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tv   ABC7 News 430AM  ABC  December 19, 2019 4:30am-5:01am PST

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three hours ago when a car slammed into the business and look at the mess left behind. the entire car practically inside of this business here in san jose. again, causing a big mess overnight. we do know that at least one person was transported to the hospital. we believe that to be the driver. at this point, the car has also been towed away from the location. a big mess left behind. lots of glass until thrown all about the business that has to be cleaned up before they can think about reopening. you can see some transmission oil down below and the wood boarding up the business. thankfully this happened overnight when this business was not open and more people were actually inside here. a big mess to clean up for this cash one in san jose. one person transported to the hospital. we don't know why the driver lost control of the vehicle and it wound up inside of the business behind me, but that one
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person being transported to the hospital. reporting live in san jose, julian glover, abc7 news. >> the time is 4:30. good morning. we'll get a quick update on weather and traffic where you live starting with lisa. >> good morning to you. we are looking at not only the low clouds, the fog out there, but certainly the reduced visibility. if you're planning for the rest of the day, you need to perhaps give yourself extra time with the wet pavement out there, the slick roads and the fog. as we go into the afternoon, it is cloudy and we'll see a few peeks of sun. partly cloudy by the afternoon. live look from our exploratorium camera, a few clouds around, enjoy a couple days of a break before we get back into a wet weekend. good morning, everyone. so, i'll start off here with a live look at the golden gate bridge for you. you can see that slick pavement that lisa was referring to. take it slow so we don't have
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spin-outs today. lisa was mentioning that fog. a bit of fog near the san mateo bridge. traffic is light moving eastbound and westbound. drive times here, tracy to dubl dublin, 34-minute ride. dublin to mission boulevard, 14 minutes. highway 101 to cupertino, 15-minute ride. >> developing news on history, president trump has become the third president in u.s. history to be impeached. >> there's uncertainty about how the case will move forward. here's ines de la cuetara. >> reporter: quloeovernight his in the house. >> great day for the constitution of the united states. a sad one for america. >> reporter: democrats impeaching president trump, charging him with abuse of power and obstruction of congress. >> article 1 is adopted.
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>> reporter: the vote followed six hours of debate in the house of representatives. >> his actions reflect precisely the type of conduct the framers of the constitution intended to remedy through the power of impeachment. >> reporter: president trump was at a campaign rally in michigan. >> every single republican voted for us? whoa. whoa. [ cheers ] >> reporter: and the president lashing out at democrats. >> through their depraved actions today, crazy nancy pelosi's house democrats have branded themselves with an eternal mark of shame. >> reporter: house speaker nancy pelosi casting new uncertainty into the process when she declined to say when or if democrats will deliver the articles of impeachment to the senate citing concerns about an
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unfair trial. democrats want to call witnesses during the trial, majority leader mitch mcconnell already rejected that request. >> we'll make a decision as a group as we always have as we go along. >> reporter: mitch mcconnell and chuck schumer are expected to meet today to figure out the terms of that senate trial. the trial is expected to begin on the week of january 6th. that is if house speaker pelosi decides to move the process forward. ines dela cuetara, abc news, on capitol hill. >> that senate trial will likely happen next month. senate majority leader mitch mcconnell is expected to announce an exact date today or tomorrow. a two-thirds majority is needed to remove the president from office, so 34 republicans will have to vote against the articles for president trump to be removed from office and at this point that seems unlikely. >> just in to the live desk, a
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san jose police officer has been transported for medical treatment. new video coming in overnight shows the officer strapped into a gurney and loaded on to an ambulance. this is at cunningham avenue at capital expressway. we're still working to find out what happened here. we don't know if he was hurt or if he suffered a medical emergency. we put in a cal to sjpd and are waiting to hear back. >> thanks. a navigation center focused on young people could be going up in the tenderloin. the proposed spot is near post and high streets in the old house of fans building. this would be the ninth navigation center in the city. it would have 75 beds for homeless young people between the ages of 18 and 24. supervisor aaron peskin said a deal on opening the center is on the verge of being signed. benicia police need your help identifying a robber. the video shows the man robbing an employee at gun point sunday night at the fast mart gas
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station on east 5th street. you can see him grabbing money from the cash register. before he left, the man pepper sprayed the clerk. he took off in a newer white jeep cherokee. in the east bay, police are searching for a food delivery driver caught on video stealing packages. look at this video. it happened last saturday on haste street in berkeley. the door dash carrier is seen grabbing as many packages as she could after dropping off food. police released the video and hope someone can identify her and they're using information from door dash, the app, to try and track her down. a federal appeals court ruled part of the affordable care act is unconstitutional. but it's a limited victory for the trump administration. the law, which requires everyone to have health insurance, will remain in effect while the case goes to a federal district judge for more proceedings. a final ruling may not come until last next year. another thing to worry about if you are traveling this
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holiday season. next, how to protect yourself from juice jacking at the airport. and taking to the sky. a san francisco dog owner goes to extreme lengths to find her stolen dog. and california taking a big step towards letting self-driving delivery vehicles out on the streets. companies are already lining up. >> i had that heat pumping last night. couple blankets on me. >> yes, still some rain out there, at least this morning we have the fog. the pavements will get drier and drier as we get through the day today. we got that break, but with all that low level moisture, it is certainly pea soup out there in some neighborhoods. here is live doppler 7. the main activity to the north of us. we could see a shower here otherwise visibility is 4 miles at half moon bay and napa to 2
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miles inncord. temperatures around 50 in san jose. elsewhere upper 40s. haven't had a lot of time to have the numbers drop off that much. slightly milder. we have the foggy conditions. a small craft advisory on the bay throughout the afternoon. and b.a.r.t., mass transit. streets getting a bit wet. if you're spending time in the east bay valleys, lots of cloud cover, temperatures climbing up to the upper 50s. a cool gray afternoon. how about the south bay. very little change there with about 50 to start out. elsewhere around the bay, 58 in oakland. 60 in san jose. partly cloudy, in the north bay you could see a random shower out there. overnight lows back into the 40s and 50s. and a dry evening on tap. jobina, good morning.
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>> good morning. we are looking live at our 880 camera near the coliseum. these headlights are moving south right now. we're seeing slick conditions left over from the rain. take it slowly as you head out the door. walnut creek, we saw 680 fill up and get packed yesterday. things are looking good so far. hopefully it stays that way. going to check in on the drive times before we go, santa rosa to petaluma, 14 minutes. castro valley to the maze, 13-minute ride. 280 and 680 to highway 85, an
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it is thursday morning, starting off with the southern half of the state which is dry. showers up in extreme northern california. we still could see a few sprinkles, renegade shower into the north bay. partly cloudy in san francisco. this is your thursday into the evening hours. even into friday. a nice break out there. that is leading to some changes as we get into your weekend. in fact, we're talking soggy for much of late saturday into
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sunday. >> thank you. new surveillance video shows the moment a 17-year-old girl crashed an airport at the fresno yosemite airport. police say the girl took control of the small two-engine plane yesterday morning. it crashed into a chain link fence and hit a maintenance building before coming to halt. nobody was hurt. a san francisco woman is sparing no expense to find her stolen dog, jackson. emilie talermo said she left her dog outside the good life grocery store in bernal heights on the saturday. when she returned five minutes later, he was gone. security footage shows a man walking near the bench where jackson was set up. >> there's a cap at $7,000, the rest of the money goes to rocket dog rescue. they've been so kind in helping me. >> she hired an airplane to fly a banner and spread the word. she said she learned her lesson
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and warns other dog owners not to leave their dogs outside. your phone is about to die, you see a public usb charging station at the airport or mall but you may want to think twice about plugging your phone in. lurn martinez explains a new scam. >> it's called juice jacking. >> there's a way for somebody to hack into your phone or tablet if they messed with the plug you're plugging into. >> it's hard not to plug your device when you're low on battery. >> sometimes there are seats where i can plug my phone or devices ip. >> reporter: the fcc is warning holiday travelers if you plug into a public usb port at hotels, airports or other places your information could be compromised. >> part of the reason is the plug you use to charge your tablet is the same cord use to tansfer data. >> reporter: criminals can hide mini computers and malware
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inside a usb itself. >> the hackers are there and trying to get this information, it's not proven be something on a wide scale at all. but if you're worried about such a thing i wouldn't recommend plugging into a public port. >> reporter: the fcc recommends you plug into a regular outlet or carry a battery pack. >> start thinking where is my phone plugged into, not just worried about carrying the plug around. >> reporter: not many cases of this has happened yet, but it's something that travelers should be aware of. lauren martinez, abc 7 news. ferry service across the bay is about to expand. the agency that oversees bay area ferry service has proposed changes in alameda and oakland. the changes are a new ferry terminal and more direct lines between oakland and san francisco. service will begin in mid 2020. your pizza or grocery
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delivery may soon come in a self-driving vehicle. the dmv says it will allow light duty vehicles to start using roads next month. some vehicle also have safety drivers, others won't. the permits are for smaller deliveries only ruling out large delivery trucks, fedex or u.p.s. i'm kind of excited about this. >> you are a delivery type person. >> i know. you were out there walking in the rain, you could have had food delivered yesterday. >> i know. lisa, the one time i left my house yesterday, because i was starving, i was talking to kumasi at the same time. it was a deluge. >> of course it was. >> what are you even doing outside? >> i should know about the weather, i'm like, no, i have a window. >> window closed. >> just a little bit of precip
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out there. the fog is more of an issue. we will get in between systems from today and tomorrow. the weekend, well, that is another story. here's a look at live doppler 7. we have plenty of cloud cover. that low level moisture out there. the rain is up to the north here. and a warm front will allow for maybe a passing shower this morning. otherwise we're looking at that fog and the wet pavement out there. 53 in san francisco. 51 in fraemont. upper 40s in the north bay. the possibility of a random shower, then the dense fog out there. and then looking at another system coming in on saturday and sunday for problems in the sierra nevada sierra nevada and airlines getting things done, it will get soggy into the day on saturday. here's today. we have a lot of cloud cover. it things out throughout the afternoon. let's skip ahead to your
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saturday. it gets progressively wet throughout the morning hours. then by the overnight hours, it's a cold system. we have snow in the mountains, as we get into late sunday and monday, kind of keeps going. we're looking at several days of rain out there. 58 in oakland. 59 in fremont. that system, at this point, looking anywhere from a quarter inch to three quarters of an inch. the accuweather seven-day forecast, fog to partly sunny conditions. more clouds tomorrow, a 2 on our storm impact scale. the showers want to keep coming until christmas. >> oh, no. thank you. good morning. we have some issues with mass transit. specifically ace. ace 1 is experiencing equipment problems. you can expect a 25-minute delay at the minimum. there is no eta as to when this will be resolved. i will keep you posted, b.a.r.t. service starts at 5:00 a.m.
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drive times across the board, everything is green and looking good. i will take you to emeryville. live shot looking at 80. you can see some of that fog forming that lisa was talking about. lots of headlights as people move in towards the maze. and slick conditions on the richmond-san rafael bridge. wet pavement there. take your time as you head out the door. >> thanks. apple, amazon and google announce partnerships to make home devices more compatible. and add facebook to the list of companiesed advertising duri the super bowl. uber settles a federal sexual harassment investigation. >> the company is creating a 4 $4.4 million fund to compensate employees who claim they suffered harassment or retaliation for reporting it. the settlement ends a two-year investigation. apple, amazon and google are working together to make their home devices compatible. >> they're creating one connection standard for the amazon echo, apple's home pod and google's home.
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don't expect siri to show up as an echo option. and facebook is set to run a super bowl ad for the first time. >> the 60-second ad will promote facebook's groups feature and feature chris rock and sylvester stallone. that ad will air february 2nd. >> those are your tech bytes. >> have great day. a chest of drawers is under recall. the serious danger it could pose. and stranded for days, an unusual pet gets a california passenger kicked off a jetblue flight. and amazon eases up on its
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all right. good morning. we're waking up to a good deal of fog as you look up towards santa rosa. not only the fog, wet pavement, mist, drizzle. just over two-mile visibility. livermore is five miles. concord at six miles. so the low clouds and the fog sticking with us through the 6:00 hour. we have 40s, 50s. as we go towards 10:00, we're in the mid 50s. the bulk of the day will hang on to the clouds and clearing throughout the later afternoon. you're looking at a time lapse video of a snow squall that sweat through new york city yesterday. look at that thing. snow squalls move much faster than blizzards. this one was over the city for
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just 30 minutes. the national weather service reported that central park got 0.4 inches of snow in that short period of time. hillside furniture is recalling 31,000 chests of drawers because of safety concerns. the five-draw chadwick and bailey chests were found to be unstable and could tip over. that could injury or kill someone, especially small children. the chests were sold at bob's discount furniture and hillsdale furniture stores. owners can contact hillsdale furniture which is providing kits to install anchors. an orange county man says he was unfairly kicked a up a jetblue flight over his pet. so, meet zatar, the opossum. gerald said he had no issues flying with the small pmarsupia from long beach to austin, texas but on the return flight an air marshal said he wasn't sure it
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was okay to have a opossum on board. >> it was just beyond frustrating. >> so, after four days in austin, he bought a ticket with united, paid the pet fee and put zatar in the carrier. he said he was not reimbursed for the flight. jetblue says they accept small dogs and cats only in an approved pet carrier. >> yep. amazon is revamping its return system in case santa left the wrong gift under the tree. amazon will allow shoppers to return any of the products sold and fulfilled by amazon for free. previously they only accepted free returns for clothes, shoes and bedding. but that list expanded to almost anything. amazon says it is possible because of their growing logistics network. congratulations to you, kumasi.
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>> i'm ready. all right. if you're heading into the city, plan on a lot of cloud cover today. conditions will get progressively drier throughout the morning hours. mid 50s at 10:00. upper 50s by 2:00 in the afternoon. and we have winter to look forward to on saturday. officially it begins at 8:19. of course somewhat the longest day of the year with that sun coming up at 7:18, setting at about 4:50. >> good morning, everyone. looking live now at san rafael, 101 here. smooth start to our morning commute. you can see that fog looming in as people drive further down. so far so good on the roads. san jose, 280, nice and clear. no issues that i'm seeing on the board at the moment. i will check in on the drive times. we have walnut creek to dublin, 14-minute ride. santa rosa to san francisco, 49
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minutes. and highway 1 to los gatos, 22-minute ride. a mother/daughter team made a big donation for children in need just in time for the holidays. >> sue graham and her daughter laura founded one closet which provides new stylish clothing for foster children and teens. they visited the edgewood center for children and families in san francisco yesterday with a fwift gift of more than 1,000 new clothes. >> a lot of these families need the extra clothes and gifts this year. >> it is a confidence builder. it ups their self-esteem. it allows them to have that engagement back into the school and academic world. >> so far the grahams have helped donate more than 200,000 garments. >> that's awesome. >> that's great. next at 5:00, california takes action to protect hundreds of thousands of home owners from losing fire insurance coverage. and a trial begins today pitting hundreds of drivers
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against fastrak. first, a live look outside as we take a look at downtown san francisco at 4:57. we'll be right back.
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good morning. welcome to 5:00 a.m. on this thursday, december 19th >> starting out with cloud cover, a little mist and drizzle. this system to the north could provide an isolated sprinkle in the north bay, otherwise it is the fog you may have an issue with. santa rosa at 3


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