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tv   ABC World News Tonight With David Muir  ABC  September 30, 2019 3:30pm-3:59pm PDT

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tonight, fast-moving developments. the president says he is now trying to find out the identity of the whistle-blower. saying, i deserve to meet my accuser. it comes amid increasing concern over the whistle-blower's security. and tonight, the breaking headline involving the president's personal attorney, rudythe major news this monday night, the dallas officer charged with murder, after shooting and killing her neighbor. she says she thought it was her apartment. the jury deliberating at this hour. and what the judge has now told the jurors. the major winter storm. several feet ofow tracking eas tonight. the state of emergency declared. and ginger zee is here. the jet engine scare in midair. the engine's metal casing torn away.passgechg re
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and the deadly plane crash and the rescue efforts right after. the surveillance tonight. the bus driver allegedly drunk behind the wheel. students screaming. now the video, and you'll hear the boy's call to 911. the deputy confronted in front of the entire room, when a commissioner asks, do you remember falsely arresting me four years ago? witnesses stunned. the hidden camera in the hotel tonight. ng upman under arrest by the fbi for china? and the confusion and concern tonightrveevening, why greens, rite-aid and cvs pulled zantac off the shelves? the fears over a possible carcinogen, and what you need to know. good evening and it's great to have you with us here as we start another week. and we begin tonight with fast-moving developments in the impeachment inquiry, all trig r triggered by that phone call between president trump and the president of ukraine.
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president trump saying, "i would like you to do us a favor." tonight, president trump says they're working on learning who this whistle-blower is, that he has a right to know his accuser. it is prompting security concerns for that person, who attorney now says the president's own words are putting the whistle-blower in danger. con gregsal democrats could meet with that whistle-blower very soon. and late today, we also learned the president's personal attorney, rudy giuliani, has now been subpoenaed. his trips to ukraine, his meetings that came before that phone call, dngra scrutiny tonight. abc's senior white house correspondent cecilia vega leading us off. >> reporter: in the oval office today, president trump said his administration iin wrkwose cto to that impeachment inquiry. >> mr. president, do you now know who the whistle-blower is, sir? >> we're trying to find out about a whistle-blower. when you have a whistle-blower that reports things that were incorrect. >> reporter: tonight, the whistle-blower's lawyer responding, saying his client is
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entitled to anonymity, adding the individual is not to be retaliated against. doing so is a violation of federal law. but the president is ramping up his tackattacks, more than 80 ts this weekend alone, including this one. the president saying, "like every american, i deserve to meet my accuser." the whistle-blower's lawyer says he has serious concerns about his client's personal safety, writtening, "certain individuals have issued a 50,0$50,000 bountr any information about his identity." the lawyer mentioning the president's own caught on camera message to diplomats last week. >> you know what we used to do in the old days when we were smart? right? with spies and treason -- we used to handle it a little differently than we do now. >> reporter: house democrats leading that impeachment inquiry say they now have a tentative deal to meet with the whistle-blower. and today, that issued aesen giuliani, mentioned more than 30 times in the complaint, accused of pressuring the ewe draukrain
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investigate the president's political rivals. but giuliani sent mixed messages about whether he will comply. >> i wouldn't cooperate with adam schiff. >> so that's your answer, you're not going to cooperate? >> i didn't say that. i said i will consider it -- >> say wl with adam schiff. >> i said i will consider it if it's okay with my client. >> reporter: today in an inflammatory tweet, the president quoted a supporter who said impeaching trump and removing him from office will cause a civil war like fracte ea hi it prompted a rare rebuke from a fellow republican. congressman adam kinzinger fired back, saying, "i have visited nations ravaged by civil war. i have never imagined such a quote to be repeated by a president. this is beyond repugnant." >> cecilia vega live at the white house tonight, and cecilia, several developing headlines. "the new york times" reporting tonight about a phone call between the president and another foreign leader. the president asked the prime minister of australia to help bill barr investigate the origins of the mueller problem.
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that story is developing. and the question emerging, was the access to the transcript of that call restricted, as well? and in the meantime, you've learned the attorney general, william barr, is just back from italy tonight? what was he doing there? >> reporter: yeah, david. busy evening here a source is telling our team that bill barr went to italy to meet with senior intelligence officials there as part of the justice department investigation into the origins of the russia probe. look. nearly three years after this election, this is something president trump is still fixated on, but david, democrats are li be enraged they see thisrum political gain. >> cecilia vega, thank you. and next this evening, the fate of a former dallas police officer who shot and killed her neighbor in his own apartment is now in the hands of the jury at this hour. what the judge has now told the jurors. and here's abc's marcus moore from dallas. >> reporter: tonight, prosecutors pleading for justice. >> this is not one of those things where you can just say, "whoops, too bad for you, buddy."
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>> reporter: the defense begging for mercy. >> she has to make that split second decision and this time it ended in tragedy. >> reporter: but it's the words of the 31-year-old former dallas police officer herself during this seven-day trial that may weigh most heavily on jurors. >> i hate myself every single day. >> reporter: amber guyger claims she mistakenly walked into botham jean's apartment last year thinking it was hers. this dramatic body camera capturing the moments after she shot him. >> i thought it was my apartment. i thought it was my apartment. >> reporter: she claimshe see y hands." >> reporter: but prosecutors citing neighbors who say they never heard verbal commands. >> not one of them heard you say that. >> i can't tell you why. >> well, it's because you didn't say it. >> reporter: today, prosecutors reasserting that guyger was distracted that night, sending racy messages to her former partner who was married and that she missed obvious signs that she was on the wrong floor.
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>> he is sitting on his couch eating ice cream. >> reporter: the defense highlighting dozens of other instances where residents made similar mistakes. >> there are no winners. a wonderful human being lost his life. >> and marcus moore has been on this case from the start. and marcus, the judge saying the juror can consider the castle doctrine, which, as i understand it, is similar to the stand your ground defense as they make their decision? >> reporter: itistl d,ock trip basically a self-defense protection for someone inside their home. and prosecutors have argued, how can an intruder use that law to justify shooting a homeowner? the jury is expected to continue its deliberations in the morning. david? >> marcus, thank you. that major winter storm moving east, after dumping four feet of snow in the mountains of the west. emergency. that storm triggering flood threats in the midwest, as record heat moving up the east coast. ginger zee tracking it all for us tonight. ginger?
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>> reporter: david, from appleton, wisconsin, to huntsville, alabama, record highs were broken today. and we're going to see several others. look at the flash flood watches, though. that is the imminent threat, from wisconsin back to eastern new mexico, where tomorrow morning, the skies will start opening up. you could seal two to four inches there. iowa to wisconsin by tomorrow night, you get up to a half foot locally. now, that cold front also acts as the dividing line between winter and stormer. 38, the high tomorrow in billings, montana. 97 for nashville. that same heat settles in here on wednesday. october 2nd, it will be 93 degrees for philadelphia, david. >> wow. incredible. ging ginger, thank you. we're going to turn next to the midair merging involving the casing on an engine. passengers seeing a piece of that engine, the panel there, peeling back. all of it very alarming, obviously. the pilot was then forced to turn back to denver. abc's david kerley covers aviation. >> reporter: a frightening scene
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out the passenger window of this united 737-800. >> when i heard the pop and the bang of the engine, i knew something was not right. >> reporter: flapping in the wind, tens of thousands of feet in the air, it was the engine cover that had come loose. an emergency for the pilots. >> we need to get back to denver relatively quickly. >> nature of the emergency? >> a panel has become detached from the airplane. we have about six hours of fuel and we have 196 people. >> reporter: just 30 minutes into the flight, the orlando-bound jet turns around. passengers hearing the noise and feeling the vibration from that flapping cover. >> this pilot really took some pretty heroic, decisive action. made a big decision with turning us around really quickly. >> reporter: on the ground, a clear view for all the passengers. the internal engine exposed. that cover, mangled. experts say that cover doesn't affect the operation of the engine. still, not something a passenger wants to see out the window.
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>> definitely not. david kerley with us now. we know everyone safe on that flight, but another safety issue making news tonight. boeing warning of a cracking problem, as they say, on some of its next generation 737 reporter: yeah, those next gen, that fleet is still flying right now, david, and in three of the aircraft that are about ten years old, so, kind of old, they found cracking in a critical area. it's where the wings attach to the fuselage. they're concerned about those cracks. they shouldn't be there. so the faa is asking that 300 other aircraft of about the same age and usage also be checked for these cracks. they want to find out if this is a widespread safety issue. david? >> all right, we know you'll stay on it for us. david kerley, thank you. and this evening, the m manhunt for four hinmates who escaped from ohio is over. three of them were caught late next,ha newly released arolda
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surveillance video of a frightening bus ride home from school. the video driver yelling. the children screaming about the way she was driving. one boy calling 911. here's abc's kayna whitworth. >> reporter: tonight, the bus driver heard in this newly released surveillance video -- >> i yell and scream and -- >> reporter: is out of a job. children on this bus say it was a terrifying ride home. >> whoa! >> reporter: police say longview washington school bus driver catherine maccarone was drunk behind the wheel. >> i love life! >> reporter: and that 48-year-old maccarone was yelling cinincoherently on and before she picked up children. >> my marriage sucks and my husband is a son of a gun. >> reporter: one of the scared students onboard calling 911 after getting off the bus. >> our bus driver -- catherine -- she was drunk
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she passed three red lights. >> reporter: police tracking her down, charging her with dui and reckless endangerment. david, maccarone told police sh medication and she says she did not run those red lights. she has since resigned from her kb.jona whitworth tonight, thank you. next this evening, an unexpected confrontation during an award ceremony honoring a sheriff's deputy in florida. a commission her saying to that deputy saying, do you remember falsely arresting me four years ago? here's abc's victor oquendo. >> reporter: this commission meeting in south florida was meant to honor deputies of the month quickly turned into a per raiding that's gone viral. >> joshua gallardo, can you come down for a second? >> reporter: tamari economy commissioner mike gelin levelled a public surprise. >> it's good to see you again. you probably don't remember me, but you're the police officer who falsely arrested me four years ago.
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>> reporter: in 2015, he said he was recording on his cell phone as officers tried to break up a fight between homeless men. in his report, gallardo said gelin said the state attorney reviewed the cell phone v cheoi. an>> you are a bad police offic and you don't deserve to be here. e, then er: a stunnedsmil give a thumb's up before leaving. the mayor said she was completely shocked. the deputy's association called the commissioner's actions, but gelin says he doesn't want anyone to go through what he went through or worse. david? zblik or the, thank you. next tonight, the fbi arrest and the hidden camera in a hotel room. the u.s. citizen now under arrest, and what the fbi says he was there to get and to send back to china. abc's chief justice correspondent pierre thomas with the fbi video from that room. >> reporter: you're watching a covert counterintelligence
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operation targeting china. cameras recording in this georgia hotel room. the fbi claims edward peng has come to this hotel to pick up back to china's spy agency. the ministry of state security. what peng doesn't know, according to the fbi, is that he's been set up by a double agent working for the u.s. government. watch closely. the fbi says peng is taping a white envelope containing a $20,000 payoff into the top drawer of that tv stand. >> the double agent would rem e remove, could retrieve the key, retrieve the cash and tape the sd card to the same place where the money had been left. >> reporter: peng later returns to pick up the sd card containing classified information, authorities say, for delivery to beijing. peng's alleged coverorngssan ci. he'sue i court on actgs foreign prison
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>> pierre thomas with us tonight, as well, thank you. and next, to somalia, and the attack on a u.s. military target. the terror group al shabab claiming responsibility tonight for two attacks. one of those on a u.s. training site involving car bombs and a gun battle. u.s. air strikes then taking out ten militants but officials say there were no u.s. casualties. the militants also targeting a convoy of italian peacekeepers with a suicide attack. the peacekeepers survived. republican congressman chris collins from new york is stepping down ahead of an expected guilty plea in an insider trading case tomorrow. collins is accused of sharing information, inside information, in fact, from a biotech company. collins won re-election despite the scandal, calling initial reports fake news. there is much more ahead on "world news tonight" this monday. the deadly wood erupting into f then you can see the deputies on foot rushing to the scene,
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trying to save the passengers. there's also news tonight about the police officer shot and killed here in new york city. the officer struggling with an armed ecsspsuodayt. revealed ite mit after several officers opened fire. and tonight, the confusion and new concern over why have walgreens, rite-aid and cvs pulled it off the shelves? what you need to know. a lot more news ahead here tonight. stay tuned. and your best is needed every single day. (amber jaggers) students that come from underserved backgrounds, they don't think there is any other way of life. they think that's it for tt m.g to be competitiveat waiting. in the past, shawnee had no technology. with verizon innovative learning, it was like someone had been listening to my thoughts on what education should be.
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mm, uh, what do you do for fun? -not this. ♪ -oh, what am i into? mostly progressive's name your price tool. helps people find coverage options based on their budget. flo has it, i want it, it's a whole thing, and she's right there. -yeah, she's my ride. this date's lame. he has pics of you on his phone. -they're very tasteful. next, a story we have continued to follow. walgreens, rite-aid and cvs are taking zantac off the shelves. here's abc's adrienne bankert. >> reporter: tonight, three major retailers taking the dramatic step, removing the popular heartburn medicatation zantac from store shelves. rite-aid joined cvs and walgreens pulling the drug and its generic version. this, after an earlier fda alert reported that low levels of ndma, a potentially
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cancer-causing substance, were allegedly found in medication. the fda announcing a voluntary recall. cvs says they removed it all of an abundance of caution. tonight, zantac's manufacturer sanofi saying they are working closely with the fda but have not halted sales adding the possible car sin jen detected in tests barely exceeds amounts found in common food. the makers of the generic drugs say they're cooperating. the fda says it is still investigating if low levels of ndma pose any real risk to patients, but they advice patients who wish to stop using zantac or its generic versions talk to their about rsoc dto lternatives.hour doctor. >> reporter: absolutely. >> thank you. when we come back here tonight, more on the new york city police officer shot and killed. news about how the officer was killed coming in. and then that deadly plane crash going down in the heavily-wooded
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witnesses report seeing the plane spiraling. the faa and investigatingle. the game-changing decision for lleg athtesn california. governor gavin newsom with lebron james on thehbhow signing the fair pay toy ala pl to earn monseyndmro f the use o names. that puts the state on a collision course with the ncaa, which bars players from cetioninpt. and a passing to note tonight. jessye norman has died. she was the winner of four grammy awards. a trail blazing performer. chef was 74. back, the homecoming moment seen by millions. s was 74. when we come back, the homecoming moment seen by millions. he was 74. when we come back, the homecoming moment seen by millions.
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finally, the homecoming couple, america strong. david wacon and a ghoo sasrisweethearts. ice cream dates, watching the games in the stands. when it was him for mecokingngme middle of one of her cheers. it was game night and there was a lot at stake. hedsan h her t balloons, the sign and then, will you come with me to homecoming? >> yes! >> reporter: she says yes, he kneels down -- and a kiss. it didn't matter who won the game, because david and saris had just won everyone's hearts. saris, holding that sign, "will you be my sunshine to homecoming?" the moment online now viewed nearly 4 million times. and this weekend, the dress, the
3:58 pm
bow tie, the corsage and saris see mother so moved. >> a lot of people have contacted us, called us, cheered them on, because they're so cute together, because down syndrome rocks, because even if they have down syndrome, their love is like anybody else's. >> reporter: and inside the dance, that couple -- >> seminole high school, they are known now the nation over. david and saris, please join me. >> reporter: the entire florida high school cheering them on, the homecoming couple with a lesson aboutov that's for sure. we needed that on a monday. i'll see you tomorrow. good night.
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now news to build a better bay area, from abc7. >> and it's going to change college sports for the were. >> i think it's a huge step in the right direction. >> let's do it, man. all right. >> a new law in california. >> it's official. governor newsom signed a bill that will allow conoleylege fro deals while still in college, but the ncaa says it's the wrong move. good afternoon. thank you for joining us. i'm ama daetz. >> and i'm dion lim. it is the first law of its kind le tntry and will likelyhe linegal challenges. anser hassan joins us live in berkeley with a closer look at the bill and what it means. anser? >> yeah, dion and ama, thd e oo gco-author of the slil issue of the day. now this new law doesn't require universities to share revenue with the athletes, but it does allow them to use their name and image to profit without penalty.
4:00 pm
when a stunt athlete signs with the ncaa, they sign away their rights to make money using their name and image. that's now illegal in california. >> to give student athletes a piece of t pie, tohe bring equity back into college sports. >> east bay state senator nancy skinner co-authored sb-206, signed into law by governor gavin newsom. she says college sports is a multibillion industry that makes all that money from the talent of its student athletes. >> the talent of a set for whom they deny any compensation to those people. it wouldn't happen anywhere else. there is laws against it. >> california's new law allows studentthletes to sign endorsements or g sponetsorships, even just use their athletic skill to find work, which they weren't allowed to do before. >> if you're aeach swimming le. if you have youtube followers, you can't monetize your youtube