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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  December 11, 2019 6:00am-7:01am PST

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toll plaza. the roads are wet out there. you'll definitely want to remember an umbrella as you head out the door. and jobina is tracking the conditions for your commute. we're starting first with meteorologist mike nicco who has the latest on what is going on outside. good morning. >> good morning. it's wet and foggy out there. let's look at live doppler 7 after we look at the storm impact scale over my right shoulder. we can give you an idea of what to expect out of the storm. if you're new to us, it's our exclusive way of giving you an idea of how the storm will play out and affect you. we have drizzle and fog this morning. showers more likely as we head into the evening hours. light amounts, they will keep everything slippery. here's live doppler 7. you can see light amounts, there's even some drizzle in areas you don't see, some green as the radar will overshoot it. places like the richmond side of the richmond-san rafael bridge, it is raining right now. here's walnut creek where we
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have drizzle and some fog looking south on 680 driving into the abyss as you head towards 24. my accuweather 12-hour planner, low to mid 50s. it's mild out there. showers will become more scattered to random. they'll pick up in coverage and intensity as we head into the evening hours. still very mild, mid to upper 50s. let's see what it's doing to our commute. here's jobina. good morning. good morning. we're starting off with a sigalert in pittsburg. this car has flipped over. just one car involved in this crash and it ran into a light pole and destroyed it. this is eastbound 4 before bailey road. two lanes are blocked right now. as you can see, it's not causing a major backup. this is in the counter commute direction. moving over to emeryville, that two-car crash on westbound 80 to the eastbound 80 connector has been cleared.
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live look at the bay bridge toll plaza. metering lights came on at 5:18. you can see it's raining, so take your time out there. reggie and kumasi? >> the san jose city council is backing the mayor's proposal to turn pg&e into a customer-owned utility. the council voted to formally support the resolution that mayor sam liccardo recently introduced. it follows pg&e's public safety power shutoff that left thousands in the dark in the bay area and beyond. it appears san jose elected leaders are not the only ones fed up with the utility. 90% of you want to get rid of pg&e. >> this is according to a poll just released. julian glover is live with those details. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. it's rare that we have a consensus like this. bay area residents saying they are in favor of getting rid of pg&e, this endless cycles of blackouts and wildfires. they are sick of it. the headline here, 9 out of 10
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residents in the bay area surveyed say they are in favor of getting rid of pg&e. the biggest problem is we can't agree on what to do going forward from there. let's look at the numbers out by the "l.a. times" and uc berkeley. zeroing in on responses from the bay area residents. 23% saying they would like to break the company up into co-ops each responsible for fixing their own problems in their own neck of the woods. 26.8% of people say they really don't know the answer to the problem. 23% say end pg&e as an investor-owned utility and convert it into a state agency with the state responsible for coming up with solutions to the problems. elected leaders are hoping that more californian also back a proposal that will make this a public-owned utility as that utility company is looking to pay 13$13.5 billion to people
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affected by the northern california wildfires. pg&e serves 5.4 million people across california. a public utility that large has never been created before. reporting live in san jose, julian glover, abc7 news. at the live desk i'm looking ahead to a big hearing on capitol hill starting at 7:00. lawmakers will question the head of the federal aviation administration about the agency's relationship with boeing. they're examining the faa's role in certifying the 737 max. the faa grounded the 737 max in march after two deadly crashes, one in indonesia, the other in ethiopia. the house transportation and infrastructure committee chair told abc news that he believes the faa puts too much trust in manufacturers and the aircraft certification process needs to be improved. we have developing news in the impeachment showdown. house democrats have put forth two articles of impeachment against president trump. they are abuse of power and
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obstruction of congress. the house judiciary committee said they would take up the articles later this morning. president trump expressed anger on the campaign trail last night. >> these two flimsy, pathetic ridiculous articles of impeachment. this is the lightest impeachment in the history of our country by far. >> a house vote will likely come before christmas. homelessness and a lack of affordable housing are some of the top challenges we face for the entire bay area. in the south bay, san jose is hoping a new housing tax could help ease the pressure and build a better bay area. the property transfer proposal would tax any transaction involving homes and businessed$. the potential revenue is an
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estimated $70 million a year. san jose voters get to decide in march. >> i'm sure if this passes, it would change many lives for the better. >> mayor sam liccardo wants the revenue to fund housing projects and services. one councilman says he wants to make sure the money solves other city issues as well. we want to hear your solutions about building a better bay area. share them by joining our building a better bay area group on facebook. kaiser permanente named gregory adams as the new ceo. he replaces bernard tyson who died last month. adams was the interim ceo. he joined the health care provider in 1999 and has been the executive vice president and group president since 2016. sausalito and caltrans are facing a second lawsuit over a massive landslide. it happened during a strong winter storm in february. one of the property owners says a highway 101 project channelled water on to the hill and caused the slide. a woman who was trapped in the slide is also suing. she is accusing the city and caltrans of not properly
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maintaining drainage on the hillside above her property causing the destabilization. the city of sausalito and the department of transportation deny the allegations in the claim. book and goifacebook and go been ranked among the best places to work the past few years, but their appeal seems to be fading. and old navy and post mates announces a new partnership that could make your holiday shopping easier. >> this is 880 at the coliseum and it's wet and getting wetter thanks to drizzle and light rain. this is our roof camera. it's raining here in san francisco. if you're exercising, trying to decorate or doing yard work, it will be damp today. keep the umbrella handy, the
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tracking some light rain with live doppler 7. even some drizzle on 280 and 92, up and down the peninsula. as you head over the dumbarton bridge to fremont, fremont boulevard, all wet with drizzle to light rain. that will be the case through the morning hours. mainly cloudy this afternoon, in the north bay, 56. a better chance of rain at 5:00 and 7:00. for our east bay valleys, we have fog, mist and drizzle. mainly cloudy, 59 at 3:00. at 7:00, we have a better chance of showers are. in the east bay, mist and drizzle through the morning
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commute, mid 50s. 62 this afternoon. 59 by 7:00. on the peninsula, pretty much the same forecast. let's go down to the south bay, we have pretty much cloudy conditions throughout the day, 63 is our high. in san francisco, mist and drizzle, a chance of showers heavier by 7:00. good morning. so, we are still following a sigalert in pittsburg at the moment. a car has overturned there. injuries have been reported. two lanes are blocked. this is eastbound 4 before bailey road. i understand the car crashed into a light pole. that light pole is now down in the area. the chp is warning of debris across the roadway potentially causing flat tires for anyone headed in that direction. no serious backup, it is in the counter commute direction. a live look at the golden gate bridge, the rain is coming down. the droplets are on the cameras. across our bridges, we have slow drive times for the san rafael
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bridge at 10 minutes, san mateo bridge at 23 and walmart is ex
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old navy is teaming up with post mates. so right now old navy shoppers can select the buy online and pick up in store option at checkout. when they get the ready for pick up email, you day dri delivery. postmates will deliver the orders within 24 hours. old navy and postmates are based in san francisco. the partnership will run through january. the companies are in talks to extend it for the long-term.
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>> it was for the california hall of fame ceremony in sacramento last night. ten californians were inducted, a poet, an actor, an athlete and a chef. brandi chastain is one of those who was honored. >> california stands apart in our 50 united states and to be recognized as someone that has been influential in this wonderful state is a true honor. >> tony hawk, george lopez, rupaul and chef wolfgang puck were also honored. maya angelou was also inducted. the class will be featured in a new exhibit opening today at sacramento's california museum. >> that's exciting. it's cool to see all those people on one stage. >> looks like quite the event. >> and rupaul. snatching those trophies. hi, mike. >> hi, guys. we'll open the weather window. this is walnut creek. looking down at mist, drizzle and some fog as we look south on 280. here's a look from south beach
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at the western side of the bay bridge. you can see we're also dealing with mist and drizzle and foggy conditions here. that's the way it will be through the morning commute. a chance of showers on saturday. each chance is a 1. temperatures are mild, not only during the day but at night. briefly dry sunday and monday, most of tuesday before another storm rolls in tuesday night into wednesday. highs today, 56 to about 61 degrees. so lack of sunshine means not much warming. we're in the low to mid 50s now. that's where we'll end up again tomorrow morning. we should be in the 30s and 40s. here's a look at our storm track. area of low pressure to our north, that's where all the energy is. all the moisture is going to be riding over top of us. that's why we'll have just some light showers or light storms. the energy and the moisture are not connected. for today a better chance of showers tonight, but we have a
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better chance of drizzle and fog this morning. it's going to be wet for both commutes. the showers tapering at noon. by 5:00, look what's developing off the coast notice the yellows developing. so maybe some heavier downpours this evening overnight. nor wet weather waiting for us tomorrow morning. we have a 1 all the way through saturday. once that passes, cooler and drier sunday and monday with highs in the mid to upper 50s. the next storm tuesday night will keep us cool once again. jobina? >> thank you, mike. starting with a sigalert in pittsburg right now. we know that one car has rolled over here. this is eastbound 4, just before bailey road. that car is blocking two lanes at the moment. also it crashed into a light pole. that light pole is down according to the chp with debris across the roadway. that could cause flat tires this morning. san jose, 87, live look right now.
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things are looking clear. where it is not clear is in san francisco. we're starting to see that rain come down. drizzly shot here from our 280 camera at king street. take your time as you head out this morning. >> thanks. "good morning america" is coming up at 7:00 right here on abc7. >> rob marciano is live from new york city with a look at what's ahead. hi, rob. >> what's up, reggie and kumasi? great to be with both of you this wednesday. coming up, millions of americans are waking up to win thor weather alerts on the east coast. if you have plans coming from the bay area to the east, dress warmly. it will be bitter cold once this moves out. we'll also have the latest on that deadly shootout on the streets of new jersey. a police officer and three sn t innocent bistanders weystanders. and the unlikely friendship
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between amanda knox and lorena bobbitt, their new mission this morning. and former bachelorette star j.p. rosenbaum opening up about a rare and frightening disorder that landed him in the hospital what he's saying now and dr. jen ashton will break that down for us. reggie, i had some eggs this morning, kumasi, you want to put a little bit of this in the coffee, make sure he's up. that will wake you up. instead of the cream or sugar, put some frank's red hot in there. >> that seems like an especially large bottle. watch out, rob. good luck to you. >> we have a lot of people who like spicy food. i'll let you know what happens later today. >> i have a feeling it will be an interesting afternoon for you. have a good one. >> the bonus shocker that is really changing lives for workers at one company's holiday
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party. and new developments in the search for dogs missing after a van they we brown sugar and white sugar. growing up were how can i not get type 2 diabetes? i went through the grieving process, i went through the "why me" process, then i got involved with the american diabetes association. and that involvement allowed me to understand that i wasn't alone, it wasn't something to grieve about, it was something to manage.
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a look at live doppler 7, a
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healthy shield of rain moving from fremont to the sunol grade, up to pleasanton and livermore. rainfall amounts less than a tenth of an inch today. as we head towards tomorrow, we'll get up to around a tenth of an inch. here's a look at our rainfall potential friday through sunday, a tenth to a quarter of an inch. >> thanks, mike. new developments to a story we brought you a few months back. lafayette is hiring a trapper to capture the wild pigs that you just saw. these pigs have been roaming around, tearing up yards and parks as they search for food and they can be dangerous. the city is closing down a number of trails as a precaution. once the wild pigs are no longer a threat, the trails will open back up. glass door's annual list of best places to work is out. for the first time ever google and facebook did not make the top ten. topping the list, massachusetts-based software company, hub spot. the company is ranked high because of its diverse and inclusive work environment.
6:25 am
the bay area wasn't left off the top ten. docu-sign ranked number three. lawrence livermore national laboratory is at six. and intuitive surgical is seven. a lot of you are clicking on this next story on, it's obvious why. it's an incredible holiday surprise for some people in maryland. >> nearly 200 employees are splitting $10 million. >> $10 million. >> he was doing that for dramatic effect. >> open your red envelopes. >> this was how the employees reacted. this is at st. john's properties when they learned their size of their share of the $10 million. the employees got the bonuses based on seniority. the average bonus being about 0 $50 thoush5 $50,000. then some people got more than
6:26 am
$250,000. >> what would you have done? >> like that lady, cry. >> and what would you have bought? >> maybe a little trip. i like to travel. >> i know you do. >> what about that mac book? >> maybe. >> and the trip. >> and the trip. congrats to them. next at 6:30, the 2020 presidential campaign comes to san francisco. the candidate ignoring iowa for the golden state. should the a.c.t. and s.a.t. be required to get into college? a group says no and is ready to take the issue to court. i'm amy hollyfield. and also openworld on the move. the two things that drove the annual conference out of san francisco and the big city it's heading to next. as we head to break a live look outside at 6:26. there is rain in ...6, 7, 8 ♪
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now at 6:30, storm watch for the morning commute. >> a lot of slick spots out there. fog forming also and scattered showers also this morning. more likely showers again during the evening and overnight hours. >> the university of california sued over the s.a.t. could this be the end of using test scores in the admissions process? your voice, your vote. former new york city mayor michael bloomberg comes to the bay area today and he has high-profile support. >> we have the biggest bully in the history of the planet occupying the white house. and the major new development after a van full of dogs was stolen in the east bay. one missing dog has been found. another is still out there. >> we're worried he's lonely or scared. >> the desperate search to get all the dogs back to their rightful homes.
6:31 am
good morning on this wednesday, december 11th. >> it's 6:30. you're never more than seven minutes away from your accuweather forecast. mike, i know you are looking at some rain. >> it is soggy. it's getting aggressive in some areas. first, it is just a 1 on the storm impact scale, as showers will be more likely tonight while we're getting drizzle, aggressive drizzle and some rain this morning. light in the mountains, it will keep things slippery for the commute. here's a look where we just had some rain roll across the golden gate bridge. you can see some ponding on the roadway there. watching the cars come at us from marin county. our best radar returns are in the southern half, south of the bay bridge into the south bay. i know it is raining in parts of the north bay, just hidden in the valleys from our radar. more rain developing offshore. here is our roof camera. it's raining in san francisco. so we got mid 50s with slick spots, a bit of fog this morning. showers are moran de random bef
6:32 am
picking up in intensity at 7:00. jobina? >> we have a couple crashes to talk about. first moving over to the sigalert we're following. this is in pittsburg, eastbound 4 before bailey road. a car has flipped over. it crashed into a light pole. that light pole is down. there's debris across the road. the chp is warning about the potential for flat tires there. injuries have been reported. westbound 80 at state route 4, the connector there, a crash in hercules also, this is with a motorcycle. injuries have been reported. unfortunately that motorcyclist is in the roadway now. crews are on the way to that scene. rain at the bay bridge toll plaza. metering lights came on at 5:18. it's slow getting through the toll plaza and once you get on the bridge. expect delays there and wet conditions as you head out this morning. this morning, the university of california system is facing a lawsuit over s.a.t. and a.c.t.
6:33 am
scores. >> groups say using them as an admission requirement is illegal, unconstitutional and discriminatory. amy hollyfield is live in uc berkeley with more on that. >> students we talked to this morning say they are torn on the issue. they say they know the tests are not perfect but acknowledge the colleges need some type of measuring stick. they are not sure what should be done. the plaintiffs in the lawsuit say it's clear to them the standardized tests are biased against poor and minority students and says using them illegally discriminates against some students. so now this issue will head to court. students we talked to this morning admit this is a complicated one. >> i agree with both sides. i definitely think you need some form of standardization in terms of determining how qualified a student is. i do believe some schools suffer from grade deflation, and some schools grade inflate.
6:34 am
so look at grades is not the primary way of looking at things, so we need an alternative method. >> uc berkeley's chancellor and chief academic officer have already said that they support dropping the test scores as part of the required admissions process. more than 1,000 colleges have already made the change. the group that filed the lawsuit is made up of students, advocacy groups and a school district in compton. they filed that lawsuit in alameda county. amy hollyfield, abc7 news. there's a new development in the saga of a stolen van that was filled with dogs. one of the lost pets is now on her way home. >> fable is one of at least two dogs that went missing after a dog transportation van was stolen monday morning in fremont. police found the van hours later in oakland. 24 dogs were inside. the owner of a second missing dog, papo is pleading for his return.
6:35 am
>> we're worried he's lonely, scared. not getting fed property. we just want him back, no questions asked. >> police think the man who stole the van tried to sell the dogs. two people were detained in connection with the crime. the man accused in last month's deadly stabbing on a b.a.r.t. train is due in court. 39-year-old jermaine brim stabbed oliver tyrone to death when williams tried stepping in to stop brim from stealing the shoes of a sleeping passenger. today brim is expected to enter a plea for his five felony counts including for williams murder. your voice your vote. a major newcomer to the 2020 race is touching down in san francisco today. former nyc mayor michael bloomberg is joining former governor brown to attend a climate change convention. this follows bloomberg's recent endorsement from another big name in the bay area, san jose mayor, sam liccardo. >> mike bloomberg has shown he's
6:36 am
willing to take on big oil, he's willing to take on the gun industry, he's willing to take on big soda, coke and pepsi. >> liccardo will join bloomberg's team as a california campaign co-chair. bloomberg is skipping early voting states to focus on states like california that vote on super tuesday in march. a recent uc berkeley poll found bloomberg to be favored by 2% of the state's likely democratic voters. we are following the latest on a deadly shootout in jersey city, new jersey. this morning investigators are treating the attack at a kosher grocery store as an act of anti-semitism. within the past hour, one of the two gunmen posted anti-semitic statements online in the past. the shootout happened yesterday afternoon. six people including a police officer were killed. two others were injured. detectives say it's still unclear exactly what sparked the chaos. officers say shots were
6:37 am
initially fired after two gunmen ran and took cover in the grocery store. what came next is what you're seeing now, an hours-long battle turning the area into a war zone. one 13-year veteran officer was killed along with the two gunmen and three hostages inside the grocery store. dozens of schools in the area stayed on lockdown for several hours as this went on. here's why the superintendent thought that was the right move. >> shots, right there. >> every time any approach is attempted er anyone comes out of cover, he opens fire. >> that was not the right sound that we were going to hear, but that superintendent did sit down with "good morning america" and you can watch that interview right after abc7 mornings. what you heard was the gunfire from that scene yesterday afternoon. part of building a better bay area is making it more
6:38 am
affordable to do business here. high costs are driving out of one of san francisco's biggest conventions. oracle usually holds its openworld conference at the moscone center but next year it's out of the city and it's going to las vegas. according to cnbc, oracle blames rising prices and street conditions for the move. mayor london breed acknowledged those problems need to be addressed, but she doesn't believe other conventions will believe san francisco. >> san francisco is such an amazing city. people talk about the challenges but they also talk about the fact they love san francisco. they love the restaurants. they love the shopping. they think it's one of the most beautiful cities in the world. > openworld's departure will cost san francisco an estimated $64 million a year according to the city's tourism bureau. staggering statistics about pg&e in a just released poll. the opinion 90% of people share. also climate activists greta thunburg is named "time's"
6:39 am
person of the year. >> i'm checking in with mike. you have been checking in with the rain. people want to know when it will hit them. >> if it hasn't hit them yet t will soon. most of us are not wet this morning. it's hugging the ground so much. here's san rafael. it is raining right now. you can see the reduction in visibility because of the intensity of the rain. here's san jose, 87. it looks damp on the road. if you look for a second, you may see a little bit of moisture leaking out of the clouds. damp and foggy for the commute. whether it's on the bay, where you want to stay inside the ferry or mass transit or if you're driving. live doppler 7, you can see it is picking up some rain falling from the clouds, just much lighter across the south bay. here's the north bay, we have some light rain through 7:00, a better chance at 5:00 and 7:00. temperatures in the mid 50s today. east bay valleys, mid and upper 50s with a better chance of rain
6:40 am
at 7:00. seeing mist and drizzle this morning. in the east bay, 54 this morning. 62, mostly cloudy this afternoon. as we look at the peninsula, light rain this morning. pretty dry the rest of the day. same thing for the south bay, mist this morning, and then dry with mid 60s. san francisco will have a chance of rain through 9:00 and another chance this evening. jobina? >> thank you, mike. good morning. we have a few crashes to talk about right nonow. i will start off with a sigalert in pittsburg. this involved one car, but it rolled over, crashed into a before bailey road. that light pole is down. there's debris across the roadway. there could be some potential for flat tires if people are not careful. it's blocking two lanes right now. it's in the counter commute direction. moving over to a motorcycle crash on westbound 80 at state route 4. the connector there. at least one lane blocked now. injuries have been reported that
6:41 am
motorcyclist is down the roadway at the moment. moving to san jose, there's another crash involving a motorcycle and three cars. this is northbound 280 under winchester boulevard. not hearing about injuries at the moment. we'll continue to follow that for you. we'll be back with more news, the ones that make a truebeen difference in people's lives. and mike's won them, which is important right this minute, because if he could beat america's biggest gun lobby,
6:42 am
helping pass background check laws and defeat nra backed politicians across this country, beat big coal, helping shut down hundreds of polluting plants and beat big tobacco, helping pass laws to save the next generation from addiction. all against big odds you can beat him. i'm mike bloomberg and i approve this message.
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6:44 am
we're nearing two-tenths of an inch of rain in san francisco. you can see it's raining on the embarcadero. if you're heading out, if you're a student, faculty, dress to stay dry this morning. low to mid 50s. more scattered to random showers heading throughout the rest of the school day. dense fog in the central valley. 57 in fresno. 59 in sacramento. warmer, showers in you'eureka, chico, few showers in tahoe today. near 70 in southern california. better chance of snow thursday, friday, saturday, sunday in tahoe. >> thanks. this morning growing support to break up pg&e as the company is dealing with multiple scandals and a bankruptcy. a new poll shows a stunning number of people who are unsatisfied with status quo. nearly 90% of people in the bay area say pg&e needs to be changed. just 10% say leave it as it is. julian glover is live in san jose this morning.
6:45 am
good morning to you. people here in the bay area are closely watching what happens pg&e forced to pay up 13$13.5 billion to people affected by the northern california wildfires. one-third of bay area residents surveyed in a new poll out by ucbeuc berkeley and the "l.a. times" say they were affected by the firesolo or being forced to evacuate. maybe that's why people think when and where blackouts should occur should be a joint decision between utility companies and state regulators, not a unilateral decision by the utility company. 90% of residents are also in favor of doing away with pg&e. the only problem is the majority of people say they don't know what the path forward should look like, what the solution should be. next year a judge will rule on the outcome and decide between two competing reorganization plans, one submitted by
6:46 am
shareholders, one submitted by bondholders. we do want to point out the california public utilities commission has the final say on the matter which is why state and local leaders like san jose mayor sam liccardo, they're pushing an alternative proposal to make pg&e into a customer-owned cooperative, we should point out that a co-op the size of the service area of pg&e, some 5.4 million residents, it's never been created before. we'll have to see what happens there. reporting live in san jose, i'm julian glover, abc7 news. >> thanks. now to your morning money report. a major settlement that will wipe out student debt for some people. >> the university of phoenix agreed to pay 1$191 million ove deceptive advertising claims. that settlement includes 50 million in cash and 141 million to cancel debt for students who were harmed by the deceptive ads. the university did not admit wrongdoing as part of that settlement. the justice department is reportedly tracking google's
6:47 am
purchase of fitbit. the government is worried about possible antitrust issues because of how much data google will be able to collect from us users. kidde communications along with home depot is donating 4,000 smoke detectors and 800 carbon monoxide alarms. this is part of operation save a life event which i hosted yesterday. oakland's fire lieutenant says the donations really do help address a social issue for seniors and low-income residents. >> balancing whether you're going to pay a bill or safe your life with a smoke detector is not fair. the large amount of donations of smoke detectors as well as carbon monoxide detectors that kidde has provided is life changing. >> this is the tenth year that abc7 had the privilege of partnering with the save a life campaign. >> if it's going to help people, why not. new this morning, a teen from sweden is making history as
6:48 am
"time's" person of the year. here is the cover. greta thunberg is the youngest person to be recognized. the 16-year-old took on u.n. world leaders at the climate change summit back in september. her passionate plea got a lot of attention. she says she is a bit surprised to be named "time's" person of the year and dedicates the honor to young climate activists. here are some other recipients. time's business person of the year is someone we know. disney's ceo, bob iger. disney is the parent company of a abc7. >> look at lizzo, picked as "time's" entertainer of the year. athlete of the year went to the u.s. women's soccer team. >> i think as expected for a couple of those. definitely lizzo and our women's soccer team. i would say so. bob iger, shout out. major. great. >> that's cool. >> i think they look great. >> you love to see it.
6:49 am
>> happy with all of those. all right. let's talk about what's going on. maybe people not so happy with the weather. rain is out there once again. we'll let jobina tell you what it's doing to the commute. i can tell you what it's doing on the tarmac. a quarter inch of rain the last 24 hours or so. here's walnut creek, nearly a quarter inch of rain also from the drizzle to light rain that is falling there. that will continue through the morning commute. we'll just have some periods of showers. it will become more widespread heading into the afternoon hours. more showers, even some moderate ones will develop tonight. it will keep chances of wet weather in the forecast through sunday. here's today. mid to upper 50s in most areas. few 60s around oakland, san mateo, fremont, palo alto, san jose, down towards morgan hill and santa cruz. tonight, like this morning, low to mid 50s, just a couple degrees cooler than our average highs for this time of the year. we have a nice plume of moisture here, it's disconnected from the energy source. cloud cover the next three to
6:50 am
four days with plenty of moisture in the air. when will it wring out? there's not a lot of energy to do it. there's so many ones in the forecast on our storm impact scale. here we are at 7:00, you can see becoming more scattered in nature. especially around noon to 5:00. you can see just a few blips out there. watch after 5:00, yep, more widespread showers. some yellows showing up, which means a few downpours are possible heading through tomorrow's morning commute. you can see heading into tomorrow evening, we start to dry out just a little bit. just in time for more rain friday and saturday. cooler weather with drier conditions sunday and monday. mid to upper 50s for highs then. and then late tuesday flight, another storm rolls in. jobina? >> thank you. good morning. so we have quite a few things going on on the roads this morning. starting with a sigalert in pittsburg. this is eastbound 4 before bailey road. a car flipped over, crashed into a light pole. two lanes are blocked now. injuries have been reported.
6:51 am
that light pole is down. this is in the counter commute direction. just be aware if you're passing through that area. moving over to hercules, westbound 80 at state route 4. the connector there. there's a motorcycle crash. one lane blocked there. injuries reported there. the motorcyclist is down the roadway. emergency crews are on the way there. moving over to san jose, northbound 280 under winchester boulevard, three cars and one motorcycle involved in this crash. one lane is blocked there. unclear about the extent of injuries at the moment. want to bring you out to a live look at the san mateo bridge. it is very backed up as people try to make their way towards the peninsula. >> thanks. walmart is the next to test self-driving grocery deliveries with this. the company is joining with the autonomous vehicle company neuro and this cart will be programmed to show up at your door. just walk out and bring the bags in. walmart will test it out in houston first then expand to
6:52 am
other places if everything goes well. >> if they don't call that little robot wal-e,
6:53 am
looking around here i see tablets, laptops, printers, smartphones. they're all connected to the internet.
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they're all connected. can your network handle all those devices? sometimes. comcast business runs on the nation's largest gig-speed network. so you can get the bandwidth you need to power all of your devices at peak performance. if all of my devices could have that kind of speed, i would be dancing! get started with secure 35-megabit internet and one voice line for just $64.90 per month. call today. comcast business. beyond fast.
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6:55 on a wet wednesday. good morning. heading out the door, hold on. we have 7 things to know before you go. the first one is look at all that rain falling on our roof camera in san francisco. we have light rain and a little bit of fog just about everywhere right now. it's going to be steadiest through the morning, becoming more scattered at noon. random at 4:00 before more rain rolls in to the evening forecast. can't shake it today. >> number two, the deadly jersey city shootout is being investigated as a case of anti-semitism. one police officer, three hostages and two gunmen were killed as part of an hours-long standoff centered at a jewish grocery store. number three, a student advocacy coalition is suing suig
6:56 am
uc school system for the use of s.a.t. and a.c.t. scores in admissions. and oracle's convention next year will be moving to las vegas. that's due to high costs and street conditions. number five, californians are fed up with pg&e and the endless cycle of blackouts and wildfires, and a new poll is backing that up. a messy commute this morning. two hot spots i'm following, a sigalert in pittsburg, a motorcycle crash in hercules and it's wet out there. take it slow. number seven, climate change activist greta thunberg says she is surprised to be awarded "time's" 2019 person of the year. she beat out president trump, nancy pelosi, the impeachment whistle-blower and hong kong protesters. >> i feel like they got it right. a mix with the business, the
6:57 am
sports, entertainment. >> yeah. >> seems right. lizzo, bob iger. >> we talk about them all the time. >> "gma" is comi
6:58 am
brown sugar and white sugar. growing up were how can i not get type 2 diabetes? i went through the grieving process, i went through the "why me" process, then i got involved with the american diabetes association. and that involvement allowed me to understand that i wasn't alone, it wasn't something to grieve about, it was something to manage.
6:59 am
satchel paige was still dominating batters at 52 celia cruz was still winning grammys at 77 john wheeler illuminated our ideas of the universe at 70 and roger crouch was 56 when he first went into space your best is yet to come
7:00 am
good morning, america. as we join you this wednesday morning, millions are waking up to winter weather alerts. snow and ice, that bitter cold blast in the south now sweeping the east. alerts from new jersey to new york and boston, as millions face dangerous driving conditions and some of the coldest air of the season moving in. deadly shootout -- new images this morning of those terrifying moments, a neighborhood turned into an urban war zone. the jewish grocery store destroyed in a four-hour gun gun


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