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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  September 25, 2019 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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relouis of the whistle-blower report. >> this vote today is about more than any one president. this resolution is about the preservation of our american system of government. >> a whistle-blower's complaint about a phone call between president trump and ukraine's president was delivered to congress today, but the key players did address the issue. >> i think when you are ready that nobody push it. pushed me. yes. >> there was no pressure. >> good evening. thank you for joining us. >> the whistle-blower complained and the issue of impeachment dominated a campaign visit in oakland today by julian castro. he planned to concentrate on the area's growing homeless progrbl, but then the news about the president took over. >> laura anthony has the story. >> we need your help, today, immediately and we want to make sure you become the next u.s. president of the united states of america.
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>> an otherwise routine campaign stop in the bay area turned into an opportunity to respond to an impeachment inquiry for julian castro. >> this president is not above the law. this president clearly has abused his power. >> president donald trump is accused of setting his sights on former vice president joe biden and his son, hunter's, alleged involvement in eukraine. >> are you forgetting what you said? >> but it wasn't all that long ago that castro aggressively went after biden himself on the national stage during the democratic debate in houston. >> do you have any concerns about accusations against b joe biden and his son? you came out pretty strongly against mr. biden at the last debate. >> joe biden is an honest man. he and his family do not deserve these kinds of baseless accusations from donald trump. >> castro may have backed off biden, but not trump and his phone conversation with a phone conversation with the ukraine.
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>> he talks about need to get american weapons then in the next sentence, donald trump asks for a favor. >> the visit here to oak labd was to survey the city's growing homeless problem. >> to know that we are -- >> the former secretary of housing and urban development castro toured one of oakoakland largest homeless encampments. if elected president, he pledged to create 3 million new housing units across the united states over the next ten years. in oakland, laura anthony, abc 7 news. at chmter in the battle between president trump and california. california and 16 other states filed a lawsuit today to block rules that they say weaken the endangereded species act and make it tougher to protect wildlife. that suit was filed in federal court in san francisco. the new rules which include allowing officials to consider the cost to save a species go into affect tomorrow. the trump administration says the rules will improve the law's
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enforcement. ♪ climate activists are wrapping up a protest. they are calling on major banks to divest from the fossil fuel industry. at one point, they stopped the california street cable line. >> we go from climate change to the weather today. a live look from the camera in the east bay. really hot. looks hazy as well across the bay area. >> feels like a sauna outside and a change is coming. you're going to feel the difference as early as tomorrow. let's look at the highs so far. downtown san francisco set a new record at 94 degrees. previous was in 1954. of 93. downtown okayland, 98 degrees.
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it is pretty hot in santa rosa. 102 fairfield, 97 in redwood city. even half moon bay, 92 degrees the high so far. you can see why there's a heat advisory in effect until 7:00 p.m. tonight. there's a risk of heat related illness so please be careful out there. stay hydrate ed and cool. i'll be back to tell you about the major change that is coming soon. kristen, larry. >> thank you. the battle against the hot weather and flames today in antioch where temperatures soared into the low 90s. firefighters were able to keep a grass fire from destroying storm sheds near the river view motel. they say the fire started in a nearby homeless encampment then spread to an open field. amid the elevated fire danger, scientists are now equipped with new technology they hope will help save lives in the event of fire. chris win has the story from the south bay that you'll see only on 7.
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the most well equipped lab got even better. >> fires create their own weather when they get intense enough. >> this mobile doppler radar is the only one operated be i a university west of the rockies and it's at san jose state university. >> looking at the horizontal reflecktivity which gives us an idea of the sifz the particles. >> this infrared camera is ready once danger strikes. >> we can look at the plume and winds linking it to the fire behavior and heat that's giving off that this camera would provide. >> dr. clents leads the team which currently conducts research on fibehavior. >> with the increase in north wind events, with the lower moisture that's associateded with the fall season, we can still have a big fire. >> in fact, they were on the
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front lines of last year's devastating camp fire feeding valuable information to firefighters. >> to understand the winds of the fire is to understand the fire itself and if we can understand fire, we can understand how it spreads and that matters for the people we care about. >> as part of the department 's e a part of forecasting. >> to be someone selected to join this kind of team, it is a privilege. >> these scientists using fire to fuel their passion to ultimately save lives. chris wynn, abc 7 news. now to the problem of drug overdoses in the baya. it's so bad now that some officials in san francisco are learning how to administer narcan. that's a medication used the block the effects of opioids. they can save your life. the goal is to build a better bay area, so we asked what do you think? would you be willing to carry narcan? we want your thoughts. weigh in at in the meantime, kate has a look
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at this growing problem as well as the plan. kate. >> 259 people died of drug overdoses in san francisco last year and now this. narcan is gainingpopularity. i spoke to people who have received this medication as well as others who have administered it. >> don't click this until it's all the way up. >> today, project manager, kristen marshall. >> that's it. one click. >> showed a room full of san francisco supervisors and city staff how to use narcan spray and save someone who's overdosing. >> if you don't wake up, i'm going to narcan you. . >> in the firs half 20619, almost 1200 reversals were reported in san francisco. i bought two doses at a walgreens today.
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you can use insurance and get free narcan at the cbhs pharmacy on howard and 10th streets south of market. >> my expectation now would be that my staff will always have it on them and i'll know how to apply it. >> district supervisor matt hainey organized the training and says he's helped reverse several overdoses himself. >> i would ask members out of our community to understand what it is. to know how to access it. to know how to apply it if that's something you're comfortable with. >> we saved one male and one female at the library. >> he says he knew how to use narcan thanks to a free 30 minutes class in san francisco. >> how did it feel to save those two team people? >> feel good. glad to be there to help someone. >> other san francisco residents are open to helping. under the right circumstance. do you feel comfortable doing it? with your kid, walking down the street? >> not with my child, but i do a lot of homeless outreach with my
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church and it would be really great to be train nd that when i'm working with homeless neighbors. >> they're all good samaritan laws if you do administer it to someone on the street. the supervisor tells me he is working on organizing a larger community training. live in san francisco, abc 7 w news. gl thank you. we'll take a look at the poll. and more than 50% we're at like 58% saying they were not comfortable and you know, how many people are really, willing and able to administer such a drug if they're not medically trained. we'll keep it opened up until 7:00 tonight and see how the numbers shake out. want to hear your ideas, share them by joining our better bay area fwroup on facebook. a 21-year-old man police say opened fire near a library at san yoes state last week nearly
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hilting several people. made his first court appearance today. chris is live outside the santa clara hall of justice with what we learned about the suspect today. chris. >> good afternoon. he hardly said a word inside the courtroom as he faced 13 counts. while nobody was hurt, that library was hurt and some are afraid to go back today in court, joseph was arraigned on the following charges. one count of premeditated attempted murder. and ten counts of shooting into ok pied buildings. >> last week, the university sent out an alert after bullets hit. for days, the suspect was add large. he turned himself in over the weekend. one of the charges he faces is attempted murder of garrett bruner. bruner is a san jose state university student who narrowly missed get iting hit by a bulle
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as he studied at the mlk library. he spoke to abc 7 news onnn night it happened. >> i realized there's glass all over the desk and floor and we al just ducked. w all dropped down. >> it's unclear if he was targeting anyone or new garrett. prosecutors say they are still combing through evidence and can only say what kind of weapon was used by the 21-year-old santa clara resident. >> what we know is that the defendant used a semiautomatic weapon. >> at mlk library, the window shattered by bullets is still boarded up and frequent users still shaken up. >> i was scared. my kids go to school here and i work here and it should be a safe place. >> that's, t i study right above on the eighth floor every weekend. >> so when you heard that ta shooting happened, what did you think? >> probably should pick a new spot to study. >> we'll likely hear moreut o is when he's due back in court in late october.
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if convicted, he faces up to life in prison. >> thank you. >> fire danger. very real for one california family. a vape pen charger exploded. now they feel like they escaped what could have been a bigger disaster. >> a new push to allow cannabis lounlgs. plus why your dog mi they took $12.8 billion from big tobacco. juul marketed mango, mint, and menthol flavors, addicting kids to nicotine. five million kids now using e-cigarettes. the fda said juul ignored the law with misleading health claims. now juul is pushing prop c, to overturn
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san francisco's e-cigarette protections. say no to juul, no to big tobacco, no to prop c. the city of santa cruz is considering a new twist to smoke pot in public. at places being labeled marijuana lounlgs. the back and forth debate on these possible safe spaces for pot. >> restaurants, clothing stores, bars and offices line the streets of downtown santa cruz, but a new kind of business could be cropping up in the near future. it will be a lot like a
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restaurant only with marijuana on the menu. there's a couple of different models out there. >> an existing store potentially some sort of room there where you could purchase the product in the venue then actually be able to consume on site. other options are venues that are solely bring your own like a byob then there's options for places thatd goods or prerolled items that you could consume on site. >> kind people's ceo said it's a huge step for the industry and something they've been planning. these are some of the renderings of what their ocean street lounge would look like. >> it's been a transaction alex appearance and we're trying to create more of a social environment where people can come, be educated about cannabis as well as be an atmosphere of their peers and get to enjoy the plant. >> most people i spoke to say it's part of the city's natural evolution after the state
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legalized marijuana. >> if you want any economy to boom, blossom, why not. it's not going to stop people from smoking it any ways, so why not give people a safe place to do it versus like on the corner or street or something like this. >> one person who did not want to go on camera say he'd rather pot stay in the home. >> the reason is that i think it would spill out into the street and i don't want to smell it on the street. >> ashley king report tlg. as leaders consider this, they say there would be extra regular laces added on if it's approved include iing things like air purifiers to minimize the impact to surrounding areas. a family is fresno is is feeling lucky after a vaping pen charger nearly started a fire that could have burned up their home. the local fire department is telling about the dangers of vaping pens. >> the lithium battery charger. >> it was their vape pen charger. north central fire inspector
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says it exploded. >> the batteries exploded and through an the ceiling. >> had it hit their bed, the outcome would have been much worse. >> then another hour, who knows what could have happened. >> she says this is just another example of how dangerous vape pens can be. >> it's more dangerous than we thought. we've had instances where these batteries have exploded. but it's just a reminder if you're going to have it, maybe put it out on the patio. >> batteries continue to explode. that's so scary. >> it is because you never know. >> yeah. move on. consumer news,, in some trouble tonight. it's been using tricky ads to entice subscriptions.
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>> the match group for using fake entrance ads to get people to sign up. trade commission says for people with free accounts. but to see the e-mail, you have to get a paid subscription. in some cases, e-mails were coming from fake accounts and the ftc says -- internally. tender okay. a recall tonight, this one for a dresser that could tip over. the company is home meridian. it is recalling three drawer chests right there. that could cause injury or death to children if the yurnt is not
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aked to a wall. they can call for a free kit or installation or a refund and your dog could lower the resale value of your home. akorgd to the "wall street journal," ram bungs dogs could retus the price of the property from 3 to 5%. furniture, carpet, damaged wood and smell. they advise homeowners to advise in a professional carpet cleaning service and keep any sign of pet out of sight during an open house. you need to be careful in california because you have to tell everybody everything there is to know about your house. so i would disclose. >> yes. >> right. >> if it's not obvious. >> fido lives here. >> don't come out while the appraiser is here. >> thanks, michael. >> a check of the weather, very hot outside. >> hopefully, changing very, very soon. san diego. i am and a nice sea breeze has
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kicked in. you see the flag behind me, it's now sway iing in the breeze andt continue come soon enough. let me show you live doppler 7 now. we don't have the fog, but i want you to look to the south. it's going to come up the coastline later on tonight going into tomorrow. so that high pressure ridge that brought us the hot weather is going to be weakening low pressure from the gulf of alaska comes down and we'll see a big change in the weather beginning tomorrow. here's a live look from our tower camera. it is bright and sunny here in san francisco. 86 degrees now so it has cooled from earlier. 90 in oakland, still hot in redwood city. san jose, upper 90s. another live picture from our mt. tam came. upper 90s in san the rosa. triple digits, 95 in livermore and this is a beautiful view of golden gate bridge.
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cooling trend starts tomorrow. much cooler and temperatures will be below avrn average. 5:00 tomorrow morning, notice there's patches of fog near the coast. it expands into 2:00 in the afternoon. then look what happens by friday. big marine push. spotty drizzle for friday morning and more cloud cover. temperatures will certainly drop for your friday afternoon. more so than we'll see tomorrow. so first thing in the morning. mid-50s to mid-60s. we will see patches of fog near the coast. clear skies elsewhere then for the afternoon, you'll feel the difference. south bay, 88 degrees. 86, san jose. santa clara, santa cruz, 77 degrees. on the peninsula, natural ac is back and the temperatures will drop. 83 in redwood city. 68 in half moon bay. so temperatures dropping anywhere from 10 to almost 20
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degrees tomorrow. downtown san francisco, 75. daily city, 76. north bay, 83 degrees. 81 in san rafael. napa, 84, calistoga. look at the east bay. 80 in hercules. you're not going to be on the excessively hot side. it's going b to be warm, but not as hot as it has been. 88 in livermore. fairfield, 87 in concord. now u the seven-day forecast is all over the board. so tomorrow, it's a cooler afternoon. upper 60s to the upper 80s. friday is even cooler. mid-60s to upper 70s with spotty morning drizzle. temperatures drop more over the weekend. well below average. on monday, one computer model is is bringing in a chance of showers, the other not so much. temperatures only in the low 60s to the low 70s. a far cry from the low 100s then milder on tuesday and wednesday, but talk b about a major change
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in the forecast. i think it will be a welcome relief for many people here in the bay area who don't have the air-condition iing. >> yeah. relief thankfully, sandy. >> yes. >> all right. coming up -- >> men at work. maybe women at work, too. get ready for rebuilding project get ready for rebuilding project to ...6, 7, 8 get ready for rebuilding project to ♪ ♪ ♪ big dreams start with small steps... ...but dedication can get you there. so just start small... start saving. easily set, track and control your goals right from the chase mobile® app. ♪ ♪ chase. make more of what's yours®.
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a young man volunteering in elizabeth warren's campaign died yesterday in a car crash in iowa. he dwru up in piedmont and graduated from lawrence university. he first joined the campaign in iowa over the summer. the campaign issued a statement saying he quote represented the very best of us. a crack down ton car burg la rays in san matteo led to the arrest of a man b b want wanted for murder. police say yesterday afternoon, police arrested three men from
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new york city and learned that steven marinez is homicide warrant. joel was arrested on chashlgs of possession of burglary tools. santa clara county is giving its residents a new option to get help during an emergency. today, they announced the launch of text 911. it will provide a way for those who are deaf, speech impaired or maybe they feel unsafe talking on a phone to call for help by texts 911. this service will be available in the county. officials are urging residents to call if you can, but text if you can't. crews resume work on b.a.r.t.'s track rebuilding project in the east bay. they'll be shutting down service between the orinda and walnut creek stations this saturday and sunday. they're replacing nearly 50-year-old track components, really fast, as you can see.
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crews began the project late last month. wishes they were going this fast because the traffic is a nightmare. free bus service between those stations will be in effect, but delays could run 40 minutes or more. the work will impact drivers because of the closure of two eastbound lanes. another weekend shutdown is expected this month. it's called the
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coming up u on abc 7 news at 6:00, pg&e's power play to prevent wildfires. also the questions being raised today as san francisco green lights 2,000 more scooters on city streets and the san
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francisco streets have never looked like this before. massive murals painted on a major thoroughfare in the heart of the city. it's coming up in just about half on hour. >> all right, see you then. three bay area geniuses are among this year's mcarthur u foundation fellows. >> i study the past to help us understand the present and the reimagine our futures. >> i make landscapes and public sculptures. sf >> an attorney and restorer of justice prak tigs ner. >> she's with the u.s. system. walter hood works at uc berkeley and -- is base d in oaklands bad the mcarture foundation announced geniuses who have shown exceptional creativity. they'll be awarding $625,000 over five years to pursue their goals and excellent work. >> fantastic. world news is next.
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>> all of us here, thanks for joining us tonight. see you at :00. tonight, the white house transcript released. the president saying to a foreign leader, "i'd like you to do us a favor." president trump's phone call with the president of ukraine. in that call, urging him to open an investigation connected to his political opponent, joe biden. noting in the conversation the u.s. had done a lot for ukraine. and tonight, the timing. the president and the ukrainian leader were set to meet today, even before the headlines broke. and so they did. what they said. and president trump before the cameras just moments ago, furious speaker pelosi has taken this very rare step. jon karl and mary bruce standing by. also breaking tonight, the whistle-blower's report that started it all. the person within the intelligence community who was so concerned. that report has now arrived in congress. what it reveals and what we've


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