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tv   ABC7 News 430AM  ABC  December 16, 2019 4:30am-5:01am PST

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7xjx025. all of this information on our website. police activating that amber alert across several counties for the safe return of that 2-year-old. they believe she was taken by her father at around 11:00 or 10:00 last night. the investigation behind me at south 11th and reid streets, blocks away from san jose state university. we don't have much confirmed information, but they have been out here for several hours. the san jose police department releasing little information as to what is unfolding now. what they're looking into and what they're investigating at the home behind me. they have been here for several hours. two breaking stories out of san jose, one the active police state investigation blocks away from san jose state investigation, and the other is that active amber alert that started in san jose.
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all of that information on our website including the picture of 2-year-old deabethany. i'm julian glover, abc7 news. >> thank you. it's 4:31. >> good morning. if you're just joining us, a quick update of weather and traffic where you live. >> it is a cold start out there. just a bit of cloud cover on the peninsula. overall the current numbers continue to plummet. the sun coming up at 7:17. we will continue to see these numbers drop. 43 in oakland. compared to 24 hours ago, you thought it was cold yesterday morning. it's colder this morning. 7 degrees colder in oakland, concord and livermore. a lot of sunshine. we'll see temperatures climb quickly through the 40s to about 50 noontime. by the afternoon we're into the
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upper 50s. so another nice day on the way. the winds will be light, even at the coast we'll see mid 50s, sun setting at 4:52. it's going to be a nice afternoon. the clouds increase on your tuesday. we'll talk long-term in a few minutes. jobina, good morning. >> a look at our map here. you can see a smooth start to our monday morning commute. looking at the san mateo bridge, a few brake lights as people are moving in towards the peninsula. no problems to report there. things are looking good in walnut creek this morning, live look at 680 as people make their way down starting off their commutes early this morning. no problems. all good. hopefully it stays that way this morning. reggie and kumasi? >> a protest against pg&e is set for noon today outside the company's headquarters in san francisco. >> a coalition of fire survivors, people with
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disabilities and others say they are outraged with how pg&e handled the settlement and power shutoffs. they want pg&e to give back all shareholder profits until they safely provide power, they want pg&e toinority communities and to turn pg&e over to the people. pg&e has until tomorrow to meet governor newsom's plan to rework their bankruptcy plan. they say the plan doesn't do enough to beef uf safety enforcement procedures required under a new state law. the governor says pg&e will have to negotiate changes before it can tap into a state fund to pay more than $13 billion in fire claims. the state fund is a key part to emerge from bankruptcy. pg&e says it is committed to paying the victims and it will continue to implement changes to improve long-term operations. >> fans from all over the bay area came out for the raiders last home game at the coliseum. emotions were running high well
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before kickoff and even higher after. cornell barnard has that story. >> raiders! it may be the last time the raider nation call of the wild will be heard outside the coliseum. the santa rosa family brought the love. >> it's the last game. we've got to show our support whether they're in vegas, whether they're in nor cal, socal, always raiders until we die. >> reporter: long time season ticket holder from oakland said it's a sad day for silver and black. >> this is our house but it's not our home anymore. >> honestly i get emotional. i've been a fan since i was six. tattoos, flags. >> reporter: he's wasn't kidding. he showed us his radar commitment. this vup super fan summed it up
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this way. >> it's like going to a funeral. like today's the wake. today we're going to view it because tomorrow we're going to bury it. >> i guess that's about, what, 53 years to go. >> reporter: a former oakland firefighter was at the first raiders game at the colosseum in 1966. he told abc 7 news on saturday he wanted to be at the last game but didn't have a ticket. the team saw our story and treated dave to seats in a luxury box. >> you had to go to the last game at the colosseum. >> i had to. i didn't have a ticket and one way or another i would get one. i didn't know it would go this way. it's beautiful. i'm a lucky man. >> reporter: cornell barnard, abc7 news. >> as for the bay area's other team, despite the 49ers losing yesterday, they clinched a spot in the playoffs thanks to the rams also losing. this is san francisco's first post-season berth since 2016. if they win their final two
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games they could win the nfc west division and the top seed in their conference whi. we've been following a controversial solution to the homeless crisis in san francisco. there's a new navigation center builtlong the embarcadero. phil matier reports it's expected to open this week. the center near the bay bridge will house up to 200 people. we've been talking about this forever. neighbors who fought against the navigation center argue it will bring more drugs and crime to the area. police say they're setting up a two-block safety zone around that center to keep loiterers, homeless encampments and drug use outside of the zone. the examiner is reporting that the team is building a 129-room hotel and 21 residential units in mission bay. the project would include restaurants and a spa across from the arena. a warriors spokesperson says the new hotel would help small
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businesses in the area and improve safety. the project will be discussed at a meeting tomorrow. democratic presidential candidate pete buttigieg will be in the bay area for three fund-raising events. this morning mayor pete will be in palo alto and according to vox, representatives from silicon valley's wealthiest families will be there. that includes the wife of the google co-founder sergie brin, then he will make his way to wood side before coming to san francisco tonight. >> easy, right? >> there's trouble along the northern california coast but the coast guard comes to the rescue. a gun buyback program, a huge success. the number of weapons collected in a south bay community still recovering from a mass shooting. and get ready for fresh crab. the commercial season finally open. find out how valuable the crustaceans are to california's economy. >> all of that is ahead. first, let's talk about the weather. you're saying today is the day to enjoy the sun?
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>> yes. also the coldest day of the week. so if we get throug today, then, you know, we're back to what we can handle. this is rough with numbers in the low to mid 30s. patchy frost all around the bay. if you think it's cooler, you're right. seven degrees cooler from our near east bay and just a little bit of fog out there. the windchill in napa making it feel like 32, with a north wind of 7. 30s here. low 40s in oakland. 34 in san ramon. 43 in fremont. it's a cold start out there and clear. not much in the way of fog yet. there could be a few patches. as we get going through the morning, a lot of sunshine and temperatures will climb through the 40s. afternoon highs near average in the 50s. our next chance of rain coming in late tuesday into wednesday. here's a look at the week ahead. we have increasing clouds on tuesday. as we get into your thursday, this is midnight. you'll notice some patchy light
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showers. the rest of the day we'll see scattered showers into your wednesday morning. that commute may be slow. a break on wednesday, thursday. and the next system holding off until saturday. a couple chances of rain. good breaks in the week ahead, though not all of it coming a the a good time. good way to get the week going by thinking about next weekend. 58 today in fremont. 55 in concord. a chilly start. good morning, jobina. >> good morning. hello, everyone. we are starting off now with a live look at our camera showing 80 here in emeryville. a smooth start to the morning commute right now. got our headlights moving in towards the maze. no problems on the roads so far this morning, which is good news. very quiet start to the monday morning commute. in san jose, live look at 87, we all know usually 87 is quiet. that is until 9:00 in the
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all right. good monday morning to you. a look from north to south, you'll notice that, boy, it looks quiet out there. we have clear sky, very chilly conditions. as we get into the next couple
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of days, we will have some clouds increasing around the bay area. that's for your tuesday. but as for your monday, we are looking at not only sunny conditions, but a cold start out there. some of the coldest numbers we've seen. later today, 30s in the sierra nevada. upper 60s and dry conditions for los angeles. >> thanks. a lhumboldt university student s safe after he got caught in rough waters. the coast guard rescued the 20-year-old surfer yesterday afternoon. you're watching video of the coast guard pulling him up into the helicopter. the surfer got a medical checkup, he'll be okay. several gun buybacks over the weekend led to hundreds of guns being exchanged for cash. in san francisco, united players partnered with sfpd. during the four-hour event more than 300 guns were turned in, including 93 rifles, 75
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revolvers and a few antique pstols. in the south bay, gilroy hosted a buyback. this was a first since southern santa clara started this. police collected 500 guns there. the shooting at the gilroy garlic festival prompted one family to turn in 15 guns. all of the weapons will be destroyed. commercial crab season is under way in the bay area. it was started uas supposed to h ago but got delayed. lauren martinez has that. >> reporter: crab season in san francisco has officially started. >> we're hoping that we have a really good season. we're sad that we're a little delayed in starting, but it is what it is. >> reporter: opening day for commercial dungeness crab season was delayed a month. max works for albers seafood. he said the delay hurts everyone. >> it's a big deal for boat owners, for their livelihood,
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the processors, it's for everyone. >> reporter: time is money for these fishermen that started their day on the water at 2:00 a.m. >> we're lucky to get two to three hours of sleep a day during the opener. >> and we'll be back out here in a couple more hours. take a quick nap and go back out. >> reporter: this boat alone unloaded around 9,000 pounds. from here, these crabs head out to the market. >> oh, i'm here to get some crab, customer in the market. people asking for, so this is the first shot we got. >> reporter: and even though eating crab can be a process -- >> i like it. i eat it but it's kind of a -- it's a little hard work. >> reporter: -- fishermen are just happy to be back on the water. >> finally, finally we get to go back to work and go out there and pretty much risk our lives to make a paycheck. >> reporter: and fishermen tell
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until july depending on migration. reporting in san francisco, lauren martinez, abc 7 news. >> now i need to figure out where i need to get some crab from. >> at her. >> please let me know. >> let kumasi know the best place to eat crab. lisa, is crab part of your tradition at christmas or thanksgiving in. >> no, it's not. it always sounds good, but we never have gotten it together. kumasi, i'll be on the hunt with you to find that out. good morning. we're looking at clear conditions, a little fog as you head out grab the heavier coat. 39 in redwood city and gilroy. 43 in oakland. san francisco in the upper 40s. we have got not only the light winds, clear sky, a lot of sunshine on the way, the coldest morning of the week looks to be right now. 33 by the delta. 35 in petaluma and livermore,
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that is significantly colder than yesterday. you may have slept through the chill. this morning we're looking at not only the cold start, but a warmer day in san jose. lighter winds today along the coast. the sunset about 54, up in the north bay. highs warmer from 57 in petaluma, calistoga checking in at 58. on the east bay, beautiful day, mid to upper 50s for you. 58 in hercules. heading inland, very narrow range. a lot of sunshine, 54 in pleasanton. tonight calls for 30s to low 40s. the accuweather seven-day forecast, increasing clouds tomorrow. a chance of rain on wednesday. dry by the end of the week, it looks like more rain by next weekend. good monday morning, jobina. >> good monday morning to you. love it. good morning. we have taking a live look at san rafael, 101 there. nice and clear.
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i'm not seeing any major issues on the roads this morning to start off your monday. great news here. moving down to san jose, live look at 280. nice and clear as well. no problems. i will check in on some dry times. santa rosa to petaluma, quick 14-minute ride there. 280, 680 to highway 85, 11 minutes. to the maps so you can see no major issues, just some slowdowns out of tracy. reggie and kumasi? >> thanks. so investigators have broken up two illegal streaming sites that they say have more subscribers than netflix and hulu. >> and disney released a new "star wars" trailer on fortnite. >> in today's tech bikes, massive illegal streaming services busted. >> two men in las vegas pled guilty to running sites that illegally streamed movies and
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shows. fortnite is getting into film promotion. >> the popular video game host showed a never before seen clip of "star wars" rise of skywalker. it appeared at a drive-in theater within the game and included lightsabers. a remarkable milestone for google street view. >> the company says they captured more than 10 million miles in imagery, that's the same as circling the earth more than 400 times. >> i always wanted to be caught on that street view google. >> you may have already been caught. those are your tech bites. n >> have a gate day. >> don't catch me. >> i don't want to be on your street view. >> i want to live my life. >> this is the busiest week of the year for holiday shopping. how local post offices are getting ready to ship more packages. and a drug heist of a different kind in the north bay. and maybe this bear was just tired. the surprise it gave drivers.
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good monday morning to you. waking up to awfully cool conditions. check out the low to mid 30s. 37 in santa rosa. we get our coldest temperatures just before sunrise, which is at about 7:17. so we'll see these numbers drop another couple degrees, and we are much colder than we were yesterday at this time. 3 to 7 degrees cooler, we have
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plenty of sunshine on the way. 10:00, we'll see some 50s out there. >> thanks. in the north bay, santa rosa police need your help to catch a group of thieves who ripped off a marijuana business and led officers on a high speed chase. you can see the bags of cannabis that were dropped on the ground by the suspects who were trying to escape from police. officers confronted six men while investigating reports of an alarm sounding. the men sped off with police in pursuit at speeds of up to 100 miles per hour. officers called off the chase because it was too dangerous to continue. this week is expected to be the busiest shipping week for the postal service before the holidays. the center expects to process more than 225,000 packages today and a total of 1.5 million for the week.
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packages are larger, so the san francisco mail processing center has a special machine to deal with them. happening today, two dozen children will get gifts this holiday season thanks to the contra costa county shaueriff's office. this is the annual shop with a sheriff. sheriffs deputies take children for shopping and holiday fun at walmart. a lot of officers pitch in their own money to help out with this. they also help the kids buy gifts for the family so they can learn the spirit of giving. >> all right. starting out with not only the cold conditions, but check out where we'll be later on today on the peninsula. upper 30s to near 40 right now. plenty of sunshine. we'll climb into the 50 degree range at 11:00. mid 50s by 3:00. and if you're spending time in the north bay, even colder this morning with mid to upper 30s, climbing through the low to mid 30s. you'll have the heavier jacket
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early and maybe not need it towards the afternoon. in parts of the east bay, another chilly start, upper 30s, some patchy fog in danville and pleasanton. as we get towards 11:00, climbing into the 50 rs. a nice looking afternoon. in the south bay, upper 30s in san jose, cupertino and through the lunch hour, we're into the mid 50s. and you'll need your sunglasses out there today. >> good morning. so we're taking a look at the overall map here. pretty much green for the most part there. except for our super commuters coming out of tracy. should expect to see a slowdown there. moving to our live look at the bay bridge, as you come across, no problems that rhyme seeii'm the toll plaza. checking in with the richmond-san rafael bridge, definitely smooth across there. no backups. not very heavy traffic there either. our drive times here.
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walnut creek to dublin, 16-minute ride. santa rosa to san francisco, 15 minutes. highway 10 l 101 to los gatos, 22-minute ride. over the was b elsa was bumped off her perch. juman jumanji's sequel did that. that's followed by knives out, richard jewel and black christmas. all of that will change this weekend, "star wars" rise of skywalker will come out. an air scare in california. >> look at this video. imagine seeing this in your rearview mirror. taylor was stopped in traffic on her way to sequoia and kings canyon national park when a
4:57 am
roaming bear made his way through the line of cars and got on the trunk of this car. then i guess he said never mind and he left. it left. i don't know. >> we don't want to misgender it. >> hi, bear. >> that's an amazing jump. >> so athletic. >> i like it. let the bear do what it wants. you know? we keep chasing it out of its own house. it's fine. if he wants to jump on our car, that's all right. next at 5:00, vandals hit a ice rink but now the community is fighting back. it's happened again, more vehicles damaged by projectiles on a busy monterey county freeway. as the impeachment process against president trump heats up, the focus is turning to the looming trial in the senate. and before we go, we are taking a live look outside the golden gate bridge. we'll be right back.
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♪ ♪ chase. make more of what's yours®. welcome to this monday, december 16th. watch out, it's cold outside. >> i know. lisa is here tracking all of that for us. >>


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