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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  November 1, 2019 1:07am-1:41am PDT

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inve involvedotghat left man dead. as fire evacuees return home they explained how the tubbs fire from two years ago helped them deal with the kinkade fire. santa rosa where there's a special halloween party for fire evacuees. abc 7 news starts right now. firefighters are making solid headway tonight on the kinkade fire in sonoma county improving weather he flame havcorched nearly 78,000 acres. and part of the fire is in burning in some rugged terrain. >> 165 homes have been destroyed in the four and four people have been hurt. people are being allowed to return to their homes. >> many are sharing thoughts
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about just how different this experience was from the tubbs fire two years coordinating seems to have improved significantly. >> reporter hassan is live from downtown where he found evacuees very glad to get back home. >> good evening. more than 186,000 people were evacuated due to the kinkade fire. many local agencies like the sonoma county sheriff's department say better communication made the process easier and likely saved lives. among the handful of people out to celebrate halloween tonight in healdsburg. they decided they needed a night of fun after the madness of the past week. >> it was less stressful because we knew 10:00 in the morning, saturday morning be out by 4:00 in the afternoon. and that was well ahead of the fire. >> reporter: one reason they aren't stressed out after
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evacuated is because they think the notifications were better than the tubbs fire two years ago. >> it went off constantly. >> reporter: law enforcement gave people a six-hour window to leave which helped with traffic and anxiety on the roads. >> people were nice. i could only go 35, 40 miles an hour and they were all cool. so it was good. but way different than the last one. >> reporter: the sergeant at the sonoma county sheriff's department says there were many lessons learned from the tubbs fire. for one, alert systems were upgraded and there was also better coordination and communication with agencies during the tubbs fire. we did have more time to organize and not create this mass chaos of these mass evacuations and that's what really helped us in having no casualties during this incident.
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>> reporter: governor gavin newsom and other state lawmakers say more funding and resources have been allocated to fight wildfires. and today the residents we spoke to say knowing that changes are being made at the legislative level helps ease some of their concerns. >> it is reassuring. thank you. well, sonoma county is opening an assistance center monday. it'll provide information like the permitting process for recovery and rebuilding and applications for food benefits and medical insurance. it's at the healdsburg community center. communities coming together to help this halloween. that's what happened in santa tk rtor tonight was really special in a lot of >> i have so much candy.
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>> reporter: at the sonoma county fairgrounds tonight kids got to be kids again because for the past week the kinkade fire has forced them to grow up fast. >> and we had kids in the shelter afraid halloween wasn't going to happen because t weren't going to be home. so we told them it didn't matter, we're going to do it here. >> reporter: the idea started two days ago when companies started calling asking if they could donate to fire victims. so for this night everyone can forget about the smoke, anxiety and their loss. >> because of a fire we couldn't have it. >> reporter: they can instead focus on fun. earlier today the community came together once again. >> thank you. >> reporter: to give the gift of food to those in need. several groups came together to hand out groceries. >> i'm not working right now so because of the fires. >> reporter: the line outside finally community center in santa rosa stretched down the
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block as evacuees, those still in the dark and people simply in need got some support. >> this is extremely helpful for people who didn't go to work, lost wages or ju nra >> reporter: because today after all is a day that could bring new beginnings. petaluma craft brewery launched a couple of fund-raising efforts to help fire kinkade fire victims relief efforts. they'll offer a rotating selection of brews that make donations as part of their beer for cause program. and on thursday november 14th, thal hold a fund-raiser at the petaluma tap room. all proceeds will go to the petaluma services center and human society of sonoma county. >> we have an immersive time line of the kinkade fire showing some of the most impactful and pivotal moments since it started last wednesday and exploded over the weekend.
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newss well tomorrow at 6:00. the live special report will include an in-depth report and lively conversation about this historic week here in the bay area. the unprecedented weather conditions, the power black outs crippling much of the region, and another massive fire prompted by pg&e equipment. now as part of our commitment to building a better bay area we'll ask questions and get answers from key stakeholders in this crisis. we all want to help understand all and find the best path forward. so join us for fire, power, wind, what now? it's all tomorrow at 6:00 right here on abc 7. while things are improving here, not the case down south. another fast moving brush fire is threatening homes in southern california right now. the maria fire erupted this evening in ventura county. it has exploded in size to just under 4,000 acres and still growing fast. that number will change rapidly
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overnight. look at this video showingtr dv through the flames to get bulldozers to the front lines. hundreds of homes are under mandatory evacuation orders. pg&e says it has restored power to most of its customers impacted by the two recent power outages. 1,400 customers are still in the dark, though. and 800 customers won't see their power back on until the utility makes repairs to wind related damage tomorrow. about a hundred customers won't have electricity until pg&e inspects lines near the >> for these people who didn't burn down any houses, the kinkade fire is still under investigation. one of the things we did was give them the opportunity to actually refill their refrigerator because their house is still there.
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>> pg&e says they found 156 confirmed incidents of damage to the electrical system. all right, it's all about the wind the last few days. and let's talk about that. now, what a difference a few days can make. >> meteorologist sandhya patel. >> the interior portions of of the north bay under that freeze warning starts at 2:00 a.m., runs until 9:00 a.m. temperatures mid-20s to the low 30s. you'll want to bring your pets inside, obviously protect any frost sensitive plants and don't forget about those pipes. try 32 degrees in santa rosa, 31 in napa, petaluma. down to freezing in livermore. i'll be back when you can expect some changes in terms of humidities so it's not as dry as right now and not as cold. preview of your weekend is coming up. let's move to other things for a few minutes. new at 11:00, a woman accused of
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embezzling from a parent teacher association was arrested last night. san bruno police say they were tipped off that a former treasure from the pta had diverted $80,000 in funds. investigators obtained a warrant and arrested lani martha an encounter with police ends with the suspect dead. one of the most problematic crimes in san francisco and persistent crimes has turned into a political hot potato. how the candidates for district attorney want to address car break-ins. >> plus the halloween spirit is definitely in the air tonight. see how the bay area celebrated. all right, all that's coming up but first here's a look what's coming up tonight on jimmy kimmel live. >> thanks, dan and dion. guess what? it's halloween. >> this is the real -- except
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lowing an officer ay one man is
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involved shooting. you can see the heavy police response. >> the shooting happened just at about 2:30 this afternoon at the intersection of >> reporter: someone initially reported seeing a man with a gun along makey road. details from the san jose police department remain exteamly limited at this time but radio traffic illustrates just how that fatal scene unfolded. a crime scene took over a part of san jose in the afternoon as a fatal officer involved shooting was investigated. it all started at this busy shopping center. the man standing outside of this 24-hour fitness at jackson avenue and macee road in
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jose. at some point around 2:30 sjpd made contact with the man. they haven't provided details on the encounter though radio traffic suggests the suspect tried to leave the area. closer to jackson avenue and tomblin way the confrontation took a turn. witness raul martinez was standing just yards away from the scene. he and his coworkers were kept behind police tape for hours while the investigation was under way. >> we heard some shots and looked out and some guy was on the floor. >> reporter: martinez recalls the critical moments that followed. >> we see him going like that with cpr and it wasn't working too well. >> reporter: police confirmed the man was taken to a local hospital where he later died. they also say no officers were
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injured. >> all right, amanda, thanks very much. san francisco's car burglary problem is well documented as you can see by the numbers on the screen. today we spoke with the four people running to be the city's next district attorney as part of our initiative to build a better bay area. interim district attorney susan lofis introduced a plan. a candidate also promised a task force. and nancy says she wants to create regional partnerships. >> what i proposed is to use bait cars to lead a fleet of rental cars in tourist hot spots all over the city with backpacks in the car with gps tracking devices. >> san francisco's election is next tuesday. well, taking a live look tonight at the sales force tower
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in san francisco which is inhe t halloween mood a little bit at least at the top. you see a little orange there. last year it was the eye of soran from the eye of the rings. this year maybe it's a closed eye taking a snooze. and check this out.aurel el oakland. 500 spooky students showed off their frightful dance skills as family members, staff and school supporters watched and cheered them on. it is the eighth year the school has done this. >> aren't they cute? great dancers, too. plenty of people answered the call to party in san francisco's panhandle neighborhood. neighbors on grove street pitched in to put together this festive halloween block party. everyone got into the halloween spirit especially the kiddos.
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they had itll the, costumests, houses. >> some fabulous costumes. let's talk about the weather. it was perfect for trick or treaters tonight. >> let's see what the next few days has in store for us with sandhya. >> yeah, it was a bootiful night for trick or treaters and everyone out there. i want to show you the sunset from our east bay hills camera. 6:12 when the sun was setting. it was absolutely crystal clear outside, and that's why it made for a great night to be out and about. winds were not an issue. tonight under those clear skies, though, temperatures are dropping. 44 in brentwood. danville at 41 degrees. it is going to be a chilly night. by midnight 43 degrees and you're going to be dropping down
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to 32 at 8:00 a.m. but a nice recovery later on in the day. first thing in the down to 31 in napa, 32 degrees in santa rosa. 35 in san jose and oakland. 55 in san francisco. moderating effects of the water helping you from getting too cold. 34 in fairfield. so before you get going, make sure you bundle up. live doppler 7 showing you clear conditions tonight. as we look from our emeriville camera visibility is terrific. freezing cold in the north bay tomorrow morning. mild sunny days expected through the weekend. continues the next seven days, possibly ten days. but stay tuned in case things change. good to moderate across the bay area tomorrow. air quality advisory issued that is going to continue through sunday for the upper north bay due to the kinkade fire.
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so the hour by hour smoke forecast tomorrow morning at 7:00 a.m. pretty even distribution of smoke especially in the north bay. and watch as the day goes on, concentration of smoke from the kinkade fire will be right over the north bay, unfortunately, at 5:00 p.m. and that smoke will continue off and on through the day going into saturday as well. take precaution. temperatures tomorrow afternoon on the mild side. 78 gil north bay temperatures 74 in napa, 75 in san rafael. nice day in the east bay. 73 caster valley. and chilly morning, bright and sunny for the weekend. don't forget set your clocks back one hour sunday morning. we fall back. daylight savings time ends and
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we're going to laugh about th i newsroom. this is probably one thocoolest halloween costumes we've ever seen. >> a south carolina dad decided to mark the 50th anniversary of the moon landing. >> one daughter dressed up as the lunar module while the othee an astronaut. >> it has a candy sample input port. i just feel like she can't see anything. >> it even has like heat shields on it. pretty good. >> very impressive. >> where's my candy? >> put it in the input port. >> of course. fright night in the desert for george kittle and the 49ers. still perfhougnk
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desert. four touch down fright, hyperextending his knee early in the game. but george kittle laughs at pain. returns, gets the pass from jimmy garoppolo. watch him. sit down. 30 yards for the touch down, yells i'm still here, buddha. we're tied at 7. fourths and goal, sanders, touch down. arizona had called time out just before that play. that gave the niners a chance. and then jimmy g to dante pettus. niners 8 and 0 for the first time since 1990. 28-21 your final. >> great atmosphere, the crowd was rocking and everything. faithful showed up again as usual, but i think we've got a long way to go as a football
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team. >> he played great schedule pla mixed up a lot of stuff, but i thought jimmy played a hell of a game, and it was his best game yet. >> he's pretty good. i don't know why people think he is. he makes some pretty gutsy throws out there. goodness gracious. he's incredible. >> no word yet on whether steph curry will need surgery on his broken hand. the warriors star posted a picture on instagram today smiling saying be back spoon. i spoke with a hand spelgest at california pacific orthopedics about steph's injury. >> it really depends the fracture is. ites oren i o 4 weeks, but we might looking at 6 to 8 weeks or potentially
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longer. >> we'll know more tomorrow. bad hand and all steph was trick or treating as buzz light-year with his family tonight. bradley beal and girlfriend as the joker and harly
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we appreciate your time. >> i'm dion lim. >> i'm dan ashley. we'll see you tomorrow. @@ >> cho, for now.
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