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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  December 7, 2019 11:00pm-12:00am PST

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♪ heavy rains flooded several areas in san francisco, a dozen home highly affected. >> after downpours soaked parts of the bay area on saturday, tracking showers on sunday. hour by hour ahead. bay area was pounded by today's heavy winds and rain, minor flooding in east bay. tell you where major damage was done. abc7 news starts now. news to build a better bay area, from abc7. >> good evening, eric thomas. >> i'm dion lim. winter storm drenched the bay area with sheets of rain. >> north bay slammed, many areas inundated with water, several trees wn on the roadways. in san francisco a massive tree
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falls on man and woman in presidio terrace neighbor and these are cars at market and church in san francisco, much of this came down in just an hour. >> abc7 news meteorologist drew tuma and live doppler 7, lots of green still out there. >> dealing with intense downpours earlier, line of showers 2:00 to 4:00. live doppler 7 was tracking all the action that soaked san francisco in particular. all the flooding that happened across the city earlier today, intersection of market and church, one to two feet of flooding estimated there. now the sky has quieted down. live doppler 7 showing scattered showers but not done with wet weather yet. storm impact scale is level one tomorrow. scattered showers. best chance in the morning.
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rainfall around quarter to half inch of rain. hour by hour show you when you may find drier periods on sunday in full accuweather forecast in just a few minutes. and water was everywhere. van ness metro station, see the rain that cascaded down the escalator. muni was shut down for a while to west portal station. >> luz pena has more. >> reporter: heavy rain flooded several areas in san francisco, affecting homes, traffic and public transportation. right now no subway between west portal and church station because of the flooding. rain fell and there was nowhere for it to go. major flooding across the city. example number one, market street. off i-80, another flood stopping
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cars on the freeway. >> someone vaguely mentioned in passing this neighborhood gets flooded, didn't know would be this bad. >> reporter: worse than anticipated. in minutes 15th avenue of west portal neighborhood flooded. ing reaching at least 16 inches high. by the time residents realized how high water was getting, it was too late to react, not even sandbags were going to protect you from this water. >> not with how fast it came. city is great about dropping off pallets to us on all the corners but it just came on too quickly for us. >> reporter: across the street from the gonzalez family, cervantes family had balloons and tables set up for son's second birthday. instead faced with this. see so much of the furniture is wet. >> it's gone. we have to replace everything.
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luckily bed didn't get wet, we have a bed to sleep on. >> reporter: silver linings across the neighborhood, shovels in every corner, neighbors helping with bare hands to get street back to normal. in fillmore others tried to save their city. so nice of you. and we did see a lot of goodness tonight. van ness station is cleared and b.a.r.t. is providing aid. luz pena, abc7 news. a 40-foot tree toppled and landed on two people in san francisco. walking on the sidewalk when the tree fell. soil around the roots is saturated. both hurt, in pain and taken to hospital. at least one parked car was damaged. for a time fire department urged people to avoid the area. rain caused numerous
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problems in east bay, especially on hills and freeways. anser hassan joins us from orinda. not one but two freeway accidents today. >> reporter: yeah, light rain on and off all night, winds started picking up a few minutes ago. nothing like earlier this afternoon. dash cam video, westbound 0 of 94 before the tunnel. solo spinout blocking one lane, causing backup on to orinda city streets. >> last bit of freeway before the off-ramp took 20 minutes, so backed up. >> reporter: rain met with heavy winds in the oakland hills. >> i was home with my mom and two kids and we heard one of the loudest noises i've ever heard. >> reporter: several massive pine trees crashing through her
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roof. no one was hurt, main residence wasn't hit but trying to prevent more damage. >> one wall standing, leaning heavily. we're on a slope. make sure doesn't slide down to affect someone below us. >> reporter: north bay not spared either. gushing water and downed trees kept fire crews busy all afternoon. >> cold all day and pouring this afternoon like pouring i haven't even in a while. >> reporter: no rain right now but doesn't mean we're out of the clear, expecting more rain tomorrow. abc7 news. snow is piling up in the sierra. if you're heading over donner pass this evening, weather surface says be prepared pour
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heavy snow and whiteout conditions. sierra avalanche center is warning high danger. back country travel not recommended near and above the tree line. winds gusting at san francisco international airport contributing to at least 50 canceled flights and many delays. some delayed average or four hours or more. live doppler 7 is one of the most popular stories on our news app. click the bar at top of the app. a> still ahead. hospid in first officer-involved shooting what happens when there is
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you mighyour for your heart... or your digestion... so why wouldn't you take something for the most important part of you... your brain. with an ingredient originally discovered in jellyfish,
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prevagen has been shown in clinical trials to improve short-term memory. prevagen. healthier brain. better life. a san francisco police officer is hospitalized along with a suspect following officer-involved shooting in mission this morning. officer is recovering but suspect has life-threatening injuries. department says it's first such shooting this year. ks cornell barnard. >> heard six to eight gunshots and somebody yelling. >> i remember it being really loud. >> reporter: police say officers were responding to reports of possible burglary in progress. that's when they say they
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encountered the suspect. >> suspect assaulted the officers and shooting ensued. >> reporter: this man saw the shooting. >> scuffle between officers and intoxicated person and they let off eight shots. >> reporter: police say suspect was wounded, suspect was armed. >> assaulted with a weapon. >> reporter: why, what kind of weapon? >> unable to describe or explain the weapon. >> reporter: police chief william scott was at the scene for the investigation now under way. in san francisco, cornell barnard, abc7 news. three people dead wtbnd4.ofs and orinda and slammed into a tree. road was wet but not clear what
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caused the crash. reminding mem to be careful in the rain. >> be mindful, greater impact, takes much longer to come to complete stop. you need more space, slow down, be really aware of what you're doing while you're driving. >> one passenger from oakland, other from hayward, man behind the wheel not identified. two families get $7 million each after two teenagers were electrocuted in a canal in dixon. jumped into the water to try to rescue a dog. grabbed metal railing of walking bridge over the irrigation canal, no idea it was electrified. issued apology but not clear how the bridge became energized. lawsuit claimed not properly grounded. >> people braving the rain for holiday shopping faced another
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obstacle, geyser outside the mall. this video tweeted around 3:00 this afternoon. some stopped, most kept walking. it's san francisco. >> been there, done that. >> seen it all the time. and other stuff falling out of the sky. when is it going to stop? it's been a while since we've seen rain that heavy that caused the flooding in spots. thankfully moved out but showers in the forecast still. live doppler 7 with satellite, any wet weather is widely scattered at this late hour. zoom into light showers. green on the screen in east bay. street level on live doppler 7, fremont, light rain falling now. walnut creek camera.
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raindrops now. rainfall over the last 24 hours was very impressive. san francisco picked up more than an inch of rain past 24 hours. mountain view, oakland, santa rosa, san rafael and napa all over an inch falling in short times. that's why localized flooding in san francisco and parts of the peninsula. rainfall this season? santa rosa surged above normal, 122%. san francisco, san jose, oakland, still ground to make up. better than a month ago in season to date rainfall. statewide snow, sierra doing well, near perfect where we should be for this point in the year. winds have backed off. gusting over 30 miles an hour at times.
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now less than 15 most spots and remain light tomorrow. however the wind is still bringing mild air. not that chilly right now. numbers close to 60 in lot of spots. cloud cover and isolated showers overnight. temperatures not far from now, either side of 50 degrees. storm impact scale, tomorrow level one impact on sunday. best chance of wet weather in the morning. winds remain light and rainfall minimal, quarter to half inch of rain. not the heavy rain earlier today. out for sunday services or early errands, take umbrella, you'll be dodging drops. same at lunchtime. afternoon and evening showers fall apart. dry finish. temperature-wise, upper 50s, lower 60s.
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isolated showers. setup on the sunday, front very close to us in southern california supplying that chance of showers tomorrow. mostly cloudy on sunday. monday we'll have a change. high pressure will move in monday. that means dry skies and mix of sun and clouds. break from the wet weather. accuweather seven-day forecast, scattered showers, level one storm impact scale. partly sunny and dry, setting up dry week ahead. cloudier and cooler tuesday, isolated morning drizzle wednesday. mild thursday and friday, next chance of significant moisture coming on saturday. od break from what has been a pretty wet couple of weeks around here. >> safe to say rain levels have been satisfied? >> getting close. >> keep it going. up next, an city that's had a problem with too many
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a denver park is using an unusual method to scare off renegade geese. bright red robot is not a toy, it is the goose-inator. city officials using it to make sure the geese don't get too comfortable in parks, get back in air and migrate. those who stay become mean and leave behind too much waste. >> mimics a natural predator like a wolf or they know to fly away quickly. >> i'm a city boy but never seen a coyote that that that that tht
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>> my dad would do this for free. a child. >> i'd pay your dog with milk bones. >> all she needs. >> sports. >> that was interesting story. battle in bayou, niners and saints in
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49ersmo of theseon, but los seattle and baltimore and now
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dropped to seventh place in west. to new orleans, niners could win or finish sixth and play on the road on wild card weekend. sanders has been nursing injury and says heightened sense of urgency. >> huge sense of urgency, the time is now, telling guys it's time to cut out all the extracurricular activities and hone in for hopefully 2 1/2 months, do something special around here. >> i think we're pretty good football team. didn't get it last week but another opportunity to go into someone's house and leave with a win. that's the goal this week. raiders rookie running back josh jacobs has eclipsed 1,000-yard mark. despite a fractured shoulder
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week seven. despite that, expected to play sunday against the titans. >> i'm not on snapchat, not going to get into the extent of his injury. since green bay game he has certainly been playing through a lot. and credit to him again. >> he's special because football means a lot to him. you know? i've been around people before with some injuries, and dang, like, wish they would have played through that, you know what i mean? if josh wasn't able to play, i would completely understand with what he's doing right now. sharks on the road in tampa bay looking to avoid three-game losing streak. front of two games in florida. cheese, selfie time.
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tyler johnson alone, squeezed it in. jan rutta, puck up in the air, 2-0 tampa bay. kept getting worse. steven stamkos snaps it in. 7-wuc 7-1 also for the sharks. bay area battle, santa clara hosting cal. badley, nice move to the lane, lefty finish. 15 for him. santa clara in control and d.j. mitchell hammers it home, dialing from distance, fresno native and santa clara wins. abc7 sportseport sponsored b river rock casino. he has a sister who is very good volleyball player. did a story on them three years ago. >> he's from fresno?
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>> thanks chris. more to come on abc7 news at 11:00, new details on man who opened fire on nav
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i'm eric thomas. >> i'm dion lim. in tonight's headlines, winter storm pummels the bay area. sheets of rain came down, causing flood hazards around the region. parts of muni were shut down, cars forced to find another
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route in san francisco and toppled trees on to roadways. >> two people hit by tree that fell over walking in san francisco. both people were in pain and were taken to the hospital. one parked car also damaged. >> snow sticking in the sierra tonight, check it drivers through i-80 and highway 50 must have chains and four-wheel drive. meteorologist drew tuma is tracking with live doppler 7. >> take you through past two hours. all that white on live doppler 7 essentially above 7,000 feet, heaviest snowfall right now. not going to let up anytime soon. for that we still have winter storm warning in effect for the sierra until 1:00 p.m. tomorrow afternoon for the heavy snow. t
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three feet of snow. travel is difficult to advised. even tomorrow, travel in sierra next couple of days, caution you it's going to take time before the snow settles down and roads become passable. monday, tuesday and wednesday are better to travel and check out fresh powder. mix of sun and clouds and dry. rain in next forecast in a few minutes. we are learning new information about a deadly shooting that killed three people at naval base in pensacola, florida. >> airman, ensign and apprentice. >> police shot and killed the gunman. abc news reporter dave packer has an update. >> reporter: community coming together to hold vigil for those
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affected by the deadly shooting. alleged gunman opened fire in one of the classrooms in pensacola. >> one shot, appears multiple. >> reporter: shooter slowing down when one person barricaded a door, allowing others to flee. four sheriffs deputies located him. gunman firing back. one shot in arm, other in the knee but continued to fire at suspect, eventually killing him. second lieutenant the royal air force. post of hatred appears connected. don't believe he's connected to terror organization. says too early to call it terrorism. >> got to let the fbi do its work, get the facts and move on
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from there. >> attending flight training for u.s. navy. foreign students from 153 countries are in the u.s. for military training. this has been done for decades, doing this with other foreign countries, i guess we'll have to look into the procedre. >> reporter: fbi thanking the service organization supporting persons involved in the investigation. american graduate student imprisoned in iran for three years is finally heading home. prisoner exchange was negotiated between the u.s. and iran by the swiss embassy. abc reporter with the details. >> reporter: after more than three years in iranian prison, wong is heading home, princeton university graduate student was conducting research, arrested accused of being a spy. ten years in notorious prison. released saturday, with u.s.
11:37 pm
releasing a stem cell researcher arrested on charges of violating trade sanctions against iran. dropping all charges paving way for his release. mediated by swiss embassy in tehran and taking place in zurich. >> we're very happy to have our host back, good for tieiran can do something. >> reporter: flown to germany for examination by u.s. personnel. wife writing family is complete once again. thankful to everyone who helped make it happen. issuing a statement, look forward to welcoming him back to campus. in time of rising tensions between washington and tehran. mike pompeo saying we will not rest until we bring every american detained in iran and
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around the world home to loved ones. "uss hornet" commemorated attack on pearl harbor today. sea, air and space museum featured exhibit of the date which will live in infamy. also honored for his services. relocated to internment camp and serving on combat team. wreath of flowers cast off the ship in remembrance of the americans who died in the attack. family in arizona i creating huge buzz with strange new service animals. registered a bee hive, uploaded it to website. to prove a point. people think emotional support
11:39 pm
and service animals are the same and they're not. >> making all people believe that all animals are service animals. they're not, there's a clear difference. >> only dogs and miniature horses can be service animals, no bees. must be trained to perform specific tasks related to disability and doesn't need to be registered anywhere. group of children on fantasy flight to experience the magic of the holidays. united airlines took 60 young patients from hospitals and families. santa and mrs. claus on board, arrived at another date with magic of thetu jet lag. still ahead, want to rule the 'gram? instagram worthy spots in san francisco.
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in the north bay, holidays got a little brighter this evening in novato, came together for annual community tree lighting. santa there with jingle in his step. there you go. holiday tradition since 1928. instagram is where thgsike workouts, dinner. knd cw >> really anything. really does take off in the
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holidays. checked out san francisco's most instagramable hot spots. if you want to stand out on social media feed this holiday season, we've got tips for you. help of two of my interns, say hi. we're showing most instagram worthy spots in san francisco. one of the most iconic trees, macy's parade tree. 40,000 lights, 700 ornaments. ice skating rink, great even for folks like me who can't skate. from there, top level of macy's to check out view and write a letter to santa. spca, availableption. bella, >> just down the street. upside down christmas tree.
11:45 pm
then split up to cover ground. >> hi dion, at fairmont hotel, amazing gingerbread house, can smell it and the candy. >> even bigger than last year, standing more than 25 feet high. meantime somewhere that sounds like christmas, ghirardelli square with lots of picture opportunities. >> on the way to pier 39 to see what i can find. >> finally i stopped by deck the halls, a holiday themed bar. >> call let it snow, vodka, amum. >> plenty for the gram. >> very fun, no drinking involved, just a prop. >> nobody drank that drink? >> it was empty if you look
11:46 pm
closely. >> that's what i'm talking about, chris wants to know how it got empty. plus the gingerbread house, can you eat your way out? >> it's a lot, tons of candy, maybe chris could. >> i'm eric thomas, i eat lots. >> i wasn't insinuating that. >> just part of one elaborate edible holiday display. more than 30 artists in poland created this gingerbread down, 237 houses, church and castle surrounded by gingerbread mo mo 300 eggs, 66 pounds of powdered sugar and gallons ofs. delight- notai in you. >> not. some moments you have to witness. like a baby born deaf waking up to sound of her mother's voice.
11:47 pm
>> can you say hello? >> ha! >> i could watch this all day. georgina is lighting up social media. diagnosed as severely deaf in september and wears a hearing aid in each air. dad posted this video on twitter, when our daughter's new hearing aids are turned on in the morning, #happybaby. rain came pouring down in san francisco making a big mess. outside the san francisco polich the police cruisers. fire department called out to deal with flooding today. >> more about the weather. weat. >> one last check. >> more for tomorrow but nowhere
11:48 pm
near what we had today. scattered showers. live doppler 7 showing a little bit of green. zoom in, finding light rain. into the east bay, live doppler 7 just updated live on the air. danville, light rain. north bay seeing widely scattered sprinkles but the environment stays unsettled overnight and on sunday. storm impact scale, scattered showers, level one system to finish out weekend. winds light and rainfall quarter to half inch. hour by hour. sunday 8:30 in the morning, couple of showers dotting the landscape. ditto midday before it winds down in the evening and we begin to dry out. accuweather seven-day forecast, scattered showers sunday, then dry to partly sunny monday, cooler tuesday, 60s for thursday and friday and next chance of wet weather on saturday.
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>> haven't heard somebody say d ditto in really long time. >> there you go. >> chris with
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hopes were high entering the weekend that pac-12 had a chance to find their way into the college football playoffs. but with oregon's win over utah, ended all hopes for the conference. utah to head to the alamo one is always on the outside looking in. pac-12 commissioner larry scott to get his state of the playoff, and cloips. >> popularity of college football as result of the current playoff structure is terrific. would be comforting if we had a
11:53 pm
team in every year. but beneficiaries of rose bowl arrangement that wouldn't be the same. lot to figure out for our league and others as well. current contract goes to 2026, earliest to expand is around then. >> moving to las vegas, what are your hopes for what's going to happen next couple of years? >> we've had a great experience in las vegas with men's hand women's basketball tournaments. what we've learned, that's a destination fans like to go and spend a weekend and have a lot to do in addition to games. polling the fans, realized they're interested in that. up until now, not world-class stadium. playing here at levi's, one of the greatest venues in the country. las vegas is going to have one too now, allegiant stadium where
11:54 pm
the raiders will play. vegas as destination and state of the art stadium, committed to go there, we'll see from there. >> result for big 12 to make the playoffs. jalen hurts had a perfect touchdown pass here. sooners, 20-13 lead. third string quarterback, lot of injuries in the game, 81 yards to the house and late field goal would send this game into overtime. lot on the line. oklahoma got the ball first, stevenson up the gut, 30-23, -2 bai baylor needs a touchdown. fourth and 20. back to pass,incomplete. oklahoma, third straight big 12 championship. we'll see if it's good enough to make playoffs tomorrow.
11:55 pm
ohio state and wisconsin. badgers up on the quarterback sneak but ohio state scores 27 unanswered. second half, justin fields to jeremy rucker, one handed grab. eric thomas is impressed. then fields, all kinds of time, good blocking to hill. 24-21 ohio state. connect again in fourth quarter. 13-yard score on the rollout left and ohio state wins 34-21.3 s.e.c. championship, lsu taking on georgia. joe burrow is going to be the heisman winner in all likelihood, dancing around the chase, adds one more in the quarter. seven-yard connection to marshall. two touchdowns for him. burrow,ards passing and
11:56 pm
four scores. floater, eight yards to jefferson, lsu wins 37-10. all kinds of confetti, watch out kid. saw this game, acc championship on abc7, clemson and virginia four touchdowns in first half, field goal, just rolling. scores easily. no tackling there, 26 yards to the house and lawrence, 302 yards passing, four touchdowns, make it look easy at clemson. cruises 62-17. this abc7 sports report sponsored by river rock casino. maybe cal in bowl bowl bowl stadium. would be nice. >> not sending winner of the pac-12 to playoffs, may as well --
11:57 pm
>> oregon will go to the rose bowl. that's good consolation prize. >> as we head into sunday, lots of rain. >> scattered showers, not a washout like today. umbrellas needed and dry out monday. >> week from saturday, another chance of rain. peeked over his shoulder. that's it, eric thomas. >> dion
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