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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  December 5, 2019 5:00am-6:00am PST

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breaking news at 5:00 a.m., an elderly woman killed in an overnight fire. amy hollyfield is at the screen with the investigation under way. a warning about fraudulent credit card transactions around the holiday season. and video showing the dramatic rescue of a driver caught on a flood highway. the dangerous conditions that left some people stranded for hours. good morning on this thursday, december 5th. >> you're never more than seven minutes away from your accuweather forecast here's mike. >> we don't need to worry about that today. but tomorrow there's the possibility of flooding. so we'll talk more about that. i want to get you out the door and show you what's going on. tick fog up in the north bay.
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nothing unusual there. look at how thick it is in the altamont pass, livermore, down in san jose. 280 and 17, you can see the fog there in the lights. just too much moisture hanging in the air this morning. winds are blowing from the southeast to the northwest. some of this could creep into more of the bay area heading deeper into the morning commute. looking south on 680 right into a bank of fog as you head into 24. temperatures hovering at 60 with mostly cloudy conditions today. jobina? >> good morning. we are starting off with a wide look at our map. the green still looking good as far as the commute times. also all that fog mike was mentioning, it's heavy through the altamont pass, san jose and foggy conditions have been reported on the san mateo bridge. there are crews there trying to sort out the details on a crash. looking at drive times, tracy to dublin, 35 minutes. antioch to concord, 14-minute ride. san rafael to san francisco, 17
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minutes. moving on, just1. nimoe there. elng y cshl plaza in the westbound direction. chp is working out the details. breaking news this morning, investigators are on the scene of a deadly house fire in novato. >> a woman in her 80s was found in the home. it was initially difficult for firefighters to get inside because the home was full of materials. abc7 news reporter amy hollyfield is live for us in novato. >> firefighters say it was tough to get inside this home because there was so much stuff inside. you can see it, they are still here on the scene. you can see a little smoke still coming from the house. fire was spotted at 10:30 last night. so it has been a while at this home on cherry street in novato. when firefighters a arrived, fire was burning through the roof. the woman inside who they found, she was in her 80s. rescuers attempted cpr but she
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died. firefighters say there was more stuff in this home than you would see in a typical house. and that was an obstacle for firefighters. >> in those conditions it's difficult for firefighters to make entry, to move through the house. there's already with heavy smoke and fire visibility is zero. so the firefighters are basically going in, using their hands, tools, reaching through to try to find >> they are working to pull all of this stuff out of the home so they can get in there to make sure the fire is out. so investigators won't be able to get in there to look for a cause until off of this stuff is removed. the fire chief says the woman lived by herself and she was the only person inside the home. they say she was out shopping with friends earlier in the evening. she was dropped off around 7:30 last night and that was the last time she was scene.
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reporting li scene. repo seen. amy hollyfield, abc7 news. anna wang and brian jones were taken into custody for human trafficking, pimping, money laundering and other charges. police say she owns elite foot and back and paradise city foot and back in livermore along with three other massage parlor. police began the lengthy investigation last year after tips from community members. they both were arrested yesterday at their home. >> this bay area nightclub promoter is under arrest accused of sexually assaulting at least three women. san jose police took 28-year-old daniel moreno into custody last week. the three women contacted police to report the assaults from august to november. detectives are looking for more information on the cases. if you know anything call san jose police. a warning as you shop in the south bay. we're hearing of dozens of people finding purchases on their credit cards that they never made. >> lauren martinez is at a san
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jose grocery store where some of those complaints originated. >> reggie and kumasi, residents who shop at this nob hill foods made complaints on social media saying they received calls about fraudulent charges, some in the $400 range. most of the colatsam various safeway stores. robert wheeler says now his holiday shopping is put on hold. >> frustrating, because now, you know, we'll be delayed about a week and a half until i can get another card to use because now my card has been deactivated. i think that happens for most people, people know their numbers and they have to deactivate cards. when you're trying to christmas shop and can't use your card, it makes it difficult. >> a review has been completed at nob hill in san jose and at
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this time we do not have reason to believe our systems was compromised. the store performs daily physical inspections to report any evidence of compromise. reporting live in san jose, lauren martinez, abc7 news. right now at the live desk, we're watching nancy pelosi who is set to speak to the nation in the next hour to deliver a statement on the impeachment inquiry. pelosi met behind closed doors with democrats yesterday and reportedly asked them "are you ready?" according to those in the room the answer is yes. democrats are set to make christmas time vote on removing president trump. abc news will carry nancy pelosi's remarks, and you can stream her remarks live on >> thank you. pg&e is asking a federal bankruptcy judge to approve an $11 million insurance settlement as it tries to recover from losses stemming from the catastrophic wildfires blamed on
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the utility's equipment. yesterday pg&e faced sharp resistance from attorneys representing wildfire victims who argued that the proposed settlement threatened to short change uninsured and underinsured victims. the insurers set a friday deadline for getting court approval of the settlement. but it could be extended if the judge needs more time to issue a ruling. all lanes are back open on highway 101 in monterey county. heavy rainfall flooded the roads and it made for a scary few hours. this is video of one driver getting pulled to safety. this is one of a number of rescues that police had to respond to as drivers got trapped on the roads. water was four feet deep in some parts of the road from the heavy rainfall. chp shut down lanes around 3:00 yesterday afternoon but they have since reopened. let's look at what's going on here. you can see look at that rain potential coming for the
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weekend. enjoy today's relatively calm and dry weather. we'll have to deal with significant challenges tomorrow, saturday and sunday. right now, mostly cloudy along the east bayshore. fog is starting to creep into your neighborhoods. dress for temperatures into the low to mid 50s. fremont at 49. same thing in livermore. a little bit of fog from the roof cameras looking down towards the bay bridge. yard work, prepare for heavy rain coming tomorrow and saturday. exercise, it will be humid all day but comfortable temperatures. drier if you're going to be out running errands. the north bay, you can see the fog is thick through 9:00. mostly cloudy. our best chance of a random shower will be in the north bay. east bay we'll climb from 50 this morning to near 60 this afternoon. mostly cloudy. a random shower possible. for san francisco, we'll climb from 54 to about 59. mostly cloudy and a random shower possible. heavy rains possible up in the
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north bay, flash flood watch. we'll talk more about this coming up next. here is jobina. >> thank you. good morning. a live look in san jose, this is 87, looks good for the most part here. we have dense fog advisories for the san jose area this morning. be aware of that. moving up to the north bay here, we have the richmond-san rafael bridge, looking good. a smooth ride across this morning. no delays that i'm seeing. checking in on the mass transit. ferries with no delays. b.a.r.t. has 18 trains running now. all are on time. ace 1 is also on time. drive times here, santa rosa to petaluma, 13-minute ride. castro valley to the maze, 13 minutes. 280/680 to highway 58, 12 minutes. san mateo police are warn being a possible mountain lion sighting. someone reported seeing one around 9:00 yesterday morning near san mateo medical center on west 39th avenue. according to police the person saw the animal walk towards the
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parking lot. police checked the area but didn't find anything. a judge could issue a final ruling today on the use of field lights at san marin high school in novato. we've been following this case the last few months. neighbors filed a lawsuit saying the lights are too bright and should be turned off. the school district says it follows the law and environmental regulations a hearing is set for this afternoon. coming up next, 7 things to know as you start your day. suspended, the controversial comments that have the 49ers radio analyst off the job for the upcoming tto harrison, the wine tcollection.. to craig, this rock. i leave these things to my heirs, all 39 million of you,
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15:13. if you're just joining us, 7 things to know before you go. we have some thick fog out there that jobina will be talking about and then a level 2 moderate storm that will soak us with an inch to nearly four inches of rain starting friday and through the weekend. number two, breaking news, the novato fire district is investigating the cause of a house fire that left a woman in her 80s dead. te fire was reported about 10:30 last night on cherry street. firefighters found the woman inside. rescuers attempted cpr but she did not survive. number three, house speaker sno nancy pelosi is set to speak to the nation in the nexts will hal
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at 6:00 a.m. number four, a deadly shooting at pearl harbor in hawaii. an active duty sailor killed two people and wounded a third before killing himself yesterday. number five, dozens of people in the south bay are voicing frustrations after falling victim to credit card fraud. they say they shopped at nob hill foods, but the store says they don't believe their system was compromised. and number six, a foggy commute this morning here. check out the map. we have fog advisories through the altamont pass, the san jose area, antioch as well. mike and i will be following this all morning long. number seven, the first family will continue a decades old tradition tonight. the lighting of the national christmas tree. it has 50,000 lights and 450 white stars. the u.s. marine band is expected to perform. the 49ers suspended their radio analyst for the upcoming game. tim ryan made comments on a radio show on monday discussing
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lamar jackson who is african-american. ryan said jackson is great at faking handoffs because of his "dark skinned color with a dark football." ryan said in part lamar jackson is an mvp caliber player and i respect him greatly. iwant to sincerely apologize to him and anyone else i offended. the 49ers alsoeleased a statement saying that ryan has to be more thoughtful with his words. ebay is removing all inclined infant sleepers from its site. inclined sleepers recline a baby 10 to 30 degrees, that can increase the risk of suffocation. more than 70 deaths have been linked to products in this category, and some slooeepers he been recalled. ebay will remove all incline sleepers. consumer reports experts say the ban will save lives and other retailers should follow suit. . sometimes building a better
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bay area means making our streets and sidewalks look nice. san francisco's tenderloin neighborhood is taking steps to tackle its trashy problem. there are now 100 state of the art recycle bins. they have newly designed locks to keep trash from falling out and getting taken out or sifted through. city leaders say that's one of the biggest reasons for the amount of litter. >> we have a new -- what i'm calling a super bin. much more strong, fortified, automatic locking bin. >> bins will go to businesses and larger apartment buildings to start. if it all goes well the plan is to order 1,000 more. trash pick up times will be kept tight to limit the time bins are out in the open this follows tuesday's announcement to steam clean and pressure wash the tender loin every week. an iconic park is back open this morning. sky 7 showing you the new and improved washington square park. the park closed six months ago to replace a 65-year-old
5:17 am
drainage system. the $3 million product included weather sensing irrigation, drought tolerant irrigation, accessible pathways and a play area. it's expected to save 2 million gallons of water every year. >> it's my first time hosting the event but not my first time connecting with the all-stars project. >> thank you very much to the all-stars project for having me as emcee of its benefit luncheon in san francisco. the non-profit organization helps inspire young people from the bay area's poorest communities to follow their hearts and create success in their lives. the founding program leader dr. joseph was honored with the lifetime achievement award. it was so much fun. how they work is they have a program where they connect young people with business leaders here. they have internships, mentorships, you get exposed to all these different industries at such a young age. >> i like it.
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>> you can tell it impact it has on their lives. some of them have gone on to start working for those companies. it's cool to be there. >> i saw you. >> those are my extensions. >> so sassy. >> always good to have someone helping you along, opening doors for you and showing you the way. congratulations. let's long at what's going on down in the south bay. 280 at 17, the fog continues to get thicker. here are my accuweather highlights. a moist morning out there with fog. it will turn to cloudy conditions this afternoon with a random shower. weak to moderate atmospheric river arrives tomorrow. once it passes a prolonged period of dry weather. le let's talk about today. upper 50s to low 60s under that mostly cloudy sky. tonight will be another mild night with upper 40s to 50s with light rain developing along the coast. 7:00 this morning, you can see the cloud cover moving from
5:19 am
south to north, you can see some random areas of green. those are the random showers are we have today. not even putting a storm impact scale on it. tomorrow morning, you can see better coverage of the green, the closer you are to the coast. the yellow, you were looking at that. you know what this means. this means downpours, puddles on the roads. it starts at 3:00 up in the north bay it just gets heavier and moving further south during the evening commute. we'll continue to move into that heavy rain heading into the overnight. by tomorrow, more than an inch up in the north bay. the rest of us will get that heavier rain heading into the overnight hours. the storm will taper to a 1 on saturday. by sunday evening the dry period begins. more on the flood threat coming up next. here is jobina. >> good morning. the issues we were following, that crash on the san mateo bridge and the foggy conditions have cleared up for the most part. emeryville right now, 80 looking good as people move towards the
5:20 am
maze and the bay bridge. speaking of the bay bridge. here's the toll plaza. metering lights are not on yet. things are beginning to fill in. i will keep you posted on that. also now i want to check in on the drive times. albany to the maze, 5 minutes. fremont to san jose, 14-minute ride. and highway 101 to uber is rolling out a new feature for drivers in california. the they're going to be able to see a passenger's destination before accepting the ride request. that gives them the option to decline rides that are too far out of the way. uber says drivers will eventually see other ride information like estimated trip time, distance and fares before they accept a ride. all california uber driver will have access to that new feature by mid-january. in today's "gma" first look, geo benitez gets a look at how hundreds of police departments are working with ring to catch porch pirates. >> i'm geo benitez here in nassau county, new york.
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we're about to show you the revolutionary new way that police are using those ring doorbell cameras in your neighborhood. this is uruguyour "gma" first l. >> makes us a much more effective police department. the bad guys try to stay one step ahead of us and we're trying to get in front of them. >> this is a ring doorbell camera. you hit the doorbell button, right away you see what's happening on your front porch. >> once something happens in a neighborhood, the police department can set up a digital perimeter to request videos from around the neighborhood. home owns can share the videos anonymously but police say they need the homeowner's permission to access the video. >> this crime fighting may be happening in your community. we'll tell you about it coming up at 7:00 a.m. i'm geo benitez, i'll see you on "gma." the. craigslist made this huge change that is making it easier for you to browse listings.
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potential rainfall out of this storm from less than an inch in livermore and san jose
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to fenearly 4 inches in the san cruz mountains. we have a flash flood watch from 4:00 tomorrow afternoon to sunday. 2 to 4 inches of rain could flood the kincade fire burn area. thanks, mike. craigslist released this new official app for ios users. you can find it in the app store now. you may have to scroll drown in the search results because there's a lot of third party craigslist apps. you can post ads and respond to listings on the app. the official app for android is still being tested. if you're adding a four legged friend to your family and you don't have a name, listen to this. >> maybe ignore it. the website is out with its list of most popular dog names for the year. and bella is at number one.
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and it's bin at the number one spot for a decade. and i guess the reason why is because of the twilight books, which doesn't make any sense to me. other me include daisy, luna, willow and roxie for girls. bear, mile charlie, archie and oreo for boys. >> oreo? >> that's mike's cat's name. >> mike named his cat oreo? >> yes, we did. >> it's black and white. it makes sense. we're coming back with another full 90 minutes of news including how you feel about the future of the bay area. a new survey reveals the issues that has people worried. and a deadly house fire in novato overnight. amy hollyfield will join us with the investigation that is happening right now. we're taking a live look i'm ládeia, and there's more to me than hiv. there's my career... my cause... and creating my dream home. i'm a work in progress.
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the conditions the elderly victim was found in. >> we tried to help, called 911. a car crashes into a barber and then takes off. police think it was all intentional. the woman police are searching for this morning. a wish come true for a little girl fighting leukemia. the once in a lifetime sursanta. >> so cute. >> i loved her outfit. >> happy cry. you feel a happy cry coming on? >> yeah. >> can't wait to see that. >> it's thursday, december 5th. we're in a decent mood this morning. >> wau it's nbecause it's not r. or the tears from happiness from that story. we have a random shower. it's really damp outside. we have contend with. one-mile visibility in livermore. the altamont pass is socked in.
5:30 am
san jose one mile. sliding up to around santa rosa. we were down to one mile earlier. here's 87 looking northbound. you can see you run into fog as you pass san jose international airport there on the left. you can see it's hazy around the bay bridge toll plaza, not nearly as foggy as the highway 24 corridor or-week righ walnut right now. cloudy conditions and a random shower through 7:00. here's jobina with the morning commute. good morning. starting off with our map here to show you all of this fog we're seeing. fog advisories for the san jose area, also through the altamont pass and antioch as well. the san mateo bridge has cleared up. i'll show you that in a minute. here's that expansive look at this fog. visibility is low. live look at the golden gate bridge. very smooth ride, a few cars making their way over towards the north bay. here's the san mateo bridge. if you were with us earlier you could tell that you could hardly see through our camera here. now much better out there.
5:31 am
we're seeing a lot of brake lights as people move towards the peninsula. >> all right. thank you. we have breaking news. investigators are on the scene of a deadly house fire in novato. >> a woman in her 80s was found in the home. it was initially hard for firefighters to get in there because they say the home was full of >> firefighters say it was tough to get inside this home because there was so much stuff inside. you can see it, they are still here on the scene. the fire was first spotted at 10:30 last night on this home in cherry street in novato. when firefighters arrived, fire was burning through the roof. the woman inside who they found, she was in her 80s. rescuers attempted cpr but she
5:32 am
passed away breaking hearts of her neighbors. >> i'm sorry. i'm really sorry that happened. it's heartbreaking. i'm sorry she was stuck in there. >> firefighters are working to pull out all of this stuff in the home. they say there was more stuff in here than you would find in a typical home. they want to make sure the fire is out so they want to get in there and get underneath things and pull it all out. investigators can't get in there for a while to look for a cause until all the stuff is removed. the fire chief says the woman lived here by herself. she was the only person inside the home. they tell us she was out shopping with friends earlier in the evening, she was dropped off around 7:30 last night and that was the last time she was seen. reporting live in novato, amy hollyfield, abc7 news. >> thank you for that update. in the east bay, police are investigating a bizarre violent
5:33 am
encounter. in the east bay, police are investigating a bizarre violent encounter. they're looking for a woman who they say slammed her car into a barber because she was upset with her son's hair cut. antioch police put out this photo of ruby delgadillo. she started causing a scene outside a barbershop yesterday. the barber tried to get her license number, that's when police say she got in her car and drove towards the barber. the vehicle sent him flying through the shop's glass storefront. police say she took off in a blue prius. >> i saw the car taking off, backing out and taking off. >> the barber is 63 years old. he's in the hospital with major leg injuries. police ask anyone with information about this woman to call them. at the live desk following that deadly shooting at the pearl harbor naval shipyard. authorities in hawaii says an active duty sailor opened fire killing two people and injuring a third before turning the gun on himself. the shooting happened yesterday
5:34 am
in an area where nuclear submarines are maintained. this tragedy came just three days before the anniversary of the attack on pearl harbor in 1941. >> the role that shipyard played in world war ii is legendary, the shipyard is well known for the amazing work they did then and the amazing work they continue to do. this is certainly a tragedy. >> authorities have not released the identities of the victims or the shooter. we know the victims are defense department employees. it's not clear if the gunman targeted the victims. happening today, the man accused of stabbing to death a good samaritan on b.a.r.t. will be back in court for a plea hearing. jermaine brim is accused of murdering 40-year-old oliver williams on a b.a.r.t. train last month. the victim tried to stop brim from stealing the shoes of a sleeping passengers. williams was stabbed to death by his own knife during a struggle with the suspect. lyft facing yet another lawsuit over the alleged actions
5:35 am
of its drivers. a san diego law firm filed suit yesterday in san francisco's superior court on behalf of 20 women who claim they were sexually assaulted and raped by lyft drivers. this is the second lawsuit filed by the same law firm in three months. the lawsuit asks the company to digitally record all of its rides. lyft issued a written statement that says in part we are relentless in our work to build safety into every aspect of our work. lyft says it has launched more than 15 new safety features including criminal background monitoring an in-app emergency assistance to make reporting easier. this man is accused of threatening to shoot workers at godaddy in sunnyvale. michael depaulo called the company on money saying he was minuting away and was ready to shoot people. he was arrested on tuesday. a warning from firefighters as a man fell to his death.
5:36 am
ewoakis found deade hibut he w away from the edge of cliffs because you can easily lose your balance and fall and cliff sides can suddenly give away house speaker nancy pelosi is set to speak to the nation in the next hour. she will deliver remarks on the impeachment inquiry against president trump. abc news will have live kova ace at 6:00 a.m. this comes one day after a stanford professor testified at the hearing. >> contrary to what president trump has said article ii does not give him the power to do anything he wants. the constitution says there can be no titles of nobility. so while the president can name his son barron, he can't make him a barron. >> pamela karlan was one of four s who testified yesterday about what constitutes an impeachable offense. she was among three who said
5:37 am
president trump's actions were impeachable. one disagreed. vice president mike pence condemned karlan's comment. >> the impeachment hearings today reached a new low. i just heard that at the hearing today that one of the democrats witnesses actually used the president and first lady's 13-year-old son to justify their partisan impeachment. >> karlan has apologized. the house judiciary committee could hold another hearing next week. president trump is expected to speak at the official lighting of the national christmas tree tonight. it's a holiday tradition dating back to 1923. that ceremony will include performances from jesse james decker, the u.s. marine band and the west tennessee youth chorus. coming up, commuting from the north bay to san francisco is about to get easy every. smart sets the date for a major service expansion. and recent storms blanket yosemite in white. this is a story a lot of you are clicking on right now on the great news for california's oldest ski resorts.
5:38 am
>> they have a lot of snow. >> we're getting a lot of rain but not today. >> they'll get a lot more snow as we head into the weekend. i was on mount diablo two days ago, you could see the snow blanketing the sierras. let's show you what's going on right now. plenty of moisture in the air. some fog, a little bit of mist out there. used the windshield wipers as i was coming through the east bay hills this morning. low to mid 50s on the peninsula. half moon bay at 46. upper 40s in fremont, san jose and los gatos. everybody else dress for low to mid 50s. here's that fog south on 680, taking right turn on to 24, you will run into that pithicker fo and mist hanging around in the air. a drier day out on the bay. mass transit, just a little damp in some areas this morning. we have that random shower possible later today. with the north bay being the best area for the random shower in the santa cruz mountains as we have a south to north flow
5:39 am
that will bump into the mountains and create one or two showers. otherwise we start off with fog, mid 50s. warming up to the upper 50s in the afternoon. back down to 53 for the evening. east bay, cloudy conditions, a little bit of fog through 9:00. upper 50s from 11:00 through 5:00. mainly cloudy there with a random shower. same thing, random shower possible in san francisco. we start off at 54. at lunch, upper 50s. that's where we hang throughout the rest of the day and into the early evening hours. let's long ok at what will happ. i bumped the impact scale up for saturday. part of this storm will hit the bay and the south bay more saturday than friday. we have a moderate storm on the way. i'll tell you about that coming up next. here is jobina with a look at your morning commute. >> good morning, everyone. you had more to say? g?was going to say how are you 'moo thank you. good morning. i wish i could say the traffic at the toll plaza, we have a
5:40 am
three-car crash metering lights came on at 5:19. the backup is pretty much through every lane right now. be prepared for delays as you head out the door this morning. live look right now in san rafael, 101, nice, clear and smooth ride. happy to see it for you. and we'll check in on our mass transit. we have ferries with no delays now. b.a.r.t. running 36 trains, all of them on time. ace 1 and 3 also on time. ace 1 and 3 also on time. you know when you go to ross for a few gifts and realize... oh yeah! you should've gotten a cart? that's yes for less. get gifts for everyone on your list and save 20 to 60 percent off department store prices. at ross. yes for less.
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let's look at what the kids need to expect and you also if you're driving around. it will be hard walking to the bus stops because of the fog. there will be some mist out there also. temperatures in the 50s. the fog out in the central valley, 2 million people driving through there, through 10:00, dangerously low visibility. a lot of cloud cover today. random showers and temperatures in the 60s in the lower elevations. 40s and 50s in the mountains. we're getting ready 6:00 friday to sunday, 1 to 3 feet of snow above 5,500 feet. the passes will be snow packed. >> the yosemite area looks beautiful. you're seeing the same snow capped el capitan summit that hikers are seeing now. recent storms blanketed the park
5:44 am
in white. a few days ago yosemite's waterfalls began to flow again. park workers say it is the perfect time for you and the family to take a visit. >> guided snow shoe walks. we have great cross country skiing trails to get out and enjoy the winter beauty of yosemite. >> and badger pass ski area within the park will open for the season next friday. the san francisco planning commission will review plans for a major new skyscraper. it would be one story taller than the sales force tower. the tower will include a hotel, office, retail space and condos. a lot along howard street is where it would go up. parcel f would have a sky bridge to the salesforce transit center. it's being designed by the same architecture firm that did the
5:45 am
salesforce tower. our media partner at the "mercury news" reports that starting on january 1st, landlords who fail to register a rental unit with the city will be fined $500. landlords who don't provide qualifying tenants with relocation assistance after taking the units off the market will be fined $10,000. landlords will be able to dispute the fines. how do you feel about the future of the bay area? you can vote happy, eh, or sad by going to >> we're asking because a new survey finds more than half of people living in the bay area are unhappy or worried about our future. the san francisco foundation paid emc research to survey people in five counties in october. while a majority of us say we like living in the bay area because of racial and cultural diversity many people do not like where we're headed. look at these numbers. 53% surveyed feel the bay area is on the wrong track. 67% are worried about the
5:46 am
future. it's no surprise the big issue people brought up is housing. 85% agree that housing is a basic human need. 57% say making housing more affordable should be a very high priority. >> so, how do you feel about the future? tabulating, tabulating. >> beep bop bop bop boop boop. >> most of you are sad. >> oh, no. >> no one will give one happy vote? >> there's one. they heard you. >> thank you. >> i think that is in line with what the results were that you were just sharing. people love it, but we have some -- >> we have some work to do? >> some areas --. growth potential. a little girl's wish to santa will come true next month. >> this happened with the help of make a wish and the macy's in pleasanton. ♪ 4-year-old nova is battling leukemia. all she wants this christmas is
5:47 am
a new puppy. yesterday she learned her wish will come true. make a wish broughtma macy's for a her puppy will arrive next month. >> look at those options. is that the one she picked? >> we'll have to see how nova ended up doing with the puppy. >> both so cute. >> merry christmas, nova. >> great they made that happen for her. >> i like it. >> beat that, mike. >> why would i want to? >> no pressure. >> maybe -- i can't touch that. you have to go to union scare, the sfspca shows off some of their animals needing forever homes. go there during the holiday season. it's a fun time. here's 280 and 17, some of the fog is lifting towards the south
5:48 am
bay. it's less foggy here. mist hanging in the air. a random shower. no storm impact scale needed. isolated showers near the coast, foggy again tonight. and we have a weekend soaking, then an extended period of dry weather coming our way. for today, upper 50s and low 60s. tonight is another mild night with a southerly wind and a lot of moisture in the air keeping us in the upper 40s to the low 50s. future radar at 7:00, mainly cloudy. every once in a while you will see green blips. those are random showers that will happen. best during the evening commute over the north bay. best overnight towards the coast. the afternoon hours, you can see the surge of steady rain, moderate to heavy at times. that yellow and the orange. that slides across the rest of us. even some downpours. you can see that red in the north bay, that's from the threat of thunderstorms possible. not only tomorrow but also
5:49 am
saturday. here's the rainfall for today. look at what begins tonight. already an inch in the north bay. the rest of us are less than a half inch. we'll get soaked saturday. i bumped saturday up to a 2. sunday morning showers wrap up. monday, tuesday, wednesday much drier. jobina? >> we are talking about fog and crashes. check out the map. fog advisory force the san jose area, also through the altamont pass and antioch. want to move over to the bay bridge toll plaza. we do have a one-car -- no, three-car crash -- excuse me, a three-car crash here. injuries have been reported. one lane is blocked now. meergt lig metering lights came on at 5:19 this morning and it's a little bit foggy out there. expect delays heading from the east bay in towards san francisco. moving to san francisco, we do have a live look at 280 at king street. things are moving smooth over in
5:50 am
this area. reggie and kumasi? >> thanks, jobina. mark your calendar, the dates are set for smart service expansion in the north bay. the new stations in larkspur and downtown novato will open on saturday, december 14th. next saturday. it comes after more than two years of construction and testing. the new station is across the street from the golden gate ferry terminal. that should make it easy for north bay commuters who want to take the ferry to san francisco. until now they had to take a bus bridge. that's a pain. this is good news for people in the north bay. an update on unicorn puppy. you might remember the little dog born with a tail right on his forehead. now he has a new job. >> little narwhal became a spoegs dog. he was found in the freezing cold last month and ended up at mac's mission rescue in missouri. experts say he can't wag his extra tail. he can't notice it he's just
5:51 am
healthy and happy. the plan is for narwahl to become a spokes dog for different iswant to make sure ht living at the shelter, he has a home. the person at the shelter had narwhal as a foster puppy, so now he has a job and a home. another warning about the dangers of vaping. doctors are linking it to depression. first the good news if you get a lot of robocalls, the new protection that
5:52 am
5:53 am
5:54 am
the drought monitor will come out today. i bet the north bay will be taken out of this level one drought. more of us could be taken out by next week. look at the potential rainfall as we head through the weekend after this weak to moderate atmospheric river. 4 inches in the north bay, in the santa cruz mountains, an inch around livermore and san jose. the rest of us about one to two inches. our biggest concern about flooding will be on the kincade fire burn area from 4:00 tomorrow afternoon to 4:00 saturday morning. >> thanks, mike.
5:55 am
a close call in southern california between a drone and a news helicopter. the two collided midair. the helicopter belongs to our los angeles sister station, kabc. it was flying over downtown l.a. around 7:15 last night when the pilot and reporter say they heard a bang and felt it as something hit the tail of the chopper. the pilot landed as a precaution. dents and holes are visible in several spots on the chopper. the helicopter was flying at an elevation of about 1,100 feet. drones are prohibited from flying above 400 feet. ing everybody on board is okay. new protection against robocalls. the house passed a bill that would require phone companies to block robocalls without charging customers an extra fee. the senate could pass this by next week. americans receive an average of 18 robocalls every month. instagram is getting together about its -- or getting tougher about its age requirement. it will ask new users to input their actual birthday when they sign up. the facebook owned company previously only asked new users if they were just 13. they are making the changes in hopes of making the platform
5:56 am
safer for younger users. the change will not impact people who already have an account. a report card for b.a.r.t. is out today. new at 6:00 what it finds about safety and it may not be what the agency is hoping for. we hear from a tech expert on how to avoid credit card fraud after several south bay residents say it happened to them. i'm lauren lauren, i'll have more on that coming up next. and a live look at washington, d.c. we'll make it happen. i don't have the power this morning. it's not occurring. but i can get a shot of the embarcadero. >> that's nice. >> yeah. >> the ferry building all lit up for the holiday season.
5:57 am
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right now at 6:00, a credit card fraud alert. at least a dozen victims in the bay area and they all claim the fake charges have two stores in common. happening now, a live look at washington, d.c. we're standing by for an abc news special report. house speaker nancy pelosi is expected to address the impeachment inquiry. pelosi met behind closed doors with democrats yesterday and reportedly asked them "are you ready?" according to those in the room the answer was yes. democrats are now set to make a christmastime vote on removing president trump. we'll bring speaker pelosi's statement to you liveinons
6:00 am
th,>> bore we get to that specil report, we want to check in with mike to give us an update on our forecast. >> we're watching the fog dissipate a bit. places like livermore that were super foggy, now not as bad, i should say san jose, but livermore foggy stretching up to discovery bay. we have an offshore breeze, this could move off to the east as we head through the morning commute. san rafael, we are seeing fog on southbound 101. a little mist out there also. temeratures near 60 m 0 most ofe day. here is jobina. >> things are okay. i do want to get a crash we're following on the bay bridge toll plaza. we're starting in san jose, a live look at 87, things are moving smoothly there. i want to check in on our drive times, tracy to dublin, 38-minute ride. dublin to missio boulevard, 17


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