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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  November 10, 2019 6:00pm-6:30pm PST

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bay area. >> kate larson joins us live from thrive city of san francisco with a look at his impact. >> reporter: part of the reason bernard tyson's passing is so shocking is the fact he was out at events the past weekend and past week enjoying life as usual. this is thrive city, the new area around the newly built chase center. he wanted to do this. it was part of his community building. kaiser sponsored the area and is now part of this chase center which is such a fixture in the bay area and of course the name is inspired by one of his many legacies here in the bay area. he was the chairman and ceo of kaiser permanente, the nation's largest health care non-profit provider. he was at the company for over 30 years and over the summer he
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announced kaiser's plan to build a new $900 million headquarters building in oakland. he and his wife lived in the east bay and san francisco and he had three sons. tyson was deeply involved in community building and he was remembered today at the annual black expo in oakland and by barbara lee. >> i'm shaken. our community has lost a great human being and we mourn his death today, but we must also remember the legacy he's left for so many young people, especially for so many of our young african-american men, our children of color, our, you know, people who have been marginalized and left out of the whole economic and health care fabric of our country. >> he was a person that was touchable, accessible but yet he was a vis way that gave not only many people hope and aspirations that
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they can exceed at whatever level of life that they desire. that's what he meant to oakland and to us. >> kaiser board member edward -- said he was an exceptional leader and honorable man. we will greatly miss him. kaiser did not disclose the cause of tyson's death, just that he passed away earlier today in his sleep. i've also been in touch with the national union of health care workers. they actually postponed a kaiser health care worker strike planned for tomorrow because of tyson's passing. >> kate, thank you for the report. house speaker nancy pelosi put out a statement on bernard tyson's passing. quote, as one of our nation's most prominent african-american ceos and health care leaders bernard blazes a trail for countless other health care advocates and leaders of color to bring their vision, and expertise to improve our community and health in our
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communities. time had him on the list of most influential people in the world and also served on the board of directors for the american heart asociation and sales force. and earned a leadership certificate from harvard. abc 7 news sent a breaking news push alert at 11:29 a.m., just after kaiser announced its chairman and ceo bernard tyson had died. you can enable push alerts to get updates sent to your mobile device. in the south bay it's going to be a couple more days until we get more details on deadly officer involved shooting. abc 7 news was there as they conducted their investigation. the man shot by police has not been identified. police say he had an outstanding warrant and showed a handgun. the san jose police department will hold a press conference on tuesday. developing news now out of
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san francisco. growing outrage in the china town neighborhood after the beating and possible robbery of several people. the disturbing incident was all caught on video. abc 7 news reporter cornell bernard joins us live in china town with new interviews. cornell? >> reporter: yeah, dion, all three victims in this case are in their mid to late 60s. they're all recovering from the attack luckily with minor injuries. it all happened right here on clay street in the heart of china town. four suspects are still at large. sadly this is not the first time this has happened. woo do want to warn you the video you're about to see is gaphic. >> i was extremely disturbed, extremely upset. >> reporter: this disturbing incident caught on video and posted on social media. four male suspects beat three men and tried to rob them on clay street and waltter lum place. one of the victims is punched
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right in the face and falls to the ground. betty is a member of the china town emergent association. >> we are trying to make it a visitor-friendly destination and at the same time you get these thugs come in and they just beat up people randomly for no reason whatsoever. it's a hate crime. >> reporter: two other victims are seen being punched and knocked to the street. moments later the suspects take off down clay street in a black suv. over the summer two senior citizens were brutally attacked in broad supervisor aaron peskin says police told him the same suspects were spotted november 8th. >> we do know the same car presumably with same individuals was involved with a robbery, which was a aggravated purse natching on the 700 block of
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jackson on friday night. >> reporter: saturday night's attack happened on the entrance to portsmith square where senior citizens gather day and nig betty wants all china town residents to be safe especially senior citizens. >> we can't get enough law enforcement behind us to at least tell these people they can't come to china town and do this. >> reporter: police say they have increased patrols in china town. police are following leads tonight and could be close to making arrests. live in china town, cornell bernard. in the north bay a search has been called off after a fishing boat capsized. the coast guard released this video. it managed to rescue three of the people who were onboard and hoist them to safety. crews were told a fourth man who was believed to have a life jacket on was still missing. the coast guard kept searching
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through the night and decided today to suspend the search. the weather looks pretty good. when it comes to the temperature, though, if you look at the air maybe you'll think otherwise. this was the view this afternoon from our emeriville camera. you can see the haze that was lingering all weekend. so when's this going to clear out? >> we're seeing some improvements this evening. in the north bay you see a lot of green. that's good air quality. as you move south into many of our lower elevation, valleys and bay shoreline towns, moderate air quality from redwood city to fremont, san jose. you can't mix out this haze in the atmosphere. the air quality, the pm 2.5 levels, that particulate matter that can upset your respiratory system, when it gets
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to the election now where the race is tight for a spot on san francisco's board of supervisors. dean preston's lead over valley brown has grown slightly from yesterday. it's now 188 votes. preston declared victory yesterday, but we are still awaiting official word from the city. brown was appointed to the board by london breed when breed became mayor. next update on the count will be tuesday. the widespread effects of pg&e's planned outages are coming to light. we know hundreds of thousands of people had their electricity cut. but many lost something else they didn't plan on losing. and it's a big week for the future of undocumented immigrants who came to the u.s. when they were children. the
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new details on pg&e's forced power outages. it's long been thought old-fashioned land lines are supposed to hold up during disasters but the san jose reports during pg&e's outage during october millions of people reported losing their land line service. some of their service had through at at&t while others relied on comcast. data shows
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telephone service during the height of one of those shot offs. in the east bay contra costa county is going to take up the ban on vaping products. if supervisors pass it, it would only apply to unincorporated parts of the county. numerous bay area cities and counties have taken up vaping bans as the number of illnesses and deaths linked e-cigarettes has spiked this year. tuesday could be a pivotal day for dreamers as the supreme court takes up daca, deferred action for childhood arrivals. people are already camping and lining up outside. it was created during the obama administration, but the trump administration has sought to revoke it. patriotism is on display here in the bay area. see how veterans are being thanked for their service this weekend. and meteorologist drew tuma is
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coming up next with your accuweather forecast. coming up in sports, raiders, niners, they were both off today. we'll talk about the wild day and how it affects both teams
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the bay area is honoring those who served our nation in many different ways on veterans day weekend. >> abc 7 news was in san francisco's tenderloin where a special celebration took place along a block of shannon street nicknamed veterans ally. murals cover the walls of the buildings inside the alley and many local vets call the area home. >> the tenderloin district i think has one of the largest population of veterans in the city. and what we're seeing is we're alive and we're here. come down, celebrate us and let's celebrate let's share eacs stories. >> marching bands and scouts in san francisco's 99th annual
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veterans day parade. >> like we said before it looks pretty nice but the air quality could be improved. >> and let's learn about the temperatures as well from meteorologist drew tuma. >> we're going to finish off the weekend and live doppler 7 showing you it is another dry evening with some cloud cover banked up right along the coastlines. a live look, it is foggy as you take 101 in and out of the city right now. but that marine layer, it will get compressed tonight. believe it or not what's going to happen, a light offshore breeze is going to develop, and that's going to limit the fog overnight. so it won't be nearly as foggy it has been the past couple of nights. tomorrow it's a warmer afternoon, and in extended we will find the cooler weather moving in midweek, but the next seven days, unfortunately, our dry pattern does continue. we cannot find any warain. about 60 in san jose.
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a cool 58 in santa rosa. 65 right now in brentwood. winds right now, the direction it's an onshore breeze. the wind particles coming in off the ocean water and moving that wind direction is going to change. look at that, future tracker wind gusts. watch as the wind direction goes off onshore to offshore. those wind particles now tomorrow morning is moving from the land to ocean. that offshore breeze brings in some dryer air and that's going to help to compress the marine layer and limit that fog overnight tonight. that means tomorrow it's a sunnier start for a lot of us. 4:30 in the morning a little bit of fog through the golden gate, oigt over san francisco early in the morning, and that's about it. from the get go thagep here, and we'll see a lot of sunshine. overnight tonight, limited coastal fog. a little bit of kicks up, and then tomorrow afternoon those temperatures
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bounce above average for this time of year. again, look at the coast at 70 tomorrow afternoon. and 75 in palo alto, fremont. 78 in san jose, and antioch up to about 80 degrees. if you are headed to the niners game tomorrow, it's a nice evening. mild temperatures, clear skies. kick off temperature, 72 degrees. that's kind of rare in the month of november, and we're cooling off into the lower 60s. so certainly have layers as you go to the game. if you find any drops over the next seven days it's well north of california. portland and seattle, that's where the storm track is aimed right now. you do notice even northern california not getting anything. a closer look at the state the next seven days we're dry. right now we're staying locked into this dry pattern for the week ahead. tomorrow it's all about that warmer afternoon for veterans day. it's a mild pattern tuesday, cloud up and cool off by
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wednesday and thursday. look at thursday. stuck in the 60s before a warming trend gets under way for the upcoming weekend. redwood city native scott harris the newest general manager and spent the last seven years with the cubs and was named assistant gm for them last year. the tenth general manager of the giants will be introduced tomorrow. next order of business finding bruce bochy's replacement as the team's manager. the niners and seahawks play right here. san francisco watching some of the other top teams play as seating will become a factor, but the 1 in 7 falcons taking on those 7 and 1 saints. matt ryan finds austin hooper. fifth score for him for the year. fourth quarter, malkens up four. ryan 10-yard td connection and
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20-9. drew brees held without a touch down pass and was sacked six times. packers hosting the panthers. another big day. 108 yards rushing and this touc. but here comes the snow and four seconds to go. fighting his way towards the end zone, and stopped short. take another look. his lineman actually probably got in the way. so if the season ended today niners would have home field advantage in the nfc throughout. san francisco will host green bay november 24th. the 49ers play the ravens december 4th. lamar jackson, have yourself a day. 223 yards passing three touch downs. also ran for 65, and check out the spin move. man, that guy's a video game in
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human form. ravens win 49-13. chiefs at titans, patrick mahomes back in action. tied at 13, the float, the perfect pass. fourth quarter under 30 seconds to go, titans down 5, the 23-year-old connection for the score. titans take the lead. but it went down to the last play of the game. and it's blocked. kansas city is now 6 and 4 overall. baker mayfield and the browns, they lost the niners week five. that began a four game slide for them. fourth quarter down four, mayfield a quick pitch and recovered by jerry hills of and we go to review this is actually an incomplete pass. and mayfield takes advantage to higgins and the go ahead and
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cleveland wins 19-16. so the chiefs, bills, and colts, they all lose. that helps the raiders. the steelers ahead of oakland for the final wild card spot. cal, tough assignment and kristen williams, the lefty up three. more williams, step, back, hit the jumper again, up 8. and williams to the rack, off the glass and in. and cal loses a tough one. they lose by 11. did you see this? soccer in seattle. the mls cup final. 57th minute off a toronto defender and sometimes it goes your way. 1-0 sounders. victor rodriguez, 3-1 absolutely. their second mls cup title. >> actually, he did it better.
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>> drew did do it better. but i peaked in sixth grade when i played soccer. >> all right, thanks a lot. well, the critically acclaimed sequel to "the shining" makes its
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tonight on abc 7 news at 11:00, a legal battle in a north bay town. a dispute over a property line that involves an oscar winning couple. >> just over two weeks until thanksgiving, the least favorite festive foods according to a new survey and why some people will eat them anyway. >> they're all equally beloved. >> i agreeit you. drew does not agree with you.
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>> more on that at 11:00. there was a little surprise at the box office. >> midway ended up in the top spot. it's the epic world war 2 battle. the battle of midway took place in '42 with u.s.-japanese forces waging war for four days. the u.s. prevailed. the sequel to the shining got good reviews. and rounding out
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♪ >> hi, everyone. welcome to "bay area life." i'm lizzie bermudez. you know, the bay area has so much to offer, everything from food, entertainment, interests, and lifestyles, and we've got plenty to share with you today. on today's show... >> lung health is important because you only have one pair of lungs. >> they caught it early, and everything's great. >> then joel visits the wine country and gets a lesson on how to entertain, napa-style. >> that's the nice thing about entertaining napa-style. it looks very elegant, but it's pretty easy. >> and a san francisco chef shares her recipe for hearty and healthy oats. >> look at how beautiful this is. and this took, what, like, 5 minutes, 6 minutes to make? it feels like something you could get at a restaurant. plus, a special organization providing camp to kids. >> oh, my goodness, they get to experience so much stuff. they bring bouncy houses in for us, and they have a horse program.


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