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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  November 9, 2019 6:00am-6:59am PST

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♪ blow a kiss into the sun ♪ we needed somebody to lean on ♪ ♪ all we need is someone to lean on ♪ news to build a better bay area. this is abc 7 mornings. good morning, everyone. it's saturday, november 9th. i'm liz kreutz let's start with a quick look at the weather including the fog advisory weaver been following. here is meteorologist lisa argen. good morning, lisa. >> yes, you're right. live doppler 7 here. you can see for yourself, the fog footprint throughout the bay area. we have a dense fog advisory for the north bay and salinas valley until 9:00. a lack at vikt visibility. petaluma can't see anything. a quarter from santa rosa to napa. 3/4 of a mile oakland to fremont as well as matteo. sand carlo it's foggy out there. even in san jose just a little
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bit over a mile visibility. it's 51 in union city. good morning, berkeley. 50 for you. in the low 40s up in sanity rosa. a look at foggy exploratorium camera. the fog through the midmorning. then sunny hazy sun starting out. mostly sunny conditions then. moderate hair quality, a little bit of haze for the afternoon today. but numbers in the upper 70s. mild inland. but again at the coast cool near 60. liz. >> thanks lisa. new developments in the tug of war over the elbowed coliseum complex. the city of oakland is asking a judge in to stop alameda county from selling the half ownership to elbowed a's for 7,857 million dlards. elbowed owning the other half is separately working to sell its share to the a's. the a's are planning a new stadium but want oh redevelop the columns number complex. independent police auditor reviewing video showing a heat the cops confrontation between
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at police officer and a passenger eating a sandwich. >> you are not free to go. you are detained. >> stop for what. >> you're going to jail my man. >> for what. >> eating it's illegal. [ bleep ] violation of california law. >> steve foster of concord says it mapped whielt while on the platform at the pleasant hill b.a.r.t. station. he says the officer walked past others eating and drinking on the platform and confronted him. >> definitely upset, mad, frustrated still angry about it. >> b.a.r.t. released a statement saying foster was detained, not arrested. a spokeswoman says he was cited. >> the four days after the election and there are still two races too close to call in the race for san francisco district attorney. chesa bowden ifrmgd ahead of susie loftus. the latest count at a 156 vote lead. but that's not the closest race. when it comes to supervisor spot for district five.
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preston mass pennsylvania 35-vote lead on brown. this race has been going back and forth since the polls closed. san francisco uses ranked choice voting to choose a winner. check out the results for the local races on the website. abc 7 okay new this morning a longtime east bay politician is accused of spending campaign money upon a remodel to his hawaii vacation home. joe camilla resigned suddenry as contra county clerk and election recorder he now dwrees to pay $150,000 fine for 30 counts of illegal spending for his time as a california assembly member between 2011 and 2015. state regulator said ken samlea cooperated and paid in full. heavyweights in hollywood. heavyweights from hollywood and washington, d.c. came together in san francisco to talk about human rights. richard gere was joining by house speaker nancy pelosi and the dalai lama sister to discuss why tibet matters. abc 7 news reporter chris reyes,
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as you said look at the long game. and just have the right perspective, with a heart full of love as his holiness would have wanted >> that's about as political as nancy pelosi would get in the hourlong conversation with her long-term friends richard gere and jettison p. ma, sister of the dalai lama. all three actively supported the tibet's fight for independence for decades. gere is the chair of the international campaign for tibet he believes tibet kurmt should matter to everyone. >> they kroet create add society to make people have the expansion of heart and mind. >> in front of audience filled with tibetan americans a call to action, support a bill in congress that among other things would sanctionft dalai lama is identified. >> it's not just about tibet. label is tibetan but it's a story of humanity.
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>> do you feel hopeful about what's happening considering everything happening in the world and in this country? >> well, i think we always have to look forward and hope for the best. prepare for the worst and hope for the best. >> considering your spiritual practice what's your perspective on what's happening in the country right now. >> i tend to see this as an illness we have right now. and the medicine is wisdom and tolerance and compassion. >>? san francisco,s kris reyes for abc 7 news. go, go, go, go. >> oh, my god the trees burning next to us. >> all the homes gone. >> i can feel the heat now. >> one year ago the campfire exploded in paradise in what would be the deadliest and most destructive fire in california history. last night the community gathered to remember the 85 people who lost their lives. here is abc 7 news anchors dan ashley and ama daetz. >> the hardest part of our gathering tonight is ac fonling the 85 individuals we lost in
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our community. >> the people of paradise remembered their neighbors who died in the fire. in hours the wildfire destroyed more than 15,000 homes and burned most of their town. >> new drone video shows the emptiness that remains after all the debris was cleared away. crews removed more than 3.5 million tons of it, twice the amount removed from the world trade center site after the 9/11 terrorist attacks. >> once home to 26,000 people, just 4,000 live here now. but a year later paradise is starting to rise from the ashes. >> we are together phoenix rising. >> we're not just letting it be a devastation we're turning it around and making it a positive thing, you know. we're rising literally from the ashes. >> one survivor built in sculpture of phoenix made from 12,000 keys from people mo lost homes. >> children from the local elementary school offered a song of hope. ♪ back from the ashes we will
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rise ♪ ♪ >> and that was dan ashley and ama daetz it's equipment was blamed for the fire. after last month's blackouts and wildfire pg&e has been facing questions about the power lines. a case study from napa valley, a home owner tells the i-team, the utility identified serious danger in wires near his home more than more than a year ago but hasn't fixed it as promise. dan noyes has the story only here on abc 7. >> reporter: brian lives a half mile from where the tubs fire in 2017. high winds blue the flames away from his house. >> santa rosa killing more than 20 and destroying more than thousands of homes. dern yan tells me he has spent
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more than six figures creating a defensible space. removing trees, trimming others. installing a generator so the well water keeps flowing if water is needed. power lines here drop through tall vegetation and trees feed away. >>s in danger. >> it is. >> the same power line they say sparked a brush fire six years ago after a branch fell on it. dern yan asked pg&e for help. he gave me the emails and text messages and the message was davy resource group. they marked problem trees for removal but never cut them down. the yellow bands are still there. >> any walked the property line, marked the trees with yellow tape. and said we will get on this. it's obviously a danger. and we'll get the trees taken out. >> that was when? >> that was a year ago. >> a year ago? >> right. >> fast forward to last.
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pg c cisndcuation advisory because of the high winds and fire danger. dern yan was already in mexico on a planned vacation. he returned to find that brancher to through his roof and a 140-the foot tree toppled. one previously marked for removal. >> coming home from mexico and seeing that, my house. seeing this and then seeing that -- i was like why don't i stay at my house in mexico? why am i even here? >> this is a massive tree and it was a stroke of luck it fell this way. if it had gone towards the power lines it well could have led to another devastating wildfire. >> when i asked davy resource group why they hadn't cut the trees they referred it flee to pg&e where a spoke wom e-mailed me pg&e does not currently have trees marked for removal on the address in which you choired. >> last wk we get it downow.
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president and ceo about speeding up vegetation management program and making improvements t power gried. bill johnson said his workers inspected l 25,000 miles of power l the high fire hat of she included brian dern yan's house. >> we fixed on a priority basis needing fix. we have aggressive vegetation management well beyond the regulatory requirements. >> what message would you have for bill johnson. >> i'd like to see him come up here and look at the site and tell me this is not a high priority. you know wherefore all the years we've been paying through the pg&e bills for the added tree trimming, that obviously was not done. >> pg&e sent an updated statement claiming that the trees near the house are in compliance with fire safety standards that require four feet of clearance dpr the pow lines. i saw with my own eyes that the branches and vegetation were closer than that. now pg&e also says the marked trees do not pose immediate safety threat and scheduled to
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be removed next year. for the i-team, dan noyes, abc 7 news. okay, happening today something us here at abc 7 news are excited about. we are in spart sponsorering the fourpgt annual girls festival in san francisco. and the team will be out in full force. s in a day full of activities connecting young women with idea ideas, challenges and workshops to inspire inner drive and imagination. and who knows we may find our next weather anchor at the abc 7 anchor auditions. more than 7,000 girls and their in mys are expected to attend. and if you want to go tickets start at $10 online kids seven and under are free. it's at the palace. fine arts from 10:00 a.m. to 4:00. s it sounds like a great event and i will swing buy and our colleagues will be there. >> should be a lot of fun. and the weather is shaping up. another sunny day on the which. but air quality has been moderate. you can see at the surface all due to high pressure that's prapg some of knows polluteants, moderate air quality today and
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that dense fog to get you going. 43 in concord. it's 50 in san mateo. so the afternoon reveals a pretty mild day even sunnier tomorrow. i'll explain coming up. >> lisa thank you. giants fans will see changes to the homefield. what you see starting next season at oracle park. i'm aichld del castillo in san francisco. dopamine fasting, what that is and
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new details about a hostage situation in the lake county community of clearlake. a man has been arrested accused of holding his brother and a boy hostage for 33 hours. according to the press democrat police believe it was a domestic dispute starting thursday morning. the 31-year-old was armed with a rifle inside his home. he released the by who was a family member around 6:00 last night. the suspect tried to escape out of a window but officers found and arrested him nobody thankfully was hurt. okay baseball season is well over now. but it will abwhole different look to oracle park when you watch the giants for next year. according to the chronicle, the giants are moving both pitching bull penning to center and right center field. on either side of the cale garden and baptist roe in straight away center. about 400 bleacher seats had been there. the iconic triples alley will stay making sure it remains a recognizable park in baseball history. dopamine fasting, you heard
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of it? it's the latest trend used by silicon valley techie to manage addictive behavior. >> amanda del castillo explains. >> we live in the aulgs on culture in the bay area. alms on phones, on social media, always on way to some event. but when the behaviors become addictive or problematic ucsf proves here says it could be time for a timeout. >> everyone knows that drugs or substances can be abused but what's under appreciated are the behavioral addictions. >> like gaming, gambling, shopping, social media. >> the cell phone. >> i guess i'm addicted to messing around with the computer. >> really any compulsive behavior keeping you from carrying on. the professor's research found silicon valleys are working to manage the chaos turning to a craze called dopamine falgsing if serks to it issue abtank refront range from exercising eating and talk if it's a bad
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habit. taking time to allow the brain to recover and restore from overstimulation. >> i finds find myself did he compressing from knows to find a healthier outlet instead of sitting on the computer and finding everybody's gootd and bad news. >> sometimes we're not maybe fully aware how engaging and compulsive behaviors affects or depresses mood. when we abstain from things especially for a longer period of time we with might notice we feel better. >> he says it's practical to take one to four hours at the end of every day to disconnect. in san francisco, i'm amanda del castillo, abc 7 news. dopamine fasting. i guess we should give it a try, right, lisa. >> why not? you know, we certainly have been looking at a lot of fog throughout the morning hours. the past few days. and once again, we do the dense fog, in fact a dense fog advisory in effect until 9:00 for the valleys of the forth bay, salonas valley as you can see low cloudiness towards the delta.
6:18 am
look in miles shows the north bay is the worst with really cans can't see anything at all zero visibility petaluma. but look at napa. pretty rough on the way to the golden gate bridge. oakland is looking at just a little bit better but not much. looking at over an hour delay at sfo due to the fog on om saving flights. towards the delta four mile visibility. mountain view and san jose, just at a mail. socked in out there. due to a big ridge of high pressure capping the atmosphere keeping itagnant. there is a little bit of rain in the pacific northwest. will it move our way? not in the near future. visibility is impacted this morning. and throughout the day the air quality will be better in the north bay that's what the green circles represent. but towards the east and south bay. moderate air quality out there. you'll notice haze. a live look from mount tam, where you can see it's beginning to get light out there. 6:43, the official sunrise.
6:19 am
50 degrees in san francisco. 52 in san jose. a cool 43 in oakland. here downtown it's foggy but not as foggy as it is in the north bay. 42 santa rosa. 45 fl napa with low 40s out in concord and livermore. so we've got the light winds. that's another reason we have that fog. it compresses down on the atmosphere. we don't have any mixing as we get towards noontime. just barely a puff of a sea the breeze remaining cool and some of the fog clings to the coastline. not everyone is sunny. but mostly sunny for everyone. three to five degrees cooler this morning from te coast to the north bay valleys. and the forecast highlights the dense fog advisory. for most sunny, except right at the coast and it's cool there and looking for crowdier conditions with temperatures coming down by wednesday. here on monday one of the warmer days due to the slight offshore flow. that's going to stop that relative humidity and moisture and fog bank for a time being.
6:20 am
and temperatures as a result will come up and we'll lose some of the haze into monday. 70s to upper 70s to near 80. but all changes on tuesday seeing a return to a on-shore flow. so cooler. and system from the north bringing increasing clouds and even a cooler day for you on wednesday. how about some rain? well looking at the next seven days, it's in the pacific northwest. and we could see just a little bit of it in the north bay. not all of the forecast models are agreeing on that. we'll ep keep you posted. 65 tad with afternoon sun in san francisco. kind of hazy there. 63 half moon bay. look for upper 70s inland. it will be sunny and milder there. and the accuweather seven-day forecast shows that we're keeping the pattern into the second half of the weekend. the holiday offering some slightly war warehamer conditions getting just a little bit of the offshore flow, cpping the on-shore flow with the dense fog preps on monday into tuesday. we're a little bit closer to average. and then the clouds come with
6:21 am
cooler conditions. still no rain drops over the next seven days. >> well nice for the three-day weekend for folks to have a little bit of nice warmer weather. >> why not. >> thanks, lisa. big college football games today on abc 7 highlighted by saturday night football with fifth ranked clemson facing nc state. the espn college football game day analyst reese davis and kirk herb street have a preview. >> college dame game day from tuscaloosa or the lsu alabama game. as soon as we finish there. penn state and minnesota 8-0 both. >> going to be very cold, which is big because of turnovers. which quarterback will be able to control the offense, not make the critical mistake? i know it's lsu, alabama weekend. but this is significant with penn state at number four. minnesota undefeated. they get penn state at home. can't wait to watch the two quarterbacks tanner morgan has done amazing job executing the offense big weapons around him
6:22 am
and shaun clifford if he wins this he has been one of the great stories in the big ten with a committee behind him and then the most dynamic play make ner the country. >> if minnesota were to pull the upset in this game, the giant step towards the big ten championship and rematch against penn state or shot at ohio state. and. >> this game about two weeks ago loobld it was very significant as far as who gets into the pac 12 championship, that now has taken a step back with some losses. clay helton again his team just blocking out the noise, the best they can get the quarterback keaton slobas on track and able to make big plays against the arizona state defense. >> in primetime will clemson take out the irritation at being fifth in the college football playoffs against nc state? >> one of the years for dave doren at nc state, lost a number of starters down to the fourth, fifth corner now up against in clemson oechs as reese said, it's a little bit perturbed
6:23 am
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tips his hand. a lawyer for the former national security adviser saying john bolton may have relevant information in the ukraine investigation. congress's next moves, the latest testimonies and what it all means for the impeachment inquiry. plus, bitter blast, cold moving across the country this weekend. cities from texas to new england feeling the chill. and believe it or not it's going to get colder. and finally, pat sajak recovering from emergency sprg. the wheel of fortune host cancelling taping. how he is doing, who is filling in and the road to recover. that's ahead on gma. an iconis about busy in the hating ash bury neighborhood about to play the swan swong. the raies puotinen music store closing for good tomorrow. it's been open seven years opinion a boasted a big collection of cds and dvdss. they will six lows in the bay area. still to come on abc mornings, a
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with country fried turkey, hand-breaded and fried 'til crispy, our take on a festive favorite is back. and it's only at cracker barrel. so, come on home for the holidays. come on home to cracker barrel. >> announcer: news to build a better bay area. this is abc 7 mornings. good morning, earn for those of you just joining us we start
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the half hour with a look at the weather. here is meteorologist lisa argen. >> good morning, lisa. >> good morning, liz. we have the fog out, a dense fog advisory for the valleys of the north bay. a look at mount tam, the sun officially up at 6:43. it's tough navigating throughout the north and east bay and south bay. 44 in gilroy. 50 in san francisco. this is sutro. you can see the marine layer clouds. 42 in santa rosa. 43 for you in concord and livermore. so the visibility is near nothing up in the north bay. delays of about an hour at sfo due to the fog. 3/4 of a mile visibility for you in fremont. hayward, and the sand carlos airport. we have 40s and 50s to start out. we do break out into hazy sun late in the morning. then there is a sunny day with temperatures climbing again in the inland valleys. the fog becoming less of a factor into the beginning of next week. i'll explain coming up. liz. >> thanks, see la.
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new developments pointed at the ins at a cart grocery delivery service. works who holed a labor protest claim the company retaliated two days later. according to oh our media partner many workers stopped deliverings groceries it this past sunday. it was an attempt to raise the delivery tip for workers. but on thursday ins at a eliminated the $3 bonus feature for worker was a five-star review. ins at a cart claims it wasn't in retaliation. a wrongful death lawsuit filed in contra costa county superior against again party organizers and city people for the shooting leaving five dead. leslie brinkley has the story. >> somebody was upset in there. and then let the bullets fly. >> the parents of 23-year-old rayman hill junior through their attorney were set to file a lawsuit against airbnb, the city of orinda, home owners and party
6:32 am
organizers alleging a large halloween night party fueled by alcohol and drugs without security measures taken. that all together served to create or promote an air of lawlessness and violence leading to the presence of the mass shooter or shooters on the property. airbnb offered to pay for funeral costs and council counseling for victim families. >> i don't believe the problem is airbnb. i believe the problem is guns. less guns, less mass murders. >> a constant parade of residents stopped by here to reflect on five young lives lost at a house party just blocks away from this busy intersection what organizers on social media called a mansion party gone totally awry when gunshots were fired on halloween night into the crowd of 100 in the airbnb e rental property. police are following up on hundreds of leads including investigating whether hill might have been a target. >> there is a tremendous amount of evidence that they have to look through and work on. and there is a very large number
6:33 am
of people that they're trying to talk to. while frustrating from -- you know, you'd like to have answers to a lot of things, you know, they're trying to do it right? . >> leslie brinkley, abc 7 news. and orinda in the process of drafting an emergency ordinance banning short--term non-hosted rentals going up tor a vote on november 19th. building a better b.a.r.t. is a big bart of building a better bay area. to make room for the new you have to take out the old. that happened yesterday. skooifr captured the old b.a.r.t. truck trucking down the road on the way to the recycling yard. our reporter david louie has the story. >> it's never been done before. how do you move a 40-ton car and place it on the truck. car number 2528 is the first of the 669 cars decommissioned over the next four years as a new generation of cars come online. this car was put in service in 1995 appear retired 19 years
6:34 am
later racking up 2.2 million miles. chosen first because of the troublesome history. >> this was a car that kinly came into the shop was was repaired and was sent out again and would break down like an hour later. >> but car 2528's history is blemished by an incident in 2013. when two b.a.r.t. employeesy struck and killed by the same car while adjacent to the tracks during a strike. the car was dubbed the death car by the maintenance team at the system's hayward yard. a total of 10 years have been told at snitser steel for recycling. estimated 44% of the car can be recycled. b.a.r.t. is in the process of trying to determine the value of the cars some of which in service since the early '70s. this car valued at zero because the wheels and other components were vafrlgd to repair similar cars. we discovered hidden treasure left in the skelton of the cold war, including the tarnished 1994 penny and candy wrapper and sun flower seed lester by someone ig noerng the no food policy. the big challenge was how to
6:35 am
load the car on a truck. it took a team of b.a.r.t. engineers two hours to fine tune the process, leaving them stiemts perplexed. prechlg after using a band saw to make room for to support theei b.a.r.t. car this way had never been done before. >> is it hard to get it up to oelktd. >> i think we'll get it done. >> and that he did, taking car 2528 up highway 880 to become part of a large scrap heap that could be turned into something better, safer and less notorious. david louie abc 7 news. okay, here is one that you may or may not add to the dinner table. say hello to spam fries. yes, you heard right. spam fries, the savory side dish gaining popularity at hula hoop tiki bar in san
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♪ ♪ i only have eyes for spam fries. >> everybody comes here and not think about work, not think about anything else. our signature is a spam fries. we are about 200. cans of spam they come here and don't look at the menu. >> so good. so good. >> when they sit down they order spam fries we cut the spam into frys and put egg wash to the bred sticks to the spam. we fry it, light, golden brown. when you eat it it's not too salty. and very railroad comforting. we present the spam fries in a spam can comes with three sauces. garlic, and ketchup. some people never try spam. some customers are like what's
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welcome back. happening today vallejo kmem pon and mainland disasters in world war ii a mu niegs explosion accident killed hundreds of mostly african-american soldiers. the port chicago 50 refused to continue working in the hazardous conditions. they were charged with mutiny but released at the war end. today they will be honored with a plaque at the former site of the knave navy bar acs. a great chance to do good in the north bay. the salvation army will be checking off holiday wish lists for children and families in need. if you visit the napa wal-mart on ling avenue will you get a
6:42 am
shopping list with toys that the kids are hoping for. if you are in the gifting spirit. salvation army will be doing this from 8:30 this morning to 6:30 p.m. it's already time to start holiday shopping for. >> for some maybe. >> yeah. >> we have fog out there. feels like summer, right not really i know it's cold. bt it looks like it with the low cloud and fog pattern that continues today from sand rafael. the dense fog advisory through 9:00. foggy everywhere know airport delays at sfo. foggy in san jose and fremont as well as the east bay. we'll get into that hazy sun have a mild afternoon. a wind shift is in our future. and is there any rain? i'll have the answers next. >> also next a career high night for deangelo russell with 52 points be enough to carry the warriors to victory in
6:43 am
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welcome back. let's talk sports. all three bare schools back in action. stanford faces colorado in boweled are at noon. cal takes on washington state at memorial stadium. kickoff at 4:00. and san jose state battles hawaii at aloha stadium at 8:00 p.m. now tonight the warriors in oklahoma city to play the thunder last night deangelo russell had a career night for the dubs in minnesota. abc 7 sports director larry beal has the highlights. >> good morning, everyone. deangelo russell almost signed with minnesota in past summer. their rumors the t-wolf still
6:46 am
want him but for a warrior and scored a career high 52 against the t-wolf. s so spark were ready for the show was so was oh d-lo after missing three dames with the ankle injury. 12 points in the first quarter. 17 at the half. war berry ariers 20 of 20 at the line final seconds third quarter. d-low from the logo splash. ice in the vinces. dubs by 6. 30 seconds level. russwell a career high 45 warriors by 4 and the snarl says it all. warriors defense need a stop. one stop in the final minutes could not get it. andrew wigans gliding in for 2 of the 40. tide at 1 oh 110. d-lows missed late. russell keeps going in oover tim. finish was career high 52 but wigans answers pull up dagger 3. jordan bell, remember him, providing the chest bump there.
6:47 am
warriors fall 125-119 in o.t. in okc tonight. the biggest game at levi in years. 8-0 niners hosting seahawks monday night 5:00 p.m. kickoff here on abc 7. the question is whether george kittle will be playing in if it or merely watching. he did not practice on friday dealing with knee and ankle injuries. jimmy g. hoping the favorite target is good to go. >> he brings a lot to the team. even just his mindset, playing through wlae played through in arizona with the knee and ankle, all that stuff. it's just -- he is a tough dude. you got to tip yorp hats ro unr andthin fferent. he just it's the time he puts in that it shows on the field. >> well baseball news for the secondier in a row a's third baseman matt chapman won the american league platinum glove
6:48 am
award given the best fielder in the league. he led in numerous categories including defensive inruns saved by third base annual fielding percentage. he makes spectacular plays look routine. this is fun, the adds state hockey team playing in alaska this weekend. this is their welcome to alaska moment. the push! the bus stuck in the snow they had to push it it out. mid-80s in phoenix in week. alaska, up to 19 degrees today. enjoy. that's a wrap on morning sports. have a great weekend, everybody. i'm larry beil. >> let's get a check now of the bay area forecast with meteorologist lisa argen. hey, lisa. >> i wish i could mix it up a little bit. we still have the fog ant moderate air quality because things have just not been able to be mixed up because of this big dome much high pressure that continues to sit over the bay area. pretty shot from the sutro tower camera. where we are looking at a lot of
6:49 am
low clouds and fog. that's way we have the dense fog advisory. north bay valleys and down around salinas through 9:00. veriy foggy out navigating this more than. airport delays as well. then into sunshine tonight. more fog back into play. then through the middle of next week extra cloud cover, cooling dramatically. but the question is where is the rain? here a live loob look from the golden gate bridge camera where it's foggy. you can see the fog right on the deck. live doppler 7, gray throughout the east bay. the delta oifr hayward in fremont and san jose with over a mile visibility in the south by. sand carlos look at that. i want foggy for the airport there as well. and sfo, you heard about the delays looking at in scenario for another hour or two. and then by 8:00 we are oe by 9:00, 10:00. and the dome of high pressure
6:50 am
keeping the storm track north. keeping the rain in the pacific northwest. the air quality throughout the day today in the north bay should be moderate around st. helen aire. pretty good elsewhere in the north bay. but it's the east and south bay we have the haze and high pressure keeping a lid on the atmosphere with very little mixing. this is 280, san jose, 51 in oakland. 46 in gilroy. half moon bay 48. the food is the warehamer day out of the weekend. and santa cruz sun and lows. 42 in santa rosa and the dense fog advisory around the monterey bay and santa cruz as well. 39 by the delta. very little wind. we need that to mix it out. but we have the on-shore push. this is noontime the winds kick up a bit at the coast. it's keeping it cool only about 60 degrees there maybe low 60s. and the fleftly wind today, tomorrow, though, into monday we get more offshore push that should clear out some of the haze. looking at temperatures two to
6:51 am
five degrees cooler this morning. and in the south bay today we are looking at mid-70s again in and around santa clara, san jose, 72 in palo alto. look for 71 in redwood city. upper 60s, san mateo with sea breeze. low to mid-60s san francisco and downtown 75 in sonoma. it brightens for everyone except if you are at the shoreline. 67 in berkeley. cool there. heading inland we have the mid-70s, another milder day in our inland valleys. the fog returning tonight. the accuweather seven-day forecast, into late tomorrow and monday where we get the offshore flow. just gentle enough to keep that marine layer at bay. and that will allow for slightly bite are broiter conditions, warmer highs for the holiday. temporarily though, as tuesday we're beginning to see the temperatures come down. download the accuweather app and you notice we are going much cooler into the end of the week. but that's all relative because they're talking about single digit wind chills inheidst
6:52 am
thmahing w out fo >> totally right. >> thanks, lisa. >> abc news focus ds on building a better bay area. including ideas to nurture small business and tech spriers. now hammer supporting a new space to foster creativity. here our reporter coronell bernhard. >> a celebration at the brand-new home of co biz a coworking space and business incubate are. ceo wesley alexander is calling all entrepreneurs. >> a lot of great things happening in richmond but everything is in isolation. now people have a hub to meet like minded people and build on what they're doing. >> i'm not the star of the show ton. wesley is. and this community is. richmond is. >> recording artist turned tech entrepreneur mc hammer lending support to the space. he says when it comes to innovation you can't touch
6:53 am
>> cobiz richmond can be a great place for entrepreneurs to come and surrounded with an environment that >> this is shiloh and today we talk about a black history moment. >> she has a space to record pod casts and teach classes be >> not only is cobiz nurturing . local entrepreneurs, the mayor says in place is the first step to revitaling downtown richmond. >> two or three years down the road, ten years somebody asks you, when exactly did downtown richmond turn around? this is it right here. >> a new renaissance for the city. and anyone with ideas. in richmond, coronell bernhard, abc 7 news. and next how you can help in the fight to end alzheimer's.
6:54 am
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happening today a fantastic event. abc 7 news is proud to be a sponsor for. the 2019 walk to end alds heimers. more and more people walk and donate every year. this year more than 3 now will walk. abc 7 is proud to have a team called abc 7 memory makers. and we'll have plenty of our team there. if you want to join in interests time to go. final registration starts at 8:00 and the walk kicks off at 10:00 a.m. so far the walk has raised more than $982,000 of its
6:57 am
$1.1 million goal. if you'd like to donate we have a link on the website. almost there. almost at the goal. really cool. a final check on the weather >> you'll need the jacket. and boy it's foggy and chilly out there. dense fog advisely through 10:00. in the north bay. half mile at the airport. quarter mile hayward. oakland. look at sand carlos and half moon bay. san jose at about a mile. so temperatures later on today, 3:00, upper 70s. still cool in the city with rimted sun there. low to mid-60s. moderate air quality. the accuweather seven-day forecast little change through the week. less in the way of the fog through the holiday and then cooler but still dry for the upcoming work week. >> good to have a little bit of warmer for this holiday weekend. >> for sure. >> thanks, lisa. thanks for joining us. i'm liz kreutz with lisa argen. abc 7 news continues at 8:00 a.m. good morning america is next.
6:58 am
we'll see you then. >> announcer: let's take on the issues. let's call out the problems. >> let's face it, we have a trash issue here in san francisco. >> and find real solutions. let's have hard conversations. >> i feel that the community has failed people of color. >> and hear one another. >> we can use words we don't have to use our fists. >> our concerns might be different. but we're in this together. but we're in this together. and b here's another cleaning tip from mr. clean. cleaning tough bathroom and kitchen messes with sprays and wipes can be a struggle. there's an easier way. try mr. clean magic eraser. just wet, squeeze and erase tough messes like bathtub soap scum... and caked-on grease from oven doors. now mr. clean magic eraser comes in disposable sheets. they're perfect for icky messes on stovetops... in microwaves... and all over the house. for an amazing clean, try mr. clean magic eraser,
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"good morning america." millions waking up in a deep freeze as an actic blast sweeps across the country. snow hits the midwest. hovering roads and covering roads record cold settling in even colder air on the way with windchills in the single digits and the new storm threat from the midwest to the northeast. impeachment showdown. john bolton's attorney telling congress the former national security adviser could add critical testimony to the investigation as new transcripts are released from those closed-door depositions, the concerns two white house officials raised about a quid pro quo. bombshell testimony. a longtime friend taking the stand in patric frazee's


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