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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  December 14, 2019 11:00pm-12:01am PST

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vandals hit a popular bay area ice skating rink, forcing it to temporarily close.
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instead of people ice skating, ice slowly melting. the own ev says his ice rink was vandalized. tracking showers, now we're seeing two more storms on the horizon. we'll show you when they arrive. here is a picture of a young man who went to the very first oakland raiders game at the coliseum. tomorrow he's hoping to go to the very last game as well. an east bay ice rink is melting after vandals tampered with the valves. but the community isn't letting them put a damper on christmas.
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>> luz pena explains for the time being the ice rink is more like a lake. >> reporter: while the 37th annual brentwood holiday parade is in full swing, once it turned on second street, things turned from joyful to -- >> disappointed. >> reporter: 10 to 12 birthday parties were planned. at least 200 people were expected to skate. but instead, take a look, the ice rink is empty. >> we came in this morning. it was a lake instead of an east rink. >> reporter: once tom get to the back of the rink he found water running down his parking lot and his equipment tampered with. >> they opened up a couple of drain lines that emptied the fridge rant out of our ice rink system. unfortunately it may have damaged the chiller as well. we're having to replace the chiller tonight. >> reporter: getting enough layers of ice that will take three to four days. so the next time this east rink
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will be open for the public will potentially be wednesday. gregory suspects these customers caught on camera stole a pair of skates and got into an argument with an employee, might have come back and vandalized his business. he filed a police report. as he waits ice keep s >> being a grinch. this parade is a great thing for the community and they took money out of people's mouths. >> reporter: they've come together to support this local business in a different way, buying hot chocolate and sweaters. some bet on what santa might bring the san talls this year. >> santa's not going to give them any gifts this year, probably just coal. >> coal might be useful today. >> i know, chilly weather.
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meteorologist drew tuma talking about the forecast. >> cool tonight, a couple of isolated showers over the next hour or so. live doppler 7 showing you most of the region is dealing with clear skies. one lone shower moving to the south and west the past 30 minutes. so a quick downpour moving through the south bay right now. that's about it. the storm system is moving off to the east right now. it is bringing some snow to the satisfactory where winter weather advisory is in effect. look at these numbers, we are falling to the 40s in our coldest spot. a chilly night on the way tonight. our next storm is not too far away. we're tracking two storms coming in the next seven days. >> you can always check the conditions where you live with the abc live doppler 7 on the abc 7 news app. a developing story, pg and e has until tuesday to amend its bankruptcy reorganization plan. an expert says it will be almost
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impossible to make enough changes to please governor newsom. last night newsom rejected the utility's plan. he says it doesn't do enough to improve management or peeve up safety enforcement procedures under the state wildfire enactment. >> it is fair for governor newsom to criticize the company and it's fair for him i think to criticize this plan, but i think it's somewhat unrealistic to expect this bankruptcy process to fix all the problems the company has. >> pg&e's power liens have been implicated in several deadly fires, and the bankruptcy plans rely on the company being able to tap into plans. >> he seems to be suggesting he wants the right if pg&e is not successful to perhaps seize its assets. and maybe give them to local entities. although that's not clear.
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>> newsom's approval is not legally required for the bankruptcy, but his cooperation will be needed to tap into that state fund to settle with fire victims. in a state pg&e says it believes the plan complies with the law and will work to resolve any issues, quote, we're committed to getting victims paid, continuing to implement changes across our businesses to improve operations, and i merge from chapter 11 as a financially sound utility. dungeness crab season officially begins at midnight. commercial fleets were preparing cages before they head out to start pulling in traps. small boat captains may wait a little longer upon ocean conditions to calm down. the season was pushed back a month after aerial surveys found too many whales still in the area. crabbing has increased the risk of entanglement which can be deadly for whales and sea turtles. it will be at least two more
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weeks before the season starts north of mendocino county. tomorrow will mark the end of an era for the raiders and their fans, the last home game at the coliseum. >> one man says he was at the first game and plans to be there tomorrow as well, but there is one small problem. abc 7 news reporter unser hunsen has the story. >> reporter: dave says he went to the first raiders game at the oakland coliseum. >> i was out there, first game. >> reporter: the newspaper picture from september 18th, 1966. dave is the high school student on the right with the horn. the raiders lost to kansas city that day. once in college -- >> beer, beer. >> reporter: dave worked raider home games at the coliseum. >> i was going to college. >> reporter: he's been a raider fan six decades. raider nation fans should know his favorite player. >> i got my famous
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autographed jersey. here you go. >> reporter: dave's house is full of memorabilia. >> this is what he signed. >> reporter: and loads of bobbleheads. >> tim brown. one of the larger ones you might find. >> reporter: dave grew up in oakland. when he retired from the oakland 5 department, his crew knew just how big a fan he was so they gave him a raiders fire helmet. >> 32 years in the fire department. >> reporter: there's one thing dave doesn't have. >> i still need a ticket, i still need a ticket. >> reporter: dave gets emotional thinking about the team leaving, reflecting back to day one. he says even if he doesn't get a ticket to sunday's last raiders home game, he'll be out there with his sign, jersey, hat, bleeding silver and black. >> i got to be there. i just got to be there. >> reporter: in oakland, abc 7 news.
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>> he's got to find a way, please help him. >> i think according to ticket master, the average ticket price for tomorrow is $312, a 45% increase from any other game this season. here with a look of what we can expect on the field tomorrow is chris alvarez. pressure? i don't know. >> high emotions. expect a raiders team that's ready to play, it's going to be raucous, an experience fans will never forget no matter the final score. raiders looking to snap a three-game losing streak. they host 4-9 jacksonville. quarterback derek carr has talked about how special the coliseum and raiders fans are, head coach gruden loves raider nation, wants to send everyone out with a win tomorrow. >> i wish i had more time to really sit down and make that the big story here. thank the fans for their support over the years already what this
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franchise has accomplished and what it means. what oakland means to the raiders. i'd like to thank everyone that welcome the us back when we came back. i know they're going to stay with us when we go. appreciate all the fans and their loyalty and their support. we'll try to give you one hell of a show. >> you can expect one heck of a show, as we say up here on the news desk. raiders and jaguars. i'll be there tomorrow. we'll have highlights and postgame reaction after the final whistle. >> i think you'll have a few former raid tlers with you. >> should be a lot of fun. still ahead, to save and honor. what organizers say is the dual purpose of gun buybacks here and across the nation. a local couple calling off potential plans for a ghost ship tv show. the backlash they've received coming up. the community is rallying the community is rallying together to try
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♪ blow a kiss into the sun ♪ all we need is somebody to lean on ♪ ♪ ♪ sweden's greetings. enjoy your first payment on us when you lease a new volvo. now through january 2nd. we are doing almost a gun and a half a minute. >> more than 200 guns turned in in two hours. a buy-back in san francisco was one of many around the bay area today intended to get guns off the streets and honor victims of gun violence. >> here's abc 7 news reporter cornell bernard. >> to celebrate life, peace. ♪ >> reporter: a vigil at third baptist church to remember lives lost to gun violence. >> benjamin wheeler. chase coalski. >> reporter: christine pelosi, daughter of nancy pelosi, rid the names of 26 victims, most of them children, from the sandy
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hook mass shooting in connecticut. >> seven years ago today, little angels who have been dead longer than they'd been alive. >> reporter: in san francisco dozens traded in unwanted guns for cash. $100 for handguns. $200 for assault weapons. >> there are no questions asked. yu don't have to say where you got the weapon or if you have any more. we just want to get the guns we can off the street. >> reporter: violence prevention group united playas partnered with the event. 317 weapons were turned in including 93 rifles, 75 revolvers, even a few antique pistols. >> i'm surprised, but it only says that they too wish to be the owners wishing to save lives as opposed to being promoters of taking lives. >> reporter: south bay, gilroy hosted a gun buy-back, the first in southern santa clara county in 25 years. >> people were running from the festival right by our front yard. >> reporter: last summer's shooting at the gilroy garlic
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festival prompted rod's son-in-law to turn in 15 guns. >> he and his wife and my daughter wanted to make sure they got off the street. everybody's been strongly influenced by what happened at the gilroy garlic festival. >> reporter: gilroy's event collected almost 500 guns. police say all the guns turned in will be destroyed. the ghost ship tv series about the 2016 deadly warehouse fire is on hold for now. anger over the project caused the husband and wife creators of the potential series to put the tv drama on pause. authors michael chabon and ayelette walden had contracts in place bud hat not sold the project, however, speculation led many friends and family members of the victims to urge them to reconsider, saying it was too soon for them to relive the tragedy. the berkeley-based couple said their pleas led to a change of
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heart and they stopped the project. police have put out a public call to help find jackson. here is a photo of the 5-year-old mini australian shepherd tweeted by san francisco police. officers say someone stole jackson this morning from outside the good life grocery store on courtland avenue in the ingleside district in san francisco. they're asking for anyone with information to call sfpd. super shuttle is going out of business at the end of the year. the service carries passengers on to and from airports across north america, europe, and asia. in recent years it's had trouble competing with uber and lyft. the company had already begun suspending service at airports around the world. a letter obtained by the los angeles times from the company to a franchise says the company will honor all reservations through december 31st. feeling like the holidays out there. >> it is. last time we talked to drew, there was a storm system out there. now there's two? >> yeah, we're tracking two on the horizon.
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right now isolated showers on their way out, which will lead to a cold night overnight. live doppler 7, a light shower working south along the peninsula. light rain falling over redwood city, woodside, on its way to palo alto right now. even as you head toward the higher peaks of mt. hamilton, likely seeing a bit of rain mixing with snow. that's that pop of yellow you see on your screen. that's the heavier shower. the pop of purple is the snow. just an i guess case of the cooler air settling in over the bay area. all snow in the sierra right now, a live look at the snow falling on live doppler 7. winter weather advisory until 4:00 a.m. 2 to 3 more inches as this storm moves through. just adding on to what's already a healthy snowpack out there. rainfall tonight really light in nature. but it was pretty much area wide from novato, palo alto, san francisco, oakland, livermore, san jose, last showers the last couple of hours, and showers are
11:19 pm
moving out. moving in, cold temperatures, a lot of spots dropping into the 40s. 48 that current temperature in san ramon. 43 santa rosa. 47 pal toe alto. 49 san jose. san francisco 50. breezy out there too winds 10 to 25 miles per hour. highest gusts along the coast right now. and these winds will relax first thing tomorrow morning. so tomorrow we do anticipate light winds. overnight, stars and clouds. coldest spots in the 30s. santa rosa, napa, livermore at 39. even around the bay shoreline, you'll feel the chill first thing tomorrow morning. low to mid 40s your starting temperatures. tomorrow, your sunday planner, first thing temperatures, 30s and 40s. sunup at 7:18 a.m. tomorrow is a totally dry day. it's looking nice in the afternoon. mostly sunny skies by 4:00. temperatures in the mid and upper 50s into the afternoon.
11:20 pm
pretty much where we should be for this time of the year. highs across the region 55 in san francisco tomorrow. 56 in oakland. the same in san jose. 57 in santa rosa after that chilly start in the 30s. 55 in concord. 56 the high in antioch. looking great for the raiders game tomorrow if you're headed to oakland. cool temperatures in the mid 50s. we'll see dry skies. mostly sunny. a kickoff temperature of 56. slightly cooling as the game lets out to round 55. here's the accuweather seven-day forecast. the next seven days a chilly morning on the way tomorrow. it's a dry day. that begins a dry stretch of weather the next couple of days. a cold start monday but sunny skies. tuesday we'll see an increase in cloud cover. the daylight hours are dry but there's a chance at night of a shower. the better bet with our next storm on wednesday. a rainy, breezy, gray day. the clouds linger thursday, friday. another storm on saturday. all ones on the storm impact
11:21 pm
scale, so light rain. >> keep the umbrella handy. still ahead on abc 7 news, help comes in all kinds of forms this time of year. >> the drive today
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in the south bay volunteers gearing up for a week of giving in the holiday spirit. >> abc 7 thuse was in san francisco where more than 300 volunteers with sacred heart community service put together food boxes today. they'll hand out the boxes later next week to 3,500 families. each box is filled with fresh fruit, veggies, rice, oil, eggs, and bread. families will also get to pick whether they want to take home a turkey, a ham, or a chicken. while this helps many with a holiday meal, for some it just means surviving. >> this is not only a 50-pound box of food, special things for the holidays, for a lot of
11:25 pm
families it's the groceries they need to get through the month. >> 80% of sacred heart say their paychecks go to housing, leaving little for food and bills. heisman winner? >> i'm going to pick who you pick. >> who won? >> i'll tell you after the break. coming up in sports, college football's most prestigious award is handed out. the emotional speech from the win. the sharks are going to snap a six-game
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four of college football's top players anxiously awaited the moment to hear their name called as winner of the heisman trophy, but only one walked away with the hardware. >> the 2019 winner and 85th recipient of the heisman memorial trophy is -- joe burrow. >> the lsu quarterback, joe burr burrow, wins the 2019 heisman trophy, becoming the first lsu player to win the honor since 1959. burrow threw for over 4,700 yards, 48 passing touchdowns. he'll lead undefeated number one lsu into the college football playoff. he was quite emotional when talking about his head coach. >> you have no idea what you mean to my family. i didn't play for three years.
11:30 pm
you took a chance on me. not knowing if i could play or not. and i'm forever in your -- forever grateful for you. >> cool moment. 125th edition of army/navy. christian anderson, five-yard run, around the corner and in, 7-0 army. second quarter, here comes navy. quarterback malcolm perry keeps it on the option keeper, 10 making a move, up the sideline, to the house, 55 yards for the score, 7-7. late second quarter, navy's only pass of the game, comes on the reverse, chance warren to jamail carruthers. malcolm perry, another score, 15 yards and gone. navy snap a three-game losing streak to army. a struggle for the sharks,
11:31 pm
head coach peter deboer was fired. san jose entering tonight on a six-game losing streak, trying to get right against vancouver. vlasic, his 1000th career game with the sharks. joe thornton, what a pass to tomas hert hertl, 1-0. erik karlsson turns it over in the zone. j.t. miller denied by aaron dell, great save. carlson, great stretch ice, meyer, vander cane, back to meyer, 2-0 sharks. vlasic getting the assist late. steps up to the blue line. logan couture will bury the empty netter. sharks win 4-2 the final. a lot of college basketball, we'll run through the bay area games in the second half of sports. >> looking forward to it, thank you. much more to come at 11:00.
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why seven democratic presidential hopefuls are threatening to boycott an upcoming debate in california. a new piece of
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i would be dancing! get started with secure 35-megabit internet and one voice line for just $64.90 per month. call today. comcast business. beyond fast. good evening. thanks for joining us. imeric thomas. >> i'm dion lim. an ice rink melting after vandals damaged equipment. the owner found the damage today. the date of the 37th annual brentwood holiday parade. nearly a dozen birthday parties had to be canceled. the owner believes he has the suspects on surveillance and has filed a police report.
11:36 pm
gun buy-back events held across the bay area today in honor of the sandy hook mass shootings seventh anniversary. christine pelosi read the names of the 26 victims, most of them children. 317 weapons were turned in at a buy-back in san francisco. tomorrow will likely mark the end of an era when the raiders face the jaguars at the oakland coliseum. the team is set to season to las vegas and fans from all over the country are going to the raiders' last home game. we'll have more on the big move and how raider nation is coping coming up in sports. >> all seven presidential candidates scheduled for next week's democratic debate are threatening to boycott. the debate is supposed to be held thursday at loyola mary mont university in los angeles but the workers union announced they'd be picketing outside that day fighting for better wages and benefits since their contracts expired in april. the first candidate to stand in solidarity with the food service workers was elizabeth warren,
11:37 pm
announcing her support in a tweet. the rest of the candidates announced their support shortly after. >> we've got to sit at the table, we've got to resolve these issues, get the wages and health care that the workers there deserve. >> the dnc responded saying its president would never cross a picket line and would never expect the candidates to either. >> several democratic candidates have been making their way through the bay area. joe biden was in palo alto and san francisco thursday. tom steyer was in walnut creek and napa. michael bloomberg visited san francisco wednesday. cory booker had a fund raiser in palo alto today. pete butte gen is there for an event. senator michael bennet will be in san francisco. in developing news, the democratic-controlled house seems certain to use near party line votes this week to impeach president trump. abc news reporter rachel scott has the latest. >> reporter: the historic vote on articles of impeachment
11:38 pm
against president trump took less than ten minutes. >> the house judiciary committee has voted articles of impeachment against the president. for abuse of power and obstruction of congress. >> reporter: every democrat voting for impeachment -- >> aye. >> reporter: every republican against. >> no. >> reporter: the charges go to the full house for a vote expected wednesday, then on to trial in the republican-controlled senate. >> it will become the business of the senate after the first of the year. senators will all be in their chairs, including those running for president. >> reporter: those five senators will have to take a break from campaigning and return to washington, just weeks before the iowa caucuses. i spoke with one voter in pittsburgh, pennsylvania, who supports impeaching the president. >> it's not good for our country, i feel, personally. >> reporter: she and other democratic voters express concern over the division in washington and across the country. >> i think that we need to settle down, forget our
11:39 pm
differences, and concentrate on what we have in common. new orleans city officials tonight say they're in recovery mode after a cyber attack shut down its government computers. the city declared a state of emergency friday as it directed all employees to shut down their computers, unplug devices, and disconnect from wi-fi. ransomware was detected but it's unclear who carried out the attack. >> we expect that data loss has been very minimal. we are glad that we were able to respond quickly. >> public safety services at new orleans fire department have not been impacted. we're working as we would in a hurricane scenario. we're working on >> officials say 4,000 computers must be scrubbed. mc soft reports 948 ransomware attacks on government agencies, health care providers, and school districts this year. police have identified a gunman suspected of opening fire at a packed food court inside an
11:40 pm
atlanta mall, injuring one man and sending dozens of shoppers scrambling for safety. >> everybody in the store fled to the back rooms and piled up to be as safe as they could. there was an elderly woman on the floor, i don't think she could move that fast. two other gentlemen were helping her take cover in the back. >> police say the chaos started in the food court around 1:20 p.m. when an argument between the suspect and victim escalated to gunfire. they're still searching for the suspect. a search and rescue volunteer team member was found dead on southern california's mt. baldy which is covered in snow right now. the team member, tim staples, was helping in the search for a missing hiker. the san bernardino county sheriff says during the search today a team member radioed he got separated from his partner after a fall. the team member was found dead in the ice and snow. he was an experienced searcher and investigators are trying to figure out exactly what happened. the search for the hiker is now being suspended as crews
11:41 pm
re-evaluate the conditions. attorneys for actress lori loughlin say federal prosecutors are withholding evidence the defense has a right to examine. loughlin and her fashion designer husband massimo giannulli face federal charges in the college admissions scandal. the defense team filed a motion asking the defense to turn in material as evidence. both are pleading not guilty to paying $500,000 in a cheating and bribery scheme. the defense argues they thought this was a gift, not a bribe. both parents face up to 40 years in prison. a racetrack in california is using new technology to help keep horses safe. santa anita park has unveiled a pet scanner following the death of three dozen horses at the track over the past year. santa anita calls it the first machine of its kind. the scanner moves up and down to get a more detailed scan of horses' legs. it's designed to identify pre-existing conditions and prevent injuries. the racetrack says more technology is on the way.
11:42 pm
still ahead on abc 7 news at 11:00, an emotional night in newtown, connecticut. the impressive feat the high school football team pulled off on the anniversary of the sandy hook shooting. i'm meteorologist drew tuma. showers are on their way out. we're in store for a
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11:45 pm
package theft is a common problem during the holidays. one thief took an uncommon approach to the crime leaving something behind. it was a note thanking the victim in st. paul, minnesota, for letting the thief steal a package left outside her front door. the note signed by quote the new owner of your package. the homeowner posted the note on social media where it got a lot of attention. police are investigating. the hallmark channel is facing backlash after first featuring a same-sex couple in an ad, then taking that ad down. the ad in question was for a wedding planning site zola. the company posts some of its commercials on youtube.
11:46 pm
in the ad a lesbian company share a quick kiss during their wedding. after pressure from the conservative group 1 million moms, hallmark took the ad down. since that decision, #boycotthallmark has been trending on twitter. hallmark said the ads were pulled because the 24 had become a distraction. two wildfire survivors in paradise are spending this weekend in their brand-new tiny home. the roberts family could not hold back the tears when they got the home. volunteers from the reach out worldwide foundation spent four days building the tiny home. the roberts lost everything in the camp fire last year, the deadliest blaze in california history. one family member said they couldn't believe it was all for them. >> my reaction was like, this ain't my place. you know. but it's such a good job. it's like a dream come true. >> roberts said his only goal since the fire has been to keep his family safe and dry, and
11:47 pm
this gift is lifting a huge weight off his shoulders. 90 at 11:00, an emotional football game in newtown, connecticut, one on the anniversary, the seventh anniversary, of the sandy hook school shooting in the town. the local high school football team won the state championship. it wasn't an easy win. in fact, it wasn't easy to see. you see the fog there. the newtown high school night hawks won on a 36-yard touchdown pass as time expired to win 13-7. the first title for newtown since 1992. one linebacker's brother was among the 20 first graders in the 2012 massacre. many other players knew families affected. six educators were also killed. the game began with a moment of silence for all the victims. you see the fog in that video. for us we're talking about impending rain. >> we have light showers out
11:48 pm
there right now, mainly confined to the peninsula. they're moving on out. tomorrow we are expecting a dry day. live doppler 7 showing you much of the region. it's quiet. we'll zoom into the peninsula and the south bay. we have a couple of isolated showers moving their way to the south and east right now. a couple of light showers moving through stanford, sunnyvale, but the storm is exiting. behind it, cooler air is filtering in. dropping into the mid 30s for santa rosa, napa, lake port. 39 in livermore. we'll drop to the low and mid 40s for the bay shoreline overnight tonight. it is a cold start to the day but we bounce back into the mid and upper 50s by the afternoon. it's a sunny day, there's a lot of sunshine, a dry day. we are tracking rain on the seven day. the seven-day forecast, a dry stretch, at least through midday tuesday. then a chance tuesday, but a better bet midweek wednesday. cloud cover, then more rain is likely saturday next weekend.
11:49 pm
a busy day of college basketball. we'll run through saturday's games. but the u.s. continues their nom case in point, if you saviget xfinity internetle.
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49ers head coach kyle shanahan is celebrating his team today. his team can make it a birthday to remember with a win tomorrow. shanahan was the offensive coordinator with atlanta prior to san francisco. the niners have been hit hard by the injury bug on defense especially vr quarterback richard sherman has been ruled out for tomorrow although he says he feels pretty good. >> i'm playing this game if we have to have it. i mean, it wouldn't be more cautious than i am. i'd play this game if they weren't putting the governor on
11:53 pm
me. but you've got to listen to the coaching staff, training staff. i told them i just needed a couple of days. i feel great today. i ran 19 miles an hour, 20 miles an hour today. that's really all you need to play. raiders rookie running back josh jacobs officially listed as questionable but told reporters earlier this week he expects to play tomorrow against jacksonville. jacobs battling shoulder injury, missed last week against tennessee. injuries are part of the game and jacobs is looking on the bright side. >> it's football. you can say it can't guess worse then anything happens, you never know. but i know it's something that i won't need to have surgery, so that's a positive note. but after the season i'll probably have to sit a month and a half, just letting it heal. >> what a great season he's had. high school football, de la salle taking on st. john boscoe, the cif sate division championship. spartans get a touchdown. dorian hale 14-7.
11:54 pm
de la salle closing in. fourth quarter, spartans hanging in tough. a touchdown, seven-point game. boscoe's quarterback runs it in for the score. st. john boscoe wins 49-28. ethan garbers, the younger brother of chase garbers, 14-7 game. brothers know how to play the game. fourth quarter, sarah down 14. dominic lampkin tosses it up. sarah's back in the game. 8 seconds to go, sarah needs a touchdown. lampkin rolling left, fires to the end zone, picked off in the end zone. 35-27, congrats on a great season. bay area hoops. st. mary's and cal.
11:55 pm
first half. the nasty cross-over, the hoop. he had a game high 32. 5:30 left in the first. may reek fitz, triple is good. no, this isn't a replay, fitz again. gales up by 16 at the break. second half, cal down by 19 but get the ball to andre kelly in the post, look at, 22 nice, tough basket inside. this game was all st. mary's. off the miss, it's fitz again, offensive rebound. st. mary's wins. stanford/san jose state. first half. cardinal, the visitors up eight. spencer jones, dribble drive, and off the glass and in. stanford up 10. a little later, defensive breakdown. no one wants to guard that guy. he had 11 at the break. nice passing. coach going to hoff this. that's how you draw it up. sharing is caring. stanford with the score. second half. tyrell terry, crossover, dribble drive, hang and score.
11:56 pm
stanford led and they just keep on going. drives in for the bucket, stanford win busy 20, 9-1 to open the season. women's hoops. cal hosting santa clara. fourth quarter. golden bears up three. brown, midrange jumper, cal up five. four minutes to go, a nice basket, santa clara up four. cal ties things up at 65 on that bucket. final seconds, santa clara down three. to tie, van allen, just short. cal wins 69-65. see this? final day of the presidents cup in australia. the international team looking for their second victory ever, first since '98. team usa trailed all week but the captain, tiger woods, he was 3-0 in this tournament, winning his match over ache ran anser with that great putt. whoa, that was close. at least the tie there, clinching it. 17th hole, matt kutcher, the presidents cup, and he got it. team usa continues their reign.
11:57 pm
they have won eight in a row. i cannot wait to go to the raiders game tomorrow and see how that all unfolds. hope they can win. raider nation, you know they're going to be loud, proud. just don't storm the field. watch out. >> you weren't here for the first game but you will be here for the last, chris, thank you. >> that's it for tonight. i'm dion lim. >> i'm eric thomas. abc 7 news continues tomorrow morning at 5:00
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