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tv   America This Morning  ABC  December 17, 2019 4:00am-4:31am PST

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have a great day. >> stay with us for "gma." have a great day. making news in america this morning, deadly storm. new images of the destruction after tornadoes slammed the south amaging or destroying dozens of homes and how the same storm system takes aim at the northeast with snow, sleet and rain hitting millions for this morning's commute. the areas getting hit the hardest. urgent search. the growing mystery surrounding the disappearance of two young children in florida. the brother and sister last seen playing in their own front yard. why police say they could be anywhere. down to the wire. the new concern about holiday package deliveries. the new decision by amazon, plus the outage at u.p.s. this morning the best way to make sure your gifts arrive on time. plus, gas station scam.
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the new warning for people using a credit card to pay for gas. football history. a major milestone in the nfl. the record falling overnight. and you've heard mariah carey's holiday classic has finally topped the charts. ♪ all i want for christmas is you ♪ this morning we look at why it's finally hitting number one after 25 years. ♪ oh i won't ask for much this christmas ♪ good tuesday morning, everyone. thank you for joining us. i'm kenneth moton. >> and i'm darla miles in yore janai. we begin with a dangerous storm threat. on radar you can see the system which has covered 2,000 miles. >> ice and snow the big threat in the northeast after several tornadoes across the south. at least three people are
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confirmed dead, and the threat is far from over. overnight the death toll rising from tornadoes in the south. authorities in alabama say a husband and wife were killed after a twister touched down near huntsville. the couple was found off their property along with a 7-year-old child who is in critical condition. the county coroner was one of the first responders on the scene. >> it was just total chaos and we just had to make due the best we could. >> reporter: in louisiana two suspected tornadoes touched down southeast of shreveport. this is where a tornado came through. >> reporter: police say say a 59-year-old woman was killed when her mobile home was destroyed. it shows widespread damaging include downed power lines and a tree on top of a home. the powerful winds destroyed a school, church and public works building. >> trees are down. people are walking out. >> reporter: meanwhile, the same storm system is packing a powerful punch of snow, sleet and rain for the northeast this morning. from central pennsylvania into southern new england, snow and a glaze of ice is making travel treacherous. boston bracing for snow today
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while new york city and philadelphia get rain for the morning commute. we'll take a closer look at your forecast in less than five minutes. a decision by boeing to suspend its production of 737 max jets is expected to ripple through the u.s. economy. boeing says it doesn't expect any layoffs but analysts say the 900 companies that make parts for the plane will likely face job cuts. the 737 max has been grounded since march after two deadly crashes, and it's taking longer than expected to get faa approval for the plane to fly again. >> what's really changed here is that the faa finally hit boeing up side the head with a 2x4 and said, stop making predictions here. we're going to do this on our time line. >> boeing has been making changes to a flight control system linked to those two deadly crashes which killed nearly 300 people. the impeachment showdown is coming to a head with a history-making vote tomorrow.
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moderate democrats in districts won by president trump got an earful at town halls from people on both sides of the issue. but they say they'll vote to impeach the president even if it means losing their seats in congress. meanwhile over in the senate democrats are doubling down on their demand for key witnesses. abc's ines de la cuetara has the latest from capitol hill. ines, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, kenneth and darla. members of the house rules committee are meeting this morning to figure out how long the floor debate should be before the full house votes on impeachment and as the impeachment process in the house wraps up, lawmakers are now turning their focus to that impending senate trial. this morning the house rules committee meeting for a marathon session to set the ground rules for this week's final full house vote on impeachment. this as many moderate democrats from trump districts face backlash from both sides as they announce how they plan to vote. [ crowd chanting "hey, hey, ho, ho, trump has to go ♪ >> reporter: congresswoman
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elissa slotkin got cheered and booed as she revealed she will plan on voting yes. >> i will be voting yes on obstruction of congress. >> reporter: in new jersey, jeff van drew is planning to switch parties and become a republican causing most of his staff to resign. with impeachment expected to pass the house on wednesday, the focus is now turning to a senate trial. democrats doubling down on their demand to hear from four witnesses the white house had blocked from testifying including acting chief of staff mick mulvaney and former national security adviser john bolton. >> these people know better than anybody else the facts. there's no reason on god's green earth why they shouldn't be called and testify unless you're afraid what they might say. >> but republicans are promising total coordination with the white house. >> i have clearly made up my mind. i'm not trying to hide the fact that i have disdain for the accusations and the process, so i don't need any witnesses. >> reporter: and schumer is now
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set to meet with mitch mcconnell to figure out the terms of that national trial. schumer has indicated he would like the trial to start on january 6th or the week of january 6th and have it go for three weeks but ultimately mcconnell will have the final say and he's indicated he would like a speedy trial. kenneth and darla. >> ines live on capitol hill, thank you. president trump is threatening to boycott the official presidential debates next fall. he's criticizing the nonpartisan commission that sponsors debates saying he has several other options including doing the debates directly. he did not elaborate on what doing the debates directly would entail. and breaking overnight, a terrifying crash in the seattle area. 11 people were injured when a van crashed through the window of a discount store. three people were left in critical condition including a toddler. police say the van was being used as a getaway vehicle for a shoplifter at the store. the driver and the suspected shoplifter are under arrest. police searching for two missing children in jacksonville, florida, are
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worried the brother and sister may be victims of a crime. 6-year-old braxton and 5-year-old bri'ya williams haven't been seen since sunday morning when they were playing in their yard. two people in their neighborhood just after the kids vanished told police they saw a car speed away with two children in the backseat and a boy holding his hands up to a window. brandon and bri'ya's grandparents are, of course, devastated. >> we stayed all night. we haven't slept. we haven't eaten. we're worried about our babies. we want everybody to be praying. braxton and bri'ya, if y'all see granny and pa-pa, we looking for you and we love y'all. >> police say the parents who were home when the children were last seen are cooperating with this investigation. turning back to the weather now, let's take a closer look at your tuesday forecast. good morning. we're tracking more showers and storms across the southeast. fortunately they are not expected to be severe.
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but that front will bring in some drier, cooler air behind it as you head throughout the mississippi river valley into the northeast, a mess on our hands in terms of ice as phase two of this winter storm moves on by. quite a bit of ice from the poconos toward the cape cod area, perhaps upwards of a quarter of an inch of ice expected. it doesn't sound like a lot but it's enough to cause problems on the roads. north of the ice three to six inches of snow expected. i'm accuweather meteorologist adam del rosso. t coming up, a major decision about the sale of tobacco products including e-cigarettes. also why former president obama says the world would be a better place if women were in charge and what he said about old men. plus, a scam at the gas station targeting people who pay with credit cards. and new video of a bear climbing onto a car. we hear from the man behind the wheel of that car.
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we're back with new video of a bear climbing onto a car in california. the driver was recording as his dog and the bear came face-to-face. look at that with only a window between them. the bear moved to the back of the car and eventually climbed onto the trunk. >> i wasn't really scared, to be honest, like cause i see bears as big dogs like a big fluffy dog basically. they could maul you, but it's a dog, you know. >> that driver there said he took his dog to sequoia national park so they could get close to nature. he never figured they would get that close. congress is considering a measure to raise the minimum age to purchase tobacco to 21. that's part of an ongoing effort to keep young americans from vaping. the bipartisan legislation would be included in a massive government spending bill
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expected to pass this week. it would apply to vape products, e-cigarettes and traditional tobacco products. it comes amid growing concerns about health risks linked to vaping. a new study finds people who use e-cigarettes are 30% more likely to develop chronic lung diseases than people who don't use them. former president obama gave a shoutout to all the ladies and told a gathering in singapore that women are indisputably better at solving problems than men. he said if women ran every country in the world, it would be a general improvement of living standards and outcomes. he said, quote, now, women, i just want you to know you're not perfect, but what i can say is you're better than us. if you look at the world and look at the problems, it's usually old people, usually old men not getting out of the way. they cling to power. they have outdated ideas and new approaches are squashed. a consumer alert this morning before you visit the gas station. visa says more hackers are trying to get your credit card details from gas pumps. in the past scammers have used
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clunky hardware that was easy to detect. but now some hackers have infected many point of sale computer systems. cards with security chips are safe but only if the gas station uses up-to-date equipment. and if you're looking for some easy money, consider moving to topeka, kansas. the city will pay you up to $15,000 to relocate there. the choose topeka program is looking for 40 to 60 young professionals to boost the city's economic development. similar programs have been successful in cities like tulsa and chattanooga. coming up, new details about a $65 million jewelry heist and why the celebrity victim might have been targeted. but first a big change at amazon when it comes to shipping holiday packages. the best way to make sure your gifts arrive on time. how a speech from the heisman trophy winner could now prevent thousands of people from going hungry.
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we are back with an update on this stunning scene inside a north carolina middle school. the sheriff's deputy seen slamming a student to the floor has been fired. he also is facing criminal charges. the county sheriff in vance county says he sees no justification for the deputy's action. now to a holiday shipping alert one week before christmas eve. amazon is now banning third party sellers from using fedex for ground shipping. >> many are concerned their packages won't get delivered in time, but experts say the move is actually a good move for consumers. this morning, a potential speed bump for your holiday package deliveries. beginning this week amazon is temporarily blocking third party sellers from using fedex ground for prime customers citing a drop in delivery performance. amazon says it fears orders will not arrive in time for christmas based on the recent performance of fedex ground. fedex says the decision impacts only a small number of shippers, but limits the options for those small businesses on some of the
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highest demand shipping days in history. >> i think the biggest thing that amazon is interested in here is coming up with their own shipping service. i really think amazon is emerging as a competitor of sorts to fedex and u.p.s. and the postal service. a competitive market though is good for consumers because it drives prices down and improves service. >> reporter: meanwhile, this morning a close call for u.p.s. the company is back up and running after a system outage in houston. with only one week to go until christmas eve, experts say it's not too late to get free delivery, but the deadlines are quickly approaching. to arrive by christmas, orders at walmart, target and best buy must be placed by friday. macy's by noon saturday, amazon and nordstrom by sunday. >> if you're willing to pay a lot extra, you could presumably ship something as late as the 23rd and get it in time for christmas. that's going to cost you more, though, and you do run the risk of unforeseen delays including weather.
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>> and for procrastinators apps like shipt offer a free two-week trial for members. it gets you free same day delivery through christmas eve. a mississippi man who has been tried for the same crime six times may now face a seventh trial. curtis flowers, who maintains his innocence, has been granted bail for the first time in 22 years. he was convicted four times for killing four people at a furniture store, but those convictions were overturned. there were also two mistrials, and at one point flowers was sentenced to death. but the supreme court reversed that verdict saying prosecutors had shown racial bias. if the charges are not dismissed, he'll face a seventh trial. social media may have been an accomplice in a massive jewelry heist in london. we told you yesterday how thieves stole more than $60 million worth of jewels from heiress tamara eccleston. police are now searching for three suspects who may have known she wasn't going to be home because earlier in that day, ecclestone had posted a picture on instagram that she and her daughter were leaving for a holiday vacation in
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finland. in sports quarterback drew brees has made history in the nfl. he broke the record for all-time passing touchdowns as the saints blew out the colts last night, 34-7. brees has now thrown 540 touchdowns topping the record set by peyton manning. heisman trophy winner joe burrow's speech is doing wonders for a food pantry in ohio. he grew up in athens county which is the state's poorest area. he called attention to the region's plight after he was named college football's best player. >> i'm up here for all those kids in athens and athens county that, you know, go home to not a lot of food on the table, hungry after school. you guys can be up here too. >> we have been shocked, amazed, grateful beyond words. still trying to process that this is even happening.
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>> and since that speech on saturday, fund-raisers have brought in more than $300,000 for the food bank. >> good work by him. up next in "the pulse," a new look at the "top gun" sequel. also ahead, the incredible body transformation for a hollywood actor joining the marvel universe and how he achieved that body. plus, why mariah carey's holiday classic has finally hit number one 25 years later. ♪ and i don't care about those presents underneath the christmas tree ♪
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for an upcoming marvel movie. >> he gives all the credit to his team saying, quote, i would not have been able to do this if i didn't have a full year with the best trainers and nutritionists paid for by the biggest studio in the world. his trainer spoke about all the work it took. >> it's a key about being very intense for that first hour and hour and 15 minutes and we would probably train between four and five days a week, a high protein diet, high fat, healthy fat diet and, of course, you need the carbs for the energy to get through the workout. >> kumail's wife insists he is still the same guy tweeting, my husband works hard for every role he takes. i'm so proud of him. we spent the majority of this past weekend playing borderlands 3, so don't think he's changed too much. next time for a brief trip into the danger zone. >> yes, a new trailer for next summer's "top gun" sequel is out. ♪ i went to the danger zone fans get to see and hear from tom cruise as maverick back in the cockpit. >> good morning, aviators. this is your captain speaking.
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today's exercise is dogfighting. >> two birds with one. he's got to be kidding. >> what the hell. >> the trailer ends with maverick at the controls of some sort of high-tech plane. "top gun 2: maverick" soars into theaters in june. meanwhile, the force was strong in hollywood last night for the premiere of "the rise of skywalker," the ninth and final "star wars" film. >> no spoilers here. the first reviews are in. one movie critic called it a terrific finale. another said the movie gave her, quote, a lot to digest. >> okay. and finally mariah carey's holiday hit "all i want for christmas is you" has hit number one for the first time 25 years after its first release. >> it soared to the top of the billboard 100 with a little help from a savvy pr campaign. this year carey kicked offer the holiday season earlier than after posting an instagram right
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making news right now at 4:27, a wild scene in the south bay. a police chase ends with a home catching fire. and pg&e is just hours to submit a new restructuring plan that satisfies governor newsom. on the line $13 billion settlement with wildfire victims. the lights are on, a controversial homeless center set to open in the shadow of the bay bridge. good morning. you have made it to tuesday, december 17th. first, mike with a look at our forecast. good morning. it's kind of quiet which is nice. you may have to scrape some
4:28 am
ice -- don't be scraping any grass. it's too early for that. most of our reporting stations, trust me, it's cooler in some of our neighborhoods. close to average. i have a 1 on there though you don't see any rain because it comes in once the sun sets. here's jobina. good morning, everyone. so at 4:28 things are looking good on our roads. a live look in walnut creek, 680 beginning to fill in. no problems on the roads at the moment. a live look at 280. nice quiet and clear ride. let's check in on our drive times before we go. we are seeing the slowdown in our usual spot in the tracy to dublin ride there. a slowdown at 32 minutes. dublin, dublin to mission boulevard. mayor london breed will get
4:29 am
a tour of the new navigation center along the embarcadero. >> the center has been controversial since the beginning, and neighbors are still uneasy. abc 7 news reporter amy hollyfield is live. >> reporter: here it is ready to open, this is the new embarcadero center navigation center. it can hold 200 homeless people, but it is controversial. residents point to this as an example of security concerns. this video showing a homeless man attacking a woman in the lobby of her building. the woman has since moved away because of this attack. her former neighbors are worried that the navigation center will bring more crime to the area. >> worried that more criminal activity could happen. >> mainly worried about my kid picking up needles and syringes off the street. >> reporter: there are several condominium buildings in the area. this is around bryant and
4:30 am
embarcadero right under the bay bridge. homeless advocates say they think there should be a shelter in every neighborhood calling it a disgrace we live in a city with so many billionaires they can't get everyone a safe bed at night. homeless advocates cheering the opening of this navigation center and calling for more of them. there will be a tour today of the center. the mayor and some other dignitaries will be here at 11:00 this morning to get a first look and it will open later this week. amy hollyfield, abc 7 news. >> amy, thank you. it is now 4:30. if you're just waking up to us, it's time for weather and traffic. >> hi, mike. let's talk about what will happen tonight and tomorrow. light to moderate rains moving in. some gusty winds, 15 to 35 miles an hour. maybe faster at our highest peaks. some radar returns on live dob letter 7. all is


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