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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  December 2, 2019 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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boulevard. this isn't the first time there's been a deadly crash here. hopefully it will be the last. >> this crash happened in the middle of a stretch of niles boulevard that the city already etor fngha c pedestrians. fremont's city council is going to discuss it, in fact, at tomorrow's meeting. >> news reporter chris wray yre joins us live. what are the proposed changes? >> reporter: good evening, kristen, good evening, dan. the memorial you're talking about, i'm standing in front of it. many people who live here don't need this to remind them of how dangerous this stretch of road can be. over my shoulder, see the speed limit, 40 miles per hour, many drivers going faster than that. take a look around. imagine crossing here at night. no stop lights. no stop lines. residents we talked to want that to change. >> as you can see, an idiot spinning doughnuts. >> reporter: this happened right in the middle of our interview and it's exactly why tim
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yamaguchi refuses to cross ths intersection in his neighborhood. wow. is that normal to you? >> that's the first time i've ever seen it. in the daytime. but i know that they speed up and down over here at night. >> reporter: that screeching happened at rock avenue and niles boulevard. right in front of a memorial for 71-year-old suza killed just a block away at linda and niles while on the crosswalk friday night. the driver took off and so far, police have no leads. >> the family needs closure. we need to know what happened. and i'm sure this person has a conscience and would like to come in and give his side of the story. >> reporter: police believe the suspect is a white male in his 50s. gray hair and glasses. possibly driving a sedan with front-end damage. abc 7 spoke to ogi's son over the weekend. >> she's going to be dearly missed. >> reporter: fremont city council is set to talk plans tuesday night for a new traffic signal at rock avenue as well as flashing beacons for a pedestrian crossing at el porto
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avenue. >> that street is very dangerous and they've been needing something over there far long time. >> even just in the side streets sometimes we see people speeding. you know, 40 miles an hour. >> we got to move forward. and prevent anything like this in the future. >> people lived here for a long time. we pay taxes and everything. why can't we have a couple stop signs to make our life easier? >> reporter: now, police are very frustrated that they've only received two tips over the weekend about this case. if you have any information, call fremont police department. kristen, dan? >> all right. chris, before you go, people you talked with seem to be very worried about this, of course, rightfully so. how big of a problem is this in fremont, some perspective? >> reporter: well, here's what's really interesting, kristen, fremont actually leads the country in a program called vision zero 2020 aimed at preventing traffic crashes like this one and they've been successful over the last few
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years. reducing incidents by 50%. however, there are still areas of improvement. te're going to keep on top of fremont, abc 7 news. omorrow >> all right. we'll see. abc 7 news dedicated our full week of building a better bay area coverae to fremont. the bay area's fourth largest city and the issue of traffic safety did come up during our town hall. from housing to jobs to diversity, you can see all of our stories online at all right. get used to hearing the word, storm watch. there's more rain on the way. today's storm ranks 1 on the abc 7 news storm impact scale, which means it's a light storm. abc 7 news meteorologist sandhya patel as been tracking the rain and is with us. >> let's take a look at live doppler 7 because showers are still popping up on our radar. they're very scattered in nature. so not everyone's seeing the rain. let me take you into street level radars. half moon bay, fairway drive, into redwood city, seaport
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boulevard, east palo alto. be belmont. light showers right now. same thing for the south bay and santa clara. martin avenue. cupertino, rainbow drive. definitely keep the umbrellas close by because this system is parked off the coast and it is sending that moisture in our direction. so we will continue to see more rain. rinfall was impressive across some parts of the bay area. just under a half a foot in santa rosa. kent field over 7 inches of rain. but if you were in the rain shadow, san jose only .043 of an inch. livermore .059. level 1 on our storm impact scale. tonight, tomorrow, scattered showers. less than a half an inch and breezy in spots. i'll have -- be back with the hour-by-hour timeline coming up and talk about another storm that is due in later on this week. dan? >> okay, thanks. in the north bay, forget cyber monday. it's rainy monday. the constant rain since the weekend has caused the yecreek
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rise which is a perennial problem. pictures of flooded roadways were shared which was cleared by the time abc 7 news got there. one novato resident says she can see the difference the weather is making just by looking in her backyard. over the weekend, a gauge spilled over. >> this little pond was bone dry as of thursday, and now it's full. >> businesses in san rafael are noticing a difference. sol food told us they've seen an increase in traffic as well as the number of delivery orders placed from folks who don't want to go out. the south bay wasn't spared from the storm either. this video shows rain falling before dawn in san jose amid windy weather. here's a live look along the peninsula at san francisco international airport. more than 100 flights today have been canceled and delays are currently running about an hour. a combination of bad weather here and across the country. >> my flight was supposed to be at 9:00 a.m. this morning. then i got here, it was delayed until 11:30 meaning i was going to miss my connection flight
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from portland to you yeeugene. now i'm flying to seattle. mythough, took a red eye last night from here to kansas and his was totally fine. so i was like, oh, i should be okay, but, yeah, i didn't expect this much of a delay. >> good luck airlines of america predicted that more than 2.8 million people would fly today. a normal travel day is about 2.4 million passengers. well, it may be a little wet in the sierra. traffic is moving pretty well on interstate 80 tonight. drivers may run into a backup on highway 50, though, near echo summit. caltrans is clearing a rock slide that blocked the westbound lane which means it's running one-way controls until the debris is cleared. the goal is to have everything open within the next half hour or so. by 6:30. there are chain controls as well for highway 50, interstate 80 is open in both directions and there are no chain controls in place there. remember to stay with abc 7 as our meteorologists use live doppler 7 every day and you can, too. it's available any time through the abc 7 news app.
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all right. happening today, cyber monday. and it could set a record this year. online sales are expected to reach $9.4 billion. black friday set an online spending record, $7.4 billion in sales and adobe analytics says that online spending hit new records on thanksgiving day, reaching $4.2 billion. that's $21 billion in 3 days of online shopping. a popular mexican bingo game is the new incentive by the city to get shoppers over to san francisco's mission district to shop. abc 7 news reporter luz pena is live from one of the businesses that's participated. luz, can you show us how it works? >> reporter: that's right. well, to play you need a board you can find at any of the 29 businesses here in the mission district that are participating. now, i can tell you about this, or i can show you how to play. so let the game begin. in the mission, there are 29 businesses that are participating in the game and this one right here is one of
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them. inside fiesta bowls which, by the way, just 0opened a month ago, you'll get a taste of all the mexican fruit snacks. >> usually the most popular is banana, papaya, mango, strawberry. >> reporter: a deal that comes with a sticker, by the way, jose mendoza is no stranger to the game. he grew up playing this. >> we play with beans. >> reporter: with beans. >> those are the ones you would put on your card. >> reporter: okay. how does this take on the mention c mexican bingo game work? it's a campaign led by the economic workforce development office to get more shoppers over to the mission. you get a sticker with every purchase. >> basically how you play the game is either you can connect a line on the game board or fill the game board. what this gives you is then you can submit it for raffle tickets. >> reporter: speaking of the board, meet ivanka lopez, co-owner of the artillery and one of three local artists chosen to design these icons.
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>> bridge community and bridge businesses and have people get out of their house and go, like, explore the neighborhood. >> reporter: so let's keep on exploring. our second stop was this. let's try this one on. this is the third place that i'm visiting today. this is where we get the jewelry. we brought some earrings. even though the game/campaign just started a couple days ago, she is seeing the impact in this community. >> start my own with other businesses. yes, yes. >> reporter: how many have you got so far? >> two. >> reporter: let me see. let me see your board. oh, my gosh. i love it. and in case you're wondering, i have three stickers on my board so i can officially enter this raffle and i just got a new one for a second board. live here in the mission district, luz pena, abc 7 news. are you i goes going to play? >> yes, i love it. >> feeling lucky.
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>> fun stuff. thanks, luz. the holiday shopping season is here. so are the thieves, remember. your purchases aren't guaranteed to be safe on your porch. >> or in your car. bad luck for you means big business for auto glass repair shops. a company blames user error for issues with a wearable fitness device. i'm michael finney. i'll look into that, ahead, on "7 o
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we're rated number one in customer satisfaction by j.d. power. yourbut as you get older,thing. it naturally begins to change, we're rated number one in customer satisfaction causing a lack of sharpness, or even trouble with recall. thankfully, the breakthrough in prevagen helps your brain and actually improves memory. the secret is an ingredient originally discovered... in jellyfish. in clinical trials, prevagen has been shown to improve short-term memory. prevagen. healthier brain. better life. an off duty chp officer tried to stop an attack on a woman, became a victim, himself, when a group of young people kicked, punched and choked him unconscious. abc 7 news reporter leslie brinkley is live at bay street
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mall in emeryville where this happened. leslie? >> reporter: yes, that attack happened at 8:00 black friday evening near the theater complex behind me and in surveillance video you're going to see some juveniles surrounding an off-duty officer and beating him up as well as pushing and shoving a young woman. a young girl in a white top can be seen approaching a group of eight juveniles here in this pedestrian-only plaza. she demanded they give her back her cell phone that she claimed they stole from her 30 minutes earlier. they started pushing her and violently shoving her according to emeryville police. >> a witness who later identified himself as an off-duty chp officer intervened to save the victim from a group of juvenile the, eight juveniles. the group then turned toward him and became violent with him. he was punched. he was kicked. he was taken to the ground. he was choked. he lost consciousness for a minute. >> reporter: emeryville police say when he regained consciousness, he used pepper
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spray on the suspect. police employed by a nearby apple store arrived and a 14-year-old and 16-year-old were arrested. off-duty officer even drove himself to a hospital. shoppers today expressed surprise and concern. >> i don't really go out by myself after dark. so that's part of the -- you know, that's just part of living here. >> reporter: six juveniles remain at large. >> we're trying to get as much video as we can from witnesses that were there that may have recorded it on their cell phone as well. we want to circle back to that if anybody has any of that available. >> reporter: one store owner -- one store manager told me off camera today that smash and grab robberies and breaking the storefront windows to grab goods is fairly common here at bay street mall along this stretch where the cars have access but that the pedestrian zone employeel is usually a eetty safe area.or w this attack is the violence of it all.e in emeryville, i'm leslie brinkley, abc 7 news.
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>> yeah, it was brutal. leslie, thanks very much. there's a new recession-proof business in california. if you want to contribute firsthand, leave valuables in plain view in your car or else as abc 7 news reporter wayne freedman explains, visit someone in the automobile glass business. >> okay. what is the year? >> reporter: her name is rebecca medina. if you spend a few years in the north bay, you're likely to visit marin auto glass and tell her your tale of woe. >> i listen to every story. >> reporter: often the stories begin like this. >> i'm going to be right here for a second so i'm going to look at my car, my dog's inside, and my computer is safe. >> reporter: then those stories end with broken glass or a towel and descriptions similar to these. what was in that backpack? >> well, i had work stuff, of course, every credit card, my debit cards. my veterans card. my new license. >> reporter: she would not show her face because she was embarrassed about not reading these warning signs in the parking lot of a novato
6:16 pm
restaurant. local police give them away for free, but auto break-ins have become a statewide issue. up 90% in the last year. >> got to lock your car. make sure that you hide your valuables. or you take them with you. >> reporter: as police describe it, these are crime of opportunity. thieves go for what they can see. in this car, groceries, and over there, a purse. >> i mean, so many people are outside of their car for not even 15, 20 minutes. it happened to me. >> reporter: back at marin auto glass eddie lewis told us 90% of work has to do with repairing break-ins. while we took this video of him, anna silva drove in. note the rear-side window. >> i just had a yellow water bottle in the back seat. no clothes. no nothing. >> reporter: why would that? >> i don't know d. o>> $300. and that's not easy for a college student. in novato, wayne freedman, abc 7
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news. >> 90% in the last year. take a look. it's finally clearer today. >> finally, nice break. we need it badly even though we got a lot more rain coming. abc news 7 sandhya patel here with the forecast. >> another atmospheric river due friday. until then, showers occasionally, dan and kristen, exactly what we're seeing on live doppler. as we get you into street-level radar. half moon bay across 92. el granada boulevard, notice there, montera, it's a little wet out there. spotty, light showers have developed right around the south bay as you will notice on monroe street across highway 101 heading into milpitas in the east bay. in the sierra, the snow level is rising so it's a mix of rain and snow now. the winter storm warning that was in effect has been dropped but definitely something to keep in mind as you make plans, perhaps, for later on in the week. temperatures in the 50s right now across the entire region. a live look from our exploratorium camera.
6:18 pm
a beautiful view of san francisco. off and on showers through wednesday. short break comes thursday morning. another storm arrives on friday for tonight, tomorrow, scattered showers, less than a half an inch expected and it is breezy in spots especially the higher elevati elevations. hour-by-hour forecast, 7:00 tonight, a few showers in the north bay, around the santa cruz mountains. going into tomorrow morning there will be some slick spots as a few more showers develop. 7:00 a.m. as well. and then as we head into the afternoon, you'll see some sun, some clouds, and you might want to put that umbrella away but don't do it just yet because 10:30 tomorrow night we have more showers coming through and then wednesday looks like the more widespread event of showers. especially in the morning hours. so you will definitely need to keep those umbrellas close by. in terms of additional rainfall, we're not expecting a whole lot. most of you will be under a third of an inch. but there could be a spot or two that may pick up up to half an inch. temperatures first thing in the morning, 40s, 50s, rain gear needed for some parts of the bay area. and then for the afternoon,
6:19 pm
you're looking at temperatures that will actually come up over today's highs so we're mostly going to be in the low 60s. a few upper 50s out there. and you will see some sun breaks along with clouds and occasional showers. the accuweather seven-day forecast, spotty showers for tuesday. level 1 system. scattered on wednesday. also a level 1. thursday there's a chance of rain. that's your transition day. mainly a chance of rain later in the night. then a level 2 storm comes in on friday. it's a wet, windy, storm. moderate strength storm. atmospheric river. but the difference between the one that has gone through and is stalling now, not the river, but the actual low, and the friday system is that one's going to be progressive. it's going to move through. we drop it to a 1 on saturday but there could be minor low-lying flooding friday/saturday. the key here is the next three days we get a chance to sort of dry out with just occasional showers. that will help. >> yeah, for sure. thank you. well, coming up next, mother
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new here at 6:00, a holiday tradition put to the test. >> a legendary east bay christmas display suffered a big setback on its opening weekend. and you can blame the weather. >> yeah, abc 7 news east bay community journalist melissa
6:23 pm
pixcare joins us live, where the christmas lights just turned on, melissa. >> reporter: hi, dan and kristen. i'm here at deke and dave's christmas light display where over 600,000 christmas lights just went on. now, if you haven't heard or seen of deke and dave's, this is a huge holiday tradition here in livermore. volunteers have been putting on this light display since july. now, i've been working on this story for over a month now, and the original plan for the grand opening ceremony got delayed due to weather, but that was not the only hiccup that deke and dave's went through. >> i was working in the library at my desk. i thought it was a major earthquake. there was a roar and a big rumble and crash. >> reporter: for the past 37 years deacon dave's is livermore's most beloved christmas light display with over 600,000 lights and each
6:24 pm
light is dedicated as a prayer to find a cure for cancer. >> we were going to open saturday night, about midday we decided with the weather projections with the high winds that it would be safer not to. >> reporter: on the night that should have been the grand opening ceremony of the light display, a tree that his grandma planted in the '50s crashed down on the house. >> it had 35,000 lights, blue lights, that it brought down with it. i was just -- i was sick over it. >> reporter: sunday morning, volunteers from the community came together to pick up the pieces. >> i have an awesome team, and the whole team, the reason that they bring this together, is for the people. and that's what it's all about. giving the people that come through a christmas experience. >> this is what christmas is all about. it's giving. not the receiving part of it. it's the giving. and this is where it all comes from. >> reporter: after a little rain and a setback, deacon dave is
6:25 pm
looking forward to sharing the holiday cheer and having people come and see the light display. >> i'm looking forward to a good christmas year. i certainly here at the house of the dove wish everyone a very merry christmas. >> that's great. >> melissa pixcar's story. community rallying to save christmas. >> isn't that great? coming up next, a story of success. >> a place in the south bay has proof of progress being made in the lives of people who once called themselves homeless. it's an example of building a better bay area. . there are stories about missing dogs or missing cats, but how about a missing parrot?? i'm dion lim in san jose. before you consider this a bird brain story, hear me out. wait until you hear how rare this macaw is.
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celebrate success stories. >> yeah, and we have one in the south bay to share with you today. an organization that's made progress on one of the bay area's biggest issues in just six months, too. >> here's abc 7 news reporter chris nguyen with a story of a place that lives up to its name, the hope clinic. >> reporter: providing health care with dignity in san jose. >> just unbelievably grateful for all of them and all of the people that help me get into the housing. >> reporter: david webb is getting checked out by the santa clara valley medical center hope clinic which provides primary care, mental health and social services to people who have or are experiencing homelessness. webb recently found housing in cupertino after being homeless for nearly nine years. >> it's so tough to be able to crawl up out of that pit, out of that lifestyle, and it's culture shock to go from homeless to having my own studio apartment. >> reporter: since opening six months ago, only one of the clinic's more than 350 patients have returned to the streets.
6:30 pm
medical director dr. no grew up in san jose and was homeless for a time as a child. the work he does here is personally meaningful. >> having the flexibility, that kind of room to -- to just take care of patients the way that we would really want to. and to know that there's a county here connecting all these services that we actually could do this. >> reporter: much of the bay area has shifted toward a housing-first approach which supporters say when paired with supportive services sets the hopeless up for greater stability and success. >> i feel really lucky to be able to do this work every day. i go home feeling like i really helped people in my community. >> reporter: this year saw the opening of 2nd street studios in san jose. the region's largest permanent supportive housing development for formerly homeless people and last month the residents started moving into a similar project called villas on the park. the county working with the community to break the cycle of homele homelessness. >> the medical people, the social workers, all of them, they all helped me tremendously. >> reporter: in san jose, chris
6:31 pm
nguyen, abc 7 news. and, of course, we want to hear your ideas for building a better bay area. share them by joining our better bay area group on facebook. three years ago today 36 lives were taken from us suddenly. those lives belong to people who had gone to a concert being held at a warehouse in oakland called the ghostship when fire broke out trapping them inside. these are their faces. one couple died in each other's arms. one man sent a final message to his partner a text saying, quote, i love you, fire. the youngest victim was a 17-year-old high school student. yesterday, family and friends gathered at the lake merritt united methodist church for a memorial service, music and art by nose who died in the fire was put on display. it was powerful. families of many of the victims have filed a lawsuit against the city of oakland and other defendants. the trial is due to begin in may. ghostship master tenant derek l almena is expected to be retried
6:32 pm
next year on involuntary manslaughter charges. the jurors acquitted co-department max harris, the ghostship's creative director. students at saugus high school headed back to class for the first time since a deadly shooting on campus. they were greeted by beefed up law enforcement presence, a team of mental health counselors and roving therapy dogs. >> i'm not going to lie, it's been very confusing and difficult these last two weeks. however, as unwelcomed and unwanted this tragedy has been, the response from our community has surpassed any expectations. >> saugus high had been closed since november 14th when police say nathanial berhow came to campus on his 16th birthday opening fire killing thr ining students and wounding three others. he turned the gun on himself and died a year later. the u.s. supreme court
6:33 pm
toobtook up a gun control case for the first time in nearly a decade. hundreds of advocates waited as justices heard argument on a new york city law that banned gun owners from transporting handguns to shooting competitions, gun ranges and city homes outside city limits. the city since rescinded the law. the plaintiffs backed by the nra pushed forward hoping to see 2nd amendment protections expande. the court appeared divided on whether to get involved or dismiss the appeal all together. former president jimmy carter is back in the hospital tonight. the carter center released a over the weekend for a urinary - tract infection. it comes less than a week after he left an atlanta hospital where he had a procedure to relieve pressure on his brain caused by bleeding from a recent fall. the carter center says the 95-year-old is already feeling better and is looking forward to returning home soon. he has survived brain and liver cancer and is now the oldest living former u.s. president in history. house speaker nancy pelosi is leading a u.s. congressional
6:34 pm
delegation at a united nations sponsored climate change summit in madrid, spain. more than 50 world leaders were attending the cop25 conference which comes as scientists warn of an urgent need for countries to take action. one of the biggest topics of discussion will be the paris climate accord. the trump administration officially pulled out of the deal last month, but today pelosi vowed a congressional commitment to fight the crisis. >> it's a privilege to lead this very distinguished congressional delegation from the house and the senate to continue this crucial conversation. by coming here, we want to say to everyone we're still in. the united states is still in. >> the conference runs through december 13th. almost two-thirds of americans polled by the pew research center say climate change affects their local community in some way. the most common effects are seen of long periods of unusually hot weather, severe weather and harm
6:35 pm
to wildlife. people in california and other pacific coastal states are the most likely to say they see the effects of climate change. all right. crying foul over a pricey bird that went missing. >> yeah, this rare macaw is much more than just a pet for a woman in san jose. up next, a search with an ending that is stranger than fiction. plus, 7 on your side's michael finney helps out a man whose workout do you have concerns about mild memory loss related to aging? prevagen is the number one pharmacist-recommended memory support brand. you can find it in the vitamin aisle in stores everywhere. prevagen. healthier brain. better life.
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a wayward sea lion is recovering after found wandering on a san mateo street yesterday. poor thing. she's at the marine mammal center getting fluids and food because she's a little dehydrated. the center thinks the sea lion made the wrong turn from san francisco bay and wound up going into a creek. but she is getting the care that she needs. now to the story of a rare and exotic bird that flew the coop. >> yeah, a woman in the south bay went on the search of her life really to find her priceless macaw after it went missing. >> abc 7 news anchor dion lim goes along and has a surprise ending for us. >> blue, come on. come on, blue. if this weather holds out, he might be able to fly so people can actually see him.
6:39 pm
>> reporter: for 12 hours a day in the dreary on and off rain, jessica hagan and her friend, sarah, have been scouring san jose streets. >> my daughter's been texting me all day, can you pick me up? i've been crying at school all day. >> reporter: they're looking for blue, a rare 3-year-old macaw. a gift from her boyfriend, blue is a parrot jessica calls her dream bird. >> he's actually like the best thing that's ever happened to me. >> reporter: these stunning blue parrots are endangered in the wild and so sought after, can be valued at upwards of $15,000. for jessica, losing blue during a routine grooming on friday is more than she and her family can bear. >> there is no value to me on him. he's not replaceable, period. >> reporter: this is where it all happened at andy's pet shop. ironically, blue was here to get his wings trimmed so he wouldn't fly away. as soon as he passed through this plastic partition, h e got do. ked and flew right out the >> frrible for jessica. like i'm going to puke. yeah, my heart dropped. >> reporter: while she admits things could have been handled differently, she and jessica have been friends for years.
6:40 pm
and mutually acknowledged the mistake. >> people are going to want to blame somebody. >> reporter: shortly after we finished shooting the story, out of the blue, pun intended, we got a call from jessica with the good news. >> adrenaline spiked. i started crying. >> reporter: her dream bird was spotted at a nearby apartment complex. a little shaken but on the mend and back where he belongs. >> i think he's very happy. >> reporter: in san jose, dion lim, abc 7 news. >> what a beautiful bird. jessica says she is so grateful for everyone in the community and online who have reached out with messages of support. now banana slugs, they are back. the national park tweeted this video today. the creatures enjoy wet and cooler conditions. which have been missing for months. but the return of the rain means the return of the banana slugs. so be careful hiking around. you don't want to squish them. >> aptly named, aren't they. we're getting a wet start to the week. what about the future? >> sandyha has dry spots for us
6:41 pm
in the seven-day forecast next. the abc 7 storm impact scale. >> it's going to be a 2. >> moderate storm. >> 1 to 1, light to severe. know exactly how every storm will impact you. >> wet and windy once again. >> be prepared with
6:42 pm
so that early retirement we planned. it's going ok? great. now i'm spending more time with the kids. i'm introducing them to crab. crab!? they love it. so, you mentioned that that money we set aside. yeah. the kids and i want to build our own crab shack.
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abc 7 news was in tracy this morning at amazon's fulfillment center where cyber monday is treated like the super bowl. the world's biggest online retailer is seeing holiday shopping set records this year and doesn't all end at midnight. >> we're always running deals on if you missed today which you shouldn't, it's a great day to shop, you can still find some amazing deals. >> and tomorrow gets its own name as well. giving tuesday. the goal is to do good. donating to charities. volunteering for causes you care about. and supporting non-profits. last year, giving tuesday raised $400 million. well, fitness experts suggest that buddying up with a friend during workouts can be an effective way to get in shape. >> yeah, 7 on your side's michael finney reports that's what a son hoped to do with his father from thousands of miles away. >> yeah. you know, with technology these days, it's possible to monitor each other's progress in
6:45 pm
realtime, but unfortunately this father/son team said it didn't work out the way they want it. daniel moscow is a triathlete who stays in shape while maintaining his 9:00 to 5:00 job. to monitor his progress, he wears this wearable fitness device from woop 24/7. it gives him valuable data such as his sleep patterns, heart rate and variances between heartbeats. >> that information is then used to determine how well your body responds to workouts, how hard you push yourself during workouts and how much time you need to actually recover. >> reporter: daniel lives in florida but wanted to help his dad who lives and works in los gatos to stay in shape. >> my workouts are generally maybe three or four miles running, from time to time i'd lift weights, but generally, i'm sort of the weekend workout guy. >> reporter: daniel bought his dad a subscription as a way to motivate him. the two compared results and saw
6:46 pm
that each received similar data. >> so for me, that's a three-hour workout, for him, that was a 30-minute run on a treadmill. there was clearly something not right. >> reporter: scott spoke with daniel on facetime and showed him how he was using woop. day determined scott was using the device correctly and reached out to woop which questioned that conclusion saying he was wearing a strap too loosely. the company declined replacing the model but offered a two-month refund. scott declined and instead reached out to 7 on your side. frustrated, he now wanted to return the device for a 100% refund. so we reached out to woop and it agreed. the company said, i want to deeply apologize for your experience with whoop. i refunded $293 for the purchase made. >> my sense is is that it took channel 7 before whoop decided to do the right thing and refund the money. >> in an email to the moscows, whoop said there was an issue with the strap but did not elaborate. now i want to hear from you.
6:47 pm
the 7 on your side hotline is open monday through friday from 10:00 to 2:00. you know my number. 415-954-8115. you don't feel like dialing, reach me through facebook or >> very good. great story. >> thanks, michael. >> all right. let's revisit the weather forecast. little bit of a break from the rain. >> a little bit but we have a lot more rain in store. >> yeah, a lot more rain comes in friday and saturday. but in between we're going to see occasional showers, dan and kristen. live doppler 7 right now showing you isolated showers as we get you in closer. show you where it is raining right now. right around broadmore. across highway 1. southgate avenue. you will also notice across 280, san bruno, watch out. it's a level 1 system tonight and tomorrow. scattered showers. less than a half an inch expected. there will certainly be slippery spots, breezy in some areas as well. the hour-by-hour forecast. 7:00 tonight, you will see a band of light to moderate showers. 5:00 a.m., mostly focused around san francisco, the north bay,
6:48 pm
7:00 a.m., so definitely allow yourself a little extra time for the morning commute. then most of the tomorrow afternoon you're going to see a sun/clouds mix until tomorrow night going into wednesday when we have more wet weather coming into the forecast. milder tomorrow afternoon. temperatures mainly in the 60s. the accuweather seven-day forecast, level 1 for tomorrow. spotty showers. level 1 wednesday with scattered showers. chance of rain thursday afternoon/evening. moderate strength storm with a atmospheric river. anyone you get a break, dry sunday and monday. in case you're making plans, kristen and dan. >> all right. looking forward to that. thank you. let's talk a little 49ers football. still in great shape despite the loss. >> oh, yeah, chris al valez has sports. every loss gives us a chance to tweak and get better. >> exactly the way to look at it. the niners don't have to deal with that weather this weekend. they're in new orleans. tide f tied for the best record in football. football. the learning you know when you go to ross for a few gifts and realize...
6:49 pm
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and you're not sure who'll be more excited... oh, yeah. ... or them? ahhhhhh! that's yes for less. be a rock star this season and save big on gifts they're gonna love. at ross. yes for less. now sports from abc 7 news. >> just how close are the 49ers to being a perfect 12-0 this season? their two losses have come on last-second field goals as time is expired. quarterback jimmy garoppolo put it yesterday, whoever it is, wherever it is, we're going to line up. baltimore closed out the game on a 12-play drive with a justin tucker 49-yard field goal to end things and win at the buzzer. coach shanahan said in a conference call today that both teams played well. the niners were just unable to get the win. players echoing that same
6:52 pm
sentiment yesterday. as they look forward to a huge showdown at new orleans this weekend. >> you know, it was a fun, physical game. a good ball club that we played. lot of learning lessons from it, like i told you guys before, you always learn a lot more from a loss than you do a win, so we'll get some good corrections in and get ready for new orleans. >> i take a positive mindset about everything, so, you know, i thought it was a great game for us. i think it showed the character of a lot of our guys. they made more plays than us and we got to fix that. >> we tried to improve on the little things so that way, overall, we could have these wins and get to, you know, playoffs and, you know, get to the super bowl. that's our main goal right now. the raiders' playoff hopes took a big hit after yesterday's blowout at kansas city. oakland's been outscored 74-12 in their last two games and currentlhe outside of the playoff picture looking in. oakland hosts wildcard hopeful tennessee in essentially an elimination game sunday at the coliseum. here's coach gruden on his team's poor play over the past two weeks. >> poor halftime talks maybe. i -- i, again, i take credit for
6:53 pm
that. you know, we're playing pretty good football at times. we struggled the last two weeks. there's a lot of statistics out there that look bad and there's some that look really good. i think that's kind of a summerizatisumme summarization of where we are. the warriors road trip continues tonight after another close loss at orlando last night. they lost eight games by single digits this season. growing pains for a young team learning how to close out the game. welcome back, ka von first action since hurt . a dish to amari spellman with the jam. trey young, their version of steph curry in atlanta. the bench loves the long-distance swish. second quarters, ws down three. pascal, putback slam. 19.6 rebounds in the first half. warriors struggling on a back end of a back to back. 19 turnovers through three. this leads to an easy de-andre
6:54 pm
hunter slam. can still dial from distance. the wide open three is good. the hawks, they win going away 104-79. baseball's winter meetings begin sunday in san diego. that will be the new home of infielder profar who was traded from oakland to san diego for catcher austin allen and play tore be named later. profar hit a career high 21 home runs in the first and only season with the a's but only batted .218. third worst in the american league. nice defensive play there. san diego will be profar's third team after five years in texas and last season in oakland. the giants have nontendered outfielder kevin polar, going to turn 31 in january and projected to earn about $9.7 million this year. instead he's going to hit the free agent market. hit .264, 87 rbi in 156 games with the giants last year. playing cool defense, too. cool moment here in miami yesterday. undrafted rookie free agent, do laird of cal scored his nfl up
6:55 pm
touchdown for the dolphins. celebrated with a custom air book celebration. he loves books and did it at cal and the nfl. how cool was that? first score, 37-31. the dolphins beat the eagles. hey, did you see this? steve n piscotti kicking off th week of giving in oakland. joined by stomper right there. they surprised first responders at several oakland police and fire stations then get a pizza lunch, a santa hat and stomper, that's pretty cool. beginning of a full week of community events for the a's all week long through friday. week of giving with the a's. giants doing something similar as well. you've seen bay area teams giving back at various soup kitchens and things of that nature, thanksgiving and the holidays. nice to see our teams giving back to the community. >> so nice, especially at this point in the season, they're visiting, a lot going on but still make an effort. >> it's great. kudos to them. can we get back to patrick? love of books. >> a really cool moment. the first of many hopefully book openings for the young guy. >> absolutely.
6:56 pm
thanks, chris. >> join us tonight for abc 7 news at 11:00. >> sand bags and a lot of them standing by in the north bay. more rain is not far away. i'm cornell bernard. we'll have that story tonight at 11:00. dmv wait times are finally, finally dropping. what's driving this. coming up on abc 7 at 8:00, the great christmas light fight. that's always fun. at 10:00, it's "the good doctor." stay with us for abc 7 news at 11:00. >> stick around, jimmy kimmel live comes on at 11:35. >> that's this edition of abc 7 news. look for breaking news whenever you like with the abc 7 news app. i'm dan ashley. >> i'm kristen sze. sandhya patel, chris alvarez, thanks for joining us. >> see you again tonight at 11:00.
6:57 pm
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