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tv   America This Morning  ABC  October 28, 2019 4:00am-4:31am PDT

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good morning, everyone. it is monday, october 28th. we're on again at 4:00 paw of the kincade fire and the pg&e power outages. >> there are new mandatory evacuation orders in santa rosa. they cover larkfield-wikiup and areas of santa rosa. if you are there, authorities say get out right now. >> we have live team coverage of the kincade fire starting with lisa argen who has been on top of the weather conditions all weekend. >> we have a red flag warning in effect until 11:00, but the winds will dial back as we get through the later morning hours. here's the upper elevation winds, oakland hills, 24 miles per hour. mount tam, 21.
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the delta still gusting to 21 miles per hour. elsewhere it is calm. notice the blues there indicating the breezy winds on the coast through the delta, then a red flag warning expires. we have a spare the air alert today. it will be hazy throughout the day. i'll pinpoint where it will be hazy. we're looking at critical fire weather conditions as those winds will continue to gust at higher elevations. otherwise we're talking about another dry day out there and sue has a look at your commute. good morning. >> starting off kind of busy up there with closures and high winds. wind advisories for all the bridges including the golden gate and the san mateo. traffic is light coming off the waldo grade. most of our roads are in the green. the hard closure in the geyserville area with highway 128, alexander valley to geyserville avenue, no estimated time of reopening.
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>> thank you. let's get caught up with the latest information on the kincade fire. >> this morning it is burning more than 54,000 acres in county. containment dropped to 5% after being at 10% over the weekend. at last check 94 structures were destroyed. we're not sure how many of those are houses. 80,000 structures are in dangers. two firefighters were hurt yesterday. two of them had burn injuries. one of them serious. about 185,000 people are being forced to leave their homes. now police started enforcing new emergency evacuations in santa rosa last night as the kincade fire kept growing. >> cornell bernard is live in sonoma county with the latest. >> good morning. there is ash in the air and the smoke is really thick. this situation, i have to say, it's extremely tense in
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unincorporated santa rosa. want to show you what's going on now. this is a perimeter. firefighters are at the top of this ridge ready to do battle and protect those 80,000 homes from damage. the kincade fire slowly marches south and could threaten these homes. the good news here, the winds. the winds definitely died down. you guys, i was out here yesterday. it was incredible. we could barely stand up for a time. the winds were gusting off of the ridge. right now the winds have died down, certainly good news for the firefighters. there is equipment staged all around as henry pans to the left. we have equipment to the right of us. equipment to the left of us. these are firefighters and law enforcement standing by ready to move some large equipment like bulldozers in to create lines. so far so good according to cal fire representative that we spoke to a short time ago.
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the other fight going on, not too far from us, the fight to save 101 and all the property on the west side of 101 in sonoma county. we saw hundreds of firefighters yesterday staged on 1 001 movinn vegetation, standing by with hoses, ready to protect. and prevent the fire from spreading across 101. they were successful. it did not move across 101. on the west side of 101 there are homes, schools, wineries. so many of them. right now we're seeing more chp go to the top of the hill. it was mandatory evacuation last night. firefighters and sheriff's department going door to door telling people you must leave and leave now. we are here at
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the fire was burning the top of this ridge. we did not see active fire burning right now. that is the good news. we'll have more to say on this, there's a lot to say, here in 30 minutes. live in santa rosa, cornell bernard, abc7 news. >> thank you for that update. as mentioned, flames and smoke continue to make driving down some of the roads in the kincade fire dangerous, especially at nighttime. check out this new video. it's a driving shot on highway 128 taken last night. it was taken from the dash cam of the sonoma county sheriff deputy's vehicle. time is 4:05. this morning santa rosa's larkfield-wikiup neighborhood is coming face-to-face with the kincade fire. >> lyanne melendez arrived there just in time to see what firefighters are having to deal with. >> reporter: the winds were still gusting in the area of
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shilo ridge in windsor, fueling the fire and moving towards this vineyard on chalk hill road. the embers highly visible pose the greatest threat to structures. behind it fire crews were going from home to home on pleasant avenue making sure residents had already evacuated. >> 37. >> earlier in the day the fire was impacting highway 101 between windsor and healdsburg, but has since changed course. >> fortunately the fire has not crossed the 101. the wind has klein elined up in northerly direction and is pushing straight south on the east side of 101. >> reporter: several fire trucks made their way to a more densely populated area on vine crest road. >> this is where they were talking about earlier? >> that's what chad was talking about earlier. >> reporter: fire strike teams were positioned throughout windsor. roadblocks were placed close to the areas most threatened. just north of that city in healdsburg, the downtown area was desserted.
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the risk of the fire spreading had diminished even though there were hot spots that continued to flair up. now it's a matter of trying to survive the night as cal fire says the wind will begin to shift tomorrow afternoon to their advantage. >> it's going to decrease the intensity of the fire, decrease the flame lengths and the rate of spread and allow us to two after it more aggressively. >> that was lyanne melendez recording. cal fire had a harsh warning to anyone living in and around the fire zone. be ready to evacuate because there's no telling what could happen with the changig winds over the next few days. >> we are in the heart of the battle right now with this fire in sonoma county. we ask that everybody who is outside of an evacuation zone have a plan. this fire could change direction and activity at any moment. that could result in additional evacuations.
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>> cal fire says the threat is real and everyone needs to heed the warnings. we are following breaking news. this is in southern california. a brand-new fire is threatening homes there on a hillside along a los angeles freeway. you can see how massive that fire is. this is a live look. this is near the 405 near the getty center museum in sherman oaks. if you're familiar with it, this is the west side of l.a. between santa monica and the brentwood ucla area. people there have to evacuate including mount st. mary's university and apparently nba superstar lebron james. all of the off-ramps around the fire have been shut down. it's not clear how the fire started. southern california is bracing for the retn of santa ana santaa winds as it remains under red flag warning conditions today. to the latest on the power outages. pg&e is warning of another strong and widespread wind event to sweep through the bay area
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tuesday into midday wednesday. the utility may have to cut off the power to 35 california counties for that event. pg&e says it will try to turn on electricity to the 850,000 customers impacted by this current shutoff. the all-clear has come for some parts of the state but not the bay area. pg&e warns power may continue to be out through the duration of the next event. now one of the places that is having to deal with the outages is marin. >> that's where we find lauren martinez for more on how people there are having to adapt to their morning commute. lauren? >> we're at the larkspur ferry terminal where the lights are still on. for a lot of marin county residents they have been in the dark for 36 hours. just before we got here we got an alert on our phone. take a look. it said warning, all marin power outage and high fire danger. that alert came down at 3:28
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this morning. at a press conference yesterday pg&e confirmed another round of power shutoffs will begin on tuesday. at least 500,000 customers were notified on sunday about that. pg&e has not confirmed where those next shutoffs will be. the marin county sheriff's office wants to remind everyone if you can to stay off the roads and indoors. reporting live in marin county, lauren martinez, abc7 news. >> thank you for that update. the time is 4:10. lisa argen has been monitoring the latest weather conditions, talking about the fire and the outages all because of this weather. >> we have a wind advisory for the diablo range, the upper elevations of the north bay. the high wind warning has been dropped. it's a wind advisory and a red flag warning through 11:00. the gusty upper elevation winds from 20 to 24 miles per hour. these have significantly dropped off.
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we have a spare the air alert for poor air quality north bay, the coast, inland, moderate in the south central bay and the santa clara valleys. we are looking at the air quality to bring hazy conditions. up in north bay, 50 degrees, 15% relative humidity. gusts up to 9 miles per hour. a bit better here, the air is still really dry. take a look at the air quality today. we start out with a lot of smoke in the north bay. it builds. 1:00 in the afternoon. >> sunny skies throughout the rest of the bay area, but nothing like we're seeing here. you can see the smoke moving into the sacramento valley, out through the delta. this is 11:00 tonight. so certainly some issues in the north bay, but elsewhere air quality is moderate. here we are tuesday in the afternoon, this is when we get our wind shift. looking at more northeasterly winds. look what happens to the smoke. it's being pushed more off the
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coast. the winds out of the north and east. the good news is they'll dial back. we're in the 50s. cool start with not a lot of moisture in the area. we'll see chilly overnight lows tonight into tuesday. the afternoons will be mild. 1:00 in the 60s. we're looking at the rest of the bay, maybe a few low 70s out there. certainly looking at a better day today. as we get into your midday tomorrow, this is what's going to happen. winds will come back. throughout the morning hours, notice the winds get really light through 2:00. looking at our next event, by midday tomorrow. sue is here. good morning. >> good morning. looking at green conditions which means good conditions overall for our monday morning commute. just a bit of slowing out of tracy up and over the altamont pass. high winds out there. due to the fire, the kincade fire, we have a hard closure of 128 between alexander valley and
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geyserville avenue. no estimated time of reopening. malfunctioning signals, highway 12 at 121. apparently drivers are just blowing through there. you must remember when you have traffic signals out it's treated as a four-way stop. we're down to the right lanes being closed both eastbound and westbound due to earlier fires in the crockett and the vallejo side of things. fire is still out there. west and east 80, right lanes of both directions are closed. traffic looks like it's getting by fine right now. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ the holidays begin here
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at the disneyland resort.
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. san francisco mayor london breed is declaring a local emergency for those driven from their home. >> her tweet said this evening i issued a proclamation issuing a local emergency as a result of the kincade fire. san francisco will be opening a temporary 200 person shelter at
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saint mary's cathedral. we are also looking at possible other locations. sonoma county has a lot of evacuation centers at capacity but nap a valley expo, crosswal community church and petaluma valley baptist church are still accepting evacuees. >> no motnot matter where you w yesterday, it seems like you were feeling the effects of the fires. >> anser hassan shows us how firefighters were stretched then. >> reporter: this is a result of today's massive wind gusts. embers blowing across highway 24 laning ne i landing near b.a.r.t. tracks. >> busy day. >> yeah, busy day today. we have had multiple incidents throughout the day and into the evening. the incident that we are just wrapping up is in lafayette. >> in lafayette, air drops target two fires that burned a
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total of seven acres. it happened near pleasant hill road, prompting mandatory evacuations. the lafayette tennis club destroyed. three homes damaged. contra costa fire officials said the threat from the strong winds meant no time off for firefighters. >> all our crews that were going off duty were mandatory. they may not work. as well as later on this morning we did an entire recall at the department. >> you hear me choking up a bit? it's too close to home. >> reporter: leslie watched as fire crews were able to save homes in her neighborhood. battling a fast-moving blaze that burned a block away from her house. >> is it scary to be that close. thank goodness for the fire people. >> reporter: they did a great job. >> did a great job. >> reporter: some families in milpitas weren't so lucky. a fire burned one house and damaged three others. further south a viewer sent this video of flames burning near the intersection of highways 152 and 156 in gilroy. thick smoke from a fire on grizzly island wildlife area in solano county could be seen as
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far away as walnut creek. in oaklee four fires burned back to back starting sunday morning, also prompting evacuations. >> that was anser hassan reporting for us. >> it's awful to watch. meteorologist lisa argen is here tracking all of this for us. we are not out of the woods yet at all. >> we have that smoke to deal with in the north bay. a wind advisory for higher elevations. still gusty. look at mount diablo. the wind advisory for the east bay and the north bay. a red flag warning for the rest of us. 44-mile-per-hour winds here. gusts to 24. things are feeling calm for the most part. the red flag warning until 11:00. winds will dial back quickly but still seeing gusts up to about 60 miles per hour in the upper elevations out of the north and certainly fanning those flames for the fire in the north bay.
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so the current air quality. you can see the yellow dots indicating moderate. because the winds are so gusty. that's why we're looking at the green here. patchy areas of smoke with the spare the air alert. then the winds will shift. 53 in san mateo. 54 on the mince. 40 in santa rosa. aside from the fires, the headline the next couple of night also be frosty temperatures as we have a very dry air mass. numbers could drop into the 30s in the north bay. beach hazard statement today through 9:00 tomorrow from sonoma down through monterey bay. keep that in mind. a spare the air alert, upper 60s for san francisco. livermore low 70s. a chilly night ahead. how is the monday morning commute? >> pretty light out there for the most part. we will look at the east shore freeway. it's moving nicely. the chp issued a high wind warning for pretty much all bay
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area bridges. we have that -- that is the bay bridge parking lot there. we have minor backups for the toll plaza, cash paying lanes. close sures on 101 through the windsor area. right now it remains open airport boulevard to dry creek road. 128 is the hard closure from geyserville to calistoga. mostly looking good out there. relatively light for your drive. once again highway 128, alexander valley to geyserville avenue is shut down. no estimated time of reopening there. and signal lights out at highway 12, 121, so make sure you treat that as a fo
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tto harrison, the wine tcollection.. to craig, this rock. i leave these things to my heirs, all 39 million of you, on one condition. that you do everything to preserve and protect them. with love, california.
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ the holidays begin here at the disneyland resort. all right. good morning to you. waking up to cool conditions out there. in fact, we're looking at temperatures in the 40s. we have a red flag warning in effect until 11:00.
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temperatures will climb through the 60s. areas of smoke and winds really lightening up throughout the day today. looking at mostly the hazy conditions in the north bay. elsewhere sunny skies, slightly cooler conditions. and then that spare the air alert. we get a break through tomorrow. midday a return of offshore winds. >> soda rock winery in healdsburg has been destroyed after winds caused the fire to explode. cal fire said it took about an hour for most of it to go up in flames early yesterday morning. embers blowing from the kincade fire likely started the fire at the winery. a post on instagram, the owners say the staff is safe but they're devastated. this is what the soda rock winery used to look before. it has a 150-year history. it was the original site of the alexander valley general store and post office.
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the evacuations in sonoma county alsomail deliveries. if you live in geyserville, healdsburg or windsor, you go to the petaluma casa grande annex. others need to go to the north bay protesting facility in petaluma. residents of jenner, fulton and graton should go to the petaluma main post office. if you're in forrestville or occidental, you can go to tohnert park post office. pick up is available from 1:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. with a photo i.d. weekdays. >> here we are. looking at current winds above 1,000 feet. they're gusty around mount diablo, mount tam, 21 miles per hour. we have a wind advisory for the upper elevations of the north
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bay and east bay throughout the morning hours. the surface winds are calm. the direction is variable, but overall still offshore. winds are out of the northeast. as we go through the next several hours, about 8:00, 9:00, they lighten up considerably. then through the afternoon a bit of a breeze on the ocean. we will be looking at a slight wind shift. overall humidity is not coming up. relative humidity about 20%, 30%. we'll have that for the next several days for the next offshore wind event that arrives tomorrow. 18% humidity in oakland. be careful out there. looking at a nice day today. 70s and patchy smoke mainly in the north bay. >> look at walnut creek, it's pretty light out there for this early morning.
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taillights headed southbound on 680 towards highway 24. overall we're green. gusty winds over the altamont pass and all bay area bridges with high wind advisory. according to the chp. still with the hard closure through the fire zone. highway 128, alexander valley to geyserville avenue, you cannot get through there. and we're getting reports of an accident westbound 37, the transition connector ramp to southbound 101, the novato side of highway 37. be aware that might be blocking a lane there. we'll check back with the chp in a minute. down to a couple of lanes west and eastbound 80, right lane is taken away for fire. they are still monitoring that fire from yesterday in crockett and in vallejo. >> all right. thank you for that. coming up next at 4:30, the kincade fire intensifies as ferocious winds sweep across the north bay. >> it doubles in size in just 24 hours, there are new evacuation
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orders as the relentless flames threaten more homes. and firefighters from vallejo to lafayette battle their own fire. one shuts d
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breaking right now, hundreds more people under new mandatory evacuation orders as the kincade fire threatens more neighborhoods in santa rosa. powerful winds are still driving this inferno which has grown to 54,000 acres. right now it's only 5% contained. >> we're following the latest developments in the new pg&e power outages. more than 1 million people spent another night in the dark and now comes word they may face a third psps tomorrow. we have live team coverage of the fire and the power outages. let's start with meteorologist lisa argen. people are so worried out there. >> we have a bit better news.
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the winds have lightened up out there. they'll continue do that throughout the morning hours. we have a high wind advisory for the hills of the north and east bay. you can see gusts around mount diablo, 42 miles per hour. mount tam out of the northeast, 21 miles per hour. we are looking at gusty upper elevation winds as the red flag warning continues through 11:00. elsewhe elsewhere, winds are calm, we have ay day in the north bay. throughout the morning hours, check out the direction. still out of the northeast. still a dry atmosphere. they begin to lighten up. that should help out a little bit. not getting a whole lot of moisture in the atmosphere in the next several days. it's 50 up by the fires. 15% humidity. wind gusts at about 10 miles per hour. our spare the air alert focuses on the smoke and poor air quality in the north bay.


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