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tv   2020  ABC  October 11, 2019 9:00pm-10:58pm PDT

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allegedly being paid $100,000. >> katie magbanua will get her day in court. but all eyes will be on a critical prosecution witness. ten months ago, someone ♪ ozempic®! ♪ (announcer) people with type 2 diabetes killed the father of my are excited about the potential of once-weekly ozempic®. children. in a study with ozempic®, a majority of adults first we got divorced. lowered their blood sugar and reached an a1c then he got murdered. >> oh, my god. of less than 7 and maintained it. oh! under 7? (announcer) and you may lose weight. what happened? in the same one-year study, >> i'm not sure there's a better adults lost on average up to 12 pounds. oh! up to 12 pounds? known law professor. (announcer) a two-year study showed that ozempic® does not dan was known by everybody. increase the risk of major cardiovascular events >> there wasn't a thing that the like heart attack, stroke, or death. oh! no increased risk? couple didn't fight about. >> thinking about divorce, he (announcer) ozempic® should not be the first medicine told her if she ever did that, wi te 1 diabetesabetes, or diabetic ketoacidosis. she would never see her kids do not share needles or pens. ever again. don't reuse needles. >> the window was all bashed in. do not take ozempic® if you have a personal or family history of medullary thyroid cancer, blood all over his head. >> my ex-husband caused me a lot of grief. but i would never do something
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it's gone again. oh, it's back with shrimp now! it's a story about the opposite. steak & lobster starting at only $15.99. a bad marriage, a worse break-up, a brutal divorce. hurry in before these three are gone again. >> i'm matthew shaer. outback steakhouse. and i'm a journalist. i've been a writer for the you sure you don't want me to come with you? i'm very sure. because i can. (laughs) make good choices. past, about 11 years. you make good choices. i'd never done a podcast before. i am. fiber is good for digestive health. >> she said it had something to good choices never tasted so good. do with the amount of money it kellogg's raisin bran. would cost to have someone killed. >> are you saying you think maybe one of your friends would have done something like this? >> who would do this? >> we had well over 10 million downloads so it had well surpassed anything we thought could happen in terms of popularity. >> this is a case about how our you know when you're at just keeps getting better?ook highest dreams, our highest check this out! moments in our lives, like that's yes for less. score a head-to-toe look you'll love and save 20 to 60 percent off department store prices. marriage and children, can very quickly become tragic. at ross. yes for less. >> you know, the fact that this is a murder done in, in broad daylight and by people who didn't seem to care if they were seen.
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it was just a very bold homicide. >> the mysterious killing of a prominent law professor at florida state university. police are convinced it's a murder case but so far there are no good leads. matt gutman has the story. >> he was found dead in his garage. and this quickly becomes one of the most sensational crimes in tallahassee history. i knew this was an enormous story and i pitched it to abc news and they assigned me to do it. to the wait did frowe just win-ners. prouders everyone uses their phone differently. this morning police are that's why xfinity mobile let's you design scrambling to unravel the riddle of who killed professor dan your own data. markel. >> dan markel had grown up in a relatively affluent part of now you can share it between lines. mix with unlimited, and switch it up at anytime toronto. so you only pay for what you need. >> dan was the epitome of dennis it's a different kind of wireless network designed to save you money. the menace. switch and save hundreds a year on your wireless bill. so he was blond, he was cute, plus get $250 back when you buy an eligible phone. and he was rambunctious and wild. >> he had a very serious commitment to his jewish heritage. call, click, or visit a store today. and you get first dibs on that brand... >> danny was very involved in that price? that's yes for less.
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the rituals of judaism. he also like the intellectual seriously, get the fall brands and styles you love parts of it. torah. talmud. he liked the argumentative side and save 20 to 60% off department store prices. of it. >> he was extremely smart. >> his goal was to go to at ross. yes for less. harvard. harvard was the only school in his mind he was going to go to. >> there's a word in yiddish, called mensch, he would be a mensch, great character and great personality. he was my best friend. >> he ended up with a degree from law school. >> after graduating from law school he was working for a boutique l d.c., and he was on the short track for partnership. it's a high profile case that's garnering attention >> while dan is still in d.c. he meets a woman named wendi across the world. adelson. he meets her on jdate. >> trying to seek justice for >> sweetie, have you met any fsu law professor dan markel. nice boys in your building yet? >> outside it's pretty typical tallhassee weather, about >> are they jewish? 100 degrees, incredibly humid, >> i have no idea. painfully hot. >> all we are asking for is grandchildren. but inside the courtroom, it's >> wendi was just fun and full freezing. >> the courtroom is beyond of joy. frigid. i saw people bringing in she is a lovely person who has blankets and jackets to keep
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boundless enthusiasm and energy themselves warm because it's so and sense of humor. >> she was extremely charismatic, extremely outgoing, cold in there. >> dan markel's parents have goofy to a certain extent. justice.ive long years for she'd been on "the weakest link," the game show. >> wendi, have you always wanted to work at a think tank. is that what you've always wanted to do with your life? >> when i was little, i wanted to be a giraffe. >> and they're sitting just a >> wendi adelson had grown up in the miami area. her dad harvey was a dentist. and her mom donna had worked as few feet away from a teacher initially and then came to the dental practice. katie magbanua and she had two older brothers, rob and charlie. sigfredo garcia. and charlie would eventually become a dentist. >> dan markel, father of two rob would become a doctor. >> i think things happened fairly quickly for them. young boys, was shot twice in they were long distance. the head, in his own garage in broad daylight. he was in d.c. at that time and who would do such a thing? she was in florida, so there were some great weekend trips. there was a really strong connection. and she was really drawn to him. >> two people are on trial for the murder of dan markel. >> he decided to go teach and me and the prosecution pulls no punches in the opening statement. they're promising the jury we'll like most fathers would say, why don't you practice law for lay this whole thing out for you. ten years, put a chunk in the not only are you gonna learn
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these two sought and were hired to kill dan markel, we're going bank and then go teach. but he wouldn't hear from that. to tell you why. >> wendi adelson had a problem, >> eventually he gets an offer from tallahassee, from florida state university, to come be a and her problem was named dan markel. law professor. he says yes. and the solution to that problem >> and the law school had was magbanua, rivera, and offered wendi a teaching position, too, on a contract basis. >> he and wendi then get garcia. engaged. i believe that you will be >> to me, it seemed like a convinced beyond a reasonable doubt that katherine magbanua fairly conventional jewish wedding. lots of rabbis came and there was dancing and smiling. she was a happy bride. was hired to solicit garcia to >> although the markels and the adelsons were both paying come to tallahassee and to for the wedding, it was wendi's execute mr. markel in cold parents who'd hired the caterer. blood. dan had wanted the wedding to be >> keep in mind, katie has now strictly kosher but -- >> when he showed up to his own wedding, he learned that been sitting in jail for three years. actually the wedding was not gonna be kosher. >> she was offered a deal that could let her walk out. and i think that was a very devastating moment for him. >> and it would set the table for things that developed later you'd think if she had anything on and in fact played a part in to spill or dish about who might have hired her she would have that divide between the in-laws done it by now. to save her own skin. to be with her kids. and daniel markel. but she hasn't done that. >> they are so desperate to get charles adelson they want to arrest her because that's our way to get to charlie, so now >> after the wedding, dan and three years later, she is wendi returned to tallahassee.
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>> the identity of tallahassee sitting here accused of a crime is completely tied to fsu. >> three national championships. and at the end of this case you it's a very big deal. are going to see that the only thing she is guilty of is having horrible taste in men. >> the first few witnesses are >> whether it's football or it's the education system, the two called to effectively set the are one. >> it wasn't miami. scene. it wasn't where wendi had come from. >> it has sort of a sleepy a neighbor who hears something, the first officer to arrive, the person who was on the phone with southern sensibility to it. dan markel when he was shot. it has more feeling of south >> he said, can you please hold georgia or alabama than it does miami beach for sure. on a second. >> they have two boys. there is an unfamiliar person in my driveway. the boys are separated by less than two years. >> but then, day two. >> he loved the boys. it's friday afternoon and jaws they were his world. just start dropping in that and everything revolved around courtroom. them. >> he was obsessed with his the prosecution calls a very kids. reluctant witness. >> our second speaker is dan markel. >> when wendi adelson walked into the courtroom to take the stand, i immediately sent out an >> greetings, everybody. let me just sort of give you a email to everyone in the newsroom, like, okay, dan markel's ex-wife is about to few of the bullet points of the testify. argument. >> i am not sure there's a better known law professor. dan markel was known by how does she feel about the fact
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that the state is saying her ybody. se basic level, he liked to family is involved in this argue and he liked to make sure murder? >> does your family have a people understood his arguments. dental practice in south florida? >> they do. >> so the paper is about the >> is your family in south florida wealthy? >> are you asking me to speculate? >> no, i'm asking if they're wealthy. if you don't know, you just say tissue connecting democratic you don't know. >> it depends how you define citizenship with retributive justice and the argument is that wealthy. contrary to some of the criminal leading law theorists like >> is that fair to say that your brother is very protective of michael moore or -- you? >> i think that's fair to say. >> he could needle people. he could poke and prod. and he enjoyed it, but were there people who didn't like it? of course. >> now, wendi starts to get grilled about her older brother, charlie. >> wendi, meanwhile, was moving in fact, there are so many in a very different direction. questions asked about charlie adelson that it almost seems like he is the one on she'd had enough of living in a trial. >> did he ever joke about he city she hated. >> tallahassee is a long way from miami. looked into hiring a hit man, but buying you a tv as a divorce that's where she'd grown up, present would be cheaper? that's where she wanted to be. >> he did make that joke. >> and then the prosecution breaks out that photograph that reveals a curious link between >> wendi also had aspirations of wendi adelson and being a great lawyer but living with dan she felt like she wasn't treated as his equal. katie magbanua. >> do you know katherine magbanua? >> i have met her before. some of the people who were >> i'm going to show you what i've marked as state's exhibit 36. close to her say that dan's hectic work schedule and frenetic lifestyle really put is that a photograph of you and
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her career in the backseat. katherine magbanua at the beach? >> i thought i could cheat the >> with her friend, yeah. >> and did you say how you know ms. magbanua? system and marry a man i lacked >> she was dating my brother. passionate love for because, >> this picture becomes an y, didn'th die anyway during marriage? >> the only time you're able to important moment. hear wendy articulate how she felt about the marriage is in >> she just established for the jury the first clear link between her family and the accused murderers. a podcast she would later put >> so here's what prosecutors do together in a writing class. next. and when you listen to it, it sounds almost as if she's in a therapy session. they call wendi's ex-boyfriend, >> our marriage dissolved after jeff lacasse. and when he takes the stand, he the children arrived as the testifies that wendi was desperate to leave tallahassee, and how her brother charlie had loneliness of being married to somebody who did not view me as an equal crept in. >> wendi also started to work on a novel. it was called "this is our story." major parts of the novel talked about taking care of, appeared to be pretty nakedly quote, "the problem." autobiographical. >> she said that charlie had explored all options to take >> one of her characters was a care of the problem and that he had looked into having professor markel killed.. woman who fell out of love and she chronicles this woman's journey. it was, like, a chilling statement. >> "we built love like a house of cards, no support, pulled >> it is now day three of the away from our support systems, trial and prosecutors call their star witness. we just couldn't make it work for each other." >> luis rivera is on the stand. he's testified he was there when
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markel was shot. >> wendi spends months working on this book and dan doesn't >> he's the guy who confessed to read it. not a word. police that he drove to that is obviously and tallahassee with sigfredo garcia understandably hurtful to wendi. for that hit on dan markel, and he has now agreed to testify for the prosecution. >> did he have any information about who it was you were coming >> i see dan in new york and to tallahassee to kill? he's telling me that he thinks his marriage is unwinding. >> yes, ma'am. dan markel. she seems disengaged, fairly depressed. >> who was supposed to be the shooter on this first trip? >> she had a plan. she was going to book moving >> i was gonna be the shooter. >> and did y'all return to trucks, fill out divorce papers, tallahassee on july 16th, 2014? and then she was going to take >> yes, ma'am. her two boys and get the hell out of tallahassee. >> and what happened once you >> he came home to an empty house. pulled into his driveway? there was basically nothing >> as soon as i pulled in, there but his marital bed with garcia jumped out, went to the divorce papers on it. driver's side and shot him. >> he shot mr. markel? >> yes, ma'am. everything else had been removed >> how many times? including his children. >> twice. so this was quite stunning. >> do you see the person in the and it was a pretty bad sign of courtroom who shot mr. markel? >> yes, ma'am. things to come. >> could you please point that person out? what color is the shirt? >> blue. >> and did you get the money the next day? >> yes, ma'am. >> who gave you the money? >> garcia. >> all right, and tell us about the money.
9:11 pm
how was it packaged? >> all hundreds, they were stapled. >> stapled? >> $1,000 stapled. each one of them. >> yes, mand who hired him? >> the adelson family. >> do you see the person in the courtroom that you say hired sigfredo garcia to do this homicide? >> the only one i seen is katie. >> the witness has identified defendant magbanua. no further questions. >> your honor, at this time the defense calls katherine magbanua. >> katie magbanua broke her silence. >> for more than four hours wednesday katherine magbanua took the stand in her own defense. she's facing life in prison. lay] [gust of wind] delivered to your car door so you can do more. try drive up at target. [sounds of items hitting phone] ♪ feels so good ♪ feels so good
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imagine that you're dan markel. you're on a short business trip to new york. you get a call from your wife. she tells you she's leaving you. you cut your trip short. you get the first flight home. but as you open the door, you notice the house is weirdly quiet. >> in september, 2012, dan markel returned from a business trip to his home in tallahassee. >> he came home to an empty house. effectively a house that had been stripped of its belongings. >> she took half the chairs and half the furniture. >> you walk into your bedroom. the bed is still there. now< inside the leon county courthouse, luis rivera has just told jurors how his childhood and on it, you see a stack of divorce papers. buddy sigfredo garcia gunned >> she had moved money from savings accounts. down dan markel. >> as soon as we pulled in, garcia jumped out and went she had taken his uncle's behind his car to the driver's diamond engagement ring. side and shot him.
9:16 pm
that was a big deal for him. >> it was a unique way of being >> but remember, the prosecution's star witness isn't served. exactly a saint. >> they seemed like the perfect couple. garcia's attorney confronted rivera about his ties to the wendi was happy and smiling, notorious latin kings gang. they had beautiful children. >> i am pretty good at detecting in an effort to show that these things, more than most rivera, the linchpin to the entire case, is a liar. people. so i was shocked. >> mr. rivera, what was your >> but in that podcast she later title with the north miami tribe of the latin kings? recorded, wendi made it clear >> i was a leader. the marriage just wasn't working. >> i do believe he loved me the are we here for the murder case best way he knew how. or the latin king case? >> i think it's the same thing. i mean, he didn't like fiction so why read my novel? >> no, it's not. you keep talking about the latin kings. it ain't got nothing to do with >> in the marriage, there seemed to be a competitive element. dan markel was a tenured professor. the murder. wendi was not a tenured professor. >> but you're king tato, right? >> you know, things that maybe at first she thought she could live with, it kind of became clear how unhappy it was making >> that don't got nothing to do her. with the murder. >> you have both defense teams >> she felt that she was being who are saying, "he's not credible. he has been lying from day one." asked to keep the home while he but there are moments that come up and what luis rivera says engaged in his professional does seem credible. >> for instance, there was pursuits. rivera's account of how he and she felt that that was received that cash payoff after the hit on markel. holding her back, in fact. >> it was stapled. >> stapled?
9:17 pm
>> danny used to tell me that everyone thought i was such a nice person and such a good person, but he was the only one >> $1,000 stapled. that knew the truth about what a each one of them. bad person i was. >> here's why that's important. he was convinced i had deluded everyone but him. >> i was worried that he was being emotionally abusive towards her. belittling her in a way and when they charlie adelson's ex-girlfriend june umchinda making her question herself in a way that i thought was really takes the stand, she says that's the same way charlie kept his cash. unkind and that extended over a >> in fact, you said that the long period. money was stapled into stacks of $100 bills, didn't you? >> for probably a year after it >> they were hundreds, yes, and happened he was focused on just i don't know if they were stacks trying to win her back in some but there was a staple in them. way. >> what a coincidence. >> he found wendi and bought who staples $100 bills? flowers and kneeled before her, asking her to take him back, and she said no. >> he did everything he could >> when it's katherine until she said, absolutely no chance i'm ever coming back. >> she had been talking to him for a long time about her magbanua's attorney's chance to call up witnesses, they call up one person. and that's their client. unhappiness, thinking about >> the defense calls katherine magbanua to the stand. >> the risk of putting your own divorce. client on the witness stand in a he told her that if she ever did that, she'd never see her kids again. murder trial is that she'd be penniless. she left in the way that the lawyer judged safest for her and the kids. >> things turned sour quickly. inconsistencies or answers that don't seem credible can be
9:18 pm
they were fighting over custody absolutely devastating to the defense. >> now, how are you feeling? of their kids. >> nervous. >> wendi was desperate to get the children out of here. >> did you have anything to do with the murder of dan markel? >> no, ma'am. she did not want to live here and would've like to have moved to south florida to be closer to her family. >> did you get the father of she filed a motion to relocate the children. your children, mr. garcia, to >> the acrimony and the fighting commit a murder on behalf of over the two boys was extreme. it could not have been more mr. charlie adelson? >> no, ma'am. personal, more nasty. >> magbanua tells the jury there >> dan was almost panic-stricken is an innocent explanation for about not being a father to his children. he would give up almost anything that suspicious-looking spike in the cash deposits she made after if could just get an agreement where he could go hug his markel's murder. >> she said, "i was a bottle children and kiss them good girl at a nightclub in miami." night every night. >> what was a good night for you at the club? and she basically played every card she could, she made every argument she could, and the >> i can walk out of there with court rejected it. $1,000 to $1,500. >> the way that the marriage settlement had been arranged was they split custody. >> another question that popped >> so the children were going to stay in tallahassee. up over and over again, you're getting paychecks from the adelson institute. >> and there was a sense that wendi was really stuck. >> it was that. but we don't have any records that you worked there. and she admitted that she was getting paid by the adelson institute, but her job was more so charlie's assistant. >> was it just odd jobs that you >> donna, who is wendi's mother, did for charlie adelson? >> yes, ma'am.
9:19 pm
>> but you had a steady paycheck? grows incensed when she learns that wendi and her boys won't be >> yes, ma'am. able to move closer to her in >> during cross-examination, south florida. >> danny made it clear to me prosecutor georgia cappleman grills magbanua about exactly that donna did not like him. what kinds of tasks she performed for charlie. he would do a lot of skype with >> why did he put you on the payroll? the children, and one time one was that as a favor? of the sons said, grandma called you stupid. >> yes, ma'am. >> according to emails between >> not as payment for murder? >> no, ma'am. >> not to keep you happy? wendi and donna, really became >> why wouldn't he just pay me the cash? why would i have to get a check unhinged, donna writing these from somewhere? >> i'm going to ask the questions, okay? really long, 8,000, 10,000-word >> yes, ma'am. emails about how to circumvent this judge's ruling. this is one of the emails from >> you would agree that there is not long after the judge ruled. donna refers to dan markel as a pretty striking amount of money that came in that you came into immediately after this jibbers, which is clearly a homicide. derogatory term, and i'm not quite sure of its origin. >> from your diagram i could see that, but i don't recall that. it says, it's time to take control of your life and not let jibbers think he just won anything by having you remain in >> but you got to listen to magbanua's response when her own tallahassee. attorney asks her who she thinks did play a role in the hit on markel. >> do you have information that
9:20 pm
charlie adelson was involved in this? >> let's show this [ bleep ] >> do i have information? what will make him absolutely i mean, based on everything that we've been seeing, but i don't miserable. have personal information. you know his weak points. money, religion, control. >> based on everything you've >> a woman who's really staying seen, do you think charlie was involved in this? up too late thinking about this too much. >> yes. she was a little bit obsessed. >> let jibbers know your >> the fact that katherine children will be baptized in the magbanua took the stand and under oath, she said, "charlie catholic church. take control from him. adelson could have something to he's going to want you to stop do with this," was a huge this. moment. >> donna actually suggests to >> those responsible must be wendi that they convert the brought to justice, the grandkids to christianity because she thinks, well, dan is adelsons. someday there will likely be a such a devout jew that he would prefer seeing his kids be moved away from him to miami then keep them in tallahassee as christians. jury in this courthouse determining the fate of one or desperate donna seemed to be. all of the adelsons. >> dan was pushing for only supervised visitation with the grandmother. but you're not that jury. >> it was bitter. >> it's the state's theory that they argued over seeing the people other than the two folks kids, when they would see the that are on trial here today, which you all are concerned kids. about. and these people also bear responsibility for the murder of professor markel. anyone else is for another day or for another jury. >> at some point it starts to >> the main question that's
9:21 pm
taper off a little bit, at least stabilized to the point where dan and wendi can both get on looming for the jury now, will with their lives. they find both defendants guilty, beyond reasonable doubt, that they were involved wi and for both of them that did mean dating. so wendi was introduced to a social work professor at fsu, jeff lacasse. this is one of the first things that people point out about jeff, is that he looked a little like dan, strangely. dan is dating as well. >> he found a new girlfriend that he really, really liked. and that relationship had kind of taken off. >> i said, you're having fun in you have to start celebrating man 1 vo: proof of less joint pain woman 1 oc: this is my body of proof. those things and walk away from and clearer skin. this negativity. and he walked away from that man 2 vo: proof that i can fight psoriatic arthritis... woman 2 vo: ...with humira. conversation saying, you're right, and i really need to do woman 3 vo: humira targets and blocks a specific source of inflammation that. that contributes to both joint and skin symptoms. it's proven to help relieve pain, stop further irreversible joint damage, >> it's a little after 11:00 and clear skin in many adults. is the er one stop further irreversible joint damage, prescribed biologic for psoriatic arthritis. avo: humira can lower your ability to fight infections.
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in the morning. serious and sometimes fatal infections, including tuberculosis, and cancers, >> a neighbor heard a loud pop at dan markel's house. including lymphoma, have happened, >> he was parked in his black honda in the garage. as have blood, liver, and nervous system problems, serious allergic reactions, >> he happened to have been on and new or worsening heart failure. the phone with a friend of his. tell your doctor if you've been to areas so his friend was hearing where certain fungal infections are common and if you've had tb, hepatitis b, muffled. he heard a voice, and then he are prone to infections, or have flu-like symptoms or sores. heard the shot. don't start humira if you have an infection. >> a neighbor saw a car pulling out of the driveway and speeding off down the road. man 3 vo: ask your rheumatologist about humira. woman 4 vo: go to to see proof in action. >> 911, what is the address of your emergency? >> we heard a loud bang and a car pulled away from next door. the driver's side window is all bashed in and he's got blood all over his head. >> he had been shot at close range. his face was completely obliterated. >> the dreaded phone call came in and they tell me some cockamamie story that my son's been shot. >> this was way beyond my dreams even. >> there was a lot of speculation about who could've been involved. >> who would do this? >> i don't know. that's why i'm -- that's why
9:23 pm
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9:25 pm
tell your doctor about >> i'm certainly happy with the new or worsening eye problems, outcome for mr. garcia, and i hope we can have a similar one such as eye pain or vision changes, or a parasitic infection. for ms. magbanua, whether it be today or in the future. if you take asthma medicines, >> how close are you in putting don't change or stop them a case together against the adelsons? without talking to your doctor. >> you know that as well as i do. i just laid out the whole case. so help heal your skin from within, and talk to your eczema specialist about dupixent. so everyone here is as aware as i am as to what the evidence is. i'm really happy to get the - [woman] with my shark, i deep clean messes like this, beginnings of some justice for the markel family. this, and even this. >> despite the mixed outcomes, but i don't have to clean this, the question remains, how was because the self-cleaning brush roll charlie adelson not charged? removes hair while i clean. - [announcer] shark, the vacuum that deep cleans prosecutors point the finger at now cleans itself. him as the mastermind. charlie adelson should not be it's into coverage - can't believe it! resting comfortably tonight. >> while it remains to be seen talk about a heartbreaking last minute defeat. if the adelsons will ever have to answer to law enforcement, woo! we caught up with charlie adelson in 2016 to ask him about his alleged role in his former it's the flavor that makes you go, woo! >> were you involved in a plot mcdonald's new spicy barbecue glazed tenders to kill dan markel? and chicken sandwich. made with all white meat chicken. before the shooting, did you perfect with crisp, refreshing ever discuss hiring a hitman? mix by sprite tropic berry. get any size for just 1 dollar.
9:26 pm
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9:27 pm
>> my children are thriving and four patties? well, tickle my elbow! happy. no thank you. try my really big chicken sandwich combos. we live with my parents, who are incredibly devoted to our starting at $4.99. well-being. >> i think that what is so sad for the markels, besides this horrible, violent death of their son, they don't have any connection to his children. the adelson family, they don't share the children with them. there's no relationship there. >> this is danny. they're like twins. friday, july 18th. absolutely twins. the blond curly hair, the smile, a neighbor on trescott drive the nose. >> danny took so mh pridin sees something strange out his thkids. window. he calls 911. >> their names were changed from >> his driver's side window is markel to adelson. shattere i don't know if they really kno. he's inside the car. the car is running and he's got blood all over his head. if there's such a thing, danny he's not responding to me. >> the ambulance does eventually is spinning in his grave. >> danny loved them to infinity. get there.
9:28 pm
and the emts see that dan's been shot at pretty close range. >> our second speaker is dan and it's a mess. there's glass shattered all over markel, speaking about the place. retributive justice. >> i do know one thing for dan's glasses are broken. certain. dan markel the legal scholar the door of the car is still open. and dan is at that point still would have had a lot to say alive. about how justice has played out i mean, he's not -- i don't think he was responsive in any in the case of his own murder. way. he'd been shot at close range in >> many of us who were in dan's the head. life still, like, wake up and think about what life would be like if dan were still here. he's taken to a hospital. obviously the first person that and the thought doesn't only go to who killed him and why, but they're gonna notify is -- they really, the sadness is still try to get to the parents. but then they try to get to there. >> we just hope that justice dan's ex, wendi, the mother of his children. eter. the time, she's having will eventually be done. that was danny's big thing, is justice. that's what he taught and that's and they said, "you need to co what he believed in. to the police department." >> thereas >> maybe there's a step toward justice with this brand new ex-husband's home. verdict. we will continue to follow this daniel has been taken to the story to see if any new charges are brought. thanks for watching. i'm amy robach. hospital. he's not going to survive. for david and all of us here at "20/20," good night. >> oh, my god.
9:29 pm
>> okay? >> i don't understand. what happened? >> well, before we get into everything, i have to establish where you were and who you were with and so forth. >> okay. >> okay, and then once we've established all that, i can give you more details. >> okay. >> do you understand why i wanted you to come here before i discussed this? >> oh, my god. i'm sorry. >> that's okay. you have nothing to be sorry about. >> i just don't understand. how could this happen? >> at the time she is pretty open. she sits down for hours. and then during that time the police look at her phone. they look at her i.d. they swab her for fingerprints. everything that you would do with a potential suspect. they never call her a suspect. and it's an interview, not an interrogation. but she does provide all of this willingly. >> you are not under arrest or anything like that.
9:30 pm
>> i understand why you think i'm the primary suspect. >> no, you are not the primary suspect. i have to work just as hard whether you were or you are not. >> my ex-husband caused me a lot of grief. but i would never do something like that. so i understand why i would be the person who would think would tto harrison, the wine tcollection.. do something. >> well, we have to work just as hard to eliminate people. >> it's fine. i want to figure out who this to craig, this rock. is. >> it's natural for the spouse i leave these things to my heirs, to be questioned extensively in the first hours of someone being all 39 million of you, murdered. on one condition. that you do everything to preserve and protect them. >> not long after dawn, less than 24 hours after he'd been shot, dan markel died in the hospital. >> i got a phone call that he had passed away early in the morning. i don't wish this on anybody.
9:31 pm
i would have liked to be there when he died. hold his hand or something. and i couldn't -- i mean, it was -- >> yeah, it was very hard. >> it was just -- just literally out of this world. >> markel's death reverberates not just in tallahassee, but across florida. local news is there to cover his memorial and there are colleagues, friends, family, people from all over the country. >> he's going to be greatly missed. you know, he left an indelible mark and it's good to see how vast it extends. >> we knew he had lots of friends. but what we learned is how intense these friendships were with such a huge and wide variety of people from all walks of life. >> good evening. florida state university law professor's murder. >> fsu. >> shot and house. >> the reaction to dan's death was enormous.
9:32 pm
i mean, earth-shattering for tallahassee. a law professor who gets shot in his driveway and we don't know why. >> and one of the things that so stood out was this cloud of fear and anxiety hanging over tallahassee. people didn't know if this was just a random shooting or a serial killer on the loose. >> right after the shooting, police didn't have much to go on. but they did get one lead. the neighbor who called 911 from that house told them that he saw a light colored car that looked like a prius back out of the driveway and head down the road. >> you said there was another vehicle that you saw driving away? >> yes. and it left the scene rapidly. it looked sort of like a prius. >> once the police let it be known that the car that they were looking at was a prius, it was one of the strange
9:33 pm
elements of the story as we were trying to piece together who on earth would do this to this man. >> so in the immediate aftermath of the shooting it's pretty wide open. the police were willing to entertain just about everything. police were looking into road rage. that was a possibility. someone had seen someone driving aggressively down the street around the time of dan's murder. >> with him being so prominent in the legal world, there was a lot for investigators to chew on. >> it was a college town, did he give a student a bad grade, have a run-in with him? >> they just thought, "my god, this happened tonef us. and another one of us might be next pretty scary. i walked out of my office late one sunday afternoon to a metallic green toyota prius. and i confess, that sent a shiver up my spine. >> while all of these theories of who murdered dan markel were circulating, police started to
9:34 pm
think this was more personal. maybe it had something to do with wendi. maybe someone who loved her. >> he didn't like danny because danny hurt me. i see why he's a good suspect. like, "what if it is jeff?" >> your name did come up. >> of course. i was in love with this girl, it was hard. she really has this charisma and this sexuality. and so you throw yourself in and so you throw yourself in front of a bus for this girl. atr of 1 2 3 medes with trelegy. the only fda-approved 3-in-1 copd treatment. ♪ trelegy. the power of 1-2-3. ♪ trelegy 1-2-3 trelegy. with trelegy and the power of 1 2 3, i'm breathing better. trelegy works 3 ways to open airways, keep them open and reduce inflammation for 24 hours of better breathing. trelegy won't replace a rescue inhaler for sudden breathing problems.
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9:38 pm
the police continue to walk through all the possibilities with wendi. for eight hours they talk about all the people who might have this dael mar she talks about how bad the divorce was. she talks about how dan was emotionally abusive to her. she talks about how she wants to get down to miami. you know, she doesn't pull any
9:39 pm
punches. it's all out there >> he never hurt me physically, but he wi didnmo peopl that, so all those people know is that it didn't work out. so, other than my family, who saw the way he treated me, he told everyone in the community that i was mentally ill, 'cause only a crazy person would leave him. >> do you know anybody that would have a beef against your ex-husband? >> she talked about a guy she knew, that she was dating, jeffrey lacasse. >> he didn't like danny because danny hurt me. i see why he's a good suspect. like, what if it's jeff? like, then i did this by asking for time away from him, i made him crazy? >> lacasse himself comes in to the police station to give his own interview. >> your name did come up. >> of course. >> because you were associated at some point with wendi.
9:40 pm
>> of course. i spent a lot of time with wendi. i don't think anybody has been with wendi more than me in the last six months. have you met wendi? >> not personally. >> very charismatic. i am not the only man that has been under her thumb in that way. i mean, she really has this charisma and this sexuality, and so you'd throw yourself in front of a bus for this girl. it's just a new kind of thing for me. i was in love with this girl, man, so it was hard. >> jeff's interview, maybe more so than wendi's, is extraordinary because he's a boyfriend who is in the process of breaking up with wendi and it's a contentious break-up by both of their admissions. >> you've never had any kind of physical contact with danny? >> no. i was surprised you guys didn't call me earlier, though, because i probably said in public like 100 times that i would like to kick hisnd th.ner anything li hri front st heli this
9:41 pm
tayed aeay crappy >> he's got the receipts, he was not here, so that immediately puts him in the clear. >> but right away something clicks in his head and he seems to say, "i think i think i know what happened." but he's worried. he has something that he wants to tell police, but he's not gonna do it unless there's some sort of guarantee in place. >> i have something i want to tell you but i'm concerned about my safety with what i'm going to tell you,to be honest. danny markel just got [ bleep ] killed and i don't want to be next. i'm sorry if that sounds paranoid, but i do have some ideas. and lacasse points to none other than wendi's family, her parents and her brother who run that very successful south florida dental clinic. >> the family desperately wants her back in south florida. they hate danny in a way -- i have never seen this kind of obsession. i mean, their hobby is hating danny.
9:42 pm
>> and family friends like the greenbergs also tell police about the toxic family dynamics between dan and the adelsons. >> i think they were mean to do some of the stuff that they did during the divorce with danny, just not reasonable. >> hi, mom, how's it going? i need you to sit down. >> then there's another point in the interview where she has to tell her mother that her ex was murdered. and she calls her mom and tells her. >> danny has been shot. >> there was a point where she was just kind of saying she was relieved to find that her mom was surprised at the news. >> well, my parents sounded really surprised, so that's at least a relief. just trying to think about who would be angry enough to do something to him. my parents would be angry, but they're not capable of this. thank god, i really couldn't
9:43 pm
handle that right now. >> i think everything was going through her head at that time. she had to be wondering, my god, would she be so crazy to come up here and do something? >> my parents have more reason to dislike danny than almost anyone else. he hurt their daughter. but even my family who felt like i had been mistreated would never do something like this. never. >> so wendi leaves the police station, and later through her attorney, she says, "my family had nothing to do with this." >> as the tallahassee police are talking to eyewitnesses, persons of interest, fielding tips from the hotline, they're also pulling videos from the closed circuit cameras that caught dan's movements that day. and it's here that they get their first big lead. when they look at the footage from the cameras outside dan's gym, they see that when dan's accord left the lot that morning, another car was following him. >> they were able to figure out
9:44 pm
that the prius was at premiere fitness, where dan was. they were able to drill down on this prius, tracking down this one car out of millions. >> it was a break. >> it was a break. the first big break. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ good lunch? amazin'! toyota. let's go places. high protein. low sugar. tastes great! high protein. low sugar. so good! high protein. low sugar. mmmm, birthday cake! pure protein. the best combination for every fitness routine.
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9:48 pm
♪ after leaving tallahassee, wendi stays with her paren move two-bedroom apartment in miami beach with her two boys. she seems to her neighbors like a woman who's got it all. two cute kids, plus a prestigious job clerking for a federal judge. >> and in addition to that work, wendi also took that creative writing class. and it was during that class that she produced this podcast that laid bare all of her
9:49 pm
feelings about dan markel. >> ten months ago, someone killed the father of my children. first we got divorced, then he got murdered. >> she makes this joke in the podcast that she doesn't know how to refer to dan. >> i don't know whether to call him my ex, late spouse or my late ex-spouse, except that late ex-spouse sounds like latex spouse. >> for dan markel's survivors, of course, it didn't play well. >> i think she was honest in the same way that, you know, we often are, the way i would be if i was doing a writing exercise. >> it feels sacrilegious these days, even to suggest something less than heroic about my latex husband because he was murdered. >> it's obviously not a joking matter. you don't want to be light-hearted about any of that. >> i don't think she set out to disparage danny so much as she, you know, was reflecting honestly on what the experience was like for her.
9:50 pm
>> the first two years, there was no breakthrough. and needless to say, we've very anxious to get some news. >> while most people thought that the trail had gone cold, the tallahassee police had been busily putting together who was inside that silver prius. >> people in the neighborhood, in dan's neighborhood had reported seeing a silver prius the day before kind of driving around. so they put out a statement, saying, if anyone has information about this car, can you come forward? >> investigators are asking anyone with information about this vehicle or similar vehicles to please call the tip line. >> the prius was really the thing that they focused on initially. they had surveillance video of it from city buses that it had driven by, intersection cameras were able to capture it. >> this is a picture of the actual suspect vehicle. there are four things about this car that we are asking our viewers to look at. the first thing is going to be the color. >> silver pine mica. >> silver pine mica. it means its going to be sometimes silver, sometimes
9:51 pm
green depending on the light. >> how many silver pine mica priuses are there around tallahassee? >> i guess there's probably a lot everywhere. but this one was pretty unique because it had a black passenger's side mirror. >> on the driver's side, it's the same color as the car. on this side it's black, they're supposed to be the same color as the vehicle. >> it was missing a tow cap. >> if you look down here at the corner there's a hole where you would put a tow vehicle into it. >> and they notice there's a sunpass. it's the toll road pass. >> there's a toll car reader, it appears, in the front windshield. me, on't he toll assee at this roads, so people don't go around with sunpass screeners. so that helped be a clue to investigators that this was either a car from south florida or central florida. they then began this absolutely extensive search all over the state for this type of color, this type of prius with the sunpass on it. >> the tallahassee police
9:52 pm
department did an amazing job combing through all of those pieces of hay in a haystack and found a needle. >> they were able to track it all the way down to miami to a corner car rental place. >> when police pulled those toll records, it led them here, to this hole in the wall rental agency here in miami that rents mostly hybrids. now, inside, a contract was signed, leading police to the men who rented that green prius. >> and when they went and looked at who signed for the car to be rented, their names were right there. luis rivera and sigfredo garcia. they signed their actual names on the rental agreements. i think sigfredo signed it that he was the brother of luis rivera. >> it's hard to overstate how important this is because for the first time they've got a lead on a person who was driving the car that was seen in the area. >> and when investigators begin to look into luis rivera's background, they're baffled. there seems to be this huge mystery.
9:53 pm
there doesn't seem to be anything that links him to this respected law professor. >> this is a very tough neighborhood. as you can see, it's one way in, and one way out. >> according to this undercover detective we interviewed, luis rivera was already well known to miami police. he was a member of the notorious latin kings gang and even went by the moniker of "king tato." >> he was the first crown, which is the leader for the north miami beach chapter of the latin kings. of course, he would be the main one giving the orders out and knowing everything exactly that was going on. >> and then there was sigfredo, who wasn't necessarily a gang affiliate. he had a long list of priors as well. he was just known as tuto. both of these guys, they were just living on the margins. >> a lot of it related to drugs. they'd known each other a really long time. they'd been friends since they were teenagers. >> police must have really lit uptheyoundhel yoerou, ur
9:54 pm
>> on wednesday, july 16th, 2014, cellphone records show the two men heading up north on i-75 on that seven-hour trip to tallahassee. on friday morning, july 18th, cell phone towers place the two of them right outside dan markel's fitness center. now, markel is shot at 11:00 a.m. police says that shortly after that, another bus camera shows the prius driving in the opposite direction, away from the house. the prius is then tracked as it makes the trip all the way back down to miami, where tato and tuto are caught on video making one more stop. >> on the day of the homicide, the two killers are seen driving through an atm in that pine mica prius. >> you've got the phone towers, you've got the transponder, the sunpass. i mean, the cops had a substantial amount of information to arrest these guys.
9:55 pm
>> we have arrested sigfredo garcia for the murder of professor daniel markel. >> one of the men accused of killing fsu law professor dan markel is now behind bars. >> so what are two miami criminals doing up here, 400 miles away, allegedly murdering a law professor? it didn't seem to make sense, did it? >> no, it didn't. so, what is the connection? there has got to be a connection between dan markel and these two guys. >> and then this sort of extraordinary disclosure happens, where prosecutors down in tallahassee do reveal this information. they say, we think that there's a link. >> turns out the police have their eyes on someone brand new. a mystery woman who has close ties to a wealthy south florida family, and a suddenly growing bank account. >> would you characterize this as a murder for hire? (burke) at farmers insurance, we know a thing or two because we've seen a thing or two. even a- (ernie) lost rubber duckie? (burke) you mean this one?
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it was just simply a tale of a murder. and it was chilling. >> the shocking murder of a beloved florida state law school professor. >> wendi had a problem, and it was named dan markel. they were fighting over the two boys and it was extreme. >> she told me that charlie had looked into having danny killed. she meant it dead serious. i don't know if he did this. but if you're looking at somebody, don't miss him. >> i don't have evidence to charge the adelsons, but there is a link between that family and our kills. and that link is catherine. >> this mystery woman knows both parties in this sordid soap
10:01 pm
opera. >> the only thing she's guilty of is having horrible taste in men. >> you can't get convicted for that. but will she, for murder? >> law professors don't get shot in broad daylight. and so everybody's screaming for some sort of resolve right away. >> this is a case where for 2 1/2 years we have only seen tidbits of the investigation and now someone is being charged with it. >> we have arrested sigfredo garcia for the murder of professor daniel markel. >> so in may, 2016, sigfredo garcia is the first person arrested in connection with dan maelde >> we have a picture of mr. garcia. >> sigfredo garcia, whose friends call him by the nickname "tuto," has some history with breaking the law. in fact, he's got 22 arrests going back to when he was a teenager.
10:02 pm
>> there's a lot of speculation a coincidence or two but nothing that is going to put my client in tallahassee with a gun responsible for this murder. >> garcia is planning to plead not guilty. >> now, remember, authorities say when sigfredo garcia is driving up to tallahassee, in that car with him is his old childhood buddy, luis rivera. luis rivera has also been charged with dan markel's murder. now, rivera was a drug dealer and the leader of the local latin kings gang. >> at the moment of sigfredo's arrest, luis rivera is already behind bars, in a federal prison outside orlando. he'd been picked up in a big federal raid against the latin kings a year before. >> the arrests definitely set a new chapter. it switches from the death and the grief and the sorrow and the sadness and now you can go towards looking at some hope in
10:03 pm
the sense that maybe there'll be some answers. >> i mean, who are these people? what's their relationship to danny? >> the people who end up being arrested for this murder had never met dan markel before. they've got no motive. >> investigators are in a quandary. here they have these two pretty low-level criminals from south florida driving nearly 500 miles noth to tallahassee to murder this celebrated law professor they have never met and seem to have no connection with. there's only one conclusion they can draw. if sigfredo garcia and luis rivera don't have any link to dan markel and didn't know him they must have been hired by someone who did. >> there's been a really active investigation. and the cops have been piecing everything together. >> if it is a murder for hire, police have to look into anyone who might have had trouble with dan markel. don't forget, there was that bitter custody battle between dan and wendi over the custody
10:04 pm
of their two kids, leaving very bad blood between dan and wendi's very prominent, very wealthy family. >> i mean, these children were so adored, and the fighting over them was so extreme, that while it might sound not realistic to think that you would kill over custody, you can see that it would be a powerful enough motive. >> i don't have evidence to charge the adelsons. i can't go on tv and accuse them of murder without that evidence. but what i can say is, there is a link to that family between our killers. and that link is katherine magbanua. >> katie is a filipino immigrant. she did work in some clubs. she was a bottle girl. but she used her head too. she worked in medical offices and she was somewhat together. >> this new character, katie magbanua, enters the fray. and sure enough, she knows both
10:05 pm
parties in this very sordid soap opera. >> she had children with sigfredo garcia, the accused hitman in this case. >> and not only does katie have two children by one of the accused hitmen, investigators discover that she knows, guess who, the adelsons. she was receiving regular payments from their thriving cosmetic dentistry practice. >> and that is how they end up putting together this chain of murder. >> but can they prove it? you know the expression, "follow the money"? that's exactly what investigators do here. >> in the months after the murder, katie starts getting a regular paycheck every two weeks from the adelson institute, signed by donna. >> but for doing what? there was almost no paperwork for katie. no work schedule, no application, no record of a job title among the files investigators subpoenaed from the adelson institute. >> she was collecting checks from the dentistry. it was not necessarily cle
10:06 pm
payment there, but they were able to tie some of these payments from the adelsons to katie. >> and when investigators look at katie's bank accounts, they say they discovered a curious spike in cash deposits. in the year leading up to dan markel's death, katie's deposits totaled about $15,000, but in the year after his murder, katie's deposits almost tripled. to $41,000. >> katie is under surveillance. she doesn't know that her phone is being tapped, but it is. and police are listening to her calls. >> including one call she makes to sigredo's attorney. >> i got to tell you, katie, it's on the internet and stuff and there's already stories about your involvement in the tallahassee democrat, okay? >> okay. so my name is out there already? >> yes, your name is out there now. okay? >> that's already public record?
10:07 pm
>> the only reason they would be approaching you now is to arrest you. >> okay.>>o now there's this cl link between katie and the adelsons. and as investors gather even more evidence, they uncover this photo of katie and wendi looking like bffs on the beach in florida. is it possible wendi knows more is it possible wendi knows more than she's telling? when you have to say you're sorry, be soft. when you need to make it right, be strong. [laugh] you're a dork, dad! i know. angel soft. a thousand more sheets per pack. so nice to meet you june, jay, ji, kay, raj, and...
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this is dan. >> so many friends, friends everywhere. and amazing relationships. >> two years after the murder of dan markel, police have this huge breakthrough. they're finally able to draw this link between these two miami area criminals they've arrested for killing him and the adelsons, his ex-in-laws. >> a woman named katherine magbanua. >> katie is the mother of two kids fathered by sigfredo garcia. >> the adelsons say katherine also worked at that very successful dental clinic the adelsons ran in ft. lauderdale. but who in the adelson family would actually be able to orchestrate a hit on dan markel? >> do you think someone would do this for your benefit without asking you? >> the possible answer to that
10:12 pm
question came in an eye-opening comment made by wendi about what her brother charlie said right after he bought her a tv. >> my brother charlie, the one i'm really close to, he makes a lot of jokes in bad taste and it was a joke he made. i looked into hiring a hitman, it was cheaper to get you this tv, so instead i got you this tv. it was my divorce present. such a horrible thing to say. >> well, do you think that this guy charlie would even be capable of doing something like this? >> no. >> it's just talk? >> he's a joker. >> okay. >> but her former boyfriend jeff lacasse told police that when wendi related the account to him, there was nothing funny about it. >> she told me that charlie had looked into having danny killed in the summer of 2013. she meant it dead serious. i would be investigating charlie
10:13 pm
adelson. i don't know if he did this, but if you are looking at someone, don't miss him. >> it's enough to make police take a closer look at big brother charlie. and when they do, they make a bombshell discovery. >> katie was dating charlie from about 2013 to early 2015. i mean, so at the time that the murder was set up, they were hanging out. >> it's a heck of a coincidence. >> it is a heck of a coincidence. >> if you're drawing a line between our victim and our killers, he's gonna be one of the dots. i mean, he's a suspect. >> down in south florida, michael weinstein, who was charlie's attorney, told me it's ridiculous to think that his buddy charlie would have had anything to do with markel's murder. >> he's a really easygoing, laid-back, have a beer, relaxed kind of guy. >> i love being able to restore
10:14 pm
people's smiles. >> did charlie adelson have anything to do with markel's murder? >> no. he is being looked at because of the fact that he had a dating relationship with katherine. however, there is no evidence that he solicited any type of murder. if this was a coen brothers movie, that would be an unbelievable plot. but we don't live in a coen brothers movie. >> but what the cops did next to rattle the adelsons' cage really did seem like something out of a coen brothers movie. to see if they could get the goods on charlie through his mom donna. >> and they decided to do something called a bump, which is almost exactly what it sounds like. let's sewhat we e what th mia >> she's got sunglasses on, walking southbound on alton approaching the crosswalk.
10:15 pm
>> donna adelson is approached on the street by a man she's never seen before. this person turns out to be an undercover fbi agent. >> excuse me, mrs. adelson? how are you doing? just want to give you this. >> who are you? you're scaring me. >> no, don't be scared. >> they had an agent approach donna, say that he was the brother of one of the assailants and that he needed something a little extra to take care of him. >> he helped your family with this problem you guys had up north. and we want to make sure that, he's going through some rough times and i want to make sure that you take care of what he's going through, the way you're taking care of katie and tuto. >> i don't know what you're talking about. >> well, this will explain it. >> and on that piece of paper is a picture of dan, news clippings about the murder. >> she has the paper. they're walking away. uc broke contact.
10:16 pm
she's crossing the street toward his car. >> so that undercover agent also gives donna a piece of paper with his phone number written on it. she calls the guy. >> hello? >> this is mrs. adelson. you handed me an article from a newspaper about my ex-son-in-law. >> i'm listening. >> i have to tell you, this is important. i have been so stressed out. because i don't know your friend who is in jail. i never met him. >> let's stop [ bleep ] around, okay? you know who katie is. and you know katie knows someone who knows tato. and they took care of a problem for you people. you talk to the right people, you talk to people, you make this 5 "k" come to me. that's all i need. just do it and get it to me. >> i'll call you back. >> bye. >> she callstions.>> i got some delivered to me. >> does it involve me or other people?
10:17 pm
>> well, probably the both of us. you probably have a general idea what i'm talking about. so let's just find some time to talk to each other. >> now, this conversation raises a lot of questions for people. why wouldn't donna just come out and tell charlie right away about her conversation with this guy? >> they must have been somehow become aware that they were being listened to. that they were being eavesdropped. the string of calls went, donna to charlie, charlie to katie. >> i don't [ bleep ] understand. it's either somebody's pulling your bones, somebody is just harassing you, or somebody's trying to get something out of you. >> all i'm saying is, find out who the [ bleep ] it is and tell them to stop playing their games. >> charlie seems to be begging katie to figure out what's happening, right? because he's getting worried. >> i don't know who you have to talk to, but it needs to be nipped in the bud. >> it's either the fbi [ bleep ] playing games or [ bleep ] whatever it is because i'm getting [ bleep ]. like, i'm going to [ bleep ] go to the cops right now. >> okay.
10:18 pm
well, either you go to the cops, or we go to the cops. >> exactly. >> we'll find out. >> we're both going to [ bleep ] go to the cops. >> they discuss the possibility of going to law enforcement. and then it's dropped. there's never any discussion about it again. >> ultimately, this ambitious sting operation seems to fall flat. they do have these very suspicious conversations, but there's no confession on tape. there's no gotcha moment. >> it's smoke, not fire. but it's a lot of smoke. the police, they got everything ready with the charging documents. they laid everything out where they would arrest katie and they would arrest charlie. >> and yet the evidence still didn't give prosecutors enough confidence to move forward with an arrest. >> if prosecutors move forward with a case and they don't get a conviction, it's over. prosecutors get one bite at the apple and they want to make sure it's the best bite. dlely swear or
10:19 pm
affirm that the evidence you're about to give me is the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth? >> yes, sir. >> then, in late september of 2016, georgia cappleman and her team have a breakthrough. they come to an agreement with luis rivera. >> we want you to tell the truth and do what's right. >> now, if you've allegedly hired a guy to kill somebody, and that accused killer starts singing to the cops, you're probably going to have a really bad day. we, the breakfast eaters of america, have been caught sleeping on breakfast. we have rehydrated egg on our faces... this isn't who we are! we're not plastic-sealed, breakfast-compromise people! we're mcmuffin people. we're fresh-cracked, sizzled and toasted-until golden people! it's time to come back to the breakfast table. mmhhmm. it's time to... wake up breakfast! with mcdonald's. ♪ delivered to your car door so you can do more. try drive up at target.
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10:23 pm
there seems to be this cloud of suspicion hanging over the adelson family. but judging from this surveillance video of wendi and her mother donna, you'd never know it. >> after the murder, wendi did get to move to miami. she took the two kids. she had a job at a law clinic. she essentially got everything she wanted. >> the adelsons are carrying on business as usual. and luis rivera is contemplating his future. he's been charged with the murder of daniel. and up until now, it looks pretty bleak.
10:24 pm
>> so rivera, as mentioned, is in prison already on another charge. he gets offered the sweetheart deal of all deals if he will describe his role in the murder of dan markel. he would face the death penalty if he was convicted of dan's murder. >> a jury trial and the possibility of the death penalty or seven extra years in prison? rivera mulls these options and then decides, "yeah, i'm going to cooperate." >> do you solemnly swear or affirm that the evidence you are about to give me is the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth? >> yes, sir. >> in october, 2016, luis rivera really broke open the case. he confesses and he tells the whole story. >> i thought we were going to come up here and rob somebody. >> why did you think it was going to be a robbery? >> because i am a jack boy. i rob drug dealers. >> so before you got in the car, you had a conversation with sigfredo garcia. >> in my house. >> tuto, at your house? >> yeah. >> and he says he wants you to go with him to tallahassee?
10:25 pm
>> yeah. that's when he told me, "listen. i got to come up here for a job. i'm going to get hired. we're getting hired. but to kill somebody. coming up here to kill somebody." >> rivera tells investigators that, two summers before, he and sigfredo garcia drove to tallahassee, not once, but twice. >> and what date was this? as best as you remember? >> june or july. the year was 2014. >> okay, and he showed you a picture of markel? and he said y'all were going to go kill him? >> he said he was going to pay me to go with him, because he didn't want to go by himself. i asked him, "who's [ bleep ] hiring me?" he's like, "katie told me this lady's going to hire me. but i want you to go with me." "i'll give you ar tallahassee, unwind. they drink, smoke we, stay up late.
10:26 pm
>> at one point, rivera sees an owin the mot p lot. he thinks it's a cool moment so he snaps a picture of it and puts it on instagram. katie sees the post and calls tuto right away. >> katie calls tuto, "tell him to take that [ bleep ] down." so she did. "why would he do that? he can't tell nobody where he's at." and in my mind y'all have been talking on the phone all [ bleep ] day. [ bleep ] you worried about me putting a picture on instagram? >> rivera and garcia can't stop talking about the payoff they are going to get. they've already gotten $5,000 in traveling from a mysterious person that garcia would only refer to as "the lady." >> he told me about the lady. the money. she's going to pay us." >> how did tuto know all this? >> katie, i guess. katie told him everything. because he stayed, talking to katie on the phone. "hey, babe, what's going on? the lady, you sure she's g tell her don't play with us. because then we'll go show up on her house. tell her she better have the [ bleep ] money."
10:27 pm
>> so he's saying katie is the person between the one that wants this done -- >> and he implicated sigfredo garcia, katie, and the adelson family. >> i asked him, "why are you going to kill this guy?" "because the lady wants her two kids back. she wants full custody of the kids. that's what i went to go kill that man for." >> luis rivera's statement was such strong evidence because, for the first time, you have someone admitting that they were involved with dan markel's murder. laying out all these things and corroborating all the evidence. >> have you ever killed anybody in the past? >> never in my life, sir. i beat people with bats, with sticks. [ bleep ] like that. i wouldn't have enough balls to [ bleep ] shoot somebody for some kids, man. >> what about for 30-some thousand dollars?
10:28 pm
>> they came up to tallahassee from miami in a rented car. >> i woke up around 7:00 that morning. we went by markel's house. i seen a white male in the car. so we followed him all the way to school where he dropped the kid off. boom. i lost him. we was here from wednesday to friday. but every time he go to the day care, i lose him. >> they bail on the hit. they turn around and head back to miami. until a month later. >> went to markel's house. we followed him again. this time we followed him all the way to the gym. waited in the parking lot for a while, for like 45 to an hour at the most. so when he came out of the gym, i followed him home. as i'm following home, he goes around the back. i go around the front. we met right in the garage. i was maybe three or four feet away from his car. garcia jumps out, goes around the car. and when he's driving, i think markel's on the phone that day. shot him twice. got in the car, we left. kept driving.
10:29 pm
>> in luis' version, sigfredo was the guy who went up to the side and fired the shots. it was just simply a tale of a murder. and it was chilling. >> we dumped the gun. drove, not that i made it home. never spoke about this again. never told nobody. >> now, the first person sigfredo speaks to after they allegedly carry out the hit? it's katie magbanua. >> he called and told her, "it's done. >> you hear her on the other end? >> yeah, i can hear her. >> but it's katie's voice 100%? >> yeah. >> with that, the cops had enough evidence to arrest katie. >> this morning, katie magbanua is facing a first degree murder charge for the slaying of professor dan markel in 2014. >> police in florida arresting a single mom, accusing her
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