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tv   World News Now  ABC  September 30, 2019 3:30am-4:00am PDT

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this morning on "world news now" the president's allies rush to his defense as democrats intensify the impeachment investigation. plus, a new poll shows how americans feel about trump's call to ukraine. you also breaking overnight, showdown in the streets of hong kong. clashes turning violent and expected to heat up more as china marks 70 years of communist rule tomorrow. new this half hour, the school bus driver accused of dui. new video from inside that bus capturing the driver's erratic behavior and the children's screams of fear. and it's wedding bells for justin bieber. today he's getting married to hailie baldwin again, everything we need to know including which a-listers made the guest list.
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ahead in "the skinny." baby, it's monday, september 30th. ♪ wedding day for the biebs. elizabeth herr is here for janai. this is a good monday all the way around, isn't it? >> it is a monday. i cannot wait for his wedding. yeah! sorry. >> you were like reading -- looking up everything about justin bieber's wedding. >> no, over it. >> you know it's happening in the great state of south carolina. >> south carolina i can stand behind. >> yes. >> yeah. >> good call. good to have you here. we do begin this half hour though with the intelligence official who blew the whistle on president trump expected to testify before congress very soon. >> but the whistle-blower's lawyers say they are concerned for his safety. the president lashed out again
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overnight saying he wants to meet his accuser and he warned of, quote, big consequences for the person who provided the whistle-blower with the information that led to the impeachment inquiry. meanwhile, the president's allies are firing back at house democrats to press forward. rudy giuliani named more than 30 times in the whistle-blower report defending his boss sunday as president trump's personal attorney, ghoully annie, now suggesting he will only cooperate with the congressional inquiry if the president says he can. >> will you cooperate with the house intelligence committee? >> i wouldn't cooperate with adam schiff. if they put a neutral person in who wasn't prejudged the case, if they put -- >> so that's your answer, you're not going to cooperate -- >> i didn't say that. i said i will consider it. >> but the investigation into whether the president abused his power by asking a foreign government to investigate a political opponent is making progress. on cbs's "60 minutes," house speaker nancy pelosi say said a number of factors led her to move forward.
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>> it's not just what happens in the call. it's part of the sequencing. you withdraw a couple hundred millions dollars worth of assistance to a country and then a couple of days later say, by the way, will you help me with my campaign. >> house intelligence committee chairman adam schiff confirming the whistle-blower who shared the initial concern has reached an agreement to testify. >> when do you expect to hear from the whistle-blower? >> very soon. it will depends on how quickly the director of national intelligence can complete the inquiry process for the whistle-blower. >> president trump tweeting late sunday that he deserves to meet his accuser, the so-called whistle-blower who filed the complaint. he also tweeted that house intelligence committee chairman adam schiff should be questioned at the highest level for fraud and treason. congress is on a two-week recess, but the intelligence
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committee is still working and expecting to hear from several officials, including the inspector general who found the whistle-blower's complaint to be of urgent concern. and we have a new poll this morning. 43% of americans said it was a very serious problem that president trump encouraged the ukrainian president to investigate former vice president joe biden and his son and 21% said somewhat serious. >> and when asked how closely they have been following the news about the controversy, 63% said closely and 37% said not closely. we'll have more ahead in our next half hour. tomorrow marks 70 years of communist rule in chain na. the anniversary is said to be met with massive protests over the weekend. protesters say they will do whatever it takes to end the regime. abc's ian panel is there. >> reporter: it was terrifying clashes like these that china's leaders were hoping to contain. mass clashes on the streets of
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hong kong turning violent again. molotov cocktails hurled by pro democracy protesters exploding into balls of flame. others tearing brick from the sidewalk to use as missiles. the police storming into the crowd with brute force. some fought back. as protesters fled baton wielding police, some were snatched, zip tied and marched off. others were pinned to the ground, knees to their necks. this week is critically important to beijing. the people's republic of china preparing for its 70th anniversary celebrations on tuesday. president xi wants to showcase a prosperous china but protestors in hong kong protest its growing shadow and want the world to see its other face. taking to the streets for four tumultuous months equating beijing's rule with a nazi regime. with tensions high, the question is who will blink first. china's 70th anniversary
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celebrations are a huge milestone with a massive military parade planned to showcase the economic and military might to the world. however, if protesters have their way that won't be the only image you'll see on tuesday. there are real fears of significant violence, some calling themselves the expendables hinting they could be ready to do much more than hurl stones. ian panel, abc news, hong kong. terrorism charges and no bail for a man accused of driving an suv through a mall in suburban chicago. police say javier garcia was behind the wheel as shoppers ran for cover on saturday. the 22-year-old has mental health issues and is being treated for paranoid schizophrenia. the murder trial of a former dallas police officer amber guyger resumes this morning. jurors heard five minutes of testimony saturday from the lead investigator in the case.
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the judge ruled they could not hear from a retired dallas police officer or official who said guyger was justified in shotting botham jean. a dramatic confrontation in the lobby of a california police station. police in salinas showed a video of a woman who held a person hostage with a meat cleaver. they used a stun gun to take her down. she is out on bail charged with kidnapping and assault with a deadly weapon. now to the wild weather extremes on both coasts. >> the rockies got an early blast of winter, like here at montana's big sky resort. the governor declared a state of emergency after a record setting snowfall caused hazardous driving conditions and up to 4 feet of snow fell in glacier county.
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winter storm warnings remain in effect for the northern part of the rockies. winter weather advisories in the northwest. >> it would feel like summer across much of the northeast. unseasonably warm weather will be around for most of the week. powerful earthquake measuring 6.8 shook chile. there were no reported injuries or significant damage to basic services. prince harry, duchess meghan are still on their tour of southern africa, but royal experts are already weighing in calling it brilliantly unorthodox. >> prince harry is on be a solo leg of the visit today but he and meghan were briefly reunited in malawi. today harry visits a national park to meet with local antipoaching rangers. >> after that he will return to south africa to reunite with meghan and baby archie. they will wrap up their ten-day trip in johannesburg. >> this news just in. that's good news. apparently the queen is reportedly delighted by the way harry and meghan are handling
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the tour so grandma says, good job, harry. >> have you been following this? >> i've been following. >> i've been following our own maggie ruhle. >> we love maggie ruhle so much. she's a new foreign correspondent. going over to london. she's been following the royals. go look at her instagram. >> amazing pictures. >> sunsets, so beautiful in south africa. i've witnessed them in person actually. >> i was going to say, you've been. >> i've been to south africa and it was gorgeous. it is gorgeous. maggie ruhle's pictures do it justice. >> absolutely. >> great job by maggie ruhle covering the royals. coming up, the school bus driver accused of being drunk behind the wheel. >> but, first, the terrifying fireball that erupted near a busy bridge. where this happened and how it played out. plus, the global superstar who wore this to fashion week. her identity revealed ahead in "the skinny."
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which cuts through tough kitchen messes, pre-treats laundry stains, and even tackles grease build-up on car rims. tackle tough greasy messes arounur hom and save money with dawn ultra. brand power. helping you better. look at this. look at this. fireball erupted from a south korean oil tanker after it caught fire. ten people were hurt as flames spread from that vessel to another tanker saturday. reports say the ships were conducting transfer operations. the crews on both tankers were evacuated. the injured worked at the terminal where the ships were docked. >> wow. now to another incredible roadside rescue in south carolina. >> a three-car pile up in goose
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creek left one driver drifting in and out of consciousness. her car's engine catching fire as she was stuck inside. luckily one brave bystander did not hesitate jumping in to help. adrian ross said how he was able to get the driver out of the vehicle. >> i ended up getting the back door open. when i got the back door open, i pulled the seat back. i had to tell her, yo, we gotta go. help anybody, you know. extend a hand. >> by the time law enforcement arrived the victim's car was totally engulfed in flames. she was transported to the hospital for treatment of her injuries but is expected to be okay thanks to adrian. turning to a young boy in washington state who wasn't just a good samaritan but a hero to their classmates on the school bus. >> their bus driver is charged with a dui after the boy called 911. here's abc's rachel scott. >> oh, my god, she's crazy. >> reporter: parents in
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washington state getting a first look at their children's terrifying bus ride home from school. >> whoa, no. no. >> police say the driver, 48-year-old katheryn macarone was under the influence while behind the wheel earlier this month. newly released video capturing the panic on the bus. young students screaming on the edge of their seats. >> i am crazy. i'm totally crazy. >> a boy rushing home to call 911 telling the operator his driver sped through three red lights. >> she's like wobbling and then her eyes, you can tell she was drunk. >> did she smell of alcohol? >> her breath sort of smells like alcohol. >> macarone driving 90 students, later arrested. >> this is going to be a dui? >> is it? >> yeah. >> i was hoping the kid wasn't right. >> she was charged with two counts of reckless endangerment and dui. >> that school district has implemented new safety procedures to better screen for
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drivers. as for macarone, she was not available for comment. she has since resigned and will appear in court in two weeks. rachel scott, abc news, washington. >> thanks to rachel there. scary stuff obviously for the children. shows the importance of listening to these kids, especially the young ones. >> that kid. >> they could have said this. somebody could have not believed them. obviously they were very believable and then they had the video to back it up there. >> so frightening. she drove 90 kids in that condition. very frightening. when we come back, today is the day justin bieber ties the knot again. >> why cardi b. turns heads in paris. "the skinny" next. paris. "the skinny" next.
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♪ time now for "the skinny." we're kicking things off with "one less lonely girl" thanks to justin bieber. the singer's lavish weekend is
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underway in south carolina. >> justin and hailie already got married in a courthouse in new york city last year but later today the couple will tie the knot in a bigger religious ceremony with family and friends. the couple took a private jet to south carolina, of course, for their destination wedding. several celebs were spotted at the rehearsal dinner last night. including kendall jenner. >> so let's talk about the venue. the montage at meadow bluffs. they have shut down access to the spa, the pool and one of its restaurants for a full 48 hours on the biebers and the baldwins are there. according to "cosmopolitan" the guests are, quote, livid. >> i can understand why. i'm sure they paid a pretty penny to stay there. >> right. not having access to the spa, the pool and that warm south
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carolina weather down there in the low country. yeah, i'd be upset. but maybe they'll get a peek at the bride and the groom. >> yeah. next to another celebrity knot tying, that's still very much in the planning stages. >> jennifer lopez and alex rodriguez are sharing some of the most precious moments from their engagement party over the weekend. the star-studded bash in l.a. was attended by leah rimini and ryan seacrest, among others. >> and it was hosted by carol bayer seager. she shared this snap of an amazing floral arrangement sent as a thank you. they had to cost a pretty penny. flowers cost a lot. >> that looks pretty amazing. i'm so sorry, i thought they had already -- they've gotten engaged, i know. i thought they had the party but this is the official party. >> this is the official. this is an official official. they had an official but they needed an official official. >> are they going to have number two and three like the biebers? >> possibly. could have a couple of weddings. renew those vows. >> can't keep up?
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a week or so. >> okay. next, to some images that are now just crossing over our skinny international desk from paris fashion week. >> and a "world news now" quiz. can you guess which 26-year-old rapper is wrapped inside this head to toe floral ensemble from designer richard quinn? here's a hint. >> what's popping, baby? you [ bleep ] fashion week new york. i'm getting to serve it to ya [ bleep ]. serve it to you cold. you [ bleep ] you never -- >> okay. so that's beyonce, right? no, that's not her? >> no. try again. >> how about -- we already talked about j. lo. >> uh-huh. >> apparently must be cardi b.
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>> how did you know? are you reading the teleprompter? >> that's the iconic cardi b. already iconic at 26 years old over at fashion week bleeping and blurring. can't even tell who it is. >> i was just going to say, could you have been able to identify her? >> no, i could not. not until she started talking. that's definitely cardi b. >> wow. i'm so not cool so i would not have been able to. anywho, moving on. next up, proof that celebs are like us even when it comes to embarrassing their kids with their dance moves. >> reese witherspoon trying her hand at tiktok. she asked her son decon for help. here is what happened. >> rolly, rolly, rolly, just like that? watch this. ♪ >> oh, yeah. >> come on, decon. your mom has an oscar. >> reese finally got the hang of it and finished her tiktok. her son was less than impressed. several celebs commented. victoria beckham said, this is everything. times. ve watched this nine
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>> i love reese witherspoon. >> i do, too. >> decon, get hip. your mom is cool. we love her. >> we love her. >> we'll be back.
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♪ welcome back. so more and more we're hearing about how technology, both dna and the power of social media, are reuniting long lost family members. >> this morning we are hearing about an extraordinary family reunion involving two cousins, both of them thought the other had died during world war ii. here is abc's tom llamas. >> reporter: holocaust survivor maurice son's life has taken so many twists and turns. now at 87, maybe the surprise of his life. >> seeing his cousin simon mirovich who he hasn't seen since the 1940s. maurice thought his relative had
3:56 am
been killed by the nazis. >> his last memory is to come to the orphanage to visit simon and to say good-bye because he was running away from the nazis. >> maurice eventually escaping making it to israel and started the search for any surviving family members, but time and again, the results were grim. >> they were listed as perished in the holocaust. >> reporter: they never gave up. >> it started with carol, my cousin, placing an ad on facebook. >> reporter: it took nine more years after that facebook post, but then simon's granddaughter saw it and quickly reached out. >> i was in shock. >> reporter: simon was alive and living in england. confirming the news that the family was related.
3:57 am
here is that moment again. maurice and simon together again. >> good to see you after so many years. >> i was supposed to wait 75 years. >> 75 years you waited. >> 75 years. >> that's a long time. we've got each other now. >> now sharing a lifetime of history and hope. >> if it happened to us, it might happen to someone else. i mean, this is a beautiful story. >> beautiful, indeed. they have a lot of catching up to do, and when you think about obviously so many lives shattered, so many lives taken. hundreds of thousands of people and people thought family members were gone. >> and facebook is connecting not just friends -- >> facebook, science, just incredible. our thanks for that touching story. don't miss our updates on facebook at >> more news. stay with us.
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because even one attack is one too many. >> stay with us for "gma." making news in america this morning, new safety concerns about the unnamed intelligence officer. it sparked the impeachment inquiry. the whistle-blower's attorney claiming there is a bounty on his head as president trump tweets overnight demanding to meet with his accuser. what's next for the impeachment battle. midair scare. a plane is forced to make an emergency landing after the engine started shaking violently. >> something did not feel right. like an eerie feeling kind of cast itself over the plane. >> the dramatic video from inside the plane. historic storm. four feet of snow in some areas. the winter storm emergency right now as the east coast melts under summerlike heat. we're tracking it all.


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