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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  September 25, 2019 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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now at 6:00, power is out in parts of the bay area. pg&e is cutting electricity to some customers in napa and sonoma counties becaudanger. > here's a live look through our east bay hills camera. a red flag warning is in effect for much of the east bay and the north bay. good morning, everyone. it's wednesday, september 25th. we want to get to that high fire danger. >> you're never more than seven minutes away from your accuweather forecast. here's mike nicco. good morning. >> good news, the east bay hills and the diablo range, out of the high fire danger, but vallejo, mare island up towards yucaipa. here is the eat advisory for everybody except those at the coast. increased risk of heat related illness today. i wanted to show you what was going on at mare island. i apologize. let me pull that up.
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the winds are very light. the temperatures are in the upper 60s. humidity in the mid 60s. so we have conducive conditions to fight that fire. let's look at temperatures. 57 to 68. it's a little warm, still very comfortable for those firefighters. 80s and 90s at noon. 90s and 100s away from the coast. here's your commute. >> we will check out the ride on that westbound 80 stretch through vallejo, which is near that fire in that mare island area. traffic is slowing on westbound 80 as you make your way towards 7 780. i wonder if the fire and smoke is visible from the freeway. 680 is a bit of a mess. there was an earlier car fire reported northbound 680. you can see traffic is jammed right in that northbound 680 stretch. it isactingoubo tards thea bri. a 580 with an accident in the eastbound direction.
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also southbound 880 still slow with an accident at winton. no injuries reported there through hayward a live shot of 101 in san jose. southbound traffic on the right-hand side. a new crash reported past the scene, southbound 101 at mckie. >> we want to get back to that breaking news in vallejo. hi mike showed you that video, sky 7 over a fire burning at the south end of mare island. we're getting new details into the abc newsroom about what may have started this fire. firefighters say someone tried to cut two power poles with a saw around 3:00 this morning. we don't know many details about who these people are, but officials say people have tried to steal copper from power lines on mare island in the past. so far these flames have burned three akercreacres. the fire is 50% contained. p.u can track this online on
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l happeningow at6:02, nearly 50,000 pg&e customers across northern california are waking up without electricity because of the high fire danger. >> this happened at 2:30 this morning in bute, nevada, and yuba city. at 4:30, you can see on the map, 708 customers lost power near calistoga, napa and the northern end of lake berryessa. in sonoma county 750 customers are affected. >> santa rosa, petaluma and windsor will have cooling centers open again today. yesterday business owners and residents waited to find out from pg&e if they would be affected by the power shutoff. a santa rosa generator company has seen a 200% increase in business in the last two years since the north bay wildfires, especially this week.
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residents have been plotting how to deal with this emergency shutoff for months. >> you know, if you have not planned, you're late in the game honestly. you don't just plug in a generator. >> other residents topped off their fuel tanks, they bought what they might need for days possibly without electricity. >> and you can find out about dangerous weather conditions through the abc 7 news app. you can customize the app for the topics and places you're interested in. more breaking news, the ceo of juul labs is stepping down immediately. the san francisco-based company mayes th made the announcement over an hour ago. here is jobina fortson. >> this is major breaking news for juul. kevin burns is out as ceo, and k.c. crosthwaite is in.
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this comes as the cdc and the california public health officer are telling consumers to stop vaping immediately until an investigation as to why so many people are being hospitalized is finished. we've learned some new information from juul as well this morning. juul labs announced the company is suspending all broadcast, print and digital product advertising in the united states. and also refraining from lobbying the administration on draft guidance and committed to fully support and comply with the final policy when effective. the last few months hundreds of people have been hospitalized across the country with serious lung conditions that are suspected to be linked to vaping. the "los angeles times" says in california there have been two deaths due to the illnesses as well as 90 people who have been hospitalized. according to officials as of friday, there have been 530 cases of lung injury nationwide as well as seven deaths. a third of those people are between the ages of 18 and 35,
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and most people that became sick vaped with thc. massachusetts' governor called on a four-month ban of all products in the state yesterday. and santa clara county approved a ban on the sale of e-cigarettes to anyone under the age of 21. you can see the signage here, it says you must be 21 years old to enter the building here. and also we learned that in santa clara county a havenvent survey showed that 1 in 3 teens says they have tried vaping at least once. reporting live, jobina fortson, abc 7 news. >> thank you for that report. developing news out of washington now this morning where the trump administration is set to release a transcript of the president's call with the president of ukraine. that call took place in july is at the center of an impeachmente inquiry noer house speaker nancy pelosi. president trump acknowledged he asked ukraine's president to investigate joe biden and his
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son, hunter. before that call president trump froze nearly $400 million in aid to ukraine. he denies it had anything do with his call to investigate the bidens. we have more on our website,, including a full look at the impeachment process. new developments from southern california. overnight police detained a person of interest in that violent attack on a realtor that was caught on a security camera. we showed you this video yesterday here on abc 7 mornings. [ screaming ] >> terrifying. the woman says the man groped her before running away. it happened over the weekend at an open house near los angeles. the agent says the man got agitated when she wouldn't go inside the house with him. she says she was wary of the man after seeing him at another open house the week before. the person of interest has not yet been booked on any charges. >> all right. how is this one? putting boulders on sidewalks so homeless people can't camp out? is it helping or is it harmful?
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we'll dig into it as part of our efforts to build a better bay area. and he stole hearts and a lot more. the new honor for klepto cat. and just a reminder, red flag warning canceled for the east bay hills and mountains, but not the north bay. that includes mare island. that's where we see this fire. 68 degrees. it's mild now but hot later. temperatures in the 90s and 100s. let's hope the firefighters can get this under control quickly and not so that early retirement we planned. it's going ok? great. now i'm spending more time with the kids. i'm introducing them to crab. crab!? they love it. so, you mentioned that that money we set aside. yeah. the kids and i want to build our own crab shack. ♪ ♪ ahhh, you're finally building that outdoor kitchen. yup - with room for the whole gang. ♪ ♪ see how investing with a j.p. morgan advisor can help you. visit your local chase branch.
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we have the high fire danger in the north bay. this is the southern tip of mare island. you can see fire engulfing that area. winds are light out of the southeast at 4 to 5 miles per hour. 68 is the temperature. about 65% relative humidity. good conditions that are only going to get worse for firefighters once the sun comes up. we have mid to upper 60s in the south bay. 72 in milpitas. it is all over the place from 56 in san pablo to near 07 in sa70 francisco. we're looking at warm conditions at the beaches. if you have yard work or out and about, it will be extremely dangerously hot and there's the potential for poor air. san francisco, look at these temperatures in the 80s by noon. near 90 around 3:00 and 4:00.
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lowoid 90 fro y, we' reach100 005:00. mid to upper 90s starting at 1:00 through 6:00. here's frances. >> mike, we're checking out the ride in solano county where you show ted us that fire. a bit of slowing on 680 around the fire. the smoke may be available. 680 had a problem northbound 60 near lake herman. there was a car fire reported in the left lane. you can see it's really impacting traffic on both sides of the freeway. eastbound 580 at greenville, an injury accident is causing lots of slowing in the westbound direction. traffic has been slow through the altamont pass. slowing along the whole stretch through hayward right now and here's 101 in san jose, there's an accident southbound as well
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on the right-hand side p shot at mckie. thanks. another parent has been sentenced in the college admissions scandal. how his prison sentence compares to fell licity
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welcome back. college usually lasts four
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years. a parent who cheated to get his son into college will spend four months in prison. devon sloan paid $250,000 to have his son admitted to usc as a water polo recruit. a sport his son didn't know how to play. he hired a graphic designer doctor the picture. he will spend two years in supervised release also. he is the second parent sentenced for this scandal dubbed operation varsity blues. the college admission scandal. last week felicity huffman was sentenced to 14 days in prison. part of our effort to build a better bay area focuses on issues like people trying to keep their neighborhoods clean and safe. in one part of san francisco, neighbors have taken matters into their own hands to prevent people from camping and dealing drugs on their sidewalk. let's show you these boulders. they line the curbs along one
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side of clinton park. a neighborhood group on facebook raised about $2,000 to install the large rocks. one woman didn't want us to see her face, but said people got fed up with crime and filth. >> you're looking at a turf war one night and everybody was done. >> talking to the head of our hot spots crew, encampment crew yesterday about that, they say they're out on clinton park regularly. >> the neighbors say someone with the city advised them to unofficially buy these boulders. right now officials do not plan to take action against the neighbors. as always, we want to hear your ideas about building a better bay area. you can share them by joining our better bay area group on facebook. it's hard to forget dusty the cat. san mateo's real life cat burglar became a celebrity after an abc 7 story on his thievery in 2016. now dusty has a new title. he will serve as grand marshal
6:18 am
forev for burlingame's pet parade on sat. he saturday. he's 13 years old now. he sleeps a lot but he still swipes items. recently he seized a wiffle ball. that adds to the 600 items he stole during a three-year stretch. >> towels, towels. rags. plastic bags. >> i can't. animal planet installed this camera to capture dusty in the act. he brought home a wide variety of items. this story never gets old. what was he carrying there, a bra? dusty, what? >> he does not discriminate. >> i did not know dusty stole that much stuff. >> he did. >> that's a lot of stuff. >> nobody came back to claim it. >> just keep it. >> it's yours. it's a play toy now.
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it once was something else, an undergarment, now it's a play toy. that's fun. i have to switch gears here and talk about something not so fun. it's not a densely populated area, it's the southern tip of mare island. tyler road, that's what we're looking at now. about 68 degrees right there. you can see map 7 on sky 7 -- sky map 7 on sky 7, you can see the roads there. what we're dealing with, 68 degrees, southeast wind at 4 to 5 miles per hour. conditions are prime. it's dark, but once the sun comes up, the condition also get quickly worse as it will heat up and the wind may pick up a bit. we have that to deal with. that won't help the air quality either. it's a spare the air day. expect no changes today, maybe a degree or two warmer than yesterday. this is the last night. cooler and more clouds, breezy
6:20 am
this weekend with a 20 to 30 degree temperature drop. we'll be in the 60s for highs in the south bay. mid to upper 90s today. going to the water? 60 degrees. 96 in san mateo. 81 aha mbaydaly city. sausalito, 88. 98 to 103 through the north bay. 92 at richmond to fremont at 96, our last stop, just about everybody in the east bay valleys, 100s. ten degrees cooler for tomorrow. 60s and 70s saturday through the weekend. frances? >> we have a new crash reported southbound 101 at tully. a motorcycle accident involved there. and another new accident in fairfield, westbound 80 at west texas. you can see traffic is slow even past the crash as you make your way towards the cordelia junction. also we had trouble on 680 just
6:21 am
north of the benicia bridge. it was an earlier car fire. it has been causing lots of slowing in both directions. we also wanted to let you know where that mare island fire was. westbound 80 unaffected through vallejo. westbound 580, tracy to castro valley almost an hour and a half because of an injury crash. we're checking out that drive time on northbound 101 through san jose, highway 85 up to the san jose airport is 15 minutes despite a couple accidents in the southbound direction. a live shot of the san mateo brim showing slowing on the westbound side. the southbound 880 stretch has been slow through ahard wihigh h an accident at winton. if the weather is too warm for you right now, how much someplace much cooler. >> a lot cooler. airbnb is offering an all-expense paid trip. and also the new line of
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let's talk about baseball real quick. we say farewell to boech bochy e
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2019 season. first pitch at 80, dropping down to 71. air quality is good to moderate sensitive. that's in other areas.areas. it's not due to this fire that we see on mare island, it's due to burning fossil fuels. inland east bay, south bay, and the santa clara valley. san francisco based airbnb is in the business of renting out homes around the world. >> but now it wants to invite a select few to the most remote region on earth. >> i'm looking for five volunteers. >> this is the teaser video airbnb released for its month-long antarctic sabbatical. five volunteers will spend two weeks training and then traveling to antarctica as citizen scientists. they will help a reacher foe
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focusing on plastic pollution. this all-expense paid trip takes place from november to december. applications can be submitted on airbnb's website. little too cold for me. >> i like glamping. that does not look like glamping. that looks like work. >> yeah. >> y'all go ahead. >> have fun. >> a childhood favorite for many is now new and improved. >> so hasbro says the darts in the new ultra one blaster can fly as far as 10 feet. they credit lightweight foam material. the ult thra one blaster will o take the newly improved darts. the blaster goes on sale next month and will cost about $50. and mattel is trying to break down gender barriers. you can see the toy company is launching gender inclusive dolls called creatible world. they come in kits with different hair, clothes and accessory options.
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some are more feminine, others are masculine. you can select and apply any combination of accessories to create a custom doll. >> i like that. democrats in the house are take the first step towards possibly impeaching president rump. we'll have the details from washington. and the b.a.r.t. extension to san jose has been a lon ♪ sup. wh- whacha doing? i'm watching food. try my $3 cheddar bacon loaded curly fries. get 'em delivered with doordash.
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try my $3 cheddar bacon loaded curly fries. they took $12.8 billion from big tobacco. juul marketed mango, mint, and menthol flavors, addicting kids to nicotine. five million kids now using e-cigarettes. the fda said juul ignored the law with misleading health claims.
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now juul is pushing prop c, to overturn san francisco's e-cigarette protections. say no to juul, no to big tobacco, no to prop c. ♪ ♪ try my $3 steak and parm loaded curly fries. get 'em delivered with doordash.
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people in the north bay waking up in the dark. pg&e cutting the power this morning because of the high fire risk. >> the high fire danger continues until 11:00 this morning. >> i'm jobina fortson tracking breaking news. juul's ceo stepped down and this comes as the cdc and state health officials are warning consumers to stop vaping. >> betrayal of his oath of office. betrayal of our national security. >> nancy pelosi has opened an impeachment inquiry against president trump. today the president is expected to release the transcript of a controversial call he made with the president of ukraine. and b.a.r.t. riders won't be able to take the train to downtown jose any time soon. service may be pushed back to 2030. good morning, everyone. it is wednesday, september 25th. as you can see, we're following a lot of news. breaking news with the fire and
6:31 am
also just the fire -- the high fire danger that has some people without power. >> people are complaining, of course, i have no wind, why am i in the dark this morning? of course we'll explain that coming up. first, let me tell you some good news. the east bay hills and the diablo range out of the high fire danger. red flag warning for the north bay mountains and for places like vallejo where just across on mare island we have that fire raging right now. we'll talk more about that coming up. and we have the heat advisory from 11:00 this morning to 7:00 this evening. that's when we have the most dangerous heat. the exception is the coast and the east bay hills and diablo range. 76 from sutro tower. what? 76? 57 to 68, another uncomfortable morning for a lot of us. 80 to 90 at noon. 80 at the coast. 90s and 100s take over the rest yseecl crhes.orhoods thisr, i
6:32 am
there's a new one in san jose, southbound 101 at tully. there could be injuries there. traffic is slowing on the northbound direction. so far southbound traffic is looking good through san jose, northbound 101 is slow in spots. we have another problem, as you make your way westbound 4 past willow road, an accident blocks the two right lanes. it's jammed from pittsburg almost back up into antioch. also northbound 680 at lake herman, this earlier car fire still out there. they can't get it out of the left lane. traffic has been heavy in both directions. slow westbound 80 through vallejo with that fire on the mare island south section of mare island. >> thanks. let's head back to the scene of breaking news that we're following in vallejo. you are looking live right now from sky 7 at a wildfire burning on mare island. that fire broke out after 3:00 this morning. >> as we look live there, we are getting new information from vallejo firefighters. they are telling us they believe someone tried to cut two power
6:33 am
poles with a saw and that's what may have sparked the fire. this fire is next to tyler road there. the firefighters are telling us they found two saws in the area and they say that the thieves have tried to steal copper electrical wires in the past. these flames at this point, they charred about three akercreacre. this fire is 50% contained. developing news, president trump is set to release the transcript of his call with the ukrainian president. >> that call is at the center of an official impeach. inquiry launched by nancy pelosi. inez is in washington with more. good morning. >> good morning. house speaker nancy pelosi had been on the fence for months, she's now making her move as more than two-thirds of house democrats say it's time to impeach. >> house speaker nancy pelosi announcing the
6:34 am
towards impeachment. >> the actions of the trump presidency revealed dishonorable fact of the president's betrayal of his oath of office, betrayal of our national security, and betrayal of the integrity of our elections. >> reporter: the historic move comes after president trump acknowledged that he asked ukrainian president zelensky to investigate joe biden and his son hunter. just days before that that phone call trump ordered his chief of staff to freeze $400 million in foreign aid to ukraine. >> this is about the president abusing his office in seeking political dirt about an election that's upcoming. >> reporter: trump insists -- >> there was no quid pro quo. >> reporter: calling this presidential harassment and authorizing the transcript of the phone call to be released. >> when you see the call, the read out of the call, which i assume you will see at some point, you will understand. that call was perfect.
6:35 am
>> reporter: while the trump administration initially blocked congress from seeing a whistle-blower's complaint related to trump's call with ukraine's president, sources now say the complaint is undergoing a declassification process by the white house for its possible release. this as adam schiff says the whistle-blower now wants to speak to congress. schiff has requested an interview for tomorrow after the acting director of national intelligence appears before his committee. >> reporter: an impeachment inquiry is just the beginning of a long process, even if any impeachment articles were to pass the house, two-thirds of the senate is needed to convict tr trump and remove him from office and senate republicans say there are no grounds for impeachment. >> thank you. >> we talked to republican national committee member hermeet dillon after pelosi's announcement. she this the speaker will regret
6:36 am
it. >> as a republican, they look back on their impeachment effort of bill clinton regretfully, it hurt us badly in the next election. democrats may wish they had not gone down this path. >> we have more on we have a full look at the impeachment process. the time is 6:36. happening now, pg&e shut off power to hundreds of customers in the north bay because of an increased risk of fire. >> thousands of people have been in the dark for hours. amy hollyfield is in calistoga for us this morning. good morning. >> good morning. you can see behind me this arco gas station is dark. this section of calistoga does not have power. we are at petrified forrest road and highway 108. downtown is okay, but just north of there the lights have been turned off. nothing happene, but pg&e
6:37 am
decided to shut down the power because of the risk of wildfires. we saw people this morning stopping by the gas station, wanting to go to the convenience store but realizing there was no power and that the stores are closed. they were surprised to find everything like this, but no power means no business. >> this is surprising because i was not expecting calistoga to lose power. i'm triiying to go to work, but i'm not sure there's power. >> what were you hoping to buy here? >> i was just trying to get coffee. >> some of the creature comforts people will be without this morning. here are the areas without power. 708 customers near calistoga, napa and the northern end of lake berryessa. and then 711 customers near santa rosa along porter creek
6:38 am
road don't have power. pg&e said they decided to do this from equipment possibly sparking a fire during the warm, dry, windy conditions. they estimated the power will be back on around noon. i talked to a police officer and a sheriff's deputy, they say no major issues have been reported because of the outage. the biggest complaint they're getting is when air conditioning will be turned back on because it is pretty warm here. amy hollyfield, abc 7 news. new developments in mountain view. the city council voted to restrict where people can park rvs and trailers often used as homes along many streets. dozens rallied on a ban before rv parking before last night's council meeting. the council voted 4-3 to ban oversized vehicle parking on narrow streets. many homeless advocates believe the new law will disrupt lives. >> most of these people will want to stay in the communities with their families and friends and homes and schools. >> we're trying to balance their
6:39 am
concerns and needs with the needs of residents, other people who live in mountain view. >> reporter: mountain view's new law takes effect on june 30, 2020. it applies to mainly residential streets. rv parking will be allowed in many commercial and residential areas. in the south bay, the b.a.r.t. extension into san jose could be delayed along longer than anticipated. according to the "mercury news," new estimates point to a service launch in 2029 or 2030. the original scheduled anticipated service was supposed to start in 2026. the valley transportation department says delays in permits contributed to this. the vta and b.a.r.t. says this is just a preliminary estimate. coming up, the bay area is is tracking breaking news on juul's ceo steppin down.
6:40 am
jobina fortson will have a full report. >> and the stock exchange is starting up this morning. another update on how the markets are doing next. >> first, you're never more than seven minutes away from your accuweather forecast. overfollowing a lot of news on that front this morning, mike. >> check out these temperatures in san francisco. the coolest, of course, ocean beach, 58. it's the outlier, the next temperature is park presidio at 63. 70 in the financial, waking up in the sunset, 73 and 70 at lake mark ercet. that's our average high. 71 in daly city. pittsburg, 74. 60s everywhere else. going back to sky 7, you can see we have sky map 7 on sky 7 showing you tyler road, the southwest corner or the southern tip, you will, of mare island on fire. the fire is climbing that hill which separates tyler road from the gulf course there. the chimney effect taking over.
6:41 am
as it gets hotter, the hot air rises and makes things more susceptible to catching fire. out there, mass transit, on the bay, driving, everything is bad because of the poor air quality that's possible today. the heat, the peninsula in the mid 90s during the afternoon hours. we have high clouds and sunshine. a gorgeous sunrise this morning. by the afternoon hours, those are melting. 90 in the south bay already at 5:00. several hours in the 100 degree category, especially from 3:00 to 5:00. i want to bring frances in here and talk about the smoke and the fire, any issues with the ferries? >> no delays reportd right now for the vallejo ferry and also a great way to spare the air, take mass transit. b.a.r.t. reporting no delays.
6:42 am
ace trains are on time. we are tracking some problem areas. 680 northbound at lake herman, there's a car fire or problem there blocking the left lane. traffic has been slow in the southbound direction. on the map, you can see where the fire is located on may island, westbound 80 through vallejo also. westbound 4, an accident was blocking a couple right lanes. traffic has been heavy along that stretch backed up to antioch. southbound 101 at tully, tracking this motorcycle injury crash which is causing slowing now in the northbound
6:43 am
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let's talk about the school day. starting off at 57 at the coast. the rest of us in the mid 60s. that's as comfortable as it gets. air quality concerns, the kids may have to stay inside today. 70s and 80s at 11:00. low to upper 90s at 3:00. fire concerns continue. in the sacramento valley, in the foothills, red flag warning through this evening. theen i a flash flood watch for palm springs. some storms headed that way. 75 in tahoe today. 30 degrees cooler on sunday. 44 and snow that evening.
6:46 am
thanks. breaking news, the ceo of san francisco-based vaping company juldz juul is stepping down. seven vaping related deaths have been confirmed by the cdc and 530 reported illnesses across 39 states and territories so far. jobina fortson is tracking these developments outside juul headquarters in san francisco. good morning. good morning. kevin burns is out, and k.c. crosthwaite is in as new ceo of juul effective immediately. this comes as the cdc and the california public health officer are telling consumers to stop vaping immediately until an investigation as to why so many people are being hospitalized is finished. we've learned some additional information from juul as well this morning. juul labs announced the company is suspending all broadcast, print and digital product advertising in the united states.
6:47 am
and also refraining from lobbying the administration on draft guidance and committed to fully support and comply with the final policy when effective. new juul ceo oversaw the company's expansion into alternatives into combustible cigarettes. kevin burns released this statement. working at juul labs has been an honor and i still believe the company's mission of eliminating combustible cigarettes is vitally important. i am very proud of my team's efforts to lead the industry towards much needed category-wide action to tackle underage usage of these products, which are intended for adult smokers only. now, this is also just coming after massachusetts governor put a four-month ban on the sale of vaping products. as well locally in santa clara county, vaping products cannot be sold to anyone under the age
6:48 am
of 21. it will be interesting to see how this continues to unfold. reporting live from juul headquarters, jobina fortson, abc 7 news. >> jobina, thank you. altria, which invested $13 billion for a stake in juul has ended talks with philip morris. they will jointly launch a heated tobacco product called icoast. it is part of a mute cal interest to achieve a smoke-free future. the product is not available in the u.s. but is available in other parts of the world. it heats tobacco to create an aerosol that is then inhaled by the user. taking a live look at the new york stock exchange, trading is getting under way this morning. we don't have the board up right now. we'll try to get that if we can. nestle is getting into the
6:49 am
faux meat market with the awesome burger. the awesome burger is made with yellow pea protein and is gmo-free, soy-free and vegan. it will make its debut in safe way, ralph's and fred myer markets. all right. you're never more than seven minutes away from your accuweather forecast. here's mike. pisland once again.wing mare winds are blowing from southeast to northwest. the smoke you see is blowing from the southern tip of the island all the way up the entire island as it is oriented southeast to northwest. that is near tyler road in the southern tip of mare island. that will continue burning for a while now. they have conducive conditions, just those light breezes. 68 degrees is the temperature. the pattern is holding. so we have fire danger, heat danger and unhealthy air. last mild to warm night. we'll sleep much better starting tomorrow night.
6:50 am
ready for autumn? 20 to 30 degrees cool every. we'll be doing that wardrobe shuffle, getting some coats out, jeans in and long sleeves and sweatshirts. 94 to 98 in the south bay. 95 to 97 on the peninsula. yeah. yeah. wrap your head around that one. low to mid 80s along the coast. 85 in daley city. low to mid 90s downtown. sausalito, 8al 88. along the east bayshore, 92 to 96 is our spread. heading inland, we have 99 to 102. we see tomorrow morning, not much in the way of the fog, but look as we head late into the afternoon hours, there it returns. look what it does to our temperatures. the dramatic drop by friday. even cooler this weekend. 60s and 70s. frances? >> all right. get ready for that hot one. we have a hit and run at the bay bridge toll plaza. traffic has backed up well into the maze this morning. we had quite a few problems and
6:51 am
we'll go to a new one in san francisco. so this will cause slowing southbound 101 at cesar chavez. injuries may be reported there. northbound 101 is slow milwaukeeing your way through the hospital curve towa. northbound 680 off the benicia bridge in lake herman is causing some minor slowing. very heavy in the northbound direction, but it has also impacted the southbound ride. that's been heavy most of this morning. westbound 80 slows through vallejo where the fire may be visible on the westbound 80 ride. the motorcycle crash southbound 101 at tully in san jose is being cleared. usual slow and go on 101. there are just five more games left for giants manager bruce bochy before he last night the giants ebl s ext his career by six innings as san
6:52 am
francisco and colorado battled into the 16th inning. charlie blackmon hit a home runner to beat the giants 6-5. 25 pitchers were used by both teams in the game. the giants and rockies play two more games before the giants close out the season at oracle park with three game against the dodgers this weekend. >> i can't get that image out of my head. coming up next, 7 things to know before you go. >> how gorgeous is this? ♪ ♪
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it's 6:55 this morning. 7 things to know before you go. the first one is the weather. as you look from the roof camera, the flag is not moving on the ferry building. the air conditioning is off again. stagnant air means poor air quality and dangerously hot temperatures from 80 near the coast, 90s in san francisco to 100s inland. number two, hundreds of pg&e customers are in the north bay without power because of the high fire danger. at 40k 4:30 this 700 customers lost power near calistoga and napa. sky 7 is live above the scene of a wildfire burning on mare island in vallejo.
6:56 am
three acres have been burned. number four, president trump is set to release the july call with the president of ukraine. there are questions on whether the government was pressured to investigate joe biden. juul lab ceo kevin burns announced he's stepping down effective immediately. juul said it is suspending all advertising while the vehicfede government investigates a spike in people getting sick from vaping. and a multiple car crash in san francisco, southbound 101 past cesar chavez. traffic will be slow in both directions. number seven, the lawn bowling championship is happening this week in san francisco's golden gate park. the competition runs through friday. if you want to check out the action, it's free and open to the public. they had on hats, so you should probably wear a hat. >> sunscreen. they looked well prepared toer that vigorous activity.
6:57 am
>> thank
6:58 am
6:59 am
7:00 am
good morning. we're coming on the air with breaking news related to the impeachment investigation of president trump. the justice department has just released the phone call between president trump and president zelensky where they discussed a possible investigation into former vice president joe biden. i want to bring in pierre who has seen the transcript. tell us what you know. >> the president of the united states did speak with the president of ukraine and made a


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