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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  November 9, 2019 5:00am-6:00am PST

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>> announcer: news to build a better bay area. this is abc 7 mornings. good morning, everyone it's saturday, november 9th. i'm liz kreutz. let's look at the weather particularly the dense fog advisory we are following. good morning, lisa. good morning, liz. the north bay valleys towards salinas. you can see live doppler seven showing we are socked in. visibility in miles check it out. it's very dangerous out there. just a quarter mile. petaluma fror santa rosa. if you are driving south to the golden gate or over to the bay bridge it's very foggy. napa quarter of a pliel. hayward isn't baier better a 3/4 and half moon bay. 51 in san leandro.
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52 in oakland. 53 in san jose. so here is a look at the fog. it does burn back by 9:00, 10:00 we are seeing a lot of sunshine. north bay last to clear as well as around the bay. anne then looking at a pretty nice afternoon. we're talking about that fog in morning. full sunshine. a little hazy by the coast. in the 70s well inland. liz. >> thank you, hopefully people take it slow on the roads. new dwems in the tug of war over the oakland coliseum complex. the city of elbowed is asking a judge for an injunction to stop alameda from selling the half ownership to the oakland a's for $85 million. oakland which owns the other half is working separately to sell its share to the a's. the a's plap a new stadium at howard terminal. but they want to redevelop the coliseum complex. all right. b.a.r.t. says an independent police auditor are is reviewing the a conference between a police officer a after and a passenger eating a sandwich.
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>> you are detained not free to go. you're not going to jail. >> i've not done nothing wrong. >> you are detained. >> for what. >> or eating it's illegal. vials of the california law. >> steve foster of concord says it happened on the platform at the pleasen hill b.a.r.t. station. he says the officer walked past others eating and drinking on the platform and confronted him. >> definitely upset, mad, a little frustrated still angry about it. >> b.a.r.t. released a statement saying foster was did he taped not arrested. a spokes woman says he was cited. four days after election and there are two races too close to call in the race for san francisco district attorney, chesa bowden has inchtd ahead of susie loftus. the latest count has him holding a 156 vote lead that's not the closest believe it or not when it comes to the supervisor spot for district five. dean preston has a 35 vote lead
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on valley brown. brown is the incumbent and this race has been going back and forth since the polls closed. a reminder san francisco uses rank choice voting to choose a winner. and you can check out results for all lol local races on the website. okay new this morning a longtime east bay politician is accused of spending campaign money on a home remodel. joe camilla resigned suddenly he is now agreeing to pay $150,000 fine for 30 counts of illegal spending for his time as a california assembly member between 2011 and 2015. state regulators said ken camilla cooperated and paid the fine in full. okay. heavyweights from hollywood and washington, d.c. came together in san francisco to talk about human rights. richard gere joined by house
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speaker nancy pelosi and the dalai lama sister. chris reyes has the story. >> don't be like them. fight the fight. as you said, look at the long game and just have the right perspective with a heart full of love as his holiness would have wanted >> that's about as political as nancy pelosi would get in the hourlong conversation with her long-term friends richar gere and jettison p. ma of the sister of the dalai lama. all three supported tibet's fit for independence for decade. gere is the chair of the international campaign for tibet. he believes preserving tibet culture should matter to everyone. >> the tibetans created a society to make people have that expansion of heart and mind. >> in front of an audience filled with tibetan americans a called to action, support a bill in congress that among other things would sanction china if it interferes with how the next
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dalai lama is ooifrd. >> it's a story of humanity. >> do you feel feel hopeful about what's happening considering everything happening in the world and in this country. >> i think we always have to look forward and hope for the best. prepare for the worst appear hope for the best. >> considering your spiritual practice what's your presks and what's happening in the country right now. >> i tend to see this as an illness right now. and it needs wisdom and tolerance and compassion. >> in san francisco, chris reyes for abc 7 news enchts go, go, go. >> oh, my god the treeing burning next to us. >> all the homes gone. >> i can feel the heat now. >> hard to believe one year ago the campfire exploded in paradise and what would be the deadliest and most destructive fire in california history. last night the community gathered to remember the 85 people who lost their lives. here is abc 7 news okanus dan ashley and ama daetz.
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>> the hardest part of the gathering tonight is acknowledging the 85 we lost in the kmup. >> the people of paradise remember the neighbors who died in the fire. in hours the wildfire zroed o destroyed more than 15,000 homes and burned most of their town. >> new drone video shows the emptiness after all debris cleared away. crews removed more than 3.5 million tons, twice the amount removed from the world trade center site after the 9/11 attacks. >> once home to 26,000, 4,000 live here now. but a year later paradise is starting to rise from the ashes. >> we are together phoenix rising. >> we are not letting it be a devastation. we are turning it around. and we're making it a positive thing, you know. we're rising literally from the ashes. >> one survivor built this sculpture of phoenix made from
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thousand keys from lost homes. >> children from the elementary school offered a song of home. >> ♪ from the ashes we will rise ♪ ♪ >> a day so many of us will never forget. that was dan ashley and ama daetz reporting. pg&e kwon seeded its equipment was likely to blame for the fire. if they filed for bankruptcy appear would have more than $10 billion in liabilities for damages caused by the fire. >> meanwhile after the blackout. pg&e has been facing questions about maintains power lines. now a case study from napa valley. a home owner tells the i-team the ewe tielt identified serious dangerous in wires near the home more than a year ago but hasn't fixed it as promised. dan noyes has the story only here on abc 7 news. >> brian lives a half mile away from where the tubs fire started in 2017.
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high winds blue the flames into his area and destroyed 27,000 homes. since thens he has created a defensible space around his home. removing dozens of industries. installing others. installing a generator so his well water keeps glowing if a fire. >> power lines drooping through they can vegetation. tall trees feed away. >> this is a clear and present danger it isn't it. >> it definitely is. >> the neighbors say the same power line sparked a brush fire. he asked pg&e for help he gave me emails and text messages with pg&e and the tree service subcontractor the davy resource group. on two occasions workers marked problem trees for removal but never cut them down. the yellow bands are still there. >> they walked the property line. they marked the trees with yellow tape. and said we will get on this. it's obviously a danger.
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and we'll get the trees taken out. >> that was when. >> that was a year ago. >> a year ago. >> right? >> fast forward to last month. pg&e cut power to calistoga and the city issued evacuation advisory becrnanaslready in mex on a planned vacation. he returned to find a brancher to through his roof and a 140-foot tree toppled one previously marked for removal. >> coming home from mexico and seeing this and seeing was, like which don't i stay at my house in mexico. why am i here. >> this is a massive tree and it really was a stroke of luck it fell this way if it had gone towards the power lines it well could have led to another devastates wildfire. >> when i asked davy resource group why any hadn't cut the trees slated for removal they referred me to pg&e where spokeswoman deanna emailed
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processing ene does not currently have trees marked for reformle at the address where you choired. >> how can we get it done now. >> last week i asked pg&e about speeding up the vegetation management program and making improvements to the power grid. bill johnson said his works inspected all 250,000 miles of power lines. a that should have included those. >> we fixed everything needing fixesing. well a aggressive vegetation management onthe requirements. >> what message do you have for bill johnson. >> i'd like to see him come up here and look at the site and tell me that this is not a high priority. you know for all the years that we've been paying through our process pg&e bills for added tree trimming that obviously was not done. >> pg&e sent an updated statement claiming the trees are in compliance with fire safety standards that require four feet of clearance from the power lines. i saw with my eyes know the
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branches and vegetation were crosser. pg&e also says the marked trees does do not pose an immediate safety threat and scheduled to be removed next year for the i-team, dan noyes abc 7 news. >> okay happening today something us here at abc 7 news are excited about. we are in part sponsoring the fourth annual girls festival in full of activities to connect young women with ideas challenges and workshops to inspire their inner drive and imagination and who knows we may find our next weather anchor at the abc 7 anchor auditions. more than seven thousand girls and their families are expected to attend. if you want to go tickets start at $10 online. kids 7 and under free, at the palace of fine arts from 10 until four sounds like a great event. >> we have to wait for the fog to burn off. it's socked in there with the dense fog advisory.
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north by valleys until 9:00. this is a lack at the golden gate where it's 50. and the deck is right there, right on the roadway there. do be careful it's in the mid-40s in the inland valleys with the clouds. and we'll talk about a hazy afternoon and some changes with the wind shift coming our way. i'll explain next. >> thanks, lisa and also giants fans see changes to the homefield what you see next season starting at oracle park. >> i'm amanda del castillo in san francisco. dopamine fasting, what it is and
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welcome back. new details about a hostage situation in the lake county community of clear rake. a man has been arrested accused of holding his brother and a boy hostage for 33 hours. according to the press democrat
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police pleef it was a domestic dispute starting thursday morning. 31-year-old frisco more or less gomez armed with a rifle in his home. he released the boy, a family around 6:00 last night. the suspect tried to escape from a window but officers found and arrested him. thankfully no one hurt. baseball season is well over now but it's a different look to oracle park watching the giants next year. according to the chronicle the giants are moving the bull pen foss right center around center field on either side of the cale garden and baptist row in straight away center. about 400 bleacher seats had been there. the iconic triples al o alley will stay making sure it remains one of the most recognizable parks in baseball history. in the east bay the public sounded off on a controversial plan to dissolve the police force in a small count of kensington. they would contract with neighboring town for protection. they suffer from staffing
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problems. el saturate o pulse put in a bid to police the community in the hills north of berkeley. six additional officers would be hired. >> kensington could be incorporated as a bet in satura -- neighborhood. >> there is opposition to the plan residents in both communities fear response times could lengthen. all right a health care for wheel of fortune host pat sajakp he had emergency surgery for a blocked sbefrten cancelling taping of the show. the vana white stepped in as host. the show tweeted best wishes. say jack is reportedly resting comfortably and looking forward to getting back to work. you can watch wheel of fortune here at 7:00 after jeopardy. the krerts center for disease control says it's identified what is make making
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people ill in videotaping p.m. it's viet a minimum e as he tate found in fluid taken from the lungs of 29 patients nationwide. e-cigarette makers use the kpund to dilute thc oil. s in ground breaking because it the first thing linking those suffering from lung damage from vaping. have you heard of dopamine fasting. the latest trend used by silicon valley techie to manage addictive behavior and happiness. how does it work? amanda del castillo explains. >> we live in an always on culture in the bay area. always on our phones, always on social media, always on our way to some event. when the behaviors start to become aticketive or problematic ucsf professor says it could be time for a timeout. >> everyone knows that drugs or substances can be abused but what are under appreciated are thes behavioral addiction sns gaming, gambling shopping, social media. >> i guess i'm addicted to
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messing around with the computer. >> really any compulsive behavior keeping from you carrying on. the research found silicon valley workers are working to manage the chaos. turning to a new craze called dopamine fasting. for example if sex is the issue. abstaining, refront range from exercising, eating and talking if it's becoming a bad habit. taking time to allow our brain to recover and restore itself from any overstimulation. >> i find myself decompressing away from those from time to time just to find a healthier outlet instead of sitting on the computer and finding everybody as good and bad news. >> sometimes we're not fully aware how engaging am compulsive behavior affects or depresses mood. when we abstain especially for a longer period of time we might notice we feel better. >> seppa says it's practical to take one to four hours at the end of every day to disconnect. in san francisco, i'm amanda del castillo, abc 7 news. >> what do you think, lisa,
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dopamine fatting you onboard. >> whatever it takes. sure. okay. good morning, everyone. we are looking at once again that fog, our little mini summer pattern is back with us with the low clouds, fog, retreating to the coast but we are looking at changes this weekend. a look at the visibility in miles where we have the dense fog advisy of the north bay. check it out. we're looking at just about under a quarter of a mile visibility here. in the north bay. a little over a mile at sfo. two miles on the coast in hayward looking particularly foggy as well. and oakland so certainly it's taking until about 10:00, 11:00 as a big dome of high pressure is overhead. capping the atmosphere, allowing for little mixing and that's bringing up the fog and that stagnant air mass. looking at a little bit of rain moving to the pacific northwest. in terms of air quality it's been a bit hazy. we're adding relatively humidity to the atmosphere from the fog and we have a little bit of smoke left over from the fires
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from the north. so you saw up in napa and the visibility here is moderate. and air quality is well. right on through the afternoon this is a 24-hour check of what you can expect for the air quality throughout the day. once again in the moderate category. wind will become offshore and back off off the on show flow with the meritorious that will allow for broiter and warmer numbers tuesday into monday. 49 in hayward. two to four degrees cooler this morning. five degrees cooler and also the light winds out there with the high pressure air mass we don't the mixing. that's allowing for the stagnant air mass and that fog once again. so areas of dense fog particularly around the central coast, north bay, sunny for most and looking for more sunshine with warmer conditions early in the week. cooler conditions later in the week. look at the fog here. we are sunny throughout the
5:21 am
afternoon, teg taking it throug sunday morning, the fog not as dense. you see pockets over to the east bay and then by the afternoon pretty much the same scenario. it's monday where we get into slightly warmer readings. but looking at the rainfall potential, the next seven days is it siding down from the pacific northwest? well, doesn't look like it. we're up to a couple hundredths in san francisco by next weekend. forecast models hinting at perhaps a change but nothing definite. let's look talk about warmer monday. still cool at the coast and then cooling off on tuesday into wednesday, some extra cloud cover. so that wind shift later on tomorrow night allowing for a little bit less in the way of fog say monday and tuesday. highs today 77 in concord. 7 in palo alto, santa cruz. 73 in sand rafael with low 60s on the coast. we're talking sunshine late day for every dsh late morning i should say for everyone around the bay. the accuweather seven-day forecast featuring of the sunny
5:22 am
conditions right on through the next several days, except you'll notice that we cool off into veterans day. actually more like tuesday and then you download the app and you'll see that perhaps by the end of the week we'll get a patternt nothing looks likely as point. just seeing a few signs north of us sfr. >> but really this morning it's the foge watch have to watch for. >> college games highlighted by saturday night football with fifth ranked clemson facing nc state. game day analyst reese davis and kirk herb street have a review. >> college game day from tuscaloosa. as soon as we finish from here. what a showdown on abc. penn state and minnesota both 8-0en at line lineups forth in the ranking. >> going to be very cold which is big because of turnovers. which quarterback will control the offense, mot neighboring that critical mistake. >> i know it's lsu, alabama
5:23 am
weekend but this is significant with penn state up at number 4. minnesota undefeated. they get penn state at home. can't wait to watch the two quarterbacks dan are tanner morgan has done amazing job. big weapons around him at receiver in the backfield. shaun clifford if he wins this he is one of the great stories in the big ten with a committee behind him and maybe the most dynamic play make ner the country. >> if minnesota pup pulled the upset, a big steve steep ford the region championship. also on abc. sc coming offer the beating at the hands of oregon taking on arizona state. >> in game two weeks ago looked significant as far as who was getting in to it pac 12 championship. that has taken a step back with losses. clay helton, his team trying to block out the noise the best they can, get the quarterback back in track and able to make big plays against that arizona state defense. >> and in primetime will clemson take out the irritation at being
5:24 am
fifth in the college football playoffs against nc state. >> one of the years for dave doren at nc state, lost a number of corners down to the fifth corner. up against the clemson offense as reese said, feeling perturbed, feels disrespected whoever next up happened to be bad time. that's unfortunately the wolf pack. >> selection committee might have done clemson a favor by motivating them ranking them fifth. they did dave doren no favo
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welcome back. an iconic business in san francisco hating ash bury neighborhood about to play the swan song. the raies puotinen music store closes tomorrow. the location open the last seven years and boast add big
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collection of cds. dvds blue ray and vinyl. after the closure they will have six locations in the bay area. okay prepare for a big change to the instagram feed. starting next week, the facebook owned company will start hiding like counts in the u.s. the company says the aim is to remove the pressure of collecting likes. users will see liked by a username and others below the posts instead of the number of likes. okay still could tom conabc 7 mornings a grocery delivery service under fire from its own workers, why they say the company is retaliating against them. plus bite size spam frys. before you judge hear why the shopping customers promise you'll like it.
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introducin♪ beep, beepdelivery, just in timwwrrrr ♪e holidays! ♪ beep, beep ssshhhh ♪ ♪ beep, beep ♪ ♪ errrrr ba-ding ♪ shlrrrp ♪ bark, bark ♪ ♪ beep, beep ♪ ♪ sshhh shrrrp ♪ ♪ ding crrrnch, ♪ ♪ crrrnch beep ♪ ♪ boop errrr ♪ hey! get free in-garage delivery from key by amazon when you connect your myq app or get the universal smart garage hub, now just 29.98. >> announcer: news to build a better bay area. this is abc 7 mornings. good morning, everyone. we are starting in half hour with a look at the weather. here is meteorologist lisa argen. hey, lisa. >> hey be, liz.
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we see the fog behind you. we are starting out with the fog advisory for the north valleys and look at visibility in miles across the bay area. it's bad everywhere not just the north bay where you can see a quarter mile visibility but look around hayward still a quarter mile there. and 3/4 of a mile in oklahoma, san francisco and even out towards the delta we have the low clouds and fog. remember, this is no november, usually in the a foggy time offier. looking at the numbers we have a lot of 50s in the east bay 50 in san francisco. low 40s towards santa rosa. the 9:00 hour still shows fog around the bay. but we will brighten up. we have hazy sun on the way looking at temperatures season tds to warmer than average by 1:00, in the low 70s inland. and we have that fog banking up to the shoreline. a wind shift is in the forecast. i'll tell what you that means in a few minutes. liz. >> thanks walks lisa. new developments this morning pointed at the insanity at a cart growsry delivery
5:31 am
service. workers holding a labor protest claim the company retaliated against them two days later. according to our media prarnt mercury news many workers stopped delivering this past sunday to tuesday. it was a protest to get the san francisco based company to raise the delivery tip amount for workers. but on thursday ins at a cart eliminated. ins at a cart claims it wasn't in retaliation. a wrongful death lawsuit filed in contra costa county superior adrian against airbnb and orinda and party goergs ekt canned to the halloween shooting that left five dead. leslie brinkley has the story. >> somebody was upset in there and let the bullets fly. >> the parents of 23-year-old rayman hill jr. through their attorney were set to file a lawsuit against airbnb, the city of orinda and home owners and
5:32 am
party organizers alleging a large halloween party fueled by alcohol and zrugs without adequate supervision or security measures taken. altogether serving to create or promote an air of lawlessness and violence leading to the presence of the mass shooter or shooters on the property rich airbnb offered to pay funl costs and counseling for victim families. >> i don't believe the problem is airbnb. i believe the problem is guns. less guns less mass murders. >> a constant parade of residents stopped by here to reflect on five young lives lost at a house party blocks away from this busy intersection. what organizers on social media called a mansion party gone totally awry when gunshots were fired on halloween night into the crowd of 100 in the airbnb rental property. >> police are following up on hundreds of leads including investigating whether hill might have been a target. >> there is a tremendous amount of evidence nef to look through and work on. and there is a very large number of people that they're trying to
5:33 am
talk to. and so while it's frustrating from pennsylvania -- you know you'd like to have some answers to a lot of things, you know, they're trying to do it right. >> i'm leslie brinkley, abc 7 news. and orinda is in the process of drafting an emergency ordinance banning short-term t is aigarof buiing- sksh excusing a building a better b.a.r.t. is a big part of the better bay area. to put in the new you have to take out the the old pl sky7 captured an old b.a.r.t. card trucking down the road to the recycling yard. david louie has the story. >> it's never been done of before. how do you move the 40-ton car and place it on a flatbed truck. it will be decommissioned over the next four years as a new generation of cars come online. in car put into service in 1995
5:34 am
and retired 19 years later racking up 2.2 million miles chosen to be first because of a troublesome history squl. >> this was a car continually came into the shop was repaired. and was sent out again. to a o it would break down an hour later. >> but car 2528 history is also blemished by an incident in 2013 when two b.a.r.t. employees were strutthe tracks during a strike. the car was dubbed the death car by the maintenance team. a total. of ten cars haves have been shold at this steel company for recycl 44 of the% can be recycled. b.a.r.t. is in the process of trying to determine the value of vintage cars. this car valued at zero because wheels and other components have been salvaged to repair similar cars. we discovered hidden artist including that tehran i should 1994 penny and a candy wrapper and sun flower seed who ignored
5:35 am
the no food policy. the big challenge was to how to load the car on a truck. taking a team of b.a.r.t. engineerings to two hours to fine tune the process. leaving them per plengsed. they prevailed after using a band sued to make room for wooden beams. the truck operator wasn't phased that transporting a car this way hadn'ten been done before. >> hard to get up to oakland. >> injury we'll get it down. >> that he did tp taking car 2528 up highway 880 to become part of a large scrap heap that could be turned into something better, safer and perhaps less notorious. david louie, abc 7 news. in the north bay smart train service will be down this weekend through a section of sonomaa and marin counties. trains won't run today and tomorrow from petaluma to novato to allow crews to test new software. >> we're opening twotations this year. larkspur and opening novato
5:36 am
downtown. we have to add thetaons to the systems and so we have to install software for these railroad crossings. test them. and then we have to reinstall the existing software so we can provide passenger service on monday morning. >> a bus bridge will be set up to carry passengers between the stations. officials say necked be force today shut down service again saturday and sunday. if they don't get the work finished by next weekend. and here is one you may or may not add to the dinner table. say hello to spam fries. yes, you heard right. spam fries. the savory side dish gaining popularity at the howl a hoop tick y bar in south san tick y bar in south san ♪ ♪ i only have eyes for spam
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the drinks look good. not so sure how i feel about spam fries. i know they're not for everyone. you can check out abc's localish brand at it's on facebook and instagram. still ahead on abc 7 mornings. gichg a boost to entrepreneurs in the east bay. the guests who launched a coworking space. and here is a live look at sand rafael right now. you can see the dense fog. please drive safely if you are hitting roads this morning. temperature is 47 degrees in sand rafael. time is 5:39.
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emeryville cam. it's hard to see anything interest there i the dense fog through the bay area. temperatures in emeryville right now is 51. lease are lisa will have more on the forecast in a few minutes happening today. vallejo kmem rates the 75th anniversary of the port chicago explosion. and the port chicago 50 in one of the worst mainland disasters of world war ii. a mu niegs explosion at port chicago kiled hundreds of mostly african-american soldiers. the port chicago 50 refused to continue working in the hazardous conditions they were charged with mutiny but released or the event with a black at the sieft navy bar acs. a great chance to do good in the north bay. the salvages army will be checking off holiday wish lists for children and families in need. if you visit the napa wal-mart on lingening avenue you will get
5:43 am
a shopping list with a toysre h are in the giving spirit. salvages army will do this from 8:30 this morning to 6:30 tonight. it's hard to believe that we are already in the holiday mood and the gift giving time. >> the weather is not cooperating though with the fog. it doesn't feel like summer. it looks like it with the san mateo bridge you can see foggy. but nothing like the north bay tp dense fog advisory through 9:00. a foggy start for the weekend. i want in the 50s around san mateo. about 50 here. we're talking about the changes which are in store for pennsylvania sunnier looking weekend when we come back. >> thanks, lisa. also next a krer high night for deangelo russell with 52 points enough to carry the warriors to victory in minnesota.
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in action today. staffer stanford face colorado and boulderer at noon. cal takes op washington state at memorial stadium. kickoff at 4:00 p.m. san jose state battles hawaii at low hauor in playing the thunder. last night deangelo russell had a career night in minnesota larry beil has the highlights in this morning's sports. >> good morning, everybody. deangelo russell almost signed with minnesota the past summer. there are rumors the t-wolfens wants him i scored a 52 against the t-wolves sparky ready for the show is so was l-lo amp missing three games. 12 points in the first quarter. 17 at the half. warriors 20 of 20 at the line in the first half. final seconds third quarter. d-lo from the logo. and splash process! 31 after there three. highs in the veins. dubs by six. 30 seconds left russell with a career high 45.
5:47 am
warriors by four and the snarl says it all. warrior defense need a stop one stop in the final minutes couldn't get it. gliding in for two of the 40 fied at 110. missed a late shove shot over-the-. russell keeps going. in ot. makes it look effortless. makes it a 1-point game. finished with the career high 52. but wigans answers pull up dagger 3. former warrior jordan bell remember him, providing the chest bump. warriors fall 125.119 o it they're in okc font tonight. the big gaming in levi stadium in years. 8-09ers. hoefrting seahawks 5:00 p.m. kickoff here on abc 7. the question whether george kittle is playing or watching. kittle did not practice on friday dealing with knee and ankle injuries. jimmy g hoping the favorite target good to go. >> yeah he brings a lot to the team. even just his mindset.
5:48 am
playing through what he played through in arizona with the knee and ankle all that stuff. u got to tip your hat to him. his route running coming out of breaks and things. compared to last year and the year before that is night and day different. he just -- it's the time he puts in. it shows on the field. >>well well baseball news the second year in a are. a's third baseman matt chapman won the amrican league platinum glove award. chappie led the league in newsroom capturings including defensive runs saved by third baseman and fielding percentage. he makes spectacular plays look routine. this is fun. the arizona state hockey team playing in alaska this weekend. this is their welcome to alaska moment. push! . the bus got stuck in the snow. they had to push it out. temps and phoenix this week, mid-80s. alaska, up to 19 degrees today.
5:49 am
enjoy! >> that's a wrap on morning sports. have a great weekend, everybody. i'm larry beil. and here i am complaining it's cold here. i'm think bag that video next time i say it's cold. >> there is a huge arctic outbreak through the midwest and northeast over the next couple days by the way. just in case process if you head out of town, otherwise you are here with the dense fog advisory in the north bay through 9:00. but we are fog elsewhere. it has been rather different out there, hasn't it, the mini summer pattern with the low clouds, fog and then the smoke, hazy afternoon sunshine. that continues today. we get a break tomorrow and monday. i'll tell you why in a moments. we'll have the mild highs today. a little bit of fog returning. seasonal temperatures throughout the evening hours. and looking at the extended outlook featuring cooler days, mainly dry, extra cloud cover through the middle of the week. are we getting rain? that's the question. here is a look at the golden
5:50 am
gate where it's superfoggy. do take care. we have the on shore flow. you can see how extensive the deck of low clouds appear fog are all the way to the delta. and that's the reason why we're looking at more haze. we have a little bit of fire in the atmosphere -- i should say smoke from the fires in the north bay. and that air quality adv tt rel you can see it more and then the fog here with the visibility reduced for the morning hours. nothing you can see in pet lam. look at hayward pan half moon bay, the asht could see delays. five miles towards livermore. and up to the north we have some rain. but it's this big dome of high pressure that is keeping us rain free. our air mass stagnant. the winds light. very little mixing. and that's why the air quality advisories continue. so throughout the north bay with the fog, it's a little bit better. but into the east by and rest of the day into the south bay we will be under moderate conditions today. tomorrow looking at more of an
5:51 am
offshore flow. that should take some of the elative humidity out of the atmosphere. >> monday. 52 in oakland. 459 in hayward. 43 in napa and santa rosa. throughout the afternoon it's mild in the south bay. how about 76 in san jose. 72 in sunnyvale. upper 60s to low 70s with the hazy afternoon sunshine on tap for the peninsula. a cool one in san francisco. at the coast just low 60s. you'll have a few patches of fog there there. but mainly sunny conditions through the north bay. look for upper 70s, the moderate air quality, santa rosa, calistoga, east bay, looking at 67 in berkeley. 71 in san leandro. heading inland we are looking at mid-70s. conditions really not changing throughout the next several days. tonight fog is back with us, 40s and 50s looking at our accuweather seven high pressure day outlook. we you notice warmer on monday. because of the wind shift, the offshore flow nothing astronomy or to worry about. we look at bringing up
5:52 am
temperatures on monday with britter conditions, of course that's the holiday. veterans day. and then after that is when we increase the clouds. we'll return to the on shore flow. and then looking at more cloud cover and temperatures coming down, maybe 8 degrees orders by the end of next week. still no rain on these next seven days. but you know last carrier the first rain was november 22nd. so of course we haven't had any. we need some but no time to panic. >> good to know. i've i know in the past few weeks the rain is when is it coming. >> we ended pretty good last year. >> we're still in fire season and that's way we could also use the rain thanks lisa. also abc 7 news is focus ds on building a better bay area including efforts to nurture ideas and innovation with small business and tech entrepreneurs. now, the bay area legend mc hammer is supporting a new space to forest creativity. here is our reporter coronell bernhard. >> a celebration at the
5:53 am
brand-new home of cobiz, a 9,000 square foot state art coworking space. ceo wesley zander is calling on entrepreneurs. >> a lot of great things happened in richmond but everything in isolation. now people have a hub to meet like minded people. >> i'm not the star of the show. >> recording artist tech entrepreneur mc hammer lending support to the space. he says when it comes to innovation you can't touch this. >> cobiz richmond can be a great cigarette place for your entrepreneurs to come and be surrounded with an environment that nurts ideas. >>hi this is shiloh and today talking about another black history knockout. >> announcements shiloh has now has a space to record pod casts and teach classes here. >> this is going to be our little silicon valley in this
5:54 am
space. >> the project funded by a grant from chevron. >> not only nurturing entrepreneurs it's the first step says the mayor revitalizing richmond. >> two three years, ten years down the road when it downtown richmond turn around? this is it right here. >> a new renaissance for the city ideas. in richmond, coronell bernhard, abc 7 news. next, how you can help in the fight to
5:55 am
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are expected to walk. abc 7 is proud to have a team called abc 7 memory makers and we will have plenty of the team there if you want to join in. there is still time to go. final registration at 8:00 this morning. the walk kicking off at 10:00. so far the walk raised more than $981,000 of the $1.1 million goal. process you'd like to donate weather watcher a link on the website. okay. next on abc 7 mornings at 6:00 a.m. a longtime east bay congressman facing a fine accused of pocketing campaign money. ahead, how much and what he used the money for. and a conversation about compassion. nancy pelosi and rich gere speak on why tibet matters today. >> announcer: let's take on the issues. let's call out the problems. >> let's face if we have a trash issue here in san francisco. >> announcer: and find real solutions. let's have hard conversations. >> i feel that the community has
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♪ blow a kiss into the sun ♪ we needed somebody to lean on ♪ ♪ all we need is someone to lean on ♪ news to build a better bay area. this is abc 7 mornings. good morning, everyone. it's saturday, november 9th. i'm liz kreutz let's start with a quick look at the weather including the fog advisory weaver been following. here is meteorologist lisa argen. good morning, lisa. >> yes, you're right. live doppler 7 here. you can see for yourself, the fog footprint throughout the bay area. we have a dense fog advisory for the north bay and salinas valley until 9:00. a lack at vikt visibility. petaluma can't see anything. a quarter from santa rosa to napa. 3/4 of a mile oakland to fremont


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