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tv   America This Morning  ABC  December 6, 2019 4:00am-4:30am PST

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have a great friday. making news in america this morning, the deadly highway shootout. police open fire during the busy rush hour in miami. >> oh, my god. >> a u.p.s. truck carjacked. the suspects on the run. what witnesses saw before four people including an innocent bystander were killed. also this morning, new details on the national guard helicopter crashing into the snow covered woods. three crew members killed. what they were doing at the time of the crash. don't mess with me. house speaker nancy pelosi fires back at a reporter asking if she hates president trump. what she said overnight about the next step in the impeachment process.
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plus, former vice president joe biden's fiery exchange with a voter face-to-face about his son's business dealings in ukraine. vanna white one-on-one, the "wheel of fortune" star reveals her experience hosting the show alone without pat. was she nervous? the heartwarming video of a boy who invited his entire kindergarten class to his adoption hearing. what he's saying this morning. and the appealing work of art that just sold for big money. the price tag driving some people bananas. good friday morning, everyone. i'm marci gonzalez. >> and i'm kenneth moton. janai is off. we begin with a wild police chase and a shootout that left four people dead in south florida. the highway looked like a war zone as police opened fire on a stolen u.p.s. truck and two robbery suspects.
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>> nearly a dozen officers fired their weapons in the middle of the busy evening commute. >> shots have been fired. you're watching this unfold. you see all those shots fired. >> reporter: this morning the chilling video of a deadly shootout. multiple police agencies in miramar, florida, cornering two suspects in rush hour traffic. you can hear a bullet ricocheted off a car. >> they start shooting and at that point we just locked down everything. >> hearing the ricochet bullets flying right by the vehicle, concerns of staying alive kicks in, and you do what you can to protect yourself and your family. >> reporter: this was the end of a massive chase that started more than 20 miles away in coral gables. police say two suspects held up a jewelry store then opened fire as they took off in a van. >> all of a sudden we hear eight or ten backfires which clearly were gunshots. >> this is what dangerous people do to get away.
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>> reporter: at one point a bullet hit coral gables' city hall, which was on lockdown. the suspects then carjacked a u.p.s. delivery truck taking off with police close behind. the suspects running red lights. hopping curbs, packages flying out into traffic. the truck coming to a stop on that busy highway in miramar as police vehicles closed in. the chase ending in a barrage of gunfire. >> the armed suspects engaged law enforcement, opened fire. there was exchange fire between law enforcement and the suspects, and, unfortunately, the suspects are now deceased. but two additional innocent civilians were also deceased. >> reporter: among those innocent victims killed, the u.p.s. driver and a bystander inside another car at the scene of the shooting. and it remains unclear if the u.p.s. driver and bystander were shot by the suspects or police. an investigation is under way to determine why a black hawk helicopter fell from the sky for taking off from a
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military base in minnesota. all three national guardsmen on board were killed. the chopper left the airport in st. cloud for a test flight and disappeared from a radar about nine minutes later. >> we are going to be on scene for multiple days assisting and we'll be assisting the minnesota national guard with the investigation. >> we offer our deepest sympathies to the families of these warriors. they paid the ultimate price in service to minnesota and to the united states of america. >> weather does not appear to have been a factor. the crew was on a maintenance flight and may have been checking out a recent repair on the chopper. now to the impeachment showdown. house speaker nancy pelosi has announced the house will begin drafting articles of impeachment against president trump. overnight she addressed the claim by her critics that she hates the president. it follows a combative moment when she told a reporter, don't mess with me. meanwhile, on the campaign trail a tense confrontation between former vice president joe biden
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and a voter clashing about hunter biden's business dealings in ukraine. abc's andrea fujii joins us with all the developments. andrea, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, marci. this all comes about two months after the speaker announced an impeachment inquiry. meanwhile, president trump continues to call it a hoax. after two months of investigation, the house will move to impeach president trump. >> if we were not to proceed, it would say to any president, any future president, whoever he or she may be, democratic or republican, that our democracy is gone. >> reporter: the investigation started after it was revealed the president asked ukraine to investigate his political rival joe biden as the administration withheld nearly $400 million in military aid to the country. pelosi had initially resisted the move but says the president left her no choice but to act. the president says he's not worried. >> no, not at all. not at all. it's a hoax. >> reporter: republicans argue this was the democrats' plan all along.
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>> with the speaker's announcement, she has weakened this nation. it was not new news. they always had this prewritten time line from the day they got sworn in. >> reporter: the house speaker told a reporter the decision isn't personal. it's about the constitution. >> do you hate the president, madam speaker? >> i don't hate anybody. i was raised in a catholic house. we don't hate anybody. this is about the constitution of the united states. i don't hate anyone. so don't mess with me when it comes to words like that. >> reporter: meanwhile, on the campaign trail in iowa, a heated exchange between the former vice president joe biden and a voter when the man suggested biden helped his son get a sweetheart deal in ukraine in exchange for access to then president obama. >> you're a damn liar, man, that's not true. and no one has ever said that. no has one proved that. >> reporter: biden insisting after the exchange that he didn't lose his temper.
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on monday democrats leading the impeachment investigation will present their evidence before the committee that is now drafting the articles of impeachment. with this time line it's possible the president could be impeached by the house before christmas. a trial in the senate will then follow. >> the president tweeting to democrats, if you're going to impeach me, do it fast. andrea, thank you. today is day two of a massive nationwide strike in france. the first day saw violent clashes between police and protesters angry about a plan to change the retirement system. they say the pension changes will threaten the french way of life. fire burns at subways as tour sites such as the eiffel tower were shut down. back in this country a reminder of the danger that road workers face every day. this video from iowa shows an out-of-control driver speeding toward a worker who managed to jump over a barrier to avoid that crash while helping someone who was broken down. we're told he suffered an arm injury. the teen driver who crashed faces multiple charges. in houston a home security
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camera captured what appears to be a meteor -- look at that -- shooting across the sky. this was early thursday morning shortly before sunrise. a similar flash was reported over parts of oklahoma and louisiana. >> make a wish. time now for a look at your weather for this friday morning. and a good morning to you. we are we go, talking about the wet weather across the west. another round with a slow moving low pressure system here from san francisco up the i-5 to medford. we're talking about a soaking rainfall here and some localized flooding is possible. along the coast we're looking at several inches of rain and, get this, potentially upwards of 50 inches of snow across the sierra nevada. for accuweather, i'm meteorologist chris nallan. coming up, just how many people these days are walking into street signs and buildings while distracted by their phone. and also ahead, a coyote in
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the car. one man's attempt to save a wild animal goes horribly wrong. and later, vanna white one-on-one discussing her new role.
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well, this won't surprise anyone who's walked down a busy street lately. americans are more distracted than ever thanks to their phones. a new study finds about 76,000 people have suffered cell phone related injuries since mobile phones first became popular. injuries to the head are especially on the rise since the iphone came out. this video is just incredible. about half the injuries were in people under 30. well, uber is out with a first of its kind safety report, which says the company counted more than 3,000 sexual assaults
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during rides last year including more than 200 rapes. the report also notes that 99% of uber rides had no safety issues. uber says it's already implemented stricter background checks for drivers and added safety features on its app. uber's main competitor lyft is also under fire facing dozens of lawsuits from women who say the company should have done more to protect them. several workers training to become prison guards in west virginia have been suspended after giving what appears to be a nazi salute. the state released their class photo with the faces of the trainees blurred. they're making the salute under a sign that reads hail bird. that's a reference to their instructor. another victim to a scam we warned you last week who received fake cash called movie money. the bills can only be used on a movie set marked with the words motion picture use only. the fbi recently warned about people selling the money online.
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the student was paid $700 in the bogus cash when she sold her phone. one man's attempt to rescue a wild animal hit by a car turned to a bit of a nightmare. a driver in canada picked up an unconscious coyote. he placed the animal in the backseat of his car and went to work to call authorities, but when he got back to the car, he found the coyote sitting inside wide awake. officials are warning not to bring wild animals into their cars. and here's another warning. if you're picking up a christmas tree this weekend, you probably shouldn't do this. our station in miami posted video of the driver who jammed it in the backseat leaving both doors open so it could fit. hope they made it home okay to decorate their tree. coming up, the struggles continue tore the dallas cowboys. first, the growing outrage after a migrant teenager in u.s. custody dies all alone apparently from the flu. what we're learning about his final moments.
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sorry! he's a baby! three, two, one. [ cheers ] >> there you have it, the national christmas tree is officially lit. president trump and the first lady did the honors in washington. it is the 97th consecutive year a sitting president has been a part of the ceremony. we turn now to new questions being raised about the death of a migrant teenager in u.s. custody at the border. >> officials say he had the flu. new video shows him dying in a holding cell with absolutely no one caring for him. this morning outrage is growing after the release of this disturbing video showing the final moments of 16-year-old carlos vasquez's life in a border patrol cell. nearly one week after crossing into the u.s., the guatemalan teen was diagnosed with the flu at a texas processing facility with a fever of 103. he was supposed to be checked again two hours later and be brought to the hospital if
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symptoms got worse. but carlos was taken to a quarantine facility. he and his cell mate who also had the flu were seen sleeping on cement slabs with foil sheets. >> i think it was negligent homicide. i mean, someone needs to be held to account. it is completely unacceptable for a 16-year-old child to die of the flu. >> reporter: for nearly 30 minutes the camera captures carlos struggling in pain wearing a surgical mask before he falls to the floor next to the cell door. he then manages to drag himself to the toilet before he collapses again. the video which border patrol later gave to police then goes black for the next four hours. during that gap records indicate welfare checks were done. but when the video returns, carlos' cell mate wakes up to find him unresponsive and alerts the guards. democrats in congress are now demanding an investigation. the chairman of the house homeland security committee saying, not only did border patrol hold carlos longer than the legal limit and apparently
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failed to care for him when he was sick, the agency seems to have been untruthful with congress and the public about the circumstances around his tragic death. this is inexcusable. border patrol officials say they were overwhelmed at the time with migrants and they insist welfare checks were conducted on the boy. the report indicates the boy was prescribed tamiflu but doesn't say whether he got the drug. border patrol does not give flu shots. homeland security says it's investigating the case. the trump administration is dropping plans to require u.s. citizens to have their faces scanned when they leave or enter the country. the department of homeland security now says the facial recognition process, which foreign visitors face at airports, will not be expanded to include americans. officials were facing criticism from privacy advocates. a radio analyst for the san francisco 49ers is apologizing after being suspended for his comment about the baltimore ravens quarterback lamar jackson. tim ryan was describing how the
4:19 am
49ers were having trouble keeping track of the ball in jackson's hands when he used these words which he says he now regrets. >> dark skin color with a dark football with a dark uniform, you could not see that thing. i mean you literally could not see when he was in and out of the mesh point. >> the 49ers say the incident is being taken seriously. jackson has not commented. meanwhile, the bears are the latest team to hand the cowboys a tough loss. chicago quarterback mitch trubisky threw three touchdowns last night and ran for another. the bears won, 31-24. >> all right. well up next in "the pulse," the modern art featuring a banana and duct tape. also vanna white speaks out about taking over "wheel of fortune" in pat sajak's absence. plus, the boy who invited his entire kindergarten class to his adoption hearing. we'll hear from him next. like an "unjection™". e are .
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into ♪ time to check "the pulse" on this friday, and we begin with vanna white taking the wheel. >> after 37 years of revealing letters, vanna is filling in for pat sajak for the first time and she was asked to host "wheel of fortune" while pat recovers from abdominal surgery and told our t.j. holmes she had no time to prepare and was pretty scared at first. >> how much notice was that before you had to go out and start taping? >> we did it the next day. it was a very sleepless night. i was so nervous, but once i got up there, i felt like, you know what, the show news go on. i'm going to do this. i have to do it for all of us, the 150 staff and crew that we have here that puts on the show. those three weeks without him was very hard. i really missed him. so i just can't imagine doing the show without him, you know,
4:23 am
and i hope he feels the same with me. >> i'm sure he do, vanna. the shows that vanna hosted airs next week. more of t.j.'s interview coming up on "good morning america" including something vanna admitted she's only done three times on the show. >> i have a guess. all right. two inexpensive everyday items are now passing for pricey works of art. >> a banana duct taped to a wall is now selling for $150,000 at a miami art festival. the piece is titled "comedian." two earlier editions have already sold for $120,000 each. >> come on. it's not clear if or when the rotting banana will be replaced. it's called "comedian" because it's laughable that someone would pay that kind of money. >> can i say it? can i say it. >> say. >> it is b-a-n-a-n-a-s. a boy in michigan has his forever parents and his classmates helped him celebrate the life-changing moment.
4:24 am
>> michael clark jr. asked his kindergarten class to witness his adoption. the kids held up hearts on sticks as michael joined his new family. >> it is ordered, michael, that your forever mom and dad will be david andrew eaton and andrea louise melvin. >> i love my daddy. >> wow, i -- >> i love my daddy so much. >> this is just too much. this is just too much. >> you've been a welcome part of our family, haven't you, michael? >> and i love this family. i love my da-da, ma-ma. >> oh, my gosh. andre andrew and david have been foster parents since last year. >> that enthusiasm. >> this christmas is going to be a nice one for that family. finally the baby who did not want to attend this photo shoot. >> her name is luna moussa, and here she is looking thrilled kind of. the photographer called luna awake and peaceful during the entire shoot. >> her dad calls her expression
4:25 am
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if it's not from irobot, it's not a roomba™. making news right now, now future radar shows the next round of rain about to phit the bay area and there's another storm coming after that. and an important break in a crime that rocked an east bay community. police are warning the investigation is not over. b.a.r.t. is still getting heat from this incident involving a sandwich eating rider. a b.a.r.t. director says it is time for a top to bottom review of police arrests. it's friday, december 6th. mike can't sit with us. >> why are you so far away? >> i'm worried. you guys are mad already. >> barely started. >> i was confused why you moved
4:28 am
your chair. >> i'm-li iklike oh, no. >> you can always sit with us. >> some people have rain fatigue, especially on a friday evening. here it comes. this morning we have a mild flow out of the south. this is some of the thickest fog i've driven through. i could barely see 30, 40, 50 feet at times. it is dangerous, some of that will leak into the bay. that's one concern. for the morning, temperatures mild out there. highs today, low to mid 60s. the steady rain up in the north bay, the rest of us will have isolated light showers. we'll talk about that storm coming up next. we're having a quiet startcs
4:29 am
this friday. this is san jose, 87, nice and smooth for you all. at the bay bridge toll plaza, cash lanes are stacking up there. we have on the yok to hercules, 26 minutes. highway 4 to the maze, 12-minute ride. and highway 85 to the san jose airport, 7 minutes. >> you have some time to get ready for these two storms back-to-back. >> the atmospheric river has returned and will get us wet a lot of the weekend. amy hollyfield is live in pinole with that story. good morning. >> good morning. this is a good weekend to stay local. officials are saying don't take to the highways and head up to the sierra. this is
4:30 am
that. in the north bay, people say they have been clearing gutters and storm drains. official also keep a close eye on the areas that burned in the kincade fire looking for the possibility of slides. residents do need to be part of the preps and be aware. >> residents need to pay attention, heed the warning and be prepared whether it's for the potential of a mudslide, debris flow, or a power outage. we want to educate the community on what the risks are and how to prepare for them. >> here's look at the sierra. there's snow and about to be a lot more. do not head up today. they are expecting heavy snow saying it could be dangerous. the storm is expected to roll in this afternoon. i want to emphasize that there could be power outages. charge those phones now just in case. reporting live from pinole, amy hollyfield. abc7 news.


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