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tv   World News Now  ABC  September 26, 2019 2:41am-4:00am PDT

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a centuries-old maryland mansion has floated to a new address. the 260-year-old building was moved by barge from easton to queenstown, which is across the chesapeake bay from baltimore. the owner said he made the $1 million move because he wanted a home by the water. >> i've seen on hgtv where they do that with the homes and a lot goes into that. sometimes the walls or the windows shatter. i mean, a million dollars. >> he really wanted that home. >> he really did. a convertible lost this battle with a school bus packed with children in greenville, south carolina. the driver was trapped after rear-ending the bus but fortunately amazingly only suffered minor injuries. he was charged with following too closely. another good note, none of the
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60 kids in the bus were hurt. turning now to the trial of charged with murder in the shooting death of her neighbor. >> she claims she entered his apartment thinking it was her own. yesterday the jury heard testimony about how easy it might be to confuse floors in that apartment building. here's abc's marcus moore. >> reporter: the lead investigator in the amber guyger murder trial seeming to side with her assertion that she was confused the night she shot and killed botham jean inside his own apartment. >> what visual indicators are there to let someone know what floor they're on? >> there are none. >> reporter: guyger claims she mistakenly made to the wrong floor of her apartment building after a long workday. when she walked into what she thought was her home and saw someone inside, she assumed it was an intruder and opened fire. today that texas ranger telling jurors that even he was confused by the similarity of the floors and that other residents report making the same mistake too. he also claimed that jean's door was defective, keeping it from
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shutting properly. >> so if you're on the other side of that door and you just pushed it open, you just pushed >> thas rrect.d open, correct? it would. >> reporter: a stunning statement that the judge will not allow the jury to hear but the lead investigator in this case said he does not believe amber guyger acted recklessly nor that she committed a crime. but prosecutors charging back pointing out she had a taser that night and that botham jean should still be alive. marcus moore, abc news, dallas. >> our thanks to marcus there. a pair of good samaritans have been honored for saving a child caught in a tragedy. >> we just told you about this story the other day. the men rescued a 5-year-old girl whose father jumped in front of a new york city subway train while holding on to her. the dad was killed. amazingly, that little girl survived. the men convinced the girl to come to them by telling her to crawl from underneath that train right there like a puppy. amazingly, she only suffered minor injuries. this was such a hard story.
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you know, when we first reported this the other day, witnesses said that they heard the father talking to his wife just moments before telling her to take care of the other kids and that he was taking his daughter to school, and then moments later that happened. >> then that happened and so many people jumped into action, including those men who received that citation of merit. and they're being called an inspiration to the entire -- and for the entire community. and i definitely agree with that. >> and real heroes. >> yeah. well, coming up, guess what's turning 50 years old today. >> who? it's your birthday -- >> i said what. >> here's a hint. it involves a lovely lady and a man named brady. >> and a whole lot of kids. >> a whole bunch of kids. you're watching "world news now." ♪ that's the way we all became the brady bunch ♪ "world news now." ♪ that's the way we all became the brady bunch ♪ frogtape is the only painter's tape treated with patented paintblock technology. paintblock reacts with the water in latex paint to form a micro-barrier against paint bleed,
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it was the time of vietnam, woodstock, and some of the most divisive social unrest in generations. >> and exactly 50 years ago today america was given its first taste of the ultimate primetime escape. a lovely lady, a man named brady, and enough kids to fill a whole station wagon. >> will ganss is here with more. good morning, will. >> hey, good morning, you two.
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you may have seen all the episodes and you may consider yourself a superfan, but if you think you know everything about the brady bunch, well, sure, jan. ♪ here's the story of a lovely lady ♪ >> reporter: here's the story that tv fans have adored for 50 years. the lovely lady and a man named their kids marcia, jan, cindy, greg, peter, and bobby and their live-in housekeeper alice. first gracing tv screens september 26th, 1969. and running till 1974. after five semi-successful seasons the brady bunch really solidified itself as an american tv classic in reruns. and it wasn't long till everyone felt like one of the family and knew all of their tag lines. >> marcia, marcia, marcia! >> reporter: the show itself ahead of its time. >> i think "the brady bunch" was the first blended family on television. we were the first couple to sleep in the same bed, to actually let people know how you get six children.
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>> reporter: some other things you might not know about tv's favorite family. in 117 episodes it never once rained or snowed outside the infamous brady house at 4222 clinton way. >> hey, you guys. my nose! >> reporter: similarly, despite all the cooking she did on the show, we never saw alice eat in any episode. bobby brady aka mike lookinland had to dye his hair to match the other cast members. his natural hair, strawberry blond. and if you've heard any rumors about on-set romances -- >> did maureen mccormick, or marcia brady and i date, were we an item? yes, we did. definitely. in fact, i was her first kiss. >> go steady? >> go steady. >> steady there, mrs. brady. >> reporter: most recently all six brady bunch kids reuniting for a very brady renovation on hgtv. >> hi, honey. i'm home. >> making over the real house in los angeles to look like the set where they filmed the classic show five decades ago.
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>> it's like traveling back in time. but traveling back in time and coming home. >> reporter: coming home indeed. hgtv says they're planning more brady programming for seasons to come because they're nowhere near done with "the brady bunch." so don't tell jan but it likes we'll be getting a lot more marcia, marcia, marcia. >> we love some marcia, marcia, marcia. and jan and the whole group. i watched all the time. >> did you? >> all the time. the reruns. not live. >> no, you saw it live. jack, you know a lot of things. how much do you know about "the brady bunch"? >> i've been studying all morning. >> let's find out. between the two of you. what breaks marcia's nose? >> football. >> football. >> tie. who slept in the attic? >> oh. >> fail. greg. what's the dog's name? >> oh. wilbur. >> tiger. what is the name of jan's fake boyfriend? >> oh. >> george.
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>> super fans, huh? what did mike brady do by profession? >> architect. >> they said it in the meeting. >> no, i already knew that! >> super fans. >> love "the brady bunch." >> they said it in the meeting. >> no, i already knew that! >> super fans. >> love "the brady bunch."
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♪ all right. it's time for -- i think this might be my favorite segment. >> wait, what? >> wait, what? >> it is time for "wait, what." you like wasabi. >> no, i don't. you just made that up. i like sushi but -- >> i started liking wasabi recently. >> i'm like wasabi when i bust rhymes like leann rimes. try to hold me but i bust through. all right. >> this woman thought wasabi, the little green stuff you put on the sushi, she thought it was avocado. she put the whole thing in her mouth. this woman was hospitalized. it did so much damage -- >> sudden pressure in her chest. >> they said it was like broken
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heart syndrome when all that -- >> the feeling moved down her arms. >> all the way down her arm. >> she thought she was getting avocado -- time out. does it say avocado dip? because we call that guacamole. >> yes. that's essentially what it is. >> guacamole. >> it was a temporary disruption of her heart's normal pumping function in one area because of all that wasabi. sometimes when people do those wasabi -- just to see for fun they put the whole thing in there. maybe you should not do that because it can lead to some real medical issues. >> and i bet -- like seriously, i bet her tastebuds were really disappointed. >> but her nostrils and everything in them is clear. >> because we love that avocado dip. okay. so a wheelchair is being controlled by a ghost. >> wait, what? >> yeah. look at the video. here it is. ooh. spooky. >> it's all spooky.
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it's at a hospital. >> it's even starting to turn. >> people are watching and they're like what is going on here? >> that is not just a downward hill -- i mean, maybe now it is. but somebody or something is in that -- look, it like turns around. >> apparently, this is happening in india. that is scary. >> a spirit. you know kenneth moton don't mess with those ghosts. >> what if it's the invisible man who decided to get in the wheelchair and getting out of here? hey, this impatient passenger opened up the emergency exit door of a plane. why? because she said it's too stuffy in here. >> okay. she was probably right. it probably was so stuffy with all that recycled air. sometimes you get on a plane they're not even blowing the air. >> that's true. >> but her solution was to do what?t?
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>> so when they say are you willing and able to assist in the event of an emergency she should have said no. how about this oklahoma man? putting up all those billboards to say i love you, honey. >> they cl
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this morning on "world news now," an impeachment battle is under way. >> president trump is responding after a memo of his phone call with the ukrainian president is released. that call the focus of an official impeachment inquiry. what's next today in the showdown. also this morning tracking karen. the storm is flooding puerto rico and its track is making a loop appearing to aim at the u.s. east coast. an underwater discovery. an underwater discovery. a man diving for treasure finding an iphone that had been submerged for months. he even tracks down the owner. we'll show you how. and are you ready to say i do? astrologists have narrowed down when the planets say is the best time to get married next year. the answer in "the mix" on this thursday september 26th.
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>> announcer: from abc news this is "world news now." will you be my -- >> the answer is no. >> co-anchor? >> the answer is no. >> she always says no. good morning, everyone. we can't wait to get to all of that fun later on. but we do begin this half hour with the growing firestorm over president trump's phone call with the president of ukraine repeatedly prodding the newly elected leader to investigate joe biden. >> the president remained defiant as he met with the ukrainian leader at the united nations the same day the white house released a rough transcript of their call. as democrats move toward impeachment members of the house and senate intelligence committees also had a chance to read the full complaint from a whistle-blower who was alarmed by that phone call. >> here's a live look at capitol hill where the acting director of national intelligence is set to testify today about the complaint. and democrats are hoping to hear directly from the whistle-blower who has agreed to talk.
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abc's jonathan karl has the details. >> reporter: president trump and ukrainian president volodymyr zelensky all smiles as they met in new york. but all attention is on their phone call of nine weeks ago. according to the white house summary of the call, president trump directly asked the new ukrainian president to coordinate with attorney general bill barr to investigate his 2020 rival joe biden. early in the call president trump says "we do a lot for ukraine. the united states has been very, very good to ukraine." president zelensky responds, "you are absolutely right," thanking president trump and adding "we are ready to continue to cooperate for the next steps, including buying american anti-tank missiles." trump's immediate reply, "i would like you to do us a favor, though." he then asked zelensky to investigate an unsubstantiated theory about stolen democratic e-mails saying "i would like to have the attorney general call or your people and i would like you to get to the bottom of it," adding "it's very important that you do it if that's possible." zelensky says one of his assistants had already been in touch with trump's personal attorney rudy giuliani. president trump then has a second request and it's about
3:03 am
joe biden. "there's a lot of talk about biden's son," he says. "that biden stopped the prosecution and a lot people want to find out about that. so whatever you can do with the attorney general would be great." he tells the ukrainian president, "i will tell rudy and attorney general barr to call." joe biden's son hunter was paid tens of thousands of dollars a month, serving on the board of a ukrainian company while his father was vice president. but there's been no evidence of any wrongdoing. at the time of the phone call president trump was holding back nearly $400 million in foreign aid for ukraine. with the two presidents sitting side by side, the ukrainian leader insisted he never felt pressured. >> i think and you read it that nobody pushed it, pushed me. >> in other words, no pressure. >> reporter: as for joe biden, he responded saying, "the house must do its job and hold donald trump to account for his abuse of power." and with the house now launching
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impeachment proceedings the ent lautt nancy pelosi. >> she's lost her way. shs been taken over by the radical left. >> reporter: later in a press conference the president returned again to th is a joke. impeachment for that? >> reporter: even as the president spoke words of defiance, he seemed subdued, a little deflated. he held a press conference but seemed eager to avoid any questions related to this whole controversy. it appears like he is a president still trying to process the real possibility that he could be impeached. jonathan karl, abc news, new york. >> and we've got a copy here of that -- the transcript of the phone call. mind you, it's five pages of a 30-minute phone call. so it's more of a summary of that phone call that is now the focus of this official impeachment inquiry. >> right. and a lot of people are pointing out the time stamp saying 9:03 to 9:33 a.m. is 30 minutes and people are questioning the
3:05 am
length of the transcript and whether it is a transcript. and it does say on here this is not a verbatim transcript of a discussion, it's just a summary. there are still some details that critics and democrats believe are being left out there. >> lots of focus on that. an adviser to president zelensky tells abc news the ukrainians clearly understood that president trump would agree to the phone call only if the biden case was discussed. >> republican senators mitt romney and ben sasse called the phone call troubling, but most republicans are siding with the president, dismissing the conversation as a nothing call. abc's terry moran takes a look at his base. >> reporter: if the democrats in congress who have begun this impeachment inquiry begin to bring evidence that can bolster their argument about what the transcript means. the president is arguing what you see in that transcript isn't what's really happening. he's saying that he is arguing -- advocating for the united states' interests, his personal political interest. but if the democrats in these hearings can bring out witnesses
3:06 am
who were part of this process to put it in a different context, it's a question as to how well this very familiar playbook that he is playing here will work with his base and with voters. >> all right. and after two years of the russia investigation democrats are also faced with the added burden of having to make their case to a scandal-weary public. >> we'll have much more on the whistle-blower controversy and the impeachment investigation in our next half hour. also making news this morning another death is being blamed on the triple e virus. officials in massachusetts say a patient there passed away after contracting the rare virus which is transmitted by mosquitos. it's the fourth death in that state this year and the tenth nationwide. 35 massachusetts communities are now considered at critical risk for eee exposures. this morning we are tracking tropical storm karen which forecasters say has weakened after it slammed v slammed into puerto rico. torrential downpours swamped parts of the island and sent rivers like this one you see flowing over their banks.
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forecasters expect the storm to bring more rainfall and flash flooding today. tropical storm karen is now slowly turning north of puerto rico. the next hurricane center says that by saturday it's likely to slow down and move south before then heading west. an underwater recovery has brought back some important memories for a woman in south carolina. >> erica bennett dropped her phone in the edisto river 15 months ago and with that text messages from her late father. it appears the phone was gone forever. that was until recently when youtube diver michael bennett, no relation, took a trip to the bottom of the river. >> i came across something that looked kind of like a rope maybe attached to car keys. i pulled it up, i seen a phone inside of a waterproof case. and i'm like, no way. this is unbelievable. i put the sim card inside of a different phone. i was able to get the contact information of the owner. >> incredible.
3:08 am
erica bennett says she believes the last messages she received from her father were on father's day. she's now moving all of those files over to her new phone. so when she lost it her husband tried to search for her phone but couldn't find it. then after all this time she gets it back. >> they had a rechargeable case on it. obviously you heard him say it's a waterproof case as well. after all that time. a big thanks to our station wciv to charleston for helping us out on that story. the electric police car engaged in a pursuit then the battery quickly losing power. what happened next. first actress demi moore opens up to diane sawyer about her long road to learning where her real strength lies. plus the expanding vaping crisis. the new warning from health officials about how many more people may soon get sick. you're watching "world news now."
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so treat sensitivity at the source. new crest gum and sensitivity starts treating sensitivity immediately. at the gum line, for relief within days and wraps your teeth in sensitivity protection. ohh your teeth? no, it's brain freeze! new gum and sensitivity, from crest. i'm down to si i'm down to six miles of battery on our tesla. i may lose it here in a sec. if someone else is able and they maneuver into the number one spot. >> how about this? a power shortage stopped a police chase in northern california. an officer in fremont stopped pursuing a suspect friday because his tesla was running out of juice. apparently a co-worker who used it on the prior shift didn't put it on the charger before going
3:12 am
home. the officer got back to his precinct after finding a charge station that suspect was eventually caught. mother nature created a fiery scene in phoenix. a lightning strike set this palm tree on fire in an apartment complex. ironically called the paradise palms. >> firefighters were called in to put it out. no one was hurt. and there are new developments this morning in the widening vaping health crisis. >> health officials now say the number of people with vaping-related illnesses is expected to grow by the hundreds. and they still haven't pinpointed a cause. r:he outbreak of or ault. illnesses tied to e-cigarette use is about to get even bigger. wednesday health officials telling legislators they're expecting hundreds more cases. >> we are getting new cases reported every day. what we don't know, unfortunately, is the cause. >> reporter: the principal deputy director of the cdc and the acting fda commissioner saying their agencies don't consider e-cigarette products
3:13 am
safe for consumers, though most of the research has been centered around vulnerable groups. >> we don't know if they're sa for the other people. >> right. but we also are concerned about people going back to smoking cigarettes and we don't want them to do that. >> reporter: in the midst of the crisis juul ceo kevin burns has stepped down. but his replacement, casey crosthwaite, is already drawing criticism. he previously worked as chief growth officer for tobacco company altria. the american heart association issued a statement saying "by appointing a long-time altria executive as its new ceo, juul is fully embracing its identity as a tobacco company that prioritizes profits over public health." we're also seeing states roll out their own actions to try to fight what they view as a public health crisis. massachusetts has instituted a four-month ban on all vaping sales. rhode island's governor signed an executive order banning the sale of all flavored vaping products. the investigation into what specifically is making all these
3:14 am
people sick is still ongoing, but the acting fda commissioner said some of the products that they've looked at had vitamin e acetate in them and that might be an indication that they were contaminated products. trevor ault, abc news, new york. >> and vaping pens aren't just triggering health concerns over illnesses. they're being blamed for sparking dangerous explosions and fires. >> fire inspectors in california say a vape pen charger exploded and sparked a fire in the bedroom of a home south of san francisco. officials say the force of the explosion actually blew an aerosol can right through the ceiling. the fire caused thousands of dollars in damage. and just touching on what trevor said, it is hard to imagine this getting even bigger because we're literally talking about it, some facet of this health care crisis related to vaping and e-cigarettes almost every day. so thinking about that getting worse and having more people being impacted is just mind blowing. >> there's definitely a lot
3:15 am
of tension on it. >> coming up in the next half hour the young british royal makes his big debut. the youngest one. on the international stage. but first, demi moore opens up about her long road back from the depths of despair. that's next on "world news now." rld news now." ve money by using dish soap to clean grease on more than dishes? using multiple cleaners on grease can be expensive, and sometimes ineffective. for better value, tackle grease with dawn ultra. dawn is for more than just dishes. it provides 3x more grease cleaning power per drop, which cuts through tough kitchen messes, pre-treats laundry stains, and even tackles grease build-up on car rims. tackle tough greasy messes around your home, and save money with dawn ultra. brand power. helping you better.
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♪ ♪ come and knock on our door ♪ welcome back. all this week we've been following diane sawyer's exclusive one-on-one with actress demi moore. >> this morning we're hearing
3:18 am
her story of tragedy and triumph and learning where her strength really is. here now is abc's diane sawyer. >> reporter: now seven years away from that terrifying time. >> is an ambulance on the way? >> reporter: it would be a turning point. her marriage over. she says she had lost herself and lost her 20 years of sobriety. at a birthday party there were party drugs, synthetic pot, nitrous oxide. she used them. she had a seizure. >> is she breathing normally? >> no. not so normal but more sort of shaking. >> everyone else was seeing my body flailing. my daughter terrified that she was going to see me die right in front of her. and within me i was in a place that was thinking, wow, how did i get in here? isn't this interesting? and then my very next thought was oh, i wonder if i can get out. and all of a sudden i was back in my body. and i think it was a moment that i was somehow being given a
3:19 am
choice. >> you think it was that close? >> i think certainly emotionally it was. i think something had to give. when you've come up to those places you either go in or you go out. >> reporter: it's the title of her new book, which she says has a purpose. >> sharing of myself in a way that it can elevate or open someone else to loving themselves a little better. >> reporter: and a promise she says of what can happen if you just reach out for help. she got treatment and began seeing her real strength in a different way. and the healthier she became the more her family moved close again. her ex-husband and friend bruce willis. and the children who were so worried about her strange behavior and her health, they stopped speaking to her, began to come back. as she proved she was turning
3:20 am
her life around. the oldest, rumer, reached out first. the way she had once done on screen years ago. >> you looked really pretty. >> no, i didn't. >> yeah, you did. you looked great. >> thank you, baby. >> what's your prayer for them and to them? >> oh. my hope is that in understanding me that they would better understand themselves and love themselves. >> reporter: and there was one more bridge, a healing resolution demi moore built to the past before it was too late. the one that led back to her unstable alcoholic mother who was finally diagnosed as
3:21 am
bipolar. her mother became ill with cancer. demi went to help care for her and try to redeem the time they had left. >> i had to stop and recognize that i had pushed my mother away. i decided who she was. and when you decide who someone is, you take away the opportunity for them to be anything else. but if i can't have compassion in my heart for her, how can i expect my children to hold that for me? >> you were with her when she died. >> yes. >> reporter: she writes, "i've had extraordinary luck in this life, both bad and good, but we all suffer and we all triumph and we all get to choose how we hold both." >> wow. so we've -- this is our third time seeing something about demi moore's life this week.
3:22 am
i just hope that someone can learn from it. i feel like if people see what she's talking about it can help them in some way, shape or form. >> very raw and real. stay with us. al. stay with us. ...she loved it. her son loves it, and her husband loves it, too. ... and the delivery woman? awkward... gain scent blast. it's our most intense scent. in matching fabric softener and scent beads too.
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♪ get all the butter. >> it is national pancake day! >> it sure is. i've got my pancakes ready in a commercial break. i buttered them -- >> she buttered them. >> cut them real nice. >> diced and sliced. >> ready to go. >> got the syrup packets. >> i want to make sure i can dig in -- >> apparently there's another national pancake day as well. so two in one year. >> you know pancakes are my thing right now. >> two in one year because pancakes are so awesome. they actually got me chocolate chip pancakes. i actually said i only wanted one, guys. >> i said give me the whole stack. >> so they're also known as johnny cakes, griddle cakes, hotcakes.
3:26 am
>> i want to try one of those hotcakes. >> i know. why aren't you eating? we don't have that much more time. >> they're not really that warm. i'm going to eat mine later. but we celebrate national -- >> i'll eat it right now. >> tell us about the astrologists as i eat my one pancake -- >> eat, so don't judge me. you're eating on tv. it's good. >> tell the people how they can find the man or woman, whoever they want. >> i don't know how they'll find them. >> when is the best day to get married? >> february 20th, 2020. >> that's when astrologists -- i'll help you out here. >> the best day to get married. something about all those 2s. and the stars being aligned. >> the planets are aligned. >> jack, you're jealous of these cakes, aren't you? >> they look very -- they look delicious. >> is he?
3:27 am
>> that went well. that went well. keep going. >> jack! are you jealous of janai's cakes? >> i'm jealous of the chocolate chip pancakes. >> i'm feeling sorry. >> how about we talk about an uppity bear? how about that? eating some pinot noir grapes. this bear was found in the woods munching on some fancy grapes at a winery. this is in california? i'd assume it's in california. >> also a little boy eating some hot cheetos and he wants them to cool down. >> so he put them in front of the air-conditioner to cool them down, to cool down the hot cheetos. no, son, that's not the way it works. let's get back to these cakes
3:28 am
for a second. >> you wish i was your pancake.
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this morning on "world news now," impeachment showdown sparked by president trump's call with the president of ukraine. trump calls the impeachment efforts a joke as more democrats get on board. plus why all eyes will be on capitol hill today. also this morning the state suffering from the highest gas prices in nearly seven years. in one county drivers are paying more than $5 a gallon. and new this half hour, a family tied up and robbed, and it's all caught on camera. >> the crooks were dressed up as fedex delivery men stealing $130,000 worth of valuables. see how they got away with it. and the male model who stomped his way down a catwalk in paris. a priceless reaction from the first lady of fashion herself, anna wintour. that's in "the skinny" on this
3:31 am
>> announcer: from abc news, i've seen you in your clogs. >> that's kenneth walking down the hallway -- >> she's like i'll wear these heels. >> we will get to all the fun in "the skinny" coming up later this half hour, but we do begin with the battle lines drawn over impeachment as lawmakers get their first look at that whistle-blower complaint. >> the complaint that triggered the impeachment inquiry against president trump has reportedly been declassified and may be released to the public as early as today. the president of ukraine insists he wasn't pressured by trump, but democrats say the whistle-blower report exposed serious wrongdoing and amounts to abuse of power. >> and today the house intelligence committee will hear from the acting director of national intelligence, who kept the complaint from congress for weeks. abc's rachel scott reports from washington. >> reporter: in a secure room in the basement of the capitol lawmakers from the house
3:32 am
intelligence committees were able to get their first look at the whistle-blower complaint atr between the white house and congress. >> i found the allegations deeply disturbing. i also found them very credible. >> reporressure from lawmakers on both sidetes of t t aisle, the administration handing over that complaint they tried to block from getting to congress. at least one republican now saying "there is a lot that is really troubling there." it comes after the white house released the summary of a call between president trump and the leader of ukraine. on capitol hill the stark division between the two parties on full display. >> to impeach any president over a phone call like this would be insane. >> that is textbook abuse of power, and the transcripts have become exhibit a. >> reporter: that call is believed to be tied to the whistle-blower's complaint that the inspector general found to be of urgent concern and credible. the president defending that
3:33 am
call. >> you take a look at that call, it was perfect. i didn't do it. there was no quid pro quo. >> reporter: that document reveals the president repeatedly urged the president of ukraine to work with his personal lawyer rudy giuliani to help investigate his potential 2020 rival joe biden and his son, who had business interests there. >> today's release of the notes of the call by the white house confirms this behavior which undermines the integrity of our election, the dignity of any presidency. >> reporter: and support among house democrats for that impeachment inquiry is continuing to grow. the total now, 210. that is up 75 from just monday. but that is in the house of representatives, which democrats control. remember, republicans control the senate, and they don't believe there are any grounds for impeachment. janai, kenneth? >> thanks, rachel scott there on capitol hill. and the trump campaign and the gop are cashing in on the impeachment inquiry, raising $5 million in the first 24 hours since the investigation was announced. >> they raked in the money after
3:34 am
firing off a string of fund-raising e-mails and launching dozens of new facebook ads asking supporters to join an official impeachment defense task force. now, even though president trump said there was no quid pro quo, he has acknowledged freezing $400 million in aid to ukraine ahead of the controversial phone call. >> the president says he never mentioned the money, but abc's chief legal analyst dan abrams tells us he didn't have to. >> as a legal matter you don't need a quid pro quo. you just need to be able to prove the person knowingly solicited something of value from a foreign national to try to influence the 2020 election. but that kind of case is hard to prove and win. but the technical legal question isn't the most important one. the real question is the political one. sure, it would be a stronger case against the president if there had been a specific statement or demand that linked dollars to help. but in the criminal law and in the impeachment process a court or in this case the congress can certainly read between the lines. >> our thanks to dan abrams there. and president trump is wrapping up his visit to the u.n. general assembly this
3:35 am
morning here in new york. there are no official plans for him to meet with iranian president hassan rouhani. >> as tensions continue to escalate over the recent attacks on saudi arabia's oil industry, french president emmanuel macron has been trying to mediate talks. when asked if he would call trump, rouhani had this to say to david muir. >> translator: mr. trump would be wiser to go back to the commitments given by the united states of america in the year 2015 and live up to those commitments fully. once that happens, if there is a need for telephone contact we will certainly establish that contact and talk to one another. >> rouhani also made it clear that iran is not willing to negotiate a new nuclear deal unless crippling economic sanctions are lifted. moving on to the weather, tropical storm karen has weakened significantly after pounding puerto rico. forecasters say wind speeds have dropped to about 40 miles an hour. >> the storm did plenty of damage, though. setting off flash floods, triggering mudslides and knocking out power to thousands of people. and although karen has moved off
3:36 am
the island, it is expected to produce more rain and flooding today. the forecast model shows karen slowing down and then making a loop southward before heading west over the weekend. well, negotiations aimed at ending the united auto workers strike against general motors are now in a new stage. union sources say top negotiators from both sides are involved as opposed to work being done in committees where smaller issues were addressed. a source also says there's hope a new contract can be reached before the weekend if talks continue to progress. the lead investigator in the murder trial of former dallas cop amber guyger says he doesn't believe she committed a crime. guyger fatally shot botham jean in his apartment after she entered mistakenly believing it was her home. that statement from the lead
3:37 am
investigator came when jurors were not present but they did hear him say that going to the wrong floor was common in guyger and jean's apartment complex. he claimed he had trouble determining what floor he was on during the investigation. the company that owns and other dating sites is being accused of a romance scam. users can create a free profile, but they must buy a subscription in order to respond to messages. >> the federal trade commission is suing the company claiming it sent e-mails to users with free accounts suggesting someone was interested in them but users would have to buy a subscription to see more. the company calls the claims outrageous. california gas prices are in danger of reaching the $4 mark statewide. refinery problems have sent prices at the pump to their highest levels in nearly seven years. according to aaa, the state average is $3.78 per gallon. but in alpine county along the nevada border the average is a staggering $5.09. ooh. >> i would walk. >> i was going to say, get out the scooter. hey, new york's metropolitan museum of art is sending a stolen antique back home. >> the met has returned the gold coffin of nedjemankh to egypt. it was released yesterday eight
3:38 am
years after it was determined the 2,000-year-old coffin had been smuggled out of the country. >> prosecutors say the met received forged documents when it bought the coffin two years ago -- actually they reported the situation, the met did, to the manhattan d.a.'s office. >> my goodness. >> and the coffin made in egypt between approximately 150 and 50 b.c. >> it once held the remains of a high-ranking priest. it was stolen in the aftermath of the egyptian revolution back in october 2011. that is a beautiful artifact. >> it is. and headed back home. >> as it should be. coming up, "modern family" kicks off its final season. what the cast is now saying. plus baby archie like we've never seen him before. how he's stealing the show from dad and mom on their first official tour as a family. and what samuel l. jackson will soon have in common with alexa. yep. you're watching "world news
3:39 am
3:40 am
3:41 am
terrifying video out of new york city. two crooks, one pretending to be a fedex worker, burst into a home in brooklyn. they tape the hands, feet, and mouths of the people inside with
3:42 am
duct tape, force them to open a safe, and stole $50,000 in cash and another $80,000 in jewels. the victims, two women and a man, were not hurt. we're getting our first look at an aerial drug drop into a jail near cleveland. >> someone used a drone to release marijuana and a cell phone into an inmate reception area in euclid, ohio. you see there a guy trying to catch it. the incident happened in june. prosecutors are deciding whether to file criminal charges. and an arizona man is the second person to be arrested in connection with the death of rapper mac miller, who overdosed on drugs and alcohol last year. federal agents picked up ryan reavis at his home where they found a significant stash of illegal drugs and firearms. so far police aren't saying exactly how reavis is connected to miller. kylie jenner says she's heartbroken that she will be missing the launch of her new cosmetics collection tomorrow at
3:43 am
fashion week in paris. the reality tv star tweeted that she's really sick and unable to travel. she's reportedly hospitalized with severe flu-like symptoms. and turning overseas, prince harry and duchess meghan are in the midst of their ten-day tour across four countries in africa. >> and this morning we're getting some of our first really good looks at baby archie during a historic meeting. abc's maggie rulli is following the royal family. >> reporter: baby archie all smiles in his first official appearance on the royal tour, dressed in pinstriped baby blue overalls matching mom's dress and dad's tie as he clutches onto mom. >> so we've seen baby archie for the first time officially on this trip now. it is the moment that people have been waiting for. they have described this trip as their first trip as a family. of course people wanted to see that moment when we see them all together as a family. and everyone always wants to see how archie's doing, how he's growing, what he looks like. so there's a lot of excitement around the family. >> reporter: people inside tell
3:44 am
us the royal family of three was joking around and comfortable, meeting archbishop desmond tutu, an iconic leader of the anti-apartheid movement in south africa. >> it was quite amazing because as the little baby came in being carried by his mom both archbishop tutu and his daughter were sort of squealing and laughing and joking and making all these sounds and both harry and meghan were really natural, smiling and laughing. >> reporter: inside local sugar cookies were set out for all three, made right here in cape town at charlie's bakery. we've now seen baby archie. this is the moment that everyone has been waiting for. the three of them together. after that big family appearance harry's now heading to botswana to continue his work as meghan steps out on her own in her first solo appearance of the trip meeting with a group of female entrepreneurs at a tech hub in cape town as she
3:45 am
continues to make her mark here as a champion of women's rights. the tour continues to be a chance for the whole royal family and today with these solo engagements really meghan to make her mark as a royal and decide who she wants to be and what causes she really wants to champion. i'm maggie rulli here in cape town, south africa. >> big thanks to maggie there in cape town. when we come back, happy birthday wishes to a very special member of the abc news family. human. sleep great and wake up don't eat me i taste terrible. fight your worst symptoms so you can sleep great and wake up human. new mucinex nightshift cold and flu. have been recalled because of dangerous takata airbags. one of them could be yours. go to to see if your vehicle is on the recall list. it could save your life.
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♪ skinny ♪ just give me the skinny it's "skinny" time. we're going to start with a milestone birthday for a very special member of the abc news family. >> the barbara walters just celebrated her 90th birthday, and her successor on "the view" whoopi goldberg shared a very special birthday wish. >> happy birthday to the reason we are all sitting around this hot topics table today. it is the birthday of the one and only barbara walters. [ cheers and applause ] happy birthday, barbara. thanks for the gig. >> you've got to thank the boss. and the iconic barbara walters retired from "the view" after 16 seasons back in 2014 but still serves as executive producer. and next to amazon alexa. >> we're all familiar with that monotone female voice coming out
3:48 am
of echo devices. but what if alexa sounded like this? >> i have had it with these [ bleep ] snakes on this [ bleep ] plane! >> what country are you from? >> what? >> what ain't no country i ever heard of. they speak english in what? >> what? >> english [ bleep ]! >> so we're not going to fight anymore! we're going to pull together and we're going to find a way to get out of here! first we're going to seal off this roof. >> oh! one of the best scenes in movie history. >> is it? >> that one from "deep blue sea." >> is it? >> he gives that big speech then the shark gets him.
3:49 am
so funny. amazon is set to introduce actor samuel l. jackson as the first celebrity voice for its alexa virtual assistant later this year. >> could they have chosen anyone better? jackson's voice will carry a 99-cent premium charge and users will have the option of choosing whether to allow jackson to use more, shall we say, salty language. >> there's a word that he's known for. it has two syllables and he really likes to use. >> two syllables? mother -- oh. >> no. it's the way you say it. put it all together. somebody back there's getting really nervous right now. ken, are you getting nervous? he's getting real nervous. next a surprise on "ellen" we promise will put a smile on your face. >> 5-year-old justin wilson ii, aka baby boy drummer. look at him. landed himself a spot on "ellen" last year showing off his very impressive skills. >> he's been playing the drums since he was only 18 months old. now a year later he's all grown up. ellen had him back on rocking out to his favorite artist,
3:50 am
lenny kravitz. >> lenny showed all the -- ellen had a surprise in store for baby boy drummer. look at him. lenny kravitz himself. baby boy drummer just beaming. >> lis ho ton cite.imd. listen to him. he's so happy. >> what's up? >> it's good to see you! >> you are amazing. >> "it's good to see you, lenny!" >> you know i'm a big fan. i've been watching you. >> thanks. >> he didn't know -- >> i love it so much. that is so cool. >> and he's talented. well, next to the stunner, stunner on the runway. >> these images just crossing our "skinny" international desk. show german model closing out the spring show at paris fashion week in platform heel boots, stomping his way down the catwalk. >> the 20-year-old apparently put quite a bit of energy into what appeared to be more of an angry march than the usual elegant glide.
3:51 am
>> but it apparently got the anna wintour stamp of approval. the editor in chief of "vogue" smiling as he stomped past her. >> we all know a smile from the real-life miranda priestly is worth its weight in gold. >> it sure is. >> i will say. i mean, he was fierce. >> mm-hmm. >> fierce. and finally to a sports headline from the tennis world. >> just weeks after her blistering loss to a 19-year-old canadian at the u.s. open, serena williams is telling the world she's not about to hang up her racket anytime soon. >> okay. so in terms of retiring from the sport, she says she'll, quote, transfer out in 20 years. so not anytime soon. two more decades. >> that would put her around how old? >> i'm not sure. we don't need to shout out her age anyway. >> no, she's very proud of her age because she's doing some amazing things as a mom. she's like wearing that age -- she's in her upper 30s. because we're around the same age. i'm sure of that.
3:52 am
>> how old are you? >> we'll share that. >> we can shout out serena's age but -- >> hey, coming up, the beginning of the end for "modern family." >> stay with us. " >> stay with us. charmin ultra soft! it's softer than ever. charmin ultra soft is twice as absorbent so you can use less. and it's softer than ever... so it's harder to resist. okay, this is getting a little weird. we all go, why not enjoy the go with charmin? did you know that every single flush [toilet flush] flings odors onto your soft surfaces? then they get released back into the air so you smell them later. ew. right? that's why febreze created new small spaces. [clicking sound] press firmly and watch it get to work... [popping sounds] unlike the leading cone, small spaces continuously eliminates odors in the air and on surfaces [popping sounds]
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♪ a feeling ♪ a feeling ♪ that tonight's gonna be a good night ♪ ♪ that tonight's gonna be a good night ♪ ♪ exactly ten years ago this week the black eyed peas were topping the charts and abc was premiering a brand new show that would eventually become a cultural phenomenon. >> and last night "modern family" kicked off its 11th and final season but not before paula faris sat down with the entire cast. >> i just got this from the internet. >> reporter: for a decade it's been the show that's pushed the envelope, changing the way we think about family. >> i'm going to take a shower. do you care to join me? >> you know, honey, there's a gun in the foot locker in the garage. if i ever say no to that question, i want you to use it on me.
3:56 am
>> reporter: "modern family" is the show that's made real-life family situations so much funnier. >> now, come on. pretend i'm not your dad. we're just a couple of friends kicking it at a juice bar. >> what's a juice bar? >> reporter: premiering its 11th and final season. let me ask you all, raise your hand if you're emotionally ready for this series to be over. are you emotionally ready? >> not yet. >> reporter: the show's critical and ratings success not lost on the cast. >> when people actually like something you do it's a positive. and when people like it and it actually gets good ratings, that's even better. and if it has social ramifications that's even more exciting. and our show just kept . no.ising us i think.init tmpac >> reporter: turning heads and households with its stories built around a multicultural family. >> look at her with the little harmonica. >> reporter: winning awards for its depiction of a gay couple starting a family. >> don't be mad. i just got up to change her. >> i think it's really brought families together in an age where kids and teenagers can be so separated from their families because of things like social
3:57 am
media and phones and computers. >> we all have 10-year-old kids that come up to us and say are you that guy on "modern family," are you that girl on "modern family"? that's the lasting impact. in ten years there's going to be another 10-year-old. we're going to keep making hopefully generations laugh. >> why don't you ride shotgun? >> oh, no, he doesn't do that well on splash mountain in the front seat. >> maybe like in 30 years they can do again a "modern family" like now. you know how it's like old-fashioned to bring back a reboot. but i don't know if ed is going to be here. >> it's still going to be there. ed o'neill, i love him. i love the entire cast. i've seen every single episode. it is so good. >> and you along with the cast, no one knows how it ends. the joke is that they're not to be trusted. >> i will be watching. "modern family," you will be missed. but we will be there for all the laughs this season. >> more news is next. >> announcer: you've been watching "world news now."
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happening now in america this morning, new details emerging about the phone call between president trump and the president of ukraine. what we've learned overnight about the expectations before that call now at the center of the impeachment inquiry and the crucial testimony expected this morning on capitol hill. also new this morning, the vaping epidemic taking a turn for the worse. the death toll rising. the cdc sounding the alarm about a skyrocketing number of illnesses. what doctors are now trying to learn and the new controversy surrounding e-cigarette company juul. uber safety concerns. the bombshell report claiming uber has prevented its own investigators from reporting crimes to police. one driver accused of multiple assaults allegedly still allowed
4:01 am
to drive. the company responding this


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