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tv   ABC 7 News at 5  ABC  November 10, 2019 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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faith, business and community leaders tonight are remembering a business pioneer. he died last night in his sleep at age 60. >> abc 7 reporter kate larson joins us live in mission bay, and tyson had a big impact here in the bay area. >> reporter: bernard tyson was a giant in health care and he made this happen, the entire area around the newly built chase center which of course was sponsored by kaiser and named in honor of their slogan, t tyson's many legacies here in the bay area. it is the nation's largest non-profit health care provider.
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tyson was at the company for more than 30 years. he was born in vallejo and he and his wife denise lived in the east bay and in san francisco. he does have three children. i just spoke to his personal friend, he was shocked when he found out that tooyson passed ay in his sleepover night. they were out in the community the past several days as they always did. >> it's not only a loss personally to all the community and the entire nation because bernard tyson was really a person who impacted how we thought about health care so the loss is tremendous. >> the kaiser board member said he was an honorable leader. and i met i interviewed him just a few months ago at an event about solving homelessness through health care and also
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spoke to representative barbara lee of the east bay. she says she's absolutely heartbroken at bernard tyson's passing. kate larson, abc 7 news. >> much appreciated. now kaiser behavioral health workers postponed a strike in the wake of tyson's death. a new date for the strike has not yet been announced. meantime governor newsom expressed his sadness over the death of bernard tyson. the governor released a statement saying, coat, jennifer and i are deeply saddened to learn of the passing of health care pioneer and our dear friend bernard tyson. bernard's vision made an influence here at home and abroad. tweeting this picture of him with tyson and bernard tyson our loving friend and board member has passed away, he always did
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so much for others and one of the worlds greatest ceos. in the east bay people are remembering bernard tyson as a community leader. abc 7 news was in oakland where they were holding its annual black sunday expo. the senior pastor there met tyson more than a decade ago and called him a gentle spirit. >> he was a brother and a friend, so i'm going to miss him deeply. i don't know how to express all of the words that i feel right now, but it's a level of sadness. but i do know that his legacy will live on for years to come. >> he called tyson's death not just a terrible loss for kaiser but for oakland and america. abc 7 news sent out a breaking news push alert out this morning just after kaiser announced that its chairman and ceo bernard j. tyson died. be one of the first to know about breaking news, you can enable push alerts to get updates sent to your mobile
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device. to developing news now. outrage tonight in san francisco's china town following the beating and possible robbery of several residents. the attack caught on video. cornell bernard joins us live in china town with the story. this video is little hard to watch, cornell. >> it really is, and we want to tell you all three victims in this case are in the mare mid to late 60s. they are recovering tonight luckily with minor injuries. take a look. this is exactly where it happened here on clay street really in the heart of china town. we do want to warn you that video of the attack is disturbing. >> i was extremely disturbed, extremely upset. >> reporter: strong reaction from china town residents over this disturbing incident caught on tape and posted on social media. police say a group of four male suspects beat three men and tried to rob them on clay street. you can see one of the victims is punched right in the face and
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falls to the ground. >> i mean, he was out cold. >> reporter: betty watched the video a member of the china town emergence association. >> we're trying to make it a visitor-friendly destination. and at the same time you get these thugs that come in and beat on people randomly for no reason whatsoever. it's a hate crime. >> reporter: two other victims are seen being punched and knocked to the street. a few moments later the suspects take down on clay street in a black suv. over the summer two citizens were brutally attacked in broad daylight. >> suddenly two person hold me up and raised me up. then i don't remember anything and then fell down on the street. >> reporter: last month a 19-year-old oakland man was arrested for the assault on wong. at the entrance to sportssmith square where senior citizens
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gather day and night. she wants all citizens to be safe especially seniors. >> it's just so disturbing that we can't get enforcement behind this to at least tell these people they can't come down to china town and do this. >> reporter: they have increased patrols in chew ontown and made three arrests from other robbery cases. the supervisor just told us the suspects from last night's attack may be connected to a robbery here in china town on november 8th. and he tells us police are following several leads tonight. cornell bernard, abc 7 news. in the south bay a man is dead after an officer shot and killed him. the shooting happened in saratoga around 3:00 yesterday afternoon on southbound highway 85 north of winchester boulevard. san jose police say officers stopped a car because the passenger inside was wanted on
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an outstanding warrant. they say she showed a gun and one officer opened fire. the officer involved is on paid administrative leave during the investigation. golfers made a horrific discovery on a course in san francisco. a body was found yesterday afternoon at lincoln park golf course near the richmond district. golfers told abc 7 news they heard it may be a baby's body but investigators can't confirm that right now. >> we were playing golf and we came around 13, 14, before we teed off we noticed there was an odd smell. >> there's usually people walking around the golf course even who aren't playing, so it's -- i mean it's really strange to have something like that just show up randomly on the course for sure. >> the medical examiner will take over the remains. police are now investigating the death as suspicious. to your voice, your vote. the latest numbers just released about an hour ago in two san francisco races for district
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attorney interim da suzy loftus conced conceded. and there's a tighter race for supervisor in district 5. dean preston picked up a few more votes in his thin lead over valley brown and declared victory yesterday afternoon. we're waiting from word from city election officials for an official winner. did you know the slot machine got its beginnings in the bay area? coming up an effort in san francisco to ensure the liberty bell slot machine keeps its place in the city's history. and a show of respect. we have highlights of a bay aa veterans day tradition. >> and i'm meteorologist drew tooma. live look from sutro tower showing you the fog. we're actually tracking a warmer
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happening right now, commuters are dealing with delays on b.a.r.t. heading through san francisco. b.a.r.t. is single tracking between its embarcadero and 24th street stations because of work on its electrical systems. and trains headed to and from the east bay are using that same tack. a san francisco monument to the first three machine has been repaired after it was vandalized. at market street
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finished monument -- the brick around the brass plaque was damaged by a vandal last month. >> it's all about erecting plaques on buildings and sites of historical significance throughout the west. we take care of our plaques and our children are very happy that our plaques continue to educate the public. >> the group will go back in a few days to polish the plaque and smooth the cement. san francisco saluted america's military men and women today. abc 7 news was at fisherman's wharf when a group of vets on motorcycles led this year's veterans parade. a british tourist ally. >> i think one of the things that always strikes us is how much more you seem to value the veterans in the u.s. than we do
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in the u.k. the uniforms are so sharp and the marching bands are amazing. >> this year marks the 99th veterans day parade in san francisco. well, the planet mercury will soon be putting on a show. when you can see it ahead. also spending spree. a shopping holiday in china is bringing in big bucks and we mean big. and i'm meteorologist drew tooma. we're tracking a warm start to the week, you know when you're at just keeps getting better?ook check this out! that's yes for less. score a head-to-toe look you'll love and save 20 to 60 percent off department store prices. at ross. yes for less.
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...oh, yeah! bring on the holidays! that's yes for less. everything you need to prep, cook and serve up the season. it feels even better when you find it for less-at ross. yes for less. cyber monday just can't compare with china's biggest online shopping spree. today is single's day and it is huge. e-commerce company alibaba says sales topped $10 pillion just the first half-hour. last year shoppers spent
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$30.8 billion on alibaba's sites during the 24-hour shopping event. college students in the 1990s started singles day as a celebration for people without romantic partners. you could experience a rare astronomical event tomorrow. star gazers will be able to see the planet mercury pass between the earth and sun. best viewing times are between 7:00 in the morning and 11:30 in the morning tomorrow. during transit mercury ilappear as a tiny black dot moving across the sun. the next time we can catch the transit of mercury in the bay area will be in 2049. and the weather's a little different there. it's kind of hot. >> yeah, drew is gazing adorringly at the monitor. >> to be totally honest i don't know the climate that well. >> well, it's the closest planet
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to the sun. >> yeah, assuming it's hot as you get close door the sun. we're going to see a warmup for tomorrow. live doppler 7 along with satellite right now showing you it is a dry sky out there. along the coastline. we'll take you to sutro tower right now. kind of a fog out there over the city. what will actually happen our marine layer is going to get compressed and that will lead to an actually sunnier start for a lot of us. temperatures wise at 53 in the city and cool and a bit of fog overhead. 81 degrees and away from that cooling influence of the fog. our forecast over the next 24 hours is really going to hinge on our winds and the direction of our winds. right now those winds are onshore. you can see those wind particles moving off the ocean water and into the bay area.
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what's going to happen overnight, the winds are going to reverse. we see a light offshore breeze develop. and what that will do is help to compress our marine layers. you see how the wind direction has now changed? it's pushing out over the open ocean water and that's a dry wind for us. this offshore wind is very, very light. what it will do, it's going to help to compression our marine layer tonight. really just over the city of san francisco, not really as widespread as it has been. and that will lead to a quick clearing of any cloud cover first thing tomorrow morning away from the coastline. so tomorrow expect a warmer afternoon even along the coastline. overnight tonight we'll see temperatures mainly in the 40s, a bit of an offshore breeze and compressing our marine layer. you're going to hit 70 in half moon bay. 78 in san jose. up to 81 in santa rosa.
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80 in antioch and oakland. it'll feel warm tomorrow afternoon, a high of 73 degrees. we do not have a spare the air day in effect tomorrow, however, you can see across the board p.m. 2.5 levels that's that particulate matter that can upset our respiratory system. again, we'll see that haze in our atmosphere. tomorrow evening, though, for the 49ers, really nice setting a bit. revie stadium, it'll be mild. kick off temperature at 72 degrees and at 9:00 dipping into the lower 60s if not the upper 50s at the game let's out. a warmer afternoon tomorrow. mild pattern and cloud up here midweek. and that's going to drop our temperatures. and look at thursday, below average and cool for november. stuck in the 60s but a warming trend continues. >> so are you going to be up in
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order to see the passing of this mercury? >> no. i'll wait to about what 2049? >> you mentioned something about a football game. didn't we have anything until 11:00, we have a huge football game but both of our teams were off. they're watching the games at home just like us. and how today's wild day of action a
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red. wood city native scott harris is the newest general manager of the san francisco giants.
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spent the last seven years with the cubs and was named assistant gm last year. next order of business finding bruce bochy's replacement as team manager. the seehawks playing tomorrow. and san francisco watching along with teams of the nfc who could become a factor and second seed. and saints, matt ryan flying a strike to austin hooper. falcons up 4, ryan 10 yard pass to brian hill for the scoo toucs and was sacked six times. if the season ended today the niners would have home fielders throughout. the three seed, san francisco hosts green bay november 24th. and they'll travel to new
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orleans december 8th. baltimore on the road against the raiders next opponent, bengals. lamar jackson have yourself a day, three passing scores and 17-yard connection there. and jackson also ran for 65, and check this out. he's like a video game in real life. spin to the house. bengals are 0 and 9 and will play at oakland next sunday. back in action for the afc west leaning chiefs. third and titans down 5, and fires to adam humphreys and the titans retake the lead. last play of the game harrison, butler from 53 yards out, but it's blocked. kansas city now, 6 and 4. they've lost four games in a row. fourth quarter browns down four
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against the bills. that looked like a fumble. it's actually a incomplete pass. the ruling is correct. so it went to review, and the browns get second life. and here, mayfield, back to pass and finds higgins with a go sco. cleveland wins 19-16. chiefs, bills, colts, blues, that all helps the raiders. the steelers currently ahead of oakland for the final wild card spot holding that tie [ er. cal womens basketball, top assignment at number five. it's christen williams, and second quarter now williams again with the jumper and cal hung in there tough. williams scored
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new on abc 7 news at 6:00, a report shows pg&e's planned outages hit a lot more than just the power. what other vital service hundreds of people lost last month. the update we just received from the u.s. coast guard on search. finally now people enjoyed a taste of fall today. >> the second annual fest. >> the bay area apparently likes
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its cider because today's tonight, the abc news exclusive. inside the ambush. the man who lost his wife and two sons. the hero son who survived. just 13 years old, as mexico asks the fbi to join the investigation. impeachment battle lines. the high-stakes and historic showdown set for capitol hill as the impeachment inquiry into president trump goes public. the televised hearings and new clues tonight about what to expect from lawmakers in both parties. the arctic slam. snow and bitter cold on tap for millions.


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