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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  December 13, 2019 1:07am-1:42am PST

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democratic presidential candidate joe biden in the bay area tonight on a fund-raising frenzy. an upside down christmas tree, a string of lights and what looks to be a noose. the reason behind this south bay display and reaction from visitors. the deadline to fill these empty shelves with toys is fast approaching. how you can help the richmond fire and police toy program. abc 7 news starts right now. therefore the committee will now stand in recess until tomorrow morning at 10:00 a.m. and the committee is in recess. >> major developments on capitol hill tonight. we're just hours away from an expected committee vote on the articles of impeachment against president trump. >> the house judiciary committee abruptly ended a marathon 14-hour debate on the articles tonight. republicans say it's an effort
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to undo the 2016 election. >> you've been wanting to do that for a long time. >> both sides expect the articles to be approved. it will be only the third time in modern history the articles of impeachment have been sent to the white house followed by a trial in the senate. democratic candidte joe biden was in the bay area today for a fund-raising blitz. it comes a new cnn poll finds likely democratic voters in california are ability evenly split among the top three candidates. >> joe biden, bernie sanders and elizabeth warren are all in a very close place. >> reporter: a fund-raising frenzly for democratic presidential candidate joe biden today where there's big money and campaign contributions up for grabs. former vice president joe biden arriving ready to shake hands at a private democratic fund-raiser hosted by senator diane
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feinstein and others. oakland mayor libby shaft was among about 160 attendees. >> we supported the middle class for many years and we feel we need a president back here that can restore the soul of the nation. the candidate also attended another small fund-raiser in san francisco. the events part of an in person and online biden fund-raising push happening since october. >> he's starting to put up great financial numbers now. he's done three events today. i think we were sold out in san francisco. >> reporter: he's playing a major role for democratic fund-raising this election. he believes the departure of senator kamala harris will mean more financial backing for biden. >> with her dropping out of the race i think she had a good showing. the question is who's going to pick up most of that support and so far i think most of that is
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joe biden. >> but the deep pockets of michael bloomberg should not be ruled out. >> we'll see how he goes in the polls. >> now, sources say $400,000 was raised at tonight's fairmont event at biden's and cornell bernard, abc 7 news. new developing news in the u.k. tonight. prime minister boris johnson sports a dramatic electoral victory today. his party secured enough seats for a majority for the house in parliament. political experts say that'll likely pave the way for a so-called brexit to take place at the end of january. the fog has rolled back into san francisco tonight. this is live look at golden gate bridge. we promise it is in there somewhere. meteorologist sandhya patel is here with a quick look at the
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weather. >> you can't even see the top of the transamerica pyramid because it has faded in the fog. visibility right now just over a mile in santa rosa. napa 3 quarters of a mile, half moon bay 1 mile, and in oakland it's a half a mile. slow down, use your low beams and definitely leave space ahead of you. you're going to need it. i am tracking a light system with live doppler system, and i'll let you know when that rain is going to get back into the bay area coming up. and that rain, it keeps on coming. and a light storm today and you can track the rain on the live doppler 7 abc 7 news app or in
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viewers expressed concerns. the tree was tied upside down and not tying it togethr resembles a noose. >> reporter: we've covered the controversy over the satanic christmas tree displays. people say if it wasn't meant to be a noose, someone should have known better. trees are up and families are out in downtown san jose. one stirring up a bit of controversy, curiosity and even concern. >> first thing that came to mind is why is it upside down, the second thing is like why is there a noose. >> reporter: an inverted tree hanging by this knot resembling a noose and a string of red lights leading visitors to someone buried beneath. but why? >> i would like to know why it's decorated this way and depending
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on what that answer is, if there's an uproar, there's an uproar, but it's just different. >> reporter: the committee chair explained the troop was founded on halloween 1939. he said every year the troop takes on a halloween theme and often the trees are hung. same deal last year. when asked about the noose higgins said it's a knot tying the tree to the structure. >> that's a boy scout knot right but it has such a historsignificance. >> clearly it's a zombie tree, but an upside down hanging by a noose maybe is politically tone-deaf right now. >> reporter: he says someone will be back this weekend to post a sign explaining the design. he said the troop could possibly
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soften up the knot during that visit. in san jose i'm amanda del castillo, abc 7 news. new details, the 28-year-old mother accused of ramming her car into an antioch barber lastt week is facing attempted murder. police say the argument escalated during a dispute over her child's haircut. she turned herself in this week. she's set to be arraigned tomorrow afternoon. san francisco police just identified the body in a 43-year-old cold case. detectives say a missing persons report filed in 2017 for judy gifford placed her disappearance in the time frame of a 1976 unsolved murder case. dna tests with her family members proved a match with the remains in the san francisco crime lab. this is what $2 million worth of suspected stolen merchandise looks like. >> a lot of stuff.
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laptops, tablets, phones, both person and from stores were put on display today by the san francisco district attorney's office. >> the office along with other law enforcement agencies revealed the results of opization focus lens. investigators say it disrupted a large scale fencing operation. >> what creates an incentive to break into cars and break into homes is if you can quickly turn whatever you stole into money. and a fencing operation makes that possible. >> investigators say this operation is unprecedented in terms of the level of collaboration by law enforcement and the sheer volume and dollar amount of what they recovered. >> they say arrests were made in the investigation, but they aren't ready to share it just yet. if you think any of the items are yours, contact police. new earthquake hazard maps today. the red indicates where 75% or greater chance of a damaging
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earthquake could happen in the next 100 years. researchers decided to raise the shaking estimates in the south and east bays after doing a more thorough analysis of the soils under san jose and walnut creek. the usga says the maps are not meant to scare but to help all of us prepare. the state is adopting more robust building codes in 2020. the codes are updated every three years. hundreds of children may not receive toys this holiday season if these bins don't fill up. the desperate call for donations. how secure is your home surveillance? >> more ring cameras are getting hacked. what parents need to know. first here's look at what's coming up on jimmy kimmel live. >> let's just chill and go to an good old-fashioned movie with a friend. what's going on for christmas? do you have a plan? are you going home? >> probably not.
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among the cases a little girl who suddenly heard a stranger's voice. >> reporter: that is the sound of hackers. >> it was coming from the camera. >> reporter: tapping into a ring camera system in a texas home. >> your account has been term nalted by a hacker. >> reporter: and demanding a ransom according to the homeowner. >> really catches you off-guard. >> reporter: it is one of several cases reported just this week of strangers gaining access to ring cameras, watching people inside their homes. >> i'm your best friend. i'm santa claus. >> reporter: in mississippi a mother horrified to learn of this unnerving encounter between an invisible intruder and her 8-year-old daughter. >> you can do whatever you want right now. you can mess up your room. you can break your tv. >> mommy. >> i can't even put into words how violated i feel. it really is like my worst nightmare. >> reporter: and in georgia someone remotely lurking on a
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woman as she went to sleep. she and her boyfriend reporting the scare to ring, the company telling abc news our security team has investigated this incident and we have no evidence of an unauthorized intrusion or compromise of ring systems or network. the statement goes onto say the company recently learned that some ring user names and passwords were stolen from an unrelated service and used to log into some accounts. they're encouraging customers to change their passwords regularly. marcy gonzalez, abc news, los angeles. in the east bay there is a desperate call for more donations tonight. this year the richmond fire and toy police program is falling short and their deadline is approaching very quickly now. the need is really great. >> i've never seen the shelves bare, empty like this. >> reporter: for over two decades the richmond fire and toy police program has never looked like this.
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>> usually these shelves are overflowing with toys. we usually get a lot of donations at this point. but right now we're falling short. >> reporter: short of donations and time. >> we are one week out from our event, and we have only filled the bags of half of the families who signed up. >> reporter: with the december 20th deadline fast approaching the richmond fire department and the police department posted on facebook asking for help. >> to me the most important part is that there are for some families, some children especially, this is the only christmas that they have. >> reporter: donations are needed for children ages 3 to 12, but the shelf for boys 7 to 12 years is completely empty. >> it's so easy when you go out shopping running errands to just buy a toy and bring it to us and we'll make sure it goes to a needy child. >> reporter: you can drop off a toy at any richmond station.
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susan is even willing to go to your doorstep. >> you can call me. my number is on the website if you need me to come and get your toys. we just sorely are in need this year. >> they need help fast. those shelves should be packed with toys. >> they should. well, a 6-wk old baby is alive and has no serious injuries after being thrown from a car during a crash. >> it is being called understandably a miracle. >> i've been on 17 years and i've never seen anything like this before. >> the chp officer ezra bonetaba family was in a crash and it flipped several times. >> he was in a car seat in the back but investigators say it wasn't installed correctly and he was flung out of a broken window. >> his dad got out of the car and searched for his boy, and
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firefighters ultimately found him in his car seat but flipped upside down in a bush on the shoulder. >> that'll just stop your heart. >> that's a good way to phrase it, terrifying. but okay. let's turn our attention to the weekend forecast some rain. >> i have a potpourri of weather for our upcoming weekend. i want to show you live doppler 7 in just a moment, but we're going to check out this picture from the sfo camera. we do have fog. and if you are flying out tomorrow do be prepared for possible delays. we'll be drying out sunday and monday. so here's a look at your morning commute planner. definitely use caution. we're going to be seeing dense fog especially for your morning drive. if you're taking the ferry across the bay, fair skies. and if you're walking, gray and misty so be prepared for that. live doppler 7 not showing you any rain, but we are seeing a bits of mist out there with the
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fog. i want to show you encouraging and great news. just a couple of weeks ago the bay area was in the first stages of the drought. it was dry, and now that's gone. in fact, much of the state has actually improved because of all the recent rain. 85% of the state was abnormally dry and now only 4% of the state. once again we do need to conservative just in case the storms don't continue to come in and we go back into the drought. temperatures 40s, 50s. 61, though, in san jose. it's a level one system for tomorrow afternoon. saturday light to moderate rain. up to a third of an inch for the moderate spots. rough and dangerous surf is expected. current wave heights 10 to 11 feet. breakers 16 to 20 feet possible. watch out for rip currents if you're going to be near the coast. for tomorrow clouds, by 1:00 some showers move in. by 3:00 p.m. you do see widespread rain across the region and turning more showery
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at 7:00 p.m. continuing onto the early part of saturday morning, you get a big break saturday until the evening when another batch brings in the cooler air. rainfall totals with this smgs tomorrow afternoon through saturday, up to a third of an inch for the wettest spots. everyone else under that. we do have a winter weather advisory about 6,500 feet. so if you're heading to the mountains take your chains. up to 15 inches for the peaks. travel could be difficult. first thing in the morning 40s, 50s. afternoon highs may be a little bit lower today. it's a 1 for your friday, saturday watch out for the fog monday morning. and more rain comes into in tuesday night into wednesday. it's a level 1 system as of right now. we need a couple of dry days in between to get things done. >> tomorrow on good morning
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released a 5 month old northern into the wild today. the little pup was found malnourished and separated from his mother in a parking garage in november. veterinarians say he quickly began eating and gaining weight and noticed his energy and feisty demeanor. so after two weeks of treatment santos you see there was clear to be released. >> how cute is santos. >> i want to take him home. >> he's adorable. >> live in the pool. we'll hang out, watch games. would a coaching change light a fire under the sharks and end their losing
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good evening, sharks made a coaching change looking for more zip, more energy, new voice to inspire players and they went out against the rangers and lost their sixth in a row.
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here's the new man in charge. new york on the power play with a wrister that beats martin jones. scores again on jones. now 4-3. this goes from bad to worse. you cannot allow that goal to go in. that's a soft goal right there. his second of the game. 5-3, and then an empty netter completing the hat trick. sharks won for their last 32 on the power play. they lose again. 6-3. the classic trap game coming off the packers, ravens and saints now facing the lowly falcons and d.j. jones for the season he's out. ankle injury. high energy rick bosa, eight sacks on the season constantly pressuring opposing quarterbacks to the delight of robert sala. >> i've never seen a rookie get more attention than he's gotten. the amount of chip he gets, the
1:37 am
amount of double-teams i've never seen anything like it. i can't believe teams are afraid of a rookie, but that's their problem. >> thursday night football ravens hosting the jets. how about a lamar jackson run? passing michael vick for most rushing yards for a quarterback in the season and look out. complete with only 15 passes but five went for touch downs. marquise brown, ravens win the game. and day two of the presidents cup. they're in australia. the international team adding to their lead early. justin thomas paired with tiger woods needing this birdie on 18 to win the match. international squad though leading team usa 6.5 tooo and form fr nfl commissioner david stern suffered a brain
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hemorrhage, had emergency suggestry tonight. the 77-year-old stern guided the nba abc 7 sports sponsored by
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♪ ♪ shine for the rest of your life ♪ ♪ stronger than ever, ever ♪ stronger than ever, ever ♪ shine every day and night ♪ stronger than ever, ever ♪ stronger than ever, ever >> tamron: hello! hello! hello, welcome to th the show! welcome, welcome! how are you doing? hello, welcome to the show! have a seat, have a seat. today we have a powerful conversation about what's happening on too many college campuses, campus hazing and fraternities. a new documentary i want


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