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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  December 12, 2019 6:00am-7:01am PST

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101 on the peninsula early this morning. we're life with the effort to reopen all the lanes. it's thursday, december 12th. we have team coverage of that crash. first let's look live at the golden gate bridge. more rain, more fog, it is going to be another slow commute out there this morning. we'll get to meteorologist mike nicco. >> deserves a storm impact scale, it's a 1 for drizzle and showers. not quite as widespread and heavy as yesterday. we do have dangerous surf developing at the coast at 3:00 this afternoon. we have dangerously low visibilities showing up around santa rosa, guerneville road, highway 101 and highway 12, all those areas, slow down and give yourself extra time. look at how mild it is this morning, mid to upper 50s and periods of rain an drizzle this afternoon. >> thank you. our traffic headline this morning has been this crash involving multiple cars in mountain view. it's happened at 1:45 this morning. the northbound lanes were just
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reopened a short time ago. this crash shut down both lanes there on both sides of the highway, northbound and southbound direction just past san antonio road. i'm hearing from julian glover that the southbound lanes should be opening shortly. i will send it over right now to reggie and kumasi for an update from him. >> we've been talking about this crash all morning long. it looked awful, but it didn't actually hurt anyone seriously. >> as you can imagine, chp says alcohol was involved in this crash. abc7 news reporter julian glover is live at the scene with details. >> we're hearing a 25-year-old driver arrested for dui caused the crash when he hit the center divide, got out of his car, that's when two work trucks slammed into him. great news for driver, two lanes in the southbound direction are being opened right now. you can see traffic is flowing. on the other side, the northbound traffic is flowing. all lanes open there. that's been open for about 45
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minutes. we hear all lanes will be open momentarily, that's why chp is asking us to move. i want to show you video from earlier this morning so you can see how awful this crash was. look at this red car, almost unrecognizable. this zip car that we're hearing from chp, that the 25-year-old driver was arrested for dui was driving. back here live this morning, two southbound lanes are open right now. momentarily all of those southbound lanes will be open along with all of the northbound lanes here on 101 right in mountain view. so again, good news for drivers heading out for that morning commute. reporting live, i'm julian glover, abc7 news. >> glad to see that progress. developing news in that deadly gun battle in new jersey. now being called a hate crime. the shootout in jersey city left four people dead inchewluding a police detective. this video shows a van pulling
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up outside of a kosher market. two people get out of a stolen u-hall and shoot into the store. it happened when the police detective encountered the suspects at a cemetery while he was investigating a murder. police say the two suspects killed the detective then drove a mile to the market. >> clearly that was their tar g target. >> the suspects shot and killed the owner along with an employee and customer in the market. the suspects have been linked to the lack israelites. new this morning, a 21-year-old man is being held without bail after police say he tried to kill his co-worker in palo alto. lionel munoz was arrested yesterday. he stabbed his co-worker from behind. police say it started when munoz got into a fight with a co-worker at the office on page mill road. munoz is accused of stabbing the victim in the mailroom and chasing the co-worker outside. police say they found munoz in
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the parking lot still holding the knife. the victim is expected to recover. at the live desk, a twitter war between president trump and time's person of the year, greta thunberg. we told you yesterday "time" magazine selected the 16-year-old climate activist as its person of the year beating out president trump and several other individuals. president trump is not impressed. he tweeted this morning, so ridiculous. greta must work on her anger management then go to a good old-fashioned movie with a friend. chill, greta, chill. well, thunberg now appears to be trolling the president. she changed her twitter bio to say this morning, a teen flager working on her anger management problem, currently chilling and watching a good old-fashioned movie with a friend. so far president trump has not responded. kumasi? >> thanks. california is now taking an
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official stance on pregnant women and the use of marijuana. a panel of scientists governor newsom appointed just voted to put cannabis smoke and thc on the list of reproductive toxicants. cannabis officials said there's not enough research on thc to support the move. in an effort to building a better bay area, san francisco now has an online tool to make it easier to get mental health or addiction treatment. this website, shows a realtime number and location of treatment beds. this is part of an initiative to help the hroughly 4,000 homeles people with treatment. a dog's leash gets caught in an elevator, a split second decision that saved its life. and we're going to try to
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temporarily bring you some sunshine sunday and monday. look at that. on either side of this, we have chances
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here, it all starts withello! hi!... how can i help? a data plan for everyone. everyone? everyone. let's send to everyone! wifi up there? uhh. sure, why not? how'd he get out?! a camera might figure it out. that was easy! glad i could help. at xfinity, we're here to make life simple. easy. awesome. so come ask, shop, discover at your local xfinity store today. a touch of mildness and
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mugginess outside. neighborhood temperatures, 58 to 60 through most of the south bay. mid 50s in there and near 60 outside. temperatures in the afternoon hours, not as we start the day. south of the san mateo bridge, nothing measurable hit our buckets during the overnight hours. but there is a chance as we head throughout the day, if you're going to be outside, danger also at our beaches as a high surf advisory kicks in at 3:00. in the peninsula, our best chance of drizzle through the morning hours. mid 60s this afternoon, a little sunshine, a random shower possible. much drier than yesterday. same thing for the east bay, 59 through 9:00. mid 60s this afternoon. cloudier at 7:00. san francisco, since we're so close to the coast, a better chance of trizal and sh adrizzl temperatures topping out in the 60s. jobina? >> good morning. i want to take you to some video from the scene that we've been looking at all morning long in mountain view.
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to understand what happened here, around 1:45 this morning, the chp said the driver of that red car you just saw was driving drunk in the northbound lanes of 101 and crashed into the center divide. that person got out of their car. two trucks were also driving up northbound 101 and crashed into that car. amazingly missed the person that got out of it. that driver of the red car was arrested for dui. the driver of one of the trucks was taken to the hospital but with minor injuries. this shut down the northbound lanes of 101 and the southbound lanes of 101 because of the debris that spilled across the the roadways there. i understand the southbound lanes, there's two left lanes open now. the northbound lanes opened up about 150 minutes ago. looks like everything should be good in the next few minutes. reggie and kooum? >> how you can get a dozen
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new at 6:00, a frightening close call in houston. a security camera recording the moment a man rescued a dog. the dog's owner goes into the elevator. it closes, but the leash is still attached to the dog. the dog is outside the elevator. a neighbor was just standing there who got off, jumped into action. he removed the leash just in time. he said the fur was making it hard at first. he got it and that dog is fine. can you imagine? >> no. >> that dog owner is so lucky that that man happened to be there. he could have just gone about -- the fact he even looked back at the dog is a miracle. >> he probably knew. that leash was long. >> he was catching out. >> that's why you have to be
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nice to your neighbors. >> that's why. they can save your dog's life. >> bring them over a cookie. >> every so often. the sharks have a new interim coach. >> the team fired head coach peter deboer. he took the sharks to the stanley cup finals in 2016 but the sharks are now 12th place in the west. the assistant coach will take over. the sharks will take on t rangers at the s.a.p. center at 7:30 tonight. the city of san francisco will likely face a significant deficit in the next fiscal year. the shortfall may require budget cuts to close the gap. mayor london breed announced the worsening financial outlook at the board of supervisors meeting. she says the city is facing a short fall starting in july. the mayor warned supervisors about adding unfunded
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commitments. krispy kreme is offering its buy a dozen get a dozen for a deal only for today. krispy kreme calls it day of the dozens. it's in honor of 12/12 because today is december 12th. there are some fun flavors to choose from. the holiday selection this year includes the reindeer doughnut with pretzel antlers, there's a santa belly doughnut with chocolate cream inside or keep it classic. >> and classy. >> classy. >> just get that glaze. >> get the glaze. >> you said the santa belly had chocolate in it, not a bowl full of jelly? >> they had one job, right? >> some people might like that. >> it goes with the whole song. >> y'all like doughnut analysts. >> right now? for the next ten seconds, yes. >> we are. we are. >> just eat the doughnut. >> glazed, 7, 8 seconds in the
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microwave. >> let's talk about why you would want something warm like that today on this damp morning. 280 at 17, one of our driest commutes in the south bay. in walnut creek, it looks dry now. the krispy kreme store about two miles north of this on willow bridge? somewhere up there. you can see the hot light from the highway. let's look at what's going on. heading into 24 and through the east bay hills, you will run into drizzle. not quite as wet as yesterday. trending dry for sunday, monday and tuesday. here's a look at today. you can see not as much green on the map in the afternoon hours. low to mid 60s in the middle of december. tonight will be cooler will drier air moving in to the north bay. that will take away the clouds temporarily. you will be in the mid to upper 40s. the rest of us cloudy and low to mid 50s.
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a plume of moisture, but more gray than it is bright white. the more white the clouds, the more moisture it holds. that's why our levels of rainfall will be down today. every once in a while, green blips, organized areas of steadier rain, even to a shower. by 7:00, already seeing some clearing up in the north bay. temporarily clearing overnight and fills in with fog. not much rain out of this system. some people in the north bay and south bay, less than that. heavier rain for friday evening, saturday evening, tuesday night into wednesday is our next chance. those are also 1s on the storm impact scale. hi, jobina. >> hi, mike. starting off with a look at the scene that we've been following in mountain view. this is northbound 101 and southbound 101 just past san antonio road. the update is all lanes have reopened. both the southbound direction and the northbound direction were shut down because of a
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multi car crash caused by a drunk driver. that driver was arrested on the scene. thankfully no serious injuries and now traffic is moving. earlier this morning, we were seeing those purple lines indicating everything was closed. northbound direction, everything is moving. moving now to the santa cruz mountains, northbound 17 past the summit a two-car crash there starting out first as a stall and another car drove into it. now both lanes are blocked. all lanes there, speeds are down to 7 miles per hour in that area that will impact people headed north towards the south bay. looking live at emeryville. this is 80. things are looking good and moving smoothly. "good morning america" is coming up at 7:00 on abc7. >> ginger zee has a look at what's ahead. good to see you. >> good morning to you. great to be with both of us. coming
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to impeach the president is under way. and a new study about sleep and strokes, why too much sleep or taking long naps may be bad for you. drsh a dr. ashton will have answers. and inspiring words from reese witherspoon why she's saying women should embrace their "inner shrew." and we look back at 2019, the news, the surprises, so many great memories. some surprises that i knew and forgot about. we all cry. i'll give you that as a little indicator of what's to come. >> awe. my favorite moment this morning was looking at ginger's twitter feed. she has the funniest tweet about her son who apparently orders things off amazon accidentally, and she finds out about it later. >> he's not even two yet, he
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just got ahold of that remote. i'm telling you, we have silence of the lambs ordered at 6:00 a.m. yesterday. i'm like what? >> so good. you have to check out her twitter. thank you very much. we'll see you soon. taylor swift is making headlines today. the offer that was mad
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great news at 6:24. let me show you what's fog goin with the drought. there is no drought. we're no longer abnormally dry. only 4% of the state down from 85% of the state is abnormally dry. that's way up near the oregon border. let's look at our next chances of rain. waking up tomorrow morning with fog out there. at noon, light rain up in the north bay. for the rest of us during the evening hours, a break overnight, saturday morning and saturday evening is our last push of rain. >> thanks. part of building a better bay area involves finding ways to be more efficient. menlo park fire district introduced an all electric concept fire truck. >> it's the first of its kind. in the future we could see this
6:25 am
battery powered fire engine putting out fires. officials say the all electric engine will need less maintenance and it would eliminate using diesel which will protect firefighters from cancer causing fumes. the new engine would come equipped for a dual battery system. >> when i came into the fire service i was told the fire service is 200 years of tradition only impeded by progress. we're throwing that out. >> okay. the district still needs approval from the fire board. if all of that goes well you can see the all-electric fire engines as early as 2022. taylor swift will be honored with the first ever women of the decade award today. it's happening at the 14th annual billboard women in music event. swift spent the decade crossing over from country to pop breaking records along the way. she's at the forefront in the fight for artist rights. swift celebrates her 30th birthday tomorrow. next at 6:30, joe biden comes to the bay area.
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where he's holding campaign events today. a
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commuter alert. another issue with muni's new trains. it's forcing them to pull some cars off the streets. what you need to know before the morning commute. ♪ budget cuts are coming to town ♪ >> protesters interrupt another oakland unified meeting. >> there are board members that need to go. >> the demands being made by angry parents as the school district considers more budget cuts for the coming year. >> come on. >> at least two incidents involving hacked ring cameras. the warning going out to users and what you should do to protect your cameras. and the countdown to christmas. amazon releasing shipping deadlines if you want to get your gifts on time.
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>> good morning, everyone. it's thursday, december 12th. >> and like the other days this week, there's a little drizzle out there. >> it's not as widespread nor as heavy this morning. more of us are enjoying the drier commute. that will be the case in the evening hours also. some drizzle and scattered showers in places where it was steady yesterday, it won't be quite as steady today. the plume of moisture is drying up a bit. you will see it about 5,000 feet and below where we're finding most of the moisture now. here's some of the drizzle and haze hanging in the air from the roof camera in san francisco looking down towards the ferry building and the bay bridge. look at those super filed systems, mid to upper 50s this morning. 59 to 64 at noon.
6:31 am
59 to 65 at 4:00. upper 50s and near 60 at 7:00. let's talk to jobina. how is the commute? >> things are much better in mountain view. that's the good news. that issue we've been following all morning long on northbound and southbound 101 just past san antonio road, a crash caused by a drunk driver, the chp arrested that driver at the scene. multiple cars were involved, everything was shut down for a few hours, but everything has cleared up. in the santa cruz mountains now, northbound 17 past the summit, we have a two-car crash there blocking all lanes. speeds are down to 7 miles per hour. 101, smooth ride there. the roads are a bit wet, though. take your time. >> thanks. an alert for muni your train could be crowded. >> there's a problem with the new fleet. another problem on top of the
6:32 am
other high profile issues that needed fixes this year. amy hollyfield is in the west hi. good morning. people are not happy to hear that muni will be crowded. muni says expect crowded trains because they have an equipment availability issue. the "san francisco chronicle" is reporting that they need to replace the pins that hold the cars together on the new trains. the report says the pins that hold the trains together need to be replaced. the manufacturer is sending new pins and is paying for the replacements. the company is also redesigning the pins. riders say this will be a tough commute. >> it's frustrating, they're already packed as it is with two trains. i hope they get it together. this is -- this is a little ridiculo ridiculous. if you're here at 7:30, the amount of people just double -- it doubles at 8:30, triples. there's people getting on this
6:33 am
train at this station all day, all morning. >> muni bought 68 new trains within the last year and they dealt with a number of problems. they had to fix breaks on the new trains, add sensors to the doors. next year they say they will be replacing the bench seats because riders don't like the current ones. muni is calling today's problems short-term and to expect crowded trains today only. that's what they're saying as of right now. reporting live in san francisco, amy hollyfield, abc7 news. thank you. new this morning, the construction of new suicide nets on the golden gate bridge is delayed by two years. this is a live picture of the bridge. the project was expected to be completed in 2021 but this morning the golden gate bridge district confirms in an email the project won't be done until 2023. district officials say there are problems with the lead
6:34 am
contractor. sbort supporters so much this suicide barrier say this means 60 lives will likely be lost. 26 people already died this year on the bridge. three accused drug dealers in san francisco's tender loin have been arrested and charged in the deaths of a santa rosa man and his toddler. the u.s. attorney filed the criminal complaint in san francisco yesterday. in september police found patrick o'neill unresponsive and his 13-month-old son dead. the toddler died after accidentally ingesting fentanyl, which o'neill had consumed. if convicted the three defendants could get prison. in the east bay, a big break in the case of a hair cut gone bad. the woman accused of running over a barber in antioch is now in custody. 28-year-old ruby delgadillo turned herself in yesterday. she rammed her car into a barbershop after a dispute over her son's hair cut.
6:35 am
the impact pushed 63-year-old brian martin into the shop's front window. martin suffered severe leg injuries. building a better bay area can sometimes get contentious. passionate parents shut down an oakland school board meeting last night. ♪ budget cuts are coming to town ♪ >> as you can hear, the protests came in the form of christmas carol parodies. the oakland school board president moved the meeting. the coalition oakland not for sale claims the district mismanages money with little accountability. london says revenue is down and costs are up and she adds that oakland has more schools to operate compared to bay area districts. >> oakland has 36,000 students in 83 schools. fremont has 35,000 students in 42 schools. >> this is one of the wealthiest moments that we have in the history of oakland.
6:36 am
it makes no sense that they're closing schools. >> the protests and the meeting come a day after london was served with a notice to recall. first michael bloomberg and tom steyer now joe biden is bringing his campaign to the bay area. >> the former vice president will be here today for a pair of fund-raisers, one will be held in palo alto, the other in san francisco. according to politico, one of them will be hosted by senator dianne feinstein and her husband and the other hosted by san francisco lawyer joe conchet. today is the deadline for democrats to qualify for the presidential debate in l.a. and it appears seven candidates qualified, including tom steyer, who is also in the bay area today. he is taking part in a town hall in napa. he spoke and answered questions at an event in walnut creek yesterday. he said he's running for president so the government can start working for the people. former new york city mayor michael bloomberg was in san francisco talking climate change
6:37 am
yesterday. he attended a conference at the moscone center with former governor jerry brown. earlier he kicked off his california campaign swing in stockton. bloomberg told supporters he would propose using tax credits to partially pay for affordable housing. the house judiciary committee is back in session on capitol hill to consider impeachment charges against president trump. this is a live look inside right now at their meeting. the committee debated the charges against the president late into the night. democrats insist that the evidence is rock solid. that the president abused his power by pressuring ukraine to investigate his rivals and obstructed congress democrats say in order to protect the next election they must impeach. republicans are railing against the process. they say this is nothing more than a partisan push to oust the president. it's the final phase before a full vote in the house next week when president trump will likely become the third president in
6:38 am
history to be impeached. netflix ramping up the streaming wars. the incredible deal that might be ready to be unveiled to lock in your subscription. >> right now you're taking a live look at the big board at the new york stock exchange. another update on the markets. right now we're starting up 80 points. and the warning about two families who say hackers accessed their ring cameras. in one case a little girl was in her bedroom. first, we talk with mike nicco. >> a little dicey out there once again on the roads. especially in san francisco. the closer you get to here, the more likely you will be to run into drizzle. if you're waking up and heading here, dress for temperatures from about 55 to 58 degrees. 61 in belmont and union city. 60 in saratoga. pittsburg and tracy, 52 degrees.
6:39 am
otherwise most of our temperatures are where our highs too be for this time of year. san mateo bridge, a dry commute. further south you go, the more dry weather you will be driving on today. wet periods if you're out on the water. for mass transit, it's damp but mild. in the north bay, mid 50s. fog a more dominant feature, it will be mosh so tomorrore so to. we'll have some of the coolest weather topping out at about 60 degrees. scattered showers this afternoon and the last stop is the south bay, we have cloudy conditions, a little break this afternoon will help push you to 65 and still 60 degrees at 7:00. i found some dry days if you want to head outdoors. hi, jobina. >> hi, mike. the headline here right now is all lanes have reopened on 101
6:40 am
in the northbound and southbound direction in mountain view. this is video of the scream from earlier this morning. the crash according to the chp was caused by a drunk driver. that driver hit the center dried dwoo divide. everything is back open. your morning commute should no longer be impacted. back out here in the studio. an update in the santa cruz mountains. a two-car crash there has cleared. we're still looking at residual delays on northbound 17 past the summit. speeds down to 6 and 7 miles per hour, you can expect delays if you're headed out that way going towards the south bay. live look at the limg rigrichmo rafael bridge right now, it's beginning to pack up but it is moving. we'll be bac
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brown sugar and white sugar. growing up were how can i not get type 2 diabetes? i went through the grieving process, i went through the "why me" process, then i got involved with the american diabetes association. and that involvement allowed me to understand that i wasn't alone, it wasn't something to grieve about, it was something to manage.
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mike bloomberg's created on tover 400,000 jobs.ue leader. as president, an opportunity economy that works for us. tax fairness -- where the wealthy pay their fair share. education .. affordable college and high skill vocational training so people can succeed in the new economy. economic security .. lower cost health care and affordable middle-class housing. proven leadership on jobs .. to build an economy where people don't just get by, they get ahead. i'm mike bloomberg and i approve this message.
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some foggy and wet areas for our kids as they head off to school. a few chances continue, they will be less as we head into the afternoon hours. more of us dry than we were yesterday. thick fog in the san joaquin valleys. visible less thsibility less th mile. chances of rain from monterey northward. look at the sunshine down in l.a. and palm springs, low 70s there. tomorrow noon until 10:00 a.m. saturday morning, don't try to drive into the sierra, up to a
6:44 am
foot, foot and a half of snow is possible. rain today, turning over to snow friday and then changing to just snow showers by sunday. thanks. the morning commute still trying to bounce back from a horrific crash along highway 101 on the peninsula. this is some video shot of it. it involved three vehicles, one of them was ripped apart. abc7 news reporter julian glover is live at the scene with the latest. good morning. >> good morning to you. the very latest is some very good news, that is all lanes both northbound and southbound on highway 101 open this morning. check it out for yourself. you're seeing those headlights going in both directions. that was not the case because this thing was shut down again in both directions for several hours. let's get you to some more of that video that kumasi showed you a couple minutes ago. look at that red car, that zip car completely smashed up. we're hearing it was the 25-year-old driver who was later arrested for dui who started
6:45 am
this entire thing off. two work trucks slammed into that car. thankfully the driver was outside of it and is okay. that's when a load of gravel spilled everywhere. that shut down the roads for so long as those caltrans crews worked to clear things up. this was caused by someone driving drunk according to chp. hre's a warning from an officer as we head into the holiday season. >> we'll have a lot of parties, reunions, get-togethers, there will be alcohol involved. if you are going out, just have another form of transportation and a safe way to get home. >> again, back here live this morning. all lanes both northbound and southbound back open this morning on highway 101. good news there. as far as injuries are concerned, only minor injuries if you can believe that from one of the workers who happened to be in that work truck. that 25-year-old driver arrested and facing charges this morning. reporting live in mountain view, i'm julian glover, abc7 news.
6:46 am
>> so glad this is over. this morning ring is warning users to regularly change your passwords after two incidents where security cameras were hacked. in this incident an 8-year-old girl is left searching for an invisible intruder. you will hear a male voice asking this young girl to destroy her own things. >> you can do whatever you want right now. you can break your tv. >> in georgia, another incident where this happened. >> i seen the blue light come on, i ask my boyfriend what are you doing? we're going to sleep? he says what are you talking about? this morning samsung is opening a new store and it's miles away from apple's headquarters. the new store is at stanford shopping center in palo alto, it's what it calls an experience
6:47 am
retail store. it features every kind samsung division with options not available at other stores. netflix is reportedly testing new price plans that would give you a huge discount. some users in india spotted the offers earlier this week. you get 50% off if you'll pay for a year in advance. that works out to about 7.99 a month for a premium plan. analysts say it's part of netflix plan to compete with disney plus from our parent company. there's no word on when the deals might come to the u.s. now a live look at the new york stock exchange. we're up about 158 points. not done with your holiday shopping yet? have you ever started? there's good news if you haven't, like me. amazon just released its holiday shipping schedule.
6:48 am
it shows prime members must order by sunday, december 22nd to get free shipping and get their package delivered before christmas. free one-day delivery orders have to be placed by monday, december 23rd. it looks like i have what? time. >> you don't. >> i do. >> okay. the u.s. marines and abc7 are joining forces to make sure thousands of deserving kids have a holiday they won't forget. >> we had the privilege of helping out. we were at the disney store in union square to go shopping. our parent company, disney, gave us $5,000 to go on a toy shopping spree. so this is some of what we were able to pick out for deserving kids, not just for us. it was cool to walk through, see the toys, boots. won't that make somebody happen? i thought so. this is your thing here. these socks. >> i like the disney sox. it's like an advaed advent >> i like the "black panther"
6:49 am
pants and stuff. >> the hand. the gloves. >> thank you, friend. >> we're into the marvel toys yesterday. it was good. all the toys are going to the marines annual toys for tots toy drive. you can still drop off toys at the disney store in union square and you'll have a good time there. disney is the parent company of abc7. >> all right. now we will toss it over to jobina. >> thank you. good morning. so, i'm just going to let you know verbally, give you the update, that crash we're following on northbound and southbound 101 in mountain view all clear. we're moving on from that. we're looking live at the bay bridge toll plaza right now. metering lights came on at 5:14 this morning. it's slick. take your time as you approach the bridge. also now, i want to check in on our drive times here. santa rosa to petaluma, 16-minute ride. castro valley to the maze, 15 minutes. 280/680 to highway 85, 19-minute
6:50 am
ride. no other major issues so far on the roads. we hope to keep it that way. hi, mike. >> hi, everybody. some good news. not quite as wet this morning as it was yesterday morning. in san rafael, it looks drier than yesterday. look at the south bay, in san jose, haven't found the buckets measuring rain in the last six hours here. your trip up or south on 87 looking pretty dry. so today, that's going to be the theme. not quite as wet as yesterday. still a chance out there. we have to keep a 1 on the storm impact scale. less drizzle tonight, more fog will develop for our commute tomorrow. trending dry for sunday, monday and most of tuesday. today you can see out there, it's going to be very mild, low to mid 60s. notice a few splotches of green. there's the chance of drizzle and a random shower. tonight, notice the lack of green out there. notice the temperatures cooler in the north bay. you will clear out temporarily before the fog fills in. mid to upper 40s there. the rest of us in the low to mid 50s.
6:51 am
low pressure to the north, high pressure to the south. look at this shooting that stream of moisture at us. it's not as plentiful as it was yesterday. looking through future radar, you see some green out there as you head towards lunch and into the afternoon hours. it starts to taper. you can see the clouds breaking in the north bay this evening. look how cloudy it will be tomorrow morning and foggy. then as we head tomorrow afternoon into the evening hours, that's when the rain starts to roll in. less than 0.15 inches today. a quart other inch tomorrow. a quarter to a third of an inch saturday. we had a lot of snow in the sierra. let's get a report from jobina about it. >> thank you, mike. who is ready for the toyota tahoe traffic report? this is my first time doing this. i'm excited about this. checking in here for squaw alpine, northstar and heavenly, no chains needed.
6:52 am
for squaw alpine, three hours and seven minutes. northstar, three hours and six minutes. we want more, we do. but the snow base for squaw alpine. moving over, we'll check in on some other spots. taking 80 to the sugar bowl, two hours and 48 minutes. sierra at tahoe, 2 hours and 55 minutes. 3 hours and 16
6:53 am
6:54 am
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it's 6:55, if you're about to go out the door, 7 things to know before you go. highway 101 in mountain view has reopened following a three-vehicle crash. a zip car got hit by two work trucks. it spilled gravel across the north and the southbound lanes. the driver who stepped out of that vehicle before it was hit was arrested on a dui charge. number two, a slick commute this morning. a live look at the golden gate bridge. take your time as you head out so we don't see other issues on the roads. >> the concentration of drizzle and fog mainly along the coast. our higher elevations like the east bay hills, south of the san mateo bridge is dry.
6:56 am
you can see by the afternoon hours, the further south you are, the more sunshine you'll see. number four, heads up for muni riders. you can expect a more crowded commute. an issue with the pins is forcing muni to run the new trains with only one car instead of the usual two. number five, joe biden will be in the bay area for a pair of fund-raisers. one of them is in palo alto, the other in san francisco. according to politico, one will be hosted by senator dianne feinstein and her husband. number six this morning, president trump is attacking "time's" person of the year, greta thunberg. the president tweets so ridiculous. greta must work on her anger management problem, then go to a good old-fashioned movie with a friend. chill, greta, chill. >> number seven, krispy kreme is offering its buy a dozen get a dozen free today, it's in of 12/12. so you get a dozen doughnuts for a buck when you buy
6:57 am
dozen doughnuts. >> which you have analyzed. >> mike pointed out errors in their judgment. sarah's last tuition payment, sent off. feeling good? oh yeah. now i'm ready to focus on my project. ♪ ♪ this is why we plan. ♪ ♪
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you never cease to amaze me, maya. see how investing with a j.p. morgan advisor can help you. visit your local chase branch.
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good morning, america. as we join you this thursday morning, the first impeachment vote by day's end. trump, the fourth president in history to face that fate. overnight, republicans and democrats going head to head. their final chance to make changes to the charges against president trump before the historic vote. we're live in washington with the latest. targeted attack. disturbing new details about that deadly shootout in new jersey. surveillance video showing the shooters intentionally firing on a jewish market, killing three people inside, and a pipe bomb discovered in their truck. what we're now learning about the radical group they're connected to, as thousands honor the victims overnight. breaking news. an 18-year-old college student murdered in a park in manhattan


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