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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  October 24, 2019 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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this is in the middle of a second planned pg&e power outage. >> evacuation orders closures are at the bottom of your screen. sky7 is in the air and it shows you how close this fire is. people in santa rosa can see the loh glow in the distance it reminds them two years ago many of them waking up in the middle of the night to the smell of smoke and glowing with that fire. it's a scary reminder. >> it is. especially if you're in an area asked to evacuate. 600 people have been asked to leave this area. >> including red winery road. alexander mountain road, and 200 more people are under
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voluntary evacuations. we have live team coverage. amy hollyfield and lauren martinez are in sonoma county. >> we start with lisa argen tracking that critical fire danger. >> the temperature in san francisco at 70 degrees. offshore winds have been blowing all night. at the surface, not too gusty. right now looking at 20 to 40-mile-per-hour winds. this will continue through the 8:00 and 9:00 hour. offshore winds bringing down the relative humidity here into the single digits. elsewhere in the east bay and south bay, not as dry. we are looking at the relative humidity. very dry at half moon bay. look at the temperatures in the east bay valleys, near record warmth in the upper 80s today. could see 90s in san francisco. looking at very warm weather throughout the bay and at the coast. >> thank you very much. the kincaid fire started
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around 10:00 last night in geyserville and it exploded to 10,000 acres. this map gives you a better idea of where the fire started. it's northeast of geyserville near john kincaid and burn mountain roads. amy hollyfield is live in healdsburg. you've been watching the flames and the wind this morning. people are saying this is reminding me of 2017. >> >> this is unreal. look behind me, this fire keeps changing direction. it's burning out of control, at will. it is relentless. what will really surprise us when the sun comes up is the amount of smoke. i can see a hint of a silhouette of black that i think is just huge columns of smoke. at some points we can't see the fire and we think did it die down? i think it was because it's being blocked by smoke at times. it's that thick and heavy. you can see the wind. it's so windy out here. it's just fueling this fire.
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i have some video to show you. look at this video. this is up close of the fire. this was taken earlier this morning. this was on pine flat road. i understand we don't have the video, sorry. but our vantage point from alexander valley road shows you all you need to see. they have iraq waited about evacuated about 600 people and 200 more are waiting to be evacuated. this fire continues to change directions. we did talk to people earlier who were told to evacuate. they said a lot of people were waiting, watching, packing up, not sure what to do, but also with 2017 and the fires that happened then on many peoples minds, they just can't get over how much it feels like that night out here again.
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so that is motivating some people to get out of here. it's also scaring some people as they remember that terrifying night and now seeing this fire raging out of control. it is so windy out here. what are you pointing to, steve? >> just how close it's getting. >> i'm starting to feel like we need to leave. we felt safe all morning watching it from afar. we're on alexander valley road, not in the towns of healdsburg, but it shows we are still in healdsburg. it is -- the wind has shifted. it's pushing the fire towards us in our direction. so i'm starting to think that maybe we need to high tail it out of here as well. this thing is moving so quickly. it's so unpredictable. i will send it back to you right now so you can talk about the evacuations. firefighters are telling us they're anxious for first light so they can see this thing and also get their aircraft up above
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it and get some water dropping down on it. amy hollyfield, abc7 news. >> these nighttime fires are so scary because of that. amy, thank you and stay safe out there. >> the wildfires are prompting evacuations. >> these are evareas under evacuation order. that's red winery road, alexander mountain road, and highway 128 from geysers road to river road. that does include the river rock casino. two evacuation centers have been set up. the first at windsor high school and the other at the healdsburg community center at 1757 healdsburg avenue. the windsor high school one will be closed in less than an hour. if you know someone who needs to go to an evacuation center, send them to healdsburg community center. that's where lauren martinez is. good morning, lauren. >> good morning. yes. if you or someone you know needs to evacuate, don't tell them to
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go to the windsor high school evacuation center. that will close in less than an hour. we're here at the healdsburg community center. we got here at 4:30. the parking lot is slowly starting to fill up. we saw a line of evacuees just come in moments ago here. i know it's dark to see, but there are evacuees slowly making their way outside of their cars. over to my right, animal control got here a few minutes ago. this is the cuddle shelter. if you have small pets, you can bring them. the red cross is here. they are helping any evacuees with information. they're providing water. they have snacks. i wanted to show you what's inside of this trailer to give you an idea of what they bring into a situation like this. those green bags are cots. those blue cots over there are more comfortable beds. one thing to keep in mind at
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home, this happened overnight. so a lot of people staying in these evacuation centers are tired. some of them have not gotten sleep so just imagine not being able to be in your own home, in your own bed and having to sleep in one of these cots it makes for a long night. i spoke with one man who lives in geyserville, he has not been able to get any sleep tonight. he said he left his home when he saw flames pretty much in the back of his yard. he's very tired. it's just been a long night for a lot of these residents here in the affected areas. so they have towels. they have sanitary gloves. there's also plastic yew t utensils. just everything you need in these situations. the red cross tries to make it as comfortable as possible. i'm lauren martinez, abc7 news. >> thank you for that update.
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we have been sending out breaking news push alerts on the abc 7 news app as this fire develops. we're also updating our website, the other breaking news we've been following, pg&e cut more power overnight. >> the latest outage began at 1:00 a.m. in san mateo county. at its peak 1,000 customers in la honda, woodside and unincorporated san mateo were impacted. in the north bay the power out sta outages started about 2:00 yesterday afternoon. the impacted cities include annapolis, cloverdale, fulton, guyserville, glen ellen, guernville, lockfield, center santa rosa, windsor and stewarts point. it's important to let you know the kinkaide fire is burning near guyserville. >> in napa, about 7,000 customers are in the outage
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zone. cities include angwin, pope valley, calistoga, deerpark, oakville, st. helena. this morning power was shut off in la honda and san mateo county. you can go to these air conditioned places to get bottled water, charge your phone. get the latest information from pg&e. there are three in sonoma county at cloverdale citrus fair, santa rose have a veterans memorial and hannah boys center. two in napa county, one at napa county fairgrounds and the other at saint helena catholic school. you can also charge electronics at pacific union college, yountville library, napa main library. all of this information is at the bottom of your screen. we'll take you back up to sky7 for a look at the fire in sonoma county. you can see the areas being
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evacuated. red wine wi rory road is one of. the fire is right up on that road. we just saw amy hollyfield, she's not even in guisersville, she's in healdsburg, from her vantage point she said she could see how the fire was getting closer to where she was. cal fire says 10,000 acres, zer. they say they have more than 300 personnel out there now. they're going to have to wait until daylight, which cannot come soon enough so they can get some of their aircraft out there to dump some fire rtardant and water on this fire. >> lisa has been tracking the wind conditions. >> at least another five hours where we will see wind gusts over 25 miles per hour, over 35 miles per hour. at half moon bay we've seen 41-mile-per-hour wind gusts. it's due to high pressure building on in. coming back we'll
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tobacco, wrote prop c to weaken e-cigarette protections. the san francisco chronicle reports prop c is an audacious overreach, threatening to overturn the ban on flavored products approved by voters. prop c means more kids vaping. that's a dangerous idea. vote no on juul. no on big tobacco. no on prop c. critical fire weather continues throughout the morning hours. red flag warning until:00 fr 4:. current wind gusts around that fire over 35 miles per hour. the temperatures are in the 70s.
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the relative humidity getting into the single digit rain. here is a look at that fire. look at the temperatures in the 60s downtown. over in oakland, gilroy is cool, 75 half moon bay. 41-mile-per-hour wind gusts at half moon bay. 65 in santa rosa. 72 in napa. livermore at 62. here's how much warmer we are. we have the warmer weather. temperatures today well above average. 12% humidity at half moon bay. we continue to see the wind gusts from 20, 30, 40 miles per hour. then they lighten up. they're still out of the east, though. a brief break for your forecast tomorrow. but today 80s, 90s, records possible. jobina? >> we're following the sigalert in the north bay that is because of the fire. you can see that location. we're looking at state route 121 between geyserville avenue and
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pine flat road. here is the specific area. your alternate is 101. anything east of 101 will be smoky, dark and closed. want to quickly take to you a small brush fire in the city. this is san francisco, southbound 101 at hospital curve. if you're familiar with the area, it's near the u.p.s. building. two middle lanes are blocked. fire crews are there right
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this breaking news just in. an alert went out telling people if they live in geyserville or know someone who does, there is an evacuation warning in place. what that means is that you should be prepared to evacuate. if you feel unsafe, you should evacuate. this is not a mandatory evacuation. the reason they just put this out is because they say that the kincaid fire, which is what we've been watching all morning long, has now crossed highway 128, which you see on your screen from sky map 7 near moody lane and is heading west. it crossed over the highway. that's a major thoroughfare, that will be a cause of concern as it gets closer to a populated area. this morning we've been talking about 600 or so people who have
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been evacuated. that could expand. right now geyserville is under an evacuation warning. sky 7 is showing you the reason why. a 10,000 acre fire now currently burning out of control. >> yeah. besides the fire, the power is also out in parts of sonoma county. that's forcing schools to close. in the santa rosa school district, accelerated charter, rincon valley middle and maria carillo high. in the rincon valley school district six schools won't open. whited, inkley, madrone, sequoia elementary, rincon valley charter and austin creek elementary. and the geyserville school district will close all campuses. tomorrow is still up in the air. it depends on how quickly pg&e is able to inspect those electrical lines and get power turned back on. it's a waiting game right now. >> that's interesting because today is thursday. they want to turn back the
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power, we'll have another advisory for a stronger offshore wind event late sat into sunday. so i'm sure they're trying to figure that out while dealing with what's happening right now. we haved gusts at the coast 41 miles per hour. temperatures in the 60s and 70s. we have temperatures near record territory today. we could see 90 in san francisco. mid 80s on the coast. we have a monster ridge of high pressure building into the west coast. we get this in october. we get it time and time again. what we're building on is extreme dry vegetation and the atmosphere working against us with those winds continuing to dry things out. where our relative humidity is better in the east bay and south bay, that's because the winds are not that strong. the winds, the warmth up in the north bay through the next five and six hours. 25 degrees warmer than yesterday in napa. that shows those winds and how hard they've been blowing all night. i talked about half moon bay, in
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the 70s there. it's about the wind, the wind direction, it's about the wind gusts. we're down to 12% humidity in napa. you can see 12% at half moon bay. san mateo, 43%. san jose, 60%. 6:00, no relief. 20 to 40 miles per hour in the north bay. this is where the red flag warning is. in the santa cruz mountains are included in this. at noontime the colors back off. the winds lighten up. we're looking at these numbers very, very warm today. mild to dry to start. high fire danger. sunny and hot today and tomorrow. this is saturday. slightly cooler, 60s and 70s. sunday you think we're good, the winds will be even stronger. another offshore event for sunday. looking at highs around the bay, record territory today for
6:22 am
warmth and upper elevation wind. jobina? >> thank you. i want to start with video of the reason why we have this sigalert in the north bay. this is geyserville avenue. state route 128 between geyserville avenue and pine flat road is completely closed. the chp is telling us emergency crews are focused on the fire, focused on people, not on reopening this road any time soon. we did hear reggie talking about that evacuation warning which means people will be leaving their homes this morning. what you need to know is that 101 is your best alternate. roads east of 101 are als closed and blocked. smoky and you can't see. i will show you specifically where this area is. the purple highlighted area. that's where the closure, the primary portion of it is this morning. so please be careful because conditions are not safe. i want to update people down in san francisco on that brush fire
6:23 am
southbound 101 at hospital curve has been cleared up. we're all good down there.
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starting at $1.58 a square foot. only from the home depot. good morning. it's 70 i pacifica.
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75 in half moon bay. we have a high fire danger today. here's a look at the winds, gusty throughout the north bay throughout the morning hours. by the afternoon they lighten up. record temperatures today. 61 in san mateo. we could see mid 80s at the coast. 90 in san francisco. okay. we are taking another look at the fire that is currently burning near geyserville out of control. 10,000 acres and spreading. 10,000 is the last number we have. but it seems likely it will go well past that as the morning continues. as you can see, occasionally flashing lights, right? there are a lot of fire crews out there. until there's daylight, there's not a whole lot they can do while the wind continues to blow, they can't put any water
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start saving. easily set, track and control your goals right from the chase mobile® app. ♪ ♪ chase. make more of what's yours®. spoonoma county sheriff's office is telling us all of geyserville is under a mantory evacuation. a few minutes ago they said it was an advisory. now they're saying if you're in geyserville get out now. >> the reason why they're doing that is the kin said fire we've been showing you here and covering all morning has crossed highway 128 near moody lane.
6:30 am
they say it's heading west. so that's prompted them to order people living in this area in geyserville to evacuate. they say if you're in geyserville you need to leave now, head south to evacuation centers. they have two set up at this point. but in about an hour or so they're going to consolidate into just one. so you should probably head to the healdsburg community center. that is the evacuation center that will be open while this fire evolves. there are some other evacuation orders and warnings we've been telling you about throughout the morning. those are still in place. the update is that people who are living in geyserville are under a mandatory evacuation order. >> that more than doubles the amount of people evacuated. there's about 600 people before according to cal fire. geyserville is a small town. it has 800 people at last count. it's not a tremendous amount of people but it shows how fast the fire is growing when you have the sheriff's department saying
6:31 am
get ready to evacuate and a few minutes later they say get out they had wind gusts since midnight up to 70 miles per hour. etween now and sunrise, not much will change. after sunrise we'll begin to see a little bit of relief in the winds. that sun comes up at 7:26. we continue to see wins over 40 miles per hour. here's live doppler 7. we're looking at a very typical pattern for october. offshore wind event. warm temperatures in and around the north bay. we're looking at low 70s right now north of geyserville. relative humidity is almost below 10%. the winds are out of the northeast. gusting over 35 miles per hour. red flag warning continues until 4:00. wind gusts are possible up to 60 miles per hour. there is a look at where we're watching this fire. temperatures are in the 60s for the most part. san jose at 58. everyone is looking at numbers. well above average today. today will be the hottest day and the most critical day in terms of fire until we get to the weekend.
6:32 am
then we have another event headed our way. jobina? >> we'll get to jobina in a moment. first we want to continue our breaking news coverage of the kincaid fire. >> we have team coverage. amy hollyfield is live in healdsburg near those fire lines. good morning, amy. >> good morning. i'm not surprised about that evacuation order at all. everyone needs to get out of here if they're near this fire. i want to show you the skoem co it. look at the top of this hill, that's where we first saw the fire when we pulled in. watch as the camera pans slowly down that hill. down across. it's down in the valley floor now. it keeps going. this orange glow, all this smoke. it spans an enormous amount of area. we're certainly going to be more than 10,000 acres, which was the last estimate we got from firefighters. as we moved away from the fire, we felt uncomfortable so we came
6:33 am
down alexander valley road. we saw officers knocking on doors along this street as they tried to get people out of here. i want to show you video from pine flat road. this was taken earlier this morning from that road was shut down. these are close-up images of this monster fire that is burning out of control at will. it is relentless. there's so much wind out here fueling it. we did talk to some people earlier in the morning, in the evening about being evacuated. this was way before it got as big as it is now. >> i believe it was two firemen, they came to our back door, and alerted us. we were sound asleep. and they said be careful there's a fire in the hills. it's awesome to look at. it changes with the wind. it's reminiscent of two years ago. we were able to evacuate safely. the fire never touched us.
6:34 am
but we're very aware of how fast it can come. >> very aware. we keep hearing that, that this reminds people of two years ago this video you're looking at is from geyser road of this fire. this was shot hours ago, way before we knew just how big this fire was going to get. i think what's really going to surprise us when the sun comes up is the smoke. i'm starting to be able to see a silhouette of it now. it's black and thick and there's a lot of it. sometimes it blocks the fire entirely from our view. that's how thick it is. we see a lot of emergency vehicles through here, driving very fast and concerning us quite a bit. be careful as you evacuate. just be aware, they are franticly racing through here. there's one right there. if you know of anyone who lives in this area, give them a call.
6:35 am
pg&e shut the power off ty parts of sonoma county yesterday. so some people don't have power, they may not be able to watch this broadcast or get their alerts. all of you watching this, call people you know here. let them know this is happening. reporting live from sonoma county, amy hollyfield, abc7 news. >> all right. thank you. of course we've been telling you about this wildfire prompting evacuations all morning and now recently in geyserville more people forced to evacuate. prior to the fwizerville mandatory evacuation, these were the set up evacuations, that's red winery road, alexander mountain road, and highway 128 from geysers road to river road. that does include the river rock casino. two evacuation centers have been set up. one at windsor high school, the other at the healdsburg community center. the evacuation at the high school is closing in less than a
6:36 am
half hour so you should head to the healdsburg community center. that's where lauren martinez is this morning. >> good morning. >> the healdsburg community center will be the only evacuation center for this fire. red cross volunteers are s ars to assist with water, information, snacks and charging devices so you can charge your cell phone or anything like that. a couple minutes ago the lights actually turned off. the power just turned off for probably 30 seconds here. so if you can see some volunteers are holding some flashlights or have their cell phones out. good news that the power turned back on. if you need a place to rest, need a place to stay, it's been a long night for a lot of people who have gone through this. yu are more than welcomed to come here to the healdsburg community center and it's also pet friendly. so don't hesitate to bring your small pets or feel like you
6:37 am
can't come here. if you have large animals you can go to the santa rosa fair grounds and take them there. i'm lauren martinez, abc7 news. >> thank you. we've been sending out breaking news push alerts on the abc 7 news app as this fire develops, we're also updating our website, the other breaking news story we're following, hundreds more pg&e customers are waking up in the dark because of this latest round of power shutoffs. parts of san mateo county have had their power cut. that hassed around 1:00. the safety power shutoff is having the biggest impact in sonoma county. nearly 28,000 customers are in the outage zone. in napa county the number is 7,000 customers. in san mateo county the number is 1,000 customers. >> many schools and businesses have had to close because of the
6:38 am
outage. many schools and businesses in sonoma are left with no choice but to close. >> right now we don't have emergency days built into our calendar, which affects the children's education, because we won't have the ability to make these days up. >> ricky's eastbound shook up the blackout with a bring your own light night. neighbors met up for a night of drinking in the dark. >> pg&e is saying there could be another power shutoff this weekend. bill noyes asked dan johnson about work to reduce the risk. >> 25,000 miles of wire and in high fire threat areas. this year we're replacing 100 miles of that with the hardened wire. 700 miles next year. that leaves 24,000 miles
6:39 am
untouched. are you speeding up that process? >> we are. we have ten s and tens of thousands of miles of wire. this is a huge undertaking and it will take some time. >> johnson said they will make every effort to get the power back on to affected communities. >> i'm monitoring the power outage man from the live desk this morning during the last power shutoff there were problems with the website crashing. it is working now. the pink area at the top, that's where the public safety power shutoff is happening. if you zoom in closer here and tap an area. i will try sonoma again. you can see here customers affected, 95. it has the cause, status and last time it was updated, which was yesterday, october 23rd, 6:37 p.m. now to another portion of the website if you want to get more specific about your home specifically. go to the portion that says get
6:40 am
current information. when that loads, you can tap another portion that says check your address. another tab will come up. this is where you can put in your address and bow lelow that will have information on whether it's been impacted. the website is not difficult to navigate. if you have problems, you can go to our website, >> thank you. now we're going to get back to sky7 over the fire right now in sonoma county. residents in geyserville are asked to evacuate, mandatory evacuation right now. we'll have much more on the fire coming up. first a check on your weather and traffic. we'll start with meteorologist lisa argen. >> good morning to you. looking at the current relative humidity right now, that is 20% in santa rosa. 12% in napa. 12% half moon bay. it's better at 60% in san jose. concord at 70%.
6:41 am
we're not even at 7:00 in the morning. the sun is not up yet. your forecast for your relative humidity will be in the single digits for noontime. cloverdale, lake berryessa, 8%. better in the east bay and south bay. we have a red flag warning f through 4:00 this afternoon. 5:00, better in the east bay and south bay. we're looking at a dry time of year. record warmth. this wind continuing through the morning hours. 20 to 40 miles per hour per hour right now through sunrise. 9:00, we are still gusting. not as windy in the east bay, at the coast, we're still warm, could be 80 degrees today. we'll be looking at just as warm tomorrow. as we look at the current numbers, that's correct, 75 at half moon bay. 65 in fremont. san jose at 58. we're from 23 to 25 degrees warmer this morning from the coast to the north bay. so that will bring us into the
6:42 am
80s, half moon bay. upper 80s to 90 for san francisco. the accuweather seven-day forecast, we get cooler. as we get into the second half of the weekend, we have another offshore event. jobina, typical for october weather. but we're building on the dry conditions, the warmer weather, the dry atmosphere. it's not going to get much better any time soon. now that people are under a mandatory evacuation order, they're going to be headed out on those roads in all of that wind. this is video from someone who lives in the area. this is from chris and he shared this video with amy hollyfield. this is pine flat road. look at all those flap s side. state route 128 is closed between cloverdale and geyserville avenue. now, that's been updated from pine flat road, which is what you're looking at now.
6:43 am
i will take you to the graphics so you can see that area, that purple highlighted portion is where it's closed. if you are evacuating this morning or know someone that is, 101 is the alternate. roads east of that area are closed. it's too smoky. you cannot see. also want to point out here, we have an alert that the kincaid fire has crossed highway 128 near moody lane. it is heading west. if you're in geyserville leave right now. we will be
6:44 am
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we have our red flag warning until 4:00 this afternoon. after about 1:00 we'll see the winds lighten up. the red area indicates we're seeing gusty northeast winds, especially in the north bay. relative humidity is below 20%. you can see 12% on the coast. east bay 17%. now the sun comes up at 7:26. we'll add in the heat. with more wind, look at that. we go down to 8% in the north bay. when is the relief? we get an onshore push tomorrow. so that should help. overall we're staying well above average in terms of temperatures and there's our winds throughout the morning hours, very gusty in the north bay. >> all right. thank you for that update. we want to take you back, sky 7 is still live over sonoma county where this fire has forced evacuations most eventually for people in
6:47 am
geyserville. this is a town of about 800 people. when you think about it, that's doubling the amount of people forced to evacuate because of this fire. earlier this morning cal fire said they asked 600 people to leave, possibly 200 more. in the last few minutes we learned that roughly 800 people who live in geyserville have been forced to evacuate as well. >> you can just see how far this fire has now spread. just up and down the ridge of this mountain. and growing from there. 10,000 acres is the last number we have. that's a few hours old. at sunlight i'm sure we'll get a better idea how many acres we're talking about. we know there are hundreds of firefighters there working this and ready to work this. it will be alittle easier to do when the sun comes up and they have air support. you can see how close it is to the casino, which is a part of the evacuation zone. and as this continues to get
6:48 am
closer, you can see that's some of the rds here on sky map 7 including geysers road. again, if you know anyone who is ingeyserville, they need to get out of there. they need to do that now. that is the priority as we speak. >> we'll be staying on past 7:00 this morning just to make sure that people know what's going on. this fire is evolving so quickly. it's spreading. really i think what will be a defining moment for firefighters is when the sun comes out and they can do so much more to battle the flames. we'll be here live for you past 7:00 to let you know what's going on. we also want to show you what this looked like. this is a time lapse from geyser peak overnight. you can see how quickly this fire is spreading. at one point the fire became so intense the camera, you saw that change there, it went from black and white night vision back to color. will reeve saw firsthand how fast this fire is moving. >> he's at the front line of the fire in sonoma county.
6:49 am
he did this report about an hour ago. >> here in sonoma county fire crews are working vigilantly to monitor this fire that has grown to 10,000 acres. zero percent contained so far in sonoma county. we are in wine country. protective measures being taken by authorities to do structure protection at this winery here. we're at a vineyard. up the hill the fire is burning. the winds are swirling in very random patterns. there's no way to predict how or where the wind will go. what it will pick up and what it will do. the fire already jumped the road multiple times engulfing people. as mandatory evacuations occur, people driving out of this lightly populated area. there are businesses and homes on high alert here for fire. there's tons of smoke. people had to drive down the hill. firefighters moving everyone down methodically as the fire crept its way down further and
6:50 am
further down the hill with no sign of stopping. it all depends o t winds, which will continue throughout the day. critical danger for much of this area and a lot of areas in california. will reeve, abc news, sonoma county. governor newsom is expected to address the fire danger and safety power shut offs today. top state, fire, emergency and health and human services members will join him that is expected to start at 10:00 a.m. part of calistoga is in the dark. when i say part, i mean exactly that. power is off at some places, and another restaurant around the corner has lights on. that's because pg&e generates. >> reporter: powering parts of the city. it's frustrating people who live a few minutes away and have no lights on. >> to shut the power off is not the solution. two weeks ago they shut the power off on the anniversary of
6:51 am
the fire. that was like a big slap in the face to everybody that lost their homes. >> many people we spoke with are confused on who gets to have power and who is left in the dark. anger and frustration over the pg&e shutoffs has taken a dangerous turn. someone fired a pellet gun at a pg&e worker. >> there is no justification for this sort of violence. when you see our crews in your community, they're there to help. they're there to help you. >> that's the president of the company pleading with the public not to attack front line workers. 179 customers are impacted by this latest round of shutoffs. all right. time is 6:51. of course we're tracking the fire and the winds that may be playing a huge role in causing it to spread. >> record warmth on top of that.
6:52 am
80s and near 90 in san francisco today. high tifire danger, red flag warning until 4:00 for north-northeast wins gusting to 60 miles per hour. i think after noon, 12:00, we'll see these lighten up significantly. sun coming up at 7:26. we're getting some light out there, which is good news. 12% relative humidity now in napa. as well as half moon bay. current wind gusts there is 41 miles per hour. that's at the surface. we're looking at the relative humidity throughout the afternoon. getting we're better in the east bay, concord at 15%, it goes down and comes up by 5:00. we could see an onshore push. tomorrow morning, we'll still be
6:53 am
warm and dry. the reds here, 20, 30, 40 miles per hour. to the south the winds are much lighter. that's good news for east bay and south bay, but still dry conditions, warm atmosphere. and we're continuing to see the winds gust through 11:00 in the north bay. so with numbers building to 80, near 90 today, it's only getting drier out there. we will be looking at not only pretty rough scenario throughout the morning hours, but the afternoon, we're building on this warmth, already mild to warm out there. 22 degrees warmer than yesterday at half moon bay. a live look at that fire right now. temperatures are well into the 60s. there's a look at san francisco where the winds will be just breezy out there. and it is going to be upper 80s today. a very warm day. look at that, 44-mile-per-hour wind gusts, half moon bay. jobina? >> i wasment nt to start with v this is geysers road. this is where it all started
6:54 am
this morning. that's closed now. there's a sigalert in the north bay. you can see all of that smoke. it's hard for people to get through. the chp has been telling us their focus is on the fire itself and people, not on reo n reopening these roads. next over to pine flat road, we have video from a man named chris spangenburg, he works for sonoma county and went up to take this video quickly and shared it with amy hollyfield. to be clear, state route 128 is closed between cove cove cove geyserville avenue. that's the expanded closure on the sigalert. i can show you specifically the portion this morning. that purple area, that is lit up. if you're going to be evacuating because there is a mandatory evacuation this morning, you want to take 101. we don't want to send everybody
6:55 am
down into that area and get it clogged up. so that you kn, you want to head south to healdsburg community center or windsor high school. i believe those are the two places you need go this morning. please be careful on the roadways. amy hollyfield mentioned earlier that people were speeding by, take it slowly, it is hard to see. it's very, very smoky in
6:56 am
6:57 am
6:58 am
county. you can see as we get more light how fast this thing is spreading. about 10,000 acres was the last number that we had. now more mandatory evacuations over the past hour or so. this is a major emergency in sonoma county this morning. >> definitely. we know firefighters have been working hard to fight this fire. they told us earlier this morning they're facing a lot of challenges because there's not many ways to get to and from this fire. also just because it's so early in the morning, so dark, that's presented a lot of challenges for them. right now the fire has spread, they asked people as you can see from sky map 7 along geysers road and is it red winery road right here to evacuate as well. then now everyone in geyserville has been asked to evacuate, too.
6:59 am
that brings the number almost to about 1 stshg,400 people asked evacuate with the possibility of more. now that it is light out, they can get a better assessment. >> two structures have burned so far. we don't know what sort of structures. this is mostly burning a rural area, not a lot of homes in the area. so that is the only good news that we can pass along. we know people in the middle of the night woke up and saw that glow. these are people living in santa rosa and living in other areas that were greatly affected by the north bay wildfires two years ago. so this was an eerie reminder of that same situation that appeared to be playing out again. they are on pins and needles this morning because they remember how devastating that was. we don't want to see that repeat today. we're hoping that the firefighters will be able to get this under control. but the conditions are not in
7:00 am
their favor. high wind gusts and v hig temperatures today. >> we'll keep monitoring this and bring you the latest. we are interrupting the start of "good morning america" to give you this breaking news, that is the fire that continues to burn out of control in the north bay. it's called the kincaid fire. we've been watching this for many hours. it's burned more than 10,000 acres and forced hundreds of people from their homes overnight from geyserville. >> the entire town of geyserville is under a mandatory evacuation. there's about 800 or so people living in this community at last count. we want to take you live to sky7 over sonoma county as the first light is giving us a better look at the kincaid fire. crews there have been waiting for this moment, waiting for daylight because that will give them the opportunity to start hitting this fire hard. >> the fire started in


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