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tv   Jimmy Kimmel Live  ABC  October 2, 2019 11:35pm-12:37am PDT

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appreciat >> dicky: from hollywood it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight -- gwyneth paltrow chef evan funke and music from lunay and now more than that jimmy kimmel! ♪ [cheers and applause] >> jimmy: thank you. chan cham thank you very much. welcome. i'm jimmy. i'm the host of the show. thanks for watching, thanks for coming, thank you for joining us on another ukrainy day here in the united states. >> you know, i say this a lot, it feels like i say it every day now. but today really was nuts. it's hard to imagine that news saying that the president of the
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united states wanted to build an m moat filled with alligators and snakes. a report cites multiple sources who say trump wanted an moat, he wanted snakes, alligators, an electrified wall with spikes on top to keep immigrants out. he was said to be so frustrated by lack of progress on his stupid wall. at one point he shouted at everyone, i ran on this issue, you guys are making me look like an idiot, and they were like -- sorry, mr. president, tell us about this moat filled with alligators and snakes. he said shoot them in the legs to slow them down. and then he had them run a cost analysis for this plan, for the shooting and attack snakes plan,
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and that should be it, shouldn't that result in everyone being escorted out of the white house and into the wild? it should, but it, it hasn't. and the president of course denied these allegations, now he said the press is trying to sell the fact that i wanted a moot stuffed with alligators and snakes. a moot is like a canadian moat. it's a different. [cheers and applause] you guys know. it's planned on the southern border. he's building an moat. and at the top, there will be a moot. not only did trump tweet denial, he yelled at a reporter who asked him about it. >> so these two reporters wrote this book, and they said i want an moat with alligators, snakes, electrified fences so people get electrocuted if they so much as
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touch the spikes. i never said it, i said i'm tough on the border, not that tough. okay. it was a lie. >> jimmy: he didn't want alligators, he wanted dragons with fire in their mouths, like the one caliisi had. this was validated by a dozen white house officials who spoke on anonymity. that's all of them i guess. and this idea of an moat, where would they get an idea like this? >> they'll want a higher fence. maybe they'll need an moat. maybe they'll want alligators in the moat. >> jimmy: obama and his jokes again have us in a fix. thanks, obama. so anyway, now we have a new scandal, gator gate. but as horrible as that is, and it is horrible, and we must not forget that.
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the main event in washington, d.c. right now is impeachment. all the president's hench men are getting in on this. today we learned that the secretary of state, mike pompeo was part of trump's now infamous call with the ukraine. even though he acted like he didn't know anything about it. pompeo held a press conference in italy where he admitted on second thought he was on the call, so oops. >> the phone call was in the context of now, i guess i've been secretary of state for coming on a year and a half, i know precisely what the american policy with respect to ukraine. it's been remarkably consistent, and we will continue to try to drive -- >> jimmy: i think that means six more weeks of pooem. [cheers and applause] there's a very distinct pattern when trump or one of his characters get caught on something. first they deny it or play dumb.
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then they say i did do it, but they act like it was no big deal. then they say they didn't do it after they said they did it. pompeo is at stage two of that. give him a couple days. with all this shrapnel coming at him, the president is absolutely melting down. today he continued his attacks on adam schiff. he called schiff a lowlife, repeatedly accused him of treason, which is a word he doesn't know the definition of. he floated the theetry that schiff wrote the whistle-blower's report. >> he's shifty schiff, a shifty, dishonest guy. and this guy was negative on mike pompeo, he can't, you know, there's an expression, he couldn't carry his blank strap, i won't say it, because they'll say it was so terrible to say. but that guy couldn't carry his blank strap, you understand that? >> jimmy: i'm not sure i do, let's go do our experts to find
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out. >> dumb donald is really dumb. >> now dumb is he? >> got a letter from a politician asking for support. but instead of money he sent the politician a blank. >> jockstrap. >> can you say jockstrap on television? >> i don't know. >> jimmy: you can now. if you go through all the seasons of match game you can predict the future. so the schiff is hitting the tan. the president repeated a curse word. he could use a million rounds of golf right now. he says this investigation has nothing do with his perfect call to ukraine. he says the bhim since the day won. >> shifty schiff should resign, and jerry nadler and all of them, it's a disgrace what's going on. you have a perfect, i mean, perfect conversation with a
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president of another country, ukraine in this case. and they try and say oh, let's impeach him. they've been trying to impeach me from the day i got elected. i've been going through this for three years. they've been trying to impeach me from the day i got elected. >> jimmy: and guess what, they're about to get their wish. [cheers and applause] thanks to you. all credit. all credit to goes to him. but i have to say, i do think these guys are going about their the wrong way. democrats need to stop using the word impeach. they should tell him, listen, mr. president, you've done an amazing job. you've done such an amazing job we are sending you right to the hall of fame. you will be the first inductee into the hall of fame. we're going to retire your jersey, we'll have a ceremony, maybe a parade, then lead him into a hall of some kind and lock him in it. [cheers and applause] maybe hand him a trophy. and throw a few of those snakes
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and alligators in there while we're at it. an innocent bistand ner all ysto this was the president of fin land. he was unfortunate enough to be standing right next to trump during their press conference. the likes of which the finnish have probably never seen. >> i've done more than any president in the history of this country has done. for me it's like putting on a suit in the morning. people have said to me, how does he hand it will? rush limbaugh said i don't know of any person in america who could handle it. sean hannity has said it. >> jimmy: that's the helsinki shuffle. the finnish president even got a chance to see trump take a shot at the speaker of the house. he saved his best material of the day for nancy pelosi.
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>> we won the election, then they get served with subpoenas, all these subpoenas. now look at nancy please e pelosi hands out subpoenas like they're cookies. you want a subpoena? here you go, take them, like they're cookies. paul ryan would not give subpoenas. nancy pelosi? here you go. every day you get subpoenas. >> jimmy: that's right, now open your mouth for some more subpoenas. because you're the cookie monster, and if you don't believe the president that this is all a hoax, just ask his good pal vladimir. >> let me just tell you, the overwhelm thing whole thing is a scam. the mueller deal was a skachcame russian collusion was a scam. you can ask putin. no one's been tougher on russia
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than trump. >> jimmy: just ask putin. he's very open. putin defended trump as he's been known to do. putin said i see nothing compromising in the conversation. any hid ead of state would have done the same. i think that's sweet that he stands by his man like that. then putin joefkked that russia planning to interfere in the 2020 election. he said i'll tell ayou a secret. he loves this so much. it's like lucy pulling the football away from charlie brown, only in this case, charlie brown is donnie orange, and we are, i don't know what we are, i guess we're the dirt. and if that all wasn't enough, the inspector general of the state department called an urgent meeting with members of congress. he scheduled it yesterday for this morning. all we knew it was highly unusual. after the meeting, jamie rask
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held a strange little chat with the press. >> and he wanted to give as you packet of information, which is unclassified. which originally arrived at the department of state addressed to secretary pompeo and looks like this. so it's in calligraphy. says secretary pompeo, attention, and it says the white house. so it may have come from the white house. it may not. we don't know. and there is a series of folders, which all come from trump hotels. so folder after folder that say trump hotel. now i haven't had time to thoroughly scrutinize everything that's in here. but it's essentially a packet of propaganda. >> jimmy: right, so they got a
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packet of propaganda which is apparently full of stories about joe biden and other people trump doesn't like, whoever it was wrote on the front in calligraphy to secretary pompeo, the white house, and then they put all the propaganda in folders from the trump hotel. now if this is from someone who's working in support of donald trump, that person is an idiot, which hconsidering who we're dealing with is entirely, not just possible, but probable. can you believe they put conspirac conspiracy information in folders that said trump hotel? speaking of villainous clowns, the number one movie at the box office this weekend is expected to be "joker." we ran it by our in-house movie
11:48 pm
critic. yehya loves movies and movie stars. he's spent so much of his life trying to get pictures with them. and here he is talking about the movie "joker." >> hi. wait a minute, i'm sorry. action! hi, it's me, yehya. talk about the movie coming soon. the movie behind me is jocker, jocker is -- >> is it just me? or is it getting crazy out there. >> spoiler alert. >> batman is not in that movie. >> [ bleep ]. >> only the joker. before the joker, jack nic nickelson, that's the one, john legend. yeah, john legend, god bless him. and also the guy who do the joker is jack like something like that. joaquin phoenix is good actor. he done lot of movie like he do
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the movie he played the guitar with the lady threw the spoon something. and then he did the movie also and he made sex on the computer, now he do the movie "joker" with robert de niro, and robert de niro play like a talking show like jim my kimmel, like jay leno, like johnny carson, and the english guy steven something, and kobe labrien. and the general, the movie for him. and charlene stone. and the movie in hospital with brain, not good. >> you got a gift, my friend. >> also he did the movie something taxi driver and martin
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scorsese, and he say you talkin' to me? you talkin' to me? i'm the only one here, nobody here. the joker! [cheers and applause] ♪ >> jimmy: thank you, yehya. all right, we have a good show tonight, music from lunay chef evan funke is here and we'll be right back with gwyneth paltrow. [cheers and applause] ♪ abc's jimmy kimmel live, brought to you by tj maxx. you shopping, you maximizing. you shopping, you maximizing. get more of the brands you love and the quality you want, and save every time. it's not shopping, it's maximizing.
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♪ my doors are always open. ♪ ♪ >> jimmy: hi there, welcome back to the show. tonight, he's a vigorous lover and maker of pasta and an author too --
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his cookbook is called "american sfoglino" chef evan funke is here to make something delicious. [cheers and applause] then he is apple music's up next artist. his song is called "fin de semana" lunay from the mercedes-benz stage. tomorrow night, danny devito and bob iger will be with us, and we'll have music from anderson pack featuring smokey robinson. so please join us for that. >> jimmy: our first guest has an oscar, an emmy, a golden globe and a goop. she has a new show too called "the politician" it's streaming on netflix now. please welcome gwyneth paltrow. [cheers and
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♪ >> jimmy: very good to see you. >> great to see you, too. >> jimmy: you look fantastic. you always look healthy. you look like you were out having fun before you get to places it seems. were you out having fun today? >> um, yeah, sure. >> jimmy: if you weren't, it's fine. congratulations. you just had your one-year anniversary of wedded bliss. [cheers and applause] >> we made it, we made it! >> jimmy: you guys, and correct me if i have any of this wrong. but you guys got married a year ago. >> yes. >> jimmy: and you moved in together like ha mona month ago. >> yes. >> jimmy: now why is it, usually it goes the other way. >> well, true. i think really because we have, we each have two teenaged children whom we love very much, but we were just trying to be mindful and give them a little space and not move too quickly and. >> jimmy: i see, so you then did merge, like the brady bunch but
11:57 pm
with less. >> yeah, less merging and more originally, but now we're merged. >> jimmy: you're merged now. >> and it's great. >> jimmy: and did he get to keep any of his stuff? or is it all your stuff? because i would imagine all your stuff is better than his stuff or anyone's stuff, really. >> yeah, he got to keep some of his stuff. >> jimmy: he did. >> he has good taste. he's got really nice clothes. and we put some chairs from his house in there. >> jimmy: would that be a deal breaker if you walked in and he had like lawn chairs in the place and inflatable furniture? maybe a bud light sign hanging over the bed? >> yes. >> jimmy: that would be. interesting. because you have, is it now, have you reached the point where acting is less interesting to you than this business endeavor that you're involved with? >> i just love my company, and i love the people i work with, and i love what we're doing, and it's very, i think, acting is
11:58 pm
fantastic in its way, but i don't know, i have a bit more autonomy running a business. >> jimmy: right, right. as an actor, you're not the boss, right? >> definitely not, no. >> jimmy: by the way, speaking of, the reason i asked this question is because you were on jon favreau's show, the chef, he has celebrities on, and you were on the show, and he was speaking to you about the scene you did in "spiderman homecoming." >> oh, my god, it's so embarrassing. >> jimmy: and you were unaware were you in "spiderman homecoming." >> now i know this. i just got confused. there's so many of these wonderful marvel interconnecting movies, and i thought it was an avengers movie, but it was not. >> jimmy: i see, okay.
11:59 pm
was spiderman himself offended by this? was he okay with it? >> i never actually saw the movie. >> jimmy: oh, you didn't see the movie. >> i mean, wait! cut that out, thank back. >> jimmy: it's too late, tweet it everywhere. [ bleep ]. it's okay if you it's spi it's spiderman. it would upset people if you would be. have you ever read a comic book? >> um -- >> jimmy: no! remember, you're under oath, i don't know if you got that. i want to ask you about some, you know i signed up for goop like the day it started, right? >> thank you, i know, i love you for that. >> jimmy: i feel like i'm the ogoops as far as goop goes. >> yeah. >> jimmy: i have some items i want to ask you about. >> okay. >> jimmy: this is a product that i believe is on your holiday suggestion gift list. this is the martini bath soap.
12:00 am
>> yes. >> jimmy: can you drink this? >> uh, no. but it's so heaven, like you have a hard day or people are giving you a hard time and you run a hot bath and you soak, smell. it is like. >> jimmy: yeah, it smells really good. than is something that i might get confused, and i might actually have a sip of, because it does say martini on it. >> well, it's in quotes. >> jimmy: yeah, it's in quotes. >> the reason it's called the martini, in the movie business, when you're on the very last shot of the day, they call that shot the martini. >> jimmy: oh, got you. >> oh, boy. >> jimmy: this is a vibe rate v. and it's a great name, smile makers. >> smile makers is a brand of vibrators that we sell. we believe in women's health and
12:01 am
sexual fulfillment. they make the fireman and the -- >> jimmy: why does the tennis coach look a little like bart simpson. >> i don't know, let's open it up. >> jimmy: let's open it up and try it out. [cheers and applause] yep. >> oh, yeah. >> jimmy: oh, yeah. >> no, it doesn't look like a tennis coach at all. >> it looks like a tennis ball, maybe. >> jimmy: it's not quite the right color. but it's friendly looking, that's for sure. this i get ol ond like mom, what's this? and you'd be like give me that [ bleep ] thing. that's my tennis coach. [ applause ] this is a water bottle. >> yep.
12:02 am
>> jimmy: what's rock in there? >> so this is an amethyst. and obviously, we're all trying to stop single-use plastics, so good to have a water bottle that you can use. and they say amethyst, i think it's supposed to be a heart opening. >> jimmy: who say this is? >> i don't know, but it's so pretty. >> jimmy: the thing is, the amethyst is taking up a lot of the room in the water bottle, right? i mean, it better have some kind of magic properties. >> i think does. >> jimmy: and this is made out of glass, isn't? >> yes, so be careful. >> jimmy: that's actually dangerous. this was on one of your gift guides i think two years ago. >> oh, yes. >> jimmy: this really have camel milk. >> yes, the idea, we did an article once about #altmilk. there are a lot of alternative milks on the market. >> jimmy: some of them are not milk. like almond milk is not milk.
12:03 am
they're not squeezing lady almonds, but theis is real any camel. >> it's real any a camel. are you going to try some? >> jimmy: yes, i don't know what it is, i find milk to be revolting in its cold form. >> okay. >> jimmy: but i am going to try it. would you like to try some? have you ever had any? >> no, i've never had any. >> jimmy: and what, is this like a healthy? >> i think they purport to hapu have more vitamins? >> jimmy: it will give you a hump. that would be a good marketing theme. all right, smells a little camely. >> yeah. >> jimmy: cheers. salute. there you go. [cheers and applause] it's not bad. >> not terrible. >> jimmy: yeah. >> i feel there's a goat-camel thing. >> jimmy: a goateeness in there?
12:04 am
i've never had goat milk. this is good to know in a pinch if i'm in the desert. all right, we're going to finish these and take a break. gwyneth paltrow is with us. we'll be right back. ♪ >> dicky: portions of jimmy kimmel live are brought to you by s.a.p. >> the best run s.a.p. million. more likee the best run s.a.p. the best r. >> the best run s.a.p. the best. . the best run s.a.p. the best ru. i'm really angry clive! actually, really angry. thanu. but what if your business could understand what your customers are feeling... and then do something about it. turn problems into opportunities. thanks drone. customers into fanatics change the whole experience. alright who wants to go again? i do! i do! i have a really good feeling about this.
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why this dream? >> because i'm compelled. like, like when they give you an answer on a math test, and it's your way to work your way backwards until you find the problem. i don't know what i'll find when i get there, but i know this is my only pass. why does that make you cry? >> because i love you so much. and i know i'm going to do whatever it takes to help you get what you want, and i'm sad for the person it's going to turn me into. >> jimmy: that is gwynneth paltrow in t"the politician". that's good acting. your husband wrote this part for you?
12:10 am
yes, and ian. >> jimmy: did he tell you he was going to write a character for you? >> he was writing it and then he would be kind of like, i'm, first he was like, i'm inspiring the part. then he said you have to be in this. >> jimmy: had you written the script before? >> no. when they really asked me to do it then i read it. >> jimmy: did he stand behind you while you're reading it doing one of those deals like what do you think? >> no, he was chill. >> jimmy: he was chill about it. would you feel very uncomfortable saying, no i don't think i want to do it? >> well, you know, to be honest, i really was, you know, i'm really focussed on my day job at goop. and it's hard to sort of sneak away and do acting parts, but i did, you know, i love him a lot, and he wanted me to do it and so he roped me back in. >> jimmy: uh-huh. >> it was really fun. i enjoyed it a lot. >> jimmy: the show is, people, i mean it's a big hit, i think.
12:11 am
>> i don't know. >> jimmy: how do you know? do they tell you. >> they don't tell you. it's part of their mystique. >> jimmy: do you know when something you've done worked really sfwhel. >> i think you can tell. anecdotally, you get messages. >> jimmy: you'll get text messages and things like that? >> yeah. don't you? don't all of you? >> jimmy: you get text messages if people like something and sometimes you'll just get no text messages. >> when it's radio silence, you're like, ooh, i just bombed. >> jimmy: yeah, it's weird. it doesn't occur to you until you start thinking back to the last thing. you're like, oh, boy, you know what? nobody mentioned anything about what i just did. like even my mother didn't say anything about it. >> true. >> jimmy: i know you know our chef, not our chef, but our next guest, chef evan funke very well. you just did an event with him.
12:12 am
>> i did. i had the pleasure of interviewing him. >> jimmy: you guys are tight. >> like i want to be really tight with him. >> jimmy: yeah. >> i think i'm making progress. >> jimmy: if you want, we can work on your tightness, and he's going to many cou going to come and make some pasta. >> jimmy: gwyneth paltrow! "the politician" is streaming now on netflix. we'll be right back with chef evan funke. ♪ hey. this is amazing. with moderate to severe ulcerative colitis, are you okay? even when i was there, i never knew when my symptoms would keep us apart. so i talked to my doctor about humira. i learned humira can help get, and keep uc under control when other medications haven't worked well enough. and it helps people achieve control that lasts. so you can experience few or no symptoms. humira can lower your ability to fight infections, including tuberculosis.
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don't miss out on xfinity internet and mobile, each for $30 a month. plus, save up to $800 a year on your wireless bill with xfinity mobile. xfinity makes saving... simple. easy. awesome. click, call, or visit a store today. >> dicky: if you're going to be in the l.a. area and want to see the show, call 866-jimmy tix or go to no hay manera de que no hay un latino en el numero uno o numero dos en el top 10. ♪ a lo que todos los días le doy enfacía es estar pendiente a mi fanatico, a estar día a día a cara con ellos. ♪ para mis fanáticos, también para toda mi gente allá en puerto rico, para toda mi gente del mundo entero. ♪
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-yeah, she's my ride. this date's lame. he has pics of you on his phone. -they're very tasteful. >> jimmy: oh, hi, we're with gwynneth paltrow. our next guest is known as the pasta whisperer and you are about to find out why. his new cookbook is called "american sfoglino" here to whisper sweet nothings to some tagliatelle, please welcome chef evan funke. what are we going to do here? tell us about your education,
12:24 am
oh, my goodness, oh, well, if anyone gets out of line. is that tennis coach plus? what do you have here? >> we made you this beautiful sleeve. >> jimmy: wow, thamnks, john. >> who loves pasta? [cheers and applause] >> jimmy: every region personas person in the world. >> i make pasta like that. you cook a lot, don't you. >> jimmy: i cook a lot. >> and you eat. >> i do this is the motarello. >> jimmy: what does motarello mean? >> ick.
12:25 am
>> jimmy: how many eggs are in that dough? >> four. if you have four people coming over, you need four eggs and 400 grams of flour. >> jimmy: it makes it really yellow. >> yes. you try not to screw it up. >> jimmy: you went to italy and lived there a long time. >> i learned how to do this specifically from a woman and moved to bologna in '07. you want to try it? >> jimmy: i will. i'm not going to be good at it. >> you want to roll, treat your hand like a wheel well. >> jimmy: what about that pat thing you had going on there. >> he's just turning it. >> all you have to do is just turn t yit, you ready? >> jimmy: it looks like a pizza, it looks a lyittle like the sun.
12:26 am
it's quite beautiful. [cheers and applause] >> give it up, give it up. [cheers and applause] >> jimmy: nothing makes you feel more like a child than this. oh, look, the monkey can roll dough! >> so good thing. >> jimmy: you want to give it a shot? you don't have to. >> sure. >> jimmy: what the hell. [cheers a [cheers and applause] >> jimmy: yeah, much more elegant. >> i don't know. >> magic of television. i have one already ready that we did earlier. let's slide this one. >> jimmy: this is good, too, in case anyone tries to steal your pasta. just let them have it. >> we have one here. >> how long does it take to roll it from that to that? >> for me? >> for you.
12:27 am
>> this is like eight minutes. >> jimmy: this is like the mat i put under my son's high chair. >> all we do is basically roll this out. i like to cut it really long. that way when you get it to the table you have to do this to get it on the plate and people go nuts. they go nuts. >> jimmy: right. >> so tagliatella. >> jimmy: the thing we get the boxes of. this is what it looks like fresh and beautiful. >> it is fresh and beautiful and full of eggs. >> jimmy: yes, it is fresh and beautiful. i love watching this, i really do. you're a magician. >> beautiful! right? this is the joy in my life. i till you. are you ready for tagliatella bologna? this recipe is 200 years old.
12:28 am
unchanged. little changed. >> jimmy: 200 years old. >>200 years old. bologna.d it from alessandra in >> a recipe specific to bologna? >> it is specific to one woman in the city. >> jimmy: ah. >> so you go to someone else's house and they're going to up and down to jesus. >> jimmy: does alessandra know you've taken her recipe and are now on tv? >> not until tonight. >> jimmy: now you're teaching everyone else how to do it. >> that's my responsibility. pass it on, pass it on. all right, let's eat this. >> jimmy: i feel like we're not helping at all. >> we're not. >> your job is to eat. this pasta's so fresh we're going to say the alphabet and
12:29 am
it's going to be ready. >> jimmy: which alphabet? italian? you know what would be great right now is a nice glass of camel milk. >> camel milk. [cheers and applause] >> jimmy: you make this much of a mess in the restaurant? >> it's a little soupy. >> jimmy: very sloppy. >> we have a little parm. we're going to add that. i iwish i was like, "look under your seats." >> jimmy: have you ever put it on your head to pretend you have hair? >> do you want to do that now. >> jimmy: would you mind if we just gave it a little -- [cheers and applause] >> jimmy: looks like yours, gwynneth. >> that's a first. >> jimmy: that's a nice
12:30 am
halloween costume for you. look at that. guillermo, what do you think of that? >> it's perfect. >> jimmy: it's getting closer and closer all of a sudden. >> i feel his presence. >> can i try it? >> you want to try it? >> jimmy: butter and what else, you have a noodle. >> you want to finish? finish. >> no, no. >> jimmy: just grate it right into his mustache. it will be fine. >> let me serve you. >> okay. thank you. >> you ready? >> jimmy: kbar mguillermo, this italian food. >> oh, i love italian food. >> you got to leave some for jimmy. it's really long. there we go. >> all right. >> jimmy: how many different shapes of pasta can you snamake? >> with hands and rollers,
12:31 am
jimmy: ishere rm f any new ones? have you ever come up with a new one? >> not my job. i'm a mouthpiece for tradition. >> jimmy: very good. >> you guys want to try this? >> jimmy: we'd love to try it. >> guillermo took all the cheese. so we have to do it again. how is it? >> it is fantastic. >> if you don't mind sharing, you could hold the stick. >> we could be like lady and the tramp. >> jimmy: right. no kidding. i'll be lady. >> my bite is too big. i do this all the time. but i'm on tv right now, i have to be careful. >> just unhinge your jaw, and you can get anything in there. [cheers and applause] >> jimmy: so good. it's delicious. people can do this if they have your book. >> persistence, persistence. >> jimmy: chef evan funke! evan's first cookbook, "american sfoglino" is available now and we'll return with music from
12:32 am
lunay. [cheers and applause] ♪ >> dicky: the jimmy kimmel live concert ser ea concert series is presented by mercedes, amg, driving performance
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i don't care where you're from, we're all just people. we want people to feel like they spent time with family. we want to create a place for more than just ourselves. we create the things that we want to exist in the world. ♪ my doors are always open. ♪
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. >> dicky: the jimmy kimmel concert s concert series is presented by mercedes benz, the best or nothing. >> jimmy: i'd like to thank gwyneth paltrow, chef evan funke and apologies to matt damon. nightline is next but first -- here with the song "fin de semana" lunay! [cheers and applause] ♪ ♪ [ singing in foreign language ]
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♪ [ singing in foreign language ] ♪ [ singing in foreign language ] ♪ [ singing in foreign language ]
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♪ [ singing in foreign language ] ♪ [ singing in foreign language ] >> thank you! epico. [cheers and applause]
12:37 am
this is "nightline". >> tonight -- moment of grace. >> can i give her a hug, please? the stunning courtroom moment. >> i don't know if it's possible, but can i give her a hug? >> embracing his brother's killer. the former dallas police officer found guilty of fatally shooting an innocent man in his own home. today sentenced to ten years in prison. the raw backlash. and a young man's message of forgiveness. >> i forgive you. >> plus -- feel the beat. stealing the show with kygo. the world-renowned dj sensation bringing song after song to a higher love. now the rare behind the scenes access from private jets to massive sets with the globetrotting headliner. his rise to greatness starting with some sexual healing.


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