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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  October 9, 2019 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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i don't know what prompted the power outage. >> i think they jumped the gun. there's no breeze. the wind is 2 miles an hour right now. pg&e has a little problem with information, i think. >> it's frustrating to not know what's going on for a large swath of our city. >> outage and outrage. it could last for days in the largest event of its kind in state history. >> i jumped out of bed this morning and thought, i've got to get gas. >> how long are you prepared for? >> mine? it would probably do it for a week. >> it's insane. we're not a third world country. >> the major conflict is the refrigerator. >> good evening. thanks for joining us. i'm dan ashley. >> i'm kristen sze. then irritable impact affected mendocino, sonoma, marin, napa,
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and solano counties. >> a second wave affected other areas this afternoon, but that was delayed until at least 8:00 when forecasted high winds did not materialize. >> the situation has left many residents and business owners frustrated and angry, but pg&e is standing by its position. >> the safety of the residents is our high evident priority. we've seen a higher risk due to climate change and we feel the shut-off program is an important way to help mitigate the risk of fires in our city. >> morgan hill will have a 7:00 p.m. curfew. meantime oakland plans to keep nine schools closed again tomorrow. >> of course, all of this is happening because of the wind, and we want to turn to abc7 news
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meteorologist sandhya patel. >> a lot of people are wondering where the winds are. >> they have every reason to ask that, dan and kristen. take a look. they're picking up, gusting to 25 miles an hour. red flag warning for the north bay, east bay, and santa cruz mountains in effect right now until tomorrow. we're excelling wind gusts anywhere from 35 to 65 miles an hour with single-digit humidity, and that means the fire danger is elevated. wind advisory for the north bay hills until 3:00 p.m. tomorrow. power lines could get toppled and same thing with trees, so be careful. at 7:00, winds are increasing. winds in fairfield coming up to 41 miles an hour in calistoga by the time we head into 3:00 a.m. thursday. the peak of this wind event is going to be happening during the overnight hours going into early tomorrow morning. kristen? >> sandhya, thank you. this is lights. pg&e pushed back the outage here
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and in other parts of east bay. liz kreutz is in lafayette with look at the impact. what's the timeline with the power shut-off there? >> reporter: hi, kristen. we're hearing 8:00 p.m. is when power will be shut off. a lot of people in limbo right nw, waiting to see what's going to happen. i wanted to show you. this is a notice. every single business here in laugh get was given. if you're a food establishment, the health department says you're required to close. this bar said they hoped to stay open, that it could be a watering hole, but they, too, will be shutting down. we've talked to people here in lafayette about this. some are starting to question whether it's going to happen at all. others say they are prepare and they're taking it in stride. >> we charged our phones, we charged our tesla, we charged our car. we opened the garage door.
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>> we opened the garage door so we don't get stuck. >> have you done anything different to plan for the power outage? >> no, not really. but i'm going to have to play card games, and i'm always on my computer. >> reporter: so, you know, maybe that's a silver lining there, right? families will gather and play card games together, off of their electronics. what an impact it's having on people and businesses. here in lafayette, we'll be closed on october 9th, closed because of the pg&e shut-off. businesses will have to be closed because of this delay. i also quickly want to give an update on the caldecott tunnel because i know that's something a lot of people are paying attention to. they werable to get generators in. they were installed through the night and they're up and running and will keep caldecott open. pg&e says as long as these outages go, the tunnel will be able to stay open.
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that's good news. right now a lot of questions. we're getting a little bit of wind on and off, so we'll see what happens over the next few hours. at this point, 8:00 p.m. tonight is when the power will be shut off. liz kroitseutz. >> thank you very much. first responders in santa rosa say they responded to multiple collisions including five with injuries. it all happened at intersections without power. wayne freedman is live in santa rosa with more. wayne? >> reporter: that's it, dan. those are some of the numbers. we're going to give you more. behind me, the traffic jam we've been watching pretty much all day. behind me over there, one of those traffic light intersections where the lights are not working. this backup, it's quite a long backup. it's are ufly two miles. let's show you some video from earlier today. one of those accidents at e and bennett valley road, and with no
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lights in the intersections, it's been a mess. sources tell us between midnight and 2:00 a.m. this afternoon, there have been many more accidents than usual. ten accidents, ten of them, in 14 hours. five of them, as you said, with injuries. in response, the santa rosa fire didn't has deployed extra stop signs and officers. 20 minutes ago the sonoma sheriff's office sent out a reminder to stop at intersections, treat them like four-way stops. yield to the right if you stop at the same time or yield to the person who got there first. republic, it's not a race. as you look at highway 12, very clearly it is not a race. it is a mess. those cars have one of those intersections ahead as we told you. it's going to take them a while to get through. the good news, we haven't heard any sirens in the two hours that we've been here. let's keep it that way. live in santa rosa, wayne
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freedman, abc7 news. >> fingers crossed. thank you. a cashier at wood side's market said she's never seen panic from customers. it only increased anxiety. >> that's right. there's also anxiousness in south bay. chris nguyen has more. >> reporter: the police department as well as the fire department have already added more staff ahead of tonight's planned outage. both agencies asking the community to use common sense to avoid catastrophe. as residents in east san jose and al ma dan valley prepare, a word to the wise. >> i would encourage anyone who can get home before 8:00 to do so. and if you can't, it's going to
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be a long and slow commute. republic if there's a traffic light, it's a four-way stop for everybody. >> if you live in any affected area, stay at home as much as possible during this power shut-off. >> san jose has set up three resource centers at the cam dep, mayfair, and south side cmmunity centers where residents can go for water, snacks, and shade. earlier in the day a counselor spent the day going through the neighborhood. >> we're knocking on doors and leaving flyers in the neighborhood. >> getting out about the outage. >> we're making that last old-fashioned outreege to folks not online and making sure that they are safe. >> reporter: and late this
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afternoon both the city and the county declared a state of emergency. the goal, of course, is for them to be able to access more resources if needed. we're live in san jose. >> thanks. breaking news. there's a brush fire that's been burning for about an hour. it's burning in the middle of a field of wind turbines. fire officials are calling it the month zuma fire. of course, these are the conditions we were worried about. highway 12 and olson road. we'll bring you any updates on the fire burning right now in solano county. >> this is after we confirmed a pg&e worker was shot at last night by somebody driving by on shaken
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shaken, understandably so. the new barriers are there to keep its workers safe at this tme. and there's this in nearby yoorovillyororoville oroville. take a look. somebody saw someone egging the front of a building last night. these pictures are courtesy of our sister station in reading. they reported a security guard is standing out front but the streaks of egg were still there as of just a few hours ago, some people evidently venting inappropriately. >> it's clear they're angry and a new push for answers from sacramento. do we need to really cut power to so many homes and businesses this week? dan has more. pg&e is supposed to be hardening the power grid. but there are questions tonight about how much progress they're making. clearly with this blackout, pg&e
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does not trust its system to be able to handle the high winds even though these conditions come around every fall. state lawmakers question whether such a blackout is necessary. state mayor hill is drafting a letting to send to puc, other lawmakers signing on. >> we'll make sure they do a root cause analysis for every one of these shutdowns and the announcements that pg&e is making and that they're doing it the right way. for themthem iminthemming, it's the power off. >> they have to consider underground power lines. it's expensive, but when you think of the cost for fires and the blackouts, they say it's worth the cost because we're paying a lot and residents being inconvenienced. >> it's a more modern approach.
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>> it happens in these areas where they have a lot of snow. they often underground the wires because the heavy snow will take them down. it ooh's common thing there to do it. it's cost-effective for them. it's about time we start thinking about it here. >> speaking of infrastructure improvement, isn't pg&e trying to get approval to raise our rates? this is going to turn a lot of the public against them at a time when they're trying to ask for more money. >> exactly. i've been looking at their wildfire safety plan going through all the stuff they say they're doing. there are questions whether they're actually doing it. but asking people for more money is not going to be a popular thing and there's a question of how they spnlt the money in the past. they had billions for maintenance and they diverted some of that money into shareholder profits. >> is that right. >> instead of infrastructure improvements. >> which is why we're here.
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>> thanks, dan. up next, do pg&e have to pay for power during a power shut-off? you may be wondering. michael finney on your side has more. what to do when someone's
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creating stressful moments for people on dialysis. >> this man is one of them. that left the family scrambling to find another facility. >> chris must have his blood cleaned every other day to keep toxins from building up in his body. it's a procedure that is critical. >> it makes it a lot easier if i get it every other day. if i go two day, i've got to spend a lot more time at
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facilities to get the treatment. then they purify my blood. >> chris was able to find an open dialysis clinic today but was only able to offer half the treatment because of all the additional patients the fa sill was helping for other closed clinics. >> it's inconvenient for him. it's life-altering. viewers have been sending questions about the pg&e power outages. >> 7 on your side's michael finney has been researching this. he's an expert on this. i'm bringing you into the conversation. >> it's been a busy day around here for everybody. you do guys want to ask me the question or i'll go ahead and do it. one of theueio i'm start all o. should consumers document the hours they are without power so that they can claim a credit? pretty good question.
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nope. that's because pg&e does not charge a service fee and more money for the actual power used. they only bills for the electricity that enters your home via the electric meter so there's no claim to make because you're not being charged during the power outage. now, if you want to be sure of that, locate your meter and see if it's racking up kilowatt hours when your power is shut off. if so, you have a huge problem and you righ-- pg&e right away. we're getting questions about solar homes. are they dodging this? >> most are not. most solar home systems do not have power storage of their own. i spoke about this earlier today. both of the experts told me most solar homeowners use a power grid like one big battery, so
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their home is connected to the grid and when the grid goes home, their homes, electrical system, solar, goes down with it. there are some home systems that have battery backups. a tesla power wall is most well known. they're not cheap. they start at $12,000 and they don't power that much. >> not your whole home. >> no. a bathroom, kitchen, no air-conditioning. well, some are comparing the current power shut-offs to the rolling blackouts californians experienced during the energy crisis in the early 2000s. >> we sure do. the governor at the time was gray kavis who served from 1999 to 2003. he later lost his re-election campaign due to the energy crisis.
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>> some energy companies manipulated the market forcing utility companies to pay huge prices which they could not legally pass on to customers. >> at the height of the crisis, pg&e filed for bankruptcy. davis who works as a lawyer joins us by phone. former governor davis? >> good afternoon. >> thanks for joining us. >> my pleasure. >> tell us about your experience whether you see any parallels he here. >> pg&e went into bankruptcy in the early 2000s and they're in bankruptcy again. however, the precautions they're taking to shut off power is one of the tools they were given by statute, and puc had to approve the plan before it could go into effect. obviously when you lose power, it's not fun. nobody knows that better than i. but it's a minor irritation when
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you compare that to what happened to paradise last year where 87 people were killed. the town was almost totally demolished. i had two relatives living in separate houses. both houses were burned to the ground. both had to literally flee to save their lives. my niece was driving on the correct side of the road, but the traffic was so bad she went on the other side hoping some big fire truck would not come the other way and kill her. so the horror and the anxiety those people wept through, you had no idea how bad it was. so when you think of all those terrible things that happened less than a year ago are largely being precluded by this power outage, it makes more sense. >> it's a fair point, governor davis. nonetheless, a lot of people are frustrated with how pg&e has handled itses by and affairs. the man o who now has the job you once held governor newsom
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said people of california should be outraged about the pg&e shut-offs. do you agree with that? >> as i said, the puc has to approve it. i only know what i read in the paper, dan. i think another tool which the legislation that then governor brown signed, which is available to all utilities, is to install these infrared camerasing and they're being installed as we speak in the pg&e area. they were first installed in the san diego area in 2017. they can see a fire from 80 to 120 miles. the information goes directly every second on amazon web-based services to the fire chief's mobile phone. he knows exactly how many trucks to send, and two months after the cameras were installed, a major fire broke out. it was put out in 55 minutes. there was no loss of life. two years later, there's no loss
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of life in san diego county. i think the real promise lice in this technology and governor newsom has ordered 100 cameras in addition to what we're trying to establish in areas that these areas service. so we have about 250 cameras installed, mostly in the southern air yachl we hope to get to 700 in a year and a half. it greatly enhances the safety of people. >> that's interesting. now, governor, thank you. governor gray davis, former governor gray davis. i besen a long time since we heard you spoke. thank you, sir. >> thank you. now we want to get another check of the conditions of the winds with sandhya patel. the winds are starting to pick up rapidly. >> yeah, kristen and dan. it is breezy outside, but it's going to ramp up overnight. take a look at the roof camera. this is a typical breeze at the
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lower elevations. it will be changing. dry gusty winds especially over the hills. we're looking at mild conditions with calmer winds beginning on friday. look at our fire danger index. 7:00 tonight in the north bay, you see oranges and yellows. now you see extremes in red by 11:00 p.m. tonight and the winds only increase and exacerbate the conditions in the north and east bay heading into tomorrow morning. so the fire danger will remain elevated going into tomorrow. clear skies on live doppler 7, you will notice, temperatures came down. even cooler. upper 50s to upper 70s. this is a look at thevillehe wd beginning to pick up and we're expecting the winds to remain low going into tomorrow. hour by hour, you see the north bay hills seeing the winds
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increasing, 9:00 p.m. they get up to 36 miles an hour in places like fairfield. 41 in calistoga. tomorrow morning, still gusty. they begin to come down as we go into the early afternoon hours. the humed will definitely be lowering. singlegys tonight. tomorrow morning, around 7% napa, 9% fairfield. you combine this with dry conditions and that's why the fire danger remains high. clear skies out the door. tomorrow afternoon it's going to be a little bit warmer and winds will relax in the afternoon hours. 74 in san francisco, 79 in san rafael, oakland, 82. 79 in san jose. the accuweather forecast features high winds tomorrow. a little bit warmer as we go into the weekend inland. cooler sunday and fine fall weather is coming your way monday through wednesday, but we'll certainly see a run
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this is planning ahead. the sauce lyda library was open. >> that is ooh because they have a generator. the number of people there tripled looking for something to do. a journalist captured these empty shelves at a safeway. >> wiped out. melissa caught up with one woman who was getting her tesla ready in case she's stuck for days without power. >> as soon as i heard that there's going to be a power outage, i went and charged. we went to costco, got water. so i've been preparing ever since i heard about it. >> generators are also in high demand with some places selling out. a bay area businessman meets with p
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finally a man was with president trump. >> he's shaking hands with president trump. he was the owner of a business b until he was ordered to close. >> the order president signed says it will improve performance and protect small businesses. >> the 100-year-old drakes bay family business closed in 2014. rights. >> the national park service owned the farmland and then the government banned oyster farming. it almost made it to the supreme court, but they denied taking up the case. world news tonight with david muir is coming up next. i'm kristen sze. >> i'm dan ashle ashle ashle ase patel. we appreciate your time and hope to see you in a half hour.
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tonight, breaking news. after president trump suddenly pulled u.s. troops from a key part of syria, turkey now launching its offensive tonight on u.s. allies, the kurds. the military assault now under way. air strikes from turkey. the kurds, who had helped the u.s. in the fight against isis, now targeted themselves. and what about the prisons holding thousands of isis fighters secured by the kurds? tonight, abc news has learned some of the kurds have already left their posts at those prisons. just 24 hours after the white house said it will not cooperate with the impeachment inquiry, speaker pelosi saying the president is not above the law. and tonight, joe biden saying thcoastal systembouto slampeacd.


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