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tv   ABC World News Tonight With David Muir  ABC  November 1, 2019 3:30pm-3:59pm PDT

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tonight, several developing stories as we come on the air. the deadly storms slamming the east. the man swept away in rushing water. now a confirmed ef-2 tornado tearing through pennsylvania, ripping off roofs, sending trees onto homes. tonight here, the water rescues, the baby rescued. and now the blast of cold air moving in for millions. the new fire in california tonight. breaking out overnight. exploding in size just outside los angeles. and the air assault now under way. the breaking headline just in. the major name dropping out of the 2020 race. and elizabeth warren finally revealing how she'll pay for medicare for all. joe biden's team calling it mathematical gymnastics. president trump confirms his permanent residence will no longer be in new york city. where will he now call home? and new york's governor saying good riddance, that he didn't
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pay taxes anyway. the manhunt. three heavily armed suspects stealing bags of cash from an armored truck outside a bank. the guard held at gunpoint. the new lawsuit. two women who say they called 911 four times with an intruder in the home attacking with a knife. they say 911 never sent help. the other major case. was alexa listening? the wife killed with a wooden spear. authorities are now pouring through recordings from the couple's alexa, their amazon echo device. the deadly plane crash tonight, rehearsing for an air show. the nosedive, then exploding. actress lori loughlin pleading not guilty to a new charge. and the very close call while taking this photo at the grand canyon. good evening. it's great to have with us tonight. a busy night ahead. it's been a dangerous and deadly
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last 24 hours in the east. an ef-2 tornado in county, pennsylvania. winds up to 120 miles an hour. in new york, a state of emergency in at least 11 es. this baby flood waters. one man believed to have been swept away. in massachusetts, hundreds of thousands in the dark.adus of erginpsteew york,wift watte e navigating dangerously strong currents, rescuing this family from their home. governor andrew cuomo helping them to safety. later declaring that state of emergency. up to five inches of rain swamping cars in buffalo. first responders using boats and a ladder truck to save drivers. one man swept away in herkimer
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county is still missing tonight. near boston, downed live power lines sparking. straight line winds gusting near 70 miles an hour, knocking trees into homes. more than 800,000 losing power from a wet and windy halloween storm that sent trick-or-treaters scrambling. outside philadelphia, drivers blinded by debris from high winds and rain. >> i'm in a tornado! >> reporter: homes ripped apart in the middle of the night. >> one person injured outside their home when they were hit by a tree. but people are banged up and rescui c er: first responder he broom. le frghai thus >>orleast ei by an ef-2 tornado. direct winds up to 120 miles per hour.
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david, the state of emergency is in place due to so many downed power lines and trees. >> gio benitez, thank you. and we've not forgotten the west. yet another new fire exploding in size breaking out overnight. this time it's in ventura county. thousands of families forced to evacuate. tonight, the battle from the air to save the homes. matt gutman is there. >> reporter: tonight, the last gasp of the historic santa ana wind event sparking the fast-moving maria fire. new evacuations under way, 8,000 residents already ordered to leave their homes. >> boy, a shift in the winds has really turned things for the worse here. >> reporter: dc-10s and chinook helicopter
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the fire to try and stop this from spreading. >> reporter: on the ground, a race to get farm animals to safety. dogs and humans scrambling out of the fire zone. the fire, exploding in size overnight to more than 8,000 acres in less than 10 hours. residents and firefighters banding together to fight the flames. that galloping fire incinerating aaron lewis' neighbor's home in an instant. >> between, it was 300 yards away to fully engulfed in maybe five minutes. >> reporter: parts of southern california under critical fire danger all week. as we saw at the easy fire. right now we're about to get dropped on. you can hear that plane coming through. look out! those treacherous conditions confronting thousands of firefighters as they beat back the flames. >> matt, a i mentioned, this fire, too, exploding in size in just a matter of hours? >> reporter: from zero to 8,000
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acres or more. and mercifully, the santa ana winds are dying down this weekend. david? >> matt, thank you. let's get right to ginger zee, in washington, d.c., tonight. where they, too, were under a tornado watch during the storm that hit the eat. now very cold and windy air behind this. >> reporter: it was 77 degrees yesterday with a tornado watch, now a hard freeze warning all the way to mississippi. the big-time drops in 24 hours from jacksonville, florida, to raleigh. 24 degrees dropped in just 24 hours. state college, a 30-degree drop. tomorrow, sub-freezing temperatures in a nashville. certainly could see frost around here. if you're planning to go to the nats parade, don't set up too
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early, but it will rebound back to around 50 degrees. and beto o'rourke announcing he's dropping out of the race. coming just hours after elizabeth warren described her plans to pay for medicare for all. joe biden's campaign describing it as mathematical gymnastics. here's terry moran. >> reporter: he was once heralded as the new face of the democratic party, but tonight, beto o'rourke is out. the candidate tweeting, "our campaign has always been about seeing clearly, speaking honestly, and acting decisively. in that spirit i am announcing that my service to the country will not be as a candidate or as the nominee." the former texas congressman joined the race with great fanfare, but he never caught on with voters. after the mass shooting in his hometown of el paso in august, o'rourke seized on gun control as an issue to jumpstart his campaign. david asking him about his plan for mandatory buybacks of assault weapons.
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>> you know that critics call this confiscation. are you proposing taking away their guns? and how would this work? >> i am. if it's a weapon that was designed to kill people on a battlefield. hell, yes, we're going to take your ar-15, your ak-47. >> reporter: o'rourke's move, not enough to boost his campaign. he drops out with another candidate on the iowa, h front-runner, elizabeth warren today revealed how she would pay for her plan to revolutionize american health care. >> i have a plan that shows that we can have medicare for all without raising taxes one cent on middle class families. >> reporter: private, employer-sponsored health insurance, the way more than half of all americans get their coverage, would be eliminated. instead, all americans would get free health care from the federal government. on the campaign trail, her democratic opponents have been hammering her for not explaining how she'd pay for such a
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gigantic new program. >> i think we owe it to the american people to tell them where we're gonna send the invoice. >> your signature, senator, is to have a plan for everything, except this. >> reporter: today warren declared her plan would cost $52 trillion over ten years, including $20.5 trillion in new federal spending. she says she would pay for it with trillions in new taxes on corporations and on the wealthiest americans. and with spending cuts including $800 billion from the pentagon. >> terry, no surprise when joe biden was quick to offer a review of elizabeth warren's plan. >> reporter: he said she's making it up, it will be a lot more expensive. and saying the plan is mathematical gymnastics, as you said. but it's elizabeth warren setting the agenda, and the other candidates responding. >> terry, thank you.
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president trump confirming he's changed his permanent residence from new york city to florida. new york's governor saying good riddance, that he never paid taxes anyway. and that he's all yours, florida. here's jonathan karl. >> reporter: donald trump has long portrayed himself as the ultimate new yorker. here he was with barbara walters more than three decades ago. >> when you look at that wonderful skyline, do you say, i own that and that and that and that? >> well, i look at that skyline, barbara, and i really say it's it. >>epr: and here during theal ca new yorker if you want a president than you are getting with me. >> reporter: but now we have learned he has signed papers official it had long been trump tower on fifth avenue in new york. it's a move that may save him millions in taxes. unlike new york, florida has no
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income tax. and it doesn't have an inheritance tax either. but tonight, the president insisted that's not why he made the move. >> i pay millions of taxes. millions and millions of dollars in new york. since i became president, they just haven't treated, i think, the office with the kind of respect. >> reporter: new york governor andrew cuomo, a democrat, shot back with his own tweet. "good riddance. it's not like @realdonaldtrump paid taxes here anyway.he'slloud >>epter: a another reason? >> reporter: yes, because of legal challenges he faces in new york, including a lawsuit to force him to releaseving tflori necessarily affect any of that. the president said i love new
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york, but it can never be great under the leadership of andrew cuomo. >> thank you. and the reward for a missing college student raised to $500,000. tonight, what police have now revealed. believi believing she's the victim of foul play. here's steve osunsami. >> reporter: federal and state authorities searching tonight for this missing alabama college student believe she's been hurt, and could be in serious danger. aniah blanchard hasn't been seen since this security camera recorded her making a purchase at a convenience store last week wednesday. the suv she was driving that night was found empty, about 50 miles away, two days later. police aren't yet sharing details, but say that evidence removed from the vehicle led them to believe she was wounded. >> in this case, that's what so heartbreaking is, she's just a college student. she lives a college student life. >> reporter: police believe she may have been on her way to meet someone, but don't know who. her stepfather is ufc fighter
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walt harris. tonight, he and others are donati $105,000 for a reward for any helpful information. >> if you have any leads on where our daughter aniah is, please, please, please. let someone know. >> reporter: her family says her debit card was last used the night she went missing. she's a student at southern union state community college, david? >> thank you. next to the robbery of a brinks truck outside of a bank in colorado. the guard held at gunpoint. here's kayna whitworth. >> reporter: the fbi tonight desperately hunting for these three masked men who robbed a brinks armored truck in broad daylight. the suspects lying in wait outside a denver-area bank, then pouncing as the brinks guard heads to that truck. one of the thieves, investigators say, armed with
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an ak-47-style rifle. the other two semiautomatic handguns. one suspect holding a gun to the worker's head as the other two ransack the truck. police believe the suspects are between from 5'10" to 6 feet tall. their getaway car, a grey nissan pathfinder with a stolen license plate, making a speedy escape. david, the fbi says all three face a minimum of 20 years in prison and are asking for the public's help to find them. >> thank you. and a 7-year-old girl fighting for life after being shot while trick or treating. police believe she was not the intended target. we've learned they do have a person of interest in custody. now to the outrage and the new lawsuit. a utah woman and her sister were being attacked in their home. one sister calling 911 four
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times, she says. but she says the dispatcher never sent help. here's adrienne bankert. >> he's stabbing my sister! >> reporter: these desperate 911 calls. breann lasley and her sister kayli pleading for help after an ex-convict broke into their utah home and attacked them with a knife. >> i could see his left hand strangling my sister up against the wall that her head had just gone through. >> reporter: the women say they called 911 four times from cell phones while trying to fend off the assailant, at times pleading with him. >> what do you want? >> hello? >> what do you want? >> hello? >> reporter: but despite those calls, breann says police were never dispatched to the home. >> it was just this feeling of hopelessness. there was nothing i could do. >> reporter: she is now suing priority dispatch, the company that designed the dispatch software, for negligence. claiming police were never sent to the home because the system requires operators to ask a series of scripted prompts and
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pre-determined questions before police could be dispatched. but tonight, the 911 software company saying, unfortunately our system was never opened or used because they could not determine an address. the sisters say one of them found an officer after running outside, who ended up killing the attacker. >> thank you. and the deadly air crash. police in a murder investigation. was alexa listening? the woman killed with a wooden spear. and the very close call. while taking a photo at the grand canyon. the near fall. we have a lot more news to get to right here on a friday night. let me see. she looks... kind of like me.
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was it listening? here's victor oquendo. >> reporter: tonight, police in florida pouring over audio recordings from this couple's amazon echo dot devices as part of a bizarre murder from the night silvia galva was killed by a spear. >> i ordinarily i wouldn't want these recordings, i would jump up and down and object because i think it's an invasion of privacy. in this case, i actually am looking forward to the recordings because i think they will show the uth. >> reporter: according to the police report from july, the couple was arguing. hallandale beach pd confirms amazon handed over the devices. the company saying, "amazon does not disclose customer information in response to government demands unless we're required to do so to comply with a legally valid and binding order." amazon adding that audio is not recording unless it hears a key
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3:53 pm
tonight has been postponed. actress lori loughlin pleading not guilty to a new federal bribery charge. loughlin and her husband already facing several charges tied to the college cheating scandal. each could face 20 years in prison if convicted. and a tourist's frightening close call caught on camera at the grand canyon. emily koford was backing up to get a picture of her mother at the rim of the canyon when she stepped off the ledge. her foot landing on a lower rock. she is okay. and says she has learned her lesson. when we come back, the trick or treating moment now seen by millions. man: sneezes skip to the good part with alka-seltzer plus. now with 25% more concentrated power. nothing works faster for powerful cold relief. oh drill? cordless. noted. introducing the capital one walmart rewards card.
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finally tonight, "america strong." the little dracula who clearly was not out for blood. it turns out he has a very kind heart. last night, a trick-or-treater's worst nightmare, caught on this front door cam in gambrills, maryland. watch as 8-year-old jackson champagne, dressed as dracula, walks up to that orange bowl. no candy left. even dracula, stumped. he says to his mom, no more candy. >> there ain't no more candy. >> no more candy? oh, no. >> reporter: then the supposedly evil dracula does something very kind. reaching into his own bag. put his some of his own candy in that bowl. mom, proud of little dracula. >> aw, that was really nice, jackson. >> reporter: jackson saving the
3:58 pm
day. >> there you go. >> reporter: minnie mouse, taking it all in. they turn and leave. that candy waiting for the next child. millions have now watched this, including the family that had put out that bowl of candy. telling us tonight, "this has got to give hope to everyone that there are still amazing people in this world. what a selfless act from this little guy." the little act of kindness on halloween. thank you for watching. i'm david muir. i hope to see you right back here on monday. from all of us here, good night. e rstw cal fire suv and a jeep. the crash happened along highway 116. the lake vad.
3:59 pm
the highway patrol received reports of the crash after 2:30 p.m. we're waiting on more information on which car the person was in who passed away. there's an extended closure. while they do the investigation and of course we'll bring you more information on this fatal accident. as soon as possible. >> good afternoon thanks for joining us. >> our other top story a deadly shooting at an airbnb rental. >> it was insane. there were so many people. >> it was a very chaotic scene. and there was a lot of noise and yelling and people running. >> four people were killed another four injured in a shooting at the house 00eoeere . when somebody opened fire. >> the shooting happened right
4:00 pm
off highway 24. just before 11:00 p.m. the city and neighborhood normally quiet and crime free. there have been two other murders there in 20 years. >> following the story all day long. live with the lates >> this scene. we can show you where the home is. it's up that driveway. up to the right. this is where the party was happening on halloween. and a little bit before 11:00. when the shots