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tv   ABC7 News 430AM  ABC  December 4, 2019 4:30am-5:00am PST

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drive. not everyone agrees on this effort. lauren martinez joins us live on niles boulevard with more on this. lauren? >> that's right. the city council is targeting those two specific areas, this is all to make safety improvements after several deadly crashes. now we reported to you about lst friday, 72-year-old suzanne ogi and her dog were hit by a car and killed while crossing niles boulevard. the driver stopped briefly and then took off. there has been at least two deadly crashes in this area as well. the proposals include reducing lanes, creating buffered bike lanes, constructing a missing swaud a sidewalk and putting a traffic light at rock avenue the site of the accident. >> there's an urgency to it because too many people have died this year. we're on a record pace this year. it's really bad if you're a
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pedestrian in fremont. >> how about you spend the fraction of the money and hire one more police officer to spend more time on traffic enforcement. that would be a solution. >> hans larsen says they hope to solicit bids on the project by the spring and for construction to begin by the summer of 2020. reporting live in fremont, lauren martinez, abc7 news. >> thanks. if you're jouust joining us we have a quick update of weather and traffic with mike. >> let's show you the storm impact scale for today. we have rain and scattered showers. it's 1. rainfall amounts up to a third of an inch is possible. there's some standing water out there waiting for you. look at the heavier rainfall in tracy, 205, 5, 580 coming through the altamont pass.
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that gets rid of the fog but now you have to deal with the wet weather. on highway 4, byron, brentwood, up to antioch, heavy showers there. standing water there. heavy showers heading through the santa cruz mountains down towards the south bay. the wet weather will continue for several hours. as we head towards noon, it will become more scattered, same thing in the afternoon hours. then just isolated showers for the evening. starting off in the upper 40s to near 50s at 7:00. mid to upper 50s at noon. same thing at 4:00. not a lot of warming today, just a touch drier for the evening commute. let's check that commute with jobina. >> good morning. starting off with a live look at the san mateo bridge, at northbound 101 at 92, once you get off of the bridge going westbound, you will run into standing water in the two right lanes there. be careful if you're heading to the san mateo bridge a live look at the golden gate bridge, you can see lots of puddles.
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rain drops all over the camera there. all the bridges, just please be careful on the roads. we're seeing lots of spinouts. bringing you back to a crash we're continuing to follow. this is westbound 580 before north livermore avenue. this is going to impact our super commuters. two-car crash there. two lanes are still blocked now. >> thanks. the impeachment spotlight shifts to the house judiciary committee. >> in less than three hours the committee will hold its first public hearing. pamela constitutional experts testifying today. yesterday the house intelligence committee released its impeachment inquiry report. it says the president sought assistance from ukraine to benefit his reelection campaign. president trump is calling this a hoax. abc new also have live coverage beginning at 7:00 a.m.
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developing news from the live desk, president trump is holding a series of meetings this morning with nato leaders in london before wrapping up the summit. earlier this morning leaders posed for a group photo, then aa very public fight -- infighting between some of the biggest countries. the leaders are due to publish a declaration underlining their commitment to nato on its 70th birthday. today president trump is scheduled to meet with leaders from germany, great britain, italy and denmark before holding a press conference at 7:30 our time. >> thanks, jobina. happening today, a decision is expected on whether to dismiss the remaining gun judge. an undocumented immigrant was back in court yesterday. two years ago he was acquitted of all but a gun charge in the shooting death of sonley at pier 14. the sole conviction was overturned by an appeal court
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which said the judge improperly instructed jurors. now his attorney says a judge asked the district attorney to not retry him. garcia still faces federal weapons charges. a new development in the college admissions scandal. rick singer approached seven of the coaches over the past decade. that's according to a just released investigation. only former head sailing coach john vandermere has been accused of accepting bribes. singer admits offering money to coaches at several colleges in exchange for help admitting unqualified students. abc7 news is committed to building a better bay area. it is no secret san francisco's sidewalks can become messy. so by that we are referring to human and animal waste. it's so visible in the tenderloin district it's nicknamed code brown. to fix the neighborhood's problem, there's a plan to steam clean and pressure wash every single block once a week.
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it's being paid for by property owners who agreed to an extra tax. >> we see how much is being done. when you see the groups here today that are helping and you still knows there more work to be done, it's something we always think about. >> this is part of a two-pronged approach. san francisco extended a pilot program for 24-hour bathrooms. >> homelessness is one of the major challenges in building a better bay area. b.a.r.t. is trying to meet the challenge with a new partnership. and gone in 60 seconds. the shocking smash and grab robbery in the south bay. calling all-star wars fans, you could get paid to binge on the force. and all of that is ahead. first, it's 4:36. i'm hanging out with mike, trying to figure out how to navigate this rain. so many people are probably wondering the same thing. >> it's touching everybody. i will show you a tour with live doppler 7 of all of our bridges and show you how they're all wet, whether it's the benicia bridge, the carquinez bridge,
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the golden gate bridge, the bay bridge, same thing with the dumbarton bridge and san mateo bridge. here is 87 in san jose. as you look northbound, the visibility is a bit lower. could be a little bit of fog out there. driving will be heaviest this morning, lightest rain during the evening commute. you'll have rainy stops on mass transit. here's the east bay valleys. a chance of rain up until 1:00. another chance from 5:00 to 7:00. temperatures topping out at 57 degrees. for the peninsula, a chance of rain up to 3:00. 59. 55 with a drier evening on the way. for the south bay, we'll reach 60, 55 and quieter this evening. for the north bay, chance of rain through 11:00. scattered showers this afternoon, 57. for the east bay, chance of rain through 1:00, 59 mostly cloudy at 3:00 dropping down to 55.
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san francisco, chance of rain all the way through 5:00. mid to upper 50s. let's see what that rain is doing to your commute. >> starting off with a live look at walnut creek. this is 680. very wet conditions there. all over our roads right now. i am seeing reports of some flooding in san mateo and in the redwood city area. deeper into the south bay we have south san jose reported there as well. want to make sure everyone takes it slowly out there. live look in san jose now. this is 280. you can see there, wet road conditions. and this two-car crash we're following in livermore because the backup has not moved. this is westbound 580 before north livermore avenue. two lanes are blocked right now. this is going to slow people down. our super commuters coming out of tracy and altamont pass. a look at our drive times, tracy to castro
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as our rain tapers this afternoon, look at the snow developing in the sierra. you'll get touched today by rain or snow. the snow will be heavy for friday and saturday. tapering sunday. another two to three feet of snow possible this weekend in tahoe. to the south bay, dramatic video shows two burglars using a stolen truck to ram their way into a los altos jewelry store. it happened early monday morning. it took the robber three tries before they busted through the front window. they hopped out and in less than 60 seconds they cleaned out the display cases before taking off in a get away car. the store owner estimates he lost $200,000 in merchandise. we have posted that raw surveillance video of the crime on our website, you can find it at >> released its forecast for the 2020 housing market. it's not looking good for first time home buyers.
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housing experts predict inventory could reach new lows. there's not enough construction and current homeowners have little incentive to sell. prices in many metro areas including san francisco are expected to s will remain at ana average of 3.8%. first-time home buyers will continue to struggle with affordability. a major part of building a better bay area includes finding shrugses to tough issues like homelessness. in holiday season b.a.r.t. is teaming up with an unlikely partner to lend a helping hand. >> reporter: it's a sound you likely never heard before inside a al is salvation
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ta the salvation army red kettle takers teaming up with b.a.r.t. b.a.r.t. says on any given day there are 100 people or more who are homeless riding the trains. the program may help them. it's a sound you've likely never heard before inside a b.a.r.t. station. >> it makes a lot of sense. >> reporter: the long time charity teaming up with b.a.r.t. this holiday season to help the homeless. >> all 48 of our stations are going to have red kettles and bell ringers. >> b.a.r.t.'s president acknowledges what many riders already know. homelessness is an issue on b.a.r.t. trains and in stations. abc 7 news has shown you the very real images up close, but contributions from the public may help. >> the money you give is going to be spent to help people we encounter that are in the system that really need support to be housed and have drug treatment and so forth. >> the salvation army will spend the money in the county where it's collected. >> the homeless problem has gotten extremely bad in san francisco. there is no middle class anymore. >> b.a.r.t. has had a police response to homelessness. >> reporter: jennifer pleases the new move from b.a.r.t. >> having outreach workers and trying to think of a more humane and effective response is really positive. rte fl od about where their contributions may go this holiday. >> anything under $5 in my pocket goes in the bucket. that's my thing anytime i hear a bell.
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>> reporter: across the bay area lvation ar andheir outreach teams will provide assistance to people who want cornell bernard, abc 7 news. >> we want to hear your ideas about building a better bay area. you can share them by joining our better bay area group on facebook. you're never more than seven minutes away from your accuweather forecast, which involves a lot of rain today, mike. >> it does. i will take care of the temperatures and then get on to the rain. that's the biggest part of the story. today we'll warm into the mid to upper 350s. maybe 60 in santa cruz and morgan hill. tonight should be cooler due to the lack of rain and clouds will open up a little bit. mid to upper 40s. where the clouds do open up there could be fog developing and also a few sloplotches of green. isolated showers will continue across the north bay.
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if you're coming down through the sunol grade, it will be dicey there with the standing water possible. the area of low pressure is moving to the east. that'sp more moisture as it moves over l.a. and san diego, that's why they'll see the bulk of the wet weather and the flash flooding, while we don't have to worry about that. here's future radar, still some yellows out there at 7:00. moderate downpours. watch as we head up to noon. quickly things start to break up. we'll have plenty of rain out there, just not quite as much as we had for the morning, not quite as intense. you can see it turning over to scattered showers by the evening commute. you may find some drive spots to drive on. by midnight, the transition over to isolated showers. that's all we have for tomorrow. the big storm is coming in friday. it ramps up from no storm impact to a 2 on friday to a lingering 1 for saturday and sunday. i'll give you an hour-by-hour look at that coming up next.
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he's weather we have, things are fairly decent on the roads. just reports of lots of spinouts. please take it slowly. also standing water in several areas across the bay arre emery ride for the most part as you come towards the maze and the bay bridge there. lots of headlights moving in this morning. taking you now to san rafael, live look at 101. empty out there. roads are well as well. i'm not seeing any dry conditions. this is an issue becoming worse in livermore, a two-car crash there, westbound 580 before north livermore avenue. you can see the speeds there are down to 16 and 17 miles per hour. this will impact people coming out of livermore. and also our super commuters, the backup is about a mile and a half. the founders of google are stepping down from the company. >> and do you know how much time you actually spend watching tv? it may surprise you. here's tech bytes.
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>> big changes at google. founders larry page and sergei brin are stepping down as ceo and president. the duo built the company 20 years ago in a garr rang. >> it's been a tumultuous few years for the company. next a surprise winner for the most popular song of the decade from pandora. >> the weekend's earned it out adele's "someone like you." taylor swift ranked last at number 20. and a new study finds the average person spends almost 79,000 hours in a lifetime watching television. >> 2,000 british adults were surveyed. 3 out of 5 said they would be lost without television. >> those are your tech bytes. >> isn't that what we want? isn't that our business? >> i know.
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but we're on for a certain amount of time. people are watching hours and hours and hours. >> and we like it. keep doing it. >> okay, reggie. what if you could do your favorite thing and get paid for it? i'm talking like $1,000. in this case we're talking to you "star wars" fans. said they will pay one lucky person to watch every "star wars" movie back-to-back. you have to do it before the release of the new "star wars" movie the rise of skywalker which comes out december 20th. you'll also have to tweet about your movie marathon experience. the ten movies will take 22 hours and 25 minutes to watch. disney is the parent company of lucas film and abc 7. 22 hours straight on the couch. >> i could. that sounds good. is there a quiz after? >> no. >> do i have to be paying attention the whole time? >> you have to stay awake. >> if they're paying at you, they're looking at you.
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coming up next, the shopping trip that will put a smile on hundreds of kids faces today. and you can set your watch by it every tuesday, but san francisco's world war ii era emergency sirens are about to go silent.
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let's look what's going on. pleasanton, livermore, altamont pass, moderate rain right now. looking south on 680, moderate showers just pushed through there. north on 680 through pleasant hill, heading towards concord and martinez. the heaviest of the rain from pittsburg to clayton, antioch out highway 4 to discovery bay. it's going to be treacherous commute withstanding water in these areas. >> thanks, mike. in the south bay, a solemn reminder of the fight against aids. abc 7 was at san jose city hall last night as it was lit up in red in honor of world aids day. inside there were some of the many squares that are a part of the aids memorial quilt. health officials say we have come such a long way in fighting the virus since it first emerged in the 1980s. >> hiv is now a treatable illness.
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there are medications you can take to reduce the amount of virus in your body so it's undeductible. >> undeductible. after next week, a familiar sound in san francisco will go silen silent. >> this is a test of the outdoor warning system. >> the outdoor warning system dates back to world war ii. city officials are turning it off for the next two years for upgrades. in it the meantime all emergency alerts will be issued digitally. you can sign up for emergency text alerts at in the south bay, more than 200 deserving children will go shopping for christmas gifts. it's the 12th annual shop with the cop heroes and helper and hs holiday shopping ree. $125 to
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spend at target for gifts for themselves or parents. in the east bay, berkeley police will hold a similar event today. officer also pick up 20 kids from the mlk junior youth services center and take them holiday shopping at target for family members. after that the officers will help the kids wrap their gifts and then they'll have a pizza party. >> that sounds like fun. yeah. i love this time of the year. here's some of those heavier showers for our early commuters in the east bay. you can see the further east and south you head the more likely you will run into moderate to heavy rain out in the central valley. let's look at friday. 6:00 in the morning, the first signs of light to moderate rain moving into mendocino counties. heading throughout the day, it slides down to the south. talking about several hours of steady light to moderate rain before it starts to let up a bit friday evening and overnight. saturday, you can see a few
4:56 am
study hostud steady hours of light rain, then scattered showers sunday. another impressive round of rain that will try to get us back to average, still most of us not even close except for up around santa rosa. you're about 95% of average. the rainfall amounts not as impressive as yesterday. we're still nearing three quarters of an inch on the pins and south bay, up to 4 inches as you head north. >> thank you, mike. we are going to start off here with a live look at the san mateo bridge. i'm pointing this out becaus once you get on the opposite side, if you are traveling westbound, you will run into standing water. the chp is reporting flooding in two of the lanes there. i want people to be aware of that. moving over now, a live look in oakland, 880 near the coliseum, reports of standing water on 880, we also have two spinouts we're following in oakland. it's already starting this morning that messy commute. especially for people coming out of livermore.
4:57 am
this is westbound 580 before north livermore avenue, a two-car crash there. two lanes are blocked. speeds are low here, down to 16, 17 miles per hour. i'm moving this out because you can see that backup on 580. look how it extends back through the altamont pass. it will end up meeting at some point if they don't clear this up. make sure everybody is aware. >> thanks. a group of volunteers in san francisco turned giving tuesday into teddy tuesday. >> salesforce build a bear and the ymca teamed up to create bear building stations at salesforce headquarters yesterday. the bears were given to children served by the ymca. >> today we're doing this here headquarte, but we're also doing one in our new york office as well. we're on both coasts supporting the ymca. there will be over 2,000 bears that will go to kids in need.
4:58 am
>> the build-a-thon was part of giving tuesday a global effort to give back to the community during the holidays. coming up next, a new phase opens up in the impeachment proceedings against president trump. we're live in washington abowit more on the new hearings about to get under way. and the ideas being talked about to replace the richmond-san rafael bridge. and here's a look outside. as jobina and mike have been talking about, it's wet on the
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