheriff says ten other families chose to sta behind. southeast texas slammed with up to 43 inches of rain. rescues around the clock. the coast guard airlifting those trapped. the rain is gone, but now a traffic nightmare. interstate 10 shut down after swift currents broke loose several barges on the river, slamming into this busy bridge. you can see the damage underneath. the interstate may be closed for months. with i-10 shut down, traffic is diverting onto smaller highways like this one. this is between beaumont and houston. these traffic jams last for miles. houston area schools were heavily criticized for not cancelling classes thursday. at least 200 kids spent the night inside their classrooms. until they could reunite with their families.
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classes today cancelled after some schools flooded. kids carried through the floodwaters and this child carried to safety from a flooded freeway. >> clayton, joining us now from that neighborhood where so many families were evacuated from today. you were telling us the floodwaters still rising tonight? >> reporter: that's right. the folks were flooded out during harvey, and they're worried the water could come up another two feet. if you look at the house behind me, that would put the water inside the bottom window there. flooding these houses even worse. david? >> clayton, thank you. let's get right to rob marciano, in texas tonight tracking it all. rob? >> reporter: the water thankfully receding here, down about seven feet. but you can see these people are trying to dry out the rugs and furniture that was flooded. still showers around here, but the bulk of moisture heading north. watches posted from kansas to illinois, the front could produce severe weather across the dakotas. i'm worried about several rounds of rain, potentially flooding through
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kansas city, st. louis, chicago as well. and we're watching hurricane jerry and several other new waves in the atlantic and caribbean as we are now in the heart of hurricane season. >> rob our thanks to you as well. there were late developments involving antonio brown, the new england patriots cutting brown less than two weeks after signing the troubled player. a second woman now accusing him of sexual misconduct, and she now claims he sent intimidating text messages afterward. antonio brown responding late today. here's paula faris. >> reporter: tonight, the new england patriots firing their embattled wide receiver antonio brown after just 11 days. the patriots saying in a statement, we feel that it is best to move in a different direction. just hours earlier, brown facing a new accusation. a woman claiming that he sent her group messages meant to intimidate her. this just days after she told "sports illustrated" brown made unwanted sexual advances in 2017. her lawyer released the alleged
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texts in which brown accuses her of fabricating her story for cash. even showing photos of her kids. >> the patriots took a look at this allegation as well as other allegations and decided that was the best move for them. >> reporter: just days after signing his contract in new england, a bombshell civil lawsuit was brought by his former trainer britney taylor, claiming brown sexually assaulted her. brown has denied any sexual misconduct and has vowed to fight all charges. just hours before brown's release -- >> i'm good, okay? thank you. >> reporter: coach bill belichick abruptly walking out of his press conference, tired of fielding questions about brown. >> paula with us lye tonight. antonio brown tweeting tonight. his agent hopeful he will be picked up by another team? >> reporter: that's right, david. antonio brown is tweeting and thanking the patriots for the opportunity. his agent is hoping he will be picked up by another team, keep in mind the nfl will continue to investigate any and all claims
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into brown. they have the final say. they hold his football future in their hands. >> all right, paula faris tonight. thank you, paula. now to the firestorm surrounding president trump and the phone call with a leader believed to be ukraine's president. did the president bring up joe biden? president trump was asked about that today. here's jonathan karl. >> reporter: tonight, "the wall street journal" is reporting the president repeatedly, eight times, pressured the president of ukraine to investigate the son of leading democratic presidential candidate joe biden during a phone call in july. earlier today, the president defended that call. >> it was a totally appropriate conversation. it was actually a beautiful conversation. >> reporter: but the president refused to say whether or not he talked about joe biden. >> on that point, did you discuss joe biden, his son, or his family with the leader of ukraine? >> it doesn't matter what i discussed. >> reporter: "the wall street
5:41 pm
journal" reports president trump urged the president of ukraine to work with his personal lawyer, rudy giuliani, who recently met with ukrainian officials in europe about investigating hunter biden's business dealings. last night, giuliani at first denied asking the ukrainian government to investigate biden. >> did you ask the ukraine to investigate joe biden? >> no, actually, i didn't. >> reporter: then seconds later he acknowledged he did. >> so you did ask ukraine to look into joe biden. >> of course i did. >> reporter: in iowa today, joe biden called the whole situation concerning and inappropriate. >> not one single credible outlet has given any credibility to his assertions, not one single one. and so i have no comment except the president should start to be president. >> reporter: the issue came to light after a whistleblower in the intelligence community sounded an alarm about a phone call between the president and a foreign leader. today, the president dismissed the whistleblower's complaint as
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quote, a political hack job. >> i don't know the identity of the whistleblower, i just hear it's a partisan person, meaning it comes out from another party. but i don't have any idea. >> reporter: the inspector general for the director of national intelligence called the complaint credible and of urgent concern and wanted to share it with congress. but he was blocked by acting director of national intelligence joseph maguire and the justice department. >> let's get back to jon karl. with us life again tonight. there's news that the white house counsel was also involved in this decision to prevent congress from seeing this whistleblower's account? >> reporter: we're told the white house counsel's office worked with the justice department to craft the legal rationale for refusing to turn over that whistleblower complaint to congress. that's a rationale that democrats reject. speaker of the house nancy pelosi today saying that the president is, quote, stepping into a dangerous minefield with serious repercussions for his administration and our
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democracy. we've heard more from joe biden, calling on the president to release the transcript of the call with the president of ukraine. david? >> jon karl, thanks to another week at the white house. now to millions of people around the world taking part in the global strike against climate change. protests in hundreds of countries. thousands of young people ral rallying in sydney, london and uganda. a 16-year-old activist leading the charge in new york city, demanding action to protect the climate. here's abc's chief national affairs correspondent tom llamas witnessing the crowds firsthand. >> reporter: tonight, in record numbers, and in cities around the world, demonstrators taking to the streets to combat climate change. leading the charge, the world's youth. from washington to paris to sydney -- 2,500 planned protests in more than 150 countries. millions of students skipping
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school, they say, to teach the world a lesson. joining the demonstrators all over the world, students here in the united states. all across this country, demanding change. saying time is running out and they're fed up. >> just because we're kids doesn't mean that we don't have a voice. sure, we can't, like, vote or anything, but we're here because we can use our voice. >> reporter: organizers say more than 100,000 people gathered in each of these locations -- melbourne, australia, in front of germany's brandenburg gate, and on the streets of london. leading this global march, 16-year-old greta thunberg from sweden. the teenage activist met with leaders on capitol hill this week to deliver a message. >> i don't want you to listen to me. i want you to listen to the scientists. >> reporter: today she marched through the streets of new york. >> change is coming whether they like it or not. >> reporter: it doesn't end here. next week, the u.n. general assembly meets in new york, and on monday it starts the
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climate action summit where greta and others are expected to meet with world leaders. >> tom, thank you. and news on the democratic race for 2020. new york city mayor bill de blasio dropping out, saying it's clearly not my time. he promises to support the party's nominee. still ahead on "world news tonight." the popular voice after an hgtv show passed away. the young student calling 911, staying his school bus driver was drunk. driving through red lights. many other children on the bus and you'll hear that boy. the major move by walmart involving vaping products, amid news of another death in the last 24 hours linked to vaping. and the surfer and the great white shark. believe it or not, his words actually made us smile. stick around for that. a lot more news ahead tonight. stay tuned. but we're also a company that controls hiv,
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and the boy who called 911 right after he got off the bus. what he said to the dispatcher. here's kayna whitworth. >> reporter: tonight, a young boy fearing for his safety, calling the cops on his own school bus driver. >> the bus driver, catherine, she was drunk, because she passed three red lights and she got on the side road. >> reporter: the boy calling 911 as soon as he got to his home in washington state. >> she's, like, wobbling and then her eyes, you can tell she was drunk. >> did she smell of alcohol? >> her breath sort of smelled like alcohol. >> reporter: police used the boy's description to locate the bus driver, 48-year-old catherine maccarone. she had just completed what they say were two afternoon bus routes with about 90 children onboard. in a statement, police saying those officers smelled an obvious odor of intoxicants coming from maccarone. david, that driver was arrested and charged with dui and two counts of reckless endangerment. the district telling us she has
5:49 pm
been placed on paid leave and was a driver there for a year. david? >> just glad all the kids are okay. kayna, thank you. when we come back, the well-known voice on hgtv who has passed. and the major move by walmart involving e-cigarettes. . the city with the most millennials living at home. we all live together here. it's myself, my dad, and my husband, and our three dogs. we hear a lot about millennials, but did you know that more than one in four are caring for a loved one. as the years went on, she took on more and more responsibility. so how do you financially prepare for needing care one day? it's something everybody really should think about, but precious few really do. planning for the future together, that's financial wellness. talk to a financial advisor or start your plan now at prudential. too many people a restless night's sleep. there's a better choice. aleve pm. the only one to combine a safe sleep aid and the 12-hour pain-relieving strength of aleve. that dares to last into the morning. so you feel refreshed. aleve pm. there's a better choice.
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or life-threatening allergic and skin reactions. decrease alcohol use. use caution driving or operating machinery. tell your doctor if you've had mental health problems. the most common side effect is nausea. talk to your doctor about chantix. to the "index" of other news on a friday night. and the major move by walmart, the world's largest retailer announcing they will discontinue e-cigarettes at walmart and sam's clubs locations, citing growing concerns by health officials. eight deaths across the country have been tied to vaping. multiple illnesses in the hundreds now. a passing to report tonight of a popular television host on hgtv. suzanne whang, the award-winning actress and comedian best known as the former host and narrator of hgtv's "house hunters," has died following a long battle with breast cancer. she was just 56. and yet another great white off cape cod. authorities releasing this image of an extremely close call
5:53 pm
between a surfer from brooklyn and a great white. he saw the shark and paddled in. here's what he told channel 5. >> okay, i don't want to splash too much, bring too much attention to myself but i also need to go very fast. i'm just really thankful that, you know, it ended up going the way it did rather than me being a snack. >> don't want to be a snack. authorities reminding the public, it's still peak shark season. you don't need to remind us. when we come back, the boy named jack. you met him right here. when you see the moment, you'll remember. and wait until you see him now. s like very high triglycerides, can be tough. you diet. exercise. but if you're also taking fish oil supplements, you should know, they are not fda-approved, they may have saturated fat and may even raise bad cholesterol. to treat very high triglycerides, discover the science of prescription vascepa. proven in multiple clinical trials, vascepa, along with diet, is the only prescription epa treatment, approved by the fda to lower very high triglycerides by 33%, without raising bad cholesterol. look. it's clear.
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finally tonight, our person of the week. it was six years ago, you first met jack right here. at the time, he had nebraska behind him. tonight, we're all behind him. our person of the week. we have been following number 22 since he was just 7 years old. >> at the 30. >> reporter: little jack hoffman running 69 yards for the score. his favorite team right behind him, nebraska. >> hoffman, scoring for the red team! >> reporter: lifted by that team right into our hearts. that little nebraska fan had been diagnosed with brain cancer at the age of 5. during his fight, he was given the chance to lead his favorite team onto the field. jack's family and friends formed a foundation called team jack to help all children with pediatric brain cancer. they have now raised more than $8 million. and tonight, look at jack now. he's 13, in the eighth grade. and he is suited up, number 75, for the west holt huskies in atkinson, nebraska. jack is still receiving treatment in his ongoing battle
5:58 pm
with brain cancer, but his doctors gave him the okay to finally play. and this week, his first game. number 75. he snaps the ball to the quarterback. all part of the same play that scored that touchdown. >> go, buddy. yeah! >> reporter: jack congratulating his teammate with that pat on the bock. they won, 38-0, with help from that player who years later is still running like that day on the field, with nebraska right behind him. and so we choose jack, 38-0. keep it up, jack. i hope to see you right back on monday. until then, have a good evening. good night. new at 6:00, the abc 7 news
5:59 pm
i-team digs into a deadly confrontation. we are live in palo alto where the global climate strike will feature a sing along with the raging grannies. now news to build a better bay area from abc 7. a san francisco sheriff's deputy's been placed on desk duty after this violent confrontation at the home of an auto burglary suspect who missed a court date. the deputy opened fire through the man's fingers and hit the dog, killing her. good evening. i'm larry beil. >> i'm ama daetz. an argument ensues over what that video shows. is it overforce or good police work? >> the sheriff's department provided the names of the four deputies there saying they are all under investigation for their role but they will not
6:00 pm
identify which one pulled the trigger. >> reporter: david returned to the community justice center. his public defender tells me he is accused of taking clothes from an unlocked car in february and the charge will be dismissed if he completes the program. >> he is actually doing pretty well in the court. he's programming. he's engaged with the court, engaged with the services. at all of the staff and court know him. he missed a court date. >> reporter: on that date, august 30th, they didn't know he was in the hospital, so the judge issued a warrant for his arrest. the next week, four sheriff's deputies arrived at his home with a battering ram and guns drawn. the deputies' attorney defends the response, even for someone like wesser >> all training dictates that you approach with extre