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tv   ABC7 News 430AM  ABC  December 6, 2019 4:30am-5:00am PST

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and storm drains. official also keep a close eye on the areas that burned in the kincade fire looking for the possibility of slides. residents do need to be part of the preps and be aware. >> residents need to pay attention, heed the warning and be prepared whether it's for the potential of a mudslide, debris flow, or a power outage. we want to educate the community on what the risks are and how to prepare for them. >> here's look at the sierra. there's snow and about to be a lot more. do not head up today. they are expecting heavy snow saying it could be dangerous. the storm is expected to roll in this afternoon. i want to emphasize that there could be power outages. charge those phones now just in case. reporting live from pinole, amy hollyfield. abc7 news. >> thonank you. you're looking live at san francisco international enrshoa
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flights scheduled for today or tomorrow because of the storm. if you're traveling check with your airline for the latest on flight delays and cancellations. that is serious if they're doing changes. >> this is the face of somebody with a flight. >> just stick around. >> okay. cha that's done. >> good. >> that was easy. since we're on storm watch, let me show you where the storm is. live doppler 7 around eureka showing us that. we have that southerly wind, mild conditions and all the humidity in the air. we'll have a 2, a moderate storm on the storm impact scale. gusty, damaging winds, the chance of thunderstorms and the flooding on the burn scar of the kincade fire. sutro tower shaking just a bit as the winds pick up. in the low to mid 50s at 7:00.
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a random shower is possible any time from noon to 4:00. the heavier stuff will move in after 4: is going to be a gully washer of an evening. i'll show you the flash flood watch andngdefore 11:00 last night on the tracks at 3rd and king street. crews had to lift the muni lre to get her out. it happened just after the andrandre bocelli concert. lauren martinez will have a lvee report coming up. police have arrested two for several home invasion robberies. 22-year-old joseph wells and 20-year-old adama diop both from fairfield are suspects of four home invasions in oakland on
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october 29th, in lafayette on october 31st. in benicia on november 10th and again on november 26th. >> we served the search warrant, went into the home, collected evidence which included firearms. >> police are still considering the possibility of another suspect. the d.a.'s office will decide whether to file charges against the two arrested suspects. airbnb is taking more steps to crack down on parties and problem guests. it's been aing open invite parties. those are ones that allow anyone to attend and are typically advertised on social media. this comes weeks after a deadly shooting at an airbnb in orinda. san jose police are asking for information on three armed robberies of u.p.s. trucks. you can see where those crimes took place on tuesday and wednesday nights. the most recent was on war
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admiral and snow drive. two suspects in ski masks approached the truck and demand the the driver open the door. uber has its long awaited first safety report and the results are sobering. the report details incidents that affected drivers and riders during uber's 1.3 billion rides in the u.s. last year. 3,045 sexual assault reports were reported, 58 people were killed in crashes, 9 people were murdered. uber's chief legal officer says the company's findings are still difficult to stomach. lyft is facing several lawsuits over safety. the most haven't was filed wednesday on behalf of 20 women who claim they were sexually assaulted and raped by lyft drivers. lyft issued a written statement which says in part we're relentless in our work to build safety in every aspect of our
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work. there's many ways to stay safe in your rideshare, we have dips on to the south bay, the union school district is warning parents after several middle school students needed medical attention after taking prescription drugs. the school district emailed parents that a small handful of students at dartmouth middle school may have taken medications scribed to other members of their family. the front office staff contacted the fire department and the students received medical attention. a b.a.r.t. director is calling for an audit of b.a.r.t. police citations. abc7 news was at the board meeting in oakland yesterday when b.a.r.t. director janis lee says staff should look at the ethnicity of people cited. a b.a.r.t. police officer arrested a man last month for eating a sandwich on the platform. he filed a lawsuit accusing officers of racial ofiling. b.a.r.t. police issued 55 citations in the last five years for eating and drinking at b.a.r.t. stations. of those, 80% were issued to
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people of color. the state takes a big step to protect homeowners. the new policy that could save hundreds of thousands of people from financial ruin. google search can show you everything from weather forecasts to song lyrics, now it's adding a valuable new service in time for the holidays. and a pittsburg class went viral for remixing a hit that lizzo sings. now the singer gives the kids a big surprise. >> i love this. this story can keep going and going. i would not care. we'll get to all of that ahead. first checking in with mike. i'm trying to figure out about my flight. people are wondering about planning out their weekend with these storms. >> flights will be delayed. if you're early this morning you will be fine. the flights are usually already on the tarmac, but it's the planes coming in from somewhere else f you're waiting for one of those, that will get you. flash flood watch out there at
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4:00. i changed that to today earlier, don't know why it didn't stay. 4:00 today to 4:00 tomorrow morning. we have a wind advisory, 10:00 this morning to 7:00 saturday morning. tat means we have a little bit of a saturation on the ground. we have winds gusting up to 50 miles per hour coming out of the south. that could topple trees, which could take down power lines. east west bridges during the evening commute that will be challenging. looking at the temperatures down in the south bay, 48 in cupertino, morgan hill at 47. everybody else in the low to mid 50s. heading up to our other neighborhoods, upper 40s fromlariefromla lafayette, danville, livermore. the thickest fog is in the east bay. concord down to barely a couple hundred feet. same thing in livermore and the altamont pass and 680. this is walnut creek. this is how thick the fog is. this is a couple -- probably 300, 400 feet you're looking at
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right here. gives you an idea of how low the visibility is. this evening, it will be slippery because of the wet weather. it will be wet and windy, and mass transit will be wet this evening. everything in the commute really resolves outside of the fog with the wet evening commute. the dry morning commute, how is it, jobina? >> good morning. starting off with a big look at our map this morning. you can see all the green lines. that's good news. that means essentially no major issues on the roads. looking live at emeryville, this is 80 right now. headlights moving in towards the maze and the bay bridge this morning. moving down to the south bay, this is san jose, 280, looking good. pretty empty this morning. leaving you with our drive times. tracy to dublin, 30-minute ride. dublin to mission boulevard, 15 minutes. at cracker barrel, we're cooking up warm feelings of home this season.
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with country fried turkey, hand-breaded and fried 'til crispy, and topped with holiday herbed gravy. our take on a festive favorite is back. and it's only at cracker barrel. so, come on home for the holidays. come on home to cracker barrel.
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and you know the time is right to get the tools you trust. lowe's is here with more of the tools and accessories that pros want. at our lowest prices of the year. so your bottom line comes out on top. look up to the north and watch that rain, heavy. look at all the yellows and oranges and reds moving in to northern wall wall as we head to the afternoon hours. scattered showers across southern california where we will hit the upper 60s to 70s. up in the mountains, we have a winter storm warning.
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4:00 this afternoon through 1:00 sunday, 1 to 3 feet of snow above 5,500 feet. if you have to go, go early today. i'll give you the green light. once the sun sets up there, travel is not recommended. in the north bay, health officials say a child from novato has died from an e. coli infection. they say the child developed a rare complication that led to kidney failure. marin county health officials do not believe the death is linked to a nationwide e. coli outbreak involving romaine lettuce grown in salinas. school leaders are getting advice on protective measures they can take as a precaution. insurance companies doing business in california cannot cancel a homeowner's policy in fire zone areas. that's after the state insurance commissioner imposed a one-year moratorium. yesterday's action will help people living in more than 800,000 homes in wildfire areas where policies were not renewed many were forced to get the
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california fair plan insurance policy meant for those unable to get insurance in the regular market. montclair and orinda both get more nonrenewal notifications than other places in the bay area. >> the first year we got dropped it was because of proximity to brush. one time they eluded to a high fire score. not totally sure what that is. >> the one-year moratorium will give lawmakers and the governor time to negotiate and hammer out deals with the insurance companies. pat sajak says is he on the mend. he has been he said i'm happy to say i'm back in the studio taping today. it's been four weeks since my episode but it feels longer. nice to be back. current episodes you may be watching we shotal. starting next week, vanna white will be hosting wheel. you can watch "wheel of fortune"
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every week night at 7:30 on a . abc7. it comes on after "jeopardy." lizzo hit the stage last night and there were a few special guests in the crowd. the second grade students from pittsburg who went viral after turning lizzo's hit truth all right after they said how they can be great. >> a moment weeks in the making. dorothy mallari's class made it to san jose on thursday. our cameras were not allowed in during the meet and greet, but parents shared these photos. moments before we call the ka caught the classt l. >> t look at you don't know how many of us are watching you. >> last month the pittsburg unified school district posted this video to facebook. listen closely.
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♪ >> reporter: mallari and her students changed the lyrics to make it more kid friendly. >> they are the brains behind all of this. >> reporter: we got a chance to speak with students. monica and zoe describing the spotlight. >> scary. >> exciting. >> reporter: but also special with their message of being >> it's big for us because we're little but it's kind of cool. >> reporter: lucky for us we got a front row seat. ♪ bay area radio station 99.7 provided tickets to the concert and made the meet and greet possible. mallari says she is touched the group is making a difference. >> they have so many lessons to teach us, this is awesome. i learn so much more than they can learn from me.
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♪ >> the babies. >> the babies. we're happy for the babies. >> they were very cute. i love it. and lizzo. i wish amanda got to meet lizzo, too. >> didn't let the camera back. >> she put that line in there. >> she did put that line in there. >> great story. keeps giving back. >> that's cool. >> all right. let's talk about what's going on weather-wise. mother nature will give us more rain. here's the afternoon hours. the rain is mainly up across the north bay. the rest of us will be dealing with sprinkles, maybe a random shower here and there. very mild. low to mid 60s this afternoon. 60 to 63. tonight, very mild. look at that. a lot of mid 50s out there with showers becoming more random, not as intense before the next wave hits saturday. this is the first wave. here is the second wave. it's a one-two punch coming in. that's going to make it such a
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high amount and such a high volume of water that will be falling on us. here we are at noon. most of us not needing an umbrel umbrella. as we head into the evening commute, you can see the steadier rain with downpours in the north bay, scattered showers for the evening commute. when you head out this evening, that's when the rain will be heaviest. here's a bit of a window early tomorrow morning. then look at the possibility, even a better chance of thunderstorms, more intense, localized winds and rain out of this storm as it moves from 8:00 saturday right into the heart of the bay during the middle parts of the afternoon. during the evening, starts to move out. you can see the coverage starts to taper. we'll wake up with a few showers sunday morning. sunday afternoon should be dry. here's your rainfall. anywhere you see green, that's more than an inch. where you see yellow, it's where you would see 3 to 4 inches. you can see it's going to be very heavy in the north bay and also in the santa cruz mountains. the rest of us will have an inch to an inch and a half.
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it's a 2 today, moderate. 2 tomorrow, moderate. 1 for sunday morning. there's that extended period of dry weather developing monday through thursday. >> good morning. so, the chp is telling us about an issue in san francisco right now, two cars were racing and then crashed on now are blocking two lanes. this is what you don't do. westbound 80 at northbound 101. that slowdown there, the red line beginning to form. this will cause a problem for people trying to get into san francisco, possibly people trying to get out because of that onlooker traffic. they were racing, crashed, thankfully no injuries reported there. live look at the san mateo bridge. things are filling in here. now moving over to san rafael, 101, nice clear ride and looking good this morning. >> thank you. google is working on a new way for you to track your packages as they're out for delivery. >> and an apple analyst has his 2020 iphone predictions. in today's tech bytes,
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google making it easier to track your packages. >> google is working with delivery companies on a new function allowing users to track their deliveries ultimately it will allow you to enter a tracking number and search results, and see where your packages and when it's expected to arrive. there's a new look ahead apple's plans next year. >> an analyst says apple will have five new iphones in the next year. the phone cameras are said to be the main differences. and snoop dogg is on the ea sports roster. >> he's part of the nhl 20 game. the rapper is a guest commentator on the hockey game. his likeness is also a playable character in one of the game's modes. >> snoop got his hand in everything. >> i was going to say, snoop is doing it all. >> nursery rhymes. >> nursery rhymes. now video games.
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>> longevity. >> all that money. a grinch tries to steal an east baytown's christmas, but the thief has a change of heart. >> a michigan family -- that cute little boy, he has new parents this morning. the special support he has gotten as his adoption became final it will melt your heart. every good pro deserves a little holiday upgrade. and you know the time is right
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dry conditions are over top of us right now. only the north bay is anywhere close to being average, 97%. san jose, 60%. san bruno, 57%. san francisco, 45%. oakland at 43. civil rights activist rosa parks is being memorialized on muni buses. san francisco supervisor showed off a special plaque honoring parks yesterday. it's placed on buses along the 19 route. park refused to give up her seat in 1955 and that decision led to
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the desegregation of buses. it's a lesson in social justice that walton says should not be forgotten by younger generations. that laque will also be placed on t line vehicles and other buses in february. new developments in the east bay. a grinch may have had a change of heart. early yesterday a bag of stolen holiday lights just appeared outside of city hall and discovery bay. they were taken from a roadside display last thursday. the l.e.d. lights are worth about $15,000. city officials plan to have them back up soon. >> i guess they're like what are we going to do with these? >> people need to be nice. it's christmas. a heart warming story that a lot of you have been watching on >> a little boy invited his entire kindergarten class to his adoption hearing. >> one, two, three -- [ cheers ] >> that's michael clark jr. surrounded by all his friends
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yesterday. each of his classmates waving those little heart signs they made. they introduced themselves and told the judge in the courtroom why they were there. the courtroom erupted with applause after michael and his new parents banged the gavel making the adoption official. it's hard to say who is most excited. >> process has been amazing. we've been working with catholic charities and the worker there's have be workers there have been amazing. >> and i love my daddy. >> wow. >> his little outfit. >> his little personality. his smile. >> he's a star. >> he is a star. >> michael is one of 36 kids who got to finalize their adoptions yesterday. it's part of an adoption day that the county holds every year. >> most of the time when you're in court it's not that happy. we got to take it while we can. >> i can't stop smiling. >> i know. >> that just filled my heart, like when the grinch's heart
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grows. i felt that. all right. let's talk about unfortunately -- coming back to some things that are concerning. hydroplaning, high probable for that. debris flows, mud slides, high. downed trees, power lines also high and standing water high. winds are out of the south. that's why it's so mild and humid. winds are going due south to north, across our east/west bridges it will be most dicey. you can see overnight they're pretty steady and strong. here comes the secondary push of heavier rain tomorrow. you can see the winds with t once it passes the wind threat will be over. >> good morning. we have an issue in san francisco that's causing a big backup on the bay bridge. first i want to start off with the crash, two cars involved here. the chp says they were racing. they crashed blocking two lanes.
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the backup is about three miles back. it stretched on to the bay bridge. very slow across. going over to walnut creek, foggy situation there. a clear ride as far as the road conditions. >> next at 5:00, a new poll out may spell trouble for one of the front-runners in the democratic presidential race. another vehicle is hit by a projectile on a major south bay freeway. the new reward being offered. robbers hijack a u.p.s. track and lead police on a massive chase. the terrifying moments and tto harrison, the wine tcollection..
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to craig, this rock. i leave these things to my heirs, all 39 million of you, on one condition. that you do everything to preserve and protect them. with love, california. ...6, 7, 8 ♪ ♪ ♪ big dreams start with small steps...
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. now at 5:00, future radar is showing us what's in store for the bay area this weekend. not one but two storms set to soak the bay area starting this afternoon. and the wet weather is going to stick around for a while. >> good morning, it's friday, december 6th. you're never more than seven minutes away from your accuweather forecast. i know mike has been tracking these storms. getting us prepared. >> yep. watching it for several days right now. we've also been watching the fog at night. southerly winds pumping too much moisture into the air. it can't handle it and turning it into fog. look at livermore and the altamont pass. a couple hundred feet visibility. same thing for fairfield. better in concord. get down to walnut creek, you're looking at a couple hundred yards of visibility looking south on 680 into 24 where it gets thicker this


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