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tv   Jimmy Kimmel Live  ABC  December 17, 2019 11:35pm-12:38am PST

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i'm dan ashley. >> i'm ama dates. for all of us here thanks for joining us here. on jimmy kimmel live adam sandler. >> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight -- adam sandler. from "jumanji: the next level", karen gillan. the cast of "live in front of a studio audience". from "uncut gems", kevin garnett. plus nasa engineer and current youtube sensation, mark rober. and now, without hesitation, jimmy kimmel! [cheers and applause] ♪ >> jimmy: thank you, appreciate that. i'm jimmy. i'm the host. thanks for watching. thank you for coming. hey, let me ask this. is anyone ready for christmas? i really hope no one is, because my kids, though, are very ready. they've had enough of being good.
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they are done with it. this elf on the shelf is like the fbi watching them at all times. my daughter jane is 5 now. she's very focussed on the elf. we have to move him around at night, she says where does the elf go every night. and my wife says he goes home to the north pole to tell santa what he saw. am s and she says how does he go all the way back there and then back here for morning. and then she said, am i supposed to believe everything? things are hard to believe. in washington tonight, they are decorating the halls of congress as we celebrate impeachment eve. tomorrow the house will vote to presumably impeach donald trump. if i worked at the white house, i would definitely call in sick tomorrow. i'd be like, oh, i feel something coming on. republicans continue to insist there's nothing illegal about the illegal things the president did. they're doubling down on
11:37 pm
conspiracy theories, distraction techniques. they're demanding to know the identity of joe biden's secret santa. it's gotten ridiculous. yesterday the house judiciary committee released a 658-page report detailing the president's misdeeds. you expect the american public to read a 650-page anything? we can't catch up on our tv shows. unless that report comes printed on a pizza box, nobody is going to see it. the president lashed out today, shocking, i know. he said he takes zero responsibility for his impeachment. of course he says the same about eric and donald jr. he sent a six-page letter to nancy pelosi, the speaker of the house. and this might be the most deranged letter to santa ever. it's a long, stupid, disingenuous and incoherent defense, signed by an angry
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gorilla with a sharpie. is that a signature or a seizure? this is why you don't snort sudafed on an empty stomach. once trump gets impeached, which will happen tomorrow, there will be a trial in the republican-controlled senate. that will be a joke. senate leader mitch mcconnell rejected democrat's request for witnesses. he wants a no-witness trial. he said ihe'll be running the trial in coordination with the white house. that's smart, let the guy in it run it. 60% of americans, thank you. believe that trump will get a fair trial in the senate. oh, thanks, everybody. [cheers and applause] but when they say a fair trial, they don't mean unbiassed. they mean they're expecting it to be fair like a county fair with corn dogs and farm animals and a performance by toby keith.
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what is -- oh, my gosh. [cheers and applause] scared me. it's brie larson, everybody. >> hi. [cheers and applause] >> jimmy: lurking behind me. i'm glad you're here, but what are you doing right now? >> i'm practicing. >> jimmy: practicing what? >> i'm practicing to do the monologue tomorrow. >> jimmy: tomorrow i have an excused absence and brie has agreed to step in for me. >> i have caustic amounts of radiation from a caustic rock. >> jimmy: so this is this now. >> i want to understand the physicality of what it means to be a talk show host. i want to stand like you, talk like you, and i'm even wearing your spanx right now. >> jimmy: that's weird. i'm sorry, i don't mean to judge
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you. >> it's fine, it's fine. finish that and i'll gist just over here, be natural. don't mind me. >> jimmy: that's brie larson, everybody. [cheers and applause] okay, so, this is a holiday thing that i didn't know was a thing until today. apparently we have a shopping problem in the united states. that, we knew. but out of two out of five americans, 39% do their holiday shopping while driving. >> driving! >> jimmy: what is wrong with people. do your shopping where everyone else does it, at work. >> at work! sorry. >> jimmy: i'm sorry. this is making it a little hard for me to do this. >> this is making it a little hard, yeah, of course. i'm sorry that this is your, i'm just trying to do a good job. i'll get out of your way.
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i'll go. i'm leaving. >> jimmy: thanks, brie. i'll see you tomorrow. >> okay. >> jimmy: back to the driving and shopping, it's a dangerous thing to do, and you shouldn't do it, but if you do do it and a cop pulls you over and asks what you were doing on your phone, just say, "buying you an x box, officer." you're doing it again, aren't you? >> you're really being a baby about this, bye. >> jimmy: i'm trying, thank you. it's annoying. [cheers and applause] all right, so anyway, where was i? oh, abc yesterday unveiled a new crop of romantic hopefuls for the new season of "the bachelor." did you see any of these? three flight attendants and five beauty pageant winners this season. and some of the contestants have interesting jobs. kelsey is a professional clothier from iowa, which i believe means she works at
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marshalls. ainventorily avenly is a cattle rancher, one late late entry, mike bloomberg, who claims to be a billionaire. that's, that's brie larson, she's very committed to this. by the way, the reason brie is hosting our show tomorrow, tomorrow night in prime time, i'm teaming up with norman leer for another edition of live in front of a studio audience. we did this in may. we did episodes of "all in the family" and "the jeffersons". and this year we're doing "all in the family" and "good times." joining the cast. how are you? thanks for being a part of this. look at that, there they are with the great norman lear from
11:43 pm
"all in the family." does anyone feel that signing up for this was a huge mistake? [ laughter ] well, anyone can answer this. what's the scariest part of doing the show live? >> the fact that there will be millions of people watching and you might mess up. >> i'm scared i might cuss. >> jimmy: are you in the middle of rehearsals right now. >> yes. >> jimmy: it's good that i interrupted that. who knows their lines best of everyone at this point? who is in the best shape? [ talking simultaneously ] there's some mixed, some of you know the lines well. last time we did this, ellie kemper, you announced that were you pregnant. >> i did. >> jimmy: is there anything you or anyone would like to announce now? >> i'm pregnant! >> yay!
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>> jimmy: tiffany haddish is here, have you found a husband on set? >> no, but i'm working on t i invited some bachelors. we're going to have a contest tomorrow night. going down. my credit score's going up, too, so i'm catch. >> jimmy: now woody and marissa play archie and edith bunker. will you be smoking archie's signature cigars? or having your own pre-rolled? >> that's up to you, jimmy. you're the producer. >> jimmy: i'm really excited about it. last time, we won an emmy for this. so the pressure is really on, all right, everybody? let's not have any screwups at all. thank you all. we'll see you tomorrow night. "all in the family", and "good times", here on abc. and by this time tomorrow night every one of those people will be zero degrees from kevin bacon, which is probably the
11:45 pm
most exciting thing of all. so tonight on the show we have a good one. oh, brie, docome back tomorrow! >> thank you for the opportunity. >> jimmy: you're >> jimmy: tonight on the show, karen gillan, mark rober, kevin garnett is here and we'll be right back with adam sandler. >> dicky: abc's jimmy kimmel live, brought to you by sprint. . (paul) aw thanks... and did you know you can give your family the gift of savings with both an unlimited plan... (sprintern) ...and the powerful new iphone 11 included (paul) ...for just $35 a month when you switch? (sprintern) whoa, what a deal! (paul) and, sprint has a 100% total satisfaction guarantee so you and your family can try out the network and see the savings for yourself. (sprintern) so cool, now open it! (paul) is it the iphone 11? (sprintern) what? how'd you guess? for people with hearing loss, visit welcome back to our it's time to gift wrap. did someone say gift rap?
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♪ >> jimmy: hi there. welcome back. tonight, from "jumanji: the next level," karen gillan is here. then, he is a former nasa engineer and current youtube sensation, the mischievous mark rober is with us. mark is the guy who made the glitter bomb video last year.
11:50 pm
he'd wait for people to steal a package and then blow it up. and he has a new one to show us tonight. tomorrow night i will be in primetime, with the great norman lear and a star studded cast. we will be reviving "all in the family" and "good times." brie larson will be filling in for me as host and her guests will be jamie foxx, molly hopkins, and music from yola. so please join brie for that. the one day i take off, trump is gonna get impeached. maybe i should take more days off. i don't know. [cheers and applause] >> jimmy: our first guest has earned a sizeable fortune making us laugh very hard. now he's an oscar-buzzee for his role in "uncut gems," which opens wide christmas day. please welcome, adam sandler. [cheers and ♪
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>> jimmy: how's it goin'? >> hey ya, jimmy! >> jimmy: what a great outfit that is. >> i went through my closet. so these reddish corduroys. >> jimmy: mm-hm. >> i have two pairs of the same. so every time i wear these cords, and then the next day, i go, did i wear the red ones or the tan ones? i get mixed up, and sometimes i wear red two days in a row, and i feel like telling people, but these are the two different ones. >> jimmy: i was dressed exactly like this when i came in this morning. i mean literally like this. >> really? >> jimmy: yes, and as i told you the other night, i saw you at a christmas party, i never know what to wear. and i was trying to get dressed, and i said, do you think adam's going to be at this party? and my wife said yeah, i think he'll be there, and i said oh, good, then i don't have to dress -- and she said no, just
11:52 pm
because he dresses like that doesn't mean you have to. >> i had the clothes. i had a nice lady and my wife went out and got me a bunch of stuff, but it's a little too small. and i'm in such a bad mood when it's tight. >> jimmy: i see what you're saying. >> i like it loose. and you got to cover things. >> jimmy: by the way, and i mean this sincerely. i'm not just whatever. you're absolutely great in this movie, and it's a great movie on top of that. and the audience has not seen it. [cheers and applause] but what i'm curious about, do you get at all offended by all the people telling you how great you are in this movie? they're like, no, really, you're amazing in this movie. does it annoy you at all? >> no, no, it's nice. i get it. it's a different style of movie, and my comedies are light and fun, and i love doing them, and i get a different kind of compliment to those. i hear, man, i was so stoned the other night when i saw your
11:53 pm
movie. you know, that's fine. but this is a ditfferent style f movie. >> jimmy: this is not a movie you want to be stoned watching, probably. >> i heard somebody at that same party, they saw it. >> jimmy: and lost their mind. >> they kind of stairred at it d were scared. >> jimmy: it's very intense. it's these guys, brothers. >> two smart queens boys who are just unbelievable. >> jimmy: did you know them before you worked with them on this? >> they apparently wanted to do this movie with me a long time ago, i think they wrote it ten years ago and i was busy and they sent the script in to, like, you have an agent, managers and stuff. and they didn't, i don't even know if they read tit. i don't know what happened but ten years goes by, and i'm going over, and my agent says the brothers want to talk to you,
11:54 pm
and i said who are the saffe brothers? they're young and hip. i thought they were skateboarders, why do i want to meet the saffe brothers? then i saw "good time", and they are other movies, these guys are incredible. and i said oh, yeah, yeah. let me meet those guys, they gave me the script and it's excellent. >> jimmy: they must have been 14 years old or something. >> the first time, yeah. >> jimmy: it makes sense that you wouldn't be interested in doing a movie with them at that time. >> just, they love you, by the way, and benny met you the other day. >> jimmy: and yet no one called me to be in the movie. >> you're so busy. >> jimmy: that's the thing about the movie, and i love when occasionally, a director will do this. >> right. >> jimmy: they populated the movie with a lot of people who aren't actors. >> right, right. it's about, it's new york city, and there's some, my character gets into trouble with some tough guys, and they get real tough people to be in it.
11:55 pm
not actors. most of the cast is not actors. there's some great actors in it. but a lot of the scenes i did with guys who, it was their first time doing it, they were supposed to smack me around, and the stunt coordinator would say you doesn't han't have to actua adam. they're just staring like what are you talking about? we have to hit adam, it says hit adam in the script. >> jimmy: and they hit adam. >> yeah, they hit him. >> jimmy: you look different in the movie, too. you look like you, but something odd about the way your -- >> well, they put, i have different teeth in there, and i had a goatee, and a fake mole and hair's back and i'm wearing different clothes. >> jimmy: you have earrings in the movie? >> yeah, i have two earrings, magnet earrings. >> jimmy: so they -- >> they weren't real.
11:56 pm
so when i was young, my kids, i've been lying to them. but i did have an earring, left earring when i was young. and i did the movie "airheads" when i was a kid, when i was young. and in the script it said i had an earring, and so i said ah, maybe i'll just get an ering so i don't to change, like get a fake earring every day. let me just do that, pierce my ear, blah, blah, blah, i didn't think it was a big deal. so i pierced my ear, and i remember calling home, and my mother answers the "hello "hello", hey, ma, it's adam. what happened? nothing's wrong. i just wanted to tell you, i got a, i got a -- you got a what? i got an in the left. in the left? in the left ear. you didn't, you didn't. i did, i got an earring. oh! you can't be buried with us!
11:57 pm
>> jimmy: what? >> isn't that a tattoo, ma? >> jimmy: is that the rule, thousa how it goes? >> in her head. >> jimmy: you also gained weight to play howard, howard is the name of the character. >> yes. >> jimmy: your wife had a necklace that said "howard" on it. >> with netflix, they gave me a gift that says diamond howard necklace. and my wife wears it everywhere, and it dangles right above her beautiful cleavage. howard, i should be jealous, but somehow it thrills me. [ laughter ] i keep going, who is this howard? >> jimmy: you could get her a billy and a happy and all your, a sandy, all your different movies, you know? >> that's a good idea. >> jimmy: holiday collection.
11:58 pm
one night of hanukkah. each night is a different character that you played. >> that's good, yeah. thank you. >> jimmy: also, when we're talking about these actors who are not actors. >> yeah. >> jimmy: one of them is kevin garnet, the basketball player. >> yes. >> jimmy: who you never know what you're going to get when a basketball player is in a movie or any athlete, you know? >> unbelievably cool, great guy. super intense. every actor in the movie was going, are you kidding me? kevin garnet's better than me at acting? he was so smooth and cool, every scene he was in. >> jimmy: he was very good in it, yeah. so anyway, we asked if you could maybe bring kevin garnet, and you brought kevin garnet. let's take a break. when we come back we'll see clip from "uncut gems" and we'll visit with adam and kevin garnet. >> dicky: portions of "jimmy kimmel live" are brought to you by kelley blue book, the trusted resource when it comes to research, pricing, and buying or selling your next car. visit "".
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i see you out there when the stadium's all [ bleep ]ing at you. let's see vegas. take a look. >> are you serious? you going to pull this up right here?
12:04 am
>> look at this [ bleep ]. the sixers are supposed to win the game tonight they think. >> jimmy: that's adam sandler and kevin garnet in "uncut gems". not only is he a nba champion but a thespian now. now. welcome kevin garnet, everyone. [cheers and ♪ >> jimmy: right here, kevin, come on. >> come on, kg. >> jimmy: how are you? >> i'm doin' well. >> jimmy: i just thought of something. i wonder if kevin james is upset that there's a new kevin in your life, you know. i imagine the two of you like going on from here and doing a lot of movies together. >> we're going to work only together. >> jimmy: you had great
12:05 am
chemistry together, and kevin, i was knocked out by your performance in the movie. who knew that was in you. >> i can never tell when you're joking. >> jimmy: i'm not joking. >> you look kind of sincere. >> jimmy: no, there's no left hook coming. i mean that quite sincerely. and i'm sure you've heard that from a lot of people. do you hear from your former teammates? >> yeah, but they don't know anything about acting. i just figure they're being supportive. >> jimmy: some of them have been in some really great movies. >> some of them. i play myself, though, i play myself. >> jimmy: that's not easy. people think it's easy to play p yourself. >> can you really mess up playing yourself? >> i've seen it happen. >> jimmy: did you ever find yourself in a situation like that, with a jeweller, adam's character is this jeweller who provides jewelry to athletes and other kind of wealthy people?
12:06 am
>> absolutely. i've, shout out to jake the jeweller, tio, all the guys. i actually reach for that. i've been in a situation where i have a bunch of my friends with me, and we're in the jewelry store getting jewelry. >> jimmy: i do that with my friends all the time. if i'm in the jewelry store, i'm hiding in the bathroom, hoping nobody wants to buy anything. i know adam likes to play basketball. did you guys play any back together? no? >> listen, we had long days when we shot, there's a basket on the set. when we'd get done with these long days, we'd go out shooting around, messing around. >> jimmy: you did? >> it was a dream of mine to maybe after work show up at a park, play two on two, and call my buddy kevin to play with me. it would have been amazing. >> if you would have said that i would have shown up. >> but imagine if you got hurt. >> not at a park.
12:07 am
>> let's do it at the gym. >> jimmy: you need to do it. it would be fun e > >> let's do it. >> jimmy: have you been reading reviews of the movie? >> i have people read it to me. >> jimmy: you have people read it to you. >> oh, no. >> jimmy: what's the best one you heard about? >> oh, no, honestly, all i hear is, i know you don't like reviews, but -- and's all rig i right. you want to hear one word? and i think it's two words "not awful." >> jimmy: kevin, is this something you want to continue to do? >> i kind of say it was something i was reaching out for different opportunities. i'm a man of opportunity. if something comes along and fits like the synergy of this. >> jimmy: it would be a fun movie where they don't adjust
12:08 am
for your height. >> it's like this building. it's like this building. >> jimmy: this is a dangerous building fiortor tall guiceys. >> got to pay attention. >> jimmy: tim duncan is still unconscious in the alley. seems like you guys had fun. >> we did. >> jimmy: did you notice adam had to put on weight for the film? >> i didn't have to. >> jimmy: oh, you just did. >> it just kind of happened. >> i didn't notice. i didn't notice. >> no, i swear to god. i did this one scene with, where i'm supposed to be yelling, it's like a monologue. in the script, it says i step on the scale and i keep going, and i said this entire monologue, it was going well, i step on the scale, i haven't stepped on the scale in like four years. i look down, and it says 203. and i was looking to see 1 t891 so i saw the 203 and i forgot
12:09 am
the rest of the scene, i was like -- [ laughter ] >> jimmy: your head's really in the character. >> i was, i was until that moment. >> jimmy: well, you guys did a great job together. he does all his movies on vacation. >> yes, come with me anywhere. bora bora, right? >> bora bora. >> let's shoot there, buddy. >> jimmy: first you pick the setting, then you figure out the movie. >> the movie, that's secondary, man. >> jimmy: adam sandler and kevin garnett! "uncut gems" is in select theaters and opens wide christmas day. we'll be right back with karen gillan. ♪
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12:16 am
>> jimmy: how you doin'? >> hello, everyone. it's very exciting. >> jimmy: how's life? >> life is very exciting right now. "jumanji" has just come out. and it's the number one movie. >> jimmy: the number one movie. it's like you only do humongous movies. like you've really been in these huge, usually when you're just starting out kind of, it's the opposite. you do indy stuff, but you're doing billion dollar projects. >> everything is very big and franchise-y, but i feel great to be involved in things people care about. >> jimmy: snacks on the set and all the stuff you want on a movie. >> that is one of the perks for sure. carrot sticks, all the fun stuff. yum. >> jimmy: do they really put carrot sticks? are they the kind that come from
12:17 am
the super market where they're grown as carrot sticks? they were never even a carrot? >> i think that's exactly what they are, very depressing. >> jimmy: so it must be fun to do these big movies, though, where you're fighting and. >> yeah. >> jimmy: you worked with dwayne johnson and kevin hart. >> i grew up never doing any martial arts. i'm like four strings of spaghetti. to be mastering martial arts, it's weird that i can do it now. these are numchucks. >> jimmy: how long did it take to learn to do that without hitting yourself in the face? >> that happened a lot. probably a month or something every day. >> jimmy: a month of for how long? >> probably 30 seconds. >> jimmy: i wish i had thought of this in advance, if i were to hand you numchucks, would you be able to operate them?
12:18 am
>> yeah, you'd think i was bruce lee. >> jimmy: you can do it a little bit. >> a little bit. >> jimmy: you'd have fun at parties. kevin hart, dwayne johnson, they were both here last week. which of the two do you prefer? be honest. >> neither of them, they torment me, relentlessly. it's unbelievable. >> jimmy: you don't just hit them with the numchucks? >> i could have done that. no, they try impersonate scottish accents very badly. it's a travesty to listen to. >> jimmy: oh, really. so that's the kind of environment you're dealing with. >> yeah, they sound like someone doing a bad impression of dick van dyke in mary poppins. mull over that for a second. >> jimmy: americans, we didn't even know it was a bad impersonation. >> what? >> jimmy: we didn't, until [ bleep ] the internet came, oh, dick van dyke, you know how you
12:19 am
loved him in "mary poppins", he was terrible in it. i still think he was good. >> he was amazing. >> jimmy: it must be terrible to hear an accent that is really off. will you be going to scotland for christmas? >> yes. >> jimmy: you have a huge family. >> i'm an only child, but my mom is a family of eight kids. and they each had a million kids each. >> jimmy: do they congregate at christmas time? >> yes. >> jimmy: are you expected to buy gifts for all of them? >> no. there had to be a cut-off. that's crazy. >> jimmy: they could say, yeah, she's a movie star. >> oh, god, they're probably thinking i'm really stingy. >> jimmy: it's worse than that. >> oh, no, they probably hate me. >> jimmy: probably in their lives a lot of people ask them
12:20 am
about their relationship with you, and they're like, oh, yeah, she's great. she gave me a rolling pin for christmas. and now they're rolling pinless. >> i feel truly terrible. i'm going to buy them one of those pins. >> jimmy: maybe a big group gift. >> a communal pin? >> jimmy: like a pommel horse or something. >> i don't know what that is. >> jimmy: it's a gymnastics thing. you can get up on it and jump on it. >> that's what they need, everybody needs that. i need. >> jimmy: think about that. and what are the traditions in scotland as far as christmas goes? what do you eat there on christmas? >> well, i eat, this is not just christmas but every single morning. black pudding. do you know what that is? >> jimmy: no. >> does anybody know what that is? okay, there are two fans. i don't think i can eat it anymore. i just googled what it's made of before i came on stage. the main ingredient is fresh pig blood. >> jimmy: fresh pig's blood.
12:21 am
how do the fresh pigs feel about this? so for years you've been eating this and hundryou had no idea i pigs blood. some people call it blood pudding. >> i had no idea why. >> jimmy: you had no idea there was pigs blood in the pudding. >> no, i feel like i'm going to be sick now. >> jimmy: what percentage. >> it's the main ingredient. >> jimmy: they took? >> they pour it into the thing, and sausage meat. >> jimmy: are they killing the pigs? or are the pigs giving this blood? >> they volunteer sometimes. >> jimmy: wow. you talk about your parents before, and they are characters, right? >> yeah. >> jimmy: mom and dad. >> mum, my very scottish father and my english father. >> jimmy: mom is mosh re of a character? >> yeah, she sounds like "mrs.
12:22 am
doubtfire." >> jimmy: does she agree with that assessment? >> no. of course not. but she does. >> jimmy: if someone were to call on the phone, they'd think they were speaking to "mrs. doubtfire"? >> are you having a nice day. very sweet, actually. but it's funny, because growing up, our housephone was one digit off from a help line, like for people suffering with thoughts of depression. so we would constantly get these calls all the time from people getting the wrong number. and my mom being like that was lovely. she'd be like, oh, that's terrible, would you like to go to the bingo with me? so they'd end up at bingo together. >> jimmy: she'd go with them. >> they'd go to the bingo together, and it's kind of extraordinary actually. >> jimmy: no kidding. she actively made friends over the depression hotline. >> yeah, yeah. >> jimmy: wow. next time you're here, let's give her a call and see if she
12:23 am
helps us. >> yeah, let's do that. >> jimmy: karen gillan! "jumanji: the next level" is in theaters now. and we'll return with mark rober. [cheers and applause] ♪ . bernard puppy, and my lack of impulse control, is about to become your problem. ahh no, come on. i saw you eating poop earlier. hey! my focus is on the road, and that's saving me cash with drivewise. who's the dummy now? whoof! whoof! so get allstate where good drivers save 40% for avoiding mayhem, like me. sorry! he's a baby! get to kohl's... and take an extra 15 or 20% off! plus - get kohl's cash! give jbl speakers - and get $20 kohl's cash... give the barbie dream house... or - a ninja foodi - and you'll get $30 kohl's cash! plus - shop our daily deal reveal everyday! you'll find new gifts at every turn - at kohl's. try the all new tyson air fried chicken.!
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12:27 am
yes, i can understand you. okay. i have a lot of questions. how do you guys fly? what does santa do in the summer? is mrs. claus a good cook? do you guys get presents? can you roller skate or ice skate?
12:28 am
♪ >> jimmy: our next guest is a former nasa engineer who, in his spare time makes wildly popular youtube videos. he is back to glitter bomb and save the planet, too. please welcome, mark rober! [cheers and ♪ >> jimmy: how are you? >> good. >> jimmy: so you have a very popular youtube channel, for those who do not know. on which you do fun things that combine chemistry, engineering, et cetera. >> that's right. >> jimmy: like one of the things you did recently, i thought was pretty great. they always say sharks can smell
12:29 am
a drop of blood in the water. >> yeah. >> jimmy: and you tested that. >> that's right. >> jimmy: and? >> went out to the bahamas. and yeah, they can smell human blood. it it's not like two miles away a single blood. at one point we put a bunch of blood in the water, and it was kind of interesting. >> jimmy: they'd like that to be a pudding. >> right. >> jimmy: so last year you made this video, and of course i would imagine you had no idea it would become -- >> no. >> jimmy: such a sensation. >> yeah. >> jimmy: but the premise was, porch pirates are stealing packages. >> yeah. >> jimmy: and tell them what you put in the packages. >> i had a package stolen, i gave the footage to the police. they're like, what do you want us to do? i am an engineer, i spent years working on the curiosity rover for nasa, if anybody's going to do anything about these punks, it's me. >> jimmy: the curiosity rover.
12:30 am
>> it's a box like a bait package. and a pound of the world's finest glitter sprayed out at them. but we also had four phones in there to record it and track it and upload the footage to the cloud. so we put that out, and then after that, we also sprayed like a bunch of far spray. >> jimmy: of course. you have to. >> as one does. but the point is we wanted to recover the box, because it had four phones, so that encourages them to throw it out of the house and not co-exist with them. >> jimmy: you have done it again and brought us a clip for the new video for 2019. do you need to tell us anything about the video? >> the improvement from last year, we doubled the fart spray as one does. and added a count down, and a police scanner. >> jimmy: let's take a look.
12:31 am
>> surprise mother [ bleep ]. keep of change, you filthy animal! >> what the [ bleep ] whoa! [ bleep ]. >> dude, i did not do that. oh, my gosh. >> 15, 14, 13. >> [ bleep ]. >> 12, 11, 10, 9, 8, 7, 6. >> [ bleep ]. >> 4, 3, 2, 1. >> damn. >> activation
12:32 am
>> hello? >> [ bleep ]. >> jimmy: i love it. i love that somebody's getting these people! so i'm going to produce a show with you. you're starring in it for discovery. >> that's right. >> jimmy: called revenge of the nerd. and in this show, what will you be doing? >> so basically, pranking people who violate social norms. >> jimmy: yes. >> kind of like that. so if someone, you know, their dog poops and they don't pick up their dog's poop, jimmy and i will build a catapult and launch it at their house. >> jimmy: and besides improving the world in stupid ways, were you doing something that really
12:33 am
is honestly quite amazing. tell us about this, you have it on your shirt. team trees. >> team trees. myself and another youtuber, mr. beast, we got some of our youtubers together and wanted to end the decade on a positive note. so we have a goal to plant 20 million trees by 2020. we partnered with the arbor day foundation. for every dollar we would raise they would plant one tree. we trying to raise $20 million. where i which is crazy. >> jimmy: this sounds impossible to me. people don't care much about trees. >> i was wrong. >> jimmy: how much? >> so as of now we've raised 19 million, $500,000. >> jimmy: that's pretty great. and how can people donate if they want to donate a tree. they can donate one tree if they want. >> if you donate a dollar, one more tree in the world.
12:34 am
>> jimmy: can you pick the tree? like i'd like a hazelnut? >> no. team a dollar plants one tree. >> jimmy: and if you want to see the full new glitter bomb video for 2019, go to mark rober's youtube channel, it's all right there, mark rober, everybody. thank you, mark. ...doesn't mean you got to spend a lot! because denny's brought back the super slam™. with eggs, hash browns, bacon, sausage and pancakes. all for just $6.99. the $6.99 super slam™ is back! see you at denny's! [ drathis holiday... ahhhhh!!! -ahhhhh!!!
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12:36 am
>> jimmy: i want to thank mark rober, adam sandler, kevin garnett, brie larson, and karen gillan, apologies to matt damon. we did rin run out of time for him. i'm so sorry that had to happen. tomorrow brie larson will be filling in for me. watch me with norman lear. lear. and our revival of "good times." thank you, mark rober, thanks for watching, "nightline" is next, goodnight, everybody. [cheers and applause] ♪
12:37 am
>> tonight, pregnant and in peril, the expectant mother stuck at the border. are you afraid that you give birth here at the camp? seeking refuge and a new life, but caught in a misery made in america. >> most of these women are living on the streets. they don't have access to adequate food, water, medical care. it is deternance by cruelty. crl >> and the government official turned whistle blower. you wouldn't just follow orders. >> i couldn't. >> borderline, pregnant and waiting, "nightline" will be right back.


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