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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  December 2, 2019 6:00am-7:01am PST

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roads to start your monday commute. >> good morning. it's monday, december 2nd. mike and frances are tracking the storm and the impacts on the commute, but we're starting with mike for the latest on the storm's track. >> we'll show you the storm impact scale, which is a one for today. the rain is steadiest this morning. there's moderate tendencies in that rain, now it will taper for most of us, the santa cruz mountains and the sonoma county mountains, it could be heavier in those areas. marin county hills and mountains are really getting pummelled the most this morning. you can see more moderate showers offshore. let me put it into motion. those are coming at you from the southwest. you can see the santa cruz mountains, that's where we find the yellow right now. everybody else is mainly green. let's look at what's going on. low to mid 50s, becoming showery at noon through 4:00 with temperatures nearing 60.
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the showers will taper considerably this evening, mid 50s. let's talk more about that commute with frances. >> we had a few accidents and numerous spinouts this morning. here's a live shot of 880 in oakland making your way past the coliseum there. southbound traffic is for headlights and northbound traffic is on the right-hand side. southbound past 980, an earlier crash cleared. traffic is slow through the area. here's a live shot of 680 in walnut creek. a new problem just reported near treat. that's in this live shot, but it looks like it is a spinout. we'll check out the ride in the north bay. visibility is limited. water has been splashing. there's ponding and an injury accident eastbound 80 at apion. that one not causing delays. just be careful and give yourself extra time this morning. the weather is creating a traffic headache for many.
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from the wind and rain in the bay area to snow in the sierra. >> amy hollyfield is live along 580 in livermore with a look at how things are moving. hi, amy. >> good morning. here is a look at 580 in livermore. it is moving okay but it's wet out there. this must be a relief for those who -- drivers coming out of the sierra. this looks good compared to what conditions up there look like. lots of snow for the return home for thanksgiving travelers. chains were required on interstate 80. drivers say it was a rough day. >> it's going great. i got somebody else to do it for me. it's great. these guys are making bank up here. 40 bucks for a five-minute job. not bad. >> we have to chain up twice. we have to be at work at 7:00, but it's going to take us about ten hours to get home. >> to get back? >> yes. >> look at this. this is interstate 15 out of
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vegas towards california. there was a 20-mile backup of thanksgiving travel. what a rough trip for those people. now it's back to work time. that's rough. it's raining, take it slow. give yourself extra time today. bundle up because it is a little chilly out here. reporting live in livermore, amy hollyfield, abc7 news. >> thank you. this morning people in 30 states are facing travel delays for storms that are moving through the area. look at yutica, new york. a state of emergency there. snowplows are clearing the roadways there. in minnesota, these are semi trucks that are stranded right now. you can see it, they are totally snowed in. duluth set a snowfall record over the weekend. and in maryland, check this out. crashes everywhere there. snow and weather conditions are blamed for a 58-car pile up yesterday. there are 29 separate accidents, ten people were sent to the
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hospital for these. the weather closed point reyes lighthouse again. the park service shared this video of the wind howling topping 40 miles per hour forcing the cancellation of yesterday's events celebrating the lighthouse's 149th anniversary. the weather also knocked out power to the visitors center. a livermore home known for its holiday display hopes to have the lights back on by tonight. the wet and windy weather knocked down a tree limb leaving some damage. these photos show the massive branch that landed on the roof of deacon dave's light show on hillcrest avenue, it's been a holiday tradition for 37 years. we're told the tree limb smashed about 35,000 of the 600,000 christmas lights. stay with abc7 as we track this stormy weather. our meteorologists use live doppler 7 and you can, do. download the abc7 news app. happening today an elementary school in union city
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will resume class after the thanksgiving break. this is the first time students will be back since two boys were shot and killed in that school's parking lot. a community healing ceremony was held yesterday at the school's growing memorial site. detectives say they have not ruled out gang activity in the shooting. the 11-year-old and 14-year-old boys were gunned down while sitting in a minivan in the middle of the night. there's been no arrests. students at saugus high school in santa clarita are also heading back to school today. school is resuming for the first time since the shooting that killed two students. for the first week back campus access it limited to students staff and parents only. san francisco's board of supervisors will vote today to expand eviction protection for the renters in thec che
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a board rules committee will vote on whether to expand regulations that prevent landlords from evicting tenants living in buildings that were built before 1979 without just cause. they want people living in buildings after that same year to receive the same eviction protections. expect big deals today for cybermonday. that also means a busy day for the amazon fulfillment center outside of the bay area. this is from amazon center in tracy. ab7 news went inside last year as employees rushed to fill orders during 2018's cybermonday. expect the same today. amazon says they have 800 employees per shift. abc7 news will be back inside amazon's fulfillment center later this morning and we'll bring you those reports on midday live at 11:00 a.m. and on happening today, the supreme court takes up gun control for the first time in a decade. hi, everybody. it's olivia jade. welcome back to my youtube channel. >> so, lori loughlin's daughter is speaking publicly for the first time since the college
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admissions scandal. what she says in this new two-minute clip. pretty much drizzle to steady to light to moderate rain this morning. heaviest moving towards marin county and also through the santa cruz mountains where it will taper as it heads into the south bay. everybody will be wet for the morning
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elliott. you came back!
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here's a look at some of the heavier showers we're watching right now. they're in marin county. they'll hit san rafael at 6:13, petaluma, 6:30. napa, 6:55. yountville at 7:00. another chance of rain on the roadways and strong winds. the storms have let up. the flash flooding potential has also let up now. let's talk about what's going to happen if you're going to be out and about. delays nearing three hours already at sfo. so steady rain this morning. heavier wet weather gear if you're exercising and keep those drains clear. peninsula, the best chance of rain through the morning hours, tapering this afternoon as we near 60 degrees. here's the south bay, a best
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chance of rain through 3:00, tapering late during the afternoon and evening hours. and up in the north bay, we have a chance of rain the next 12 hours. with that in mind let's get back to the commute with frances. >> it's a rough ride with the rain and the wind out there. numerous accidents and lots of spinouts this morning. give yourself extra time. there's a new accident in the north bay, southbound 101 near north san pedro. here's a live shot and southbound traffic is on the right-hand side. you can tell visibility is limited, roads are slick. and the ride on 680 through-week is a crawl. the treat on-ramp to southbound 680 is closed due to a car fire. new crash southbound 680 near 24 and a couple spinouts on 24. a live shot in the south bay, you can find the usual slow spots and flooding in the south bay and in the east bay as well. thank you. harry potter comes to life in san francisco. the official debut of the new
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she was a feisty yet beloved face on one of the most pivotal tv shows in the '90s and 200. actress shelly morrisson has died. she died from heart failure in an l.a. hospital yesterday. morrisson played the made carne in the show. she was written in to appear in just one episode of the series but her dynamic with karen was an instant hit and she stayed on the show for eight as soon as. morrisson was 83. the supreme court is taking up a gun rights case today for the first time in nearly a decade. they'll hear arguments in a case that began as a challenge to new york city's prohibition on carrying a licensed locked and unloaded handgun outside the city limits. the rule was already repealed in july, but the justices are
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taking up the case anyway. this has concerned gun control advocates who fear the courts conservative majority could use the case to question gun restrictions across the country. the daughter of actress loie loughlin has returned to youtube for the first time since her parents arrest. olivia jade posted her first video in nine months. she says she can't talk about the scandal legally but she wants to move on. her parents are accused of paying $500,000 to have their two daughters falsely labeled as recruits to the usc crew team. they pleaded not guilty. they each face up to 50 years in prison. time is 6:16 this morning. you see live doppler 7 behind us that means mike is tracking this rain.
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you two have the orange and yellow on, and the rain is lighter now. in san jose, light rain falling. an inch and almost a tenth of an inch of rain. definitely wet down here. the rain will taper for today. mild lows tonight with scattered showers. the same for tuesday, wednesday and thursday. the storm door remains open. the temperature from 53 at lake port easily the coolest. 55 in yucaipa. 57 in napa to nearly 64 everywhere else. tonight upper 40s to low 50s. you can still see a few pockets of orange in the santa cruz mountains where we had a lot of heavy rain. in the north bay mountains, too. here's a look at the san mateo bridge. we had a shower move across that. now it's moving into the 680 and
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24 junction. the heaviest of the rain will remain up in the north bay the next couple of hours. we'll focus on the santa cruz mountains along with the north bay mountains. the rest of us will have scattered intermittent showers. they pick up in the afternoon and early evening hours. overnight, you can see it, they finally taper by tomorrow morning. look at tomorrow afternoon, yeah. looks quiet. another quarter inch of rain in the lower elevations. an inch or two in the higher elevations. a 1 for tuesday, wednesday, thursday. all attention focused on friday when another moderate storm rolls in. >> good morning, we had lots of spinouts. lots of accidents out there. a new crash reported in fremont. mission boulevard on-ramp to southbound 680. here we have a traffic jam southbound 680 in walnut creek. it's slow to 24. there was an earlier car fire on the treat on-ramp to southbound
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680, so that's blocked. northbound 680 direction, another accident reported near highway 24. in the eastbound direction we had a couple accidents, in fact a fire was reported eastbound 80 near ashby. i don't see any slowing here in the eastbound direction on the right-hand side. a crash earlier on southbound 580. look out for ponding on the roadway, splashing water and give yourself extra time on your way to work this morning. >> thanks. "good morning america" is coming up at 7:00 on abc 7. >> rob marciano has a look ahead this morning. good morning. ing >> great to be with us both. a day after the big thanksgiving holiday, we have a lot coming up on "gma." the storm what was hitting you guys a few days ago made its way to our coast. now it's a big mess in the
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northeast. if you are traveling to, through or have friends trying to get home from the east coast, they have some issues today. 6 to 12 on top of what they've seen inland. now the rain is turning to snow in new york city. philadelphia, boston, those three airports will be affected tonight. also as president trump heads to london for the nato summit, new developments in the impeachment showdown. lawyers refusing to participate in a new round of hearings. our political team has the latest. and it's cybermonday mania, how to score the hottest savings on ipads, phones, travel and more. becky has your guide and tory johnson has a special edition of deals and steals. all that and much more on "gma." good to see you. hope your thanksgiving was fantastic. >> it was. i hope yours was, too. you can't see us, but we're dancing talking about cybermonday. what are you buying? >> there's a list. but pointing and clicking is
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exhausting. hopefully i can stay awake for that. >> see you. if you're looking for a
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let's look at my concerns for today. they're mainly this morning. hydroplaning, high. standing water, moderate. with the high wind warning down, those are down to low, those things. on friday into saturday, tapering sunday, more heavy rain is on the way. the stormy weather is putting a damper on holiday cheer by causing a christmas tree shortage in somepla places. abc7 was at fort mason where the guardsmen was selling christmas tree. it's an all volunteer non-profit that raises money to send at-risk youth to summer camp. many trees from oregon to washington didn't make it this year because of the weather, so they got creative. they got trees from other places and they are now stocked.
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pat sajak appears to be in good health following his emergency surgery. the 73-year-old was spotted at a washington capitals game over the weekend. he was sitting courtside with his daughter. sajak had surgery last month for a blocked intestine. his co-host vanna white took over the show for a few days. >> we muggles will experience some magic. you are ready? >> i think i'm ready. harry potter and the cursed child just made its official west coast debut. [ applause ] a sold-out crowd erunted into cheers at the end of the two-part play yesterday. the show is about harry potter's life as a father and his son's experience at hogwarts. tyler patrick hennessey plays a young harry potter. >> you can't really break it down to one scene because the show is amazing. it's so fun to be a part of. it's so fun to, like, express the story. >> okay.
6:26 am
you go ahead. thank you. san francisco and new york are the only u.s. cities where you can watch the tony award winning play. tickets are available right now. harry potter and the cursed child will be in san francisco through july of next year. are you going? >> i am now. he convinced me. except the six hours part. the intermission is long enough. >> you can go and -- that's a long time. >> it is. but it will probably be worth it. >> i'll bring my wand. next at 6:30, the white house is ready for christmas. the holiday look that the first lady just revealed. staff at regional medical center responding to a water leak inside of the hospital. i'm lauren martinez. i'll have details on that coming up next. plus a deadly officer-involved shooting in the east bay. poli
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now at 6:30, nasty weather across the country krip ming the return home from thanksgiving. >> it's been a very intense day. >> the storm that slammed california over the weekend is moving east. but more storms are lining up. scattered showers for tuesday, wednesday and thursday. the next significant storm will be friday, saturday and then taper sunday. a big mess at a south bay hospital. a flood overnight, but it wasn't rain that caused the big mess. >> located the son straddlingadn his mother while holding a knife. an east by a couple attacked by their own son. and an alert from the fbi about smart tvs. the warning before you click buy this cybermonday. at 6:30 this morning, this is what you're seeing as you head out the door. look at those backups there, all the wet roads.
6:31 am
>> accidents in san rafael to the bay bridge and interstate 580 in livermore, the first commute since thanksgiving, it will be slow. this rain is not over yet. goodness. good morning. it is monday, december 2nd. >> you almost lost it there. >> you brought it back. how long is the rain expected to last? >> this morning. hi, everybody. a look at my storm impact scale. rainy this morning. steady drizzle to rain moderate at times. scattered showers during the afternoon hours. flash flood watch is over. the high wind warning is over.
6:32 am
moderate showers moving through marin county. those will head to the northeast. all of us are wet. low to mid 50s. back to the mid 50s with lighter rain by 7:00. >> we had so many spinouts this morning. that's been the big trouble spot. this is san jose, headlights are on northbound 280. that's 17 coming out of the santa cruz mountains. northbound near foothill, traffic is slowing because of an accident. it started as a spinout. it's an accident blocking the second from the left lane, possibly the left lane as well. a slow ride across the san mateo bridge. it's a 25-minute trip and heavy on southbound 880 through hayward. there's a wind advisory for the
6:33 am
san mateo bridge and the bay bridge. southbound 680 is a crawl. there's been a couple of problems. happening now, regional medical center in san jose is recovering from flooding in the hospital. >> we have new video of water pouring inside the building and causing quite a mess. lauren martinez has that video and more. >> good morning. a public information officer says this occurred in an older part of the hospital and there are repairs under way. look at video we got. look at the video. there is a stream of water coming down from the roof and medical staff and first responders are moving medical equipment out of the way. even covering it so it doesn't get damaged. the spokesperson for the hospital says a water line in tower three, which is the oldest portion of the hospital failed
6:34 am
causing minor water damage near a service elevator. he says it occurred in an administrative area. now, they also said no patients were affected. reporting live in san jose, lauren martinez, abc7 news. >> all right. thank you, lauren. an elderly concord couple is in the hospital with serious injuries after police say they were attacked by their son and officers ended up shooting and killing him. it happened on oasis drive in concord before noon yesterday. police say a 90-year-old man and an 85-year-old wife called police to report their 60-year-old son was acting erratically. they said he had a knife and a plastic gun. officers found the man in the front yard. they tried to talk to him, but he went back inside the house. >> our officers went inside and located the son straddling his mother while holding a knife. >> the officers opened fire
6:35 am
fatally wounding the man. police have been called to that home before but investigators have not said why. today marks the third anniversary of the ghost ship warehouse fire in oakland. 36 people died when the warehouse went up in flames. a memorial for the victims was held at a church in oakland. ♪ the music and art by those who died in the fire was put on display during the memorial. friends and family gathered to remember their loved ones by sharing some of their most proudest works. jonathan birnbaum was one of those who died in the warehouse. >> for me and my parents it's been really -- events like this are really healing. and getting a chance to have his work out there and shared is something that's really comforting. >> the reverend of the church says the memorial also serves as a reminder for the city's
6:36 am
responsibility to protect the lives of its residents and artists especially who are particularly vulnerable. the families of many of the ghost ship victims have filed a lawsuit against the city of oakland and other defendants. the trial is set to begin in may. ghost ship master tenant derick almena is expected to be retried on involuntary manslaughter charges. a jury deadlocked in a trial earlier this year and the judge declared a mistrial. jurors acquitted the co-defendant, max harris. in the east bay, around two dozen protesters will hold a rally over what they claim is inhumane treatment of homeless. 22 people were arrested last week when they set up a tent city in front of city hall. this morning they're expected to attend the rally. organizers claim the city is committing civil and human rights violations by clearing homeless camps around town but the city refutes these claims. the rally starts at 9:00 a.m. happening today, president trump and first lady melania trump will travel to london for
6:37 am
this week's nato summit. today mail have a reception with queen elizabeth ii at buckingham palace. president trump is scheduled for a one-on-one meeting with french president emmanuel macron and germany's angela merkel. resume on wednesday. with the trees decorated and the lights up, the white house is decked out for the holiday. ♪ first lady melania trump tweeted this video showing how the white house is decorated for christmas. the theme this year is the spirit of america. the first lady says she's excited for everyone to experience the beauty of the christmas season. all right. cybermonday is here. next what you need to know before clicking on all of those deals. and we are taking a live look at the big board at the new york stock exchange this morning. we're starting up about 16 points. plus stormy weather causing
6:38 am
travel trouble across the bay area. we're live with the conditions for your monday commute. all of those stories ahead. really, it's that bad? >> yes. >> oh, no. >> we've been trying to smile through this all morning and put a positive spin on it, but frances and i are just delivering news that a lot of people don't want to hear. heaviest rains in marin county. here is san rafael which topped nine inches of rain. that's in the last six days. light to moderate rain falling there. driving, we'll have standing water. there's a chance of rain all day if you're on the bay or if you're taking mass transit. east bay valleys, on and off rain through 3:00. highs in the upper 50s. san francisco, we have a chance of rain through 5:00, highs in the upper 50s. for the peninsula, we have our best chance of rain this morning
6:39 am
that tapers this afternoon. a little bit warmer because of that. 60. for the south bay, we have a chance of rain all the way through 3:00 for the north bay. a chance of rain all day today. our coolest temperatures, mid 50s. and then for the east bay, we have a chance of rain best through about 1:00. we're watching another soaker, i'll have more on that coming up. here is frances with more information you need to know. >> a live camera shot of interstate 80 at kingvale where you will need chains. traffic is actually not moving right now at this point. earlier we saw a single lane pile up. it looks like a few cars are heading through, but this is where the chain requirements start. there are big delays if you're heading up to the sierra on 80 and 50. to the south bay, we've had a few problems reported. northbound 280 for headlights
6:40 am
here, it's slow near highway 17. on highway 17, a few spinouts. 17 is problem-free right now. as you continue on northbound 280 through cupertino, there are 20-minute delays because of an accident at foothill. that is causing traffic to back up on northbound 80 approaching 280. you may want to take city treats to avoid that mess. more live shots, this is 101 in san rafael. you can see it's a tough ride out there. give yourself extra time. there's been numerous spinouts this
6:41 am
6:42 am
6:43 am
let's take care of those kids heading back to school. damp all morning, a steadier rain headed towards 11:00 and showers around 3:00. temperatures 57 to 60. you can see the waves of wet weather that are heavier. this is the atmospheric river that is letting up a bit. it still will remain heaviest to the south and up into the mountains where we just showed you how dangerous it is to get around there. watch as the atmospheric river tapers heading to the south heading towards santa barbara and fresno heading into the afternoon hours. for tahoe, my seven-day forecast. moderate and then light rain. a break tuesday, wednesday, thursday, before more moderate to heavy snow on friday.
6:44 am
from rain in the bay area to snow in the sierra. the weather is creating a travel headache for a lot of people. >> amy hollyfield is live along 580 in livermore with a look for us. hi, amy. >> good morning. at least these people are not driving in the sierra. this is 580. it is moving okay. it's wet out here. this must an relief for drivers coming out of the sierra. this is good compare ed d to wh happening out there. take a look. a lot of snow, even right now, but really for the return home for thanksgiving travelers. that was just a mess. chains were required on interstate 80 as those drivers were heading home. there were a lot of hassles for them as they dealt with getting out of there. >> how are the roads? >> pretty slick. the rain is making it more slippery out there. it's cold. i saw the snow coming down,
6:45 am
thought it was best to get them on now before anything bad happens. >> look at this backup. this is i-15 out of vegas towards california. authorities are saying there was a 20-mile backup of thanksgiving travel. what a rough trip for those people. now it's back to work time. it will be a time for reentry and in the rain. it's not raining now but it has been. it's wet out here, windy and a little chilly. give yourself extra time, put on a couple of layers and get back in there. reporting live from livermore, amy hollyfield, abc7 news. tahoe ski resorts are celebrating this weekend's snow. squaw valley alpine meadows shared this video with us. the resort said they received 9 inches of snow. this is a much warmer, wetter storm than the one that we had last time. squaw valley says it is great for building a solid base.
6:46 am
skiers and boarders were warned to be prepared for some rain mixed with snow. >> our meteorologists use live doppler 7, you can do the same thing. just download the abc7 news app. amazon is catching backlash this morning on the start of cybermonday. over the weekend there was online merchandise including christmas ornaments bearing images from around the auschwitz nazi concentration camp. the museum pointed out the disturbing and disrespectful online products. today amazon said the items were removed from the site. it's not clear who was selling the products. before you snatch up that great deal on a smart tv for cybermonday, listen to this warning from the fbi. the bureau is warning consumers that hackers may use smart tvs as a gateway into your house. cyber criminals can hack their way through the internet connected devices and access your router.
6:47 am
even worse, they may be able to access the microphone and cameras built into the smart tvs. the fbi recommends placing black tape over unused cameras and keeping tvs up to date with the latest patches and fixes. cybermonday deals are here and the most popular items on sale will go fast. >> shoppers are expected to spend more than $9 billion today. this morning on "gma," becky worley explains which items and stores are offering deep discounts. here at walmart, a surprise hit has been the air fryer. this is the ninja four-quart normally $109. it's $59 today. that's a great gift for a foodie and another foodie gift, the kitchen artisan series 5 tilt head stand mixer. now, these are normally $379, 219 today and they make some mean, mean pancakes, guys. >> oh. okay. pancakes.
6:48 am
i can be convinced. also on discount today, beauty products from the body shop, ulta and macy's. to learn more about the deals, just watch "gma," that starts at 7:00 after abc 7 mornings. >> i have some shopping to do. >> i think so. >> for us. yes. >> of course. we have your list right over there. >> let's go over there now and take a look. i hope one of them is an umbrella. that's the easiest thing to get today. looking at sfo, almost an inch and two-thirds there. we have delays already. here's a look from our roof camera, an inch and three quarters in san francisco. so periods of rain, steadiest this morning. tapering this afternoon. except for in the north bay mountains and the santa cruz mountains where it will be steadier all day. scattered showers for all of us tomorrow through thursday before the next possible atmospheric river arrives friday. temperatures today, upper 50s to near 60 in just about all neighborhoods until you get to lake port and yucaipa.
6:49 am
mid 50s for you. tnight, mild with the blanket of cloud cover out there. the rain is still falling. coming out of the south, a mild push. temperatures in the 40s to low 50s. here's a look, you can see now in the north bay, the mountains or hills of marin county, sonoma county, down in the santa cruz mountains we're seeing that take shape. those are the areas with the steadiest of the rain as we head deeper into the afternoon hours. here's the area of low pressure, it sinks down to the south. it weakens and it takes more of this rain down to southern cal as we head into the next three days. 7:00 this morning. some yellows out there. a lot of green. the coverage shrinks by noon and it stay s healthy through 7:00. once that sun sets, the coverage tapers considerably except for during the commute tomorrow morning. then it's gone. another quarter to a third of an inch is possible in the elevations where most of us live. up in the mountains, another inch is possible. just scattered showers for tuesday, wednesday, thursday, before that moderate storm hits
6:50 am
friday. here's frances. >> mike, we're getting bad news now from caltrain. apparently a trespasser was hit on the tracks. this is north of the sunnyvale station. it was the northbound train 305 it happened about 6:00 this morning. all trains are stopped in the area. so plan on major delays for caltrain and consider some alternate routes. we'll keep you posted on this and we'll let you know as soon as we found out more. our other hot spot is in the south bay, northbound 208 in cupertino is a crawl up towards foothill because of an earlier stall and an accident in the same spot. you can see traffic is heavy. it's backed up on to northbound 85 at this point. and you'll find the usual slow and go spots. a new problem reported on the dumbarton bridge, westbound near the toll plaza. may be a stall. we have a high wind advisory for the san mateo bridge. it's slow there across the westbound direction and the bay bridge toll plaza. 280 is a little slow.
6:51 am
a live shot at interstate 80 in kingvale, you will need chains in the sierra on 80 and on 50 right now. >> thanks. a stanford student invented a tool to make holiday gift wrapping stress free. >> brian studies product design, and he was on last night's episode of shark tank to pitch the little elf. ♪ >> oh! everyone hates cutting wrapping paper. it all comes out ripped, jagged or crooked. that's why i have revolutionized the way people cut giftwrap with the little elf. slide the little elf back, and with ease push the little elf forward. >> such a good idea. >> isn't it? life made easy. >> i know. >> the little elf made a huge impression on the sharks. kevin o'leary and lori greiner got into a bidding war.
6:52 am
>> 150,000, 20%. i hope you take it. >> so, my last offer was at 25%, you dropped to 20%. no royalty, straight equity. that's the deal? >> lori, it is the best option for this. >> huge mistake. huge mistake. >> yes! >> lori won. she looks happy about this. i'm happy for him. >> me, too. there's one thing iious wa justo know why there's no little elf on the design. >> it's little already. it's christmas. >> i get it. i do. >> you want a little more. you want to see the little elf when you do it? hi, friend. >> thank you. you get it. >> i get you. you can watch "shark tank" sundays at 9:00 p.m. on abc7.
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6:55 g monday morn g mondayn 7 things to know before you go. we have some steady rain and showers in the mountains for the rest of the day. temperatures in the 50s now, reaching 60s this afternoon. >> number two here's a live look at sfo. expect more weather delays today. 60% of the flights at sfo were delayed or canceled yesterday. windy weather and low visibility cut the runway capacity in half. number three, snowfall is making driving treacherous in
6:56 am
the sierra. chain controls are in effect on interstate 80 and highway 50. number four, trains are stopped, caltrain northbound train number 305 hit a person north of the stunny vei stunny all trains are stopped. number five, repairs are under way at regional medical center in san jose after a water leak inside the hospital. it happened in an area used by administrators and no patients are impacted. number six, guys, i watched this yesterday, it was tough. possibly a super bowl preview. the 49ers lost in a heartbreaking field goal kick to the baltimore ravens. if it's any comfort, the niners gave the ravens one for their money, but it was a tough loss. number seven, after our show it's timto shop joonline. cybermonday deals are here and a lot of retailers have already been offering discounts since black friday. we'll be back in 25 minutes for
6:57 am
another abc7 news update. find some deals. >> the rain is not out of stock. like many things. >> good one, mike.
6:58 am
♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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good morning, america. as we join you this monday morning, a fierce storm is causing trouble on the roads and in the sky. 14 states on alert as a major storm moves in. a blizzard slams the midwest causing hundreds of accidents. flight cancellations and delays. and a nor'easter now strengthening on the heels of that record holiday travel rush. rob has the latest. bitter battle. the new turn in the impeachment showdown as president trump heads to london for the nato summit, his lawyers sending a message overnight now refusing to participate in that new round of high-stakes hearings about to get under way. mass shooting. the urgent investigation after gunfire erupts in new orleans' french quarter.


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