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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  December 18, 2019 5:00am-6:01am PST

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call today. comcast business. beyond fast. now at 5:00, give yourself extra time as you try to get out of the door this morning. >> check out this new video, it's rain hitting the bay area. mike is hittichecking on the timeline. >> it's wednesday, december 18th. i'm julian glover. >> you're never more than seven minutes away from your accuweather forecast, mike is looking at our day ahead tracking a lot of that wet weather. >> i am. it's a 1 on the storm impact scale for not only this morning but also for the afternoon. looking out for ponding and breezy conditions this morning. we had anywhere from a tenth to two-tenths of an inch of rain
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already. we have showers tiburon, tiburo belvedere, heading over towards berkeley. 880 and 580 is raining. look at the intensity. redwood city, palo alto, wood side, los altos. this is rotating southwest to northeast. showers off the coast, not quite as intense. that will be the case as we head throughout the rest of the day. >> thank you, mike. good morning. following an awful situation in oakland. a deadly crash here. two separate incidents in the same spot westbound 80 before lakeshore. sigalert still in effect here. i learned some new information that two lanes on the westbound side have opened now. initially all lanes were blocked on both sides of the highway. all eastbound lanes are still blocked. i want to get over to amy hollyfield here, i'll step out
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of the way for you. she's sitting in that backup. what are you seeing? how are the conditions out there on the road? >> hi, jobina. we are stuck. let me show you what we are facing. a lot of taillights. we're not even on the side of the accident. we are on the eastbound side of 580, we're right before the lakeshore exit. we have not moved in 20 minutes. we got here at 4:39. it's 5:02 on our clock. so more than 20 minutes we have not moved. all lanes are blocked here as they deal with this situation. we do see cars coming in the westbound direction. those must be the cars able to get back on to the freeway after the accident past lakeshore. as far as the eastbound side, even if you think you won't be impacted, you are. i think i do see movement up ahead. looks like we are about to start moving.
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so maybe a little bit of good news for traffic for the commute. as people try to make their way to start their wednesday here. so we are starting to move. we'll try to get to the accident scene right now and report back to you as soon as we get there and get you some pictures of what the situation is there. it is raining right now as well. so not only do you need to slow down through here because of the accident but also just be mindful that the roads are wet and it is raining so your visibility will be impacted as well. reporting live from interstate 580 in oakland, amy hollyfield. big developments in the ongoing issues with pg&e. a federal bankruptcy judge signing off in $24 billion in settlements. >> liz kreutz is live with more on this huge step forward. liz? >> good morning. yes. this judge signed off on two multibillion dollar plans that will be a key part of pg&e being
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able to emerge from bankruptcy and do it potentially by the state imposed deadline of june 30th. here's what the two plans would do. first and foremost, this plan is going to allow for 13$13.5 billions that will compensate victims of the catastrophic fires blamed on pg&e's equipment. it a lots $11 billion to settle claims with insurers and investors. included in all of this is that the governor must approve the overall bankruptcy plan. what's significant about that, last week governor newsom rejected pg&e's restructuring plan saying it didn't comply with state law or do enough for the victims. pg&e was able to salvage the deal at the last minute by getting rid of a clause requiring the governor's blessing for the settlement. now they need approval for the overall plan. this should allow pg&e to emerge from bankruptcy by june. we should point out when this announcement came, pg&e's stock went up by 13%, regaining all the ground they lost when newsom rejected the plan last week.
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liz kreutz, abc7 news. it's decision day for the house of representatives, in just one hour members of the house are back on capitol hill to talk impeachment. a final vote is expected later today. abc new also carry a special report starting at 6:00 this morning. president trump is accused of obstructing congress and abusing his power to boost his 2020 campaign by pressuring ukraine to investigate his political opponents. today the house will get one last chance to debate the charges then they'll take a final vote. the measure is expected to pass along party lines. looking ahead of the vote, protesters across the nation rallied in support of ousting president trump from office. people gathered in a number of cities. in seattle, denver, chicago, new york all represented. pro impeachment rallies were held across the bay area. kate larsen has a look at the
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rally here in san francisco. >> reporter: at the federal building in san francisco, a band covered classic rock songs with impeach trump people dressed up as founding fathers, uncle sam and a feather headed version of president trump. >> he's a delusional, corrupt, nut case and it's dangerous to this country. >> the moment they do they're promising, which is vote to acquit, they're enabling any president of the united states to engage a foreign government and construct dictatorships to prevent fair elections. >> reporter: still others rallied to send a message to washington and their own families. >> we're standing up to make sure donald trump leaves office because we have to stand up for the rights of children, right, to keep families together to
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protect our environment and to make sure the presidency protects all americans not just trump's personal gain. >> reporter: while the pro-impeachment crowd marched through downtown san francisco, many republicans stood their ground against impeachment. >> i think it's very divisive, very unfortunate and it's going to be regrettable. i think nancy pelosi is going to regret the day she did this. >> reporter: john dennis is chairman of the san francisco republican party, he's also running against speaker pelosi next year for her seat in the house. >> what's going to happen now moving forward as soon as someone gets elected the other side is going to plot their impeachment. it's a terrible precedent to set. >> pro impeachment events took place in palo alto and in oakland. the san francisco board of supervisors also passing a resolution on behalf of the city and county to support the effort to remove the president from office. of course as we mentioned, abc news will have special coverage of the impeachment vote this morning starting at 6:00 after abc7 mornings. dna tests led to a break in
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a cold case in fremont. cousins mary jane malatag and jeffrey atup were both killed when they were 16 years old in 1982. now their killer is being identified. fremont police say the suspect, clifton hudspeth was 31 at the time. he had no connection to the victims which made this case really hard to crack. police say the victims family can now have some closure. >> they're still going through a lot of grief. as you can imagine, after 37 years, readdressing the hurt and the pain again. >> there will be no trial or conviction in this. hshg hudspeth died in 1999 from unspecified medical conditions. >> let's look at the richmond side of the richmond-san rafael bridge. you can see the rain falling at a good clip now. your activity planner, dodging drops if you're going to be outside exercising if you're runninger rans, get your wet
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weather gear ready. beaches and the bay, go a different day. it's not worth it today. look at the richmond-san rafael bridge, there you can see from san quentin all the way over to regatta boulevard, moderate rain falling there. as you come across the dumbarton bridge, heading to the east, you're pulling out of the heavier rain. it will follow you across the bridge as it is moving from southwest to northeast. that's a pretty heavy downpour there. look at the rain shadow in the south bay. once again, you are one of the drier areas as the santa cruz mountains gobbles up most of your moisture it will make it over the mountains at times. be prepared for wet weather in the south bay. in the north bay, a chance of rain all day today. stuck in the 40s through 9:00. 50 to 52, that's all we can get for temperatures today. east bay valleys, 48 at 7:00. 50 at 9:00. you can see the rain from 10:00 into 7:00 with mid 50s. in the south bay, we have a chance of rain all day today.
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low 50s through 9:00. we have mid 50s this afternoon. you have the least amount of rain as it is coming from the southwest in the santa cruz mountains. be prepared it will be wet eventually. we'll have more impressive system likely this weekend. if you have plans to be outside, i'll have that for you coming up next. jobina? >> we are continuing to follow this deadly sigalert in oakland. the crash is on westbound 580 before lakeshore. two separate incidents here. one car spun out, another car hit a pedestrian. we know one person has died. amy hollyfield is on the way to the scene. she's driving in the backup on the eastbound side. these are the eastbound lanes. this is a live look at the conditions if you are driving there now. this is our news van on the way to the scene. one lane is open on the eastbound side. two lanes are open on the westbound side. taking a live look at the golden
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gate bridge, you can see that rain coming down. lots of puddles. i'm getting reports of flooding in san francisco around 8th and bryant streets and in marin. coming up next, 7 things to know as you start your day. >> one local police department's success at catching porch pirates. and a dire situation for your sister stopped borrowing your sweaters? yeah! that's yes for less. stop stealing mine... never. holiday gifts everyone's sure to love at 20 to 60 percent off department store prices. at ross. yes for less.
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if you're just joining us. here's 7 things to know. the first one is the weather. look at this area of low pressure i'm watching until it moves through later this evening. we have a chance of light to moderate intensity showers. it's a 1 on the storm impact scale. threats of thunder and lightning starting to taper, chance of ponding on the roadways, and breezes still intense. we're following a deadly sgalert in oakland. the crash happening on westboun. two westbound lanes have opened. this is a live look at the eastbound side. traffic is at a crawl. >> number three, moving forward with impeachment on capitol hill. the full house is expected to vote today on two articles of impeachment on president trump. abc news will carry a special report starting at 6:00. a federal bankruptcy judge
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approved two pg&e settlements totals $24 billion. pg&e worked out a deal to eliminate the need to get the governor to sign off on a settlement. dna testing leading to break in a cold case in fremont. kuzness mary jane malatag and jeffrey atup were killed when they were 16 years old in 1982. fremont police identified their killer as cliftton hudspeth. today marks the last day to order items eligible for standard shipping on amazon in order to get them in time for christmas. the holiday is one week away. number seven, a live picture from google's pool in mountain view. eight people are trying to swim for 11 days nonstop, no breaks, it's to break a record for endurance swimming. the swim challenge will end on saturday. they raised about $12,000 for charities. in the south bay, fake packages are helping police catch thieves.
5:16 am
eight minutes is all it took for one thief to strike in milpitas, but the suspect did not know it was bait. amanda has more. >> reporter: we've all seen the videos, many of us even know the frustration, losing packages to so-called porch pirates seems to be a continuing crime trend. 37-year-old flora estellea hernandez was caught picking up a package that didn't belong to her. the box a decoy package made by police just eight minutes earlier. >> our suspect had driven up to the street, stopped on the street, got out and took the package to her car. >> reporter: she swiped the bait box here. a short distance away hernandez was stopped and arrested. the equipment inside was worth more than $950 which made it a felony crime. those living in the area say they're heeding warning from police and are opting out of home delivery. >> my stuff always arrives at
5:17 am
the lock box. >> i get it delivered to my office. >> i go to a locker and i pick it up there. >> reporter: for those who choose convenience over caution, milpitas police hope these bait boxes will stop the bad behavio behavior. >> is this the right solution? >> reporter: one neighbor who's asked not to be identified said he's lost three packages to porch pirates. he shared this video with a man taking the delivery right from his front door. he says more needs to be done. >> cameras at every house, and they're still steal because of that stupid law. if it's under $900 that they can walk free. >> reporter: lieutenant torres confirms the punishment really demands on the value of the package. he says the department has just deployed about a handful of these bait boxes in the last few months. hernandez's arrest is the first related to the operation. >> i'm not mad at that. >> somebody needs to catch them before they steal everybody's stuff.
5:18 am
it's too late to reorder stuff. 5:17 right now. you're never more than seven minutes away from your accuweather forecast. >> here's mike. >> dry in the south bay. there's san jose, 87 looking north towards san jose international. just to the east of the shark pank. it looks damp, but not nearly as wet as 880 near the coliseum on the right-hand side of your screen. spray is coming up from the cars. showers today. tapering tonight. a chance across the north bay tomorrow and friday. so northern sonoma county, lake that's it anothtchlit. another storm for saturday, sunday and monday. rain will be steadier across lake port, napa and santa rosa. mid 40s to low 50s. the rest of us around 54 to 57 degrees. tonight we have 50 in san francisco and san mateo. the rest of us in the mid to upper 40s. here's a look from san ramon
5:19 am
down to saratoga. a line of intense showers with heavy rain underneath. almost blinding rain. thankfully winds are not too gusty. so far not seeing or hearing thunder or lightning or small hail out of this. this storm is pushing that rain at a rate of one inch per hour. thankfully it's moving on. expect standing water out of these storms as they move through. here's future radar, the yellows tapering by noon. we have plenty of green heading into the evening commute. after 7:00, you can see it tapering. by tomorrow morning we're waking up with a lot of fog. my accuweather seven-day forecast, mainly dry thursday and friday. if you have weekend plans, it may be a game changer saturday and sunday with some steady rain for hours. jobina? >> thank you. we're continuing to follow this deadly sigalert in oakland right now.
5:20 am
this is westbound 580 before lakeshore. we understand initially they opened up a lane on the eastbound side, that has again closed. all lanes on eastbound 580 before lakeshore are closed. two lanes are open on the westbound side. amy hollyfield just got to the scene. this is a live look of what's happening. you can see them pulling out flares. i'm seeing here that it looks like one lane of traffic is moving through on the eastbound side. chp did report to us moments ago they closed it again. i don't know if this is traffic they're letting through while they continue to shut that back down again. we know that two vehicles are involved. one person has died. rough situation there. want to bring you to a live look at the bay bridge. we have a high wind advisory. >> thank you. r. kelly expected to appear in federal court on bribery charges today. the saga does not stop. this is related to his 1994 marriage to the late singer
5:21 am
aliyah. she was just 15 at the time. their marriage was later annulled. according to the "new york times," kelly is accused of bribing a government employee to get a fake i.d. for aliyah. prosecutors are arguing that the marriage is proof that kelly is a prolific abuser of young girls. southwest will cancel even more flights because of the boeing 737 max issue. the airline said it will extend cancellations through mid-april. travelers previously booked on 737 max flights will be reassigned to other flights. the aircraft has been grounded since march after two deadly crashes. the west contra costa county unified school district is in a dire financial situation and layoffs are a possibility for the upcoming school year. the total deficit is close to 8 $48 million. the district blames state mandated contributions to the retirement system, a drop in enrollment of 1,300 students
5:22 am
since the 2013/2014 school year and a rise in costs like staff salaries. >> a plan of action that our superintendent and chief business officer laid out, there will need to be layoffs in order to weather this budget crisis. >> it makes me nervous. i don't know what's going to happen tomorrow. will i have a job tomorrow? are my kids going to have books? will they have the services they need? >> a lot of uncertainty for the people in that community. under state law the west contra costa county unified school district will have to notify the staff about layoffs by march 15th. snapchat is out with new technology. the feature a lot of kids will be drying out.
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5:24 am
intense rain falling in los altos and mountain view, on 82 heading over towards 101 and
5:25 am
237. let's see where it's going. you can see by 5:43, it's crossing the dumbarton bridge and heading over to free month. by 6:00 it's raining heavily on pleasanton. the heaviest of the rain will be this morning. that's when you'll have the biggest challenge from the rain. especially right now with so m of the earliest rainfall amounts, another quarter to a half inch possible by midnight. kumasi? >> thanks. a couple of classic sitcoms are coming back to tv tonight. abc will present live versions of an episode of "all in the family" and "good times." andre braugher stars as james evans on "good times" he says the stories are just as relevant now as they were in the '70s. >> they have the generational strife, the racial strife, the societal complications, those things have not changed. >> live in front of a studio
5:26 am
audience airs tonight at 8:00 on abc. snapchat is coming out with a new feature using deep fake technology. starting today users will find a new tool called cameo in chat. you can put a selfie on a digitized body or video or gif. it looks like a bitmoji but more realistic. two people can star in cameos together. you can choose from more than 150 different cameos. i'm sure people will be getting in a lot of trouble. >> probably already. >> causing issues with this. coming up at 5:30, it's not just snapchat coming out with something new. the photo feature on instagram that's now launching. and the flu season turning deadly in one bay area county. what we've learned about the latest case in the north bay. and before we go, a live look outsid
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now at 5:30 -- >> you have guns. you shot him over and over again. >> emotions run high at a neighborhood meeting. the strong reaction to a new body cam video showing an officer-involved shooting. rain returns to the bay area. this is new video of the wet weather overnight. how it's impacting the commute this morning. instagram launches a new photo feature. the tool letting you show off more of your life in one post. a life changing surprise from santa. the early christmas present that brought this boy to tears. we have a live look at doppler 7 right now. look at that green across the bay area. mike and jobina are tracking the wet morning commute.
5:30 am
good morning. it's wednesday, december 18th. >> we know that commute turned deadly for some. it's important to be careful. >> the entire morning commute will be wet. it's very intense right now. let me get to our storm impac o scale. light to moderate inentetensitts a quarter inch to a half inch more of rain is possible. here is hercules, heading over towards benicia, crockett, that's where a lot of the heavy rain is falling there. around alamo, stone creek, san ramon, san ramon boulevard. same thing for union city across the dumbarton bridge, that's where we have some of the heaviest rain and mountain view,
5:31 am
heading down to sunnyvale. that's the heaviest of the rain. offshore, there's some steady rain developing. we just had a tenth of an inch the last half hour fall in san francisco. now by the time we get to 4:00 and 7:00, it will be less intense and less widespread. the evening commute will still be wet, just not as bad as this morning. jobina? >> just as i was mentioning earlier, i am tracking a deadly crash in oakland. this is the sigalert. exact location of the scene, westbound 580 just before lakeshore. this has been a really rough start to the morning for commuters and also i'm understanding this is a rain related crash. i want to get over to amy to a hollyfield who sf liis live on scene with more information. >> this is such a tragic story. we're on eastbound 580. the accident happened on westbound, but what happened was a man who got out of his truck was then hit. he landed on this side of the
5:32 am
highway. that's why both sides are impacted. he was killed in this crash. so let's start at the beginning. it all started with a mercedes that had a spinout. probably rain related, spun out. minor damage, not a big deal. a pickup truck came along and hit the mercedes. that was minor. not a big deal. but the driver of the pick up, got out of his truck to investigate, to look around, he walks over, a third car comes along, hits that truck. the truck spins, the driver of that truck was hit by his own truck. he was hit. he lands on the eastbound side. so he was killed. that is why eastbound traffic here at lakeshore is impacted. they have one lane open now. on the westbound side, they have actually, from what i can see a couple of lanes are open. the officer was telling me they think they'll get westbound clears soon. that i going to be cleared
5:33 am
quicker than the eastbound side. i hope this is not confusing. when i am saying eastbound, we're in oakland heading towards the east bay. all the traffic heading towards san francisco will be getting cleared up sooner. if you're headed to san francisco, you have a backup but it should be getting cleared up soon. they have three cars here. we've seen the pickup truck towed away. another car is getting loaded up now. a tragic situation out here. it also is raining. we saw a car here pulled over. we asked if that car was involved, they said no, that's just a dui stop. such a mess out here. so much rain. just keep in mind this area, you need to slow down, be aware of the accident and also the rain. reporting live in oakland, amy hollyfield, abc7 news. >> thank you, amy.
5:34 am
awful scene on 580. download the abc7 news app to get updates on the crash and you can track the rain using live doppler 7. turn on those push alerts to get the latest to your smartphone. happening now at 5:34, the house of representatives is preparing for a historic vote. >> later today president trump is set to become the third ever u.s. president to be impeached. ines de la cuetara joins us live from capitol hill with the latest. >> reporter: good morning. that historic vote now just moments away. the shows meeting in just about 30 minutes of debate those two articles of impeachment against president trump and the final vote expected this evening. today the u.s. house of representatives is set to impeach president trump, just the third time in u.s. history that's ever happened. president trump is accused of obstructing congress and abusing the power of his office for personal gain when he pressured the leader of ukraine to
5:35 am
investigate his political opponents. >> mr. president, do you take any responsibility for the fact that you are about to be impeached? >> no, i don't take any. zero to put it mildly. >> reporter: in a scathing six-page letter to house speaker nancy pelosi, the president slamming impeachment calling it an illegal partisan attempted coup and accusing pelosi of declaring open war on american democracy and adding, more due process was afforded to those accused in the salem witch trials. and in her own letter to democrats writing, if we do not act, we will be derelict in our duty. after a procedural vote, house members will get one they'll get on last chance to debate the two articles of impeachment and have six hours to do so with time equally split between parties. the final vote held immediately after and is expected to pass along party lines. lawmakers are now turning their focus to the senate trial. democrats want to hear from four
5:36 am
witnesses that the white house blocked from testifying but already senate majority leader mitch mcconnell indicated he has no intention of calling witnesses. i'm ines de la cuetara, abc news. >> abc new also have live coverage of that vote at 6:00. the flu season turning deadly in marin county. health officials say the virus has claimed two lives so far this year. one patient who was hospitalized in the last week of november passed away. another patient died the first week of december. health officials say flu season hit earlier then usual this season. new details on an officer-involved shooting in the mission district 11 days ago. sfpd released body cam of the
5:37 am
incident. we want to warn you the video could be disturbing. officers were in the area of 23rd and mission street investigating a report of a hot prowl burglary and a separate burglary when they stopped jamaica hampton, a man who fit the description of both suspects in the reports. the officer shot him three times after ran towards the officer armed with a glass bottle. last night community members, friends and family were at a town hall meeting hosted by police chief bill scott. >> he pulled himself from a dark place and rebuilt his life and he was thriving. you tore him down. i'm disgusted. >> reporter: hampton is still in critical condition. in the south bay, a 50-year-old lyft driver accused of trying to lure a 13-year-old boy to have sex is due in court today. here's the thing, that boy was an undercover officer. police then arrested donvan snyder on monday.
5:38 am
snyder continued to communicate with the officer even after he was told the target was a minor. investigators say snyder offered to pick the officer up pretending it was a lyft ride to try and avoid suspicion. happening today, three san francisco supervisors plan to announce their initiative to build navigation centers in every district. yesterday london breed toured the soon to be open $4 million navigation center. it was once a parking lot along the embarcadero waterfront. the facility will have 200 beds as well as social services and medical care in what the city calls a dignified environment. coming up, a group of homeless moms is gearing up for a court fight. they want to stay in t home they're occupying without permission. we'll tell you why the moms say they have the right to be there. and look at this. this is just ice cold.
5:39 am
why 11 sw 1eight swimmers are s 11 days in a pool. >> we'll get to that but first this rain is serious. >> it is heavy in certain areas. let's show you one of those areas that had heavy rain. this is the western span of the bay bridge, looking from south bay, where two-tenths of an inch of rain happened. slippery, if you're driving. stay inside if you're on the ferry. wet spots will be out there for mass transit. ocean avenue, ingleside, holloway avenue, 280 and 1 where they come together, getting close to serra boulevard there. a bit heavier shower pulling away from daly city heading into the heart of san francisco. alvarado niles road, some heavier rainfa falling in this area. 880 and 580 watch -- i should just say 880, watch out for heavier rain there causing some ponding on the roadways.
5:40 am
this is our most intense line moving through the area. if we get lightning out of it, it would be in that area. it's minimal that chance. still a chance. low 50s in the peninsula at 7:00 and 9:00. 51, 52. 56 to 57 during the afternoon hours. more showers. you saw all 12 hours with a chance of rain. same thing in the east bay. all 12 hours starting at 7:00. we have a chance of wet weather. keep the umbrella handy and keep our app handy. san francisco, 50 this morning. mid 50s from about 9:00 on. you can see some steady rain during the afternoon and into the evening commute. let's focus on this morning's commute with jobina. >> good morning. what we do have is an update for you all on this deadly crash that we've been following in oakland. all westbound lanes of 580 are open. this is just before lakeshore where this crash happened. it is a deadly crash. abc7 news reporter, amy hollyfield has some new
5:41 am
information for us. you can see here, they are in the eastbound lanes right now, there is just one lane o traffic moving through. we learned from investigators that this crash started out on the westbound side, there was a spinout, that driver got out of their car and was hit by another vehicle on the westbound side, unfortunately his body was thrown to the eastbound lanes so that's why there were two scenes and all lanes on both sides of the highway were shut down this morning. progress is being made as far as the cleanup there. if you can avoid this area, please do. try [ dramatic music ]ing ]
5:42 am
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you can see the curl on the radar out over the ocean, that's an area of low pressure. until it moves through, we will have a chance of wet weather throughout the day. we have snow in the sierra, down to 4,000 feet. we could get 10 inches, a couple inches down to 3,500 feet, at 5,000 feet, a foot to a foot and a half of snow. rain will make it to sbanta barbara and fall apart. here's my seven-day forecast. moderate snow today. light snow tomorrow. and you can travel friday. sunday the snow will be heavier with a couple feet falling. so travel not recommended
5:45 am
sunday. >> thank you. this morning we're hearing from the brother of a groom killed outside of his own wedding reception. a story a lot of people have been following closely. it happened early sunday morning in chino. witnesses say 30-year-old joe melagaza was trying to protect his family from unwanted wedding crashers but a fight broke out. two brothers showed up to the party, they were turned away but then returned with baseball bats that they used to beat the groom to death. on sunday afternoon police arrested the two brothers who live just around the corner from where the party was happening. >> i want the world to know my brother was a good man. he was there for everybody. he was happy that night. he had a big smile on his face. he was happy. he made sure everybody there was having a good night. >> he leaves behind an 11-year-old daughter from a previous relationship and a new bride. a group of homeless moms in oakland are gearing up for what could be a high profile court
5:46 am
battle. they moved into a vacant home on magnolia street. last night a community meetin was held at taylor memorial methodist church to support the moms. the women are part of a group called moms for housing which is dedicated, they say, reclaiming vacant properties. the group is fighting eviction and the website is collecting donations for the cause. >> there's four vacant homes for every one homeless person on the streets in oakland. that's criminal to me during winter. >> wedge wood is sympathetic to the homeless situation, major contributor to homeless causes and shelters out in california and the west, but it doesn't condone stealing other poples properties, and that's what these individuals have done. >> the group won a temporary stay on monday. they will appear before a judge to argue why they should be staying in the house. san francisco unified it and four other bay area school districts are joining the suit
5:47 am
against juul. the districts are accusing juul of targeting minors with advertising and products. school districts in arizona, kansas and kentucky all filed similar lawsuits. happening now, you want to look at this monitor. something cool is happening. this is a live attempt at some folks trying to break a guinness world record. >> this is happening at the google pool in mountain view. the second lane from the right. that's a swimmer. this is happening live. seven others are also there. they're aiming to swim for 11 days nonstop. that's to break a record for endurance swimming. the swim started a week and a half ago. as you can imagine, the swimmers are feeling it. >> i'm starting to feel the fatigue. >> some of the late nights have been challenging. walking out here when it's freezing cold, that's been not the greatest. >> the swimmers are raising money for two charities. they raised $12,000 so far in donations.
5:48 am
the swim challenge will end on saturday. i know they'll be happy when that day comes. we have a link to the live stream if you want to check them out and root them on commute commute computer. now a 12-year-old boy and a sweet reaction to a puppy surprise. orin had been begging for a peppy for years this christmas season his wish came true. >> that's teddy, your new dog. >> i love you so much. i love you. >> oh. he really wanted that puppy. >> he cannot believe it. >> look at that. >> when you see the puppy and how cute teddy is, you
5:49 am
understand why orin is freaking out. the puppy is 8 weeks old for orin and ollie. orin breaking down in tears, ollie says awe the entire time. >> teddy is like i'm in the right house. >> loved and spoiled. you're never more than seven minutes away from your accuweather forecast. mike? >> sometimes you probably wish you were longer so you didn't have to hear about the rain, we'll tell you about it any way. it's raining in many areas of the south bay, especially heading over to the northern and western parts. 280 and 17, we had 0.04 inches. in san rafael, 0.16 inches of rain. looking south on 101 on wet pave m there. showers today. all day today. tapering tonight. we'll have a chance across northern sonoma, lake and mendocino counties.
5:50 am
the rest of us will be dry. another storm will get us all wet saturday, sunday and monday. temperatures warmest around san mat mateo. for tonight, temperatures in the 40s, except san mateo except sap will be in the 50s. richmond, a moderate shower rolling over you. another one heading over towards sausali sausalito, tiburon and bellevue. expect some ponding on 101 as you go through the robin williams tunnel. here we go on 101 down in the south bay, you can see 82, 85, 280, all with a nice downpour right now. well, i guess nice because we need the rain. not nice because you're driving in it. here we are at 7:00, a lot of yellow and orange. that tapers by noon. mainly across the north bay. mainly lighter showers for the evening commute.
5:51 am
then it's gone by 11:00. here's where it returns for saturday, sunday, monday and tuesday. it will warm thursday and friday, near 60 without the rain. jobina? >> the rain made for a tough commute. all morning long following a deadly crash in oakland, westbound 580 before lakeshore. all lanes have reopened. earlier this morning the eastbound and westbound lanes were closed. all lanes reopened. just want to let you know you can no longer expect serious delays in that area. >> all right. good news there. thank you. instagram has something new for you. there's a new way to share photos on the app. the layout feature allows you to display up to six photos at a time in different grid type patterns. it launched globy yesterday. for now it only works for still
5:52 am
photos, not videos. it looks cool. unusual animal rescue. the situation that firefighters probably do not see very often. vta trying to track more commuter th ers commuters. the (vo) ♪ i know what you're thinking. electric, it's not for you. and, you're probably right. electric just doesn't have enough range. it will never survive the winter. charging stations? good luck finding one of those. so, maybe an electric car isn't for you after all. or, is it? ♪
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looking around here i see
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tablets, laptops, printers, smartphones. they're all connected to the internet. they're all connected. can your network handle all those devices? sometimes. comcast business runs on the nation's largest gig-speed network. so you can get the bandwidth you need to power all of your devices at peak performance. if all of my devices could have that kind of speed, i would be dancing! get started with secure 35-megabit internet and one voice line for just $64.90 per month. call today. comcast business. beyond fast. check out the area of low pressure off to our west. that will bring us showers throughout the day. make sure you have live doppler
5:55 am
7 handy through our app. here's what to expect with our storm impact scale. light to moderate, even some heavy downpours this morning. lightning becoming less likely this afternoon. watch out for ponding on the roadways and breezy conditions this morning. so the rain is making our morning commute tough. we're looking at the richmond-san rafael bridge. you can see it's coming down right now. all those puddles, lots of water. we did have a couple of issues here. looked at a spinout near the toll plaza there this morning. moving to some other parts of the bay, san mateo bridge is looking better. heavy traffic as people make their way westbound. take it slowly. we've already seen a deadly incident this morning. in the south bay, vta is making huge changes to its bus and light rail routes. it's hoping to attract more commuters by offering free rides to close out 2019. you can ride free of charge between sat the 28th and new year's eve.
5:56 am
the changes include more frequent services on many lines and enhanced connections with other transit agencies. vta is also changing the names of its three main light rail lines. they'll be known as the blue, green and orange lines. it took several days but an entangled humpback whale in monterey bay is free again. a fisherman reported the whale was wrapped in fishing lines last week. researchers looked for it for two days. they found it on friday. they used buoys to slow the whale down and they were able to cut the line running across the whale's back. the gear came off and the whale finally swam away. happy ending. you have to see these pictures. >> firefighters had to rescue a dog after it chased a cat up a tree. they shared a few photographs. >> what? >> what is happening? >> is this photo shopped? how did he get up there? >> so the cat is probably used to being up there. this dog was not in familiar territory. >> look how he's gripping on to the tree. that's high. >> the firefighters were able to rescue the dog and bring him down safely.
5:57 am
they say the dog will hopefully think twice about chasing a cat up a tree again. you just stay up there until you learn your lesson. >> he learned his lesson, or she. my goodness. coming up at 6:00, standing by for an abc news special report. >> here's a live look at washington, d.c. just minutes from now house lawmakers will start meeting. today they've expected to vote to impeach president trump. once the special report starts, you can continue watching abc7 mornings by streaming on our abc7 news app or if you're streaming us now, exit this stream and click on the second stream to keep watching us with local news,
5:58 am
5:59 am
it is 6:00 now. we start with a live look at washington, d.c. where right now the full house is about to meet to impeach president donald trump. >> abc news is planning to air a
6:00 am
special report any moment now. we will bring that to you live right here on abc7. we'll continue streaming abc7 mornings on our news app and on if you're streaming us now, you'll have to exit out and then click on our second stream to keep watching local news, weather and traffic. here's the special report. this is an abc news special report. the house impeachment vote. now reporting george stephanopoulos. good morning. good morning and welcome to our special coverage of the impeachment of president trump. that's the scene on the house floor this morning. have just g sessions to begin these historic proceedings. it will begin with prayer. of course the only third time in history that the house has met to impeachment an american president. >> we pause in your presence and ask guidance for the men and women of the people's


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