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tv   America This Morning  ABC  December 4, 2019 4:00am-4:30am PST

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making news in america this morning, history in washington. the new impeachment hearing today and the new evidence from democrats including phone records. why they say there's proof president trump misused his power and obstructed congress and the president's response. plus, the high-stakes summit overseas right now. world leaders caught on camera in a private moment. were they mocking president trump? also this morning, kamala quits. the california senator ending her campaign for president. new details on why she's bowing out. the new headline about breast cancer and beauty products. do the chemicals used in dyeing hair increase your risk? what scientists are now saying. plus, the new message from
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willie nelson. his announcement shocking fans. the quest for baby yoda, the hottest doll of the year. when it may finally be available. and -- ♪ life is a highway >> -- a new record. wait till you hear how quickly these guys drove across the country coast to coast new york to california no speed limit. ♪ i wanna drive it all night long ♪ well, good wednesday morning, everyone. i'm trevor ault. >> and i'm marci gonzalez. kenneth and janai are off. we begin with the next phase of the impeachment showdown shifting to the house judiciary committee with its first public hearing set for this morning. democrats have released a scathing impeachment report accusing president trump of abusing his power, jeopardizing national security and obstructing justice. they say he placed his own interests over the interests of
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the country and the vice president and other top officials allegedly knew about it. >> we have team coverage. abc's karen travers is with the president in london. but first mona kosar abdi with developments from washington. mona, good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, marci, and good morning to you, trevor. as democrats move quickly towards an impeachment vote that could likely take place before christmas, house intelligence committee chairman adam schiff says that his panel already has enough evidence to prove the president abused the power of his office. this morning, the impeachment investigation entering a new phase as democrats prepare to finalize their case against president trump. chairman jerry nadler whose judiciary committee is in charge of drawing up articles of impeachment will hold the panel's first hearing today with constitutional experts. ahead of the hearing the intelligence committee voted along party lines tuesday to turn over its 300-page report on the findings of its investigation to the judiciary panel. house intelligence chairman adam
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schiff telling reporters, following 30 hours of public testimony and 12 witness, the intelligence committee found the president placed his own personal and political interests above that of the united states. >> this is not about ukraine. this is about our democracy. this is about our national security. >> reporter: and in a surprising development, the report also implicated some of the closest members of the president's circle including vice president mike pence, secretary of state mike pompeo and acting chief of staff mick mulvaney of being complicit in the president's push to withhold military aid from ukraine for political purposes. >> this is the result of a president who believes he is beyond indictment, beyond impeachment, beyond any form of accountability and, indeed, above the law. >> reporter: republicans striking back with their own report dismissing the process as unfair to the president. the president who is attending a nato summit in london says he's not concerned with today's hearing. >> tomorrow, i don't think anybody is going to watch. i'm not going to watch but i'm going to be doing this. it's much more exciting.
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>> reporter: and the intelligence committee report also indicates that the president obstructed congress by stonewalling efforts to investigate. now, the president says he wants his top officials to testify but not if the impeachment inquiry is a, quote, total fix. trevor and marci. >> mona kosar abdi in washington. mona, thank you. and let's continue our team coverage with abc's karen travers who is in london where president trump is attending that nato summit and, karen, even by president trump's standards, a lot of news coming out of this event. >> reporter: a lot of news, trevor, and a lot of drama. and today's gathering is actually quite short. the nato leaders will only sit down together for about four hours, and maybe that's a good thing because yesterday there were several tense moments between president trump and key u.s. allies including one leader who appeared to be mocking him. president trump had some social time in london last night. tea with prince charles. a reception at buckingham palace hosted by queen elizabeth and a gathering at 10 downing street with british prime minister boris johnson, but the president kicked off his day with tough talk aimed at french president emmanuel macron. >> a very, very nasty statement. i think that's very insulting to
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a lot of different -- >> reporter: the president criticizing macron's recent comments questioning the strength of nato and macron's diagnosis of nato's, quote, brain death, but seated next to the french president later, president trump backed down and talked about his good relationship with macron. >> and we intend to make a lot of progress in our next hour, maybe hour and a half. >> reporter: but there are new trade tensions between the u.s. and france. the trump administration announced last night it is considering placing tariffs on $2.4 billion in french goods, cheese, wine and luxury handbags, a retaliatory action for the taxes france placed on u.s. tech companies including google and facebook. >> if anyone is going to take advantage of the american companies, it's going to be us, it's not going to be france. >> reporter: there was also this uncomfortable moment between trump and macron when the issue of what to do with isis prisoners in syria came up. >> they're mostly from europe. would you like some nice isis fighters?
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i can give them to you. you can take every one you want. >> let's be serious. it is true that you have foreign fighters coming from europe, but this is a tiny minority of the overall problem that we have in the region. >> reporter: and this morning, canadian prime minister justin trudeau refusing to comment after this video surfaced overnight. without mentioning the president by name, trudeau appears to criticize the lengthy trump news conference while talking with other world leaders. >> he was late because he takes a 40-minute press conference off the top. you just watched his team's jaws drop to the floor. >> reporter: and president trump will have several chances to respond to prime minister trudeau today. they'll see each other at the nato leaders meeting and the president will be taking more questions today. trevor and marci, he's going to hold a press conference before flying back to washington. >> we'll see if that's 40 minutes as well. karen travers in london, thank you. and as the president addresses the media, abc news is going to be bringing you live
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coverage of today's impeachment hearing in washington. that begins at 10:00 eastern. senator kamala harris has dropped out of the race for the white house bringing her quest to become the first black female president to an abrupt end. the california democrat surged after sparring on the debate stage with joe biden, but she later struggled in the polls and failed to pick up enough support among black voters. harris had to fend off attacks on her record as a prosecutor and some critics say her campaign lacked focus. in the end it came down to money. >> i've taken stock, and i've looked at this from every angle and over the last few days, i have come to one of the hardest decisions of my life. so here's the deal, guys. my campaign for president simply does not have the financial resources to continue and the financial resources we need to continue. i'm not a billionaire. i can't fund my own campaign. >> president trump tweeted about harris quitting saying, too bad. we will miss you. harris tweeted right back saying, don't worry,
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mr. president, i'll see you at your trial. well, breaking overnight two of the four teenagers who escaped from a detention center in nashville have been captured. they broke out of the facility saturday after a guard left them unsupervised to respond to a fight. police say the 16-year-old accused of murder and a 15-year-old were arrested outside a condo complex near nashville. the others though are still on the run. morris marsh who is also a murder suspect and brandon carruthers, they are both considered dangerous. in northern california the search is on for the thieves who used a stolen truck to break into this jewelry store south of san francisco. after crashing through the front wall, you saw it there, the thieves smashed display cases and got away with more than $200,000 in jewels. the owners say it follows two recent break-in attempts. turning to the weather, a major storm is hitting the west coast. let's take a closer look at your wednesday forecast.
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looking at the radar right now, most of california is getting rain this morning. the los angeles area ctomorrow. a flash flood watch stretches from anaheim to san diego. meanwhile, a record snowstorm is finally moving off the east coast. one town in new hampshire got 36 inches and at least a foot of snow fell in 20 counties across new york state. looking at today's high temperatures, expect 40s in new york and boston, 30s in the twin cities, 60s in los angeles and 76 down in south florida. coming up, a new record, see how quickly two guys drove across the country. also ahead, the estranged husband of a missing mother from connecticut takes the stand accused of stealing millions of dollars from his mother-in-law. and later, something you should know before you wrap your christmas presents this year
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we're back with a record-setting cross-country drive. two men and their spotter drove from new york to los angeles in just 27 hours and 25 minutes during the so-called cannonball run, which is an unofficial not to mention illegal race. they drove a special mercedes-benz,and their average speed on the trip was 103 miles an hour. they beat the previous record by more than an hour and stopped only four times for gas, food and bathroom breaks. well, there is a new legal headache for the estranged husband of a missing mother from connecticut who hasn't been seen since may. fotis dulos is being sued by his mother-in-law. she claims dulos owes her $2.5 million saying the money
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was a loan given to dulos for his home building business. in sworn testimony tuesday dulos claimed that money was a gift. >> the relationship did not have any promissory notes. there was no obligation to pay any of the funds that was advanced. >> well, dulos will be back on the stand this morning. he was not questioned about his wife's disappearance, but anything he says on the stand can be used in a potential criminal case. have pleaded not guilty to criminal charges in connection with his wife's disappearance. there's no school today in oshkosh, wisconsin, after a scary incident that left a student and a school resource officer injured. police say the student stabbed the officer who then opened fire wounding the 16-year-old. both were hospitalized in stable condition. it happened less than a day after an officer at another wisconsin high school injured a student who had allegedly pointed a pellet gun at a classmate. police say he also had a handgun in his bag. police in los angeles are testing a new tool to take down suspects, and it's really right out of batman. the device fires a kevlar cord which uses barbs to wrap around the arms or legs of a suspect
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between 10 and 25 feet away. it's called the bolawrap. the manufacturer says it restrains suspects with minimal to no pain. officials say it would not be used against suspects carrying firearms, only those with knives and other objects. baby yoda fans will have to wait until after christmas for their toy. the infant alien is the breakout character on the series "the mandalorian." disney has finally unveil aid line of baby yoda products but they won't be available until april. reports say the show's director asked the condition to delay the merchandising to avoid spoiling the character's debut. industry experts say it takes anywhere from 2 to 18 months to manufacture toys. >> okay, artistic integrity. coming up, we have a surprise announcement from willie nelson. but first a terrifying close call for hollywood actress anna faris and her family at the rental home. her message about carbon monoxide poisoning. the possible link between hair dye and breast cancer.
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welcome back. we turn now to the carbon monoxide scare for a hollywood actress and her family. >> anna faris was celebrating thanksgiving at a rental home when everyone in the house started feeling sick. two members of the family went to the hospital and that may have saved all of their lives. anna faris, the star of "the scary movie" franchise, had a real-life scare over thanksgiving. the actress says she rented a house with 12 members of her family in lake tahoe tweeting through the typical family drama. but soon they all started feeling sick. two of the family members left dinner and went to the hospital where they were diagnosed with carbon monoxide poisoning. >> they assumed that it was altitude sickness. two people went ahead and went to the hospital on their own. hospital staff immediately identified that it was carbon monoxide poisoning. >> we need a medic unit to respond. we have 12 patients. >> reporter: everyone survived,
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but the levels of carbon monoxide in faris' rental home with six times the maximum recommended level. the home did not have c.o. detectors. carbon monoxide is colorless and odorless and can kill in minutes. symptoms can be similar to altitude sickness. nearly 500 people die in the u.s. each year because of exposure to the toxic gas. as many as 20,000 people visit emergency rooms. >> it's really important regardless of whether you're home or whether you're traveling that you always have that situational awareness because, you know, say if a piece of equipment starts malfunctioning in the middle of the night and the levels are high enough, you're not going to wake up. >> reporter: the actress tweeting this picture showing the thanksgiving table set with half eaten plates writing it's a stupidly dramatic story but i'm feeling very fortunate. and four family members ended up being hospitalized. it's unclear if faris was among them. authorities say when traveling, consider bringing your own c.o. detector. a new headline about breast cancer and the role beauty products may play.
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a study of nearly 50,000 women found an association between breast cancer and those beauty products in black women. in some cases the products were associated with a 45% higher cancer risk. now, it's important to note researchers did not find a direct cause, only an association and the women who were studied were already at a high risk for breast cancer. the authors say it's unlikely that any single factor explains a woman's risk but avoiding these chemicals might be one more thing women can do to reduce their risk. three athletes with ties to georgetown university are accused of burglary, intimidation and in one case, sexual harassment and assault. the case is against basketball players josh leblanc, galen alexander and myron gardner stem from complaints filed by two female roommates. restraining orders were issued last month, but the men were allowed to play as recently as last weekend. in the nba a pretty big controversy after that dunk by james harden of the rockets.thed
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ced ouso t the refs later said it should have counted. it's a big controversy because it went into double overtime then the rockets ended up losing by two points. the old saying goes the cream rises to the top. andrew yang is hoping that's true when it comes to his presidential campaign and just opened a new office in new hampshire by giving whip cream shots to his volunteers. he declared this is a new tradition. >> all right. okay, we'll see. up next in "the pulse," something that you should know before you wrap your christmas presents. also ahead, the announcement from willie nelson coming as a pretty big surprise to his fans. and big money left on the table. the winning lottery ticket going unclaimed. thought i was managing my moderate to severe crohn's disease. then i realized something was missing... me. my symptoms were keeping me from being there. so, i talked to my doctor and learned humira is for people who still have symptoms of crohn's disease after trying other medications.
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♪ on the road again time now for "the pulse." willie nelson may be going on the road again but apparently he won't be smoking. >> right. yeah, a little surprising here. the 86-year-old country music icon says he has now stopped smoking marijuana. he blames his health and breathing problems. >> of course, nelson is a longtime advocate of smoking pot. he says he still vapes, though, he's still using edibles so not quitting the marijuana, just the smoking. >> that would be too much to pull away from. he is a prolific weed smoker for sure. well, just in time for the holidays a new study appreciate their gifts more when they're poorly wrapped. >> researchers found if the gift comes with fancy wrapping paper and a big bow, the person receiving it has higher expectations and is more likely to be disappointed. >> that's a shame. but a shoddy gift wrapping job lowered expectations and then people ended up liking the gift a little bit more. >> so great excuse to just be lazy.
4:24 am
>> all the times my mom yelled at me, i was just lowering expectations. next talk about money left on the table. no one has come forward to claim a $14 million winning lottery ticket. >> yes, so the deadline to come forward was monday night. that ticket for the arizona lottery was sold six months ago in the phoenix area. >> it is the largest unclaimed prize in state history but just a little bit of good news for this story, at least the money isn't going to go to waste. at least a third of that money will now be sent to an agency that helps foster kid. >> honestly that might be better. finally you'll soon be able to take a vacation in a galaxy far, far away. >> we've now learned when the new "star wars" hotel will open at disney world. >> the star wars galactic starcruiser will open sometime in 2021 and will
4:25 am
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ensure max protein. sebastopol. now at 4:27, live doppler 7 tracking the storm, a new round of heavy rain will soak the morning commute. meteorologist mike nicco is here to guide us through the wet wednesday. the hit and run death of a 72-year-old woman and her dog on one of fremont's most dangerous streets sparks demand for action. in washington, the house beginnings hearings this morning that could lead to preechimpeac charges against president trump. a bay area woman will be involved. it's wednesday, december 4th. >> we have live doppler 7 on behind us, it is raining as you get up. >> that rain we talked about is out there. there's puddles waiting for you also. a dicey commute this morning.
4:28 am
hopefully we're getting used to driving in this by now. let's look at the storm impact scale, it's a 1 today with steady rain this morning. scattered showers then. the rain will taper heading into the afternoon hours. up to a third of an inch is possible withstanding water and hydroplaning a big issue for the morning commute. the heaviest of the rain is outside the bay area. in the central valley and down around monterey bay. you can see it's moving north. so we could have an uptick in the intensity in our super commuters coming in from tracy are dealing with the heaviest rain. you can see the average start to shrink and the yellows and oranges start to dissipate as we head deeper into the morning hours. the worst of the wet weather is out there for the morning commute. let's talk to jobina about that. >> i want to start with this, the wet weather is blamed for causing a small landslide in san bruno, it led to a stretch of
4:29 am
san bruno avenue flew near crestmoore drive to be closed off to traffic and pedestrians. no homes arelocal emergency has declared. bringing you out to the map, we learned a sigalert has been canceled in san francisco, this is southbound 101 at silver avenue. there is still some flooding in the area. they were talking about one to two inches of water there. please do not drive through standing water. we know that that can cause lots of problems. to livermore, we have a two-car crash there. this is westbound 580 from north livermore avenue. two lanes are blocked there. you can see that slowdown from your screen. and out live to the bay bridge toll plaza, the meroadways are very wet. changes could be coming to a stretch of road in fremont that's been deadly for pedestrians. >> last night the city council met to discuss proposed changes to niles boulevard between the b.a.r.t. overpass and nursery avenue between niles and riveria
4:30 am
drive. not everyone agrees on this effort. lauren martinez joins us live on niles boulevard with more on this. lauren? >> that's right. the city council is targeting those two specific areas, this is all to make safety improvements after several deadly crashes. now we reported to you about lst friday, 72-year-old suzanne ogi and her dog were hit by a car and killed while crossing niles boulevard. the driver stopped briefly and then took off. there has been at least two deadly crashes in this area as well. the proposals include reducing lanes, creating buffered bike lanes, constructing a missing swaud a sidewalk and putting a traffic light at rock avenue the site of the accident. >> there's an urgency to it because too many people have died this year. we're on a record pace this


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