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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  December 14, 2019 5:00pm-5:31pm PST

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we are doing almost a gun and a half a minute. >> more than 200 guns turned in in just two hours. a buyback in san francisco intended to get guns off the street and honor the victims of gun violence. abc 7 news reporter cornell bernard is live in san francisco where a vigil for gun violence victims wrapped up just a short time ago. >> cornell, these gun buybacks were also a tribute for violence victims. >> reporter: yeah, dion and
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eric. organizers say the goal is to get these guns off the streets and out of communities and for the most part it was a very successful day all across the bay area. first there was a vigil for gun violence victims at this church. >> a vigil at third baptist church to remember lives lost to gun violence. >> chase kowalski. >> christine pelosi, daughter of nancy pelosi, read the names of 26 victims, most of them children from the sandy hook mass shooting in connecticut. >> seven years ago today, little angels who have now been dead longer than they have been alive. >> reporter: in san francisco, dozens of people traded in their unwanted guns for cash. >> there are no questions asked. you don't have to say where you got the weapon or if you have any more left. we just want to get the guns we can off the street. >> reporter: a violence prevention group partnered with
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the sfpd on the buyback. 317 weapons twururned in, 93 ril rifles, 75 pistols. >> they are trying to save lives as opposed to being promoters of taking lives. >> reporter: gilroy hosted a buyback the first in southern santa clara county in 25 years. >> people were running from the festival right by our front yard. >> last year's shooting at the gilroy garlic festival prompted one man to turn in 15 guns. >> he and his wife, my daughter, wanted to make sure they got off the street. everyone has strongly influenced by what happened at the gilroy garlic festival. >> reporter: we just found out that gilroy's buyback collected almost 500 weapons today, including 26 assault weapons. those turning in guns today in san francisco got $100 for handguns, $200 for assault
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weapons. we're live in san francisco tonight, cornell bernard, abc 7 news. >> all right, thank you very much. to the weather now and a live look outside. we enjoyed a dry day. you see the clouds there, though. but the rain is returning. let's find out from abc 7 meteorologist drew tuma. >> you can see the clouds rolling back in after a pretty bright start to the weekend and now we're tracking isolated showers out there. we give you the sweep and you notice much of the activity is close to the coast and in the north bay. what we're watching, the wider view along with satellite, there's an area of low pressure that will slide into northern california tonight, supply us with that shower chance here and also some snow in the sierra. winds ahead of the system a little breezy out there. we're seeing winds about 10 to 20 miles per hour and it remains breezy tonight. on the storm impact scale this is a level 1 light system with isolated showers, minimal rainfall and wind gusts could go as high as 25 miles per hour. we'll go hour by hour and show
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you the storm and the forecast ahead. the search continues for a 61-year-old san bruno woman missing since november 29th. police are calling lori espozito's disappearance suspicious because the retired social worker's dog, cell phone and wallet were left inside her home at the shelter creek condo complex on shelter creek lane. her car was also there as well. detectives say they'll be searching nearby parks for any clues. family and friends have already helped search around her condo. developing news here, pg&e has until tuesday to further amend its reorganization plan to pull itself out of bankruptcy. this comes after governor gavin newsom yesterday rejected the utility company's proposal. newsom said it lacks major changes in governance and safety mechanisms mandated under the state wildfire statute enacted in july. he said pg&e needs to make major changes if it wants to access billions of dollars in a funding
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to pay wildfire claims. all seven presidential candidates scheduled for next week's democratic debate are threatening to boycott. it's supposed to be held next thursday at loyola marymount but workers are going to be picketing that day. the first to stand in solidarity with the food service workers was elizabeth warren announcing her support in a tweet. shortly after, the rest of the candidates announced their support. >> it's been a long time. we've got to sit at the table and resolve these issues, get the wages and health care that the workers there deserve. >> now, the dnc responded saying its president would never cross a picket line and would never expect their candidates to either. meantime, several democratic candidates have been making their way through the bay area for funding raz-raisers at town events. joe biden was in san francisco thursday.
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tom steyer was in walnut creek and napa this past week. michael bloomberg visited san francisco on wednesday. cory booker had a fund-raiser in palo alto today. pete buttigieg is there september 16th for an event followed by one in san francisco. that same day senator michael bennet will be in san francisco. in developing news, the democratic controlled house seems certain to use near party line votes this coming week to impeach president trump. rachel scott has the latest. >> reporter: the historic vote on articles of impeachment against president trump took less than ten minutes. >> adjourned. >> the house judiciary committee has voted articles of impeachment against the president for abuse of power and obstruction of congress. >> reporter: every democrat voting for impeachment. >> aye. >> reporter: every republican against. >> no. >> reporter: the charges go to the full house expected on wednesday and then on to a trial in the republican-controlled senate. >> it will become the business of the senate after the first of
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the year. senators will all be in their chairs, including those running for president. >> reporter: those five senators will have to take a break from campaigning and return to washington, just weeks before the iowa caucuses. i spoke with one voter in pittsburgh, pennsylvania, who says she supports impeaching the president. >> the president, current president, is not good for our country right now. i feel that way personally. >> reporter: she and other democratic voters express concern over the division in washington and across the country. >> i think that we need to settle down, forget our differences and concentrate on what we have in common. >> reporter: rachel scott, abc news, pittsburgh. we are committed to helping build a better bay area so today we're focusing on your commute and expanded train service. the new larkspur and downtown novato stations officially opened today. abc 7 news was at the larkspur station yesterday. it's expected to make life a little easier for commuters trying to get to san francisco. service to downtown novato also
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began today. that station is currently only open on weekends. on the peninsula tomorrow, drivers can expect delays and detours on highway 92 and several side streets in foster city. pg&e is removing fiber cable from transmission towers. due to the work, chp will run rolling traffic breaks near the san mateo bridge between 6:30 and 9:30 tomorrow morning. the utility says the fiber communication cables have been inactive and can deteriorate. they're being removed as a public safety precaution. in the north bay, a mueller was unveiled to honor a man whose life has become an inspiration. the story of dr. ramon shared. as a boy he helped his adoptive family pick cotton until he went to college. he became a pediatrician and came home caring for the children of migrant farm workers for 30 years. now he tours the country and is the subject of a new documentary
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set to be released next year. a big holiday deadline today if you plan to ship your gifts. the important dates all coming up. >> it's, you know, brazen and arrogant. plus a racetrack that's dealing with a number of horse deat ...6, 7, 8 ♪ ♪ ♪ big dreams start with small steps... ...but dedication can get you there.
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a racetrack in california is using new technology to keep horses safe. santa anita has a pet scanner following the deaths of three dozen horses at the track the past year. santa anita calls it the first machine of its kind. that scanner moves up and down to get a more detailed scan of horses' legs. it's designed to identify pre-existing conditions and
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prevent injuries. the racetrack says more technology is on the way. package theft as you know is a common problem during the holidays, but one thief took an uncommon approach to the crime. that porch pirate left a note thanking the victim in st. paul, minnesota, letting the thief steal the package. the note signed by the new owner of your package. >> i do appreciate a nicely crafted thank you note. but this is ridiculous. i was angry and confused and quite flabbergasted that somebody would actually leave a thank you note when they steal a package. >> hillary smith posted that note on social media where it got a lot of attention. police are on the case. they say it's something they have never seen before. smith has left a decoy package on her steps. she said it's a little gift from her dog. >> zinger. if you are shopping online this holiday season, you'll be happy to hear today is free
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shipping day. more than a thousand retailers will ship your order at no additional cost and time is running out. there's just 11 days until christmas and ten days until hannukah begins. the u.s. postal service says if you are shipping ground, get those packages in the mail today. fedex says the 21st is the last day to ship for gifts to get there by the holiday. a holiday event today spanned the generations. >> just ahead, spreading holiday cheer and combatting loneliness by bringing seniors and local college students together. i'm meteorologist drew tuma. we have light showers out there on your saturday evening. we'll track them on live doppler 7 ahead. now here's tom llamas with a look at what's ahead at 5:30. coming up, panic at the mall. a shooting sending christmas shoppers running for their lives. plus, no debate? why next week's democratic presidential debate may be cancelled. and cities held hostage with cyber att
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in the south bay millenials and seniors are tackling loneliness this holiday season with group activities dubbed not by my selfie. abc 7 news was at oakmont assisted living and memory care as college students gift wrapped seniors' doors to bring residents some holiday cheer. >> oh, i really enjoy them. it makes us all feel festive and ready for the holidays. it's a joy to walk around and see the different door decorations. we appreciate that. >> it's really nice to just help out during the holiday season and give back and just be grateful for what we have. >> the intergenerational fun also includes hanging wreaths, singing carols and wrapping gifts to celebrate the holiday together, not alone. >> that is sweet. road conditions improved in the tahoe area. this morning there were chain restrictions on highways 50 and
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80. those restrictions have since been lifted. more snow is expected this evening into tomorrow morning. the national weather service warns that slick and snow-covered roads are possible in the tahoe area. >> does that mean more rain for us tonight? >> we shall see. drew tuma with a check of our weather. >> tonight once the showers move out we've got a cold night setting in. live doppler 7 with the sweep across the bay area. we'll zoom into street level from marshall over to forest noles even close to pengrove we're seeing light rain. even approaching middletown we'll finding light rain moving through over the next 15 to 20 minutes. in the sierra, there's light snow falling as well. still have about 12 more hours of snowfall headed to the sierra before the storm will windi dow there. we do have a winter weather advisory until 4:00 a.m. with snow showers overnight. we could see an additional 2 to
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4 inches of snow on top of more than a foot we have already seen out of the storm so still travel is pretty difficult this evening moving into the sierra. back here at home we're cooling off into the 50s. a pretty cool afternoon leading to a chilly night. 53 in the city, 51 in fremont. 47 in clear lake, 55 the current temperature in concord. on the storm impact scale tonight, it's a level 1 light system with widely isolated showers. rainfall will be very light in nature, less than a tenth of an inch and the winds will be breezy from time to time gusting 10 to 25 miles per hour. so future weather as we go hour by hour, 10:00 later tonight we're still tracking isolated showers along the coastline and in the south bay. after midnight this storm system is existing our region, so sunday morning we're starting out with dry conditions and a fair amount of sunshine to finish out the weekend. as the storm moves through, it will remain pretty breezy, so 3:00 a.m. tomorrow morning we're
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still seeing winds out of the north from 10 to 25 miles per hour. tomorrow afternoon the winds will really calm down. so overnight tonight we have isolated showers early on. then after midnight we'll see those showers move out. it is a cool night, especially in the north bay. we're dropping into the 30s like santa rosa, napa, even around the bay shoreline you will feel that chill with low to mid-40s over the next few hours. it's a really nice sunday shaping up around here. it's totally dry throughout the afternoon. it's a blendi of sunshine and cloud cover. after that cold start we'll bounce back into the mid and upper 50s by 4:00. so highs on your sunday 55 in the city tomorrow, 56 in oakland, 57 in santa rosa, 56 in san jose, 55 the high in concord. if you're headed to the raiders game tonight, do not fear any wet weather. we have dry conditions, a lot of sunshine but cool in the east bay with temperatures mainly in the mid-50s. here's the accuweather seven-day
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forecast. it's a chilly morning tomorrow, a lot of sunshine. another cold start on monday but we'll keep that dry pattern going another day. tuesday we'll finding increasi clouds. a better bet comes on wednesday with rain and wind. the clouds will linger for thursday and friday and anothe storm coming one week from today on saturday. >> how are our rain totals? >> above normal here but in the east bay we could use some help. >> we'll see how the next couple weeks goes. thanks. well, we mentioned the raiders game tomorrow, right? the last one possibly in the coliseum. >> yeah, unless the vegas stadium isn't ready, it's going to be the last one so plan on it being the last one. a light day on the college football schedule but one of the greatest traditions in the
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well, it is one of the greatest traditions in all of college football, the army/navy game. today is the 120th edition with the navy midshipmen trying to snap a three-game losing streak to army. here we go from philadelphia, navy/army. if you like running the football and ground and pound, this is the game for you. christian anderson, a five-yard run, 7-0. second quarter here comes navy. malcolm perry, the option. there he goes. nice move there to the sideline, 55 yards and he's gone. we're all tied up at 7. late second, here's navy's only
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pass of the game, comes on a reverse and it's wide receiver chance warren to carothers. malcolm perry, the last score of the game, 15 yards and gone. navy wins, 31-7. kyle shanahan is celebrating his birthday today. his teecam can make it a weeken to remember with a win against the falcons tomorrow afternoon. they can clinch a playoff berth with a win against his former team. shanahan was offensive coordinator for two seasons before this job. cornerback richard sherman is out for tomorrow's contest although he feels pretty good. >> i could play in this game if we have to have it. no one would be more cautious than i am. i'd play in this game if they weren't putting a governor on me, but you've got to listen to the coaching staff and training staff. i told them i just needed a couple of days. i feel great today.
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i ran 19 miles an hour, 20 miles an hour today. that's all you need really. >> i wish i could run 20 miles an hour hurt. raiders rookie running back josh jacobs is listed questionable but told reporters he expects to play tomorrow against jacksonville. he's battling that shoulder injury. missed last week's game against tennessee. injury is part of the game and jacobs is looking on the bright side. >> it's football. you can say it can't get worse but anything can happen, you never know. but i know it's something that i won't need to have surgery on so that's a positive note. but after the season i'll probably have to sit a month and a half doing nothing just letting it heal. in college hoops, stanford and san jose state. first half cardinal up 8. spencer jones, dribble drive and off the glass, it's good. stanford up 10 early on. a little later a defensive breakdown. no one guards him. oscar de silva says i'll have that dunk, thank you very much. 11 at the half. nice pass from stanford.
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look at the teamwork, makes the dream work. stanford led by 13 at the break. last check 41-29 in the second half. cardinal in the lane. san mateo high school in the d-1a state championship. that will make tom brady proud. 7-0 padres. ethan garber,garber,garber,garb, mar at the half. so a couple of bay area schools in it. de la salle plays tonight and they're always good in football. we'll keep an eye on those guys. a video of playful pandas is easy to find but not when it's a mama bear and her cub in the
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new on abc 7 news at 6:00, is it over for colin kaepernick? the sign from the nfl that he may never get another shot at playing quarterback. and another sign of the times. the popular airport service that says it's going to be shutting down at the end of this month. finally, a rare sighting captured on camera of a panda and her cub in the wild. >> take a look at this mama bear leading her cub across a pool of water in southwest china. >> the cub who stopped to take a sip is estimated to be about a year old. this is the first time the local nature preserve has gotten footage of a wild
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offspring. they look so friendly and cuddly. that's it for abc 7 news at 5:00. i'm eric thomas. >> and i'm dio tonight, the coast-to-coast winter weather threat. the growing storm on the move. dumping endless snow, putting drivers at risk. and the powerful tornado just confirmed in the south. rob marciano standing by. the student murder manhunt. police on the hunt for more suspects after arresting a 13-year-old in the brutal stabbing. tonight, new details, including how that college freshman fought back when police say a group of teens surrounded, robbed and killed her. panic at the mall. a shooting sending christmas shoppers running for their lives at the height of the holiday shopping season. the moment the gunfire started. plus, no debate? the labor dispute threatening to derail next week's big


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