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tv   America This Morning  ABC  December 3, 2019 4:00am-4:31am PST

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stay with us for "good morning america." making news in america this morning, round two of a deadly winter storm slamming parts of the country right now. a major crash shutting down a busy interstate highway. hundreds of accidents ahead of the morning commute. the areas getting hit the hardest. also right now, president trump in london preparing for a meeting with the queen as the impeachment showdown takes a new turn. a top democrat speaking out overnight. what he hopes to achieve now even as republicans issue a new report claiming there's no evidence the president committed any impeachable offense. $5 million reward. the fbi ups the ante in the search for a california man being called the most wanted
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terrorist. plus, the prince andrew sex scandal. his accuser speaking out to critics who claim this photo of them together is a fake. >> "america's got talent" gets controversy. the investigation into why judge gabrielle union was fired. and from the new warning about porch pirates stealing your packages to the tourist floating above this swarm of sharks to this perfectly choreographed end zone celebration. all the trending stories to jump start your tuesday. good tuesday morning, everyone. i'm marci gonzalez. >> and i'm trevor ault. janai and kenneth are off today. we begin with round two of a deadly storm slamming new england right now. >> here's a live look at the radar. people in some areas are waking up to two feet of snow leaving roads a dangerous and icy mess for the morning commute. schools are closed in boston today where 6 inches are expected as the storm lashes the
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coast. >> in fact, hundreds of accidents have been reported including this bus crash that shut down interstate 90 east of albany, new york, last night. more than two dozen people were on board. no one was seriously hurt. the good news, the storm is moving out and the rest of the northeast is drying out with gusty winds and cold temperatures from new york city to philadelphia this morning. we'll take a closer look at the forecast in about five minutes. but first we want to get to the other big story of the morning, president trump attending the nato summit in london as the impeachment investigation takes another turn in washington. >> house democrats are expected to release their impeachment report to the public tonight looking to show that the president abused his office. but republicans are standing firmly behind the president drawing up a pre-emptive report claiming president trump did nothing wrong. >> so we have team coverage this morning. abc's karen travers is with the president in london. but first we want to go to ines de la cuetara with developments from washington. ines, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, trevor and marci. after weeks of public hearings
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today, the house intelligence committee plans to vote on releasing its official impeachment report laying out democrats' case that the president abused his power when he pressured the leader of ukraine to investigate his political opponents. as president trump kicks off nato meetings in london, back in washington the impeachment inquiry is moving full steam ahead. >> the whole thing is a hoax. everybody knows it. >> reporter: trump accusing democrats of trying to embarrass him by pushing forward while he is abroad. >> this is one of the most important journeys that we make as president and for them to be doing this and saying this and putting an impeachment on the table which is a hoax to start off with. >> reporter: the house intelligence committee plans to release its official impeachment report today, which the judiciary committee could decide to use as the basis for drafting articles of impeachment. house intelligence chairman adam schiff appearing on msnbc. >> this is a very important point, which is the evidence on
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ukraine is overwhelming, but the evidence on obstruction of congress is also overwhelming. >> reporter: that document expected to lay out the evidence that in democrats' view trump abused hisower when he withheld vital u.s. military aid from ukraine to pressure ukraine to investigate his political opponents. republicans releasing their own official response arguing in a report that trump should not be impeached as there is no evidence his actions were done specifically to benefit the 2020 election. republicans also describe the evidence as hearsay, presumptions and speculation. ukraine's president now criticizing the decision to withhold that aid telling "time" magazine that there was no quid pro quo but that, quote, we're at a war. if you're our strategic partner, then you can't go blocking anything for us. and the house judiciary committee will now take up the inquiry holding its first impeachment hearing on wednesday. the president and his lawyers have decided not to participate.
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trevor and marci. >> all right, ines, thank you. now let's turn to abc's karen travers traveling with the president in london for the nato summit. karen, what can we expect today? >> reporter: good morning, trevor and marci. this is a jam-packed two days in london and this nato summit was meant to be a celebration of the military alliance. the 70th anniversary, a chance to showcase its strength but like previous summits, there is tension among the leaders and, trevor and marci, it's not just president trump disrupting the agenda. this time its french president emmanuel macron who the president will sit down with today. recently he described the state of it saying it's going to have brain death and questioned the strength of alliance. tonight, however, there will be some social time. the president and the first lady will be heading to buckingham palace for a lavish reception hosted by queen elizabeth. and then after that another reception, boris johnson, the british prime minister who is facing a general election within a week, he's going to host the nato leaders at 10 downing street. but, trevor and marci,
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the president, of course, is going to be talking and thinking about the impeachment back home and before he left the white house yesterday, he signaled he was frustrated with house democrats for holding a hearing while he's overseas. trevor, marci. >> karen travers in london, karen, thank you. former president jimmy carter is back in the hospital just weeks after undergoing brain surgery. he's now been admitted for treatment of a urinary tract infection. carter, who is 95, has been hospitalized several times in recent months. he was released last week after surgery to relieve pressure on his brain. the fbi has raised the reward for a man on the most wanted terror list to $5 million. according to new charges jehad serwan mostafa who grew up in san diego provided support to a terrorist organization in somalia. officials say the 37-year-old has participated in terror attacks, trained soldiers and acted as the group's spokesman in somalia. he was first indicted ten years ago. classes resume this morning at the high school near milwaukee where a student was shot by a police officer monday.
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the 17-year-old allegedly sparked chaos at the school when police say he removed a handgun from his waistband and aimed it at officers. he's now in the hospital in stable condition. the suspect's classmate first alerted police about the weapon and his mother says she is not surprised that he spoke up. >> he saw the kid playing with it, i guess, in his backpack or something and just thought, well, you know, that's dangerous, i'm going to stop this from happening. >> so not surprised that he was the one that got out of class and reported this? >> right. he's very much a hero right now, and i'm very proud of him. >> another high school in that same town was also locked down monday because of a student who reportedly had a gun. a fake weapon was later found. time now for a look at your weather for this tuesday morning. good morning. we're still tracking heavy
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snowfall and gusty winds from boston northward into bangor for our tuesday morning. the storm taking its time exiting. we're talking 6 to 12 inches of snow from boston just north of the city, a little sliver of 12 to 18 inches, then as you get through maine, another swath of 6 to 12 inches. things quiet across the southwest for our daylight hours but late tonight into wednesday, lots of moisture, heavy rainfall and mountain snows moving back into the region. i'm accuweather meteorologist adam del rosso. coming up, bad news for people who enjoy freh fries. we'll tell you why there could soon be a shortage. but first the congressman accused of using his campaign funds to fly his pet rabbit across the country. we'll tell you why he's changing his plea to guilty today. and a new fbi warning about your smart tv. we'll tell you the one thing you
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now we know how the eagle got in there. >> video of a bald eagle who broke into this h&r block tax office in virginia crashing through the window. now, the sign said, walk-ins welcome. it didn't say anything about fly-ins. the eagle eventually flew off. it did not appear to be hurt. california congressman duncan hunter plans to plead guilty today to misusing campaign funds. the admission from the six-term congressman comes after more than a year of denials. hunter and his wife are accused of using that campaign money for golf outings and family vacations. prosecutors say he spent some of the money on extramarital affairs, and some of the cash was used to fly the family's pet rabbit across the country. hunter now says the public trial would be too difficult for the family's three children. >> whatever the time and custody
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is, i will take that hit. it's my hope that the court will not sentence my wife to jail. i think it's important that my kids have a mom at home. >> well, hunter came under intense pressure after his wife agreed to a plea deal back in june. he's not saying whether he'll resign, but he says he hopes the seat will stay in republican hands. a consumer alert from the fbi this morning about the risk of owning a smart tv. the fbi says hackers can use your tv to change channels, send your kids inappropriate videos or cyberstalk your home. agents recommend learning what features are on your tv and how to control them. come up with your own unique passwords, and make sure you know how to disable microphones and cameras. the fbi also recommends placing tape over the tv's camera. if you have a taste for the finer things, french champagne, cheese and handbags may soon cost more. the trump administration is proposing tariffs as high as 100% on more than $2 billion of french products. it comes after france slapped a new tax on digital services.
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the u.s. says that tax unfairly targets american tech companies like apple, google and amazon. forget about the champagne and cheese, we may be facing a french fry shortage. the wet and cold weather damaged potato crops, so supplies are short while french fry demand apparently has been growing. >> people need the comfort food in the winter. coming up, the big highlight from monday night football, the end zone dance that you have to see. but first the scandal surrounding britain's prince andrew takes a new turn. what his accuser is now saying. and the investigation into why "america's got talent" judge gabrielle union was fired.
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interview with prince andrew's accuser. >> virginia roberts giuffre insists jeffrey epstein directed her to have sex with andrew when she was 17 and this morning she is slamming the prince for denying the accusations claiming he's making ridiculous excuses. in her first tv interview with british media, virginia roberts giuffre is taking on prince andrew. >> there's only one of us telling the truth, and i know that's me. >> reporter: giuffre says in court filings that she was directed by jeffrey epstein to have sex with the prince when she was 17. prince andrew denied that claim during his controversial recent interview when he discussed his friendship with epstein, a convicted sex offender who investigators say killed himself while awaiting trial for sex trafficking. >> but you were staying at the house -- >> yes. >> -- of a convicted sex offender. >> it was a convenient place to stay. >> reporter: in an interview with the bbc recorded before prince andrew's interview, giuffre describes dancing with the prince the night of this now infamous photo.
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>> he is the most hideous dancer i've ever seen in my life. i mean it was horrible and this guy was sweating all over me. >> reporter: that claim flatly denied by the prince. >> there's a slight problem with the sweating because i have a peculiar medical condition, which is i don't sweat or i didn't sweat at the time. >> reporter: giuffre is blasting critics who claim the photo of them together was faked. >> i think the world is getting sick of these ridiculous excuses. it's a real photo. i've given it to the fbi for their investigation. and it's an authentic photo. there is a date on the back of it from when it was printed. >> reporter: this morning, buckingham palace has not commented on giuffre's interview as many say the prince should remain out of the spotlight. >> there's talk that prince andrew is keen to do another interview in order to respond to the claims that miss giuffre makes. that would be a very bad decision given how the last one
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went and i think everyone is in agreement should he give any more interviews that needs to be law enforcement authorities. >> buckingham palace says the prince regrets his association with jeffrey epstein and denies any form of sexual contact or relationship with giuffre. the prince could face subpoenas if he returned to the u.s. new details about why chicago's top cop has been fired just weeks before his retirement. media reports say superintendent eddie johnson was seen on surveillance video drinking with a woman who was not his wife hours before police found him asleep behind the wheel of his suv in october. the mayor accuses johnson of lying about the incident. he says he passed out because he had not taken his blood pressure medication. >> it has become clear mr. johnson engaged in a series of actions that are intolerable for any leader in a position of trust particularly the head of the chicago police department. finally just like with the public, eddie johnson intentionally lied to me several times.
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>> the mayor did not provide details about the incident suggesting it would be hurtful to johnson's family. it's still unclear if johnson will still get his pension. the hollywood actors union now says it will investigate the firing of gabrielle union from "america's got talent." news that her contract was not renewed broke last month but since then reports have been published detailing a toxic and racist culture at the show, which union allegedly reported to nbc. several hollywood stars have slammed nbc for the alleged treatment that union endured. the network says it's working to address her concerns and may take further action. in sports the seahawks improve their playoff position with a high scoring win over the vikings. minnesota took the lead when russell wilson's pass was blocked. then wilson batted the ball into the air, and it was intercepted and returned for a vikings touchdown. but the seahawks took control in the second half scoring 24 unanswered points. one touchdown celebration included seattle's receivers
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mimicking a new edition music video. the seahawks won, 37-30. >> they deserve it with that. coming up next in "the pulse," we're taking driveway art to a whole new level thanks to a power washer. also, the shocking report on the number of packages being stolen from front porches in america and a new way to protect your deliveries. plus, the tourist floating above a whole swarm of sharks. we'll be right back.
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plus, it's safe to use on all my floors, even wood. glad i got that off my chest and the day off my floor. try wet jet with a moneyback guarantee ♪ time now to check "the pulse." we begin with a warning about so-called porch pirates in holiday season. >> a new report says about 15% of all packages delivered in urban areas fail to reach customers because of theft and other issues. "the new york times" says 90,000 packages are now stolen
4:23 am
or disappear without explanation every day in new york city alone. the new company is forming a network of people who stay at home and can receive your packages for you. in florida an amazon delivery driver stopped two porch pirates on saturday calling 911 after seeing the suspects following her truck. they apparently stole a package right after she dropped it off but they ditched it when they saw her coming back. >> sit around, wait for packages. that's a job that i'm qualified for. next a boy in florida whose recent surfing sessions included an encounter with a shark. >> chandler was surfing off new smyrna beach riding a wave. he was riding a wave. you see it here where he suddenly ended up in the water. >> he only found out later it was a shark. you see it here that knocked him off his surfboard. >> i just saw two fish jump out in front of me so i was just assuming that push was a fish but when we got back into the video, it was a shark. >> well, you can tell chandler is a pretty rad dude.
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he says the run-in with the shark isn't going to keep him out of the water. >> can you imagine you're just saying, oh, people think he just fell off of the surfboard. no, it was a shark. it was a shark. >> definitely. now to another wild encounter with sharks. >> this one was at a resort in the maldives. a woman was captured on drone video just calmfully floating above all of those sharks, but we're told those are nurse sharks, which are typically harmless to humans. >> yeah, that doesn't change things for me. >> right. and then finally a north carolina woman is proving art is where you find it. >> diana wood was bored while power washing her driveway so she started making art. she first drew a bird in the dirt when she created other designs next and then posted photos of her artwork on line. >> wood says she has no real art training. she's just always liked creating art wherever she can and out on the driveway apparently is the new spot for it. >> apparently, forget sidewalk
4:25 am
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ask your doctor or pharmacist about prevnar 13®. and making news right now at 4:27, the relative quiet before the next big storm. live doppler 7 shows a smattering of light rain that is going to change. meteorologist mike nicco is tracking what's ahead. a violent attack caught on camera. an off-duty chp officer finds himself a victim as he tries to do the right thing. and the waiting game. the dmv says it's made a huge dent in the one thing that frustrates customers the most. and that would be being at the dmv at all. good morning on this tuesday, december 3rd. >> we'll get to all those stories in a moment. first we're checking in with mike. we have a little bit of a break? >> yeah, yeah, definitely. >> how little? >> you don't sound real confident with this. >> you're like, really?
4:28 am
we do have a break until thursday. a lot of it's hugging the coast or out over the ocean. let's put it into motion. you can see it's moving south to north. which is more favorable. it kept raining all day yesterday. temperatures are mild. most of us in the mid to low 50s. napa at 46. clear lake at 49. let's see where we end up this afternoon where you will need the sunglasses from time to time. under a mostly cloudy sky. we'll top out at 59 to 60 degrees. that stronger storm coming up soon. first here is jobina with the morning commute. good morning, everyone. there was a fog advisory through the altamont pass. it is still pretty foggy there. not as heavy now, of course, chp is siaying.
4:29 am
i want to keep you mindful. 280 is looking good, nice and smooth. not too many issues on the road this morning which is nice. a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza. cash lanes are beginning to stack up there. i will keep you posted on how things look throughout the morning. reggie and kumasi? people are scrambling to prepare for our next round of major storms. >> in the north bay the constant rain since the weekend has caused the creek to ride. pictures of flooding roads which crews were quickly able to clear. one neighbor in novato says she can see the impact just by looking at her backyard. >> this little pond was bone-dry as of thursday. now it's full. >> some businesses in san rafael are getting a boost from the rain. soul foods says they've seen a jump in delivery orders because people don't feel like going out. caltrans is ready to deal with more of this, all three lanes of highway 87 over julian street in san jose were flooded
4:30 am
for a while yesterday. the water eventually subsided and traffic moved smoothly again. with the snow easing up, it's smoother going in the sierra. interstate 80 is open in both directions. there are no chain controls on i-80 or highway 50 right now. a rock slide blocked part of 50 near echo summit but that has been cleared. time now is 4:30. if you're just joining us we're going to get a quick update of weather and traffic with mike. >> here is a look at what's going on outside. we'll start with the visibility and will get back to the day planner because all of that tulle fog and up in napa a mild visibility, 3 in san jose. look at the winds. they're blowing slightly offshore. that fog will back its way into our neighborhoods as we head through the morning commute. hre is a look at the exploratorium. temperatures upper 40s to mid-50s at 7:00.


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