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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  December 19, 2019 5:00am-6:01am PST

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good morning. welcome to 5:00 a.m. on this thursday, december 19th >> starting out with cloud cover, a little mist and drizzle. this system to the north could provide an isolated sprinkle in the north bay, otherwise it is the fog you may have an issue with. santa rosa at 3 miles of
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visiblvi visibility. 40s to get going this morning with patchy fog. by noontime, mostly cloudy, mid and upper 50s, partly cloudy skies, looking at a dry evening tonight. the weekend is a different story. >> good morning. metering lights are not on yet at the bay bridge toll plaza. it is stacking up there. it almost looks like it is especially the cash lanes there. slick conditions on the bridge. take your time as you head out the door. not seeing major problems on the roads so far. hope to keep it that way. looking live now at the san mateo bridge, light traffic here. no issues to report. we have a problem with ace right now. ace 1 is about 23 minutes behind. it's experiencing equipment issues. ace 3 is on time this morning. b.a.r.t. has 11 trains running with no delays. >> thanks. putting fast track on trial. thousands of drivers say the
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system messed up when trying to bill them for crossing the golden gate bridge. >> the court case starts in san francisco today but there's some major information you won't get to hear. amy hollyfield is live at the golden gate bridge with more. amy? >> good morning. fast track said it was worried driver also cheat the system. so fastrak argued the public should not be allowed in the courtroom. the judge denied that request but the judge did say that information about how fast track handles its tolls and its penalties will be kept out of the courtroom. so there will be some secrecy in the case. attorneys in the case against fastrak say they're surprised the agency is so suspicious of the public. >> i think it's troubling that the tolling agencies have this view of california motorists that the motorists are out to get them. >> a group of drivers is suing fastrak saying fastrak wrongly
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charged thousands of motorists with toll evasions and penalties. the suit says that fastrak didn't try to find the drivers but simply piled on the penalties. that trial gets under way today. reporting live in the golden gate bridge, amy hollyfield, abc7 news. i'm following history made in washington. president trump is the third president to ever be impeached but this morning there's no timetable for the case to move forward. house speaker nancy pelosi declined to say when democrats will deliver the articles of impeachment to the senate. she says they're concerned about an unfair trial. last night's house vote on impeachment fell along party lines. president trump was at a campaign rally in michigan when he learned of the news. >> so we got every single republican voted for us. whoa. whoa. >> senate majority leader mitch mcconnell is expected to meet
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with minority leader chuck schumer today to figure out the terms of the senate trial. we spoke with people in san francisco to get their thoughts on president trump's impeachment. >> well, it's never a good thing when a president is impeached. >> i feel like the election is more important. we need to focus more on what's going on there. >> right on. thank you. i hope the next group votes their conscious. >> i think it's consistent with what the founding fathers had in mind when they set forth the constitution. >> all i can wish, we can all go forward and wish the best and the best happens to the country and to us. we've been through a lot. >> we have details on what's process on our website, a scary uber ride for one san francisco couple. they say their driver refused to let them out of an suv on the way to oakland airport. kate larsen spoke to the couple about that tale. >> he's advising that an uber
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driver won't let his family out of the vehicle where they're supposed to be dropped off at the airport. >> reporter: the man on thor end of that 911 call was brian ressler. on december 8th he and his wife were returning fom the bay area on a trip to disneyland. their original flight got diverted because of weather, so after the return flight to sfo alaska airlines ord them an uber but alaska airlines entered a generic oakland destination in the uber app instead of the arport which the driver didn't seem to understand. >> started yelling at us and said we were trying to trick him and that we were stealing from him. >> reporter: refusing to let him and his wife out of suv, he got on the 880 entrance. >> we start to get a bit more panicked and begging and pleading to let us off. we offered to give him cash to let us out of the car. >> reporter: that's when resler called 911.
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eventually the uber driver got off 880 at the exit where oakland pd met them. they then ordered a lyft back to oakland airport. frustrated with what he felt was an insufficient response from uber on the matter, he contacted abc7. i reached out to uber who told me that the driver has been fired. in a statement uber said what's been described as disturbing and we have removed the driver's access to the app. we stand ready to support law enforcement with their investigation. i'm kate larson, abc 7 news. the oakland city administrator put in her resignation after more than four years in office. she sent an email to employees saying her last day would be march 11th. the chronicle reports that landreth clashed with city council over the past year. new developments in the east bay where one of the dogs stolen last week in fremont la beehas b found. unique, the dog, was found yesterday in oakland. she was sold to someone but will be returned to her owner.
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unique was one of more than two dozen dogs in the transportation van that got stolen in fremont last monday. the van was recovered in oakland with 24 dogs inside. now that mean there's is just one dog still missing. it's a 3-month-old english bulldog named papo. there's a reward for his safe return. california's insurance commissioner expanded its one-year ban on insurance companies dropping policies for homes in wildfire prone 200,000 new homes are covered in te order. the temporary ban protects people living in or around the perimeter of one of 16 wildfires that burned in october. all right. good morning to you. once again, that rainfall was really focused in the north bay yesterday. that's where it lingers this morning. lake county, north of santa rosa could see a shower.
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other wise the clouds will thin out, we'll have fog, mist and areas of slick pavement out there. if you're headed out and about this afternoon, fair conditions. we will be drying out. still a few areas of sprinkles and fog out there. headed to the coast, lots of clouds. it will take through the later afternoon for us to see some breaks out there. school day forecast, dress warmly, 40s and 50s. it will still be cool with a few peeks of sun in the afternoon. upper 50s should do it. at the east bay, emeryville, oakland, low 50s, then the mid to upper 50s with just a bit of sun out there. the rest of the bay, near 60 today in san jose, milder there. and holding on to the clouds, maybe a sprinkle up in the north bay with low to mid 50s. jobina? >> good morning. we're following a two-car crash in hayward. one of the cars went airborne.
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minor injuries reported here, which is amazing considering the situation. this is southbound 880 before winton. i'm hearing traffic is stopped at lewellen right now. you may want to wait a while if you can leave the house before they can get this cleared up and out of the way. looking at the bay bridge, metering lights are not on, it is packing up at the toll plaza. everything is moving smoothly once you hop on the bridge. in san jose, 87, this is the place to be for your morning commute always. it's always quiet and clear. coming up next, 7 things to know as you start your day. and caps, gowns and graduation ceremonies for one special san jose state graduate. the might brings a special surprise. a group of high school counselors kept hearing students say prices are pushing them away so they decided to do something about it. this is a part of building a better bay area. >> first a live look outside as
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. it is 5:12. here's 7 things to know this morning. number one, how did this happen? that's what police want to know after a car crashed into a pay day loan business in san jose overnight. at least one person was taken to the hospital.
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number two, orinda city council will vote today on a temporary ban on short-term rentals. this comes after a shooting at an airbnb renting on halloween that left five people dead. president trump is the third president in u.s. history to be impeached aft yesterday's house vote. a timeline for the senate trial has yet to be announced. >> number four, the rain has ended. we're left with slick pavement, patchy fog and temperatures in the mid and upper 50s this afternoon. >> number five, we are following a crash in hayward, this will impact people headed on the san mateo bridge or the south bay, this is southbound 808 before winton. number six, a judge will begin hearing a class action lawsuit against public agencies that collect tolls. the lawsuit against the golden gate bridge district and the bay area toll authority claims the fastrak system made mistakes when trying to bill drivers. the dmv will begin approving permit next month for self-driving delivery vehicles. so your pizza or grocery orderers could come in a
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self-driving car. in the south bay, a special graduation surprise for one san jose state student. >> the university made sure a touching message of support made it more than 5,000 miles. here's amanda with that. >> reporter: a cap, gown and a growing list of accomplishments. san jose state graduate jianna salinas had quite the year. the 22-year-old is a first generation college student now with a degree in early childhood education. >> from day one i told myself my education was important as well as following my passion. >> reporter: her passion, professional motorcycle drag racing, and she's pretty good at it, too. >> i was the first latina to win in a professional class. >> reporter: salinas hopes to set an example, showing women of color there's a place for them in the sport. for her it's a family affair, and at wednesday's commencement ceremony the family was out in full force. >> i believe she has the world at her hands and she can achieve anything she wants. >> reporter: her strong support system short one person, a special someone stationed more
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than 5,000 miles away. >> i do have a boyfriend. he's actually stationed in japan right now serving for the air force so he's not able to be here. >> reporter: then with the thousands of families filling the event center the biggest surprise in the middle of the ceremony. a message from the lieutenant. >> i'm sorry i couldn't be there to experiene this with your family but know i love you, i miss you and i can't wait to see you soon. >> where is the rest of the message? >> we need to hear it all. i felt the tears coming. >> he just got cut off. >> it was too much. we'll get to the rest. you need a good cry this morning. we keep hearing about how many high school graduates cannot make a good of it and live in the bay area with minimum wage jobs so they end up moving away. two career counselors are trying to change that hoping their initiative called stay in the bay 100k will help to build a better bay area. about 50 representatives from various trades, public safety agencies, transit systems and
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companies went to the event that shows there are untilled jobs available that pay $100,000 or more. career advisers came up with the event and shared success stories like a 2016 graduate of san mateo high. >> he started working with caltrain. moved his way up and now he's an engineer and he's making over $100,000. >> that's just after three years? >> i believe so. >> okay. because of the huge success of the program, they hope to make this an annual event and they hope the long-term impact will be a lot of families staying together here in the bay area. >> are you ready? the newest movie in the "star wars" franchise hits theaters tonight. "star wars" the rise of skywalker wraps up the legendary saga 42 years in the making. the movie creator said they paid time to detail to make sure they got the ending right.
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disney is the parent company of abc7. i got my tickets yesterday. >> when are you going? >> seeing it saturday. mm-hmm. >> that will be good. we want a full report. >> i'm excited. it started a long time ago. >> yeah, i think i was in 7th grade. do the math? no, don't bother. don't bother. live doppler 7 where we have the cloud cover. a bit of mist and drizzle out there. fog could be an issue. the next system focusing on the north bay, it's a warm front that could bring a few sprinkles north of santa rosa, lake county. otherwise we are in to a lot of cloud cover today. and 40s and 50s. 51 in hayward now. it's 48 in concord. due to that low level moisture we're milder, but we do have the patchy fog. three to four-mile visibility in santa rosa and petaluma. let's skip ahead to the next rainmaker. dry the rest of the day today and into friday. but by saturday the rain moves from the north to the south.
5:18 am
here we are throughout saturday night. it's a rainy night into your sunday. we have sierra snow and into monday, looking at showers, looks like we could keep this going right on through christmas eve and christmas day. so plan on a wet time of it. 60 in san jose today. a lot of clouds around on the peninsula, upper 50s for you. mid 50s in the city. in the north bay, a few sprinkles around santa rosa, sonoma, east bay, upper 50s. 58 in pleasanton. 59 in brentwood. accuweather seven-day forecast, fog to start, a slight chance in the north bay today. two on the storm impact scale saturday into sunday. that's when winter arrives. by monday, showers with us, a 1 each and every day for light showers through santa claus as he comes and delivers but nothing will stop him. >> nothing will stop him, not even bay area traffic.
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good morning. that crash in hayward, all cleared up. minor injuries there. good to see that everyone is all right. everything moved off to the shoulder. looking live now at the golden gate bridge, smooth sailing across there. no problems that i'm seeing as people come into san francisco. this morning, the richmond-san rafael bridge is a bit slick. waet pa wet pavement there and looking foggy. b.a.r.t. has 23 trains running now. all of them on time. ferries with no delays. ace 1 has a 26-minute delay because of equipment issues. ace 3 is on time. >> thank you. in today's "gma" first look, with six days to go until christmas, police are cracking down on porch pirates. >> matt gutman looks at sting operations targeting these thifs. >> reporter: this morning we're taking you on a ride-along with
5:20 am
anaheim police and a new tactic they're using to take on porch pirates. these are called bait packages. "gma" has exclusively teamed up with the anaheim police department which has just launched a program of sting operations to lure thieves by planting gps trackers in packages. what do you intend on putting inside this box? >> we're putting in two brand-new iphones. >> worth nearly $1,000. >> the phones and the tracker go into that backpack. that lithium-ion sticker makes it more enticing, but porch pirates are not that picky. >> coming up, we'll give you what officials say is the best method for keeping packages like that out of criminl hands. with your first look, i'm matt gutman, abc news, anaheim, california. one of america's largest craft breweries is being sold to an australian subsidiary of a japanese companies.
5:21 am
employees of new belgium brewing company approved the sale to the subsidiary of kieran. fat tire and voodoo ranger are the brands. it's going to be sold to lion little world beverages of australia that company entered the craft beer market in the u.s. by opening a micro brewery in san francisco. still ahead, how the trump administration wants to make it easier for you to get cheaper prescription drugs. and meet a bay area community who is helping the community by selling christmas trees. here's a live look outside as we wake up and start our commutes. looks like traffic is moving smoothly on the bridge. are you a veteran? i'm going to have good news for you. this is a 7 on your side quick tip. come january 1st, more veterans will be allowed to shop on bases worldwide. 3 million more veterans. now, that means not all of them will get in on this deal, but
5:22 am
those who are p.o.w.s, those who got a purple heart, those who were injured and have a disability because of their service can all begin shopping on bases on january 1st. now, there are still many details to work out, but go to the department of veterans affair and see if you qualify.
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good thursday morning. waking up to dry conditions here in san francisco. there is a little mist and drizzle out there. we're looking at the next couple of hours to have some of that fog and wet pavement. as we go through the afternoon, we do dry out. the clouds thin out in the late afternoon. we have a partly cloudy day on tap for your friday. but getting set for the weekend, a winter storm arriving, snow in the mountains, several days of rain here, we'll track it for you in a few minutes. >> all right. thanks. the trump administration is ready to allow americans to
5:25 am
safely and legally purchase low-cost prescription drugs from canada. patients can get access to medicines that follow u.s. safety regulations. politocrlitolitical pressure ha growing on the cost of prescription drugs. bernie sanders recently took supporters to a canadian pharmacy where they purchase insulin at about one-tenth of the price in the u.s. the trump administration hopes to rule out the program by the 2020 election. >> a christmas tree lot is giving back to the community. this is kathy norris, owner of noble trees. the last 35 years she raced and transported christmas trees to this lot in pleasant hill where she donates a portion of the sales to the dolphin youth swim team. >> i grow the trees, i bring it down here for them we help each other. it's been really a good thing. >> i used to swim for the pleasant hill hill dolphins when
5:26 am
i was a kid. perfect opportunity to come buy a tree. it's wonderful. she's a blessing. >> she says it's a joy to watch people bring their kids to pick the perfect tree and to see those kids grow up and bring their kids to continue the noble tradition. coming back with another 90 minutes of news. san francisco takes a big step towards another navigation center for the homeless. this one will be geared towards a specific group of people. a big mess to clean up at the cash one business. a pay day loan advance shop here in san jose after a car came crash nothing it overnight. i'll jewulian glover with the latest on the investigation. and a man steals cash from a business but doesn't stop there. a live look outside at 5:26 as you get your day in gear. real be right back.
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making news right now at 5:30, breaking news, a wild scene in san jose as a car slams into a building, it ends up almost completely inside this business. president trump becomes only the third commander in chief to be impeached. the focus now turns to the trial in the senate. and a twist on a crime that's become all too familiar. a food delivery driver drops off an order and then decides to pick up some other things. >> whoa. >> very bold. >> that's happened where i live. it happens all the time. >> horrible. >> it is horrible. >> they think it's a buffet. >> it's not. good morning. we'll bring you back up. >> bring it back up. bring it back up. >> hopefully all your packages are safe. it's december 19th. lisa is here looking at the forecast for today. >> we had a lot of rain in the north bay, elsewhere not so
5:30 am
much. over 2 1/2 inches up in kentfield. still left with low level moisture allowing for clouds, wet pavement, mist and drizzle. the north bay again today could see a few sprinkles. we are basically in between systems, so we're not ruling out a little bit of drizzle out there. otherwise it's the fog. two to three miles here in the north bay. as we look through the rest of the day, you'll notice we do begin to see the clouds thin out in the south bay. this is later on in the evening. so for the day today, lots of cloud cover, mist, drizzle, fog to start. temperatures in the upper 50s. jobina? >> thank you. good morning. so for starters, check out the map here. you're seeing that fog lisa was referring to begin to fill our super commuters out of tracy will see that. and a one cash crash on northbound 87 before curtner
5:31 am
avenue, that's blocking one lane. 880 at the coliseum, a live look here. lots of headlights moving south right now. still slick conditions in the east bay because of the rain. and a live look at 80. lots of headlights as people move towards the maze and the bay bridge toll plaza. at last check metering lights were not on. they're still not on but it is packed once you get there. once you get through it, smooth sailing from there. >> thank you. developing news on capitol hill. president trump becoming the third president in u.s. history to become impeached. >> there is some uncertainty about how the case will move forward now. ines de la cuetara has more on that. >> reporter: good morning. after six hours of debate, the house vote on impeachment went as expected with two democrats
5:32 am
objecting, but house speaker nancy pelosi throwing the impeachment process in limbo by threatening to delay president trump's senate trial. overnight history in the house. >> great day for the constitution of the united states. a sad one for america. >> reporter: democrats impeaching president trump, charging him with abuse of power and obstruction of congress. >> article 1 is adopted. >> reporter: the vote fell almost exactly along party lines, with not a single republican supporting impeachment. >> why do we keep calling this a solemn occasion since you've been wanting to do this since the gentleman was elected. >> his actions reflect precisely the type of conduct the framers of the constitution intended to remedy through the power of impeachment. >> reporter: president trump was holding a campaign rally in michigan when he learned of the final talley. >> oh, i think we have a vote coming in. we got every single republican voted for us? whoa.
5:33 am
whoa. [ cheers ] >> reporter: and the president lashing out at democrats. >> through their depraved actions today, crazy nancy pelosi's house democrats have branded themselves with an eternal mark of shame. >> reporter: house speaker nancy pelosi casting new uncertainty into the process when she declined to say when or if democrats will deliver the articles of impeachment to the senate citing concerns about an unfair trial. democrats want to call witnesses during the trial, majority leader mitch mcconnell already rejected that request. >> we'll make a decision as a group as we always have as we go along. >> reporter: mitch mcconnell and chuck schumer are expected to sit down today to figure out the terms of that trial. the trial is expected to begin on the week of january 6th. that is if house speaker pelosi
5:34 am
decides to move the process forward. ines de la cuetara, abc news, on capitol hill. we have details on what's involved in the impeachment process on our website, the time is 5:34. in san jose, police are trying to figure out how a car ended up inside a building overnight. >> this happened near capital expressway and seven trees boulevard. that's where we find abc news reporter, julian glover. julian. >> good morning to you both. moments ago i got brand-new information from san jose police. they tell me that the car that slammed into the building behind me, they were trying to stop it on nearby capitol expressway. they say that the driver of that car did not stop. they're saying the police officers did not chase, but later that's where they found this car crashed directly into this cash one, again this pay day loan business here off of capital expressway and seven trees boulevard in san jose. look at the mess that was left
5:35 am
behind as that car was slammed into the building. we hear from san jose police department this morning that the driver of that car is still out there this morning. we do have video of someone being transported to the hospital. we're told that was the 15-year-old passenger of that car. again, the driver is still missing this morning after evading police. back here live again, you can see the business is boarded up. crews left about 30 minutes ago as they were boarding up the business with the wood. lots of cleanup still to be done behind me. there's glass everywhere. transmission oil spilled all over the floor. san jose police are still looking for the driver who they say just took off after ditching the car and a 15-year-old passenger here in the business behind me. we'll give you updates as we get them in san jose. reporting live, i'm julian glover, abc7 news. an update for you at the live desk. a san jose police officer who was taken to the hospital has
5:36 am
been released. police say he suffered a medical emergency this morning. this is at cunningham avenue at capitol expressway at the reed hill view airport. he was taken in ambulance to the hospital. we brought you this story earlier this morning around 4:30, police say he's okay. a navigation center focused on young people could be going up in san francisco's tenderloin. the proposed spot is near post and high streets in the old house of fans building. this would be the ninth navigation center in the city. it would have 75 beds for homeless young people between the ages of 18 and 24. supervisor aaron peskin said a deal on opening the center is on the verge of being signed. in it the east bay, benicia police are asking for your help identifying a robber. the video shows the man robbing an employee at gun point sunday night at the fast mart gas station on east 5th street. you can see him grabbing money from the cash register. before he left, the man pepper
5:37 am
sprayed the clerk. he took off in a newer white jeep cherokee. anyone with information is urged to contact the benicia police department. uber will pay 4$4.4 million to workers who say they were sexually harassed. the settlement is a result of an investigation by the u.s. equal employment opportunity commission two years ago. it found uber permitted a culture of sexual harassment and retaliation. uber will submit to independent monitoring of its business operations. the company's chief legal officer released a statement saying uber worked hard to strengthen fairness and accountability. and searchisearch i searching for a food delivery driver caught on video stealing packages. look at this video. it happened last saturday on haste street in berkeley. the door dash carrier is seen grabbing as many packages as she could after dropping off food. police released the video and hope someone can identify her and they're using information from door dash, the app, to try
5:38 am
and track her down. a federal appeals court ruled part of the affordable care act is unconstitutional. but it's a limited victory for the trump administration. the law, which requires everyone to have health insurance, will remain in effect while the case goes to a federal district judge for more proceedings. a final ruling may not come until last next year. how did she do this? that's the question authorities have after a teen took a plane on a short but destructive joyride. and a san francisco dog owner goes to extreme len lengto find her stolen dog. >> first, it's 5:38. i'm happy about this break in the rain. it was coming down yesterday. >> i know. it was. some parts of the bay, it was all day. other parts just a few hundredths. today we have more uniform temperatures. you can see to the north on live doppler 7 a bit of green there on your screen. the possibility of sprinkles
5:39 am
lingering in the north bay. overall, the system is exiting and this will focus on points north of the golden gate bridge. we can't rule out an isolate shower. otherwise a lot of cloud cover. some fog, 51 in san jose. 52 in newark. 46 in novato. the croloud cover and the fog, temperatures are mild out there. 2 to 4 degrees warmer. checking out your activity planner, fair conditions. you will see those puddles out there if you're exercising out and about, a few sprinkles early on. clouds will linger at the coast. highs today from the mid and upper 50s with partly to mostly cloudy conditions, a few sprinkles north. looking at more fog tonight, the next several days, another break on friday. and then the rain arrives moving north to south on saturday. jobina? >> thanks, lisa. good morning. so, we have an update from the chp on this crash in san jose.
5:40 am
they initially reported one car was involved here. they're saying two cars now. this is northbound 87 before curtner avenue. looking at about 10 miles per hour in this area as you approach the crash site. doesn't look like injuries are reported a the this point. just expect delays in that area. walnut creek beginning to fill in at 5:40. live look here at 680 as people move through. no issues there to report. san rafael, much lighter here on 101, no problems there either. looking at our drive times now, we have a big slowdown through the tracy, the altamont pass commute. tracy to dublin, 53-minute slow down. dublin to
5:41 am
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hey ladies... buy hefty® ultra strong™ at a low price. dada! i wish... get hefty® ultra strong™ costs less than glad® forceflex where sold head to head. thursday morning, it is dry in southern california. as you head north, we're looking at a few sprinkles, mist and drizzle and the fog. especially north of santa rosa. later today, cloudy, 59 in monterey, sacramento. we're looking at the clouds to linger and stay with us through friday. south bay. this is the rest of the day today. so a break for your thursday, overall into your friday. and then we're looking at a stronger system that will bring rain, snow and some messy days as we head into the weekend and even into christmas.
5:44 am
all right. i don't like the sound of messy, we'll look into that further. new surveillance video shows the moment a 17-year-old girl crashed an airplane at the fresno yosemite international airport. the girl took control of the small two-engine plane yesterday morning. it crash flood a chain link fence and hit a maintenance building before coming to a halt. no one was hurt. police arrested the teen and charged her with theft of an aircraft. a san francisco woman is sparing no expense to find her stolen dog, jackson. emilie talermo said she left her dog outside the good life grocery store in bernal heights on the saturday. when she returnefive minutes later, he was gone. security footage shows a man walking near the bench where jackson was tied up. she launched a website and a gofundme account to find him. >> there's a cap at $7,000, the rest of the money goes to rocket dog rescue. they've been so kind in helping me. >> she hired an airplane to fly a banner and spread the word. she said she learned her lesson
5:45 am
and warns other dog owners not to leave their dogs outside. ferry service across the bay is about to expand. the agency that oversees bay area ferry service has proposed changes in alameda and oakland. the changes are a new ferry terminal and more direct lines between oakland and san francisco. service will begin in mid 2020. your pizza or grocery delivery may soon come in a self-driving vehicle. the dmv says it will allow light duty vehicles to start using public roads next month. the state will grant permits for commercial testing. some vehicle also have safety drivers, others won't. the permits are for smaller deliveries only ruling out large delivery trucks, fedex or u.p.s. smart devices are about to get smarter. apple, amazon and google are now working together to make their home devices compatible. it will create a new standard
5:46 am
for smart home devices, so people can buy the echo, home pod and google home knowing they will work with the systems they already have at their houses. >> mm-hmm. i'm still trying to figure out if i want that in my home. >> i figured it out. >> good. >> i don't. >> it's a no. you're never more than seven minutes away from your accuweather forecast. it's a yes from lisa argen. >> the rain is a yes. looking outside, you can see a few areas of mist and drizzle and fog. i thought we were done with this. we r but we're sort of in between systems. you can see the flow in the pacific. once this sinks to the south, once again, we will be into several days of rain focusing most of it in the north bay, the coastal hills. as for today, it's the north bay that's looking at mist and drizzle. there's fog in and around the bay. 33 in mount tdiablo. 35 in danville. 52 in san francisco. upper 40s in parts of novato. so the fog from three-mile visibility in santa rosa to 6
5:47 am
miles in livermore. we are looking at not only some fog, mist and drizzle, but partly cloudy skies late in the day into your friday. a winter storm arrives on saturday. here's a look at what we can expect the rest of the day. maybe a few sprinkles up to the north. the rest of us looking at partly to mostly cloudy conditions. this is your saturday, when the rain increases from north to south. it's a cold system. we'll get a mix of rain and snow in the mountains. it continues into sunday. look what happens on monday. we are still wet. the chance, well, it will take us into christmas eve. 58 today in san mateo, 59 in palo alto. aside from a few sprinkles and fog, we have a break until our level 2 system arrives midday saturday into the overnight hours. a 1 on our storm impact scale for the rest of the weekend into the holiday next week. jobina? >> thank you. good morning. i'm just checking in right now on san jose, 280, hello and good morning to everyone down there
5:48 am
on your smooth and breezy commute. not seeing any problems in that area. checking in now on the bay bridge toll plaza, you can see it's stacked up here. the chp is telling us metering lights came on at 5:42. if you take the bridge, you know that is rather late. something tells me that might be a little off, maybe someone is a little tired and didn't update the system. we have several mass transit delays. first off, expect possible delays due to fog for your ferries. there are 36 trains running on b.a.r.t. right now. there's a ten-minute delay on the san francisco line heading in the antioch and dublin pleasanton direction. expect delays there. major delays on ace 1 with trains running 26 minutes behind. christmas comes a few days early for hundreds of low income children in the tenderloin neighborhood. xwl
5:49 am
glide memorial church is hosting its holiday toy giveaway today. there will be shelves of new toys for children to collect from. every year glide district dists toys to children and their families. if you're still rushing to finish your holiday wish list, there's an alert for consumers. >> new report says some of the gifts you could be buying or getting may be coming from the trash. according to the "wall street journal," some third party sellers on amazon are getting items from dumpsters, thrift stores and lick dags compaquida companies, they clean them up and they resell them. >> the nerve. >> rebecca jarvis is talking about this on "good morning america." >> give people a sense of what we're talking about here. look at this product page for chocolates. now take a closer look. it says it is only available from third party sellers, so
5:50 am
that is not amazon. don't be fooled by the words fulfillment by amazon. that just means it's shipping the product. amazon is shipping the product, not selling it. >> they better not be getting the chocolate out of the trash. >> really. >> in response to the "wall street journal" report, amazon updated its policy to ban selling items from the trash. >> thank you for updating the policy. who knew they had to be that specific? wow. we live in such a -- such an age. new at 6:00, santa is d ng h ditching his sleigh for a new mode of transportation this morning. but first, stranded for days. an unusual pet gets a california passenger kicked off a jett bbl flight. and amazon is easing up on
5:51 am
and you find their favorite hero... a price that makes you the hero? yes! that's yes for less. yes! with hot holiday toys for all ages, ross is your toy destination. it feels even better when you find it for less. at ross. yes for less. it feels even better when you find it for less. the ones that make a truebeen difference in people's lives. and mike's won them, which is important right this minute, because if he could beat america's biggest gun lobby, helping pass background check laws and defeat nra backed politicians across this country, beat big coal, helping shut down hundreds of polluting plants and beat big tobacco, helping pass laws to save the next generation from addiction. all against big odds you can beat him. i'm mike bloomberg and i approve this message.
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5:53 am
yes for less. facebook is reportedly getting ready to run a super bowl ad for the first time ever. according to the "wall street journal," the 60-second ad will feature chris rock and sylvester stallone. people have reported seeing the actors on the rocky steps in philly. crews have been filming on various steps outside the museum of art. this will promote facebook's groups feature and air during the big game on february 2nd. hillside furniture is recalling 31,000 chests of draws because of safety concerns. the five-draw chadwick and bailey chest were found to be
5:54 am
unstable and could tip over. so they could hurt you or kill a small child. the chests were sold at bob's discount frniture and hillsdale furniture stores. owners can contact hillsdale furniture which is providing kits to install anchors. an orange county man says he was unfairly kicked off a jetblue flight over his pet. so, meet zatar, the opossum. gerald said he had no issues flying with the small marsupial from long beach to austin, texas but on the return flight an air marshal said he wasn't sure it was okay to have a opossum on board. >> it was just beyond frustrating. >> so, after four days in austin, he bought a ticket with united, paid the pet fee and put
5:55 am
zatara in the carrier. he said he was not reimbursed for the flight. jetblue says they accept small dogs and cats only in an approved pet carrier. amazon is revamping its return system in case santa left the wrong gift under the tree. amazon will allow shoppers to return any of the products sold and fulfilled by amazon for free. previously they only accepted free returns for clothes, shoes and bedding. but that list expanded to almost anything. amazon says it is possible because of their growing logistics network. the company is much less reliant on shipping partners. lots of christmas packages there and some fog. if you're prlanning your day today, plan on a few sprinkles in the north bay. mid to upper 50s.
5:56 am
the fog lifting throughout the midmorning hours. a bit more sun the further south and east you get. oakland, upper 50s. and as you head into the south bay today, you will see a few peaks of sun with temperatures near 60 in cupertino and morgan hill. tomorrow more rain returns in the weekend. i want to start with our mass transit here. we have several delays to get to. b.a.r.t. has 40 trains running. there's a ten-minute delay on the san francisco line train that is headed in the antioch and dublin pleasanton direction. ace 1 is running 28 minutes behind due to equipment issues. ace 3 is on time. if you're taking the ferries, expect possible delays due to fog. down in san jose, this crash involving two cars. this is northbound 87 before
5:57 am
curtner avenue. one of the cars spun out and is facing the wrong direction. speeds are down to 10 miles per hour. a live look now at the san mateo bridge. you can see that traffic building. new at 6:00, hollywood and san francisco. the newly reopened space the city hope also attract more filmmakers. and a scary uber ride for one san francisco couple. why they ended up calling 911 in the car. did fast track wrongly charge you when you crossed the golden gate bridge? that case is going to court today. i'm amy hollyfield
5:58 am
5:59 am
now at 6:00, a trial pitting hundreds of drivers against fast track. what they are accusing officials of doing that drove up toll fees and fines. good morning, it's 6:00 a.m. on this thursday, december 19th.
6:00 am
>> you're never more than seven minutes away from your accuweather forecast, here is lisa. >> starting out with cloudy skies, a few areas can of mist and drizzle. fox out there. five miles in concord, four miles in santa rosa. the focus of the wet weather, the light shower activity in the north bay. 52 in san francisco. sebastopol checking in at 49. so maybe an isolated shower north. otherwise we could see a few sprinkles, lots of cloud cover, looking at the clouds thinning out throughout the afternoon. upper 50s to near 60 for most. good morning, jobina. >> good morning. hello, everyone. happy thursday to you all. checking in on the san mateo bridge, a live look here. a stalled car in the westbound direction on the high rise. that's why you can see these brake lights filling in. it will be slow going until they can get that car out of the way for you all. expect delays here. san rafael, 101, seeing those foggy conditions move through. we have watched it slowly


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