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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  November 27, 2019 5:00pm-5:31pm PST

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fire on the water in alameda. a boat in flames. a live report on what happened and who is going to clean up the mess. also, the sheriff is ordering more deputies to patrol in usually quiet neighborhood. the unfortunate and untimely outage at oakland airport. why it turned into a major mess for passengers trying to land. the storm dumped heaps of snow in the sierra. sandhya patel is here with the thanksgiving forecast. this is all that's left after a sailboat caught fire and sank in alameda. also this long streak of fuel as you can see here. sky 7 caught shimmering on the surface of the he's wary.
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good evening i'm dan ashley. >> i'm kristen sze. the fuel stretches in the alameda arena into the oakland estuary. >> liz kreutz is there live tonight. liz? >> reporter: good evening. contractors have been here all day trying to recover that both boat. they're still here even as it gets dark. they've set up absorbent -- trying to clean up the spill. people who live here are concerned about the cleanup. >> how and why this boat caught fire late tuesday night in alameda is still unknown. but the pictures tell a dramatic story. >> about 10:00 p.m., we had report of a boat fire at the marina. >> no one was hurt. but the boat did sink. it caused diesel fuel to spill and spread throughout the marina. liz williams lives nearby. >> this morning, i walked out my door at 10:00 a.m. i was inundated with a fuel smell. when i looked at the water,
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there was a rainbow sheen all over it. i could see the fuel was covering most of the water. >> video from sky 7 shows the fuel spreading from alameda all the way to the oakland estuary. >> coast guard and they're doing their best to mitigate any of the runoff, the flotation of petroleum products or hazardous fluids on the water surface. >> an inspector with the department of fish and wildlife describes it as minor to moderate. a little bit of the oil in the water is can go a long way. a little bit of oil in the water goes a long way. >> he said it's hard to collect this amount of fuel and the most effective cleanup is natural vab ration. >> we're in this climate change reality. it goes somewhere. it drops into the water, evaporates into the air. it goes somewhere. it's not like this becomes a nonevent. that's what i'm finding
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difficult about the explanation. >> reporter: now, the department of fish and wildlife said the boat holds 250 gallons of fuel. but they do not believe all of it spilled into the marina. so far they've seen no impact on wildlife. as for the boat owners, we're told that they're being cooperative. as it required of them, they're covering the cost of the cleanup. live in alameda, liz kreutz, abc 7 news. liz, thanks very much. the sheriff's deputies stepping up patrols after a rise in crimes. the latest in lafayette last night where gunmen entered a house and assaulted a man and took valuables. laura anthony has more. >> >> reporter: hi, dan. it was announced this afternoon that the sheriff's department would be increase -- this is after the second violent home invasion here in less than a month. >> the yellow police
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remains on a tree near lafayette home where a couple endured a terrifying night after three gunmen retrained them and spent hours inside before leaving with a load of valuables. >> we had a home invasion robbery across the street from us a week ago. >> scary. i mean, i think it's a small close-knit community. i feel like recently there has been an uptick in crime here. >> neighbor greg wilson tells us he and his family were home all night but didn't hear or notice a thing until after police arrived at 11:00 p.m. >> did you know anything was going on? >> no i didn't. we were home. but it was inside. there was a lot of activity in our house. i had no idea anything happened. >> the latest home invasion comes less than a month after another violent incident in lafayette on halloween.
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contra costa sheriff's announced increased patrols given the spike in robberies and the shootings that claimed five lives also on halloween. in lafayette, at least one homeowner is taking matters into his own hands having additional security cameras installed right away. >> we had cameras and hadn't really been paying attention that they were working. we're making sure they're working and getting them updated. >> reporter: investigators have not made any arrests in that halloween night home invasion in lafayette and none yet as well after that incident here last night. at this point investigators say it's too early in the investigation to say whether those two incidents are related. in lafayette, laura anthony, abc 7 news. laura, thank you. the sonoma county sheriff's office is expected to release more information shortly on a man who died during a fight with deputies early today. the struggle took place after a high-speed chase that ended in blue field, southwest of santa rosa. deputies tried to subdue the man
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with a taser, but when that didn't stop him, they used akah rot i had restraint hold. deputies eventually got him into handcuffs, but then he suffered a medical emergency. he died after arriving at the hospital. his name has not been released. he was accused of driving a stolen car and evading law enforcement officers. hundreds of people had to return to oakland international airport to obtain their bags after the power outage. the baggage conveyor system was down. lyanne melendez got some answers. >> reporter: claiming your lawingage may be the most annoying part of anyone's journey. add to that trying to find your bags today after they arrived the night before without you. >> came down here and had to wait 30 minute before we were told we'd have to come back this morning and pick up our bags. >> a major power outage crippled
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oakland international for several hours last night. power was restored by 10:00 p.m. planes remained on the tarmac. baggage claim area was in the dark. so was security. a spokesperson for the airport says there was never any danger of anyone getting past security. the power failure triggered the fire alarm visible there in red. 1400 passengers had to be rebooked. danielle matthews on her way home to oakland was left stranded in phoenix. >> no hotel. no food vouchers, nothing. just sleeping in the airport with hundreds of other angry people. >> maria lopez was promised by the airline that they would deliver her bags to her home in cloverdale. a promise they couldn't keep. >> i called and they say no, they charge for deliver to your house. >> you're not mad? >> yep. >> you don't look mad. >> yeah. because i have to go to work. >> oakland international said it's still investigating the
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cause of the power disruption that affected terminal and flight operations last night. meanwhile, airport officials hope those people affected will take a forgive and forget approach. >> ladies and gentlemen, a very, very, very happy thanksgiving to everybody. >> in oakland, lyanne melendez, abc 7 news. now to the weather. as the storm system continues to move through the bay area, it varies depending where you are, of course. in san jose, last minute thanksgiving shoppers were doused with rain and hail. big problems for the sierra. traffic just beginning to move on eastbound interstate 80. cal trans says that's because of weather and collisions and big rigs being turned around from gold run through truckee. chains required on all vehicles except for four-wheel drive with four snow tires. there was a dusting of snow
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overnight. 4200 feet. there were reports of snow on mt. diablo and mission peak in fremont. still clouds drifting around the bay ton. sandhya patel is remaining for pockets of rain. >> i see rain and snow, dan and kristin. the mixed precipitation will continue. look at mt. diablo. street level radar as we pan around. mt. hamilton. also the mix of rain and snow showers. on the peninsula to red woot shores, red sod park, you see the stuff spinning in from the coast lined and will continue. scattered showers, possibility of hail, thunder, snow over the highest peeks. the rainfall totals the last 24
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hours, over an inch. close to 2 inches ben low mind. .6 in -- close to an inch of rain in been low man. more rain in the forecast. i'll have your holiday forecast coming up. >> see you shortly. hg and e is responding to pay its violations in the san bruno location. the city of san bruno must into the money for wild -- it's in pg&e finishing the criminal hours imt pg&e says it doesn't have a position on a change in judgment but is committed to meeting the court's expectati s expectations. the marin county restaurant owner making sure everyone is getting a thanksgiving dinner that wants one.
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also, piling up in the sierra, the storm that arrived just in time. will we see more over the
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for most of us, thanksgiving is time spent with family and friends. >> serving up dinner for hundreds of people, many of them he doesn't know. >> wonderful. abc 7 news reporter, wayne freedman is live in san rafael tonight, wayne? >> reporter: we always think about turkey for thanksgiving. how about indian dinner for thanksgiving. we're going to walk and as we walk, we're going to show you a line that stretches all the way around the block. they're going to feed about 1200 people tonight. this is a tradition, not only in this restaurant on the night before thanksgiving but tw others. one in fairfax, one in novato. >> they spent this morning folding napkins in the -- enough
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of this repetitious task to make a person -- >> 850. >> and they'll need more. if you know the history here, you know that the night before thanksgiving, a line forms around the block and serves a free thanksgiving feast for some 1200 people not only here in san rafael but in novato. >> we open by 5:00 and by 5 dlon 10 the restaurant is full. >> if you don't give, you don't receive. >> came here from northern india with nothing and never forgot how at that feels. >> it might spill. >> before the 1200 meals tonight, he gave away 50 more to a local senior living facility. >> he shares. he has been blessed. so he shares his blessing with others. >> paul and his generosity are not even close to an open secret in marin county. >> he's really out in the
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community. he wants to share with everyone. >> decades of sharing now. very low key about it. also a pretty good immigrant story about a man who came from a country with no formal thanksgiving or so they say. >> every day is thanksgiving if you believe in karma. every day is thanksgiving. >> who wouldn't love a man like that? >> as paul explains, these meals are more than giveaways for the needy. a lot of people come here and they don't make money. he turns around, takes that money. matches it and sends it to charities back in india. a few moments ago, a man walked to the door, gave him a $500 check. didn't even want the meal. live in santa rosa, no san rafael, wayne freedman, abc 7. good evening. excellent. you're in santa rosa so much. >> he's inspiring other people to give too. let's move to consumer news as we get into the full swing of the holiday season. >> we start with how food deliveries are taking over your
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thanksgiving meals. >> things are changing. michael finney is here with us. >> this is something you might not suspect. this seems to always happen while you're cooking the big holiday meal. for getting that key ingredient at the store. post mate says. rather than run out to the store to get that item. more and more of us are having delivery app drivers are having it brought over to us. it saw nearly a 100 jump. last year they expect again -- half of those polled admit to forgetting an ingredient for their holiday meal at least once. online holiday shopping it still picking up steam even after all this time. this year we have already topped $50 billion in online sales. shoppers spent 16% more during the first half of this november than they did last year during the same time. now, a late thanksgiving is
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contributing to some of that, but not all. a pretty interesting stat here. almost one out of three american shoppers say they're likely to apply for store credit card during this holiday season. compare says that's an increase of 24% over last year. now, this is why i think it's interesting. more than half of those who already have a store card say they regret having it. now, you may remember the store credit cards carry some of the very highest interest rates. although you get a good deal when you get one of the cards. 20, 30, 50% off. >> absolutely. thanks, michael. back to the sierra now where skiers' dreams have come true. getting there can be a challenge. >> mike duffy made it up to fresh pond, a town along highway 50 where it is snowing tonight. hi, mike. >> reporter: yeah. good evening, guys. if you get up to this point and you're heading west on 50.
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basically, you might realize that you underestimated how much snow is falling up here. it is thick, it's heavy and it doesn't look like it's going anywhere any time soon. you might believe this. but some people from the bay area that i spoke with today said they came up to check out the snow. perhaps they had reservations and they're totally unprepared. a lot of people are pulling along the side of the road here on 50. they are in some pretty dangerous situations just to put the chains around their tires. now you need to know that cal trans says it's not a great idea. they want you to know that you need chains on 50 or 80. they have designated areas you need. just in the last 30 minutes or so, we learned that westbound 50 is closed. right around the area of the apple cafe. also called carson road. if you're headed this direction, you might want to check before you head this way. we're not sure when it opens,
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but we'll get more information for you and get it back to you. >> mike duffy reporting. >> we'd like to offer mike hot chocolate. let's talk about our forecast here and up in the sierra for the holiday weekend. >> yeah. it's good to see the snow there. let me show you live doppler 7 out there. the highest peaks as well. taking you closer to street level radar. woodside, sandhill road to palo alto. los altos hills. mt. hamilton, yes, it is snowing up there. it has been snowing. the wider perspective, giving you an indication as to where travel will be toughest. blue canyon reporting heavy snow. low visibility. you can see that it is coming down across the sierra, nevada. travel will be tough across some areas. chains required on all roads leading up to tahoe right now. winter weather advisory in effect until 7:00 p.m. tomorrow. additional 6 to 9 inches of snow expected.
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could pick up up to 16 inches. visibility tough with travel. look at these temperatures. it's cold outside. 30s, 40s right now. only going to get colder from the exploratorium camera, we have clouds right now. freezing cold friday morning. the next round of rain arrives this weekend. let's talk about your thanksgiving forecast. cold morning. mainly 30s. isolated showers around noon to 4:00 p.m. still a possibility. then into the nighttime hours when the chill settles in. scattered showers, possibility of hail, thunder, snow over the highest peaks. high surf advisory remains up as the surf is still pretty rough until 6:00 p.m. today. breakers, 22 to 27. watch out for rip current. let check out the hour-by-hour forecast. tonight, 6:00 p.m. still a few showers around. we go to about midnight. a couple of showers pop back up again. if you have early plans tomorrow. be prepared for wet roadways from the overnight showers. 2:00 p.m., maybe an isolated shower there or here.
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it's a hit or miss situation. not enough to change your plans for tomorrow clearly. cold start tomorrow morning. 30s, 40s. upper 20s. ukiah, lakeport, cold enough where you need the heat or put an extra blanket on your bed. tomorrow a cool day. 40s, 50s for the highs. clouds, sun mix, maybe a shower or two. the accuweather seven-day forecast. isolated snow showers over the highest peaks. light shower, lower elevations. freezing cold. wet, windy storm arrives. level one. for saturday x sunday. monday, more wet weather. unsettled for tuesday and wednesday. all 1s on the storm impact scale for now. it could be changing as we're expecting heavier rain to be coming through during the holiday weekend into early next week. >> look at that. >> off and running. thanks, sandhya. you'll hear from the woman just rescued from the
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we're hearing from climber it was harrington being treated after she lost her grip and pinballed down the slab of the granite. >> it wasn't a moment of panic or surprise. honestly, it was a calm moment. in my head it was like, okay, i'm falling, this is happening. for right now, i'm going to rest and recover. in the coming weeks, see how i feel and slowly get back into climbing. >> harrington knew she was going to be okay because she could feel her feet and didn't feel any tingling and amazingly she tufrd only some lower back pain and cuts and
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another pedestrian has been hit and killed by a car. the list of things the mayor wants done to make city streets safer. a bizarre story from 7 on your side. a local couple were demanded payments for something they knew nothing about. how much money could be generated with a 1% increae in spending at local restaurants and retailers. the number is staggering. it's all coming up at 6:00. dan, kristen? ama, thank you. finally, abc 7 and our parent company, disney, are giving $15,000 each to five bay area food banks this holiday season to help them serve the community. this morning, reporter laura anthony presented the good food bank of contra costa in solano -- they will provide 30,000 meals a significant portion of their annual budget comes from individual donors, you know. you can find out more on how to donate on you know if you donate $1
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that translates into $7 of food that they can get. >> that's our report. world news
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tonight, double blast. two powerful storm systems striking with millions of americans on the road. on one of the busiest travel days of the year, we're tracking the thanksgiving storms. driving snow, icy roads, headaches at the airports. weather warnings from california to new jersey. parade danger. will high winds ground those iconic macy's balloons? the work being done tonight. but will they be able to fly? also breaking tonight, the chemical plant explosion. first, this massive fireball in the night sky, and now, a second one. a giant piece of debris shooting into the air. mandatory evacuations. miles away, windows shattering, homes shaking. rudy's secret deals? new reports tonight that as rudy giuliani was investigating the
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