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tv   World News Now  ABC  December 16, 2019 2:30am-4:01am PST

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good morning. i'm kenneth moton. >> i'm darla miles in for janai norman. here are some of the top headlines we're following this morning on "world news now." the clocking is ticking toward president trump's impeachment even before this week's vote in the house. democrats have released a list of possible witnesses for a senate trial. one freshman democrat may jump ship and become a republican. hundreds took part in a candlelight vigil to remember 18-year-old tessa majors, the barnard college student stabbed to death last week near her new york city campus. meantime police are offering a reward for the search for her killer. days after its decision to pull a commercial showing a same-sex couple kissing, the hallmark channel says it made the wrong decision and will reinstate the ad.
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this change of heart coming after swift backlash online from celebrities and lgbtq advocacy groups. we're now getting our first look at some of the video in the patriots' latest scandal. the man who shot the video of another team says he never intended to give it to the patriots football staff. he has been suspended by the team. those are some of our top stories this monday, december 16th. good morning, everyone. great to have darla in for janai, coming from wabc, looking good. >> she sent me the nicest note, thank you, janai. >> she doesn't do anything nice for me. >> we all know why. we love you, kenneth. >> it's great to have darla here again from our flagship station, wabc. let's begin this half hour with the controversy in the stands of the army/navy game. cadets and midshipmen flashing hand signals on live tv that could be associated with white power. >> several students from west point and the naval academy are
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now at the center of an investigation over the gesture recently labeled as a hate symbol by the anti-defamation league. abc's trevor ault has more. >> reporter: the west point military academy launching an investigation after cadets at saturday's army/navy football game in philadelphia flashed this hand gesture sometimes associated with hate groups. watch closely. >> you ask anybody that's ever had to deal with -- >> reporter: while an espn broadcaster reports during a pregame live shot, at least four cadets put up the symbol. one of them even sliding into the camera shot to make his hand gesture and face visible. another making the gesture directly behind a minority cadet. the u.s. naval academy saying, based on findings of the investigation, those involved will be held appropriately accountable. it would be inappropriate to speculate any further while we are conducting this investigation. the hand gesture looks like the "okay" sign. while the symbol can have other innocent meanings, it's been adopted by the white nationalist community after the christchurch mosque shootings in new zealand earlier this year when, according to the anti-defamation
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league, it began to signify white power. >> we should never make assumptions about why people are using it. it has gone to a much darker and i think more dangerous place. >> reporter: the names of these cadets have not been released and none of them have commented so far, meaning the intention behind these gestures is still not clear. trevor ault, abc news, new york. turning now to capitol hill where the stage is set to impeach president trump before the week is over. >> senate democrats are looking ahead to the upcoming trial asking for key witnesses to testify as the president rails against impeachment. a house democrat may be switching sides. abc's brad mielke has the latest. >> hey, that's right. as of right now the date to circle on your calendar is this wednesday. that is the earliest potential house impeachment vote might go down. you would think president trump would be dreading that, right? some democrats might be dreading it too. assuming no republicans cross over, and so far none appear to, democrats appear to be able to lose up to 17 votes and still win a majority.
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but there's a lot of pressure on those in trump districts, so much so that democrats might see more than half a dozen defections. over the weekend we learned democrat jeff van drew, who has spoken out in the past against impeachment, might even switch parties over this. i talked to abc's political director rick klein. he says that does not shake up the math but it could shake confidence. >> this is a democratic member, freshman democrat from new jersey, who frankly is worried about a primary challenge because he might vote against impeachment, and he is widely expected to go and become a republican. it's no small irony if the only party casualty out of this is a democrat that becomes a republican. the whole political argument for impeachment, in addition to all policy reasons to do it, is this would put pressure on republicans to try to defend what democrats said was indefensible.
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now as we stand close to a very likely impeachment, to have a party switch go "d" to "r" is really striking. >> meanwhile, those in the senate are starting to get their game plans together for a potential trial. remember how republicans in the house wanted to call hunter biden to testify? minority leader chuck schumer says he's got some witnesses he would like to call, including mick mulvaney and john bolton, two key officials who were actually blocked from testifying bit white house. we'll see how this shakes out. we'll have a lot more on "start here" later this morning. listen on apple podcasts or your favorite podcasting app. kenneth, darla? >> all right, brad, thank you. a u.s. military statement from afghanistan says no orders have been received about reducing troop levels there. however, the trump administration is reportedly getting ready to announce a drawdown of thousands of americans. there's no word on when any u.s. withdrawal would begin. currently there are between 12,000 and 13,000 u.s. troops in afghanistan. any reduction in american force levels would likely take months to accomplish. following the deadly shootings at the naval air station in pensacola, florida,
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the navy is under pressure to increase security. dozens of navy pilots have reportedly written a letter demanding they be allowed to carry guns while they are on base. the attack is being treated as terrorism and the fbi is seeking the saudi gunman's motive. three people were killed in that attack. overnight, we've been keeping an eye on a severe snowstorm moving towards the east coast. >> the strongest part of the snowstorm, the storm system, is in ohio now, but you can see that it's entering pennsylvania and west virginia, and it isn't done with missouri yet. an icy mix is expected this morning. >> that's after yesterday's snowfall there shut down major highways and caused hundreds of accidents. let's check in with accuweather's adam del rosso for more. good morning, adam. >> darla, kenneth, good morning. a complex winter storm making its way into the mid-atlantic bringing snow and ice to areas just north of d.c., making for a tricky morning commute. also another swath of snow across southern illinois into central indiana where we saw plenty of snow yesterday. we're talking some areas seeing 6 to 12 inches through central illinois. a swath of 3 to 6 inches of snow into northern new england as we make our way into tomorrow. on the south side of the snow, perhaps some severe storms with
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damaging winds being the main threat across the mississippi river valley. kenneth, darla? >> all right, adam, thank you. southern california's inland empire is mourning a search and rescue worker who died during a search. high school teacher timothy staples became separated from his partner and fell down an ice chute on mt. baldy. he also served as his school's track coach and had just married another teacher there six months ago. meanwhile the missing hiker still has not been found. a mall near atlanta will be open today following a wild scene over the weekend. it included gunfire that wounded one person and two teenagers are now under arrest. abc's zachary kiesch has the details. >> reporter: two teenagers arrested after a terrifying mall shooting that sent holiday shoppers running for their lives. >> everybody's running outside, they're advising the shooting's happening downstairs. >> reporter: dramatic video
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highlights the level of chaos and confusion saturday at the cumberland mall near atlanta. >> i'm thanking god i'm still alive. >> reporter: watch as parents fearing the worst shield children, some tossing chairs and dropping shopping bags in a rush for cover. >> there was a lady with her children, she was in fear, pandemonium, she didn't know what was going on. there was an elderly woman on the floor. >> reporter: officers carrying assault rifles swarmed the scene searching for the gunman. police say an argument between a group of men in the food court escalated, leaving one shot. police have arrested 18-year-old denulo, charging him with aggravated assault, and 19-year-old ponz, charging him with reckless conduct and carrying a concealed weapon. >> luckily it was not an active shooter incident, but it did have a high response out of abundance of caution due to the area shoppers. >> reporter: police are calling this an isolated incident and saying the victim is recovering from nonlife-threatening injuries. that mall has reopened. zachary kiesch, abc news, new york. >> thank you, zachary. now to college football. the top team in the land officially has the top player in
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the land leading it into the playoffs. >> lsu quarterback joe burrow took the heisman trophy in a record vote this weekend. he is the first tiger to win the award in 60 years. burrow set a record for the conference with 48 touchdown passes this year. he won the heisman with the largest voting margin ever in history. that's not bad for a guy who barely played when he was at ohio state just a year ago. >> all my teammates have supported me, welcomed me with open arms, a kid from ohio coming down to the bayou and welcomed me as brothers. and it's been so awesome. >> lsu meets oklahoma in a college football playoff semifinal next week. if the tigers win, burrow could face his old school, ohio state, for that championship. >> and that would also be a good matchup. in other football news, on saturday, newtown, connecticut, marked seven years since the sandy hook massacre left 26 people dead, including 20
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children. >> saturday night, newtown high school played for the state's football title, and with 3 seconds left in the game, jack street launches a pass toward the end zone, and riley hauls it in. newtown wins the game 13-7 and takes the first state title it has had in 27 years. >> completing a perfect season, all 13 newtown points came in the last seven minutes of the fourth quarter. we know that town has been through so much. and that really is an understatement. when you think about right on the anniversary -- it just gave me chills when i saw this story on friday. >> i was in newtown covering the shootings, the aftermath of that as well. anything that can make that community smile is always very welcome. >> as you know, a strong community. >> they're very strong, they're very solid, absolutely. coming up, the christmas surprise for two special women. plus is facebook tracking your movements at the mall? this takes tracking to a whole new level, kenneth. you guys are going to want to see this. >> yes, definitely. disturbing moments at a
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school, an officer slamming a student to the ground.
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sydney, it's too late to evacuate as a major brush fire approaches. instead they're advised to seek shelter. 20 properties were destroyed by a backfire that was set to control a bigger fire. the weather forecast is calling for quote severe to extreme heat wave conditions this week. a desperate search is under way in texas for a mother who vanished with her 2-week-old baby girl. >> 33-year-old heidi broussard had her infant daughter with her thursday morning when she was last seen dropping off her son at elementary school in austin. but she never picked him up. >> police believe broussard and the baby returned home before they disappeared. her fiance is pleading for their safe return. >> she would never disappear. she is an amazing mom. she would never -- we have a 6-year-old son, beautiful kid. she would never leave him. i just want her home safe. i'll be here. just drop her off somewhere safe.
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>> shane kerry there said there was nothing missing from their home and there were no signs of a struggle. a school resource officer in north carolina could face charges stemming from a violent incident that was caught on a security camera. >> the officer seen manhandling a student in a hallway, he's now on paid leave while authorities investigate. abc's marci gonzalez reports. >> reporter: this disturbing surveillance video of a school resource officer body slamming a middle school student in north carolina is at the center of an investigation. >> real horrible. it's terrible. >> reporter: here you see the deputy throw the child to the ground, pick him up, and do it again before dragging the boy down the hallway. >> first saw the video, stunned, we were shocked. i don't expect my deputy, any
2:46 am
deputy of law enforcement in north carolina to carry out their duties in that way. >> reporter: the sheriff says the deputy still hasn't explained what prompted the violence and is now on paid leave while state authorities investigate. the vance school district telling abc news, we are deeply concerned by the actions that took place. school and district officials are working closely and in full cooperation with the local authorities. >> and this is just a stunning kind of incident. i don't see any justification at this point for that officer's behavior and actions. >> reporter: the boy's family tells reporters he's recovering at home. the district attorney says they're taking into account the child's age and injuries as they determine whether that officer will be criminally charged. marci gonzalez, abc news, los angeles. >> thank you, marci. that video is disturbing to say the least. >> i mean, the child, he or she is under the age of 12, and he tosses her like a rag doll. i mean, it just looks like a toy, doesn't even look like a real child, the force with which this officer used. it shows you how tiny this child, the student is. >> it appears the sheriff and prosecutor quick to come out with response on this one. again, it's all under investigation. coming up, how facebook learns what you buy even at the mall. >> plus what you can do about
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♪ that is the beautiful light show at saks on fifth avenue here in new york city. most of us already know that our online shopping is tracked. >> exactly. but here's something very scary, right? big brother is also literally watching what you do while you are inside of a store. abc's becky worley has the story. >> reporter: if you're hitting
2:50 am
the mall to holiday shop, facebook may be tracking your purchases. reports that the social media platform, with help from retail partners, is monitoring what users are buying. not just online, but in brick and mortar stores too. >> it lets businesses send in information about what you purchased. >> reporter: according to "business insider," retailers are teaming up with the social media giant, offering facebook personal information in order to create targeted ads. retail companies sending names, phone numbers, email addresses, and more, along with what products people purchase. facebook then using this information to identify the user in its database to target them with that business' ads. >> the main way that facebook makes money is by selling ads. and the reason that it's able to really dominate the online ad industry is because it controls so much personal information and data about its users. >> reporter: facebook confirming the practice saying retailers are able to reach their customers with ads on facebook
2:51 am
by sharing offline events like an in-store purchase, saying this is standard for the industry. when asked stores like macy's praised the collaboration as a way to fuel our growth. but facebook says you can limit how much of your information is shared with them. go to privacy settings, from there you can customize what kind of ads you're shown and how your spending activity is tracked when you shop at a physical store. facebook does say that there's a way to find out why you're seeing the ads you're seeing. in each ad you can click on the drop-down menu and it says, why am i seeing this ad? facebook also says they want to give their users control to change their advertising settings. guys? >> all right, becky worley with some good information. i just need to know, how are they getting in my head? and the fact i even think about it, it shows up on instagram, it shows up on facebook. >> well, it has to be freaky if you're in macy's, wait a minute, there's a macy's ad. >> that has happened to me. >> really? >> oh, it has happened to me. i go into macy's for all of my
2:52 am
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♪ rocking the stage ♪ and we never gonna stop ♪ all strength, no sweat. ♪ just in case you forgot ♪ all strength. ♪ no sweat secret. all strength. no sweat. ♪ a beautiful scene on the west front of the u.s. capitol there. and you may think that santa and his helpers only work at night, but a pair of waitresses in ohio have learned that's not so. >> that's right. christmas surprises also come with scrambled eggs and bacon. abc's tom llamas has the story. >> reporter: at this bob evans restaurant outside of dayton, ohio, an amazing group is about to spread some holiday cheer. >> it's for you guys. merry christmas. >> and two waitresses are about to get one great christmas gift. >> we just saw this as a way to do one tiny little thing to make somebody's christmas a little bit nicer.
2:56 am
>> reporter: that's tina rogal, part of the secret group called the breakfast santas. their instructions are simple. have breakfast, put money in a bag, whatever is left over goes to the server. >> the mission is to just bless someone for the holiday season. and really to spur other people to do the same thing. >> reporter: dayton, ohio, has seen its share of heartache this year and the group has chosen to primarily focus on areas hit hard by tornados. >> we had 15 tornados come through the dayton region. one memorial day weekend. a lot of pain has been happening in dayton this year. >> reporter: here's the moment, the breakfast santas in action. >> the group is called breakfast santas, and we each contribute $100, and we come to breakfast. and this is for you guys. merry christmas. >> merry christmas! >> it's for you guys. if you look inside, there's about $1,400. >> reporter: you heard it right, $1,400.
2:57 am
but that's not the last of the breakfast santas. >> we are going to do it again. we're not saying when, we're not saying where, because we really want it to be a surprise. >> we just want you to know that there are really good people in this world who care. >> reporter: tom llamas, abc news, new york. >> wow. there really are some good people in this world. >> did you see her face? her nose turned red. she clutched her pearls, proverbially. those small acts of kindness really make a difference to people. each of those santas gave $100 each. >> $100. one of the waitresses, she's been there 20 years, probably comes in contact with all kinds of people. good ones, rude ones. to actually have this happen during the holidays, it is so sweet, i love it. >> you're from the south. you know bob evans is a staple. >> i do. >> they have loyal customers. it makes sense they would give back to the servers there.
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this morning on "world news now," a dangerous and deadly storm is on the move. >> the heavy snow, ice, and rain are expected to make for a messy commute for millions from colorado to new england. we'll have the latest storm track. countdown to the impeachment vote is set to take place this week in the house as the senate prepares to put the president on trial. plus hand gestures at the army/navy football game are triggering an investigation. the military is looking into whether students used a white power symbol on live tv. this is the time of day many elves on the shelf pick a new perch. but if yours isn't moving we've got some ideas on what to tell the kids on this monday, december 16th.
3:01 am
good morning, everyone. we have got another special treat for you. in the house right now, the one, the only, from our flagship new york station, wabc reporter darla miles filling in. >> thank you, thank you, thank you. i'll pay handsomely for that after this. >> welcome to "world news now." look at you. people in new york city knee this skilled and talented, beautiful woman and journalist because you've been on the air here how long now? >> it will be ten years next week. >> ten years next week. the world and especially the shade room knows miss darla because she's been blocking negativity like this for quite some time. >> yes. >> that video right there, darla, you've been on the map for a long time. when i saw darla miles blocking people during her love shot? look at the guy. right around there. go around. what was that moment like? >> so we already knew it was
3:02 am
chaos because of the shutdown with the lincoln tunnel. you know, commuters have tunnel vision. he was just walking. he looked at me and decided to keep walking. i really couldn't tell if he was either in the frame or not, so i went back -- because i put my arm out so far. you know, everybody took it in stride. >> darla and i go way back to raleigh durham. we'll talk about that later. >> i've known you since you were just a whipper snapper. >> and she's younger than me, so that tells you a lot. it's great to have darla here. she's going to help us get through a lot of news this morning. let's start right now with some weather. winter storm now moving across the center of the country. >> winter storm warnings in effect overnight from kansas city through the ohio valley and beyond. by daybreak, a mix of snow, sleet, and freezing rain will arrive in the mid-atlantic region. >> the slow-moving storm has already caused dozens of crashes in the st. louis area and forced businesses to close early 10 days before christmas. >> earlier traffic crawled across south dakota.
3:03 am
abc's rob marciano has more. >> reporter: a dangerous and deadly storm barreling east. after slamming the nation's midsection with snow, ice, and rain, and sparking a deadly avalanche in the rockies. 35 million people under winter weather alerts from colorado to new england causing treacherous travel conditions. dozens of crashes reported in missouri. wreckage littering the highway. stalled-out cars snarling traffic. snow piling up on i-70 causing spin-outs, stranding drivers on the side of the road. four people killed on icy interstates in kansas and nebraska. more than two dozen accidents in just two hours in kansas alone. authorities closing some highways for hours. one officer calling the conditions terrible. this semi truck jackknifed, completely blocking traffic. drivers in south dakota facing near zero visibility. snow blowing side ways and piling up. and in kansas city, crews forming lines to clear all the snow off the football field before the chiefs game.
3:04 am
later players making snow angels in the end zone after scoring a touchdown. snowing for much of the day in kansas city with about half a foot of snow piling up. along i-70 is where the snow and ice belt will be as we go through monday and tuesday, getting into the northeast where we could see 3 to 6 inches of snow north of i-80, i-95. anywhere from providence, rhode island, to hartford, back through state college, an icy glaze. and difficult travel to say the least into midweek. rob marciano, abc news, new york. >> our thanks to rob there. now to washington where president trump is on track to be impeached in a matter of days. senate minority leader chuck schumer is now asking for four key witnesses to testify in the impending trial including former national security adviser john bolton and acting white house chief of staff mick mulvaney. in a letter to majority leader mitch mcconnell they want it to begin january 7th. abc's david wright has more on
3:05 am
the partisan bickering that escalated over the weekend. >> reporter: even before the house of representatives votes to impeach president trump, republicans are already declaring the process dead on arrival in the senate. >> i am clearly made up my mind, i'm not trying to hide the fact that i have disdain for the accusations and the process. so i don't need any witnesses. >> reporter: senate majority leader mitch mcconnell has said senate republicans will be in total coordination with the white house over how the trial proceeds. >> the question is why are republicans placing this president above their oath of office? >> reporter: that has democrats crying foul, with one congresswoman calling for mcconnell to recuse himself. >> here you have the majority of the senate, in effect the foreman of the jury, saying he's going to work hand in glove with the defense attorney. that's a violation of the oath they're about to take and it's a complete subversion of the constitutional scheme. >> reporter: mcconnell won't
3:06 am
have carte blanche. under the constitution, when the president of the united states is tried, the chief justice shall preside to ensure fairness. >> i think this is the beginning of the end for the show trial that we've seen in the house. i think it's going to come to the senate, we're going to have fair proceedings. >> reporter: a new poll from fox news shows more registered voters than not favor impeaching and removing trump from office. which led president trump to attack his favorite network tweeting, fox news polls always inaccurate, are heavily weighted toward dems, so ridiculous. the president and his allies are putting pressure on more than two dozen democrats running for re-election in districts trump won, with at least one big success. congressman jeff van drew of new jersey has spoken out in the past against impeachment. >> i would imagine that i'll be voting no. >> reporter: now the freshman democrat, facing a tough re-election fight, is expected to cross the aisle and join the republican party ahead of wednesday's vote. president trump tweeted, wow, that would be big, always heard
3:07 am
jeff is very smart. one other big item of business this week, the democrats will pick impeachment managers to present the case to the senate. this is a high-profile job, highly coveted, and it's expected that one of the familiar democrats from the house judiciary or intelligence committees would serve in that capacity. but now a new name has emerged. congressman justin amash of michigan, a former republican who became an independent earlier this year. not clear if speaker nancy pelosi is open to that. david wright, abc news, the white house. the military has launched an investigation into questionable hand gestures flashed by students at the army/navy football game in philadelphia. at least four cadets and midshipmen were spotted making hand signs that could be associated with white power and hate groups. it happened on live tv during an espn head of saturday's game.
3:08 am
the naval academy says based on the findings of the investigation those involved will be appropriately held accountable. it was a chaotic scene over the weekend at a mall outside atlanta. an argument in the mall's food court escalated into gunfire which prompted a massive police response. one man was wounded suffering nonlife-threatening injuries. two teenagers were arrested and charged with several counts including aggravated assault. the mall has since reopened. a $2,500 reward is being offered as police search for the killer of a college freshman here in new york. >> police are still hunting for suspects in wednesday's stabbing death of tessa majors, killed in a robbery in a park steps from her school. major's fellow students and lawmakers held an emotional candlelight vigil at the spot where the 18-year-old from virginia collapsed. >> we understand the grief, and we are here just to show support. >> we came out to support tessa. >> a 14-year-old was questioned about the killing over the weekend and released by police. a 13-year-old is charged with murder, though he's not believed to be the actual killer. he's due in court tomorrow.
3:09 am
babe ruth earned about $850,000 during his career. one of his bats just pulled in more than that at one auction. >> the bat that babe ruth used to swat his 500th career home run, kenneth, sold for $1 million. >> wow. >> remember, he hit that milestone homer in cleveland in 1929 while playing for the yankees. of course you don't remember, you weren't born yet. ruth autographed it and gave to it a friend more than a decade later. the friend's family held on to it for more than 75 years. >> 75 years and waiting for that big payday. i think it's crazy that he made roughly -- i mean, obviously we know inflation. that's a lot of money back in the day. but you think about like the fact that that gerrit cole guy just signed a deal worth, how much was it, jack? >> it was more than $300 million, that's a lot of money. >> a lot of money. >> what do you think babe ruth would have done with that, jack?
3:10 am
>> knowing what i know about babe ruth, he probably would have had a couple of drinks, ate a couple of steaks, and enjoyed himself. >> oh. were you going to mention women? i felt like you were going there. >> nope, might have just enjoyed himself. >> you don't have to mention it, you already know. >> that is true, that is true. >> there it is. speaking of sports, coming up, a busy sunday in the nfl with fans of one team sending trash raining down on the field. plus harvey weinstein is speaking out in a new interview. despite dozens of claims of sexual harassment against him, he says he deserves a pat on the back when it comes to women. first the latest from the scene of a deadly earthquake overseas. washer doesn't get everything clean. i tell them, it may be your detergent... that's why more dishwasher brands recommend cascade platinum. it's specially-designed with the soaking, scrubbing and rinsing built right in. cascade platinum's unique actionpacs dissolve quickly... remove stuck-on food. . . for sparkling-clean dishes, the first time.
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several people are dead after a 6.8 earthquake rocked several people are dead after a 6.8 earthquake rocked the southern philippines. one of the victims was a 6-year-old girl killed when a wall of her house collapsed on her. more people may be trapped in the rubble of a shopping center. the tremor created waves in this hotel swimming pool. this same area was hit hard by a series of earthquakes in
3:14 am
october. an attorney representing several accusers of harvey weinstein calls a new interview with the former hollywood mogul a public relations stunt on the eve of his criminal trial. >> weinstein's comments to the "new york post" are certainly raising eyebrows. abc's stephanie ramos has the details. >> reporter: more than 30 women have accused him of sexual misconduct. the allegations range from harassment to rape and disgraced movie producer harvey weinstein says the notoriety brought by his supposed crimes shouldn't overshadow the work he's done for women in the industry. in a new interview he tells the "new york post" "i feel like the forgotten man" saying he made more movies directed by women and about women than other filmmakers and "it all got eviscerated because of what happened, my work has been forgotten." weinstein seen hobbling into a manhattan court has denied all allegations of nonconsensual sexual contact. he spoke from the hospital where recovering from spinal surgery. one of his accusers, mimi haleyi, says weinstein forced himself on her in 2006 when she was working as a production
3:15 am
assistant. >> women have the right to say no. a no is a no regardless of the circumstances. and i told harvey no. >> reporter: and this week word of a $47 million settlement in the civil cases brought by dozens of accusers. a source briefed on the deal says weinstein is not required to admit to any wrongdoing, and the money would be paid by his studio's insurance company, not out of weinstein's own pocket. one of weinstein's accusers is responding to his interview. kaitlin delaney tells us it sickens her to hear him talk about supportive women and their careers, calling it self promotion gone terribly bad, saying weinstein abused his power to assault women and ruin their caers, including hers.
3:16 am
>> report until new york you've covered weinstein and been in court. >> i have been in court with harvey weinstein. he's had a lot of return appearances back and forth so not a lot has taken place in the courtroom. you can see he has been frail coming in and out. he typically does not make a comment but we hear from his attorneys. his legal team has changed a number of times when i've been in court with him. what strikes me about this story, about the article in the "new york post," saying he's done a lot for women, i would think since the accusations came forward, that's something the women would say, wouldn't you think so? >> you would think so. >> women feel like he had advanced their careers, that's really not for him to say. >> no, not at all. >> that is really for those women to say. and two decades in the news business, it is certainly no coincidence that this is an on-camera, an interview a month before he goes on trial. >> right before going on trail. >> he was really frail last week.
3:17 am
i wasn't in court last week, but whether it's the stress or any other type of legal issue, medical issue, it's visible. there's something going on there. okay, so now we've gotten a look at how actress lori loughlin and her husband plan to fight charges in the college admission scandal. >> in court documents they accuse the federal government of hiding evidence that could help them. lock lick and her husband accused of paying $500,000 to get their daughters into the university of southern california. >> the power couple has pleaded not guilty, and they say they thought they were making actual donations to the school, not bribes. coming up next half hour, the backlash against hallmark after it pulled an ad featuring same-sex couples, the company issuing an apology. first sports, the raiders' final game in oakland memorable for the wrong reason. the wrong reason. (acapella) ahhhh! (acapella) shhhh! (avo) nyquil severe with vicks vapocool. the vaporizing, nighttime, coughing, aching, stuffy head, best sleep with a cold, medicine. upbeat music♪ no cover-up spray here.
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3:19 am
it's over! the georgetown warriors have won their first-ever national championship! >> add georgetown university to the championship list in washington, d.c. the hoyas won their first men's soccer title, beating virginia
3:20 am
in a shoot-out as freshman tomas romero made the stop. georgetown wins 7-6 on penalties. congrats to my former hometown team there in d.c. for the latest on spygate 2.2, the patriots admitting one of their videographers improperly filmed another team. >> that's right, the team had suspended david mondillo. he was in cincinnati to film a segment about a patriots advance scout. while he was there he filmed the bengals' sideline from the press box. the suspension came as fox sports aired some of the footage yesterday. >> the crew had credentials to be in the press box but league rules prohibit filming the other team's sidelines. the league will likely penalize the patriots for the incident. on sunday night football it was the bills and steelers seeking to take a step toward the playoffs. >> buffalo took the lead in the fourth when quarterback josh allen had his only touchdown of
3:21 am
the night. his final chance was intercepted in the end zone. the bills' 17-10 win secures them a playoff berth. and the oakland raiders, well, the party is all over there. >> the silver and black were looking good against the jaguars in their final home game in the oakland coliseum. then jacksonville spoiled the party scoring two touchdowns in the game's last five minutes. oakland's notorious fans booed quarterback derek carr and threw trash on the field after the game. the raiders lost 20-16. they are moving to las vegas next season. so jack, is that why they were booing them? >> yeah, i mean, i guess. either that or they're just a bad team. >> what do you think about the nachos on the field? the trash they were throwing on the field? >> i think that's disgraceful. >> because it's a waste of nachos. >> it's nacho cheese. >> yeah, you don't want to do that, you want to be a good fan. okay, and here's a guy who's really going to miss the team. dave was a lifelong raiders fan.
3:22 am
he has the 1966 newspaper picture of himself at the first raiders game at the coliseum and a house full of team memorabilia. t the coliseum and a house full of team memorabilia.
3:23 am
3:24 am
3:25 am
time for "the mix." and a first for miss darla miles here so let's mix it up a little bit starting with this brooklyn man. we've heard about the porch pirates. this man says he's got an invention to stop the porch pirates from stealing those holiday packages. this man right here is in brooklyn. he says he's got a low-tech solution. it features a sloping neck that feeds into the top of the box. that's the contraption right there. that's pretty much it. that thing is ugly. >> it's low-tech. >> that's pretty low-tech there. he says it's got a price tag of like $200. he's calling it the bob box. >> you know, this is why i love new york.
3:26 am
because new yorkers always go for it. and he's going for it. so you can't like criticize his hustle. >> right. >> but it's low-tech. it's like a compliment there. but i think -- we're covering it here in new york locally, we're covering it on "world news now," so maybe he will get someone to purchase it. >> no takers. >> i wonder why. >> darla may be the first one. >> negative on that, negative. >> what else we got here? >> did you do the elf on the shelf when you were growing up? >> i thought that was a 2000s thing and i'm a little older than that. >> parents are so tired and running around with the holidays, holiday parties, shopping. now there are 13 reasons why the elf on the shelf did not move. i'm going to tell you, i think they could be a little more creative with these. one of them is getting in shape for the next vacation, that's why he didn't move. or he had such a lovely view that he didn't want to move. he decided to keep extra watch on you. i don't know, i think he should say something like that, i don't know, i was shoveling snow.
3:27 am
it's got to be something a little jazzier. >> or tell the truth that mommy and daddy got drunk at the holiday party and forgot to move it the night before, how about that. >> it's an option. but the 13, it's a fallback, i think we could be a little bit more -- i don't want to say it but maybe you could say he was on the peloton commercial. >> darla came to play. >> there we go. all day, all day. >> okay, this also is interesting here. in san diego, they've got a gingerbread, life-sized gingerbread house. the walls are not edible, by the way. they've got this going in san diego. it's pretty cool. it's in a police department. and there you go. >> who's the boss? did she do this on work hours? was this a company time initiative or something she did on off time? that is what i want to know. >> this reporter, she's asking questions, the tough questions. >> eyewitness news is everywhere. >> also santa making a dramatic entrance.
3:28 am
>> you know, a police officer parachuted onto the beach in florida, that's the only way to bring santa there, the weather is so nice.
3:29 am
3:30 am
this morning on "world news now," this week's looming impeachment vote in the house. the senate is gearing up for the next step. putting president trump on trial. breaking overnight, a change of heart by hallmark. just days after its decision to remove an ad featuring the same-sex couple, the backlash and the brand-new response from this company this morning. new this half hour the scary moments for people in one car when a bear did this. >> see how this close encounter ended for the people and that bear. and four decades later, grease is still the word. john travolta and olivia newton-john reuniting as danny and sandy in costume for the first time since 1978. that's ahead in "the skinny" on this monday, december 16th.
3:31 am
♪ i can tell you more. this is a big deal for us here at "world news now" and for me. please welcome to the guest coanchor seat darla miles from wabc. darla, welcome to "world news now." >> thank you, kenneth, i'm having fun so far. >> you are? >> yes. >> i mentioned earlier darla and i go way back. how far back do we go? we go back to the early 2000s where darla was a reporter at wtvd, our abc station. >> that's right. >> in raleigh durham. >> you were a tender age 22. >> durham police tell eyewitness news back in april they asked crime stoppers to change the text of a flyer. >> that girl there. >> for them at this point it's no longer an issue. >> oh my gosh. >> that was darla miles
3:32 am
reporting in durham. so you were there what years to what years? >> i was in durham, north carolina, from '03 to '06. >> i was there '05 to '07, that was when our paths crossed. let me just tell you right now, this is the proof that we actually reported on the same story. i was at news 4 team north carolina, which is now spectrum news. you were there at our incredible abc station. thanks to our folks at wtvd for pulling this archive of you from 2006, we really appreciate them. let me tell you right now, this is a real one, this is an incredible woman, incredible journalist. you're a new yorker now but you are a native texan so that southern charm always kicks in. darla has been watching out for me for so many years now, and i am honored to sit next to you. this is surreal for me to have her here, because darla is one that as a journalist i've always looked up to, to be sitting here next to you is something else. >> things have come full circle. i've watched you since you left raleigh, you went to philly, you came here.
3:33 am
we root each other on. we're like brother and sister. i've been very proud of you as well. >> thank you, friend, i appreciate it. again, it's great to have you here and you're going to help us get through some news the next couple of days. let's have some fun. >> let's what we do. we begin this half hour with a historic impeachment vote looming on capitol hill as lawmakers take sides largely along party lines. >> overnight senate democrats said they want to hear from at least four witnesses. at the top of the list acting chief of staff mick mulvaney and former national security adviser john bolton who allegedly labeled rudy giuliani's interactions with ukraine as a drug deal that he wanted to be no part of. abc's david wright has more on the partisan divide. >> reporter: as the full house of representatives gets ready to
3:34 am
vote on impeaching president trump, two leading democrats say their motives are patriotic, not partisan. >> he is openly seeking foreign interference in the 2020 election, and he poses a continuing threat to our national security. >> it's a clear and present danger, i think, to our democracy, not something we can turn away from. >> reporter: the vote expected wednesday will likely be along party lines. then the issue moves on to the senate where republicans have the majority. >> i am ready to vote on the underlying articles. i don't really need to hear a lot of witnesses. >> reporter: majority leader mitch mcconnell says senate republicans will work in total coordination with the white house for a trial. senator ted cruz predicts it will be fair. >> we're going to have fair proceedings, then it's not going anywhere because the facts aren't there. >> reporter: democrats accuse the republicans of prejudging the evidence. >> but i hope that the senators will insist on getting the documents, on hearing from the witnesses, on making up their own mind. >> reporter: president trump has said he wants to call witnesses. but trump now says he won't insist on that. >> i've heard mitch, i've heard lindsey, i think they are very much in agreement on some concept. i'll do whatever they want to, do it doesn't matter.
3:35 am
>> reporter: in the meantime republicans are hoping to pressure vulnerable democrats to defect. 31 members of the house are seeking re-election in districts trump won. two have already said they'll vote no this week on one or both articles of impeachment. one may be switching parties. david wright, abc news, washington. democratic presidential candidate mike bloomberg is coming under fire over past allegations that he made lewd and sexist comments that fostered a culture at his company that degraded women. one employee claimed in a lawsuit that when she announced she was pregnant, bloomberg told her to kill it. bloomberg has denied that allegation and others but his campaign says he has come to see that some of what he said was disrespectful and was wrong. court records reviewed by abc news found 17 lawsuits against the company. several of those cases were dismissed, five were settled,
3:36 am
three remain active. as police search for tessa major's killer, classmates, lawmakers and area residents gathered to remember the new york city college student. they came together for a candlelight vigil in the park where the 18-year-old freshman died five days ago. >> no more, no more! no more, no more! >> reporter: hundreds coming together in manhattan's morningside park to remember tessa majors, gathering on the same steps where she was attacked. >> new york should have been a place to learn and grow, instead it became a place where her life was stolen away from us. >> reporter: these mothers all lost children to violence. they live in the neighborhood rocked by this tragedy. >> we understand the grief and we are here to show support. >> we came out to support tessa. >> reporter: police say majors was walking in the park early wednesday evening when she was confronted, robbed, and stabbed. authorities say she managed to stagger up the steep staircase but later died at the hospital. >> this area has always felt safe to me, and i'm absolutely outraged. and i just want to send a message of peace, love, and light to the family. >> reporter: over the weekend police questioned a 14-year-old in connection with the murder, releasing him without charges. another teenager is in custody.
3:37 am
a 13-year-old charged with felony murder. the juvenile's name has not been released. investigators say that teen did not kill majors but participated in the deadly robbery. he implicated two other teens in the crime in statements to police. >> we don't know the full story until we identify and arrest the two other individuals, and even then we may not find out. >> reporter: majors loved music. she played bass guitar and a sang in a band called patient zero. the owner of a music shop the college student frequented in her hometown of charlottesville, virginia, organized a tribute to majors on sunday. >> when you saw her, you knew that's what she was meant to be doing. she was a great performer. >> police say the 13-year-old was found with a knife. it's not clear if it was the murder weapon. the teen is set to be arraigned tomorrow. a $2,500 reward is being offered in this case. the latest winter storm is expected to arrive in the northeast around noon today.
3:38 am
>> it's moving slowly out of the midwest but snow is falling now from missouri to the ohio valley. >> the storm causes hundreds of crashes and shuts down major highways for a time. >> the focus now is the east coast. accuweather's adam del rosso has the forecast. adam, good morning. >> kenneth and darla, we're tracking a winter storm making its way into the mid-atlantic bringing snow and ice, perhaps making for a slippery morning commute to areas north of d.c. also another swath of snow across southern illinois into central indiana where we already had plenty of snow yesterday. south of that some severe storms into portions of the mississippi river valley. on the wintry side of this, ice is going to be the biggest threat. perhaps some significant ice across the alleghenys of pennsylvania, into southern new england, where we could be talking about .25 inches of ice accretion. kenneth, darla? >> all right, adam, thank you. next to a secret santa who helped a military veteran in need. >> i love stories like this. idaho native steven elkins spent 17 years in the air force. his son kevin was just
3:39 am
commissioned as an air force officer. steven and his wife were not going to travel to alabama for the ceremony because of the expense. but guess what, an anonymous secret santa stepped in and paid for their trip. >> wow. >> i know it's been a long road for my son to get to this point, but i'm very proud of him and i'm glad i could be here. >> i don't know how to describe it, honestly. i'm super appreciative of him being here. everything that he's shown me helped through life. >> since retiring steven elkins has battled cancer, his wife lost her job, but he is now in remission. >> pretty nice when you see military families being helped out, especially this way. they may never know who this donor, person who didn't want to be recognized. >> you know, but it doesn't matter, because hopefully he pays it forward. >> yep. >> in any small way. so it doesn't necessarily have to be a big donation, it could be helping someone out who's crossing the street. to me i believe in small acts of kindness. >> big thanks to that new officer, kevin elkins, and his service to this country. coming up, what would you do if a bear jumped on your car? plus a change of heart from
3:40 am
the hallmark channel. why they're reinstating the ad they pulled showing a same-sex couple kissing. cardi b's unbelievable birthday gift to her boyfriend offset. that's ahead in "the skinny."
3:41 am
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3:43 am
check out this video from california. a bear hopped right on up on the trunk of that car. it happened on a road heading to king's canyon national park east of fresno. the car edged forward and the bear slid off. no one was hurt. i think that's a honda there. that's an ad for them, those hondas are tough. >> you know it's a tough car but i wouldn't want to test my vehicle that way, not at all. now to that reversal by the hallmark channel announcing overnight it will run a commercial showing two women kissing. >> will ganss joins us with the latest on this one. good morning, will. >> it's been a busy few days for the hallmark channel. good morning. good morning to my dfw pal darla. >> thank you. >> all right. friday the hallmark channel pulled the commercial.
3:44 am
then over the weekend a social media uproar from celebrities like ellen, william shatner, brands like netflix and freeform causing hallmark to reverse course at the last minute. this morning a change of heart from the network that calls itself the heart of tv. >> we're here to help you have the best christmas ever. >> reporter: hallmark pulled this ad featuring a same-sex couple kissing on their wedding day. a conservative group, 1 million moms, took issue with the ad campaign. over 40,000 people signed this petition telling hallmark the ad didn't align with the network's "family-friendly content." hallmark's decision to pull the ad prompting social media backlash. ellen degeneris tweeting, isn't it only 2020? what are you thinking? and presidential candidate mayor pete buttigieg saying, being family friendly means honoring love, not censoring difference. the company behind the ad, zola, a popular wedding website service, telling abc news it had an agreement with hallmark to air six commercials, including this one. >> do you think zola could have made planning your perfect wedding easier? >> reporter: initially hallmark's parent company sticking by the decision saying in a statement the ads were distracting from the purpose of our network which is to provide
3:45 am
entertainment value. this morning they changed their mind and will reinstate the commercial. hallmark's ceo mike perry saying in a statement to abc, our mission is rooted in helping all people connect, celebrate traditions, and being inspired to capture meaningful moments in their lives. we are truly sorry for the hurt and disappointment this has caused. the network working with glaad, the lgbtq rights group, to make their decision. zola saying in a statement overnight they are "relieved to see that decision was reversed, we are humbled by everyone who showed support, not only for zola but for all the lgbtq couples and families who expressed their love on their wedding day and every day." >> this is head spinning, the back and forth, the apologizing. i'm just like -- at the end of the day, why did it even have to be that way? who is the stupid person who pulled it? >> the thing with companies like this, you have to like -- if you're going to go with it, you should go for it. don't put it out and then roll it back. >> right, exactly. >> if you're going to have the confidence to go for it, vet it,
3:46 am
go for it, stick with it. the back and forth just is not a good look. >> no, not a good look. thankfully it seems like they got it all settled now. >> they do. and they got a lot of publicity from it. thank you, will, i appreciate it. when we come back, grease is the word. celebrating the musical reunion four decades in the making. and the birthday party of the year. the celebrity guests included queen bey, your girl, kim k., and usher. >> she's learned, she knows i love beyonce. beyonce. >> "the skinny" is next. it has three times the cleaning power of the leading spray to dissolve kitchen grease on contact. and it's great for bathrooms! just keep pumping the power nozzle to release a continuous burst of mist and make quick work of big jobs. it even works on stainless steel. it cuts through 100% of dirt, grease and grime. available with easy-to-swap refills. to get three times the cleaning power, try clean freak from mr. clean.
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♪ you're the one that i want oh oh oh honey ♪ time now for "the skinny." we begin with the reunion four decades in the making. john travolta and olivia newton-john proving they are still the ones that we want. >> i love this song. the "grease" stars bringing back danny and sandy for the first time in costume since the musical in 1978. >> i don't know anything about that year. >> i remember. i do remember that.
3:49 am
the duo taking stage at a special event called "meet and grease" in florida over the weekend. olivia newton-john starting in her good-girl cardigan before changing into that same leather jacket she wore in the original movie in 1978. >> where did john travolta get that hair from? that's what i want to know, maybe because i'm asking for a friend. fans sang along to all the hit songs from the show and were treated to appearances by the t-birds and the film's director as well. it's good to see them, and looking pretty good. >> really you're the one to talk about hair? >> i know, that's what i'm saying. >> you can't talk about hair. >> i need to know where he got the hair from. >> it's a proprietary secret. >> in a couple of days you might see me with -- what was the character's name? danny, leuco, luka? what was it? zuka? i might be pulling the zucco. >> we'd love to see that. from danny and sandy to another classic character making a major return over the weekend. >> tom hanks reprising his character forrest gump to pay tribute to sally field who played his mom in that movie.
3:50 am
take a look. >> hi. hi, mama. >> oh! >> i love it. love it, love it, love it. >> my favorite part, why did you do that, forrest gump? because you told me to, drill sergeant! the star-studded event also welcomed carrie underwood who performed two linda ronstadt songs. other honorees were "sesame street," and earth, wind, and fire. now on to the party of the year. sean puffy combs, whatever his name is. when you have that kind of money you can change your name as many times as you like. he celebrated the big 5-0 over the weekend. >> the rapper and the media mogul throwing a birthday bash at his home in l.a. if you think diddy's dance moves are hot, wait till you see which hollywood hot shots made the guest list. beyonce and jay-z, the carters were in the house making a rare public appearance in honor of their friend, channeling old hollywood glamor.
3:51 am
i just want to say, look, can we just marvel at this couple? this wardrobe option here. it is beautiful. sources say the couple sat near kanye west and kim kardashian, all four spending time together for the first time since that public little spat, rift, whatever you want to call it. all happiness and love. >> usher shared videos from inside the event, you can see them here, dancing alongside other music industry superstars, like cardi b and offset, who took a break from the dance floor to pose for "vanity fair." >> speaking of cardi b and her man. they celebrated offset's birthday. cardi showing she's figured out what to give the person who already has it all. cold hard cash, literally. the money, money singer surprised offset with $500,000
3:52 am
in cash in the refrigerator. cardi posted a video to the instagram with a caption saying, a little something for the birthday boy. >> just a little cash, ain't nothing wrong with that. >> i'm looking in my refrigerator when i get home. >> she gave him the cash? isn't he the one messed up?
3:53 am
3:54 am
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that's why more dishwasher brands recommend cascade platinum... ...with the soaking, scrubbing and rinsing built right in. for sparkling-clean dishes, the first time. cascade platinum. remember, the future of jumanji is in your hands. >> i have one important question, who is jumanji? >> is that barbara's boy? >> we're going to die. >> we did die. >> are we in hell? >> i knew it. >> is that barbara's boy? oh, that kevin hart. kevin hart, dwayne johnson topped the box office this weekend, "jumanji: next level" took in over $60 million sending "frozen ii" to second place. "frozen ii" from our parent company disney has taken in over $1 billion worldwide. it's disney's third billion-dollar movie along with "frozen" and ""zootopia." >> i can't wait to see "jumanji" too. >> me too, we can go together. a new miss world was cwned over the weekend, a moment which marks a historic first.
3:56 am
>> our friend janai norman explains why this is part of a trend. >> miss world 2019 -- >> reporter: toni-ann singh from jamaica is waking up as the newest queen of the world. >> jamaica! >> reporter: singh, winning the 2019 miss world pageant after beating out over 100 other contestants over the last several weeks. >> i was shocked. i had to take a moment to say, they said jamaica, they said jamaica, so that means you, that means get out there. >> reporter: when the cover girl was crowned another finalist, nigeria's nyekachi douglas, couldn't contain her excitement. first time in history five black women reigned supreme. toni-ann now rounding out a historic streak set by the winners of the other four top beauty pageants, making all five
3:57 am
of 2019's major pageant queens black women. abc's linsey davis speaking to three of the queens after their crowning moments. >> there was a time when we literally could not win. literally the miss america competition banned black women from competing. the miss universe organization did not crown a black miss usa until 1990. like there was no space for us. >> reporter: singh the 69th winner of the longest-running international beauty pageant. says unity was felt throughout the entire competition. >> you realize even though we're so strong and we're representing our different countries, we also need each other. my eyelashes? india put them on for me. usually trinidad would put them on for me. >> reporter: the college student who majors in women's studies and psychology at florida state says her mother has facilitated her dream in every way possible. that dream now realized. >> incredible to see. i'm going to channel janai norman, say many of those pageant queens wearing their natural hair, looking good. >> i know, embracing their curls.
3:58 am
i remember when vanessa williams was crowned the first miss usa, it's a long time coming. >> and beautiful to see.
3:59 am
4:00 am
america this morning. stay with us for "good morning america" and have a great day. making news in america this morning, the deadly storm on the move making a mess of the monday morning commute. snow, ice, rain, even possible tornadoes. what to expect this morning. switching teams. a democrat in congress voting against impeachment. he now plans to switch parties and become a republican. the response overnight from his staff. plus, president trump hurls a new insult at speaker nancy pelosi criticizing her teeth. breaking overnight, the hallmark channel apologizes. what it's saying now about the commercials it pulled featuring two women kissing originally saying the commercials were too controversial. why the network has now changed >>s mind.


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