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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  November 26, 2019 5:00pm-5:31pm PST

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stop stealing mine... never. holiday gifts everyone's sure to love at 20 to 60 percent off department store prices. at ross. yes for less. rainy roads and windy conditions. and snow. this storm packing a punch. >> i 80 traffic is stopped near trucky because of several collisions. >> on the coast the waves are rough. >> umbrellas are out. many days of rain. >> south bay has just finished preparing for the storm. getting streets clean of debris. >> bomb cyclone. we will. many are experiencing it it right now. >> winter storm is hitting the bay area and making traffic a real mess. as you can see.
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live at a few of the many cameras around the bay area. >> from the slow driving on san francisco i 80. sky way. to the touch and go traffic in emery ville in the middle there. to the sloppy wet roads on the san mateo bridge. >> a close eye on the freeways as the wet and windy weather meets the holiday travel period. good evening. >> thanks for joining us. look at the green. you can see live doppler 7 there. >> we need it desperately. live team coverage. news reporters are fanned out everywhere. on the roads in the north bay and the east bay. >> let's get to meteorologist. we have vic and chris standing by. >> let's look at live doppler. this is what we have been waiting for for months. it is raining. street level radar the north bay getting pockets of moderate and heavy rain. we have a flash flood watch
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until 10:00 p.m. tonight including the kincade fire burn area. and north bay. rock slide, debris flow is is ii possible. walnut creek 680 to the south bay. san jose. seeing light rain. even snow mixing in. over mount hamilton. san francisco steady light rain. we have a level 2 storm. a moderate strength storm. rain will be heavy. rain gusts 40 to 50 miles per hour. half inch to an inch rainfall. gusting to 52. wintd advisory until 4:00 a.m. tomorrow for the coast and hills. possibility of power lines down and trees toppled. a high surf advisory in effect. tonight 7:00 p.m. until 3:00 p.m. wednesday. they could preach 27 feet. >> the rain started in the north bay. that's where we find wayne freeman.
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driving around. hopefully being safe. >> we're being safe and slow at this point. highway 121. we were taking this route from napa. it was going fine until a few moments ago. we hit a wall of cars. you're looking at it here. we're roughly two and a half miles from highway 37. at this point it drive. as fast as we have moved in the last ten minutes. we're slowing down again. it's just been backed up. as you would expect the roads have been slick. we haven't seen any accidents yet. that's good news. we're reminding people of what we told you yesterday. don't drive like it's summertime anymore. it's not. oils come up on the pavement is debatable. either way.
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check your tires and wipers. hopefully you're not checking y your wipers in the weather. another thing put your lights on. so that other people can see you. there you go. there's a good look at the back up. it says 16 minutes away two miles to highway 37. and this is highway 121 at this hour. yeah, they're paying us to be in this. the rest of the people want to get home. >> they sure do. traffic is crawling at just about all the usual hot spots in the east bay. live from emery ville with the situation on interstate 80. 80. >> the road is wet and many of us have been waiting for this rain after covering so many fires for the last several weeks. i want to show you a live look
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of the i 80. the rain isn't as heavy as it was an hour ago. drivers are keeping their distance. the many of the accidents that take place during a storm happen on the freeway. think about this. it's raining and it's thanksgiving weekend. that can only mean one thing. more traffic. i spoke to people who told me they're thankful for the rain not looking forward to the traffic. >> my brand new rain boots. i bought an umbrella and scarf. >> are you ready for the rain? >> i'm ready. bring it on. thanksgiving i'm staying here. >> keeping it local. >> i'm not driving. >> because of the rain? >> i couldn't get time off from work. i'll stay with friend. >> tell something to your boss. >> i love my boss. you're great. >> you heard him. many are ready for the weekend. avoiding freeways during the
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storm across the bay. officers will be on the maximum enforcement period. it starts this weekend when they expect more traffic to hit the this area. more officers working overtime. we are moving slowly. you can see a lot of red lights. and we're in the commute with you. we are showing you what it looks like. it's not rains as heavy as it was an hour ago. it's the same message. keep your distance and avoid speeding. >> a little rain didn't hurt nobody. >> that's right. especially after your great safety tips. how is it in the heart of san francisco. this is a live look at traffic moving along. from one of the news cams in the south beach district. it looks okay there so far. maybe people already got away. we're expecting soaked sidewalks with the rain moving in.
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a handful of blocks from that camera we have another team on the san francisco ferries. getting soaked in the rain. the service says the windy weather could impact service. live with what you need to know tonight. >> all of the ferries@east bay seem to have left on time. without a hitch. it's only a drizzle right now. there is possibly a lull in the storm. the only advisory we have received from the transit district is with regard to the ferry landing. the advisory says that if the ferries are unable to land from san francisco, passengers will be dropped off in buses will take them to the destination. of course in that situation, fer
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are service to san francisco would be discontinued. the riders we talked to here at the building this afternoon seem to take this all in stride. they didn't seem too concerned about the weather. take a listen. >> did you think the weather might -- >> i'm a little scared. i thought it was a better option than car pool. here i am. pray for me. >> good luck. >> i have ridden the ferry before with rough waters. it should be okay. >> there you go. so far everything seems to be okay. here at the ferry building. we saw this ferry land here at the landing. the it appears to be taking off on time. there's another ferry coming over there. landing here. the ferries are going smoothly. i'm told. we only again had one warning
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advisory from the transit district. that was in regard to the tib ron ferry. hopefully a smooth commute. >> drive time traffic map. northbound 101 and north bay. the rain started. all that red. which means traffic is heavy. speeds at 9 miles per hour. that ribbon of taillights on the right and headlights on the left. all showing you how backed up it is. speeds again about 9 miles per hour. further up north in mill valley traffic at 11 miles per hour. drive time traffic. so far there are no accidents to report. that is good. it's a bit slow going in a number of spots. tough going in the sierra. multiple crashes on interstate 80. holding traffic between trucky and ul ta. in both directions.
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this is a look at cal transcamera. from a little earlier. it looks like a parking lot there. >> staying in the sierra. this is what it looks like in plaster county. the sheriff office tweeted video of the drive on interstate 80. you can see the road covered in snow. a car to the side. and traffic crawling along. as we give you a live look from the airport. we haven't seen any major delays as a result of the weather. that may change if things pick up. >> we continue in san jose. you're looking at at airport. quite busy. and are people still shopping? >> that's right. it is cold and windy. but some people are taking advantage of the break in the weather that we're seeing here
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down in san jose. some shoppers out here getting shopping done before the heavy rain arrives later tonight. the shoppers crossing some things off the list. so has the city. when it comes to storm prep. >> tonight the bay area largest city says it's redty for the first storm of the season. >> we have crews on standby for this and storm events throughout the winter and spring. ready to unclog storms and address local flooding and take care of downed trees. >> the department of transportation says crews began preparing in the summer long before the arrival of the rain. 85% of the cities 32,000 storm inlets have been cleaned to remove debris that could block super pipes or cause harm to the water way. >> residents can help us out by raking and sweeping leaves. picking those up and disposing of them. >> back here live.
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property officials tell me that they'll continue to be open throughout the night. for anyone to come out here and brave the rain. they're happy the rain hitting tonight instead of later in the week flt during black friday. >> thanks. our storm is level 2 on the impact scale. that is a moderate storm. a it feels stronger than that. we're calling it a bomb cyclone. >> over extended and out of money. habitat for humanity needs stability of its own. why some folks in washington say that time has come. >> lowering your cell phone bill. we're here to explain. >> a life look at doppler 7. very green. the evening commute is just a mess.
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it's a mess on the bay bridge. look at that. the soaking is courtesy of a bomb cyclone. drew is joining us now from the roof of the building to explain this wild weather phenomena. >> it sound so dramatic. this term is actually derived from a meteorologist phenomenon. we'll show you this antisigh colonic spin off the coast of oregon. it means a rapid intensification of a storm. that's what's happening off the coast of oregon. technically it means the pressure drops about 24 mill bars in 24 hours. that whips up the wind very close to the center of the storm. and look at this. a wind gust along the coast of oregon registered at 106 miles
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per hour. as the storm gets close the winds will weaken. we'll be tracking them throughout the evening. and make the evening commute slower than it is now. >> all right. thanks so much. >> new push in the senate for an online privacy bill. it would establish a new bureau to enforce digital privacy rights. authors liken to rights. and explain in clear terms what they're doing with user data. if they feel to adhere to the law they could face costly fines and lawsuits. this is not the first privacy bill to be floated in congress. bay area congresswoman recently introduced a bill beyond california new privacy legislation which takes effect in january. it may serve as a testing ground for privacy measures on the
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federal level. >> technology. we want to talk about how to save money or your cell phone bill. >> here on that. >> teasing. >> you see ads for cell phone companyingst all the time. when's the last time you seriously considered switching. it seems like a hassle. you could save hundreds by making a change. >> there are cheaper options out there. smaller carriers mobile net work operators and lease excess capacity. they use the same towers. >> they give you a smaller bill. consumers see the value in the kind of companies because they are not paying for services they don't need. >> that could include things like extra data. streaming or hot spot spot
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you could pay $70 a month with at&t for unlimited talk, text and data. or stay on the same note work with straight talk and pay $44. savings of $312 a year. verizon offers a deal for $65 a month. or you can use the verizon net work with visible. unlimited deal for $40 a month. with some phone restrixs. a $300 difference. you could pay 60 a month for t mobile. or you could use their net work with text now and pay $40 a month. $240 less each year. >> recent consumer report survey found people who made a switch liked consumer cellar. googlefy and ting. there is a downside to choosing smaller carriers. if a big carrier has net work congestion and often slows down
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the speed of the smaller guys. on its net work first. keep that in mind. sarah's last tuition payment, sent off. feeling good? oh yeah. now i'm ready to focus on my project. ♪ ♪ this is why we plan. ♪ ♪ you never cease to amaze me, maya. see how investing with a j.p. morgan advisor can help you. visit your local chase branch.
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elite rock climber rescued after falling. it was a terrible fall in the el captain. five time sport climbing champion suffered injuries to her face and a rope burn on her neck after tumbling from the 3,200 granite wall. she survived thanks in part to a climber. who came to her rescue. he was the star of the 2018 oscar winning documentary. >> habitat for human tie is a dire situation tonight. because of a drop in donations after the 2017 north bay wild fire. this group has had a large impact in the north bay.
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we were in santa rose in june when it opened its own factory to rebuild family homes at a faster rate. two months later we were there to see the first families move into those newly built projects. now the county says it's suspending all home building operations because it is running out of money. which is a shame. it will lay off about a dozen staff this month. including ceo. leaders are hoping to regroup somehow. but that's all still up in the air. >> their work is so vital. >> you can see rain, lots of it. a live look at live doppler 7.
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finally getting the rain we need. it's having an effect. >> the storm is not going to get out of here any time soon. let's look at live doppler 7.
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we'll get you into the north bay first. we're seeing downpours right now. around old road. you will notice heavy rain at this hour. about 65 hundredths of an inch pr hour. wider per spect i tracking that rain. 7:23 in oakland. the east bay from 680 into danville. light rain. also seeing some light showers around the mission street area. daily city. as we look at the wider perspective. this storm is powerful. it's producing snow over the sierra. northern california mountains and thunderstorms there. i just checked on the roadway. leading to tahoe. all roads requiring chains. there is a chill in the air. temperatures in the 40s and 50s. it's a cold storm. a lovely view of the shark tank. level 2 storm on the scale. moderate. rain heavy at times gusty winds.
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45, 50 plus. rain inch or more. into the ladder part of the night close to 40 in oakland and winds begin to dial down. they will be on the gusty side. 6:00 heavy rain in the north bay. 7:30 in the east bay. san francisco the south baby 8:30 you'll notice the red and orange. that is the heavy rainfall. and it turns to scattered showers. if you get caught under a m moderate shower. snow showers over the mountain tomorrow morning. lake county and the hills. this continues right on through the afternoon and evening. that's your hour by hour look. in terms of rainfall potential. most are looking at about a half inch to an inch. plus. you will notice the mountains get the heavy rain. speaking of, lake county under a winter storm warning.
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above 2,000 feet. until 3:00 p.m. tomorrow. two to four inches of snow. high elevations up to 15 inches. sierra a tough travel situation. 8 to 18 inches above 1,500 feet. very low snow level. four feet of snow in the high peeks. don't leave without your heavy rain gear. mid-40s for the warm spots and the afternoon hang onto the coat. scattered showers. you need them. 40s and 50s. 7-day forecast. there's a chance of thunder level 1 system for tomorrow. tapers. we will see snow and showers. level 1 for thanksgiving. still light showers. freezing cold friday morning. that's your only real opportunity for dry conditions. level 1 for the weekend with another storm. >> okay. we're in it now.
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>> we have good news. with regard to the storm. i 80 is now reopened. >> both directions. world news is next.
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tonight, tracking the crippling thanksgiving storms. one hitting right now. the major blizzard shutting down highways. heavy snow blamed for a deadly crash. drivers off the roads tonight. more than 500 flights canceled at the denver airport alone. winter storm and wind alerts in 32 states tonight, from california to michigan. and then, into the northeast. up to 50-mile-per-hour wind gusts on the way from d.c. to new york to boston. and then, the second storm, a potential bomb cyclone now brewing, too. ginger zee times it all out. also breaking tonight, the major wildfire burning right now. thousands evacuated. homes threatened. images coming in from the scene at this hour. there is also breaking news involving president trump tonight. what he's now saying about rudy giuliani, the new inte


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