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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  November 30, 2019 11:00pm-12:00am PST

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- look, hey, this is how you come to the audience. my face on his shirt. kelly rowland tomorrow! [dramatic music] . a storm wreaking havoc across the bay area, pelting rain, whipping winds and widespread damage. downed trees and powerlines. >> i'm lucky to be still alive. >> abc news 7 at 11:00 starts now. >> riling now raght now, takingk at the east bay, north bay and san francisco, rain. the storm also bringing dangerous winds. i'm deon lynn. we have team coverage of the storm beginning with spencer christian. spencer? >> reporter: the storm is here but some of the more turbulent
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elements have been slower to arrive than we expected. most of the activity's in the south bay right now south of san jose into the morgan hill and gilroy walgtsonville area. through tomorrow morning we'll see periods of rain, heavy at times, wind gusts up to 55 miles an hour. a chance of thunder. high wind warning is in effect for much of the bay area coastal areas and the wind advisory for the rest of the bay area. 3:00 monday there's a watch. the burn scar area over in kinkade. we expect up to two feet or more of snow over much of the zmaerl sierra. i'll have a complete look at the storm and the seven-day forecast in a moment. >> sounds good, spencer, thanks. abc7news was in santa clara when
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a large tree came down. we want to get to team coverage of the weather station with luce pena. she's along the embarcadero. >> as you can see norway right here in san francisco but the wind is intensifying. that caused several damages throughout this region. a near death experience. >> i realized all those were right on top of mow so i get up from there. something bad was about to happen. >> reporter: something bad did happen. after seeing heavy winds rock powerlines back and forth, his up stikts kicked in. he got out of his car and 45 seconds later his gut feeling turned reality. >> i came out -- one came down on top of my car. >> he called 911 and waited
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across across the street. >> the wire came -- touched my car. so sparking that wire, so probably, i don't know. >> for several hours, 39 cuffs were left without power in the mission district. across the street, he saw sparks from inside his home. >> i saw a flash, which i didn't think anything about. it sounded almost like thunder. the lights went out. thought it was a breaker. >> .06 inches of rain has fallen since this afternoon. this is what several residents hope will keep their homes dry. >> i hope this protects this business and all the narks, the businesses on the street. they've been flooded in the past. ongoing, almost every year they have flooding. >> gearing up for the heavy part of this storm.
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and the heavy part of this storm is expected to hit tonight through sunday and the rest of this week. in san francisco, luce pena. >> much preached. pg&e have some trips tips if there's downed lines where you live. call pg&e at the number on your screen. be sure to have a flashlight and backup phone battery in case power goes out in your neighborhood. the north bay saw a steady flow of rain and we'll see even more overnight. the area burned we the kinkade fire in october. officials with watching out for mudslides. here's more. >> reporter: yeah. the rain just started picking up a few moments ago. light winds. the good news, no reports of any
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mudslides. >> despite the rain, people were trying to make the most of their night. >> there's good food and wine and it doesn't matter how much rain there is. >> warm doesn't describe tonight's weather. a steady flow of rain and light winds kept the streets wet. this woman who does door dash deliveries answer a busy weekend. jackson like this makes it busy. >> people don't want to go out? >> no. nobody wants to go out so i make money. [ laughter ] >> reporter: up here, when welcome the wet weather. >> it's been dry for so long and we had to make it through the fires and it's nice to see the rain. >> reporter: he says he'll be
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out. >> lose some weight. >> you got to get out and exercise every day. >> areas affected by ojt's kinkade fire. the local residents. >> it's not hard enough to be causing the mudslide. it smelled bad. hopefully this will take that down a little bit. once again that flash flood watch is in effect until early monday morning. reminder from chp, the roads are wet. slow down. reporting live, abc7news. >> we're going to get you an umbrella. >> the weather caused flight delays at sfo. you can see the ground looking catch out there. the airport says at least 78 flights were cancelled today. another 560 were delayed.
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the airport is still experiencing delays tonight. primarily because of the wind. weather has forced the cancellation of the numb effective light. the holly droly has been post boend. the national park service shared this video while it wasn't raining but winds were at 40 miles an hour. the person in the video nearly lost their phone because of the gusts. it marked a 149th celebration scheduled for tomorrow. heavy snow is expected tonight and tomorrow. some travel could be difficult to nearly impossible. this is i-80 near donner summit. snow equipment working to clear the road tonight. on vehicles with four wheel
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drive and snow tires. there could be two feed or more. >> a stretch of road is closed due to concerns about mudslides. it was shut down at paul slide at 5:00 and will close at mud creek tomorrow at 9:00 a.m. a stretch of road is in the southern part of monterey county. both areas have seep slides in the past. the bay area is the only place seeing some rough weather. parts of the san bernardino mountains are buried in snow. the community of running springs saw several feet. roads are closed off to only local residents. many of them getting around on foot. the storm knocked out power to 10s of thousands of people. some of them just got it back. >> 24 hours with electricity being off. it's cold. >> we were cuddled up next to the fireplace.
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it's cold. >> big bear getting as much as four feet of snow over the past two days. that is the biggest storm in decades. people had to be rescued last night after days of rain in san diego. a driver turned on to a closed and flooded roadway and tried to make it through three feet of rushing water. a van got stuck. they used an inflatable raft to ferry people to saved. now, a quick reminder. you can always track and keep track of the weather conditions where you live with the abc7news app. track the lane on live doppler 7 and get updates from our weather team. still ahead, fremont police are on the lookout for a hit and run driver after a woman and her dog are killed.
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tomorrow is world aids day. remembrances already underway.
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. taking a look at live doppler 7 right now. lots of green out there. rain still hitting the bay area. spencer christian will look at the foft in a couple of minutes. fremont police are searching for a suspected hit and run driver who killed a grandmother and her dog. tonight the woman's family says they want the driver to turn themselves into police. others want the city to make a dangerous stretch of word
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better. >> such a loving person. and she's going to be dearly missed. >> he is remembering his mom, 72-year-old suzann. she and her dog molly were killed friday night by a suspected hit and run driver while walking in a crosswalk on niles boulevard. witnesses told police that the drive described as a bhielt man in his 50s stopped and got out of the car for a moment. >> the person who hit her got out, i heard, and took a look and took off. i hope that they're brave enough to turn themselves in and do the right thing. >> a small memorial of flowers and a toy dog have been left at the scene. the car described as a white or silver. >> we would like him to contact us so we can get his side of the
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story. roipt neighbors say car drive much faster than the 40-mile-an-hour speed limit. >> it's a bad stretch of road. >> i don't know why they don't put traffic lights. >> another pedestrian was killed by a car on this stretch of niles boulevard two years ago. >> we have be begging for stop signs. >> reporter: he's been asking for safety improvements for years. next week, the city council will discuss changes. >> i knew one day someone would get hit and die. it was inevitable. unfortunately, it was my mom. >> reporter: in fremont, cornell bernard, abc7news. >> just details on a man who was killed by a hit and run driver. the santa clara county coroner
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has identified the resident who was hit by a car and found face down on the curb at about 4:20 in the morning. the driver did not stop or call for hem. he's the 24th pedestrian to die in san francisco this year. two people somehow walked away without any injuries tonight after their car was hit by an amtrak train in union city. the almeda fire department shared these pictures. the whole back edged of the car just crushed. investigators say the driver extently turned into a railroad tracks near the intersection of e and railroad streets. the car was pushed about 800 yards down the scratch. no one on the train was hurt. >> small business saturday is the alternative to black friday where players show support for retailers in the neighborhood. there were 70 art sans taking batter in the warehouses in
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oakland today. american express, which created the event estimates that shoppers spent more than $17.5 billion during last year's small business saturday. abc7news was in san francisco's knob hill for the unveiling of this year's gingerbread house. it's the 11th year of the life size creation that's inspired by the city's old victorian homes. this version is bigger than last year's and. it features a private dining space that can be reserved for up to ten people. >> we're able to include people of all ages. kids come into the lobby and are just as excited as the adults are. >> it's pretty impressive. the hotel says it's the largest of its kind in the state. it will be on display through january 1st. donations are encouraged to
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benefit the can area boys and girls club. spencer, i think the weather and the gingerbread house is going to be spectacular. >> outside it's stormy. armed much of the bay area. here's a look at live doppler 7. the heaviest activity is in the south bay over the santa cruz mountains. we have a new batch of showers moving onshore in the north bay. not very intense at the moment but darker greens and watches of yellow indicate the heavier down. we're going to have more heavy downpours. here's a view from our camera at pier 15, looking back at embarcadero. it's 54 in oakland, redwood city and san jose both at 52. 55 at half moon bay. the view from the shaky east bay hills where it's windy right now.
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we have upper 40s in santa rosa, napa, fairfield at 45. the view from this camera looking down into san francisco. rainy and windy overnight with high wind warnings and advisories posted for much of the bay area and this wet unsettled pattern will kbopt into next week. a storm of moderate intensity through tomorrow morphing we expect periods of rain that's heavy at times. we have wind gusts 40 to 50 miles an hour. there's a chance of thunder tomorrow as well as things will be unstable in the atmosphere. notice we'll have more widespread downpours at that time going into the overnight areas, 3:00 a.m. downpours. we'll see a little bit of a break but 7:00 a.m. more
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widespread downpours. we start to get wider and longer breaks in the action. still, it's going to be wet all through the day and windy until about midday. the winds will taper off in the afternoon. but the rain is going to remain with us through tonight and next week. let's talk about the winds. we have a high wind warning in effect until 3:00 a.m. muhammad for the entire coastal area of the bay area. the remader of the bay area is under a wiernt advisory. gusts will be 25-mile-an-hour. it will range from about 55 miles an hour, occasionally up to 65 miles an hour or higher. up in the burn scar areas from the kinkade fire we have a flash flood watch, not a warping but a watch in effect until 3:00 a.m. muhammad. i'm going to go to our sierra snowstorm. a winter storm warning is in effect there.
11:21 pm
we're expecting two feet or more of snow especially above 6,000 feet. the snow starts out at levels near 300 or 4,000 feet. >> highs tomorrow will be generated in a tight range. 56 to 58 degrees in virtually every location. here's the accuweather seven-day forecast. storms will not be very intense each day. the impact will be significant because the rain will continue for so many consecutive days. >> does this make enough for the totals? >> california's stormy weather forced one couple to change if you see wires down, treat them all as if they are hot and energized. stay away from any downed wire,
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call 911 and call pg&e right after so we can both respond out and keep the public safe.
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. wait for them to reopen the roads. >> how about this? the stormy weather in california almost ruined one couple's thanksgiving. they got stuck on interstate 15. they had dinner in their car. instead of feasting on turkey, they're feasting in -- the ate a cookie for dessert. courtesy of some military ration pack egts. they made the best of it by having a snow ball fight. i want to see the reaction to eating that. those packs can last for like decades. >> yeah? >> they taste like it, too. >> very questionable. >> i was imperesed that they 00 cookies for desert. >> take what you got.
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>> all three bay area teams in action. cal finishing the season at ucla.
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. cal head coach justin wilcox told his team last week after their victory they're allowed to celebrate the win for 36 hours instead of the customary 24. ucla had a rainy rose bowl. it never rains in southern california. but sometimes it does. screen pass, and polk breaks free. 44 yards. gash garb eers.
11:30 pm
garbers we know he can run it and he's making guys miss. 17 yards. puts them inside the roan. red zone. kris brown jr. 21-10. what a run that was. 28-18 as he scores his second time this game. doer ab thompson robinson's pass picked off by a diving ashton davis. cal wins 20-18. the their first win versus ucla at the rose bowl since 2009. sanford hosting notre dame. the cardinal off to a good start. the fade from davis mills to bryson trumaine. 17-7 stanlford early on. here come the fighting irish. ian book. chase pl chase clay pool.
11:31 pm
his second score of the day. notre dame's first win on the farm since 2007. the cardinal finished the year at 4-8. san jose state winning against fresno state. first quarter, scoreless. jorge reyna rolling out and finds jared rice, 38-yard connection, 7-30 bulldogs. party makes it a party. in the third, josh love, 16-10 now. late fourth to john factor. he wants to win this game all the way in from 10 yards out. party takes a lead. last for the dog t. party wins the trophy. they take that thing back 17-16. they're fired up there. to the ice, sharks take on yoers. the captain responds. logan couture swiping this one top shelf.
11:32 pm
they trail after one. contributions. dilg an gambrell, 2-2. you have the face-off marc-edouard vlasic. martin jones finished with 21 saves. this one was huge in the third. brad wizards, the blocker. they finished november with a 11-4 record. this sports record sponsored by river rock casino. crazy weather in southern california. >> yeah. >> it happened today. >> how messy. all right. thank you. >> lrlt. >> taking another look at live doppler seven we continue to monitor the rain in the bay area. the latest for the when
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. once again good evening, i'm deon lynn. in tonight's headlines, radar shows plenty of rain as a storm moves across the bay area. looping with the rain we could see wind gusts of over 50 miles an hour. the storm ranks two on the impact scale, a storm of mad rat intensity. abc7news weather anchor spencer christian will have more just ahead. in san francisco, the wind knocked a pipeline down on to a car in the mission district. the good news, no one was hurt but several customers were left in the dark while pg and e worked to restore power. and in the north bay, a flash flood watch is in effect through
11:37 pm
monday in the areas affected by october's kinkad fire. residents told us they aren't worried too much about the possibility of mudslides. they're just glad to see the rain. the suspect in the deadly london stabbing yesterday claimed back in 2008 that he was not a terrorist. but he was convicted of terrorism in 2012, released from jail last december and was under electronic monitoring when i carried out friday's attack. here's abc's karine mitchell. roip still reeling after friday's terror attack in the city. a knife wielding suspect going on a deadly rampage, killing two and wounding three others. amid the panic, passers by jumped into action, armed only with a fire distinguisher, chasing the man down, disarming and detaining him until authorities arrived. officers eventually shooting and
11:38 pm
killing the suspect. >> eats clear that this cowardly act was countered by incredible acts of bravery. >> britain's prime minister thanking everyone for the quick response. >> i want to pay tribute to the sheer bravery of those members of the public who went to deal with him sponsorship taken yusly. >> reporter: the suspect 28-year-old usmann khan speaking to the bbc after his home was raided by the politician. >> the community knows me. they will know i am -- i'm no terrorist. >> he later admitted being involved in a terrorist conspiracy. he was convicted in 2012 for terrorism offenses and released from prison in december >> we found no evidence, no
11:39 pm
evidence to suggest anybody else was involved in this attack. >> meanwhile, the three people he stabbed remade in the hospital. karine mitchell, abc news. >> nine people are dead after a plane crash in rural south dakota this afternoon. the ntsb says three other people aboard the plane were injured. state officials say the dead include two children and a pilot. the plane was headed from south dakota to idaho falls. they'll review weather as a possible factor in the crash but no cause as been determined. in arizona, sheriff's deputies confirmed that two children are dead after the vehicle they were in cooperate make it across a flooded creek. nine people were in the vehicle, all relatives celebrating thanksgiving together. after their vehicle got stuck, three kids did not make it to
11:40 pm
dry ground. a five-year-old and a three-year-old were found dead downstream. a third is still missing. >> we have swift water rescue, so there's a lot of good people working very hard in a very dangerous predicament. >> rescuers will continue searching for the third child tomorrow morning. deputies believe the vehicle went around barricades before avenue to cross the flooded creek. we're not the only ones dealing with severe weather. a winter storm which formed as a bomb skploen is predicted to move into the northeast tomorrow morning. blizzard warnings are in effect. where the city of duluth may see 10 to 20 inches of snow or more. more than 300 flight cabs las vegass including lots out of sfo. travel could become impossible in some places, the national weather service says.
11:41 pm
nancy pelosi announced she'll lead a delegation of democratic law enforcement. she said "taking action to protect our planet is a public health decision." according to the u.n., the goal of the conference to work on aspects of the paris climate change agreement. the trump administration told the u.n. earlier this month that they are withdrawing the u.s. from the fact. the white house is preparing to commemorate world aids day tomorrow. a large giant rib op was seen hanging from the north side of the white house tonight. president trump issued a proclamation calling for an end to the hiv epidemic. his goal is to 1.1 million people in the u.s. are living with hiv/aids. former oakland raiders wide receiver terrelle prior is
11:42 pm
expected to recover after getting stabbed this morning. that happened at his apartment in pittsburgh, pennsylvania. a police report shows there was some kind of altaration and he was stabbed in the chest and shoulder. a woman was arrested on aggravated assault and attempted homicide. he was arrested facing an assault charge. he was replaced by the jacksonville jaguars. americans mites not be going to the scores as much as they used to. they're doing plenty of shopping and did so as a record pace. $7.8 billion was spent on line yesterday. that is a new record. people aren't just clicking, either. nearly three billion came from smartphones, making friday the biggest day ever for mobile sales. electronics movies and video games are the leading bestsellers. still ahead on abc7news at
11:43 pm
11:00, one year after a deadly fire tore down their neighborhood. the paradise high school football team competed for a title tonight. >> i'm spencer christian, a
11:44 pm
11:45 pm
11:46 pm
. the pair die high school football team's dream season came to an end in yuba city tonight. their opponents beat them in the championship game. many have long drives to practice because they lost their homes in last year's camp fire. comedian pete davidson's shows are being kept top secret for some reason. those who were at a show were asking for a
11:47 pm
agreement. davidson went on a rant earlier this year during a show on a college campus when students had their cell phones out to record it. sometimes you just need a clean towel. that's the idea behind one woman's effort to help the community. her group is collecting new toils to give to low income, homeless and sisters in san mateo county. they held a towel drive today. >> one reason they get sick is through towels that are not sanitary or not clean. we thought it would be a good idea to bring that awareness to did public. >> i did not know that. she has collected about 500 towels so far. contact her through her website. all right. one last check of the weather with spencer. you know, compared to the rest of the country, we continue have it too bad. >> that's true.
11:48 pm
it's better here than in the northeast. that's for sure. however, this is active weather for us. here's radar showing moderate to heavy rain across much of the south bay right now. a storm of moderate intensity. through tomorrow morning, rain, heavy at times. 50 to 55 miles an hour tomorrow. early morning or overnight lows, i should say, will be in the mid to upper 30s in parts of the north day. most of the remainder of the bay area will see lows in the upper 40s. tomorrow, look for high temperatures in a narrow range. 58 to 56 degrees. here's the accuweather secretary of-day forecast. we have rain coming at least some periods of rain or showers every single day in the seven-day forecast. each of those days after tomorrow, the intensity of the storm will rank one on the storm
11:49 pm
impact scale. it's going to be so wet. >> let's talk about the brighter side. this is why weather to watch sports at home. >> perfect. >> not washing the car. a wild day of college football. ice rivalry weekend. how the r this weekend at ross, say yes for less... gifts storewide... 20 to 60% off department store prices. most stores open friday at 7am... ...with extended hours saturday and sunday. get your yes for less. saturday and sunday. here, it all starts withello! hi!... how can i help? a data plan for everyone. everyone? everyone. let's send to everyone! wifi up there? uhh. sure, why not? how'd he get out?! a camera might figure it out. that was easy!
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never. holiday gifts everyone's sure to love at 20 to 60 percent off department store prices. at ross. yes for less. . for the first time since the 2014 alabama is in danger of not making the college football playoff. there's nothing rival ah burp would love more than to ruin the rolling tide's hope in the iron bowl. tigers just took a 1-10 team after a pick six. on the ensuing kickoff, jailen waddle takes i would from the two and goes 98 yards, weaving in and out of traffic. got a good brock there.
11:53 pm
he is gone to the house. 1-17. third quarter. concern on the faces of the fans. down 31-30. mac jones's throw into the hands of mclane. he's going to go a hundred yards himself. 37-31 auburn. what a crazy game this was, back and forth. the passion of the fans and more concern. sean shivers showing off the power. watch this run. get out of my way. 11 yards, auburn up three. two minutes to go. 'bama's joseph bulovas, off the up right. it's no good. auburn the upset. time to storm the field. wait for it. there's some trouble getting on to the field. number one ohio state taking on michigan. ohio state quarterback threw for 302 yards. 14-6 buckeyes.
11:54 pm
j.k. dobbins, 211 yards, makes pay dirt. 21-13. went down with a knee injury but comes back. he'll have a operate on his knee but still. 35 yards to garrett wilson for the touchdown. buckeyes win 56-27. don't ask him if the issue's coaching. >> talent gap, is it a preparation gap, a coaching gap? what is the biggest difference at this point? >> i'll answer your questions, not your insults, so -- >> 18 points in two years. >> they played good. really good. >> at 4-16, the warriors tackled the worst record in the league. robinson iii is getting extended minutes. here's a part of our conversation. >> he's running with gr iii. >> it's been great. even though we took a lot of
11:55 pm
losses, everybody looks at it as lirng and trying to get better. all believe in each other. that's what we need. >> how do you think all these minutes -- get these guys back eventually. >> it gives us awesome plans and experience. especially the young guys, rookies and first and second-year players, as many as we have, it gives them more experience, some time under their belt. we're always going to need the next man up. >> coach was talking about how you are as a player. he talked about how good you are as a person. your frarks correct. explain to me. >> ari are real indeed is the name of the organization. i have wanted to empower fathers to be better. knowing how important it is and the key role we play in our children's lives.
11:56 pm
that's a big thing for me is giving back to the community. >> i saw the article. it was a great article. your relationship with her and how that game about. >> she won a spot after lottery in public housing. she asked to cook for me one day. i went down there for dinner actually one day with my brother. one of the best meals i've ever had in my life. i got a chance to know her. she only had two chairs. it hit home for me. i thought this was a perfect first family to help out with my foundation. she's just started crying, just ball. we got 25 pieces of furniture fo her house, dining r5078 tables, beds, everything, so she can be able to live comfortably and continue to work and do what she's doing for her household. >> that's the sports report. perfect story for the holidays.
11:57 pm
good food in a fully furnished apartment. >> how special is that? >> really, really good. >> is he as jen yin, you felt? >> these guys are good dudes. they're getting the young guys some playing time. >> that's good character. i think that's important. >> absolutely. >> something that they're so special for. >> with that, that's it for tonight. for chris and spencer and all of us here at abc p,
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(john a.) tonight, 24 americans lay it all on the line. their whole lives have been leading up to this one moment of glory. (music distorts) yo, hit this! drop that beat! (john h.) oh, boy. (john a.) ooh. let's hope they have a plan "b." (john a.) they've come from all over the country and from all walks of life to vie for $50,000 and the ultimate bragging rights.


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