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tv   World News Now  ABC  October 15, 2019 2:41am-4:00am PDT

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and you'll also get this free beneficiary planner. and it's yours just for calling. so call now. horrifying scene in south horrifying scene in south america. six people are dead and dozens of others hurt after a roof collapsed during a party in peru. the tragedy happened sunday about 100 miles east of lima. the collapse is being blamed on heavy rains and hail during the day. one official says the event was supposed to be outside in a
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square because the building itself lacked proper permits. here in the u.s., tampa police say they don't suspect foul play in the hot car death of a young child. >> the 1 1/2-year-old girl was left in her family's car for most of yesterday as temperatures soared to around 90 degrees. after being found, the toddler was rushed to a hospital where she died. police say it appears she was accidentally left in the vehicle monday morning. turning now to the new development in the diplomatic immunity case that's making headlines on both sides of the atlantic. >> the british teenager accidentally killed by an american diplomat's wife driving on the wrong side of the road have arrived on american soil with a message. here's abc's eva pilgrim. >> reporter: harry dunn's parents demanding justice saying a written apology from the american woman responsible for their son's death is not enough. >> seven weeks on and we've had to do this to get an apology. just in writing.
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that's just wrong. sorry. >> reporter: on august 27th, anne sacoolas, a diplomat's wife, hit the 19-year-old dunn while driving on the wrong side of the road near a u.s. base. three weeks later she left the country, claiming diplomatic immunity. >> what did you think of the fact that -- >> oh, devastated. it was devastating. it was awful. it was like losing harry again. it was that -- so hurt that much. >> reporter: dunn's parents want sacoolas to face justice in the uk for the deadly accident. outraged she left after telling authorities she would cooperate. >> what if she never goes back? >> we will still keep fighting. we will do what we can to try and make sure this doesn't happen to another family. >> reporter: in her first statement to the media, sacoolas says she is devastated by what happened and would like to meet with harry dunn's family. his family says they are open to the meeting but only in the uk. eva pilgrim, abc news, new york. >> eva, thank you.
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a youth football coach near philadelphia is facing a fine for running up the score, but he has support from a two-time super bowl champion. >> kyle williams may also be suspended after his team of 7 and under kids won a game 36-0. in a tweet his brother-in-law, former eagle tory smith, called the situation stupid saying kids need to learn to deal with failure. a worker at panera bread lost her job after posting a video that went viral. >> here's that video. the video shows how panera's popular macaroni and cheese is prepared. it gets heated in hot water, then cut out of its plastic pouch, poured into a bowl, then it is served. at the end of the video we see the former employee give a thumbs up. panera confirmed the video's authenticity. the former worker claims she was let go because of this video. this morning no comment from panera bread, but -- >> except for panera does say on the product itself, they're defending it saying, look this
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mac and cheese is made off site with our proprietary recipe developed by our chefs, then it's shipped in those little frozen pouches to the restaurants and that's the way it's done. for me i'm like, i don't need to know how the sausage is made. i need to know that it's good. >> i love me some mac and cheese, but i don't know, i don't want to know how it's made. >> so should she have done what she did? were they right to fire her? that's up to the court of public opinion. >> i just want to keep it simple, you know? >> keep it simple. >> want some mac and cheese? get some mac and cheese. you don't? don't. >> there you have it. coming up, a '90s sitcom star opens up about a frightening health scare with her newborn son. >> what she's saying this morning about his rare and potentially deadly lung disorder.
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she's perhaps best known for her role on "boy meets world." now danielle fishel is opening she's perhaps best known for her role on "boy meets world." now danielle fishel is opening up about her newborn son's frightening first weeks of life. >> the baby boy was upon with a potentially deadly lung disorder. fishel sat down with abc news for an exclusive with quina whitworth. >> reporter: actress, producer, and director danielle fishel, best known as topanga on "boy meets world." >> no matter how difficult life gets, the important thing is to live it with hope. >> reporter: now a new mom. the 38-year-old and her husband welcoming their baby boy adler in june nearly a month early. >> it never occurred to me that because my water broke so early, something else could be going on. >> reporter: their tiny bundle of joy entered the world fighting for his life. >> ultrasound tech came and he said, okay, it's fluid in the lungs. >> reporter: adler, diagnosed with a rare lung disorder,
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chylothorax, affecting less than 1% of babies. with fluid building up in his lungs, it makes breathing extremely difficult and could be fatal. he would spend the next 11 days in the nicu. >> as a parent you feel kind of helpless. >> reporter: doctors hoping adler's lymphatic system would heal itself. he was on small doses of breast milk and specialized formula through a feeding tube. >> every three hours i would wake up and do the feeding with him. >> that's not how you imagined it. >> no, not at all. >> reporter: they thought they were taking their son home, but ultrasound revealed fluid in his lungs had tripled. adler rushed to the children's hospital in an ambulance. >> it felt like, how? how is this possible? >> reporter: he remained in the hospital another 10 days. >> he wasn't able to have breast milk because they think that was causing fluid buildup again? >> yes. i wanted to breast feed so badly. it was a very emotional experience to feel like this very natural thing that i'm supposed to be able to feed my baby is actually partially
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what's harming him. >> reporter: finally after three weeks they took their baby boy home. the family of three quickly settling in. >> there wasn't anything that didn't feel like the most beautiful, most amazing, most special. because even if it was, well, i haven't slept at all, it was, but -- we're home. he's home. >> reporter: while they enjoy those special moments at home, fishel says she's always thinking about other parents currently experiencing heartbreak in the nicu. >> we were one of the luckier families there. you'll they have forget the faces of parents who are in that situation and are really, really struggling. >> what do you want to say to those families? >> first of all, you're incredibly strong and you are doing an amazing job. and my prayer and my hope for you is that there is light at the end of the tunnel. >> reporter: fishel found her light in adler. >> i will always be able to tell him, you've already done hard things. you did one of the hardest things ever when you were
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first born. and so no excuses, you can do hard things. >> our thanks to kayna whitworth in los angeles. coming up, what disney just did that nearly broke twitter. and looking to buy life insurance on a fixed budget, remember the three p's. what are the three p's? the three p's of life insurance on a fixed budget are price, price, and price. a price you can afford, a price that can't increase, and a price that fits your budget. i'm 54. alex, what's my price? you can get coverage for $9.95 a month. i'm 65 and take medications. what's my price? also $9.95 a month. i just turned 80. what's my price? $9.95 a month for you too. if you're age 50 to 85, call now about the #1 most popular whole life insurance plan, available through the colonial penn program.
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our parent company disney our parent company disney has shared a list of some of its favorite things. a very, very long list. >> instead of sending out a press release, disney dropped a massive twitter thread, tweeting images of nearly everything it has ever made, posting a three-hour video to youtube. >> all part of its push to promote its streaming service that launches november 12th. this morning our own "world news" polka guy, barry mitchell, has put together this tribute. ♪ a stream is a wish your heart makes come on mousketeers ♪ ♪ you'll stream all the mischief bart makes and reruns of young
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♪ a full course dinner we'll cater robert aiger is your waiter stream our best stream our best stream our best ♪ ♪ "iron man" "avatar" lisa simpson she's a star ♪ ♪ picks our shorts old and new and buzz lightyear with his crew ♪ ♪ stream it all on most devices scrooge mcduck says what great prices ♪ ♪ disney bust all the way it's your video buffet ♪ ♪ for under 7 bucks you'll be impressed ♪ ♪ it's the best value in the nation disney even owns this station ♪ ♪ stream our best stream our best stream our best yeah ♪ >> yes, well done by our polka guy, barry has a rich history with this nearly 30-year show. a few years ago he helped us prove that the leader of our parent company, disney, bob iger, also likes our show. look. >> can we have more money, please? we're still using black and white cameras. >> actually i noticed that you're in need of a new accordion. black and white accordion.
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>> bob iger watches the show and he loves us. >> he's a fan.
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this morning on "world news now," a former police officer charged with murder. >> he's accused of killing a woman in her own home. she was playing a video game when she was shot to death, leading to outrage. that former officer posting bail overnight. also this morning firefighters are still fighting a stubborn fire near l.a. we're learning where the flames first sparked and how that singed rabbit that emerged from the blaze is doing this morning. >> a massachusetts father says his daughter is the driver that struck four teens and took off. he's urging herself to turn herself in and do the right thing. taking it back to the basics this morning with our next installment of "kids news now." find out what our favorite first, second, and third graders think of the candidates going into tonight's debate.
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it's tuesday, october 15th. from the mouths of babes, i can't wait to hear from them, i love "kids news now." >> i love "kids news now," i can't wait. >> typically that's what we call this show. kids running the news. >> coy, bright, it will be a great one. also before we get started, i'm glad to hear he got nine hours of sleep before the shift. >> i sure did. i'm all rested and ready to go. >> yay, show me the way, i'm still trying to figure this out. we do begin this half hour with the murder charge against a white former police officer in the shooting of a black woman inside her home. >> aaron dean was released from custody hours ago on $200,000 bond in atatiana jefferson's killing. he was booked hours after resigning and two days after body cam video shows him shooting the unarmed 28-year-old in her ft. worth home where she
3:02 am
was playing video games with her nephew. >> meanwhile, jefferson's family is calling for an independent investigation into the shooting. here's abc's marcus moore. >> reporter: authorities say the officer at the center of this fatal weekend encounter where an innocent woman was killed inside her own home -- >> put your hands up, show me your hands! >> reporter: -- is not cooperating with their investigation. the ft. worth police chief saying, after reviewing the video, he would have fired officer aaron dean, but he quit first. >> had the officer not resigned i would have fired him for violations of several policies, including our use of force policy, our de-escalation policy, and unprofessional conduct. >> reporter: family members say 28-year-old atatiana jefferson was playing video games with her 8-year-old nephew early saturday morning had left the front door open to capture some of the breeze. that open door getting the attention of a neighbor who called the department's non-emergency line. >> her front door has been open since 10:00, and i haven't seen anybody moving around. >> reporter: police parking around the corner to do a welfare check.
3:03 am
in the video you can see officer dean walking around the back of the home, and that he never identified himself as an officer. >> put your hands up, show me your hands! >> reporter: within seconds dean firing that deadly single shot through the window, killing jefferson in front of her nephew. the shooting comes less than two weeks after amber guyger, a former officer from the nearby dallas police department, was found guilty of killing botham jean inside his home. >> i thought it was my apartment. >> no justice, no peace! >> reporter: with anger growing in the community, ft. worth city leaders announcing an investigation. but also apologizing for leaking that jefferson had a weapon in her home, now calling that detail irrelevant. jefferson's family demanding criminal charges. >> the fact that she got shot for looking through her own window -- amazing to me that they could even try to justify it. >> it angers me that my sister's not here. she won't even get to see 30. >> reporter: dallas police announcing charges for that officer, booking him for murder.
3:04 am
the ft. worth police chief indicated he had submitted the case to the fbi for possible civil rights violations. no word on whether the fbi is taking the case. dean had been with the police department since april 2018. the police chief says they have turned this case over to the fbi to review for possible civil rights violations. marcus moore, abc news, dallas. >> marcus, thank you. turning overseas to the escalating conflict in syria. president trump announcing economic sanctions against turkey aimed at restraining the deadly assault on the kurds. >> the president spoke directly to turkish president erdogan by phone calling for an immediate cease-fire and he's sending vice president mike pence to turkey in an attempt to begin negotiations to stop the fighting. there are reports of mass atrocities and civilians are dying, caught in the middle as turkish forces push farther into syria, setting the stage for a clash with syrian forces who are now aligned with the kurds. >> 1,000 u.s. troops are being withdrawn from northern syria after the president's initial
3:05 am
pullout of a smaller number of americans to clear the way for turkey to launch its offensive. abc's martha raddatz has more on what u.s. forces will do now. >> reporter: there will be a very small contingent of american troops in southern syria, but they are not really near the isis fight. the rest of the american troops, about 1,000, will go to iraq and be available for anti-isis and counterterrorism missions. but without american troops in northern syria, without influence there, and now witpar intelligence-gathering for potential missions much more difficult. so in many ways it's even more dangerous for u.s. forces and more likely that isis could re-establish itself. martha raddatz, abc news, washington. >> our thanks to martha raddatz there. and the democrats vying for the white house have descended on ohio for the biggest presidential primary debate ever. >> 12 candidates will take the stage tonight, squaring off for the first time since the launch of the impeachment inquiry. among them elizabeth warren,
3:06 am
off attacks about his son's business dealings. and bernie sanders, recovering after suffering a heart attack. to southern california where firefighters are making progress against a stubborn fire in the san fernando valley. the saddle ridge fire is now 44% contained after burning almost 8,000 acres. while the cause is unknown, investigators know where it started, beneath a high-voltage transmission tower. power lines caused last year's deadly fire in northern california. meanwhile the burned wild rabbit seen on live tv escaping the organized crime gang. the convoy was on its way to escort two domestic violence victims to court. the attack in western mexico calls into questions claims by mexico's president that his government has made progress against the gangs.
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this morning, we're getting word there may be movement in the general motors strike. reports from detroit say the united auto workers has scheduled a thursday morning council meeting. attendees include leaders discussing a tentative deal. analysts say it has cost $650 million in profits. workers have lost $400 million in wages. two of this year's winners of the nobel prize in economics say they're just like any other couple trying to manage work and home life. >> m.i.t. professors esther duflo and abhijit banerjee are among six couples to be named laureates. they've been cited for their work in fighting poverty. the pair has two children ages 5 and 7. so they don't get to talk much about economics at home because they say their children believe they themselves are the quote center of the universe. so congratulations to them.
3:08 am
they say they have to sneak in some time to talk shop while they're cooking meals or walking to work, because really the children, they don't want to hear about economics. >> it's boring, whatever their parents do. >> whatever runs the household, pays the bills but they don't want to hear about that. >> duflo says when the phone rang early monday she answered and was told, it's an important call from sweden. her response was, well, since you've now woken me up, go ahead. >> what news do you have to give me? >> exactly. i love it. they're just like any other couple. >> just like any, except they're extremely smart, now they're nobel prize winners. >> congratulations to them indeed. well, coming up, america's youngest voices weigh in on the presidential race in our segment "kids news now." but first, the stolen giraffe. the search is on for whoever stole a rare and valuable piece of art. plus the manhunt for a driver who hit four teenagers and then sped off. we're hearing from the teens next on "world news now."
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we're back with some wild protests from the airport in barcelona. demonstrators clashed with police after a dozen separatist leaders were found guilty of promoting independence for the catalonia region of spain. nine of those leaders were sentenced to prison for up to 13 years. nearly 100 people were injured in the protests. more than 100 flights had to be canceled. police outside boston are searching for a driver who hit four teenagers and took off. >> none of those four kids were seriously hurt but this morning the driver's father has a message for his daughter. this morning a massachusetts
3:12 am
father says his daughter is this hit-and-run driver who struck four teenagers. video shows a subaru legacy taking a sharp turn and slamming into the teens and dragging away one of their bikes before taking off without stopping in the city of stoneham, massachusetts on sunday night. >> i want the right thing to be done. she did wrong. she's god to take care of it. >> reporter: the father of six is apologizing for his daughter's actions and says she has a history of substance abuse. three of the four 13-year-olds hit are talking about the crash. they say they were just hanging out when the car came right at them. >> all i remember is trying to get out of the way, then going -- then flying through the air. like i hit off the other car. i hit off of it and then flew into like the garden. >> reporter: there were no serious injuries but two of the teens were taken to the hospital. they want the driver to face the consequences. >> the fact that she hit four teenage kids and then ran away
3:13 am
is just like unimaginable. >> just accept what you've done and go to the police yourself instead of just leaving, and that's way worse. >> reporter: the driver's father believes she will be turning herself in to authorities. >> you don't know if she turned herself in? >> supposedly she says she's going to turn herself in, the right thing to do. >> our thanks to wcbb for help reporting that. the name of the daughter is not being revealed yet as it is unknown if she has been charged or if she has surrendered. the hunt is on for a valuable piece of art by salvador dali stolen from a gallery in san francisco. >> the work is an etching called "burning giraffe." it was created in the mid '60s and is valued at $20,000. surveillance footage shows a thief entering the gallery and walked out carrying the work seconds later. gallery directors are calling it a theft of opportunity. >> it's the kind of thing you could put on ebay? >> i think people will know. it's a very small edition of etchings so the number, we've got it, you know.
3:14 am
we know exactly which piece it is. now it's a very hot item. >> the gallery has a video camera, but it was not on at the time of the robbery and the work is normally secured to an easel when on display. but it was unsecured when it was taken. coming up in our next half hour, lebron james weighing in on china. what the nba star is now saying about the fallout over the controversial tweet of the league executive supporting pro-democracy demonstrations in hong kong. first what some kids are saying about the race for the white house. that's next on "world news now." so you don't have to stash antacids and take control of heartburn.
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where's hunter, whatever happened to hunter? ♪ you say you want a revolution
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♪ you say you want a revolution well you know we all want to change the world ♪ a year or two or 10 or 30 since the beatles called for a revolution clamoring for political change. >> as we gear up for yet another democratic presidential debate tonight, once again, the youngest generation is finding its voice. our own will ganss is here with more on what we call "kids news now." >> oh, yeah. you see the colors. you see the excitement. that can only mean one thing, "kids news now." it's important to remember things aren't always as complicated as they seem, and who better to remind us of that than some of our favorite elementary school students. without further ado our next installment of "kids news now." presidential election happening next year? >> yep. >> yes. >> i'm going to run for president. >> next september 43rd. >> who do you think would be a good president? is there someone you've seen who >> probably my dad.
3:18 am
>> i mean -- if he's anything like you, i would vote for him. >> um -- barack obama's wife? >> that's true. >> a woman president. >> okay. charlie wants a woman president. >> derek. >> derek? oh, again. >> derek. >> oh, derek hough? >> yeah. because he's like -- i kind of like him. he's like -- i love him so much. i want him to be president. >> i watched the debate the other day. >> of course you did. >> and i want to vote for elizabeth warren if i could vote. >> maybe a kid. >> yeah? >> myself since i'm now on tv. >> i think that grey will be a good president. >> grey? >> because he's funny. >> who's grey? >> he is so funny. we trade on pokemon all the time. we call him king barfidi. >> if barfidi was running for president of the united states, would we vote for barfidi? >> we're too young.
3:19 am
>> i have pictures of people running and might be elected one day. i don't have a picture of derek, i didn't know we'd be talking about him so much. does anybody know who this guy is? nicholas flamingo. >> who did you say? >> nicholas? >> nicholas flamingo? >> is that joe biden? >> it is joe biden, great job. ellie? >> he looks like donald trump's brother. >> okay. >> i was going to say that. >> really? do you think he looks nice? >> old. >> old? okay. how old do we think he is? >> 48. >> charlie, any guesses? >> um -- 76. >> that's exactly how old he is. >> oh my god. >> all right, ready for the next one? >> yeah. >> okay. >> i know her. >> you know her? who is she? >> she's natalie. >> natalie? >> that is elizabeth warren. >> what do we like about her? >> i want a woman president because there's never been a
3:20 am
woman president before and i want gender equality for everyone. >> do you want to hang out with her, does she look nice? >> no. i mean, look at the hair color. >> she kind of looks a little tiny bit like my nana. >> he made mcdonald's today. >> i like his hair. and his smile. >> do you think he could make my hair look like his hair? >> no. because he was born like that. >> what do we know about trump? raj. >> we know trump, his voice is not too good. he's a republican. >> so here's my question. when voters are going to the polls next year, september 43rd, what do you hope that they vote for? what do you want for america? what's your wish for america? isabel? >> no kidnappers. >> no kidnappers. raj? >> no more hackers. >> no more hackers. if everybody wants to be happy what should we do, deanna? >> get a new president.
3:21 am
>> i want america to be safe. and i want them to be happy with the president they're getting. >> so a big thanks to basis independent manhattan for having us. if it can't be nicholas flamingo, at least these kids are making me so hopeful for our future. >> did you take notes? >> no, i was -- you're going to call me out. you've been taking notes from janai norman? >> how hilarious are those kids? >> a couple of things i learned. can i read the notes here? do you want to come back next week? >> i have no control over that. >> sorry. >> so biden and trump are definitely not brothers. 48 is old. >> oh yeah. >> yes. >> how old do we think he is? 48. i was like, yikes. >> those last few answers there? gender equality? >> i was going to say, can we give -- alison. >> alison, she's got my vote.
3:22 am
in the year 2057 or whatever, she has my vote. >> we're going to have a full wrap of tomorrow's debate tomorrow morni now." we should have those kids do it. they'd do well. they'd do well.
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♪upbeat musieverything was so fresh in the beginning. [sniff] ♪ dramatic music♪ but that plug quickly faded. ♪upbeat music luckily there's febreze plug. it cleans away odors and freshens for 1200 hours. [deep inhale] breathe happy with febreze plug. introducing new vicks vapopatch easy to wear with soothing vicks vapors for her,
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for you, for the whole family. new vicks vapopatch. breathe easy. time for " time for "the mix." we're going to start with those googlemaps. apple maps, googlemaps, which one is best? depends on the person you talk to. apparently an italian town says, no more googlemaps, because people keep getting lost using them. they have outlawed it. they said there in the town of sardinia, they've ordered motorists to avoid google maps to navigate local roads after too many people got lost and stranded by using the popular app. apparently several hikers have gotten lost or missing. many vehicles, they get stuck on impassable roads. they've got got to get the tow trucks to get them out of there because people are like, let's go through this beautiful countryside in italy. >> according to google map you can. >> you can, the road is there,
3:26 am
then nope, you get stuck. i will say when it comes to the gps, especially for news reporters, we've gotten so lost. we also have gotten crazy lost or we've been with certain photographers we shall not call out who take them literally -- i ended up in a construction site once because i'm like, that's obviously where you're not supposed to go, that is not the interstate. >> love it. i don't know who you might be talking about. >> they love that so much. >> i love it because i think we know several of the same photographers so i can't wait to get the news later. but let's move on to the next one. >> okay. >> this one -- at first i wasn't sure what i felt about this. lay's coming out with a new flavor. this time, you see it right there, it's grilled cheese and tomato soup. >> i'm here for it. >> you're for it, okay. >> it's fall, cool, winter's coming. >> i don't know, is that too exotic, too crazy?
3:27 am
>> no. >> if i like cheddar cheese, which i do, i'm thinking, okay, i think i can do this. >> yes. >> i'm excited. >> here on the show people know that my favorite chips are the ruffle cheddar and sour cream. >> oh, yes. i'm on board with that. >> got a bunch of bags for my birthday. that will be launching october 21st. >> can't wait for that one. we've got another guinness record. >> another one. >> it's skipping. a half marathon. and that's right, skipping. >> stop it. >> 13 and something miles. jack back there, what do you think about this idaho man? he's broken 100 guinness world records, now he's skipping his way into this one. >> i think that's okay, as long as you cross the starting line, then cross the finish line. if you can get there, go for it, man. >> is that hard to do, though? >> yeah, you've got to use a lot of calf muscles. also you've got to have that song in your head, skip to the
3:28 am
loo or something. >> you've got to avoid the port-a-pottys too.
3:29 am
3:30 am
>> this morning on "world news now," president trump is authorizing sanctions on turkey in an effort to punish the country for attacking the kurds. and he's sending the vice president to the region. how turkey is responding to trump's move. also this morning the impeachment probe. president trump's former russia adviser behind closed doors on capitol hill for about ten hours. what she revealed about trump's personal lawyer, rudy giuliani. new this half hour, lebron james weighing in on the tension between the nba and china. >> hear from the basketball king himself, comments that are already causing controversy. and the dreams that came true last night on "dancing with the stars." the magic of disney night and the surprise for everyone at the end of the night. that's in "the skinny" on this
3:31 am
tuesday, october 15th. good morning, everyone. great to have you with us on this tuesday. disney night was a fun night on "dancing with the stars." >> love the music. >> who was eliminated, who had the best dances? >> we'll tell you all about it. >> we sure will. we do begin with president trump looking to punish turkey for its devastating attack on kurdish fighters and civilians in syria a week after paving the way for the incursion with the withdrawal of u.s. troops. >> the president is taking aim at turkey's economy, authorizing sanctions the same day he spoke with the turkish president and demanded an immediate cease-fire. vice president mike pence will soon head to the region hoping to bring turkey to the negotiating table. >> meanwhile the remaining american forces deployed in the fight against isis will soon be leaving syria. abc's ian pannell has the latest.
3:32 am
>> reporter: the unraveling chaos in parts of syria, 1,000 u.s. troops ordered now. now men and munitions on the move to the border. but it could take weeks before american forces are out. while they wait to extract the dangers grow. two large armies now potentially facing off around the strategic town of manbij. american forces hunkered down nearby but preparing to depart. the kurds until days ago our allies in the fight against isis now celebrating the arrival of syrian military forces. hoisting soldiers high. brandishing images of the syrian dictator, bashar al assad, leader of a brutal regime that's bombed and gassed its own people, now savior of the kurds, who chant his name. and on the other side, columns of smoke rising from relentless turkish air strikes capturing kurdish territory. defiant, president erdogan saying his troops won't back down. now president trump announcing
3:33 am
sanctions will be imposed. >> president trump made it very clear that the united states is going to continue to take actions against turkey's economy until they bring the violence to an end. we want an immediate cease-fire. >> reporter: the human toll growing by the hour. tens of thousands have been displaced. families who now call the desert home. this mother pleading, "where can i go with my children?" but in war there's often nowhere safe to hide. president trump offered to negotiate a cease-fire between the two warring sides, between turkey and the kurdish-backed syrian democratic forces. however, turkey has made it clear that it regards the kurds as terrorists and it doesn't talk to those kinds of groups. ian pannell, abc news, in northern iraq. >> ian, thank you. new details this morning on the latest testimony in the impeachment inquiry. the president's former adviser on russia speaking to lawmakers
3:34 am
for more than ten hours. >> sources say fiona hill told house investigators that rudy giuliani, the president's personal lawyer, ran a shadow foreign policy in ukraine to personally benefit president trump, and "the new york times" is reporting that hill said former national security adviser john bolton told her to report giuliani's pressure campaign to a senior white house lawyer. abc's serena marshall has more from capitol hill where more diplomats are headed this week. >> reporter: another witness arriving on capitol hill for what would become a marathon deposition, going well into the night. fiona hill, the former top national security adviser on russia, left the administration just before president trump's july phone call with ukrainian president zelensky. lawmakers want to know what she knew about the white house's policy in ukraine and the president's desire to have them investigate joe biden and his son. >> she was a remarkably thorough and authoritative witness who had truly amazing powers of recall, of particular events and particular meetings.
3:35 am
>> reporter: hill's deposition, like marie yovanovitch, former u.s. ambassador to ukraine, and former special envoy kurt volker's will be held behind closed doors with three house committees investigating possible impeachment of the president. republicans again arguing the process is unfair, as one representative who doesn't sit on any of the three committees tried to interrupt the proceedings. >> you're not a member of these committees so why did you think you could participate? >> in the absence of any rules that house democrats have adopted i found it only reasonable to look at prior precedent on impeachment. >> reporter: for the most part ignoring the substance of whether it's appropriate for the president to ask a foreign government to investigate a political rival. the president's maintaining there was never a quid pro quo, even pointing to the text messages sent by the current ambassador to the eu, gordon sondland, who replied to william taylor's text, i think it's crazy to withhold security assistance for help with a political campaign by saying, the president has been been crystal clear no quid pro quos of any kind. gordon sondland sitting down behind closed doors.
3:36 am
according to the "washington post" he's expected to testify those text messages were not his words but the president's and he has no independent knowledge if that was really true. kenneth, elizabeth. >> our thanks to serena in washington. federal prosecutors in new york are reportedly looking to rudy giuliani's business dealings in ukraine including his bank records. >> sources tell "the wall street journal" investigators are trying to find out more about any role giuliani may have played in an alleged conspiracy that led to last week's arrests of two of his associates. after facing criticism from giuliani and the president about his own business dealings in ukraine, hunter biden is now speaking out. you can check out his exclusive interview with abc's amy robach later this morning on "gma." former ft. worth texas police officer free on bond in the killing of an unarmed black woman inside her home. >> aaron dean was released hours
3:37 am
after being charged with murdering atatiana jefferson. dean was on a wellness check call when jefferson was shot while playing video games with her nephew. ft. worth police are promising to work diligently on the investigation. >> to the citizens and residents of our city, we feel and understand your anger and your disappointment. and we stand by you as we work together to make ft. worth a better place for us all. >> dean resigned hours before his arrest. jefferson's family released a statement saying they are relieved dean has been charged with murder but they want an independent investigation. investigators near washington, d.c. are looking into the death of a police officer, thomas bamba, a 13-year veteran with the montgomery county, maryland, police department. police say he called for backup from a parking garage in silver spring, maryland, and was found with a gunshot wound. his death is being treated as a homicide. police say they currently have
3:38 am
no suspects. a massive search under way for a kidnapped 3-year-old girl from alabama. camille mckinney was abducted while playing outside during a birthday party saturday night. police have two people of interest in custody plus a vehicle seen in surveillance video. a massive search by state, local, and federal agencies has been expanded and it now includes search dogs. a $5,000 reward is being offered for information. there are now at least 14 confirmed deaths from a rare mosquito-borne disease known as eee, twice the average number in the u.s. the latest victims were in massachusetts, michigan, and indiana. only 5% of the people bitten by infected mosquitos develop symptoms. 1 in 3 of those who do die. lebron james is speaking out for the first time since his l.a. lakers visited china. while they were overseas the nba was dealing with the fallout after a controversial tweet from houston rockets executive daryl morey, backing pro-democracy
3:39 am
demonstrations in hong kong. when james was asked about that tweet he recognized, we have freedom of speech, but also said, there can be a lot of negative that comes with it. >> i don't want to get into a war of word or sentence feud with daryl, with daryl morey, but i believe he wasn't educated on the situation at hand. so many people could have been harmed, not only financially, but physically, emotionally, spiritually. so just be careful what we tweet and we say and what we do. >> james also said he was happy about the way nba commissioner adam silver handled the tweet controversy. james reportedly confronted silver about the issue during a meeting in china. a new study links getting a bad night's sleep to bad eating habits. >> specifically, researchers found less than perfect rest makes us crave junk food. the study found a lack of sleep increases hormones linked to what causes us to get the munchies.
3:40 am
that ramps up the desire for comfort foods like cakes, chips, biscuits -- all the things i like. experts say one-third of americans sleep less than six hours per night. the study could shed light on obesity in the u.s. researchers found sleep-deprived people eat food with higher density like doughnuts, chocolate, cookies, potato chips. >> typically iefinitely -- i don't have any kids. i don't have any responsibilities besides to be here with you guys. so i try to get as much sleep as possible. >> which is an awesome responsibility, but i do agree with this. and this is why i love my chips and cakes and biscuits and everything else you named. >> you eat all those things? >> absolutely. oh my gosh. >> now you're just bragging. >> stop it, no. >> that high metabolism she's got there. >> a sweet tooth times a thousand. >> get your sleep. maybe don't eat so much junk food. you know. >> exercise. >> all those things, blah, blah,
3:41 am
blah. >> you know what to do. coming up, why will and kate's visit to pakistan is being called their most complex tour ever. but first the new details in the desperate search for a missing construction worker in that hotel collapse in new s,he surrounding buildings. later in "the skinny," the wishes, hopes, a dam all came true on disney night on "dancing with the stars." "dancing with the stars." tell yu about the colonial penn program. if you're age 50 to 85, and looking to buy life insurance on a fixed budget, remember the three p's. what are the three p's? the three p's of life insurance on a fixed budget are price, price, and price. a price you can afford, a price that can't increase, and a price that fits your budget. i'm 54.
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3:43 am
police in martin county, florida, say they've caught the suspected car jacker in this frightening video. you can see a man yanking a woman out of her car at a gas station. he drove off with her 6-month-old son and the child's grandmother in the back seat. they were let out a short time later. the family was heading home to miami after a trip to disney world. in new orleans the search continues for a missing construction worker in the rubble of a deadly hotel collapse. >> two people were killed when the hotel under construction came crashing down with more than 100 workers inside. this morning the mystery is deepening as to what triggered that collapse.
3:44 am
here's abc's victor oquendo. >> reporter: the building came crashing down without warning. >> oh my god. >> reporter: the new hard rock hotel in new orleans, under construction, raining concrete and steel on busy canal street. this streetcar nearly engulfed in the cloud of dust and debris. those on board nearly escaping with their lives. >> when you stepped off this trolley car you couldn't see 20 feet in front of you. there was smoke and debris everywhere. >> reporter: more than 100 construction workers inside at the time of the collapse saturday morning. 30 injured, two killed, one still unaccounted for. >> we currently have crews in the building as we speak. they're in there with some search dogs. >> reporter: officials say the structure is still unstable and dangerous, complicating rescue efforts. one of the workers killed 49-year-old anthony magretta, his body recovered late sunday night. new orleans mayor vowing not to ve up thdesearch for the missing worker and to investigate the cause of the collapse. >> this continues to be a rescue mission at this time. >> reporter: we've learned that both cranes here at the construction site are unstable,
3:45 am
so everyone has been pushed further away. several nearby buildings have been evacuated, and making matters worse, there is rain in the forecast that could make the structure even more dangerous. victor oquendo, abc news, new orleans. >> victor, thank you. overseas, prince william and duchess kate have arrived in pakistan in the first british royal visit there in 13 years. >> it's being called their most complex tour ever, given the major logistical and security issues in the politically unstable region. in a statement from buckingham palace the visit made at britain's request is intended to pay respect to the historical relationship between britain and pakistan. so we'll be all eyes on that trip right there. our own maggie rulli is following the royals there in pakistan, so we'll have the latest throughout the week. when we come back, the big surprise last night on "dancing with the stars." and what queen elizabeth just did with her imperial crown, the major break from tradition. tradition. og.
3:46 am
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time now for "the skinny" starting with a big night for the ballroom floor. >> last night was disney night on "dancing with the stars." complete with a magical opening number from disneyland where the cast hung out at sleeping beauty's castle and riding the matterhorn. >> so top scores of the night were pop star ally brooke and sasha dancing, scoring the first 9s of the season and a total of 27 out of 30. >> coming in a close second, james van der beek and emma with their dance to the pirates of the caribbean. james got his first 9, scoring 26 out of 30. >> another one of the standout couples of the night, kell mitchell and whitney performing jazz and a bit of breaking dancing to "we're all in this together" from "high school musical." final score 26 out of 30. >> and then coming in dead last this week but still much improved, sean spicer and linsey as the quick-stepping cowboy dressed up as woody from "toy story 4."
3:49 am
all three judges noted his progress with carrie ann inaba calling it his best dance. spicer scored his first 7 of the season for a total score of 19 out of 30. >> okay, they don't call him woody for nothing. then the moment of truth. who would be given the boot? >> the first couple who is safe is -- everybody! nobody goes home on disney night. >> everyone is safe, everybody lives to see another day next monday night. we had a producer here who says, of course, they knew that everybod credits were already up. if you're timing the show, they weren't going to do a whole like -- you know the little music, the drama music. mickey was there, they were all there, all the characters, goofy. fun times. >> fun times indeed. next we're going to stay with our disney theme here, and
3:50 am
in case you forgot, disney is the parent company of abc. >> this morning we're getting our first look at the new trailer for disney's live-action remake of "lady and the tramp" featuring that now-iconic spaghetti scene. >> wow. what is this place? >> there's a great big world out there. with no fence around it. >> come on! >> lady! >> every day could be an adventure. >> aww! well, "lady and the tramp" hits theaters on november 12th. >> you're going to see it, right? >> i am. and do we go there, real dogs? >> you know because disney is the parent company of abc, you have to see it. >> absolutely, yes. >> they make you. it's in the contract.
3:51 am
>> are we not going to tch >> no, we don't have time for that. there's no controversy at all, there's no controversy. >> just go see it. now to the royal break with tradition. >> for the first time ever, for the state opening of parliament, queen elizabeth ditched the imperial crown for something simpler. >> it's speculated the imperial crown is now too heavy for the 93-year-old monarch to wear for extended periods of time. the crown with nearly 3,000 diamonds weighs in at 2 1/2 pounds and she's the queen, she can do whatever she wants. she's also 93. and i'm telling you, when i hit a certain age i'm going to be like, i'm going to do whatever i want. >> and what age might that be? >> probably going to be 40. 45. >> 45? >> the old grouchy dude. >> according to the kids, 48 is old. >> oh, that's very true. >> for this queen, again, if the crown's too heavy? don't wear it.
3:52 am
heavy is the head that wears the crown. >> she can do whatever she wants. >> hey, guess what, though? >> what? >> we have a "skinny bonus round" coming up. >> what? >> yep. next.ard stern go
3:53 am
3:54 am
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3:55 am
for shock jock howard stern. >> the radio host asked his wife beth to marry him again while he was a guest on "jimmy kimmel live." beth agreed, but first they paid a visit to ellen degeneres where howard kept the romance going. >> howard, do you promise to honor beth and love and cherish her as long as you both shall live? >> yes, yes. i do, i do. >> look at me, not him. >> he's so handsome, i can't help it. beth, i do. >> i do. >> do you promise to honor howard and love and cherish him as long as you both shall live? >> i do.
3:56 am
>> thank you, my love. >> so by the power vested in me, i now pronounce you husband and wife. >> what power is vested in you? >> yeah, by no one. >> yes. there you have it. like any great television romance, howard and beth's ceremony featured a special officiant, colton from "the bachelor." >> that seems so much fun. so was that it? that's going to be the ceremony? >> yeah, and they got married again. >> well, you can't get any bigger than "ellen," right? >> no. but yeah, congratulations to them. next to some super-sized superhero casting news that may seem like a big little lie, but it's totally true. >> zoe kravitz is the latest a-lister joining the upcoming batman movie. the "big little lies" star set to play cat woman opposite robert pattinson. >> jonah hill is reportedly playing the riddler and production will begin next year. next to a celebrity
3:57 am
throwback that proves how timeless some celebrities are. >> in honor of #mancrushmonday, our good friend kelly ripa shared this throwback snap. >> the two met on the set of "all my children" and tied the knot back in 1996. just to show you how timeless this couple really is, there they are then and now, two and a half decades and three children later. speaking of all my children. i remember halley and mateo. >> wow, you do? >> yes, when they met on "all my children," they got married, it was a big production. it was so awesome, i love it. love halley, halley was my favorite on "all my children." >> good for you. finally, we have seen some epic end zone celebrations. say hello to our new favorite. >> seattle seahawks performed "bye bye bye" to celebrate their touchdown during the game on sunday, the 'hawks celebrated on sunday. >> the official nsync twitter account tweeted this review. 10s across the board.
3:58 am
>> i wonder what the boys in nsync think about that.
3:59 am
4:00 am
america this morning. >> stay with us for "gma." have a great day. breaking news in america this morning, a hand grenade that will blow everyone up, how former national security advisers john bolton described president trump's personal attorney rudy giuliani. the new testimony revealed overnight in the impeachment investigation concerning white house efforts to pressure ukraine to investigate democrats. and the next administration official who may be called to testify. also this morning, under arrest. >> put your hands up. show me your hands. >> the now former police officer who shot and killed a woman inside her own home is charged with murder. what the victim's family is now demanding and why the fbi may get involved. the race for 2020 just hours before the high-stakes
4:01 am
democratic debate in ohio tonight.


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