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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  October 8, 2019 5:00pm-5:28pm PDT

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we're doing next fromng o hour hour. >> the reason for so much anxiety and the activity is the power shutoff by pg aubd they confirm 800 customers will lose power tomorrow. they're saying will not may. i'm i dan ashley. pg&e says it expects to begin shutting off power at midnight tonight, approximately seven hours from now. it will begin in the north and roll out from the rest of the bay area there. we have live team coverage with reporters fanned out from the north bay to the east bay and peninsula and south bay. >> we want to begin with sandy patel. this could be the strongest winds for a long time, right? >> that's right. we may see extreme fire behavior. the red flag warning starts at 5 a.m. tomorrow runs until 5 p thursday for the n.orth.m bay, t bay, santa cruz mountains. starts at 5 p.m. tomorrow andru
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thursday. gusty winds 35 to 55 miles per hour with very low humidity. any fires that do develop will spread rapidly. we have a wind advisory f north andor easthe bay hills to diablo range. downed trees anderesow p limes.. here's what you can do. loss of power is possible. make sure you charge yourav an kit ready and an evacuation route planned. >> abc 7 news reporter vic lee says generators have sold out. the power outage is why cal trans will close the tom lantos tunnel. >> that is one of the main entrances into san mateo county. we have a report from abc 7 news reporter vic? >> reporter: kristin, i'll get to that story regarding the
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tunnel first. let me tell you why i'm standing here in front of the pasta moon kiot tront. reith starting at 8:00 will be where san mateo county residents can come. there will be bottled water, port-a-potties there, get your electronics charged there and pg&e will be here answering questions. today has been a busy and disconcerting day for many residents in the county. county trimming trees too close to w waslines.ills up in &epg's community with narrow winding roads with strong winds from the northwest sweep down in the get the laptops cha up, the phones charged.
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>> reporter: but jeff emery has an interesting 21st century dilemma. he has an electric car. >> is topped up. so i've got 78, 80 miles in this car. >> batteries, candy. >> flashlights, freezer bags, going to fill up wit >> someethf empty by noon. bought a ton of sh of pg&e's legal troubles. >> i suspect they'll take us down for a couple of hours just to prove a point so, yeah, i'm pissed. >> generators were selling like hot cakes. doreen just bought one for 1,000 bucks. >> i think i'm planningn o next bill or several upcoming bills. >> the most noticeable ist a tom
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lantos tunnel. cal tshradons to close the tunn from noon tomorro thursday why. cal trans is closing that tunnel because of safety asons. there are jet fans in the tom lantos tunnel which clear the air of debris, chemicals, smoke in case of accidents and repairs. that will have to be shut off. emergency vehicles we are told will be allowed inside that tunnel. vic lee, abc 7 news. >> so much impact. leslie brinkley tweeted out that health officials are telling food establishments in lafayette and the east bay they have to shut down. ower wl il in
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what's thelatest? >> reporter: ye tell you residents in this area are bracing for the getting creative. others are in a >> they make every day fresh. >> reporter: hot donuts are the specialty at the lafayette landmark. they visited johnny's donuts and they would have to cease operations. >> what does this mean for your business? >> i'm losing money. >> reporter: several local grocery stores have invested in backup generators and to stay up shutdown. they were calling up patients and canceling appointments. >> once we were woinrkg, root c. it's not fair for everybody. >> you're canceling appointments? >> we have to.
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without power we can't do a darn thing. >> we feel like we'll be able to hold school pre-21st century, the 21st century way without technology. >> reporter: lights will be out, flashlights will be placed inside >> serving lunch becomes a little challenging bute have w vendors with whom o schools work andur food is able to be prepared off site in. >> the hair salon hopes to stay open. no blow dries but perhaps hair cuts. >> i was thinking a headpam l will be on both. >> i hope it's not the new normal but we've got to do what we've got to do. >> reporter: so midnight, lafayette, la morinda,ower tll go out. north of civic drive, that's near the downtown core and up
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into pleasant hill, we just got word from the city of pleasant ton that there are pockets of pleasant ton will go dark at 1 p.m. tomorrow. very hit or miss. i guess we all have to wait and see. reporting live in the east bay, i'm leslie brinkley, abc 7 news. noweakou y sky see this long line of cars? they're waiting to get gas at the shell station at broadway and patton. you can also turn your c bng enatinerverter.>> yeahok. let's focusn n governor newsome. he's been speakingn oakland. >> within the last hour he spoke about the power shutoffs. >> we are gng to do everything in our power to oet g o bankruptcyf and fix their dam system. this should not have to c rehaa
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that have forced this decision. >> last week the gernor signed several wild fire bills that increases power shutoff. >> words of assurance from the city leakage. abc 7 was at the oakland emergency operations center where the fire and police chiefs joined mayor libby shaft. she also said pg&e should do more. >> this type of interruption is not accept annual. we agree it is in the interest of the safety of people, but we have got to do better. >> echoing governor newsome there. >> 12 schoolsilello during the power shutoff. here's the list f 6 elementary schools, fruitvale,
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grass valley, the san leandro is taking a preemptive move ahead of any preemptive shutdown. they announced that all schools will be closed tomorrow and possibly beyond that. parents are being told to stay of course, we'll keep you informed here and on our website. we just learned that mills college will be closed tomorrow and thursday a that. the school will let us know. apa valle n unified announced it will be closing. let's go live in american canyon. lisa? ankrisn, stutedents got word ho and that means all schools in the district will be closed wednesday and thursday.
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here at american canyon middle school this impacts over 1,000 students. i spoke with picked up their kids frotsmen sl today. nd outra stressed out ambling e plans for coverage for the next few days. >> they didn't give us enough timefor it. o te prarep see the text on my. today i was trying to figure out what we're going to do tomorrow. i'm going to sit down with my mom and my sisterwho's a stay-at-home as wellnd fib out howim the next couple of days. >> reporter: all of this is because l shut off power to napacounty. out of score for the rest of the week actually. there's already a planned teacher inservice day set for fridays. >> lisa, thank could
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be aected by the outages. ttho eybe to have you're in th water affected. >> davidlui has 99 sections >>n santa clara 38,000c residenti has more. >> reporter: it is going to be tricky, dan and kristen. here we are at the intersection of south white and if you ary road. this is part of the area that could be cut off with power if pg&e decides. the big concern is how do all of challenge for san jose is
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an expensive amount. their estimating as many as 99 intersections an outage. this is one large t city would o >>otige' wwi multiple lefturns, aware of that. we're going to monitor them. if we see confusion, something that makes us feel uncomfortable. >> bta recognizes that dark traffic lights will slow traffic and bust the cutoff. t i a parent transit office over in that area as well, and we're bringing a generator there so that we can use that generator in the wayayy
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the system -- >> the diesel engines on ard. people to avoid driving if the power goes out. once signals are back in service, software will ncresy lights to allow traffic to flow. how long could the signals be out? >> t c ahendit key department heads are a briefing at city hall to update the plans for tomorrow's efforts. while traffic nightmares are a toncern throughout the city of this point are not planning tonol traffic. david lui, abc 7 news. bart says the power shutoff should not affect the service. trains will continue.
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transit agency tells abc 7 news while it's connected, they send electricity to run the r sonoma county knows what it's like to be overwhempd by wild fire. how the people living there are preparing to protect themselves at this time. >> all of this was the north bay situation. coming up live where the tubs
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residents in all bay counties except for san francisco will be affected by this pg&e set to happen at ona miig county has more than 66,000 customers in the affected areas. it's not known when the power either. >> leanne
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>> reporter: we know the strong winds will begin about 4:00 in the morning, but pg&e ssay not going to wait that long. it takes time. when will it come back, sometime on friday. residents in santa rosa knew the rr ouit wleldec t bhatom we are going toctally shut off power and reduce 34 northern >> rest r residents should be prepared in stages beginning after midnight. >> there's a significant increase in firefighter's -- >> they have added four engines with 16 firefighters to boost their presence in the area. their presence in the area. >> we have a network of
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watch resources. >> reporter: residents not in the safety shutoff area may suffer power loss if power lines are damaged by the strong rest won't be restored to repair any damage thast' found. we kntd define it. reirs ano make all of the powers on that line. >> ken baldwin says there are many trees near power lines that should have been cut down. instead, they have markings on them. >> i understand that catastrophes, but you would think in two years they would have been able to make more progress and mark things. >> mae said she was prepare.
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my father-in-law did it and reminded me to do this. >> reporter: finally with regard to the pg&e website, a lot of gu claiming they cannoet on acknowledged they have problems. they have been bombarded. here's your plan b. we all have to have a backup plan and that is to visit our we nebswsit.ceom. we have all the information that you need. i'm live in santa rosa, leanne molendez, live in santa rosa. >> thank you so much. in fact, we'll share some of those tips with our viewers. abc 7 news about preparing for a power outage. here fresh batteries. wot wk obviously in a n cash. blackout. >> disconnect your crtepu surge.
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>> learn to operate your draj door without electricity. it will work. even though if it is not working with electricity. >> the power is going to start to go out at 1 p.m. we'll have complete coverage with the abc morning new nss an that you need. meanwhile, it was two years ago today that the tubs fired tore through the wayned from freedman. >> it was not a long memorial, all of five minutes. not a lot of pomp and circumstance, just a very solid moment. let's show you video from a few moments ago as they ran alel b
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in so he moment ma county. all this happening in a back drop of power outages. among the peo etonight, fire chief tony gossner. we asked him if he thinks this power outage is justified. >> while we're waiting on tony -- so you're loong at the bell as they rang it. therwae s probably a gathering of maybe 25 or 30 people. a survivors after them. everyone is worried and concerned about what will happen perhaps tonht if they thought about it. >> with the winds that are coming,'m i60,ea 70, maybe 80s o m fireses that can be prevented by that, at those
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wind speeds. there will be damage as "pg&e will hand forward. >> reporter: it's interesting. we asked chief gossner where he was. he was driving home. people here tonight about similarities here tonight and two years ago. a lot of concern here in santa rosa. wayne freedman, we'reou accuwe forecast with >> here's your time to prepare. we have fog, we have high clouds and the combinationth two have shaved off some down to 12 in oakland. you have seen a ten degree temperatures from the 60s to the 80s. here he is a live look from our emeryville camera.
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overnight. pattern developing our cooling trend tomorrow. 5 a.m. winds begin toasrence 38 in going into 40-mile-an-hour winds. places like calistoga, fairfield. it's a drying wind. this will result in lowering humidity. that is a huge find. humidity stilllevad a 5 a.m. look what happens, single digit humidity, napa, fairfield, antioch. it will be in the teens and dropping back down 7%. so the fire danger will be extreme for parts of the bay area. shaded in red, 12 p.m. wednesday you willes notic
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and the east bay anddiablo range. first thing in the morning, windy conditions particularly in the north and east bay. temperatures in the 40s, 50s. clear skies yesterday. a few low 80s showing up under skies. a cooler day. dry, gusty, fire danger up wednesday and ursday. weth will notice the winds will relax for friday/70. turning cooler towards sub. overall it's a dangerous situation we're about to ste. situation we're about to ste. wa
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♪ ♪ situation we're about to ste. wa ♪ ♪ ♪ we need someone to lean on ♪ bl♪ all we need isshe tun somebody to lean o♪ ♪ ♪
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we've seen this before. sky seven capturing fires
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homeless encampment. this was between 16th and 17th avenues. b.a.r.t. service was impacted. trains slowed as they passed by the . no word of any injurieres orfi the fire started. rent increases will be capped across california after the governor just a short time ago signed a bill into law. the measure limits rent hikes to 5% a year plus inflation and ev. the law would not provide and privately owned single family homes. governor newsome says the law is part of the solution that includes conversion and again try if iyes, we have to address issue of production in the state of california. we need to build more damn thed state in the nation to have a
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rent hype capped. >> from traffic to schoolhe ts, addiction. how juulne pohoreoked kids and ignited a i lth puieablic h other news outlets report-
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juul took $12.8 billion from big tobacco. markets e-cigarettes with kid friendly flavors and uses nicotine to addict them. 5 million kids use e-cigarettesju. uls i hi prop c to overturn e-cigarette protectiono on prop c. n juul. .
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>>o update you on pg&e's plans for tonight. >> thelity is shutting off powerti to u 0,000 ctomers from norb to central bay area. >> the outages are expected to start at tonight. we'll have community centers an on abc 7 including maps of where the potential powerexp. we'll have theddit aesssre reso ws we'll be here at 4 a.m. >> we are on
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stay tuned. world news is next. >> f us here, thanks for joining us tonight, breaking news as we come on the air. the white house, the letter they just sent to speaker pelosi.aytr takes. their refusal now to cooperate answering questions today. and tonight, we have new reporting here, the person on the inside. the white house official on that call with ukraine. the whistle-blower saying that person then spoke with him, describing the president's call as, quote, crazy and also tonight, troop movemen withdraw u.s. troops from a key part of syria, after a phone caturkey's president.h llit w now signaling an attack against the kurds, our u.s. allies in fighting isis. the headline late today. the first mother and father e m scandal.


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