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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  September 21, 2019 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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>> announcer: news to build a better bay area this is abc 7 mornings. >> good morning. i'm liz kreutz good morning, le is a. >> good morning. you felt the warm yesterday. live doppler 7 showing not much in the which of fog. and temperatures right now in the 60s other in oakland. of 1 in san francisco. look at napa, 50 treeings. although the nights cooled off, the heat is on today. check out the 24-hour temperature change. 2 to 4 degrees warmer compared to yesterday. and the winds out of the north, the warmer direction, 20 to 30 miles an hour from two to 3,000 feet. even around 1,800 feet.
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through the day look how warm. noontime, 70s. 70s at the beaches today. it's a warmer afternoon for everyone. ens la inner east bay. you're very hot, in the 90s. but more hot weather to talk about the seven day outlining. >> abc 7 is committed to building a better bay area. we focus on transportation. like b.a.r.t. one of the biggest issues is fare he evasion. b.a.r.t. tried several gates with mixed results. next week the b.a.r.t. board of directors will vote on gate designs. luz pena spoke to riders for reaction. >> some use the clipper card others jump the gate. fare evasions are part of the reason the they will vote. >> i believe we had 89 percent of the people surveyed believed it was important to reduce fare
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evasion. >> board director doesh allen is referring to a online survey conducted with riders the biggest concern. >> too many people cheating the system. >> we walked around the embarcadero b.a.r.t. station and asked what they thought about the options. >> i don't like any of them. >> as long asset the disabled could come through without getting hit in the head or anything. because i know there is different kinds that would be perfect. >> option number one, a swing style. effective against jumping the gate pushing through but won't worth against tail gating. option two, retractable barrier. turn styles. both work against pushing threw and limit tail gating number one is b.a.r.t.'s top option. >> when building the stations. and we're building the stations with 1972 the gates inside.
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and that's not making sense. >> choosing option number one will cost approximately $150 million. that money won't come from your pocket according to b.a.r.t. zbliermgts. >> and abc 7 news has devote add beak week to covering b.a.r.t. as kpart part of the commitment to the better bay area. you can see the stories at, building a better b.a.r.t. is part of a better bay area. a bicyclist is in the hospital after he choroidwood a vta train in san jose. it happened around 5:00 last night. vta said the bicyclist was taken to the hospital with a head injure. he was conscious and breathing. a bus arrived to pick up passengers while first responders secured the scene. trains back to normal service about an hour later. vta released this video of tan taents deanne from the onboard cameras. you can see part of a public service campaign hashtag you can't beat the train.
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the aim is to show how accidents can be avoided if everyone pays more attention on the road. new developments in a shooting sending panic through the san jose state university campus. this is the person of interest police want to speak to in connection with the thursday night incident. the officer say multiple rounds were fired at fourth and east streets before 6:30 in the evening. shattering windows at the mlk student library and hit a parking lot next door. several people in the library narrowly skapd being hit. police do not know if the person of interest is the actual shooter but believe he has information related to the crime. now global climate strike led most willy by young people sent tens of thousands into the streets san francisco to berkeley to cities across the south bay. o te drasticteps toded elected
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save the planet. at palo alto city hall parents told us they are keeping the future in mind and having conversations about the climate with children. >> we have zone polar bears in photos he wants to see them. i explained if we don't do anything we may not see them. >> many of the older generation showed up saying they need to support change for the future of grandchildren irnlts and? san francisco thousands of young people took to market street calling for urgent action on climate change. this was a look from sky 7 around noon yesterday, look at that, thousands of people flooding the street. some parents there said they pulled kids out of school for this lesson in real life. >> the world is not the way it used to be. it's very depressing actually like my parents and the generations before us got to have such a beautiful world and we have to fix it. >> like they say, the house is
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on fire. it's time to panic. i agree with that. >> this was one of so many marches around theld and this march wound past the offices house speaker nancy pelosi plp diane feinstein and pg&e before ending up at embarcadero plaza. the feud between the 49ers and city of santa clara over eepts at levi stadium is escalating. the team filed a lawsuit. earlier this week the city moved t end the agreement that allows the 49ers to handle concerts. santa clara accused of 49ers of fraud and not complying with wage laws. in the lawsuit the 49ers say there is complete misunderstanding of the agreement and the attempt to end is it being made under false pretenses. the recreation alarea has restricted access to dogs. according to the examiner, the 2019 superintendent's compendium recommendsed two weeks ago has new dog walking rules. in the updated map dog walking
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eliminated on the trails on the south entrance to park. usually they only address new technology like vapingay closed anything else through the public first. there is already an effort to fight the changes. and as we head to the weekend be aware that fire officials caution that the next few days could be dangerous. leading to early warning and response in the north bay. our reporter wayne freedman plains. >> reporter: it has become of a extreme measure. pg&e turning off power to prevent ignition of wildfires now a new twist and early notification before warning. >> any of our customers could be impacted. >> blame the dry grass, warm weather, the electrical power lines, a fire triangle likely to materialize early next week prompting an early warning on twitter from the santa rosa fire department. >> you can do exactly what we want people to do and be prepared. >> the tweet cites early report from pg&e about elevated fire
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conditions causing the utility to cut power in an area ranging from the bay area to the sierra foothills a public safety power shut off psps. >> what's notable is it's the first of the year in sonoma county but not the first of the year in the region. you can ask east napa about that. remember june 8th. >> no power, internet, nothing. we got to go. >> that was martha sanchez as they cut power near lake bar he issa. communities might go 48 hours without power. this year santa rosa asked pg&e for notifications as early as possible. they got one with 100 hours notice. that's twice the normal lead time. and this when the area remains in threat level 2 of 4. >> we're not even 72 hours out. and at the 48 hour mark when we reach the fourth level potential psps that's when we contact
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customers and letting them know this could happen even at the fourth level. it's a potential psps. >> we don't want anybody caught off guard. we want them to be prepared and have tools and resources available. >> better to plan than be surprised they say in. in santa rosa wayne freedman. >> a light fire season but you are tracking. >> that's right. we have been lucky the rain we had not only the numbers come up today. we get a reprieve as fall arrives but then the heat returns in the work week. we look at the picture it's beautiful out there. not much fog in the city. in fact clear here. 61 degrees. looking at numbers on the cooler side in the north bay. we'll talk about a roller coaster of temperatures when we return. >> also ahead, a 5-year-old in the east bay needs a bone mar p.o. transplant but can't find a match. what you can do to help. plus a family can be considered low income with a six figure family but one family
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we do it right, too. with a 20 volt battery system that powers your craftsman tools across your home. this is not happening right now. what the -- >> shoppers at the suburban chicago malran for safety after a driver at the wheel of an suv plowed through the doors and kept driving inside. you can see this remarkable video here. the dangerous scene unfolded at the woodfield mall. four people suffering minor injuries but the driver nearly plowed into a group of children. off duty police officers were in the mall and detained the driver. he is identified as a 22-year-old man living nearby. let people know get out of the way because there was a car coming. everything started in one second and finished in a second. >> police say -- police say there was no indication this was a terrorist act.
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country singer josh turner is now rescheduling a rohnert park tour date because the bus from his tour crashed. a sound engineer was killed overnight on thursday. 7 others were hurt. the singer and band had just finished a show. turner was did you to perform at the stone wall village event center in rohnert park tuesday but now it's on hold along with the rest of the singers remaining september concerts. his label has not said when the concerts will happen. in the south bay, flavored tobacco products will no longer be sold in fremont, including cartridgesd e-cigarettes and menthol, a new ordinance approved the ban and set a ban price. a five of five cigarettes or cigar as costing $8. the goal to keep products away from children. here at abc 7 news building a better bay area.
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means overcoming challenges. that's what music therapist at benny op hospital do every day ♪ >> hello how are you today. >> last year ucsf's music therapists sang and strumd through 3,000 music sessions. the program is funded through the pederson family foundation and they started hospital music programs at ucsf, stanford and ucla and hospital in london. >> when the music therapist comes in and sings and makes destiny her heart rate goes down and her oxygen levels go up. >> the pederson family is hoping to span the music proam a spal in rome. i love that story. meantime a 5-year-old boy is was thatting in $a rare form of cancer. his family desperate to find a bone marro mass on his lung it' rare in the united states.
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and even less common in children. savian needs a bone rowe are o transplant and the likelihood of matched is based on ethnicity. it shows african-americans have only 23% chance to find a donor. >> i'm crushed that our community has been so reluctant to share their dna. >> as a parent, how do we accept that these are the facts for our black and brown kids? >> the hamiltons aren't gifting up. marine elementary, his school has proton partner wtd be the match. hosting an event today at noon in hopes of finding a donor. you can find information on the website at abc 7 all right meteorologist lisa argen now tracking the forecast. good morning, lisa. >> good morning, liz. we certainly warmed up yesterday in the 80s in san francisco. average high about 70. you probably heard we are doing it again today. actually this part of the weekend if you are looking for
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the warmer weather it's today, saturday we will cool off tomorrow. and then once again the roller coaster kins with some warmer weather and then much cooler weather which the end of the we can. live doppler 7 looking at clouds along the san mateo coast and the wider perspective shows that that big dome of high pressure keeping the storms at bay out of the pacific northwest and that clockwise flow around high pressure allowing for a bit of an offshore show as it builds in bringing the warmer air to the coast. we were warm yesterday but today how about mid-and upper 70s at our beaches. it's a cool 50 right now. half moon bay at napa 52 in santa rosa with 60 in oakland. mid-50s for you in san ramon with 57 in fremont. san jose checking in at 61. lots of upper 80s yesterday. in our inland valleys will be warmer than that today. we add on at least five degrees. but looking outside now, nice and cool and calm out there from our east bay hills camera. the warming trend continuing.
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autumn arrives monday. we get the break tomorrow monday the warmth returns. but tuesday and wednesday we watch for the elevated fire danger. and excessive heat. getting into the afternoon today, check out the beaches. low to mid-70s. ocean beach and half moon bay, lots of sunshine that weak on shore flow, the sea breeze coming into play in the afternoon. but it won't be strong. as we get into sunday we have low clouds and fog returning. higher clouds as well and that will cool us off significantly for the sunday. in terms of monday autumn while which bring in the warmth inland how about low 90s. 80s around the bay. look at tuesday. the warmth warm oat devastate reaching triple digits in the inland valley petition up he were 80s around the bay. upper 70s in san francisco. then on wednesday not much relief. notice all the reds continue not only in the inland valley but close to the bay. but li so we see some warm weather. we had the rain the fuel content is not as dry and pafrpd as it
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should be this time of year. but nonetheless this is the time we get the offshore flow and the high fire dangerous into september. 93 in concord. 87 in fremont. look for 79 downtown today. another warm one. 8 had in90s ntrosa mid-80s on the peninsula. looking at the warm weather again today with the numbers in the mid-90s inland 80s at the bay. 70s around the coast and the accuweather seven-day forecast brings the cooler weather. tomorrow. look at the 70s around the bay. feeling nice at the beaches. but as fall begins, the warmth returns and then looking at very windy conditions perhaps tuesday into wednesday our warmest days by the end of the week not only cooler, could even see a few areas of showers on friday. you download the app you can stay up to date but certainly more typical for the time of year is the hot dry offshore flow. >> i-like we're holding onto
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summer with the bright pink. >> let's keep it summer a bit thanks, lisa. but summer is ending. the autumn equinox on monday. and abc 7 news put together a list of local events to help you get ready for fall. on abc 7 we have a list of the best pumpkins patches and corner mazes as well as information to help you celebrate halloween every day of the month in october if you want. every day. check out the community events page at abc 7 for details. and we have made a commitment to building a better bay area. meaning we dig into the issues we face living here. like our high cost of living. a san francisco man has opened up his family's budget to show us how they make it work on a relatively low income. here is abc 7 news anchor dion lim. >> this is my favorite store everything is free-99. >> he isn't what you imagine someone in tech to be like. >> all you see here the baby furniture clothes all of the
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baby stuff all the turn fur furniture we got for free. >> limping in the modest 4000 square foot knob hill apartment with wife and baby is how he chooses to live. in order to make a $65,000 salary work. something he describes in his youtube video. >> boom. cook your own food at home. don't go to restaurants. >> alex admits as the fifth employee of encrypted email service proton mail he does own equity possibly in the millions but it's not guaranteed. >> it's like playing the lottery. there is a lot of risk right now my family writes it off as zero. >> some highlights of the budget, rent $170 0. no car, food $250 a month. he also does odd jobs like cleaning houses and charging scooters to growth the nest egg and start the college fund. >> there is anywhere from $5,000 to 10,000 of extra money we make contracting. >> alex says the key to making this lifestyle work not only an understanding wife. >> we are on our parents phone
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family plan. >> but a shift in mindset. >> you have to really address what do you want out of life, and work towards that? like it's not about keeping up with the jones. >> but perhaps not forever. especially with baby number two on the way. >> probably moving to florida for lower cost of living and opening a new office there. >>? san francisco, dion lim, abc 7 news. anyone can do it i suppose. we want to hear your ideas about building a better bay area share them by joining the better bay area group on fischer. >> the world's top surfers will kpet for top honors this weekend in a small california town more than 100 miles from the ocean. yeah, this is as surf ranch. located in kings county in the central valley. it's the site of theeeke. part of the surf league championship tour. 36 men and 18 women competing. this surf ranch is man made man so the technology and equipment
5:22 am
used to create the killer waves. >> we're able to manipulate the machine of how fast and slow. ultimately we tray to give everybody the best wave they can ride. >> the surf rafrm is the brain child of renowned surfer kelly slate are and 11-time world surf league champion. just ahead some students at a vallejo school got extra gym class for days because of no math teacher. parents aren't happy. the wheel of fortune rolled into the beau and looking for contestants how you can
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welcome back. the bay area's teacher shortaged made for a headache in the north bay. administrators at solano middle school had to cancel seventh grade math for three day processes i understand any got an extra hour of gym. a teacher took a two-week leave and they couldn't find substitutes. parents we spoke with had no idea dwr we didn't get the moel. usually i get a email about what's going on. >> that's an area that we dropped the ball on. >> vallejo is facing the same challenges as other districts. a lot of openings and not enough applicants to fill them. all right, the wheel mobile rolled into the bay area looking for contestants for wheel of fortune. drew tuma was there as folks tried out in rohnert park. >> okay. thank you. >> the crowd was pumped as the
5:26 am
doors opened. some, though, have been here before. previous winner eric had this advice for hopefuls >> you got to be, you know, loud and boisterous and make sure you standout. and be a smart -- smart wheel watcher and a smart puzzle solver. >> many dreams about what they would to if they were the next big win other than wheel landing on the million dollar prize. >> i would probably go on vacation. >> where would you go? >> i want to go to the maldives or something. i do. >> probably not much of anything ever again. >> stand ins for pet and vana call up names one by one. contestants only have seconds to cmo the personality and try to win the puzzle. it's all an attempt to get another call back. which will hopefully land them a spot on a taping of wheel. and you can try out today from 2:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. at graten
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resort and casino to be on wheel in rohnert park. in rohnert park, drew tuma, abc 7 news. >> how much fun? and for everything you need to know about the auditions you can go to good luck. inkts still to come on abc 7 mornings tensions escalating in the middle east what the pentagon says about plans to send troops to the region. and a young south bay athlete forced to remove her hijab by air canada. now she is demanding changes. plus a mom to the rescue, how a need for eye dplass led her to start her own business that's
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they took $12.8 billion from big tobacco. juul marketed mango, mint, and menthol flavors, addicting kids to nicotine. five million kids now using e-cigarettes. the fda said juul ignored the law with misleading health claims. now juul is pushing prop c, to overturn san francisco's e-cigarette protections. say no to juul, no to big tobacco, no to prop c. >> announcer: news to build a better bay area. this is abc 7 mornings. good morning on this saturday we are starring this half hour with a look at the weather. here is meteorologist lisa argen. good morning, lisa. >> good morning, liz. it's certainly going to be a warm day out there. but this morning enjoy it. if you like it cool we are down
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to 50 in napa. 52 santa rosa and low 50s for mountain view and 50 in half moon bay. elsewhere about 60 in our east bay. but, i do i are boy, temperatures already a little milder. 2 to 5 degrees mild are than this hour yesterday. the warming trend began today. upper echlgs winds from 20 to 36 miles an hour out of the north. that's the draeks where we get the warming, the drying, and we're for the looking at much of a sea breeze influence today. 10:00 we're in the 70s in the east bay. but 2:00 we have got roe to mid-80s there. 70s elsewhere. and more warmth but patchy fog arrives tonight. we'll talk about sunday's cooler forecast coming up. >> sounds good. thanks. new developments a young south bay athlete forced to remove a hijab before a flight by air canada is taking action. they were traveling to torrent for a whegs he when she was asked to take it off. anser hasan spoke to the young
5:31 am
biller. >> fatima has achieved a lot of firsts ranking top five on the u.s. junior national squash team in herrage too many team and the first to we are queer a hijab. >> it's part of the me i'm proud to wear it. >> fatima who wasn't wearing a headscarf in the passport photo was asked to remove the image abbey air canada staff. >> the air canada agent looked at me and said these don't connect. you need to take it off. >> she says a female air canada employees escorted her in the jetway at sfo and forced her to take off the scarf. the 13-year-old says she felt violated and humiliated. >> the problem was i wasn't given a private screening area on the policy. >> fatima older sister tweeted about it. >> they saw a kpant and they were like copy peace. copy pace here is the incident form let's kwofr it up. >> the family lawyer says most security screening is done by
5:32 am
the sfa which cleared her to fly. he adds they violated law by not providing a private screening area. >> this is something air canada doesn't follow their procedures. >> they did respond to reechted requests for comment. the family says in the email air canada says they have change the policy since the the incident. the family lawyer says they have given air canada two weeks to respond to the complaint. in the south bay, anser hasan, abc 7 news. >> thanks, anser. mo the meantime the nounsed it's sending troops to the saudi arabia and united arab emirates in response to the attack on oil facilities that u.s. blames on iran. the move comes hours after the announcement of new economic sanctions had gone into ekt if. defense secretary mark he is per says the troops are for defense. outlining key reasons force the
5:33 am
increase. >> to boluser defenses of saudi arabia and provide equipment to saudis and uae, the second to ensure the free flow of commerce through the strait and sure third the international rules based order. and try and convince the iranys to get on the diplomatic path. >> the pentagon says the deployment will -- deployment will moderate so troops will not be -- it will be moderate so troops will not be in the thousands. happening today congressman joe kennedy nouns campaign for u.s. senate. the 38-year-old representative will be challenging u.s. senator edward markey in the massachusetts democratic primary in 2020. markey shares many of kennedy's principles and has received kennedy's vote. kwendy is the grandson flt late attorney general and new york senator robert f kennedy and has been in congress since 2013. 73-year-old markey in c since 1976. and the white house held a state dinner last night. only the second one since
5:34 am
president trump took office. australian prime minister scott morrison and his waive were the guests of honor. the dinner held in the rose garden and the menu featured dover sole and apple tarts ayala mode. the yellow roses came from here in california? wildfires victims in and processing. e bond hoerlds teeming up with a plan to get the utility out of bankruptcy including a $24 billion settlement to pay for wildfires blamed on pg&e power lines. pg&e offered to pay victims from a trust capped at just over $8 billion. the bond hoerlds plan including investing over $28 billion in exchange for a stake in the company's parent company. it would include the creation of a $24 billion trust to handle the settlement. okay next tuesday, san jose city leaders will vote on whether or not they will continue a program that makes it more attractive for developers
5:35 am
toland build residential high rises. thursday morning protesters gathered in front of city hall urging cancellation of the program. the money from the fees is supposed to help build affordablous housing. protesters say the city stands to lose $57 million in developer fees. advocates to for the programs say they this don't get thes housing built it doesn't matter. >> we call it a cascade if there is not sufficient housing the higher earners kablize housing stock. that makes it difficult door lower income families who can't compete. >> if the program isn't renewed the city runs of risk of losing out on 3500 housing units currently in the works downtown. california filed suit to try to stop the trump dprpgs from revoking the the authority to set emission standards. 32 other states have joined the suit. against the national highway traffic safety administration.
5:36 am
the moves come after the federal agency designed a regulation to preempt the emission authority in california and other states and the district of columbia. wal-mart plans to stop selling electric cigarettes at all stores once the current inventory runs out. the nation's largest retailer citing growing concern and uncertainty about vaping products. more than 500 people have been diagnosed with vaichg-related breathing illnesses. and there have been 7 confirmed deaths. wal-mart's current inventory of ex-cigarettes kwo last until january. the company says it will continue selling trshl cigarettes. and one of one of four children will need glasses before 18. but many families struggle finding well fitting eye wear a mom of three has great solution. 3-d printed glasses. >> the arms snap on and off. usual when i have regular
5:37 am
glasses they break. these ones don't really break. because you can put them back together. >> we just found over and over we couldn't find what we wanted every time we shopped for eyeglasses. someone ending up in tears whether the kids or me. >> to the right. >> hi, i'm hide kwib founder the fi the tz fwrams from wree we're a custom eye glass company starting out of need for my family. two of my kids wore glasses since they were tiny. i never expected to enter the optical business. i'm in politics. i started looking into solutions how to make better eye glass system we launched fitz frames july 18th. one of the goals is to make kids feel confident in glasses and we custom taylor glasses. fitz created an appear designed the process to be under 5 minutes.
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you download the app scroll the six styles. virtual trien pick the one you like best then you take three snap shots it's easy with the iphone camera. that's the cool part we take measurements of your face to the closest millimeter. we take all the information over 1,000 points on your face to take that information to our 3-d prints printers. they are a custom fit. the most importnt is the fit. if glasses oent fit right kids faces change all the time. that's why we are excited about the technology. i want kids to feel good in grasses and to be excited about the process. >> and then you have to follow the arrow. >> we let them engrave whatever they want in the frame write the name lucky number or birth date. the material we use is more durable than standard as he tate and we have the great hinge. if they get hit or fall down it pops off and they put it back in and keep plays. it's important kids get the eyes checked because the signs can be
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easy to miss and kids can have problems where they don't realize they can't see. people think they're behaviorally challenged or have a learning disability. it's hard to communicate things are blurry because they don't know what it means. we are excited about giving kids ownership and agency into choosing the glasses. that is so cool! . lisa and i are saying can we have that for adults great idea. check out the brandon at also on factual basis and instagram. still ahead on abc 7 morning how a bay area stacks up on the modern dating scene. also rebirth in the presidio, a theater sitting vacate for 24 years comings back to life how you can get a peek. here a live look from our emeryvle camera. gorgeous morning there. lisa argen has the forecast in just a few minutes. stick with us.
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welcome back. here is a live look at the san mateo bridge. still dark out there at 5:42 this saturday morning. starting today a new spot to experience arts san francisco. something to check out today. the newly renovated presidio theater opens doors. the building had been vacant 24 years. originally built by the army in 1939 as a movie theater for members of the military and families. now it is reborn as a ven you or dance theater, music, film and the performing arts. >> we are excited for san francisco and for the arts
5:43 am
community to have an opportunity to have another space that they can perform in and show what a creative city and area we live in. >> the renovation costs $30 million and you can chg check check it out at a free open house tomorrow afternoon. something to do in weekend. now, a billionaire philanthropist pledging to pay off the student loans for the 2019 graduating class of morehouse college i'm sure you remember. he is now decided to expand his gift. robert f-smith says he will cover the expenses of the education loans taken out by their parents. many of those loans competing $50,000. the total gift now adds up to $34 million. smith says he hopes the students and families can invest in future without limping under a cloud of debt. that is certainly one of my favorite stories of the year and keeps getting better. all right this is a fun talk. a survey of the dating scenes in city as nationwide found it's rough out there for california singles. stockton rated at the very worst
5:44 am
city for dating of the 130 cities surveyed by apartment list. only 13% of residents in stockton said they are satisfied with the scene. atlanta, madison, wisconsin and washington, d.c. are the top three. so take note. san francisco is the top rated bay area city. but it didn't even break into the top 15, ranking number 17 in the country. oakland and los angeles were around the middle of the pack. and coming in -- coming in both at 53 and 59 respectively sacramento and stockton are at the bottom at 112 and oof. the city considered dating affordability and the percentage of singles to get the numbers. there you go. that's -- that's the -- people are speaking. >> so many stats. i have weather stats for you. we are looking at a warmer day today. starting the warming trend yesterday. bow it feels like the season out the interest today. check out the got are golden
5:45 am
gate, the number dropped to 48 at half moon bay. crtainly a cool start with 50s in the north bay. near 60 in the east bay. going to 90 today. not hard to take. with you we'll talk about warmer weather to come. >> also the a's continue the post season push time to talk magic n
5:46 am
5:47 am
welcome become. in sports, a big day of college football is ahead with all three bay area schools back in action this weekend. at the 9:00 a.m. number 23 krall takes on ole miss in oxford you can muchwayen oh supine u. 16th rank oregon battling stanford on the farm. if you're not going you can watch on espn. and san jose state versus
5:48 am
arkansas at razor back stadium at 4:30. the oklahoma a's getting hot at just the right time process. the magic number down to 7. here so our sports anchor chris alvarez with the details. >> we have reached the point in the baseball subsection we are where we can talk playoffs and magic numbers. the a of an magic number into friday night against texas is 8 here we go. let's bash from the coliseum, bottom 2 pick it up judge kmad pinder, lift and separate. three-run shot to center. opens the scoring 3-0. how sweet are the green jerseys bottom five now 5-0 np kenna, 6-0. 25th of season. mike fires all the run support he needed eight scoreless ina's win 8-0. oakland maintains the 2-game lead. the magic number down to 7. tampa bay entered the 9 on friday in the second wild card spot. boston playing spoiler, mitch
5:49 am
morland two-run shot to left. ties the game at 4. bottom 11, two on for willie adammis. reyes walk off 5-4 in ref innings updated wild calendar substantial in the american league, a of an omd the two game lead. the ray as indian tide for second place. baseball on the giants, the national league side of things he feels and john lenin look align. oz by alby one hundred hit up the middle. bottom three, the former a, josh donaldson. sometimes you throw your bat at the ball didn't work. tyrell beaty gets the strikeout. a's ronald akunna junior two run opposite blast to right center. the braves win national league east. pac 12 football on friday night. the backup quarterback knocked out of the game after that hit
5:50 am
high pressure here comes third stringer mat feng on the opening possession airing it to tyrell v. touchdown. 7-0 uscp tide at 7. feng avoid the sacks rolls right throw it up to st. brown. usc pulse off the upset, 30-23. did you see this check out the outfielder fans encourage him to throw toorpds the beer can .knock down the top can. that is impressive. maybe an nfl or quarterbacks or teams looking at him as a potential prospect. right now on abc 7 check out the hooptopia feature. fan experience at chase center you see in october. it's on our website right now. have a great saturday. big day of sports ahead. and today is california coastal cleanup day. a perfect excuse to stretch legs and go plugging. what is that? it's a fitness craze started in
5:51 am
sweden and arrived in the bay area. it's mixes trash cleanup with jogging. this year it's also the battle for the bay cleanup challenge between the mayors of san francisco, oakland and san jose. they made bets on who has the most volunteers for today's cleanup effort. you with cano can find a link to register on the website. abc 7 now a check of the bay area forecast with our moils lisas r that. it's warm, in fact even at the coast. temperatures will into the 70s in spots. here is a live look outside. where you can see the visibility pretty good. we do have some upper elevation wind and it's out of the north. that is allow forgive a quick warmup later on this morning. but as for now temperatures are chilly out there. we are looking at numbers warmer than yesterday, though. in fact, it will be not only with a lot of unz sunshine today warmer than tomorrow. tomorrow we see the cooler weather, autumn arrives monday.
5:52 am
and the high fire danger big time is the hot theest temperatures arrive tuesday. perhaps extending to wednesday. another vantage point you can see how clear it is here in san francisco. at the airport we were in the low 80s yesterday with 79 downtown, about the same today. but inland we will be warmer. here is a live doppler 7 you can see a little fog on the san mateo coast. and we will see a return to a week sea breeze today but then the fog coming back tonight. we have a cool evening on the way. as we widen the view you notice that the clouds while there aren't many they're up and over the hunl dome of high pressure deflect accurate the storm track and at the same time allowing for a bit of offshore flow today and that quick warmup through the midmorning hours. but talk about cool, how about that 48 this morning, half moon bay? it's 52 in novato and santa rosa. 60 in oaklan and san jose. 56 in livermore. and yesterday we were well into the 80s in our inland valleys. but looking at livermore for the
5:53 am
next several days we notice that we're above average today. it's usually upper 80s there. 92 going for the high today. we cool back tomorrow with better on shore push. and looking at 90 degrees on the warmside, the first day of autumn here come warm weather tuesday and wednesday. mid-and upper 90s. towards the delta could see some triple digit heat. don't last. by thursday and friday cooler weather. a good idea to prepare for that in the days ahead. but as for today certainly warm. 86 in sunnyvale on peninsula into the mid-80s redwood city and palo alto. 83 san mateo. a weak sea breeze late in the day. we warm up and stay mild from the sunset to daly city in the mid-seventies. 89 in novato or near either bay. it's a warm day in the east bay with 84 in oakland. union city, 85. 87 in from fremont.
5:54 am
inland looking at highs around 90 degrees in san ramon and pleasanton. 92 in antioch. cooling off quickly tonight. gad sleeping weather. and tomorrow with a little patchy fog in the morning and sea breeze in the afternoon we are cooler. the accuweather seven-day forecast shows today warm. 80s a 90s around the by. 70s around the coast. cooling off sunday it should feel good into the first day of fall but that's when we begin a reversal again as we warm up and the winds come back. looking at the typical gusty offshore winds tuesday and wednesday. download the app appear we see the big drop in temperatures by the end of the woke. if you don't like the heat, hold on. but the high fire danger returns. >> that's a nice break. always so nice in the morning, the crisp cool fall. >> we have that. >> thanks attention, lisa. >> a special birth meet the baby girl making a grand entertains on a unique date.
5:55 am
5:56 am
5:57 am
welcome become. a family in maine have will have a tough tp time forgetting a precious home. meet madison born thursday 9:19:19 at precisely 9:19 in the morning. here is the icing on the cake. doctors say she is 19 inches long. so i guess her lucky number is 9 or 19. wow, awesome. and they grow up so fast. ooh, i can't. the world's heaviest twin panda cubs getting bigger. this is from the research base much giant panda breeding. born on july 8th. the boy and girl born to a giant panda born in the u.s. in 2010 but came to china in 2013. researchers say all the little bears are happy and healthy. that made my morning. i love the sweet little pandas. next on abc 7 mornings,
5:58 am
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>> announcer: news to build a better bay area. this is abc 7 mornings. good morning, it's saturday, september 21st. i'm liz kreutz. here is meteorologist lisa argen. good morning, lisa. >> good morning, liz. we had a warm day yesterday as high pressure built in. today is the warmest day of the weekend starting out with patchy fog. the san mateo coast. but numbers are cool right now at the coast. how about that 48 degrees? we're 50 in santa rosa. 57 in froment. 61 down. two to five degrees warmer. as we go through the


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