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tv   Jimmy Kimmel Live  ABC  October 8, 2019 12:05am-1:07am PDT

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>> it's great. >> jimmy: we've got a great show tonight. we have music from blackumas tonight. forest whitaker is here. and we'll be right back with charlize theron. so stick around. >> dicky: abc's "jimmy kimmel live," brought to you by the all new 2020 lincoln aviator. in lots of flavors. perfors there's the amped-up, over-tuned, feeding-frenzy-of sheet-metal-kind. and then there's performance that just leaves you feeling better as a result. that's the kind lincoln's about. ♪ red lobster's endless shrimp is back for just fifteen ninety nine. get all the shrimp you want, any way you want 'em. like new sriracha-honey shrimp... ...savory grilled teriyaki shrimp,... ...classic shrimp scampi and more!
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has all the looks for way less... check this out! that's yes for less. get the brands you love and save 20 to 60% off department store prices. at the ross fall fashion event. on now. ♪ >> jimmy: welcome back. tonight from the epix show "godfather of harlem," forest whitaker is here. then, this is their self-titled debut album. black pumas from the mercedes-benz stage. tomorrow night, tyler perry and sunny hostin will be with us, with comedian gina brillon, and later this week, regina king, nat wolff, aaron paul, jimmy eat world, woody harrelson,
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emma stone, jesse eisenberg, abigail breslin and howard stern. so please join us for all this week. our first guest is an oscar-winning actress straight out of south africa whose resume spans from "snow white" to "mad max" with a lot in between. she gives voice to morticia in "the addams family." it opens in theaters friday. please welcome charlize theron. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ how are you doing? >> i'm good. i'm good. you know. >> jimmy: did you just come back from bowling? what's going on with the hand? >> i have now changed my career. yes. i am a professional bowler. can you bowl with that? no, which fingers do you need? you need that finger. >> jimmy: it looks like the hand guard with bowling, yeah. but it's not, huh? >> yeah. it's not as cool as i thought it was going to be. >> jimmy: it's kind of cool.
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>> i don't know. this is so stupid. i did an action movie, and i tore the ligament off the bone fighting a very big -- oh, yeah? it's cool? >> jimmy: it is cool. [ laughter ] >> i messed up my elbow as well. >> jimmy: is that a custom-made injury glove? because i've never seen one like that. >> no. apparently, it's not. apparently, common folk can -- [ laughter ] >> jimmy: it seems like what rocky wore. >> it's like a fabric and then they mold it for hours around your -- >> jimmy: i wonder if you didn't tell people it's an injury if people would start wearing those just as a fashion item. why not? >> it's hard for girls to put their arms through sleeves, though. that's the only thing. >> jimmy: practical use is never really a factor, is it? we wouldn't have high heels if that was the case. >> that is true. yes. that is true. >> jimmy: it's very good to see you. you also just shot "fast and
12:12 am
furious" number like 27, right? >> yes. it's up there, right? >> jimmy: i guess you'd shift with your right hand. so you're okay. >> i did that film right after "the old guard," which is the movie i did this injury on. i've been walking around with this injury for two months. how bad-ass is that? that's bad-ass. >> jimmy: and you did not stop? you did not pause? you continued filming? >> i didn't know that it was anything -- i just was like toughen up, come on. and then i was told by a doctor that it was basically just floating around. and i thought oh, that's interesting, that's why i've only been using tse four fingers. >> jimmy: that's probably the reason. >> yeah. >> jimmy: your family, how are they? have they been taking advantage of you in your weakened state? >> they take advantage of me no matter what. >> jimmy: how old are the kids now? >> so 4 and 7. >> jimmy: 4 and 7. >> oh, god. >> jimmy: they're a lot, right? >> they're a lot. we have two kind of like grown
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dogs, medium-size grown dogs. and just at a moment of weakness i said yes to puppies. >> jimmy: oh, you did? how many puppies? >> two. because i was only going to do one and then the 4-yearld was just like devastated. and so i said yes to two. >> jimmy: oh, wow. this 4-year-old should have your agent. [ laughter ] because most kids, like one puppy, okay, one puppy is me giving in. but two puppies. >> my mom is not talking to me right now. >> jimmy: oh, she's not? >> no. because i don't have any -- >> jimmy: your mom lives in the house with you. >> no, she doesn't live in the house with me. god, i'm not that weird. i may be pathetic but i'm not that pathetic. >> jimmy: i think your mom is very helpful with the kids. >> no, she lives two minutes away. she's my only help right now. she literally looked at me five days ago and just said really?
12:14 am
two more puppies? really? interesting. >> jimmy: and what's she going to do? they're there. there's no getting rid of them. >> i'm promoting two films. i'm buying a lot of flowers. >> jimmy: i see. and something for the dogs to pee on really more than anything. >> exactly. >> jimmy: do the older dogs see the younger dogs and go oh, she got two to replace us? >> the one dog is in complete denial that there's two new dogs. johnny. johnny is just like -- looks up here. there's nothing down here. and is in complete denial. and the other dog is very suspicious but very sweet but constantly inspect iing. they have been sleeping on my bed for the last week because i feel so guilty. >> jimmy: your older dogs have. >> yeah. i don't want them to feel like they're being replaced. >> jimmy: even though they really are. [ laughter ] you know. >> wow. >> jimmy: and we all are in a way -- i want to ask you about a photo you posted on instagram. tell me -- now, this is at
12:15 am
disneyland. >> yeah. >> jimmy: zoom in a little closer because i don't think we can quite take it all in. there you are. >> the angry ursula right next to me. >> jimmy: what's the theme here? >> so we went with a villain theme. there was a big fat memo sent out to everybody about this villain theme. >> jimmy: to whom? the family? >> yeah, everybody that's in that picture. including the grasshopper firefly on the end there. that is the woman who burirthed me. >> jimmy: that's your mother. what kind of a villain is this? >> i asked her the same question. [ laughter ] she apparently has insight on a new disney villain we don't know about. i think so. >> jimmy: so she just got a -- what is this? >> she went somewhere and just bought an outfit and threw the wrapping in my trash can. and the whole day at disney she was telling me she was a
12:16 am
grasshopper. and then i actually saw the -- and i was like you are a firefly. you didn't even go with the villain theme and then you lied about the insect. [ laughter ] like you actually lied about what insect. >> jimmy: do you think she lied or she was confused? if you're going for a villain i think a firefly is better than a grasshopper. >> aren't they the ones that eat their mates? >> jimmy: those are praying mantis. [ laughter ] >> i swear i'm not on painkillers. >> jimmy: guillermo, run to google and figure this out. he'll never be back. he's running to the tequila to figure it out. this is interesting too. this is another -- i guess this is a costume in a way. you're doing a movie called "bombshell" about roger ailes and the women who blew the whistle on him i guess.
12:17 am
and there you are -- >> dropped the bombshell? >> jimmy: playing megyn kelly. which is pretty remarkable. does she know about this? she should be very flattered about this. >> oh, stop. yeah, she's fully aware of it. we -- you know, it's interesting when you make a movie like this, you want to be respectful to your sources. and we did a lot of research. but i think as a team we all kind of decided to just not get into the ins and ousts what all those conversations were. but she's fully aware of the film. and -- >> jimmy: she will be suing you? >> i hope not. >> jimmy: i hope not too. >> i hope not. i mean, i think -- >> jimmy: worse comes to worst she'll send your mother the grasshopper to teach her a lesson. >> watch out. >> jimmy: when we come back we'll see a clip from the new movie "the addams family." chrlese theron is here with us. we'll be right back. >> dicky: portions of "jimmy
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there's my little storm cloud. >> wednesday. where have you been? >> elsewhere. ♪
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>> what are you wearing? >> papa calls it a pop of color. >> i certainly appreciate a horse with a spear through its head. the color is -- >> she claims it brings out my smile. >> wednesday, you don't have a smile. >> jimmy: that's right. the addams family. charlize theron is with us. the movie opens on friday. did you growing up in south africa, did you see "the addams family"? >> no. >> jimmy: it was such a weird show, such a great show. >> yes. and i discovered it later in my life and loved all of those things about it. >> jimmy: what about "the munsters"? did you know about that one? >> no. >> jimmy: they were kind of the same idea -- >> i grew up in south africa in a very -- not a good time. >> jimmy: right. you missed all the good shows. >> i did. a lot of other horrible things were taking place. so. >> jimmy: do your children understand that mommy's voice is coming out of the morticia character? >> yes. i think so. >> jimmy: do they care?
12:24 am
>> the first animated film i did was a film called "kubo and the two strings." and i didn't tell them anything because i just wanted them to enjoy the film. and you know, but secretly i was hoping they would get it. and within two seconds the oldest just went "that's you." [ laughter ] >> jimmy: that was it, huh? i didn't get anything from my daughter. i played the dad in "boss baby." and i just sat there through the film staring at her waiting for a reaction. >> me too. >> jimmy: does that sound like anyone you know? [ laughter ] >> i'm so happy to hear i'm not the only weird parent. >> jimmy: it's really embarrassing when you think about it. but -- >> i know. they really loved this movie but i also think my 7-year-old is a little bit more -- and the accent was weird and now -- so they put it together and now they really like it. like they want me to like talk like that all the time. >> jimmy: oh, they do? >> yeah. >> jimmy: did they go to the premiere of the movie? >> no. we had the premiere yesterday at
12:25 am
like 1:00, which i guess is enough of a sleep-in for snoop dogg. >> jimmy: oh, yeah, snoop dogg plays cousin it, right? >> yeah. >> jimmy: that's great casting, snoop dogg as cousin it. >> it's such great casting. but i have to say, just stole my thunder. my kids saw it. and he literally, like his character like shows up in a pimped ride. he gets out. and literally my 4-year-old lost her mind. like "i love the guy with the hair." [ laughter ] and i was like, he's barely speaking. i said your mother practiced this accent for three months. and he's your favorite character? >> jimmy: and he was high through the whole thing. >> yes. [ laughter ] and i have one arm. >> jimmy: right. so you got upstaged by snoop. well, that's unfortunate. >> kind of cool. >> jimmy: so they saw the movie where, then? >> so we -- we. i was very fortunate that the good folks at imax put a
12:26 am
screening together for both my kids' classes. and yeah. it was amazing. it was really incredible. but we had like a bunch of kids show up at imax -- >> jimmy: that blows the other parents way out of the water, doesn't it? [ laughter ] >> pretty awesome. pretty awesome. >> jimmy: you probably don't have to do snacks or anything anymore. [ laughter ] that's going to hold you for a while. >> oh, god, i hope so. >> jimmy: well, it's great to see you. >> so nice to see you. >> jimmy: thanks for coming. it's "the addams family." it opens in theaters on friday. charlize theron, everybody. we'll be right back with forest whitaker. keep being you. and ask your doctor about biktarvy. biktarvy is a complete one-pill, once-a-day treatment used for hiv in certain adults. it's not a cure, but with one small pill, biktarvy fights hiv with three different medicines to help you get to undetectable. that means the amount of virus is so low
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>> jimmy: welcome back. still to come music from the black pumas. our next guest is also an oscar and emmy and golden globe winner. you know him from "platoon," "the last king of scotland," "black panther." it would take a stroll to list all of them. next, he plays real-life mob boss "bumpy" johnson in "godfather of harlem," watch it sundays on epix. please welcome forest whitaker. [ cheers and applause ] i don't know if you remember this, last time you were here was right before you won the oscar for "the last king of scotland." >> yeah. >> jimmy: and in a way i feel
12:39 am
partly responsible for it. >> i can see that. >> jimmy: a lucky charm if you will. >> i know. can i rub you? >> jimmy: rub me all you like, yes. oh. well, it's very good to see you. how's everything going? you doing well? >> everything's going really well. i'm really excited. >> jimmy: when you have an oscar, do you -- like will you bring that to the set when you start a new production? just to let everybody know what's what? [ laughter ] >> i don't think we talk about that much. it's a nice thing. >> jimmy: does it give you -- i know a lot of actors feel nervous before they -- on the first day or first week or whatever. do you have that anymore at all? >> you know, i get nervous all the time. honestly, if i don't feel a little nervous i don't think it's going to turn out to be great. >> jimmy: interesting. >> it shows me i'm doing something special, something new, something fresh. >> jimmy: it makes you work harder when you're nervous or no? >> yeah. i wish i -- i thought as the years went by the nerves would go away. but sometimes even though i think i figured something out, he next time i do something i'm
12:40 am
even more nervous than the time before. >> jimmy: have you ever not figured it out? >> unfortunately, i think i have. >> jimmy: you have. >> i have not figured it out. >> jimmy: yes, you have not figured it out. >> exactly. >> jimmy: so this character, bumpy, you play is a real guy -- well, was a real guy. he's deceased now. tell us about this story because it's very interesting. >> bumpy johnson was -- he ran the mob in harlem. >> jimmy: and they called him bumpy because he had a bump on his head, right? >> that is true. he comes out of alcatraz, the prison, and he's trying to re-establish himself back in harlem as the head of harlem, as the godfather of harlem against the italian mob. and when we see it we see him meeting -- int secting the civil rights movement and the criminal world. because his best friend at that time is malcolm x. so we start to try to understand the movement of the community, where he can move his businesses, and different things like that. through his family. how he protects his family. it's actually quite a great
12:41 am
exploration of like trying to understand what it's like to try to achieve the american dream by any means necessary. >> jimmy: yeah. right. this is a guy -- this is your project. you're executive producer and star of this project. is this a guy you knew about for years or did you find out about him shortly before this? >> i knew about him for years because i'd seen him in films. but i didn't understand the depth of his personality. >> jimmy: so you'd seen actual footage of him. >> no. he was very secretive. so i could only find maybe four or five photographs of him. i couldn't find anything to listen to. i was like going by what people told me, by interviews i was doing. >> jimmy: who did you talk to? >> i talked to some of the guys that worked with him. >> jimmy: oh. gangsters. >> yeah. >> jimmy: wow. [ laughter ] >> i talked to -- >> jimmy: old guys now, right? >> old gangsters. o.g.s. >> jimmy: like real o.g.s. yeah. >> it was chisholm, junebug. they both were advising me. there was a man named professor
12:42 am
smalls who took over the mosque when malcolm left and he was advising me. i had a lot of different people helping me. it all start really from this guy makwan smith, who really had been an associate of the family-h tried to push this project forward for 18 years. i sort of got inside of that and started to push the story forward with him with these great writers like chris mcconnell. it just started to find itself. >> jimmy: did they tell you stories -- obviously they told you things you didn't know. but stories about themselves that shocked you? >> what shocked me was we were talki ining about the '60s and was like the best time of their lives. they looked at it with such nostalgia, that it was a moment they could feel themselves, that they knew their strength, their power and they were in control of their lives. it was really interesting. >> jimmy: yeah. to a certain extent i would imagine there is an element of fun to that, being part of something like that. >> yeah. it's hard because you know, the show really depicts like the
12:43 am
difference between when he's trying to help the community and what he's doing to harm the community. so trying to understand these two things about this world and this man and the people he was dealing with is something the show really touches on. >> jimmy: the soundtrack is getting a lot of attention. swizz beats is -- is he your music director? >> he's the producer. he created like i don't know, maybe two songs for every show that we do, actually. every episode. there's twoew songs that come out. because we try to get the music to heal the heartbeat of the day but still like be about the issues of what we were looking t n the show, which is about the opiate crisis. it deals with issues of polarity. you know, like of the power struggles between black and white and the have and have nots. we tried to deal with so many different issues. black lives matter issues. you know, me too issues. a lot of things that happen inside of the show. inner working, inner fabric of the emotions of the show. >> jimmy: swizz beatz -- dmx is
12:44 am
involved in the music. who else? >> dmx. rick ross. you've got dave east. jidenna. just -- buddy. there's a lot of different artists. >> jimmy: i've been seeing a lot of people write about the soundtrack. speaking of the kind of classic movie soundtracks, "fast times at ridgemont high." was that the first movie -- certainly big movie that you did? >> it was. >> jimmy: it was. >> yeah. >> jimmy: how old were you when you made that movie? >> i guess i was 19. >> jimmy: so you were just out of high school. were you in college at the time? >> college. classmates with ally sheedy and eric stoltz and those guys. >> jimmy: wow. and of course sean penn played spicoli in that. >> he was amazing. >> jimmy: yeah. he wrecked your car as i recall. what was a young sean penn like, working with sean at that time? >> he was really into the
12:45 am
character. like totally -- he had the method approach. i remember one time he and my brother, who played my brother, they were standing right by me having this long discussion about how they were going to steal my bag. and i was like, are these guys serious? what's going on? >> jimmy: oh, this is off camera. >> it had nothing to do with anything we were doing. i didn't have any scenes with sean whatsoever. they were just going to steal my bag and run. >> jimmy: really? wow. that's pretty crazy. do you ever go back and look at that movie? >> i see it sometimes. it plays. it's kind of a classic. >> jimmy: i would think so. did you go back to college after that or did you say all right, well, i'm in the movies now? >> no, you know what? i didn't feel like i was good enough to be on film. i did that already. so i wanted to go away. so i actually left los angeles. i was in the conservatory here. went up north so i could study some more, so i could get better at my craft before i got put permanently on film. >> jimmy: it's great to have you here. forest whitd kerr, everybody. "godfather of harlem" sunday
12:46 am
nights at 9:00 on epiikts. we'll we'll be right back with black pumas. >> dicky: the "jimmy kimmel live" concert series is presented by the 2019 a-class. mercedes-benz. the best or nothing.
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>> dicky: the "jimmy kimmel live" concert series is presented by mercedes-benz. the best or nothing. >> jimmy: thanks to charlize theron, foresttaker, and apologies to matt damon. "nightline" is next. but first, this is their self-titled album. here with the song "colors," black pumas! [ cheers and applause ] ♪ ♪ i woke up to the morning sky first baby blue
12:49 am
just like we rehearsed ♪ ♪ when i get up off this ground i shake leaves back down ♪ ♪ to the brown brown brown brown til i'm clean ♪ ♪ then i walk where i'd be shaded by the trees by a meadow of green for about a mile ♪ ♪ i'm headed to town town town in style ♪ ♪ with all my favorite colors yes sir all my favorite colors right on ♪ ♪ my sisters and my brothers see them like no other all my favorite colors ♪ ♪ it's a good day a good day for me a good day to see
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this is "nightline." >> tonight, the prince and the papers. harry's had it with the tabloids. the duke of sussex accusing them a hack attack, allegations of stolen voice mails and false stories, one paper going public with one of meghan's private letters. now tensions reaching a tipping point. plus post-modern family. >> you may now kiss your husband. >> the beloved bunch of the barrier-breaking comedy. now the cast of cherished characters reflecting on 11 years together. but there's plenty of scene stealing ahead. >> what's an ideal ending? >> maybe i get divorced and have a younger wife. >> how dare you.
12:53 am
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the most personal technology is technology with the power to change your life. good evening. thanks for joining us. tonight, prince harry and his wife meghan getting personal, waging a war on the british
12:55 am
press, taking on the tabloids in defense of what they say is their privacy. a ght that the couple knows all too well. so what sort of content was reportedly leaked to the public? here's abc's maggie rulli. >> reporter: a rare moment caught on camera. prince harry seen snapping bk at a reporter. when asked a confronting question on a stopover in malawi. this moment and a slur of negative headlines casting a cloud over harry and meghan's trip. >> prince harry, has he finally snapped? >> reporter: it was meant to be a ten-day royal tour of africa with baby archie in tow. the first for the new family of three. spotlighting charities along the way. but thousands of miles away from home they could not escape the british tabloids. a bitter legal battle began. late last week buckingham palace confirming prince harry is suing the owners of both the sun and the mirror in connection to the illegal interception of voicemail messages. >> there's always a risk for prince harry in filing this kind
12:56 am
of lawsuit. there's the penor backlash. there's the potential that if they lose that it could make the tabloids even more aggressive. it's an interesting move by the royals here. >> reporter: british website byline investigates which broke the story claims harry's going after the paper's owners and senior managers, accusing them of covering up criminal behavior that dates back over a decade. including allegations reporters and private investigators accessed his mother, princess diana's voicemails in the past. >> all anyone has talked about since the penultimate day of that tour are harry and meghan's lawsuits. >> reporter: the other lawsuit coming from the duchess of sussex. striking back against the "mail on sunday" and its parent company, accusing them of being on a campaign to publish false and deliberately derogatory stories. >> when you continue and constantly see and hear negativity, it can be overwhelming. you can feel powerless and lost. you can feel different, confused, or like you don't
12:57 am
belong. >> reporter: tensions reaching a boiling point after the "mail" published a private letter that the duchess wrote to her estranged father. in response prince harry got personal. in a statement harry writing, "i have been a silent witness to her private suffering for too long. to stand back and do nothing would be contrary to everything we believe in." harry adding, "my deepest fear is history repeating itself. i've seen what happens when someone i love is commodity sed to the point they are no longer seen as a real person. i lost my mother and now i watch my wife falling victim to the same powerful forces." >> these legal cases seem to be ways he is able to specifically find ways to fight back through the courts. we know he's been furious at the coverage of meghan and it seems it's possible that has triggered something in him that has reignited his anger over his mother's relationship with the media. >> reporter: the duke going on to accuse the paper of strategically omitting portions of the letter to purposely mislead readers. the "mail on sunday" denies the
12:58 am
letter was edited in any way that changed its meaning and that they stand by the story it published and will be defending this case vigorously. >> she's got a very good argument on the copyright claim because this is a letter that she wrote and under british law no matter who has it the person who wrote the letter owns the copyright. her privacy claim is a much tougher one. >> have you spoken to meghan recently? >> reporter: meghan's rocky relationship with her father has been a tabloid favorite. as for this recent letter controversy, meghan's father thomas merkel is firing back. this weekend telling the "mail on sunday" he only released that letter to protect his reputation after he says his daughter's friends misrepresented its contents to "people" magazine. thomas saying, "i have to defend myself. i only released parts of the letter because other parts were so painful. the letter didn't seem loving to me. i found it hurtful." neither the palace nor the papers are addressing the specific allegations further. many harry and meghan say the case is being privately funded
12:59 am
and any damages won will be donated to an anti-bullying charity. >> between them these newspaper groups own a huge percentage of the print titles across the country. and you know, for them to be taken on at the same time by members of the royal family does feel like we're in uncharted territory. >> reporter: this latest drama made for tabloids has been brewing since the beginning of their relationship. >> it's very rare to hear that side of the royal family, but we have heard it from harry before. >> reporter: just a few months into their budding romance british tabloids descended on them with racially charged headlines and commentary like this one from the "daily mail" that read "harry's girl is almost straight out of compton." >> she's been subject to incredible online abuse. as has kate middleton. but i think there is this component of race that harry addressed even before they were married. >> reporter: prince harry defended meghan in an unprecedented royal statement, calling out the racial undertones of comment pieces and the outright sexism and racism
1:00 am
of social media trolls. >> it's a shame that that is the climate in this world, to focus that much on that, or that it would be discriminatory in that sense. but i think at the end of the day i'm really just proud of who i am and where i come from and we have never put any focus on that. we've just focused on who we are as a couple. >> unfortunately, there a also certain classes of people who will dehumanize women, who will dehumanize people of color. and meghan ticks off all of those boxes. and i think that as we both report on her as the media and as we look at her as spectators we have to remember this is a human being and she has an entire interior life that we are not privy to. >> reporter: at first their coping strategy would be to ignore the headlines. >> i think we were just hit so hard at the beginning with a lot of mistruths that i made the choice to not read anything, positive or negative. it just didn't make sense. instead we focused all our energies just on nurturing our
1:01 am
relationship. >> on us, yeah. >> on us. >> reporter: but harry's recent move sparking controversy. among the biggest critics, piers morgan, the former editor of the daily mirror and fobl target of the lawsuits. >> they're not private people. they're public people. when harry compared it to diana, i don't see meghan markle being anywhere near the level of fame of princess diana. >> reporter: this weekend sarcastically tweeting let's all give them the privacy they purport to crave and spare them the torment of having their myriad causes get huge beneficial publicity. >> personally i think that's a very dangerous game to play for members of the royal family. no one disputes that phone hacking was a bad thing. but by waging a war like this i think harry and meghan may find the benefits, whatever they may be, less favorable than the very long protracted battle that they are going to be facing. >> reporter: the couple's now
1:02 am
determined to not let these legal battles overshadow the work they did in africa. >> the commonwealth is a very diverse place with 53 countries. so being part of this family and the platform that comes with that is an incredible responsibility that i take very seriously. being able to be in africa and south africa it's my first time being in this country has been really powerful. >> reporter: now the question remains what that embrace will look like back at home. up next, what's the secret behind the laughs and the chemistry of the beloved cast of "modern family"? ♪ circle of life >> we adopted a baby. oderate toe plaque psoriasis. now, there's skyrizi. ♪ things are getting clearer, yeah i feel free ♪ ♪ to bare my skin ♪ yeah that's all me. ♪ nothing and me go hand in hand ♪ ♪ nothing on my skin ♪ that's my new plan. ♪ nothing is everything. keep your skin clearer with skyrizi. 3 out of 4 people achieved
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you know, there's been a lot of living that's happened on and off screen for the groundbreaking show "modern family." now the cast of one of america's most beloved television families is sitting down with abc's paula farris. the extended family moving on to a new chapter after more than a decade of laughs and love. ♪ the circle of life >> we adopted a baby. >> reporter: it's the show that redefined what it means to be a family on tv. >> it's beautiful. >> reporter: a groundbreaking comedy centered around an extended family that includes a gay couple, a colombian stepmother, and all their kids. now in its 11th season "modern family" is coming to an end. >> let me ask you all. raise your hand if you're emotionally ready for this series to be over. >> emotionally. >> are you emotional


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