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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  December 3, 2019 6:00pm-7:01pm PST

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from parking. >> we are using our exclusive technology to show you the place we're talking about. circled in the middle is poplar street. that's where the logs are. >> you can see a nearby big streets labeled on your screen. abc 7 news reporter leslie brinkley went to find out how people in the neighborhood feel about it. >> i see decembsperation. you see illegal dumping here. you see the logs. somebody placed these logs here for a reason. >> reporter: the kind of vigilan vigilanteism, a manifestation of how frustrated people are with the lack of an urgent response to homelessness in oakland, according to a city counsel member. word is the logs have prevented rvs from parking here for close to a year. but homeless advocates say the logs are punishing those struggling to survive on the
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street. department s in oakland decline to be interviewed. issuing a statement. the city does not support intentional obstruction. they have gotten no formal complaints about these logs. they said that they are un inundated with public service requests and trying to address illegal dumping. they have no plans right now for removal. >> this is a public safety issue. you could drive down here, no reflectors, you can drive down here and you could run into it. what they should do is have them removed and place it where rvs cannot park here overnight. you solve both problems. >> reporter: oakland started to open up parcels of land for rv parking. homeless advocates say it's not enough, not fast enough. for now, the logjam on poplar avenue remains.
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in stress's clinton park neighborhood a couple months ago, boulders were meant to block tents and more. public works removed the rocks at the request of residents on the street who originally paid for em. neighbors say they were getting threats online by people who disagreed with their idea. san francisco has problems that go beyond housing. let's just call them hygiene problems that show up on the sidewalk. >> we are talking about human and animal waste. if you are squeamish, be warned. one supervisor was asking city to have 24-hour bath rooms. >> they have a plan aimed at keeping the streets and sidewalks cleaner. we look at that idea and whether it will help build a better bay area. >> reporter: the tende eerloin l have cleaners. >> people in the tenderloin deserve safe, clean and healthy streets and sidewalks just like
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anyone else in san francisco. >> reporter: nowhere is the feces problem so visible as in the tenderloin. they call it code brown. >> our clean team members are out every day. they come across code brown, animal waste on the sidewalk. they had to address it. >> reporter: instead of steam cleaning once a month, crews will be out once a week disinfebldisi disinfecting. it will come from property owners who agreed to pay an extra tax. some hotels paid more than their share. >> see how much is being done. when you see the groups here today that are helping and then you still know there's more work to be done, it's something we always think about. >> reporter: in addition, those carts used by public works will have a portable pressure washer to quickly spray and wash the offensive material 24/7. the mayor recently extended the pilot program for the 24-hour bathrooms. isn't that a better option than a sidewalk? there's only one of these all day bathrooms serving the entire
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tenderloin. the city knows there's a need for these 24-hour bathrooms. because they actually record the number of flushes per day. one quarter of all the flushes occur at night. public works says providing clean streets is critical but so is changing a person's behavior and bad habits. joining us is long time san francisco columnist phil mentier. >> he is here to talk about the quality of life in the bay area. i have stepped in the hygiene problem in san francisco. think of the tourists here. that's what they see. >> that's right. it's made an impression not only here, a bad impression, but around the world. we have seen two examples of the private sector sort of getting involved. doing it, lending a hand. one with the blessing of the city. the other with sort of the
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distance, don't ask don't tell attitude. look at the blessing in san francisco. yes, what we have here is a city that is spending millions of dollars trying to keep the streets clean. they are sending every morning the cleanup crews start in the tenderloin, they hose the area down, they move out from there so it gets swept and cleaned every day. not deeply cleaned. so the locals, residents there and merchants are ponying upwards of a million dollars to increase it. they are spending that money on their own to get out there and hire crews to deep clean it to try to take care of the problem. the city is embracing that. the supervisor is chipping in $250,000 from his office account to try to help do it. you have public/private partnership that used to be handled by the cleanup crews. they can't do it anymore. >> can't keep up. to the point in the package about changing behavior as well, i have never seen -- we have
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never seen this level of frustration. >> everyone i talked to from the department of public works, even to the mayor to the people doing this, it's a behavior issue. they are trying to engineer or clean up after the fact on a behavior issue. >> i have seen homeless folks walk by and not to pick on them, but walk by a trash can and throw stuff on the opposite side. throw it on the ground. >> that's why they are pushing for the overnight toilets. they have three that they tried. they kept them open 24 hours. it doesn't come cheap. it costs $100,000 to keep those open. that came to about $28 a flush for the overnight. this is not cheap. again, you are trying to engineer your way out of a behavior problem. look over at oakland and what they had over there in terms of engineering. putting logs out on the street in order to block rvs from going in there and setting up camp. oakland department put out a statement today, you read it. it basically said, we don't support this. i talked to them.
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they said, look, phil, technically, it's against the law. we have other things to take care of. this is not on the top of the list. there's a political equation here, too. there's a lot of places they could clean up that would make people happy. removing those logs is going to upset those businesses out there. >> it shows the amount of frustration. people just -- they have had enough. they are taking it into their own hands. >> one way or the other. because we can't seem to find a solution on the front of getting people off the streets or getting the bad behavior to stop. if you can't change the behavior, you are going to have to work to change the situation around it and clean it up. it's going to cost. >> a lot of money. it's a long-term problem. >> it is. what's the alternative? to keep letting it go? >> we can't. >> what we have done for years. >> thank you. >> thanks very much. >> read phil's column in the san francisco chronicle every wednesday and sunday. >> we want to hear your ideas about building a better bay area. join our group on facebook.
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we are on storm watch today. a lot of us did see a break in the rain. >> a live look from san francisco. spencer christian is tracking the storm. >> the break didn't last as long as many would like. here with more rain. in the north bay, we have a line of showers moving steadily from the sea to the shore. lasts a couple hours. parts of marin county and sonoma county are getting showers. that's going to fizzle soon. the storm that's developing to the south that will be with us tonight and tomorrow, ranks of light intensity. less than four-tenths of an inch of rain. here is what will happen. the north bay rain will fizzle out. overnight hours, we will see rain surging up from the south. that's the larger body of the storm that's developing. we will see wet spots for the early morning commute between 5:30 a.m. to about maybe 10:30
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or 11:00. after that, we will see clouds lingering over the bay area. not more rain will fall after the morning hours. however, a bigger storm will follow that. i will give you a look at the bigger storm and the seven-day forecast in a few minutes. >>thanks. track the storm with abc 7 news app. we have live depp looppler 7 on app. enable push alerts to get advisories on your phone or tablet. a shakeup at alphabet, google's parent company. the two men who founded the tech giant are leaving their post. they announced today they are stepping down from their roles at alphabet. both will remain on alphabet's board of directors. >> it's a surprise on the one hand because they started this company. they are relatively young. most people say well involved in the companies they create on a day-to-day basis. on the other hand, they have taken an obvious step back. that has been going on for several years.
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>> the current ceo will stay in his role and become alphabet's chief executive. alphabet has been positioning him for this new role making him the top executive voice on earnings calls and as a spokesman at congressin ing ion hearings. another candidate for the president drops out today. >> why kamala harris decided to suspend her campaign. this is a test. >> a san francisco staple is about to be silent. the city's world war ii era emergency sirens are due for an upgrade. a smash and grab bush lary in the south bay caught on camera. these thieves made off with almost a quarter million oh! oh! oh! ♪ ozempic®! ♪ (announcer) people with type 2 diabetes are excited about the potential of once-weekly ozempic®. in a study with ozempic®, a majority of adults lowered their blood sugar and reached an a1c of less than 7 and maintained it. oh! under 7?
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once considered among the top democratic candidates, kamala harris has decided to stop her run for president. >> i have come to one of the hardest decisions of my life. it is with deep regret but also with deep gratitude that i am suspend eing our campaign today >> she launched at the beginning of the year in oakland. she rose quickly to the top and had a memorable moment when she took on joe biden in a debate. harris could not keep the momentum going and is now out of the race two months before the iowa caucuses. we spoke with one of the members of her finance committee this afternoon. >> she was stoic. she was very strong. as she always is. but, you know, she was very honest. i appreciated that honesty. because she said, listen, i
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can't compete with self-funded billionaires. >> her message, she pledged to keep fighting. her senate term ends in 2022. the field is still crowded with 15 candidates remaining in the race. the next debate is december 19. at least six candidates have qualified. biden, warren, sanders, buttigieg, klobuchar and steyer. on wall street, stocks closed lower after president trump indicated he was in no hurry to make a trade deal with china. the dow fell 280 points closing at 27,502. the nasdaq dropped 47. the s&p 500 is down 20 points. we learned today how democrats in washington are building their case for impeachment. the house intelligence committee released its report today. this as
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ukraine after a missile blower's investigation. >> this report chronicles a scheme by the president of the united states to coerce an ally, ukraine, into doing the president's political dirty work. >> the president calls the accusations a hoax. tomorrow pamela carlin will testify during the first public hearing in the impeachment inquiry. live coverage of tomorrow's hearing at 7:00 a.m. after "abc 7 mornings." in san francisco you know when it's noon on tuesday. that's when the city test its emergency sirens which date back to world war ii. after next week, it will be two years before you hear that sound again. one of the sirens is located along this area. >> reporter: the plan is for the city to send notifications to
6:16 pm
your phone and for you to alert anyone around you who may not have a cellphone. it covers every corner of san francisco every tuesday at noon. >> it's a staple of san francisco. >> reporter: it dates back to world war ii, installed in 1942. >> we know the air raid will work when there's someone invades us. >> reporter: 2019, everyone has an opinion about it and on yelp it has four stars. >> the siren is great. i think the man's voice saying, this is a test or whatever he says has been completely unnecessary. i won't miss that at all. >> we will call dave. he is the official voice of the san francisco outdoor warning system. let's give him the news. put him on speaker. >> it's bittersweet. it was a great gig while it lasted. >> reporter: a week from today, all 119 sirens are going offline
6:17 pm
for security and reliability upgrades. >> we want to make sure that the operating system, the hardware is not only reliable but secure. >> reporter: an upgrade that can take up to two years. all the alerts will go gdigital >> text your zip code to or 8777. >> reporter: one more day to sound off. the voice has a message for you, san francisco. >> my message is, it's only a test. don't panic. carry on. >> reporter: the last time there was an upgrade in 2005. going back to the voice of the sir siren, he says he is available to be the voice once again once the upgrade is up.
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>> thank you. let's turn our attention to the weather. more rain is coming. >> it's here, spencer. >> you are right. some is falling right now up in the north bay. there's going to be more surging up from the south as we get later into the evening. you can see lots of activity offshore right now. some of it has been making its way onshore. last couple of hours. we have pockets of showers and isolated downpours along the coastline of the north bay, just beginning to push into western sonoma county. this is the view from emoriville looking under what appears to be dry conditions. perhaps not for long. 60 in san francisco. temperatures in the mid to upper 50s at oakland, redwood city and san jose. 59 at half moon bay. we have an unobstructed view of san francisco. but clouds will surge up from the south shortly. it's 54 in santa rosa. napa, 57.
6:19 pm
60 in concord. one more live view in san jose where rain is approaching right now. these are our forecast futures. scattered showers tonight through tomorrow, certainly through the early part of the day tomorrow. a stronger storm friday. that one will bring rain that will be heavy at times along with gusty winds. the current storm ranks one on the storm impact scale. for tonight and tomorrow, early tomorrow, light to moderate showers, less than four-tenths of an inch of rainfall in most areas. it could be wetter south bay locations. breezy in spots. 7:00 this evening, notice tonight, we will see the north bay rain disappear as the stronger surge comes up from the south. we see showers during the overnight and early morning hours. some wet spots for morning compute commuters. then we will see the storm begin to break up by midday and into the afternoon hours. we will see clouds, perhaps a few widely scattered showers but
6:20 pm
not much more in the way of precipitation expected after the morning hours. lows in the upper 40s to low 50s. tomorrow's highs will be in a fairly narrow range, mainly upper 50s just about everywhere. perhaps 61 in san jose. most locations, coast to bay to inland, will see 58, 59 degrees. here is the seven-day forecast. we get a little bit of a dry break on thursday. clouds will linger. then that stronger storm ranking two on the storm impact scale comes in friday. it will bring rainy, windy conditions. strong gusts. it will continue to linger into the weekend. it will weaken to a level one on the storm impact scale. then another break early next week. >> dry weather monday and tuesday. >> thanks. >> thanks. ca ayou make ta lihat list a - ( phone ringing ) - big button, and volume-enhanced phones.
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people in san francisco turned giving tuesday into teddy tuesday. sales force, build a bear and ymca teamed up for bear building stations. they were given to children served by the ymca. >> we are doing this in our san francisco headquarters. we are doing one in our new york office as well. we are on both coasts supporting the ymca. there will be over 2,000 bears that will go to kids in need this holiday season. >> this is part of giving tuesday. it's a global generosity movement that started in 2012. a local product to root for. a bay area man will compete on "jeopar "jeopardy" tonight. catch the episode right here on abc 7 at 7:00 tonight right after "abc 7 news at 6:00."
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you know the saying, if at first you don't succeed, try, try again. >> thieves took that to heart. three tries to ram a track into a south bay jewelry store. this is just the beginning. their actions were all caught on camera. new at 6:00, new information about a couple of bay area friends w
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this is the face of a man who died after a high speed chase with law enforcement. now they admit he wasn't who they thought he was. >> sheriff's deputies thought they were chasing a suspected car thief. turns out, it was the rightful owner. >> reporter: this 52-year-old man died early last wednesday morning after a high speed chase which ended near petaluma. sheriff's deputies and police officers were responding to a report that the car was stolen. the police lieutenant says once they stopped the car -- >> during that time, they struggled to remove the driver from the vehicle.
6:29 pm
they used force which included a taser, a restraint as well as body weapons. >> reporter: officers finally got ward out by applying the restraint. >> once the driver was removed, they noticed he had -- was unconscious and had stopped breathing. they administered cpr. >> reporter: he was rushed to a hospital where he later died. sadly, it turned out the car thief was, in fact, the car owner. david ward reported his car stolen earlier in the week. >> at some time he recovered his vehicle but did not relay that information he recovered the vehicle. >> reporter: police are investigating the case as is the sheriff's department. we spoke to ward's friends and his caretaker who said he was in ill health. they wonder why deputies used what they believe was excessive force. >> he did have some handicaps and disabilities. >> reporter: they told us ward's car was stolen from an acquai
6:30 pm
acquaintan acquaintance. >> sucker punch with a gun. >> reporter: a neighbor says he had no way to tell police he had recovered the car. >> he didn't have a cellphone. >> reporter: an autopsy and toxicology tests are being conducted today. new at 6:00, the ntsb released its preliminary report into what is believed to be a deadly plane crash. it's a mystery. on board were justin and kayla, two friends from san francisco. on thursday, justin flew them in his plane. they were seen having dinner at a local restaurant and left around 8:30. according to the ntsb report, a witness observed the airplane depart at 9:00 p.m. and reported that the sky was completely dark with no horizon. searchers have found no sign of the plane or the two people on
6:31 pm
board. the ntsb report calls it a fatal incident. it's a mystery. he was a businessman and landlord in addition to being a pilot. she was his tenant want worked as a labor and delivery nurse in san francisco. in the south bay, check out a smash and grab at a jewelry store. cameras were rolling as burglars drove a truck into the building. >> the truck backed up into the store three times. broke in. and then two individuals got out and started smashing windows and taking what was left over that we don't put in the safe. >> reporter: this video captures a burglary monday morning in downtown loss altos. this is the third time the store has been a target. the first time they made it into the store. >> i see the big mess that i gotta clean up. a lot of money to fix all the
6:32 pm
windows and everything. the other jeweller on first street, they got almost a million plus dollars from him on diamonds. harold down here, they took the safe one weekend. out of the back, they pulled it out. the alarm didn't catch it. it's not good. >> reporter: smith & cross down the street has not been hit. the president of the company says this is an unfortunate risk of the business. >> it becomes really difficult for small businesses like that, especially this time of year during the holidays, where it's an important season for us as jewellers to have to deal with your store being sort of taken out. it's really frustrating. i can't even imagine what they're going through right now. >> reporter: the three instances of break-ins have left the owner wondering if he should close for good after four decades of business. for now, he says he will clean up and move forward. >> i just got used to it. in life, you get used to things. carry on. you can't cry anymore. the milk has been spilled. we laugh and continue.
6:33 pm
>> reporter: the owner says despite his store being wrecked, it's not going to wreck his spirits after 42 years in the business. >> we posted the surveillance video on our website. it's just over a minute long. efforts to build a better bay area are happening tonight in fremont. the city counsel will talk about making changes to a stretch of road proved deadly for pedestrians. last friday night a 72-year-old woman and her dog was hit by a car and killed. the driver stopped briefly then took off. these are new pictures of the suspect's car, what appears to be a late 1990s buick. there have been two other deadly crashes in this area. they have targeted part of the boulevard between the overpass and nursery anticipate for safety improvements. the council meeting starts at 7:00 p.m. housing is another area
6:34 pm
where we know the bay area can do better. improvements opened in walnut creek. the mayor was on hand to help cut the ribbon of the new apartments located just off 680 from the walnut creek bart station. it includes a pool, gym, yoga studio, clubhouse and dog park. online prices for nearly 600 square foot studio start around $2,400 and go up to $4,500 for a 1,200 square foot two bedroom. a transit oriented development next to the bart station will break ground called the gateway. it will offer 400 apartments, market rate and affordable housing along with shops and restaurants. it's one of the largest developments in the bay area. it should be open in 2022. in our efforts to build a better bay area, we dedicate aid week of coverage for houses for renters to homeowners to solutions for the future. find all the stories online.
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as we continue, four months ago the deadly shooting at the gilroy garlic festival revealed the strength of the community. >> that hasn't faded with time. >> three, two, one. >> this is more than a car. it's a gesture of generosity that brought the recipient to tears. your smartphone or other gadget is broken. do you fix it or toss it? ahead, the you know when you're at ross and you find their favorite hero... a price that makes you the hero? yes! that's yes for less. yes! with hot holiday toys for all ages, ross is your toy destination. it feels even better when you find it for less. at ross. yes for less. tto harrison, the wine when ytcollection..r less. to craig, this rock.
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yes for less. on this giving tuesday, gilroy is proving it's truly strong after this summer's tragic garlic festival shooting. >> local businesses are coming together to help a survivor with a generous gift. >> it's all yours. >> reporter: a moment of healing for barbara and her family. they had many since that tragic day in july when a mass shooting rocked their community. >> she's come so far. now that she has her car and she's able to go, you know, it's a lot of freedom.
6:39 pm
>> reporter: local branchs of caliber collision and geico partnered to restore the car as a gift to her who walks with a crutch. she was shot in the leg. her grandson was killed. the gyoungest victim. >> this will be our first christmas without steven. i think that the way the community came together, and we were not alone. >> we have been wearing them every day for four months. >> reporter: the foundation making sure that none of the victims feel alone. they help connect her with caliber and geico. >> we have never been more proud to be from our community. we are gilroy strong. >> this is caliber's way of saying, we are part of the community. we do want to help where we can. >> reporter: a powerful gesture that means everything to this family held together by faith and community.
6:40 pm
this shirt donated by a local company has raised more than $35,000 for the garlic festival shooting victims. they are looking to raise more. find out more on >> such an uplifting day. chris was tweeting about her story. this is what you learn covering tragedies. you absolutely need community. in that community the best kind of people show up and they do it every day, long after the tragedy is over, in healing there is strength. these points all true for gilroy strong. follow her on twitter. do you see rain? expect scattered showers tomorrow. >> spencer will show you where next.
6:41 pm
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useless machines? too often we give up and throw them out. >> there's a better way. >> a group says companies make it too hard for you to repair your cellphones and appliances and our gadgets. they end up in the landfill. however, they have found millions of us are trying to reverse this trend by using the internet to learn how to fix our own stuff. get this, it's catching on. they look shiny and new and full of promise when you see them in the store. that high-tech refrigerator, the powerful vacuum, the latest iphone. they will all doomed to break down or become obsolete. what happens to the useless hulk? >> the harder it is for a consumer to repair their product, the more likely they are to just give up and throw it out. >> the epa reported about 4
6:45 pm
million tons of used appliances were dumped in landfills back in 2017. the amount keeps rising. the epa estimates americans throw out 350,000 cellphones every day. >> this is terrible for the environment. we're spending more money than we should. >> emily rush is the executive director which discovered a different trend. instead of throwing out electronics, millions of us are trying to fix them. >> i'm shocked at how many people do actually go online to try and fix their own products. >> they found 8 million californians logged on to a website called last year. the most common items, cellphones. second, laptops. then cars, gaming consoles. others included desktop computers, tablets, headphones and vacuum cleaners. that's just one website.
6:46 pm
many more of us find help on youtube. >> there are barriers in place. >> they say companies should provide customers with tools and instructions to fix their own gadgets. often make it difficult instead. >> everything from having to have a special screw driver to open up your cellphone to not having the right part unless it's the manufacturer that's fixing the product. >> i encourage it personally for people to tifrnker. >> this technician says anybody with the right tool kit can fix things like a shamartphone battery. 18 screws later, a new battery goes in and we have power. chance used a battery from a third party company, apple and samsung don't sell original parts. >> consumers lose out when you go to a special store in order to extend the life of the product you paid for. >> they are pushing for a state
6:47 pm
law that will require companies to offer you repair instructions and sell you parts. under the same law, companies would also have to honor warranties after a repair. the california manufacturer's association says companies want to maintain control to ensure repairs are done correctly and safely. we will see what lawmakers decide. i one time tore apart a laptop and replaced the screen on my daughter's laptop. >> it worked? >> it worked. it was way easy. i couldn't believe it. >> good to know. >> i will send mine over to your house. >> i want to hear from you. good luck with that. the hotline is open. 415-954-8151. if you want me to repair your computer, go to -- no. you don't want me to try. >> why do it ourselves? >> i think he hung out a shingle. let's check on our weather. >> i'm trying to fix the
6:48 pm
weather. it seems to be beyond my control. let michael work on it. a look at live doppler 7. the showers that developed this in the north bay are tapering g off. the storm is with us. there's more coming our way. it's one on the storm impact scale. for tonight and tomorrow, expect this storm of light intensity to produce light to moderate showers. less than four-tenths of an inch. it will be breezy. at 11:00 tonight, it will be mostly cloudy. notice the surge of moisture from the south will produce showers and light rain across much of the area. looks like the south bay will get most of the measurable rain. it's going to work north as well. around commuting time tomorrow morning, lots of areas of wet roadways. drive carefully. give yourself extra commuting time in the morning. by midday tomorrow, we expect rain to be just about over except for a few widely scattered showers. clouds will linger. in the afternoon, evening
6:49 pm
commute, it could be wet. lows will be in the upper 40s to low 50s. tomorrow's highs, just upper 50s. narrow range of highs. here is the seven-day forecast. a break on thursday, mostly cloudy skies, a chance of late night rain. on friday, the current storm's bigger sibling moves in. we don't genderize our storms here. it's ranked two on the storm impact scale. it will bring windy conditions and periods of heavy rain that may linger into the weekend. >> bigger sibling. >> thanks, spencer. on to sports. >> we wish we could fix some of the injuries. warriors are slowly but surely getting back and getting heal healthy. the latest on russell. he is one of the greatest spartans.
6:50 pm
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last night, looney returned to the lineup. now russell looks close to making his return. he missed the last nine games due to a right thumb sprain. injured against boston. he averages 24.43 pai 3 points. green is back in east lansing, michigan, they retire his jersey during their game against duke. check out this video they put
6:53 pm
out. >> you mean so much to that community, that state. you are a true midwest hero. >> that 23 should never be worn again on a michigan state court. >> amazing. enjoy. >> on behalf of myself and the warriors organization, congratulations. >> you know how i feel about you. this is an amazing honor. so much congratulations to you, bro. >> congrats on the number being retired there. probably be retired here some day, too. >> cool. more at 11:00. ron rivera was one win away from the championship at levi stadium. four years later, the head coach has been fired. they lost four games in a row. they are 5-7. he is the second head coach to be fired in season this year. during his nine years in carolina, he was the winningest coach in teechl history and a two-time nfl coach of the year.
6:54 pm
jason garrett and jim harbaugh are in the hunt. the my cause, my cleats initiative will be full display. players will wear custom cleats near and dear to their hearts. >> make a wish helped me in a hard time in my life. you wearing our pictures on your cleats means a lot to me. >> the reason i like the 4 is because they are the best team in the nfl. >> i hope you like the ball i drew for you. the ball represents this ball you gave me during nfl practice. >> good luck. i hope my cleats make you extra fast. >> this is adorable. that was cute. that was awesome. >> check out these custom nike
6:55 pm
cleats. the make a wish foundation, some of the drawings from the kids. those are so cool. perfect video on this giving tuesday. how about some of the cleats the raiders are wearing? carr supporting valley children's hospital. jacobs will go first place for youth. his design right there. waller, the davis direct foundation which fights adi s a addiction. williams, stomp out bullying. good stuff from all the nfl teams. look out for those this weekend. the a's agreed to terms with jake diekman on a two-year deal. he was acquired in a trade with kansas city last year and went 1-1. the a's week of giving continued. the first baseman along with stomper they were reading to students in oakland. the week of giving continues all week long at locations across oakland. it's good stuff.
6:56 pm
did you see this? the globetrotters celebrating world trick shot day. attempting the highest dunk, 13,000 feet. he is a globetrotter so, of course, he hammers it home. with speed. a trick shot. they made that up four years ago. they get crazier and better. more scary. and still making them. that is a wrap on sports. i want to go back to the -- hammer is throwing it down. all the gives the teams are -- it's inspiring on this giving tuesday. if you have the means to give back to something you are near and dear to, do that. >> in the bay area, so many people -- we have a lot of people who do well here, affluent. a lot of people do good. >> good to see. see the cleats this weekend. >> thanks. join us tonight for news at 11:00. >> bart and the salvation army
6:57 pm
partnering this season. they have a plan to help the homeless. will it work? that story tonight at 11:00. new developments in the college admissions scandal. what a just released report by stanford revealed. coming up on abc 7 at 8:00, brad paisley thinks he is special, that's followed at 9:00 by the cma country christmas show, which is always fun. stay with us for abc 7 news at 11:00. >> that will do it for this edition of answer 7 news. breaking news you can always get on the app.
6:58 pm
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