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tv   Jimmy Kimmel Live  ABC  December 2, 2019 11:35pm-12:37am PST

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>> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight -- james corden, from "reprisal," mena massoud, brad paisley, and music from ozuna. and now, more likely than not, jimmy kimmel! >> jimmy: that's very nice. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ hi, everyone. thank you very much. welcome to the show. i'm the host. i'm jimmy. thanks for watching. thanks for coming. i hope you had a great thanksgiving. did you have fun getting fat while fighting with your families this weekend? [ laughter ] you know, today is a beloved american holiday. today is cyber monday. which is followed tomorrow by someone stole the blender from my porch tuesday. [ laughter ] i got an e-mail from every place i ever bought anything today. i miss the old days when you
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wanted to buy something, you camped out all night in front of best buy, you'd wake up in the morning you'd fight for a blu-ray to the death. you know? this is not shaping up to be a fun week for the president. on wednesday the judiciary committee will hold a hearing they've titled "the impeachment inquiry into president donald j. trump, constitutional grounds for presidential impeachment." it's catchy. i like the title. [ laughter ] but the white house says it will not participate in the hearing even though they were invited to do so. but they aren't ruling out the possibility of participating in future hearings. like for the next time he gets impeached. [ laughter ] there were a lot of new revelations today. so to get ahead of them republicans released their own report and the president tweeted and then retweeted himself writing "breaking news, the president of ukraine has just again announced that president trump has done nothing wrong with respect to ukraine and our interactions or calls. if the radical left democrats were sane, which they are not, it would be case over."
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thanks for solving the case, magatha christie. [ laughter ] that is some argument. but the idea that he's not guilty because the guy he shook down said so is ridiculous. it's like this if he tweeted breaking news, kid's lunch money i stole says he gave me his lunch money because he admired my fists. case over. [ laughter ] the justice department finally released nearly 3 hufrn pages of notes and witness memos from the mueller russia investigation. according to the notes there are many details, but one of them is chris christie was dining with donald trump on valentine's die 2017 and -- [ laughter ] trump told him now that we fired michael flynn the russia thing is over. i don't know which is more embarrassing, the fact that trump thought he was in the clear in 2017 or that donald trump and chris christie spent valentine's day together. [ laughter ] i wonder who picked up that dinner tab. meanwhile, the house impeachment report comes out tomorrow, and
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this one includes stuff the republican repte evidence, for instance. the president is in london right now. he's at the nato summit. i would bet everything i own donald trump has no idea what nato stands for. why aren't people asking him this question? trump is expected to face protests on the trip. and the prime minister, his buddy boris johnson, is actively avoiding him because they have an election next week and he doesn't want to be seen with -- relations between the prime minister and an american president have not been this shaky since "love actually," which was a movie. [ laughter ] but still, you know. and despite all this trump is still very popular in his party, according to a new economist ugov poll. 53% of republicans say they believe donald trump is a better president than abraham lincoln. [ laughter ] i mean, they can't be serious. no one believes donald trump is a better president than lincoln. that's like saying measles is better than ice cream.
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[ laughter ] it's not -- trump isn't even a better president than daniel day lewis pretending to be abraham lincoln. to compare donald trump to one of the not just greatest presidents, greatest americans who ever lived, it sounds nothing short of preposterous, but when you watch them up side by side all of a sudden maybe it isn't so crazy after all. >> fourscore and seven years ago. >> number one, i'm not stupid. okay? i can tell you that right now. just the opposite. >> our fathers brought forth on this continent a new nation. >> bing bing. bong bong. bing bing bing. >> dedicated to the proposition that all men are created equal. >> look at my african-american over here. look at him. >> government of the people. >> uh, i don't know what i said, uh. >> of the people. >> go home and get a job. >> for the people. >> i'd like to punch him in the face.
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i tell you. >> shall not perish from the earth. >> he's got me down as the greatest president in the history of our country including george washington and abraham lincoln. >> i'm glad i'm dead. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: well, he was always honest, abe. he really was. [ applause ] donald trump thinks fourscore is a strip club in florida. [ laughter ] yesterday our first lady melania trump unveiled this year's white house christmas decorations. and she did that by tweeting a very beautiful video. ♪ ♪
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[ laughter ] [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: i feel like she's trying to tell us something. i just can't figure out what it is. you know who else needs help? joe biden. so the iowa caucus is two months away, and team biden has a new bus and a hot new campaign slogan. ♪ >> across the state. >> no malarkey. >> i'm ready. >> let's go joe! ♪ >> jimmy: yeah, that's right. the no malarkey tour is coming to a senior center near you. [ laughter ] who says politicians are out of touch? it's like grandpalooza is on. good news for billy bush. this is now the number one most embarrassing thing involving a candidate and a bus.
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[ laughter ] the no malarkey tour was the idea of biden's social media manager. here he is. his name's peepaw. [ laughter ] joe's taking this seriously. joe's slowing sxn his new ad, i don't know that they're helping. >> joe biden. a fellow you can trust. a fellow who knows the value of a buffalo nickel. joe biden won't deliver a bushel of balderdash and ballyhoo. so if you're tired of all the horse apples and gummy huff coming out of washington, crank up the motor car and 23 skedoo to the polls to make your mark for a daddy-o with moxie. joe susquehanna biden. >> i'm joe biden and i'm confused. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: i don't know how that happens. i really don't. but as a service to the biden campaign we did an informal poll of our own today. we went out on the street and we asked some young people if any of them know what the word malarkey means.
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>> what is malarkey? >> malarkey? u uh. ma qulark? i have no clue. >> what is malarkey? >> something weird. >> what is malarkey? >> mm. i'm guessing it has to do something with art. >> like what? >> painting maybe. >> can you use it in a sentence? >> pass me the malarkey. >> malarkey? does that have to do with different kingdoms or something? >> maybe like banter or something like that? >> like what we're doing right now. >> yeah. >> it's malarkey. >> really? >> malarkey isn't a term that i use. >> who uses it? >> i think caucasian people use ma qular malarkey, right?
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>> what kind of person uses that word? >> old white people. >> like joe biden? >> sure. absolutely. yes. >> how old do you think joe biden is? >> i think he's like 45. >> yeah. i think he's at least -- yeah. maybe 46. >> okay. >> joe biden is about to embark on a no malarkey tour. do you know what that means? >> on a tour to go try all different cheeses. >> why do you think it's called the no malarkey tour? >> he wants to do away with whatever malarkey is. >> what is malarkey? >> bull [ bleep ]. >> can you use it in a sentence? >> this interview is malarkey. >> that settled it. we have a good show for you tonight and that is no malarkey. mena massoud is here. we have music from ozuna. and james corden is with us. [ cheers and applause ] and also tonight a very special
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bonus guest sitting in with the cletones, brad paisley is here. [ cheers and applause ] hello, brad. so brad, we asked brad to stop by because brad's first primetime special called "brad paisley thinks he's special" airs tomorrow night. and it's a big -- you've got an all-star cast on the show, right? >> it is. >> who's on it, brad? >> i have dirt on these people, and they're on it. jonas brothers. >> jimmy: okay. wow. >> carrie underwood. peyton manning. tim mcgraw. darius rucker, hootie and the blowfish, kelsea ballerini. ore, chris harrison from "the bachelor." >> jimmy: what is chris doing on the show? >> well, somehow nashville became the bachelorette party capital of the -- >> jimmy: oh, right. i know that. yeah. >> so we bought the pope of bachelor parties to nashville. >> jimmy: i see. >> the ceremony for somebody. >> jimmy: this will be fun. this will be good. [ applause ] >> thank you. by the way, you're in it. >> jimmy: yes. i was waiting for you to mention that i'm in it. >> for a second. we cut most of it out. >> jimmy: i was limited to four
11:46 pm
seconds in the thing. but watch "3wrbrad paisley thin he's special" tomorrow night on abc. and brad will be sitting in with us all night. [ cheers and applause ] i wrote and illustrated a children's book. it's called "the serious goose." it comes out tomorrow. all the money i make from the book goes to children's hospital here in l.a. and children's hospitals across the united states. the book is dedicated to my little ones, jane and billy. i call my daughter goose. it's her nickname. the book was inspired by that. and when i got a copy last week, we set up some hidden cameras in my office and i read the book to them and now i will read it to you too. here it is. "the serious goose." >> hi, bill. hi, jane. what's this? what's the name of this book? >> good book. >> what's it called? >> jimmy kimmel. >> that's right. thank you, jane. are you excited? >> yeah. >> tell your face. >> just read it. >> okay. you ready, billy? what are you eating? >> orange. >> an orange?
11:47 pm
okay. all right. here we go. >> stop listening to us and pay attention to the book and read it. >> jimmy: okay. sorry. >> i need more orange. >> jimmy: you need more oranges? okay. soon as i read the book i'll get you another orange, okay? >> i'll be right back. >> jimmy: you'll be right back? okay, you go get an orange and i'll start reading the book. "the serious goose." here it is. this is a -- >> serious goose. >> jimmy: there is nothing silly about this goose. do not even try to be silly around this? goose. you like it already? this goose will not smile at all. not even if you put a chicken on her head. nothing. even if you were to dress this goose as a moose. zilch. even if you order a pizza. >> what does zilch mean?
11:48 pm
>> jimmy: zilch means zero. nothing. topped with delicious snails. no smile. this goose means business. serious business. no one can make this goose smile. >> what does this say? >> jimmy: no one. what's that, you say? you think you can do it? ha! >> no. it's like this. ha! >> jimmy: ha. you think you can make this goose smile? there is no way you can make this goose smile. no one can. this is a no-smiling goose. but go right ahead. look in the mirror and give it a shot. make funny faces. let's see what you've got. stick out your tongue and make your ears wiggle. act like a monkey. this goose will not giggle. cluck like a chicken. moo like a cow. what are you doing?
11:49 pm
>> i'm doing this. >> jimmy: oh. be goofy, be doofy, any way you know how. however you do it, it won't be enough. this goose isn't silly. >> goo, goo, goo, goo, goo. >> jimmy: this goose is too tough. ga, ga, goo, ga, ga? what? see? i hate to say i told you so. but this is exactly what i knew would happen. good try, though. you were very funny. most geese would have laughed so hard eggs would be coming out. but not this goose. this goose will never, ever -- uh-oh. what is this? billy, what's happening? >> the mouth. >> jimmy: something is happening to this goose. >> he smiled! >> jimmy: he smiled? no. this can't be. stop being so silly. this is a serious goose. do not make the goose smile.
11:50 pm
oh, no. this is terrible. by the power vested in me by the order of serious geese and gooses i hereby command you to stop amusing this goose. wow. the goose is really giggling. >> he's happy. >> jimmy: he's happy. this is not such a serious goose after all. in fact, this seems to be a -- silly goose. thanks to you. you are a silly kid. >> he's wearing a heel and a boot. >> jimmy: he's wearing a heel and a boot. you'll be hearing from our attorneys. the? end. >> look at the camera. >> jimmy: yeah, there's a camera right there. >> hi. >> jimmy: say hi, billy. >> hi. >> jimmy: so guys, all the money that i make from this book goes to children's hospital, where billy got his heart surgery and
11:51 pm
children's hospitals around the country. what do you think about that? you like that, billy? you do? you like that, jane? >> mm-hmm. >> jimmy: "the serious goose." what's this called? >> serious goose. >> jimmy: right. >> serious goose by jimmy kimmel. that's my dad. ha, ha, ha! [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: tonight on the show we have music from ozuna. mena massoud is here. brad paisley's here. and we'll be right back with james corden. ♪ ♪ french kiss, italian ice ♪ margaritas and the moonlight ♪ just another american saturday night ♪ >> dicky: abc's "jimmy kimmel live," brought to you by t.j. maxx, marshalls and home goods.
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♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: yeah. that's right. that is brad paisley sitting in with the cletones. tomorrow night, make a note of it, the "brad paisley thinks he's special" special, in primetime, at 8:00 p.m. right here on abc. thank you for being here, brad. also tonight, you know him as aladdin. he has a new show on hulu called "reprisal." mena massoud is here. then, this is his album "nibiru." ozuna from the mercedes-benz outdoor stage. tomorrow night, henry cavill and chef chris shepherd will join us, with music from beck, and later this week, tom holland, sam rockwell, ana gasteyer, francesca hayward, plus music from angel olsen and sheryl crow with stevie nicks. that will be good.
11:57 pm
please join us all this week. our first guest tonight is a very funny man who does exactly what i do but an hour later and with a much fancier accent. next, you can see him covered in fur in the big-screen version of "cats," it opens in theaters december 20th. please say hello to james corden. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ james. thank you for coming. it's great to have you here. >> it's lovely to be here. >> jimmy: i will say when you came out in this beautiful suit for a moment i thought oh, i -- oh, i've died and the angel has come to take me. [ laughter ] >> that's what i was going for. a sort of spearmint angel. >> jimmy: yes. >> i hate to break it to you. you have died. >> jimmy: oh. >> and this is how it's going to go down. >> jimmy: it could be worse than this. that's for sure.
11:58 pm
did you work today? did you shoot a show today? >> we didn't shoot a show. i'm doing -- i've just started on -- i'm shooting a film at the minute so, we're not on our show today. i'll be back on the show wednesday, thursday. and then we have guest hosts for a couple of weeks. >> jimmy: you are very busy. what film are you shooting right now? >> i just started a film called "the prom." it's a musical written by -- it's being directed by ryan murphy. >> jimmy: oh, wow. >> and it's me, meryl streep, nicole kidman. >> jimmy: oh, they're very good. >> angie reynolds. kerry washington. yeah. it's utterly terrifying. it's a terrifying thing. >> jimmy: what do you play in this? >> i play a character called barry who is a broadway actor and struggling with life at the moment. >> barry's having trouble? >> i feel utterly terrified. >> jimmy: why? >> because i signed up to do it
11:59 pm
in like february, and it's been really exciting. i'm going to do this film with meryl streep and nicole kidman. and now i'm like -- i'm like what am i doing? i already have a job. do this. like this -- i know how to do this. i've got this. what am i doing this for? >> jimmy: what is the thing that's bothering you the most about this? let's talk this through. [ laughter ] >> well, there's a lot. i'm in lots of scenes with meryl streep, and that's always terrifying because you know, i'm going to have to carry her in every scene. [ laughter ] but my main worry, it's the first time i've ever done an american accent. so i'm playing an american. and that is -- that's filling me with some fear. >> jimmy: now, when you say "an american," that is not a preview -- [ laughter ] thans a p that is not a preview of your american accent, is it? >> yes, it is. >> jimmy: we'll have to work on this. >> all right, me lovelies, i'm
12:00 am
an american. [ laughter [ laughter ] >> jimmy: do you have a coach, an accent coach? >> i've got an accent coach and that's wonderful. but i would say my best accent coach is actually my son, my 8-year-old son. >> jimmy: oh. >> because he moved here to america obviously with us. he didn't move on his own. [ laughter ] he didn't just say mum and dad -- >> jimmy: an amazing kid. he sailed here on his own. >> no, so when we moved -- he was 3 when we moved. and he has got this incredible thing where he talks in a british accent with me and my wife and an american accent with all of his buddies at school, and his teachers. and between sentence to sentence. so he'll like go, "dad, can we go in the garden?" and i go yeah, of course, buddy. and he goes, "kerry, come on, let's go out in the yard." [ laughter ] >> jimmy: i like that. >> i'm just hanging around with
12:01 am
him and hoping it rubs off. >> jimmy: not only does he have an american accent he has a california accent it sounds like. >> oh, my daughter who moved here when she was 12 years old, she's the most california. she's like, "oh, my god." [ laughter ] she's 5 and she's like, "i'm going on a juice cleanse." [ laughter ] is this gluten-free? >> jimmy: kids really invented the juice cleanse, didn't they? >> for sure. 100%. >> jimmy: it came in a little box at that time. how long have you been doing the "late late show" now? how many seasons? >> we've been on the air 4 1/2 years. >> jimmy: 4 1/2 years. >> yes. >> jimmy: you do a great job with that show. >> thank you. >> jimmy: and obviously everyone knows your breakout -- you do a lot more than just carpool karaoke. but you had -- you did an episode, if you call it that, with kanye west not in a car. >> no. we went in an airplane. >> jimmy: it was an airplane. >> with his entire choir. >> jimmy: and i'm very curious to know how that came to pass. >> why are you curious, jimmy?
12:02 am
>> jimmy: because i've been in the mix with kanye and i know that sometimes -- that things go according to kanye's plan. not god's plan. kanye's plan. [ laughter ] >> complex fellow. [ laughter ] well, here's how it went. this was actually the third time that we had tried to do a sort of carpool karaoke with kanye. the first time he agreed and then he canceled a few days later. oh, that's a shame, but it's fine. the second time that kanye canceled carpool karaoke was so late in the day that i was driving up his road in the car. with all the cameras. and got this phone call saying it's been canceled. and i literally -- i think i basically turned around outside his house to go back to the
12:03 am
studio. so then -- he sent me a text. i think he might have texted you around the same time. did he send you a text saying i want to do something with the choir on the show? >> jimmy: yes. and he called me as well. >> on a saturday afternoon. >> jimmy: yes, that's exactly right. he's just going through the js in his phone i guess. and i think so. he's like what is it, a talk show? it starts with j. and so yes, could we do a carpool karaoke with the whole choir on like a bus or a truck in l.a.? and i said yeah, of course, that would be amazing. that would be great, ye. [ laughter ] and he goes, cool, let's do it on monday. and i was like, well, that's difficult. because we need to get a truck. and like permits. >> jimmy: logistics are not his thing to worry about. >> the choir i think is 150 people. this feels -- and it's a saturday afternoon. but he goes, no, i think monday
12:04 am
would be great. i'm like, okay. all right. so i then set about -- i called ben our producer. i called rob, the people that work on the show. and we set about making it happen. and they were like monday's not going to happen. that was on the sunday. monday's not going to happen. wednesday. we're like okay, this we can do. great. we get permits. we do the thing. all the stuff. we then try to e-mail people to find out times and logistics because obviously as you know we have a show that night. nothing. we're hearing nothing from anyone. wednesday morning 11:00 a.m. someone sends an e-mail saying it's not going to happen today. we were like yeah, no [ bleep ] it's not going to happen today. [ laughter ] and then it -- it then it went quiet. and then, and this is where he's brilliant. this is where he's brilliant. he just then goes, i want to do it on an airplane. and we go, okay.
12:05 am
great. yeah. but you know, why not? let's do it on a spaceship. that would be great. and to his credit, to his credit, he and his team -- >> jimmy: he always comes >> gets the plane. even when i was driving there, i was on the phone to my dad telling my dad what we're about to do. and my dad was like, this is incredible. and i was like, it could be. but i'm still -- even as i walked onto the plane i thought at some point someone's going to go, yeah, no, it's not going to happen today. we're going to do it tomorrow. and there he was. and i have to say, of all the things we've done on the show, and i consider so many things we've done to have been an absolute privilege, like being on that plane surrounded by that choir sitting with him, and he was in a great place and in the best mood, i will never, ever forget what that choir sounded like on that airplane. it was an astonishing thing. and i really thought this is a once-in-a-lifetime thing that i
12:06 am
will never, ever be able to -- i'll never, ever forget it. it was an incredible moment. >> jimmy: did you turn your life over to jesus? [ laughter ] >> do you know what? i was close. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: we'll work on it in the commercial. >> i was close. >> jimmy: james corden is here. he's in "cats." we'll be right back. >> dicky: portions of "jimmy kimmel live" are brought to you by paw patrol. no job is too big, no pup is too small. get the all new paw patrol toys at major retailers. ♪
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[ electrical buzzing ] [ dramatic music ] ahhhh! -ahhhh! elliott?
12:11 am
elliott. you came back! [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: we are back. ozuna on the way. brad paisley sitting in with the cletones. james corden is here. he's in the movie "cats." i have a still of you as one of the cats. [ laughter ] be honest. was this a nightmare to get into this hair and all of this stuff? >> no, no, no. this is all computer generated. so every single piece of fur is added by a computer. it's technology that's never, ever been used in a film before. >> jimmy: i don't believe it. is your beard real? >> this is real. >> jimmy: that's real. how am i supposed to know which
12:12 am
is which? is that really computer generated? >> everything. so when you shoot the film all you have, you have a computer sort of band around your head, you have dots all over your face, and then i was in like a huge sort of -- because my cat's a very, very fat cat. and as you can tell, i am incredibly in shape. [ laughter ] so i was in a big sort of round cgi suit that's also covered in dots. and then under that you have a suit with these computers. so sometimes there were like 50 people in a shot all being cats, all just with dots all over them, and then everything's being beamed to 50 computers and then they add all the fur, the ears, the tail, everything. it's quite extraordinary. >> jimmy: it sounds unbelievable that they could do that. it seems almost like you didn't need to be in the movie in a way. [ laughter ] >> that's certainly one way of looking at it, jimmy, yeah. it's a weird -- look, the whole thing, i have to say, i had
12:13 am
the -- as good a ten days' work as i've ever enjoyed being with tom hooper and everybody, who directed the movie. i just loved it. but we had like one day which was me, taylor swift, rebel wilson, idris elba, sir ian mckellan and judi dench all shooting a scene together. now, that in itself is quite extraordinary. then when you add the layer of everybody pretending to be a cat, you really can't help but feel you're on some kind of hallucinogenic -- you're like looking at judi dench and she's like -- and you're like this is -- [ laughter ] >> jimmy: she doesn't usually do that. >> you really think for a long time, are we being punked? is this real? >> jimmy: may i ask you about another thing? gavin and stacey, this is a show that really made you famous in the uk. [ applause ] >> yeah. >> jimmy: and that show went off the air in what, 2010? >> my friend ruth jones and i,
12:14 am
we wrote the show, yeah, about 15 years ago. so it finished in 2010. >> jimmy: now you have a reunion special that's set to air on christmas day. >> that's right. >> jimmy: you put it up, it got like 3 million views for the trailer immediately. and this was weird because it's something we don't really know about here even though we know you. >> well, that's what a lot of america doesn't understand, is there's lots of other countries. [ laughter ] they're all doing stuff. it's an amazing -- i sometimes have to remind the teachers in my son's school, like you know there's other stuff going on. >> jimmy: we don't want to know about it. >> you thought your president, he's not great, we've got a prime minister, he's an idiot. it's ime uoing heor e holida? >> yeah,g back home for cisas >> yeah.oatch and if people hate it, i'll get out as soon as i can. >> jimmy: it's great to have you here. james corden, everybody. go see him in "cats" december
12:15 am
20th. and every night as soon as our show is over. we'll be right back. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ ♪ hey, need a laptop that boots up as fast as 6 seconds when you're running late? shhhh. [whispering] it's switching time. ♪ how about a battery that lasts up to 12 hours? [bell rings] order up! ♪ now we're cooking. or how about one with virus protection built in? which... would be helpful... right... about... now... yeah, if you want all that, switch to chromebook. ♪
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it's time to find out, what's the weirdest thing in your house? >> hi. i'm jani salant from new canaan, connecticut. and the weirdest thing i have in my house is a six-foot-tall painting of lin manuel miranda. we were bidding at an auction for tickets to "hamilton" and the tickets came with a painting. >> when we got it home our dog freaked out. so now it lives in our attic. >> come on, boy. come on. [ barking ] >> what's the weirdest thing in your house? brought to you by cisco.
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[ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> jimmy: that is brad paisley sitting in with the cletones. ozuna's on the way. last summer our next guest was granted three wishes by a genie who looked a lot like will smith. one of them was to meet
12:27 am
guillermo. and tonight that dream comes true. his new tv show "reprisal" starts friday on hulu. please welcome mena massoud. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> good. how are you? >> jimmy: you are -- where are you from? i know you've got a mixed upbringing, correct? >> i do. i do. i was born in toronto. >> jimmy: when did you move to toronto? >> yes! some people from the six here. >> jimmy: we always have many canadians here. >> yes. when i was 3 1/2 i moved from egypt to toronto. >> jimmy: so culturally like in your house do you feel more egyptian or canadian? >> you know, that's a tough thing. i think for any immigrant you never feel like you're 100% -- like i never felt like i was 100% egyptian, 100% canadian. i go to school people would be like oh, my god, i got grounded for two weeks.
12:28 am
and i'd be like, what is that? what does that mean? >> jimmy: oh, you've not been grounded? >> no, grounding is not a thing -- >> jimmy: was your dad or your mom, were they tough? >> they were. yeah. we got smacked. not beat or anything. but you get smacked. >> jimmy: i see. i got smacked also. but we weren't from egypt. from brooklyn. and it still hurt. >> pets was another big one. me and my sisters would ask my dad for this -- you know, it would be like we want a dog. he'd be like, you want a dog? i go to egypt i get you 15 dogs from the street. because there's stray dogs everywhere. and we'd be like no, no. we want a dog. it will instill responsibility and all these great -- and we finally decided he would get us a bird. [ laughter ] so we go to the store it turns
12:29 am
out it's a lovebird. and the store clerk is like listen, mr. massoud, we really recommend you getting two because these birds require a lot of attention and love. and he's like, "we will start with one and then think about number two." [ laughter ] so we get the bird. and a week later we come home from school the bird's gone. so what i learned from american television and films is that usually when that happens the parents show love and gentleness [ laughter ] and my dad was like, "see? you could not even take care of the bird. how would you took care of a dog?" [ laughter ] and we're like where is it? where's the bird? he's like, "i threw it in the garbage." >> jimmy: what? >> dad, we have to bury this thing. he's like, mena, when you eat the chicken do you bury the
12:30 am
bones in the back yard? and that's what it was like. >> jimmy: he's a practical man i guess, your dad. are che excite ed now with all your access? i know "aladdin" made like a billion dollars. it was a big thing in egypt. >> it was a huge thing. i went back to egypt recently. i really felt the love there. >> jimmy: that must be cool. >> yeah, it is. because the last person to kind of come out of egypt, rami malek, obviously we got rami. [ applause ] but omar sharif was the big one. >> jimmy: wow. you, omar and rami, huh? >> yeah, me, omar and rami. no, there's a lot. there's a lot coming up. it's nice. >> jimmy: yeah, that must be a great thing. tell me about this television show because i heard it was really good and also you have to pay very, very, very close attention. is that true? >> you do. >> jimmy: that's going to be a problem for us here in america. >> i know. but all the episodes drop at
12:31 am
once. so you can binge it over the holidays. >> jimmy: all right. >> it's really hard to explain. it's one of those shows that, you know, it's a few genres meshed into one. >> jimmy: in what way? what genres -- i'm dying to see this. >> it's a drama but there's some dark comedy in it. and it has film noir aspects to it. whenever i have to explain the show and i have to do it quickly i basically say, you know, it's about -- it's about a woman who almost gets killed by this gang who's her family. and she comes back years later to take revenge on them and i play a character named ethan hart who she kind of recruits to help her get her revenge. whether willingly or unwillingly. but you'll have to tune in to find out. >> jimmy: interesting. well, it's very good to meet you. very good to have you here. we watched you in "aladdin" like a million times at my house. >> fun your kids are adorable, by the way. >> jimmy: thank you. they think you're adorable also. >> oh, thanks.
12:32 am
>> jimmy: mena massoud, everybody. "reprisal" premieres friday on hulu. we'll be back with ozuna! >> dicky: the "jimmy kimmel live" concert series is presented by the 2019 a-class. mercedes-benz. the best or nothing.
12:33 am
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>> dicky: the "jimmy kimmel live" concert series is presented by mercedes-benz. the best or nothing. >> jimmy: i'd like to thank brad paisley, james corden, and mena massoud. apologies to matt damon. "nightline" is next, but first, this is his album, "nibiru." here with the title track, ozuna! ♪ [ singing in spanish ]
12:35 am
♪ [ singing in spanish ] ♪ [ singing in spanish ] ♪ [ singing in spanish ]
12:36 am
♪ [ singing in spanish ] ♪ [ singing in spanish ] [ cheers and applause ]
12:37 am
this is "nightline." >> tonight the prince and the accuser. a stunning interview. >> i'd just been abused by a member of the royal family. >> accusing prince andrew of having sex with her when she was 17. >> he knows what happened. i know what happened. and there's only one of us telling the truth. and i know that's me. >> now the royal family in turmoil. the public show of support. and the fierce denial from the prince against claims shocking the world. plus -- ♪ latin extraordinary. american superstar romeo santos, skyrocketing up the charts with


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