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tv   ABC7 News 800AM  ABC  October 26, 2019 8:00am-9:00am PDT

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now from abc 7 live breg news. good morning. it's saturday october 26th. i'm kate larson. we're starting right away with meteorologist lisa argen who is keeping track of a red flag warning. lisa. >> kate, you wouldn't know it but we have clear skies behind you. it looked all fwra due to the smoke at the lower elevations. we have several layers of smoke though and the lid at about 5,000 or 6,000 feet but down to 1,000 feet that's why you can see it out there. looking at live doppler 7. the setup is there for high pressure to the west of us and low pressure to the east of us. diving down to setup up a very tight pressure gradient. starting at 11:00 tonight where the winds are gusty in the higher elevations of the north
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bay and mixing to the lower elevations. here we are throughout the overnight into sunday afternoon we have windy to gusty conditions all throughout the day. but peaking at this time tomorrow. so today starting out with some 60s in the next hour throughout the afternoon we have hazy conditions. 80 in napa by 1:00. 70s elsewhere. by the afternoons numbers are down but we have the low to mid-80s in the inland valleys. 3:00 with the hazy conditins. no fog to speak of. the winds kicking up tonight and they will last through the overnight hours getting very gusty and dangerous out there. kate. >> thank you, lisa. i want 8:0 1 which means we stand by for pg&e final decision on which bay area residents could lose power today. the utility is making its announcement any minute about cutting power to about 7,850,000 customers which adds up to hundreds of thousands of people. pg&e said yesterday that if its forecast holds the north bay
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could lose power around 5 "p" today. 7:00 p.m. for many other counties in the bay area including alameda, contra costa, marin abnapa, san mateo, santa clara, solano and sonoma counties. we do want to go to the north bay where preparations are under way. abc 7 news reporter coronell barnrd is live in novato with how a local business is getting ready for the looming shutoff. good morning, colonel. >> good morning, kate. it's all happening. marin county definitely getting ready in a big way. hardware stores have been unbelievably busy. all i can say is it wow, really, the store opened we are at the hardware in novato opening about three minutes ago. the owner says he has never seen anything like it. flashlights, batteries, going very fast. there was a long line when we arrived this morning. about 45 minutes ago. folks grabbing anything they can as you can see flashlights.
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i saw one man grabbing 15 flashlights. there was no limit to what you can buy here. the owner says he expects to lose power about 5:00 p.m. today but is determined to stay open. now, most of -- most of everything that you need during a power ut outage sold out yesterday but a short time ago new shipments of supplies arrived, batteries, generators, lots of flashlights. propane, though, is pretty much all sold out. but everything else is here for customers who need it. the owner says -- the owner rush young says he is doing his best to help the community. >> we are loading up on flashlights, lanterns, generators, he can we can get propane we can get so everybody can be as comfortable as they can as the power is out. be able to keep their food safe, we have been selling a lot of ice chests and all kinds of products. we're trying toelp take care
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of the kmupt as west we can. >> now, russ says he has a generator to power his store. but it will only power the registers. so he expects by in evening perhaps tomorrow he will stay open. but he says he will be likely escorting customers through the aisles with flashlights. it's all hands on deck here. everybody is weather. vacations are cancelled. and people just very concerned about having what they need for what could be three days without power. live in novato, coronell barnrd, abc 7 news. >> thank you, coronell. and concerned rightfully so. make sure you get cash in case the credit machines aren't working. chris reyes was in hayward yesterday and caught up with lots of people who could also have power cut. >> we already have a lot of things in place from the last time limit time we thought there was a power shutdown. >> we're prepared.
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our chef knows how to preserve the food. >> we have flashlights, you know, we just -- we're old. so we just go to bed. >> we got through it last time with a little bit of struggle. >> whether at the oakland zoo or the local restaurant in san leandro or neighborhoods on the latest pg&e shutoff list. the silver lining is everyone knows what to expect. >> i think it will probably become a new normal. i don't think that we should be okay with that. >> patricia certainly isn't. she has been in here house 15 years. she's never experienced the looming threat of blackouts. >> now, i just got a call today saying they were turning it off tomorrow for 24 hours. now, i don't know whether to belief it or not you know, because, what do we know? >> that uncertainty is a huge headache for the oakland zoo especially this weekend because of boo at the zoo. >> we were potentially turning away families and kids coming to have a great time at the zoo, trick or treating. >> at paradisio restaurants they
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hope not to turn customers away. instead even give them place to go. >> we would condense the menu and have items we can offer either just from saute or the oven. and lots of candle light. >> in hayward, chris reyes for abc 7. >> now of course some people went through the outages during the first round of shut office a few weeks ago for others this can be could could be the first time. 48,000 pg&e skbhers in contra costa county were told they may lose county including businesses and a haunted film festival in orinda. they may have to put the festivities on hold. >> you'd think in america we'd be advanced enough that we eryevime there is wind in the r summer. and it sounds like this is the pattern that pg&e is trying to establish. >> and he is not alone in that sentiment. pg&e said last night it will provide backup generate toes keep b.a.r.t. running. the utility says the caldecott and lantos tunnels will remain in service even if the area
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loses power. the uc berkeley power expects to lose power sometime dood. cal will have some backup generation but they have warned that students and staff should stay off the kafrpds if they don't need to be there. the university is going to keep power going to dorms and dining halls. it will also power critical lab and research operations so that vital work is not affected. the city of vallejo water department is asking residents to reduce water use indoors and turn off outdoor irrigation completely. pg&e has notified vallejo officials that they will be ut can go power to the main water pumping kplekts. many water districts in our area rely on that electricity. now if you want to find out if your home or neighborhood is included in the outage map, we have posted the list on the website., just about every county is on it. so lack for the link at the top of our home page and remember, you can download the abc 7 news app for everything you need to know about the pg&e shutoffs.
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we do send out breaking news alerts through the app. make sure you enable push armts on your phone. other breaking news this morning we have received an update on the destructive kincade fire. tearing through the wine country. it started in insomnia an county on wednesday night. within the past hour, calfire says it's now burning more than 25,000 acres. that's almost a 2,000-acre increase from yesterday. containment at 0% and improvement from yesterday's 5% containment number. the number of homes destroyed stands at 21 still. now if you were inside the evacuation zone or think the fire may be getting close, there is an evacuation center at the healdsburg community center and you can bring your small animals and pets to that facility. and now abc 7 news reporter luz pena tracked down a family already forced out of their home baups of the kincade fire flames. she tells the story from the insomnia an county fair grounds
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in santa rosa where large animals are also being sheltered. >> ferocious and unexpected the flames coming down into pine flat road in dies areville threaten people homes and years of memories. >> it's like really hitting me. because the fire is now, like, blazing down our mountain. there is no way that our house is still there. like, it's impossible. >> ramona hall and her 10-year-old daughter are part of nearly 2,000 people ordered to evacuate. eightyears ago their home burned by another wildfire. >> i'm just scared, because this has happened before. and i feel like all of our lives are in danger. >> on her mind her horse rescued by calfire this morning. and a tiny family member that she was surprised to hear her mom was able to take. >> we got the hamster. >> got the hamster. >> yeah, my hamster gizmo. i was just worried sick. i thought that he was going to die in the fire.
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>> calfire confirmed their 49 structures that have been destroyed including 21 homes and 28 out building, extreme fire behaviors expected with gusty winds, picking up saturday night into sunday. >> and how is calfire preparing for this? >> calfire obviously looks at fires regionally and preparation regionally. so we have staffing patterns aband additional staffing statewide at the moment. it's that old adage of all hands on deck for an even of this size. >> 1,300 firefighters from across the state are battling the flames. from the air and ground. we asked calfire division chief cox to show us the moept most problematic area he pointed us to the low countryside where the terrain is steep. >> we literally have crews of 15 people cutting line with their hands chain saws tools. >> and that battle continues there is a total of 50 officers patrolling geyserville to prevent looting and there is no fatalities or injuries reported at this time.
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in santa rooz. luz pena abc 7 news. california state emergency response team is really ramping up for potential fires by prepositioning crews. you can see a lot of resources in the northern and southern parts of california ready to respond. listen to this. new audio we have in this morning as dispatchers try to point emergency crews to a firefighter and two civilians stuck in the kincade fire. >> respond pd to the fine are pine flat road area sheltered at one point with civilians. >> absolutely terrifying, calfire says a firefighter found two people laid late afternoon yesterday in the process of trying to evacuate an unincorporated sonoma county calfire says the flames intensified, forcing the firefighter fop actually deploy his fire shelter. which is an emergency shielding device really used as a very last minute resort in these type of wildfires. the three were found by the
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crews, fortunately they are all expected to be okay. but, lisa, this is just another reminder of how intense and scary the fires can get. >> certainly. and this morning we have slightly higher relative humidity. the temperatures we have a 28 degree spread from 39 in novato to 66 in los gatos. a bit of a reprieve. you can see the haze out there, though. bad air quality. before our red flag warning. and our high winds go into effect later on this evening. so it's 57 downtown. 56 in hayward. all of you really should be preparing for days without power and these gusty winds will be channelled through the lower elevations, through the valleys, right to the coast. we'll pinpoint the high wind gusts and a look at the accuweather seven-day forecast coming up. >> you can see the haze in there. also next more coverage of planned power outages see where they have called in a special delivery of propane gas as people try to stock up before
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here's a live look from our camera on mount tam. you can see the sunup and it's
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extremely hazy outside. that is all smoke that is blowing into the bay area farther south from the kincade fire. it's a relatively calm morning now as lisa argen has been telling us. but the winds are really going to pick up tonight for a major wind event. so expect more of that smoke no matter where you live in the bay area. and of course potential power outages. 're ng it doesn't result in of course more fires. this will not be an event we have seen in recent memory. this will be the strongest event of the year. and possibly the strongest of the last several years. unfortunately. >> and that was pg&e talking about the wind which is going to be very strong tonight. we are still waiting for pg&e's update on which areas will be hit with planned power shut office today. they were supposed to notify at 8:00. it's now 8:6 in the morning. the second we learn anything from pg&e will we will bring you
8:17 am
updates meal. in the south bay more than 70,000 customers face a weekend without power. ed amanda del castillo spoke to residents who already learned a thing or two from the last outages. >> people leaching in the scenic mountains are no stranger to nature taking out their power but leave it up to pg&e and the utilities public safety power shut office have many skeptical. >> it's one thing when it's a storm you expect it. but when it's nice out like the nicest days of the year and power goes off you're going, what's up with that. >> still preparation is under way for a weekend without power. busy would be an understatement for the only gas station in ben lomden. >> i feel like probably like two to 250 gas cans and 230 gallons of the propose pain were filled. >> jake hampton says last psps the location lan out of gas this type the tank is full and more scheduled to arrive at 6:00 a.m. he says there is a in need to
8:18 am
adapt if this is the new norm. >> i haven't been able to sit down for six hours. >> pg&e warns dry conditions and gusty winds combined with heightened fire risk leave near lip 45,000 santa cruz county customers in the dark. impacted areas including spots without power in the last round of shut office. >> our power was out for 22 hours. i went through both tanks. >> boulder creek resident says nlts issues enthe court laughed time forced him to prepare. >> we haven't stocked up with as much as we would like but better off than some. >> in scott's valley, amanda del castillo abc 7 inkts now governor newsom once again slammed pg&e during the latest calfire news conference in healdsburg. he said years of greed and mismanagement have gotten us where we are today. with all of these power shutoffs. >> that agreed has precipitated in a lack of intentionality and focus on hardening the grid, undergrounding transmission lines. they simply did not do their
8:19 am
job. it took us decades. >> knows tough words coming yesterday afternoon. governor newsom also added pg&e will be held accountable for the costs associated with the blackouts. he believes that it will be restructured to a completely different entity when it gets out of bankruptcy by late june nextier. now of course we have been talking about the haze and smoke coming in from the kincade fire. no matter where you live in the bay area you will experience it. the smoke started drifting south yesterday and was picked up you can see by the network of cameras throughout the bay area. sky7 was also over the fire last night. you can see that enormous plume sending it up into the air with the sun going down, creating quite the back drop as that smoke filtered out into an incredible but very eerie orange glow. meteorologist lisa argen has been all here all morning tracking our forecast. it started off okay this morning, lisa. but we're headed for a tough one this evening. >> we sure are. the lit winds.
8:20 am
we have relative humidity up. here a look at live doppler 7. but we are picking up the smoke right here in healdsburg. check it out. you can see this whole area -- this is the fire here. and those of you downwind from geyserville, healdsburg, even windsor, certainly hopefully have a plan as these winds continue to kick up. and this fire is huge in those embers will be blown south. and we're looking at the winds, upwards of 60 and 70 miles an hour through of an li an overnight hours ton. all because of the setup with high pressure over the cost. low pressure, a strong area of low pressure. you can see the cold air here diving to the south. and we call those the diablo winds, kind of the opposite of the santa ana winds in southern california. look at mount tam. ia he more of that smoke blown in the bay area as well. hopefully if there is no more fires. but even if they are it's moving
8:21 am
south. 59 in san francisco. 51 in redwood city. 46 in half moon bay. look at san jose, a little hazy. slightly better air quality. 41 if santa rosa. 52 in concord. livermore 51. and the haze there the golden gate bridge skies look good here but throughout the entire dates are day it's poor air quality. you can probably bet we'll see that tomorrow into monday. currently check of the relative humidity. up 71%. novato 86%. santa rosa this is good news for right now as the winds are light. santa cruz, locking at a little bit of cloud cover here. and hazy conditions today, a spare the air alert. strong and gusty winds tonight. higher efrlgss of the north by east bay mixing down through the overnight hours creating breezy winds in the valleys. even san francisco, and looking at the winds relaxes on monday. as the red flag warning expires at about 11:00. here a current check above 1,000 feet. straight north winds, very light
8:22 am
right now. we're picking it up throughout the afternoon. showing you how light the winds are right on through 3:00. then they begin to shift a little bit. they're coming off the ocean. but by 8:00 tonight we're still looking at the variable winds. it's about 11:00 where we're looking at them coming in from discovery bay, the delta and moving through the upper elevations of the north bay. so throughout the overnight hours, the relative humidity is dropping. the winds picking up. it's 8:00 tomorrow morning. some of our gustiest winds by sunrise. we're down to 10% relative humidity. 9:00 tomorrow. a look at the speeds. how fast the winds will be moving through the 4:00 hour. 40 to 45 miles an hour but just follow the colors here. the magenta, all the way threw the north bay, setting up along the diablo range, even the coast. as they move down through the lower elevations they're getting funneled and moving faster getting to coat positive half moon bay gusty. san francisco will see breezy winds.
8:23 am
the peninsula will. the south bay not as much as the rest. 77 in oakland. 79 in palo alto. it's hazy. it's cooler today. still a few low 80s inland. and the accuweather seven-day cast,he lighter winds today. but then by tonight everyone will have the breeze, the upper elevations, the gusty winds and the extreme fire danger as we get into the overnight hours, early tomorrow morning lasting throughout the day on sunday. and even when the winds begin to settle down throughout the day tomorrow, there is still going to be breezy, 20 to 30 miranne still fighting the fire in the north bay. and then looking at the quieter weather the left rest of the week. but i have to tell you come wednesday a much smaller today's offshore event is. >> we want to get to tenancy but more wind then maybe.
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no word from pg&e and which bay area customers have the power shut off later tonight. president i've been on their twitter they have posted about getting prepared with splis but missed the 8:00 a.m. deadline for final notification. we're waiting to know who might cut off pow and when. meanwhile stable owners including one boarding horses rescued from the kincade fire are concerned. and that's because they rely on water wells to feed livestock which requires electricity to pump the wert.
8:27 am
san antonio valley stables added seven horses and goats rescued from the fire. that's in addition to the horses already boarding on the 52-acre property. its well sits high on a hill in the driest of conditions. the property owner says they have no way to store water for the horses. so if the power goes off so toes the pump. leaving them and horses in a tough situation. >> when you're through with what's in the tank you've got no water. >> you could have a generator up here but then you got to think about fire from the generator because it's so dry. >> this property was not affected last time pg&e cut power to thousands of customers. this time they may need to seek help for animals from other stables if they end up running dry. we will you know when you're at ross and you realize you are the the hostess with the mostest. yes! yeah! that's yes for less. entertain in style all season long. it feels even better when you find it for less-at ross. yes for less.
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you know when you're at just keeps getting better?ook check this out! that's yes for les score a head-to-toe look you'll love and save 20 to 60 percent off department store prices. at ross. yes for less. now from abc 7. live breaking news. >> and welcome back. we're going to start this this half hour with a look at weather with meteorology lisa argen who has a busy job today. lisa, good morning. >> good morning, kate. another ten hours of a window or so or 12 before the winds really start to gust. you can see the hazy conditions from the emeryville karm. 59 in san francisco. a spare the air alert today. 54 in gilroy .. the moek drifting south into the bay. at sfo right now you can see the gray sort of clear sky there. 41 santa rosa. 45 in fairfield. pupper elevations. notice the direction out of the north. but they are light, very light.
8:31 am
staying light. move a little bit to the northwest today. and and this is our fire index that shows you when the strongest winds will occur. fast forwarding to 11:00 tonight you can see in higher elevations then overnight 3:00 in the morning everyone will be getting the gusty winds. they continue strongest until about in h tomorrow. 24 hours from now. we'll see the gustiest winds. upper elevations, not out of the question to gusts to near 80 miranne then we'll see the winds down at the lower he feels, 25 to 30 miles an hour as well. so it's going to be a rough go of it. power goes out. and we are going to see poor air quality throughout the period. i'll let you know we with he see the lighter winds with my extended outlook coming up. >> thank you, lisa. good morning. as we hit the 8:30 hour we are still awaiting pg&e's decision on which parts of the bay area will be going without power this weekend. now pg&e has told us that they would be giving final notifications at 8:00 a.m. this
8:32 am
morning. that obviously didn't happen. if the utilities' forecast holds it said the north bay would lose power around 5:00 p.m. today. 7:00 p.m. for other counties in the bay area. here is the full list and the numbers of customers potentially affected in those areas. alameda, contra costa, marin, napa, san mateo, santa clara, solano and sonoma counties. the threat of planned power shutoffs for the bay area as well as sonoma county's kincade fire are drawing national headlines. abc's will rosa reeves give you the look. >> with fires already burning critical red flag warnings in effect through monday, northern california preparing for the worst. much of the region anxiously anticipating unprecedented conditions as the state's largest utility company warns of massive rolling blackouts. >> we are preparing for what is likely going to be a widespread
8:33 am
safety shutoff across our service territory to combat the risk of a catastrophic wildfires. >> nearly 850,000 customers across 36 counties could have power cut for days as officials forecast the most severe scenario in decades. as the area brace for what officials call an extreme historic wind event. peak gusts potentially are reaching 807 miles an hour. >> in extreme wind events fire fighting becomes fairly ip effective. >> firefighters racing to get a handle on the kincade fire in sonoma county. at least 2,000 people already effected. >> they need to put oh out spot fire as spot embers get cast from this fire or any other fire. >> we need massive suppression from this fire. >> flare-ups putting first responders in grave danger. one firefighter needing to throw up a emergency shelter on the front lines surviving with
8:34 am
seconds to spare. >> in sonoma county, california. i'm will reeve abc 7. >> as we've been telling you the firefighter and two civilians were taken an hospital update on the pg&e outage. we have not heard from the utility about when power goes off but we got a email from the moraga police department. the east bay according to the original plans was supposeding to out at 7:00 p.m. but morgue awe now says it's scheduled to begin at 5:00 p.m. tonight. so so it appears at least that city has moved up their power outage by about 2 hours. they also say that the ending time has also been changed to monday morning at 12:01:00 a.m. we get the e-mails and information into the station minute by minute. as we get any official word from pg&e we will let you know. but for now we do have abc 7 news reporter cornell barnrd with a look at everyone in marin
8:35 am
county scrambling to get prepared for the outage which could last for days, coronell. >> kate, you're absolutely right. i have to tell you people here in marin county, novato, taking in power shutdown very seriously. check this out. we are at this hardware store on novato boulevard which has been totally slammed since opening 30 minutes ago. everything and anything you need during a power outage is going fast. there is a huge line. this is the line for the rental sister believe it or not. marin county could lose power by 5:00 p.m. and people want to be ready. they are stocking up on flashlights, lots of flashlights. believe us. batteries, ice chests and gas cans to power generators. and speaking of generators there are just a few left today. we talked to one man who told us why he desperately needs within. listen to this.
8:36 am
>> we have a fairly large coy pond with a 30-year-old coy in it they're not surviving if we can't keep the air in the water. got to keep the pumps running we didn't think we'd have a problem. we're in a safe area. but pg&e are cutting off power to the area we don't have really a choice. >> check this out. like the cavalry, more supplies of flashlights and batteries arrived this morning by truck. quickly, all of that stuff will be put on the shelves. but it's a safe bet it could all sell out in just a matter of hours. a loof people are in a hurry to get home and stock up. we have one shopper bart up say our live report 40 minutes ago. >> yeah. >> tell me why you wanted to come down today. >> my wife strongly suggested that we restock on flashlights. because i have not been good about that because we haven't needed them. but all of a sudden a need
8:37 am
arises. fortunately peonie takes good care of us. >> show us what you bought bart. >> so far four different kinds of flashlights with batteries. >> wow. >> okay. >> just for whatever we need. >> right. >> and i'm going to go back and maybe get some backup batteries and see if anything else. >> you have an ice chest or anything like that. >> we do at home. and my wife has -- needs oxygen so we need to take care of that too. we do have a generator. the courtesy of our son >> very nice. >> and. >> so you're ready and doing everything. >> i'm trying to get ready and i -- i'm probably forgetting something. but -- i'm as ready as i'm going to get. >> bart thanks so much. i'll let you get in line. take care of jorz. >> propane has been a huge seller the last 4 hours completely sold out at the store. the owner says he expects to
8:38 am
lose power by 5:00 p.m. the store is ready. they have a jerpter out back to power the registers only. but he told me he expects to escort folks through the store through the dark store with flashlights until closing and again tomorrow. so everyone doing everything they can and check it out, here is the line. which grows longer by the minute. we're live in novato, coronell barnrd, abc 7 news. >> thanks, coronell. of course if the credit card and debit card machines aren't working you need cash. you have to get gas before the stations close with the outage. a lot of preparations to be made. we are trying to keep track of when pg&e says they will shut the power. we do know that moraga police department says they believe the power will be cut at 5:00 p.m. that means that their power shut off dloin moved up 2 hours from 7:00 p.m. which was what pg&e was saying all of yesterday.
8:39 am
we were heaping to hear from pg&e at 8:00 a.m. till still waiting we keep you posted all day here on tv and online when the show is over. still ahead on abc 7 mornings as we wait for the update on the power from pg&e we'll et let you know. plus one east bay ice cream shop says they are worth the wait. but at meadowlark dairy the wait is at an old school drive through. why the store has not changed much in more than 100 years. and here is a live look from the east bay hills camera. gosh, the more the time goes on, the hadesier it gets as the smoke from the kincade fire blows into the bay area. the sun is up. it's relatively calm right now when we talk about wind. but we are headed for a major wind this ee evening and lisa argen our meteorologist will have the full forecast in just a few minutes. take the floor.... somewhere unexpected. everything you need is at your fingertips...
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sirjts all right this is a live lack at the san mateo bridge right now. the sun is out. the traffic is moving a little slow on this saturday morning. and all that haze, well, it's just going to get worse. and just into the newsroom we did just get an email from pg&e minutes ago. they say a public safety power shut off has not been called at this time. we are notifying customers that could be affected so they have time to prepare. should a psps be called.
8:43 am
we'll keep you posted if anything new comes up. so that is the latest from pg&e. meanwhile what we're hearing from an east bay police department, moraga they think power is cut off at 5:00 p.m. so the uncertainty from the pg&e pour shut office continue as it has been the past couple weeks. but as soon as we learn anything new, solid from pg&e, we will bring you the latest information. switching gears a little bit in the south bay, one of the eeriest places is ready to welcome all ghosts and goblins. the winchester mystery housen san jose is hosting a trick or treat trail today. great news. it's free for everyone. you will make your way through the spooky gardens of sarah winchester's property as you pick up candy the caretakers. there be games and bouncy houses, the event from noon to 4:00 this afternoon. and lisa,est down in that area it's not quite as affected as other parts of the bay. >> reconcile less wind down
8:44 am
there but all around the high wind warning and the red flag warning into effect tonight. a live look outside. it's sunny. but of course there is the haze out there from the spare the air alert. temperatures much, muchle cooler. good day to prepare for getting food and flashlights and to be without power because we do know that the winds are coming and going to be the strongest winds that we have seen in years. dangerous high fire
8:45 am
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all right a the live look from our exploratorium camera. the day is getting hazier. we are waiting for more information from pg&e. we were expecting an update the 8:00 a.m. and who was getting cut power and we. but we got an email from pg&e a few minutes ago that a public safety power shutoff has not been called at this time. we are notifying customers that could be affected so they have time to prepare should a psps be called. we'll keep you post-ed as more information comes into the numerous about this potential outage that so many people are preparing for this morning. though right now we are getting a check of the weather with meteorologist lisa argen. who is keeping track of our red flag warping just hours away,
8:48 am
lisa. >> that's right, kate, still on track to see some of the strongest winds in two years. and here is a look at sutro tower camera where the smoke is continuing to drift south from the fire in the north bay. the winds are light. but as they pick up it could clare us out a bit. plaert on tonight but then if more fires and the winds shift we allow for more smoke to drift across the bay. we have the air quality alert today for a spare the air. poor air quality all over the bay. in likely will be continued into sunday a although we have a lot of wind on tap to disperse this into the overnight hours. here is a look at emery have. hazy and cooler. we don't have the heat anymore. but we have a system weakens, high pressure system and then a low pressure system diefgt down bringing in the strong pressure gradient. let's look at the smoke you can see from live doppler 7 live from geyserville from
8:49 am
healdsburg. you can see the big area. you folks downwind from here get the strong normal winds. from windsor to perhaps calistoga you should shall prepared to get out if the wind allow for embers to start other fires. a look at life doppler 7. high pressure weakening moving to the east. pressure dropping down south create and creating the gradient. sunny 59 in san francisco. 48 in half moon bay. and look at the haze, certainly in the atmosphere. if you smell it, stay inside. close the windows. 41, santa rosa. 45 in fairfield. in the 50s concord and lvermore. so much cooler. so much wind the past few days allowing for the coast to be in the 70s. this morning in the 40s. that will change. the atmosphere is going to get pretty well mixed throughout the overnight hours. but we're looking at a good relative humidity right now up
8:50 am
above 50% for novato. 86% in santa rosa. 87% on the covert because the wind are lit. we'll look for the on shore component look at this view from mount tam. haze in area the spare. afting through the night into tomorrow morning strongest winds about this time and lightening up late sunday. a look at the current winds throughout the day today out of the north. we'll you'll see by 3:00 still light. by 8:00 tonight, we're till looking at maybe a bit of a breeze on the coast. but then by 11:00 here come the breezier winds around the delta. through the next several hours the humidity drops. that's what we're concerned about. you couple that with winds of 40 and 50 miles an hour, and we're ricking at potential very dangerous conditions with critical fire weather. there are your winds speeds. purple and magenta all over the by. this is through sunday afternoon. kinning to get just a little bit lighter.
8:51 am
but it will still be breezy day for sunday. 82 in san jose today. windy conditions start tonight. the accuweather seven-day forecast, wove got high fire danger through tonight into morrowa break on monday. looks like more breezy offshore winds on tuesday. >> thank you so much lisa. meadowlark dairy secret to success is ice cream and also keeping the old school drive through alive process. the pleasanton dairy now expected to keep power this weekend celebrates 100 years in business. and their formula to longevity is simple. they don't change a whole lot. >> it's superunique. the texture of the ice yeem is different from others. >> greatest ice cream in the world. >> we love cold ice cream. >> as soon as we moved to pleasanton we came here because everybody in town talked about it. ♪ >> supercreamy. good flavors.
8:52 am
it's ♪ ♪ >> hi, i'm jessie tigens, the owner of meadowlark dairy in business since 1919. 100 years in business and 50 years downtown. a man named walter briggs owned it. in the 50s my grandpa came to the ranch, meadowlark dairy and started managing it for him when we were processing my parents took over the business and my dad did a lot of milk school route. my parents went to the auction bus because they were auctioning school trucks. the school said you can auction off the truck but you have to take whatever is inside. and inside was the ice cream machine. my parents decided okay we're making a shake mix and make the ice cream mix for it and sell it. and that's how it became cries ice cream. >> i like to know where all the ingredients come from. i mean that adds to the quality of the ice cream. and supporting mall businesses there is not enough of those around anymore. >> currently we have vanilla,
8:53 am
krolgt, orange, strawberry and pineapple, the main stays during the summer. but we have others like mint chip, coconut, pretty much other every other flavor. >> i feel like it's good ice cream for a good price. >> we try to keep the prices as low as we can. i think it's who we are as people. our employees that make it good for customers, they're upbeat, fun, superpolite. i think that's what really makes a difference. >> it's a neat little place. and that they serve all kinds of things. ice cream and you can also buy sundries here which is very interesting. >> it's worth the wait! >> oh, yeah, always worth the wait. >> easily. >> it was totally worth the wait. and you can check out abc's new brand at
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♪ ♪ are you ready? ♪ we can't stop, we've only just begun ♪ ♪ ooooooooo... ♪ i'll show you something neeeeeewwww ♪ ♪ i'll show you something, ♪ i'll show you something ...neeeeeewwww♪ ♪ an update just in on pg&e's planned power shuts office. minutes ago a utility spokesperson gave us the statement saying quota public safety power shut off not called at this time. with we are notifying customers that could be affected so they have time to prepare should a psps be called. originally pg&e said they would give the final notification hat 8:00 this morning. but that didn't happen .ornl notice has north bay counties losing power at five palme and
8:57 am
others parts atul 7:00 p.m. san mateo santa clara. insomnia ho and santa clara counties. we are standing by for updates on pg&e. and we will bring to you ton abc and your app which you can download. ushtd be prepared. charge the likics fill up on gas. stock up on non-perishable, food, water, whatever you need to do because as lisa is about to tell us the wind event tonight is very serious. >> and we have the fire weather index we want to show you when the winds start. 9:00 tonight upper elevations by the delta. as we get through the overnight hours it's all throughout the north bay, not quite in marin yet, the diablo range, the coastal hills tomorrow morning still gusting in the north bay. we still have high wind warning until later on tomorrow about 11:00. really into monday. the winds dial back slightly remember we have a fire burning in the north bay. >> absolutely. you'll reminded by the haze in the air thank you lisa process
8:58 am
i'm kate larson thanks for joining us on abc 7 mornings we have big gafs ahead college football on abc. next at 9:00 a.m. number five oklahoma takes on kansas state at bill snyder family stadium. 12:30 sixth raengtd penn state michigan state in east lansing. number eight notre dame at 40 in ann arbor. followed by toyota after the game with larry beil and chris alvarez. news at 11:00 p.m. appear. stay updated at our website. about the pg&e shut off. about the pg&e shut off. have a g how do i use better than bouillon? i just add a spoonful to my marinades... stir frys... ...sauces. just whisk it in... ...brush it on... sauté it. it adds a "cooked all day taste" ...that doesn't take all day. better than bouillon. don't just make it. make it better. don't just make it. and the breadwinner arrives home from a long day at work. now the family can sit down at the table,
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